Bills for Lilestone lessees quadruple

Labour’s Church Street team are calling on CityWest Homes to provide answers as to why costs for replacing the heating and hotwater system at Eastlake and Tadema Houses on the Lilestone estate in Church Street has quadrupled in price since it was initially improved. When the scheme was approved in February 2013 it was estimated as costing £420,000 but by the time the scheme was actually underway the bill for the scheme comes in at £2.16 million. This means residents are now facing an average bill of £20,334, with one flat facing a massive bill of £40,180. Lessees feel CWH did not consult them as the costs spiralled, leaving many with bills they will find difficult to pay.

CWH resident and Labour’s candidate for the Church Street by-election Aicha Less said ‘City West Homes must urgently investigate what has happened here and find a way to bring down these bills closer to what lessees had been told to expect.’

Church Street Cllr Aziz Toki said ‘I am deeply concerned about the lack of communication with residents about these skyrocketing bills. City West must do better at communicating with its lessees and tenants .’

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