Oxford Street pedestrianisation update – Mayor responds to questions

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan has responded to two questions from London Assembly Member Andrew Dismore on the proposal to pedestrianise Oxford Street:

Question from Andrew Dismore

How will pedestrianisation impact on residential areas north and south of Oxford Street including Fitzrovia, Soho, north Mayfair and Marylebone, home to over 10,000 residents; and in particular will buses and taxis that presently use Oxford Street be diverted to streets like Wigmore Street and Mortimer Street increasing pollution and congestion for residents living there?

Written response from the Mayor

I appreciate the concerns you raise about the potential impact on residents and businesses. That is why I have instructed TfL to look at ways of reducing traffic, not merely transferring it. This will include looking at how the bus network operates, providing more ranks for taxis and consolidating freight trips. I recognise that it is essential that any scheme offers benefits that spread beyond Oxford Street into its surrounding neighbourhoods. 

The current crowding, casualties and congestion on Oxford Street must though to be addressed and the opening of the Elizabeth line in December 2018 provides the opportunity to solve these problems with radical changes to Oxford Street and the surrounding areas.

Question from Andrew Dismore

Do you agree on the importance of consulting local residents north and south of Oxford Street including Fitzrovia, Soho, north Mayfair and Marylebone over your plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street? And if so what plans do you have for such consultation and when will it take place?

Written response from the Mayor 

Yes, it is of upmost importance to consult with local residents, businesses and those who travel to and through the district. Full and detailed consultation will be undertaken. I will provide more details of the timetable for consultation later in the year.

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