Pop Art portrait of Trees4Xmas Youth Group unveiled by Lord Mayor of Westminster

Tim StocksThe Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Christabel Flight, unveiled a pop art portrait of the Paddington Youth Enterprise Trees4Xmas project group by the artist Tim Stocks on 19th October, at the food entrepreneurs enterprise Maida Hill Place in Fernhead Road W9 3ET.

Tim’s painting depicts the youth group using imagery from popular culture, advertising and news. “Pop art” often refers not as much to the art itself as to the attitudes behind the art – taking inspiration from material sometimes visually removed from its known context, isolated and/or combined with unrelated material.

The Lord Mayor had this to say about the painting;

“As someone who has worked for Sotheby’s I have maintained a real interest in paintings. Tim’s style is both unique and special. I recommend local people to visit Maida Hill Place to view the painting and take inspiration both from his art and the special contribution of local youth in their community enterprise”

Trees4Xmas  – The Trees4Xmas project is helped to be organised by Paddington Youth Enterprises Ltd – a local Social Enterprise company set up for youth. Trees4Xmas which has been in existence for four years and provides a complete service of cut and live Xmas trees – supply / delivery & recycling. In addition, it creates casual work for local youth and provides a Community contribution to St Luke’s Church, West Kilburn
Last year nine youth took part in the project – which was based at St Luke’s and on Maida Hill market place. The project supplied trees to individuals and local institutions – such as the Beethoven Centre / Paddington Academy / Westminster Academy local residential homes and even the GLA. This year they hope to play a part in ceremonies surrounding the Norwegian government gift of the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree – which has been taking place since the end of World War II.

Apart from the Lord Mayor, Leand Beqiri (a past pupil of Paddington Academy) was present at the unveiling, representing the youth. The 2014 tree group included contributions from the following youth: Ashiq Ali; Hamza Benkacem; Adi Beqiri; Leo Beqiri; Ira Bundy; Patrick Cairnes; Ryan Dalton; Cory George; Rustem Kasabaqui; Jamal Lewis; Gianni Paul; Cosmo Taylor; Danny Workeye and Tikquaan Walters.

Tim Stocks the Artist  – Tim kindly offered last year to produce an oil painting free of charge of last year’s team, in recognition of their community spirit. He subsequently produced a life size painting. Tim has a spiritual dimension to his work. He has created many portraits of international personalities and over 50 of his paintings have already been bought by private collectors. His style has been influenced by the artist German Dario Zwanik – whom he has met and admires. Tim has also exhibited his work locally and has visited Berlin to view similar works. Readers can view more of Tim’s work on the web at https://www.facebook.com/tim.stocks.94

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