TfL consultation on proposed changes to 23 bus routes serving central London

Transport for London has launched a consultation on proposed changes to 23 bus routes serving central London. Tfl say:
“The proposals will help buses get to and through central London quickly and reliably and better match bus services with demand across the city.
Ensuring that we have the right level of bus provision is crucial in ensuring central London works well and these proposals ‎respond to the changing ways people are travelling across central London. Improved services on the Tube and Overground, Night Tube and the new one-hour ‘Hopper’ bus fare have affected how our customers travel. The opening of the Elizabeth line in 2018 will further transform how people move about in Central London. 
In response, we are reviewing bus services so we can provide the right level of service, and boost frequencies outside of central London where new developments and increases in population need more services. We also need to ensure there are a sufficient number of buses serving each station on the new Elizabeth line, both in Central London and at outer London stations.
The Elizabeth line is particularly significant for bus services on Oxford Street, with the two new stations at Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street set to further reduce bus demand on the street. The Mayor is also working with City of Westminster to make Oxford Street more pedestrian friendly. Our proposals for changes to bus services in central London are therefore also designed to start reducing the number of buses running along Oxford Street. The proposals in this consultation would reduce the number of buses going along Oxford Street by around 40 per cent.
This consultation sets out our proposals to change the bus network in central London on routes 3, 6, 8, 15, 22, 25, 23, 46, 73, 137, 172, 242, 332, 390, 425, 452, C2, N2, N3, N8, N15, N22 andN73. Our proposals range in scale depending on the route to help us better match future demand with space available on the bus.
Please visit our website for further detailed informaiton about our proposals to change bus services in central London and to provide your views. Alternatively email us at
The consultation ends on 29 January 2017.”
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