Labour Councillors welcome BT’s high-speed broadband announcement for Westminster

Labour Councillors have welcomed BT’s long-awaited decision to expand high-speed fibre broadband in Westminster which will make fibre available to an additional 40,000 local homes and businesses in the next two years. BT say their new investment is focusing on three areas:

• Upgrading city cabinets that weren’t part of the original commercial plans due to technical challenges or local planning restrictions
• Rolling out ‘fibre to the remote node’ (FTTRN) and to fibre broadband cabinets that serve multi-dwelling units, such as apartment blocks
• Continuing to ensure the new fibre network is available on an ‘equivalent’ basis to all internet service providers that use the Openreach network. That means companies competing with BT Consumer and BT Business can deliver faster broadband to their customers, paying Openreach the same as BT’s own divisions.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Labour’s Built Environment spokesperson, said:

“Many local residents and businesses will welcome BT’s long-awaited announcement to improve high-speed broadband coverage in Westminster. This follows intensive lobbying by Karen Buck MP, Councillors and from all sections of the community. At last, residents and businesses in Maida Vale and other parts of Westminster will soon be able to get broadband speeds that people elsewhere have enjoyed for a long time.”

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