The latest Queen’s Park Labour News leaflet is out

The latest Queen’s Park Labour News leaflet is out qp-labour-news-october-2016

Top stories are:

20 mph trial zones

We are delighted that the Council has finally agreed to introduce 20 mph zones on a trial basis after many years of campaigning. The Council says:

20mph areas/streets can have a positive impact on all road users but particularly the more vulnerable such as children, the elderly, powered two wheeler drivers and cyclists. Westminster’s draft Walking Strategy, which is currently out to public consultation, recommends that the council considers the potential for a pilot 20mph area/zone. This report seeks approval for the implementation of 20mph trial areas/streets in proximity to schools in the City and for 20mph streets in areas that have a history of speed related accidents. These trials will be carefully monitored and the impacts analysed. For example, we will introduce vehicle activated signs to collate data on speeding issues with a view to looking at other measures to control and enforce against speeding in conjunction with the Police. “

We have suggested the following streets for the trial:

·      Droop Street

·      Third Avenue

·      Beethoven Street

·      Fernhead Road

·      Marne Street

·      Nutbourne Street

·      Lancefield Street

Nutbourne Street/Third Avenue/Dart Street Waste and Recycling Bins – Update

Following strong representations from residents we have asked the Council to reinstate the black bins in Nutbourne Street and Third Avenue at the junction with Dart Street. Residents say:

“At present, rubbish is still being left there, which is encouraging the foxes. Every morning someone still has to collect the bags and as the foxes open them, the mess has to cleaned up.”

“I am writing to ask you to put the bins back the mess in the morning it disgusting! We are telling people not to put rubbish there but it like talking to the wall. They don’t live opposite it and have to look at it all over the floor In the morning.”

“Please can the bins be instated back to Nutbourne Street and Third Avenue, as it could become a serious health issue. I pay my council tax to support the local community and feel this is an injustice to local residents who also pay.”

“I am a resident in Marne Street and have used the bin very regularly. Having full trash bags, this was a safe and clean way (no stink in the house/garden) to dispose them when the garbage collection was not due. In addition, due to my heavy travel schedule it is often difficult for me to put out garbage bags when the truck is due exactly. And if I put the bags outside too early, they are likely to be ripped up by the many foxes roaming the streets or cats even. Clearly, this has resulted in a mess in the street before when neighbours put their bags out and their contents were scattered on the pavement then.”

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