Westminster Council splashes out on £90,000 Rolls-Royce for bigwigs as it cuts childcare

The ‘Evening Standard’ reports:

“Westminster Council came under fire for spending tens of thousands of pounds on chauffeur-driven cars as it prepares to slash funded childcare for primary pupils.

The council was criticised as figures revealed the “unjustifiable” spend on a Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph and Audi A8L. The Lord Mayor, six former Lord Mayors and five Alderman of the City have access to the vehicles for hundreds of “engagements” every year.

Westminster spent nearly £30,000 leasing the Audi over the last three years.

It spent a further £11,800 running it along with the Rolls-Royce, which it bought for £90,000, last year alone.

Thousands more were spent on fuel, congestion charges, insurance and repairs and maintenance on running both in the previous two years.

The Freedom of Information figures came as it emerged last month that nearly 50 play workers and support staff were set to be axed as part of plans to cut youth services.

The staff, who provide after-school and holiday play sessions for hundreds of children at schools and community centres across the borough, look set to lose their jobs as part of plans to save £152,000 this year, and £170,000 next (2016/17), from the Children’s Centres, Youth Provision and Play Provision budgets.

The local authority is cutting £1.3 million overall, meaning spending on subsidies to help working parents pay for childcare looks set to be slashed.

A spokesman today confirmed that subsidies for parents will no longer be offered “universally”.”


The story is also in the ‘Mirror’


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