Westminster Conservatives reject community campaign to save London’s oldest Timber Yard in south Belgravia

Westminster City Council’s Planning Committee last night voted 3-1 to ignore over 330 objections from residents, the Belgravia Society, the Belgravia Residents Association, the Pimlico Road Association and other local businesses and approved plans to demolish the Newson’s Timber yard in south Belgravia to build four retail units and seven luxury houses.

Newson’s Timber yard has been a functioning Timber yard for over 175 years in Pimlico Road, supplying local businesses including the annual Chelsea Flower Show. Also included in the application were neighbouring independent shops with long standing connections to Pimlico Road. The application includes the replacement of shopfronts to 41, 43, 57, 59 and 63 Pimlico Road, this includes independent stores like Humphrey-Carrasco an antiques dealer based there for 20 years .

Labour Churchill ward Councillor Jason Williams said:

“This is a very disappointing decision. The views and concerns of the community were made clear with the overwhelming 300+ objections, together with the petitions and other representations. The community can be justly proud of their campaign and the strength of feeling can be seen by the attendance at the committee meeting.”

“The historical importance of the Timber Yard can clearly be seen from the 2001 report where the Planning Inspector refers to “a continuity of use for more than (then) 150 years”. The inspector then said the Timber yard “makes a positive contribution to the conservation area” and what was true in 2001 is certainly just as true in 2016. Residents clearly want this use to remain and continue to make that positive contribution. Pimlico Road is already a world class design district and residents want to avoid turning it into just another high street. “

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3 Responses to Westminster Conservatives reject community campaign to save London’s oldest Timber Yard in south Belgravia

  1. Jean Hughes says:

    How sad but not surprised. Is there any sort of appeal?

  2. Jean, I am afraid there is no right of appeal.

  3. I am gutted by this future craven acts of the City to drive these wedges into our community. All the same, thank you for standing up to we know who.

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