North Westminster Drug and Alcohol Service to close as Council cuts hit drug and sexual health work

Westminster Council, in yet another round of budget cuts, has announced a funding reduction of £1.4m from Substance Misuse programmes and £0.7m from Sexual Health schemes.

This will mean the sudden closure on March 31st of the vitally important North Westminster Drug and Alcohol Service (NWDAS) in Harrow Road, which serves the whole of the northern part of the City including parts of the West End. It is obvious that there will be a significant impact on the delivery of vital services to people with drug and alcohol addiction.

Harrow Road Labour Councillor Guthrie McKie said:

“The North Westminster Drug and Alcohol Service has played a vital role in helping people dealing with addiction in my ward and many others. Why hasn’t the Council made more of an effort to persuade Government Ministers that an inner city Borough, like Westminster, needs a robust and well-funded programme to deal with drug and alcohol abuse? These cuts, together with those on Sexual Health, have the potential to cause severe damage to the lives of vulnerable individuals and the communities in which they live.”

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