Labour urges Planning Inspector to uphold Council decision to order Carlton Tavern to be rebuilt ‘brick by brick’

Carlton Demo CouncilKaren MP and Councillor Adam Hug have written to the Planning Inspectorate about the forthcoming Public Inquiry in the unauthorised demolition of the Carlton Tavern, Carlton Vale:

Karen Buck MP said;

“I write to express my deep concern about the unauthorised demolition- as a local resident and user of the adjacent Paddington recreation ground and in my capacity as a Member of Parliament. Constituents had been raising worries about the proposed development prior to the Council’s original rejection of the plans, but the overnight demolition this spring caused shock waves across the community. Many local residents want to preserve their pubs and other facilities. Others are primarily anxious to ensure that, whatever the use to which the building is put, it is well-designed and in sympathy with the immediate environment, not least in recognition of its past. Everyone is united in opposition to the behaviour of the owners, who are widely seen to not only have acted badly but to have sought to flout due process. I hope that the widespread objections of the local community will be properly reflected in the decision of the Planning Inspectorate.”

Councillor Adam Hug, Leader of the Labour Group, says:

“Failure to support the enforcement notice would set an extremely dangerous precedent whereby unscrupulous developers could routinely ignore planning decisions and enforcement actions that they disagree with. If CLTX fails to restore the pub to its previous design and specifications using existing and similar materials it risks allowing the developer to create a scheme more to its liking than if it had followed lawful channels, again creating a dangerous precedent. The wide array of photographs provided by Historic England and the local community and the range of plans and designs captured as part of the planning process make CLTX’s claims not to be able to closely reproduce the pre-existing design ring very hollow indeed.

CLTX’s actions have galvanised the community across North Westminster and South Kilburn in opposition to their actions, restoring the Carlton Tavern to its original specifications is the clear will of the local community. I therefore urge you to reject these two linked appeals. “

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One Response to Labour urges Planning Inspector to uphold Council decision to order Carlton Tavern to be rebuilt ‘brick by brick’

  1. Celestino Otero says:

    So how long is this going to take then

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