Community Pharmacies – Labour welcomes Government’s change of heart

Councillor Barrie Taylor, Westminster Labour’s Health Champion, has welcomed the Government’s decision to delay their planned implementation of a 6% cut to community pharmacies in October in order to “make sure that we are making the correct decision and that what we do is going to be right for you, right for the NHS and right for the public”, announced in a speech by the Minister at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Annual Conference.

This announcement comes on the back of months of lobbying by local chemists – who have included petitions for the public in their pharmacies, spelling out the dire consequences of the proposed cut to patient services.

The Minister declined to specify when next steps around the funding cut would be announced and praised the Community Pharmacy Forward View for “rightly recognising” a new future for community pharmacy in which greater provision of health services and direct patient care are hoped to be the norm.  He also added that “there’s a big contribution [pharmacists] can make in areas such as long-term conditions”.

Councillor Barrie Taylor added “Westminster Labour welcomes this change of heart and looks forward to ensuring that the government works more closely with the pharmacy profession to enhance, not reduce, the role and contribution of community pharmacists in primary healthcare.”

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