Controversial Plans for University Technical College voted through by Westminster Planning Committee

Westminster Council’s Planning Committee has voted a 3-1 majority in favour of controversial plans for the Ebury Bridge Centre which includes a University Technical College (UTC) and residential tower block, with all of the Conservative councillors voting for the plans.

The college proposal is very divisive due to the massive impact it will have on the community. But to add insult to injury no affordable housing will be included in the development.

Churchill Labour Councillors Jason Williams, Shamim Talukder and Murad Gassanly expressed deep concerns from residents in writing and spoke at the committee against the plans.

Cllr Jason Williams said, “whilst we have supported a UTC we have serious concerns about the impact this and the residential building will have on the local community. We have been speaking to local residents and will continue to work with them on this. It is a real issue that this is a school without any outdoor recreation area within the development and we had hoped for the application to be deferred so residents’ concerns could be taken on board.”

Cllr Shamim Talukder said “we had hoped that the committee would have heard local residents’ real concerns at both the height of the residential offer and the impact the college will have on the local community which we represent. There were loud gasps in the audience when the illustrations of the impact of the building were shown which shows just what a huge impact this will have in the community.”

Cllr Murad Gassanly commented, “I’m really disappointed that the views of the local residents haven’t been taken account of in making this decision. This really brings home why Labour have been calling for local residents to be able to speak at Planning Committees so those directly affected by proposals can put their point of view. We spoke on behalf of local residents whose views we wanted to ensure were heard as loudly as possible and are disappointed at the majority decision.”

Link to council report:

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