Westminster Labour victory on 20mph zones

twentys-plenty-lrFollowing a long standing campaign by Labour Councillors, Westminster City Council has finally agreed to implementation of 20mph trial areas/streets in proximity to schools and in streets where there is a history of speed related accidents.

Labour Councillors have supported residents’ groups across the city in petitioning for 20mph zones areas but until now these requests have been rejected by the Council.

Speaking in 2014 Harrow Road Labour Councillor Ruth Bush said: “We don’t believe that the whole of Westminster should necessarily become a 20mph zone. We do, though, believe that residents across the City should be proactively consulted about this. This is based not only on our belief that, in the right situation, a 20mph limit can transform safety on residential streets, but also on our experience that, when you do undertake a consultation, residents may or may not decide that a 20mph limit is what they want – but they also come up with all kinds of interesting ideas about how safety on their street may be improved, and motor transport be respected – but as servant, not master.”

In welcoming the new 20 mph trial zones Cllr Jason Williams, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Member for City Management and Sustainability said:

“We welcome the Council’s U turn on 20mph trial zones. It’s a great victory for  local residents across the city. The Tories’ long standing opposition to such schemes was becoming increasingly isolated with boroughs across London, including the City of London, adopting 20mph zones successfully. The evidence shows that these zones do have a positive impact and we are delighted that they are to be finally introduced in Westminster.”

In response to the new 20mph trial Zones Queen’s Park Councillors have called for the following street to be included in the trial:

  • Droop Street
  • Third Avenue
  • Beethoven Street
  • Fernhead Road
  • Marne Street
  • Nutbourne Street
  • Lancefield Street/Caird Street

The Council report recommending the 20mph zones says:

20mph areas/streets can have a positive impact on all road users but particularly the more vulnerable such as children, the elderly, powered two wheeler drivers and cyclists. Westminster’s draft Walking Strategy, which is currently out to public consultation, recommends that the council considers the potential for a pilot 20mph area/zone. This report seeks approval for the implementation of 20mph trial areas/streets in proximity to schools in the City and for 20mph streets in areas that have a history of speed related accidents. These trials will be carefully monitored and the impacts analysed. For example, we will introduce vehicle activated signs to collate data on speeding issues with
a view to looking at other measures to control and enforce against speeding in conjunction with the Police. “


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