Labour’s Westminster Councillors call on council to join legal bid to stop forced RTB sales

Labour’s Westminster Councillors have today called on Council Leader, Councillor Philippa Roe, and Cabinet Member for Housing, Councillor Daniel Astaire, to join other London councils in mounting a legal challenge against the Government plans to force the sale of council housing to pay for the extension of the Right to Buy to housing associations.

A recent report by the respected housing charity Shelter has identified that under the Conservative Government’s plans to sell off high value council homes would mean Westminster has to sell off a massive 76.3% of its much needed council homes as they become vacant. Shelter have identified that under currently proposed sell-off thresholds 9,213 of Westminster’s council homes would need to be sold off at a rate of 246 per year, higher than Westminster Council’s original estimates.

With a number of London councils discussing a possible joint legal challenge, Labour Councillors argue that Westminster council cannot acquiesce with the Government at the cost of local families desperately needing affordable housing in Westminster.

Speaking today Labour Church Street Councillor Vincenzo Rampulla, said:

“Back when Councillor Philipa Roe wanted to be a candidate for London Mayor she said she would ‘bat for all Londoners’ and that tackling the housing shortage for lower income workers would ‘be at the core’ of her offer.

“She now needs to stick to those principles and join the other London councils looking to fight the Government which is aiming to force a mass sell off of council housing which will spell disaster for families in Westminster.”

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