Westminster residents to pay £1,387,000 bill for failed Luxborough Street library project

Westminster Council Tax payers have had to foot a £1,387,000 bill for Westminster Conservatives’ failed attempts to build an underground library in Luxborough Street as a replacement for the long-delayed Marylebone Library.

The £1,387,000 bill comes at the same time as Westminster Conservatives are planning to cut £750,000 from the libraries budget which will mean over 35 librarians will lose their full and part-time jobs. https://labourwestminster.wordpress.com/2016/10/08/westminster-labour-anger-at-tory-plans-for-huge-library-cuts/

The £1,387,000 bill for the failed library project was incurred between 2012 and 2016 and was spent on professional fees, design work, development management costs and other costs, and was revealed by a Council question asked by Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg.

Councillor Dimoldenberg said:

“This £1.387 million bill is a direct result of Conservative incompetence and Westminster’s hard-working and dedicated librarians are now paying the price with their jobs and livelihoods”

“Those Conservative Councillors responsible for this financial debacle should hang their heads in shame at this horrendous waste of money, all of which had been swept under the carpet until I asked my Council question”

“We are now calling for a full-scale inquiry into the failed Luxborough Street library project with those Conservative Councillors responsible called to account for their costly actions”

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