Labour call for Westminster Council to boost bulky refuse collection services for buy-to-let landlords and managing agents

Bus stop dumpingLabour Councillors have called on Westminster Council to boost its bulky rubbish collection services to landlords and managing agents in a bid to tackle the growing problems of more and more rubbish being dumped on Westminster streets. Last week the press reported:

“Fly-tippers bizarrely dumped a full set of wooden garden furniture on top of a central London bus stop. Westminster City Council inspectors found the table and chairs neatly positioned atop the shelter in Bishop’s Bridge Road during a rubbish sweep. “Fly-tippers have literally reached new heights,” said a spokesman.”

Labour say that, with increasing numbers of buy-to-let properties in Westminster, the Council should boost its landlord/managing agents bulky refuse collection service and give it extra publicity through the 600 estate agents in Westminster and through City West Home’s list of 4,000 owners of former Council properties which are now sub-let properties.

Labour have suggested that the Council should re-launch the bulky refuse collection service with a ‘special offer’ price to get landlords/managing agents in to the good habit of disposing of their unwanted furniture in a responsible manner.

Labour have also suggested that the Council produces a ‘Welcome Pack’ for new residents giving details of how owner occupiers, private and social housing tenants can dispose of their bulky and household rubbish in a responsible manner, which can distributed via Estate Agents, City West Homes and Housing Associations. With the high turnover of residents and short-stay visitors in Westminster, Labour say that the education and information process needs to be in constant operation.

At the same time, Labour argue that the Council publicity should stress the financial penalties for those found to be not disposing of bulky refuse properly.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Labour’s Built Environment spokesperson, said:

“Many areas of Westminster have become dumping grounds for unwanted beds, fridges, carpets, cookers and other items of furniture. Landlords and managing agents have a duty to make proper arrangements to remove unwanted furniture when tenants move in and out and the Council needs to boost its services to get landlords and tenants do the right thing. Many buy-to-let landlords own just one or two properties and may not know how they can dispose of their unwanted furniture responsibly. The Council needs to offer a value-for-money bulky refuse collection service and promote it strongly to landlords, managing agents and tenants, backed up with strong action for those caught dumping in the street. There should be no excuse or tolerance for the current dumping ‘free-for-all’ that is blighting streets all over Westminster and buy-to-let landlords and managing agents need a speedy, affordable and efficient Council service that does the job”.

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