Do you want to help unaccompanied child refugees in Europe?

UACs CalaisWe have received the following message from a local resident:

“I’m a Queen’s Park resident and I run a refugee aid and advocacy group called Calais Action. I’m setting up a working group in the North Westminster area to help bring over lone refugee children from the camps of Northern France, Italy and Greece under the recently-passed “Lord Dubs Amendment” (s67 of the Immigration Act 2016). Lord Dubs himself arrived here on the Kindertransport of 1939 when Britain voted to bring in Jewish refugee children from Germany, and was formerly a Councillor in Westminster.

I’ve met many unaccompanied children in the camps who have travelled from their own countries without an adult, and am deeply concerned for their welfare. This saddening report details their fate if they are not given a safe and legal route to asylum.

We need to identify potential foster parents, local sponsorship, publicise the need for foster parents and demonstrate popular support (petitions, etc) If you’re interested in becoming involved at ANY level whatsoever, please email me at You can also follow Calais Action’s work on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you!”

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