Church Street regeneration plans over a year behind schedule

Labour Councillors will be highlighting the 12 month delay in starting work on the Church Street regeneration programme at the Council meeting on Wednesday 27th April.

A motion, to be moved by Councillor Guthrie McKie and seconded by Church Street Councillor Barbara Grahame, says:

“This Council notes with regret, the continuing delays to the Futures Plan for Church Street. Phase 1 of the plan was voted on by residents and is now over 1 year behind schedule. A number of factors have contributed to this delay, including a loss of staff during reorganisation at City Hall, indecision on the Cosway Street development. But the most serious impact has been the delay to the rehousing of residents at Penn House. These are elderly residents who need greater urgency in dealing with their housing needs.

The Council has said it will proceed with Phase 2 of the Futures Plan without carrying out a consultation programme. This has caused concern in the community as to the motives of the Council and the developers. Residents and retailers have a vital stake in this development.

We call on the Leader of the Council to give greater urgency to the Futures Plan for Church Street and to implement decisions agreed by residents. We further call on a full consultation programme with residents and retailers on Phase 2 of the plan.”

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