Westminster Council guilty of ‘misleading statement’ in Baker Street 2-way letter, say local residents

Residents opposing Westminster Council’s plans to turn Baker Street and Gloucester Place in to 2-way working say that the they “have noted a misleading statement in the Introduction letter accompanying the new questionnaire”

In a letter to the Council, ‘Marylebone Community First’ say;

“The third paragraph states that 49% of the respondents to the questionnaire support the changing BSGP to two way flow and only 40% opposed it, with 11% neutral. However, that percentage breakdown applies to the specific narrow proposal to make both BS and GP two-way streets. In doing this, it gives the impression that half (or thereabouts) of the respondents favour the Scheme and a minority oppose it, disregarding for this purpose the neutral element.

If one refers to the accurate breakdown in the Consultation Report, the position is recorded correctly against the extensive analysis of the many consultation responses to all of the questions. It states in relation to the overall scheme that 57% of the respondents to the questionnaire opposed the Scheme as a whole and only 39% were in favour. with 4% neutral.

This is a misleading statement and appears in the Introduction which, for most readers, will be the only communication that interested parties are likely to read carefully. It makes no reference to the fact that the percentages quoted in the Introduction are to the specific question as to converting the two streets to two-way use; it gives no weight to the many aspects to which residents and other interested parties have responded in opposition.

We strongly urge the Council to correct the evident misleading nature of that statement in the Introduction which, in terms of readership, is most likely to catch attention. The Council should be scrupulous in not letting the public be potentially misled. It is not in the interests of the Council that this position should remain uncorrected.”

Labour Councillors will be raising this matter at the Environment Scrutiny Committee on 7th March.


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