Please sign the petition to protect Westminster’s library services from £750,000 of cuts


We are calling on Westminster City Council to halt its plans to take the axe to our much loved local library services.

Libraries are a vital source of learning and education in our communities. They are a cherished public good we cannot do without.

It is deeply concerning that the Tory Council plans to cut £750,000 per year from the Westminster Libraries budget. This is the equivalent of more than 17 full-time members of staff. In effect this would mean losing qualified librarians who have a passion for helping our communities access life-long learning and education.

There are alternatives. The Council should be looking at ways of generating revenues, not relentlessly cutting. It could look at raising money through digital access to the council’s treasure trove of books and maps in the City Archives.

On top of that, Westminster City Council doesn’t seem to think it necessary to consult the community. That only adds insult to injury.

We call for the Council to halt its plans. Local and national government can’t continue with this relentless attack on public services. This must be stopped.

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3 Responses to Please sign the petition to protect Westminster’s library services from £750,000 of cuts

  1. Madge Cavalla says:

    Hopefully we will get more Labour councillors in the next local elections to combat Conservative plans that effect issues that is dear to us.

  2. Meadowsweet, St Petyer's Raod, hayling Island Hants P011 ORX says:

    it is crucial to a lot of people that these resources not be lost. Please reconsider

  3. Edward Quinn says:

    Takes me back to the 1980’s when I was a library employee, and the disregard that Lady Porter and Cllr Robert Davis showed for the libraries even then… it’s very sad, I think, that Marylebone, which had long been one of the biggest branches, is now being reduced to the extent that it may soon cease to exist as a major information and literary resource.

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