Parents left waiting as Westminster Council forgets its pledges to keep St Peter’s Primary school children safe

Almost two years ago Labour councillors for Westbourne and Harrow Road wards and Karen Buck MP convened two meetings for concerned parents from St Peter’s School and local residents with Westminster Council’s transport team calling for action on dangerous driving in Chippenham Mews and to stop it being used as a rat run. At these meetings the council pledged to parents and residents that by August 2014, they would:
• put planters in Chippenham Mews to slow down traffic
• put ‘no entry’ markers near the Chippenham Road exit to deter drivers going the wrong way
• build out the pavement and put school signs at the Maryland’s Road entrance to reduce speed when entering the Mews and
• contact local businesses to ask them to avoid deliveries at the start and finish of the school day.

As of October 2015, 22 months after the initial meeting, only the school signs have appeared, with no sign even of a simple letter to local businesses about their deliveries. Karen Buck MP and local Labour councillors are calling on the council to explain the massive delay in implementing these measures they promised local residents.

Councillor Adam Hug said;

“It is disappointing that the council promised parents it would act to help keep their children safe but has failed to deliver. Have they forgotten about these parents and residents? The Westminster Council transport team needs to get its act together and implement what they promised immediately.”

Karen Buck MP said:

“It is unacceptable that commitments made to parents and other concerned residents are allowed to simply drop of the radar. Westminster needs to follow through to make sure that when concerns are raised about safety, appropriate action is taken.”

Two public meetings were held on 6.12.2013 and 28.3.2014 with parents, residents, councillors, Karen Buck MP and representatives of Westminster Council’s transport team and local police.

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