Labour Councillors call for action on Health & Social Care in Westminster

Labour Councillors have called for action on Health & Social Care in Westminster and will be raising these issues at the next Council meeting on Wednesday 25th January at Porchester Hall.

Labour Councillors have tabled a motion to be moved by Councillor Barrie Taylor and seconded by Councillor Adam Hug:

“This Council notes the current critical state of health and social care services for Westminster residents and the respective Authorities plans to deal with ‘Winter Pressures’ and proposals aimed at tackling: 

  • Accident and Emergency / Mental Health waiting times / admissions and home discharges
  • The £35m social care deficit identified in the NW London STP

This Council believes there is a clear need for improved government investment in NHS and Adult Social care funding in Westminster.  For its part, Westminster Council resolves to assist the process by focusing on issues within its own remit: 

  • Take steps to lobby government to provide extra funding in the upcoming budget, in order to tackle the immense shortfall in social care – as identified by the STP
  • Introduce a dedicated year-on-year increase in Adult Social Care spend for Westminster residents, using the government’s Social Care Precept rules and ask Officers to include funding proposals in the budget report to Cabinet (20.2.17).
  • Dedicate CIL and Section 106 funds, particularly from health and social care development sites, to help develop the infrastructure for health and social care integration in Westminster and officers report thereon to the relevant Cabinet Member.
  • Press the government to provide Imperial Trust with up front capital at this stage – to be realised by future sales of NHS property locally (e.g. Samaritan Hospital)
  • Promote the development of Health and Wellbeing Centres, the retention of local GP practices and NHS plans to improve levels of GPs primary care services
  • Support Tri-borough partners Hammersmith and Fulham in their concerns about downgrading of A&E provision in West London.
  • In conjunction with the NHS & local Care Agencies, introduce & publish an Annual Winter Pressures each September to explain actions to overcome yearly pressures
  • Review consultation procedures for Westminster only residents to submit views and opinions on all NHS and Social care plans
  • In view of the arbitrary midyear cuts to Public Health budgets, to ensure Public Health proposals are open to public accountability in Westminster.”
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