Labour call on Westminster Council and City West Homes to take action to protect Kemp House residents living above ‘nightmare’ building site in Soho

Kemp House fireLabour Councillors are calling for immediate action from Westminster City Council and City West Homes to help beleaguered residents of Kemp House in Berwick Street, Soho, whose lives are being made a misery by ‘nightmare’ demolition and building works beneath their flats at 90-104 Berwick Street. Residents say that conditions around Kemp House are appalling with no regard for residents. On Tuesday night there was a fire at the building site at the back door of Kemp House which, according to residents, destroyed a wooden hoarding put up by the demolition contractors and melted half the door panel.

Residents say:

“Despite previous reassurances from the developers that the building would be waterproofed where demolition has taken place, we have continued to have further flooding into our entrance halls in Kemp House. In addition to this there has now been serious flooding into our storage sheds area through the ceiling. There have been numerous complaints about the disgusting state of the bin area on Hopkins Street. The situation has now got so bad that the lock has been stolen from the gate and two homeless people seem to have taken up residence. The rubbish does not appear to have been regularly collected for several weeks – certainly, the bins appear to be overflowing and surrounded by fly-tipped items. Residents have requested over and over again for many months that the arrangement of the caged area containing our recyling bins, general waste bins and our only current access point to our storage sheds be rethought and redesigned. As the bin area is still regularly used as a public toilet with plies of excrement and urine all around we have felt the health and safety risks were too high for our family. “

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Labour’s Built Environment spokesperson said:

“The Council and City West Homes must act quickly to ensure that residents’ lives and their environment are protected from the actions of the developers and their demolition contractors. Kemp House residents are City West Homes tenants and leaseholders and they expect City West Homes to take all action necessary to safeguard their homes. The land at 90-104 Berwick Street is owned by the Council and the development work should comply with all the Council’s regulations. So far, it looks as if the developers and their contractors are doing a very poor job and the Council and City West Homes have been slow to take action. This cannot go on like this and Labour Councillors are demanding action now”.

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One Response to Labour call on Westminster Council and City West Homes to take action to protect Kemp House residents living above ‘nightmare’ building site in Soho

  1. Sir John Stuart says:

    #CityWestHomes Housing Management with NO CARE !

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