Labour call on Westminster Conservatives to donate West End fund-raising profits to local youth services

arudd-dinnerLabour Councillors have called on Westminster Conservatives to donate the profits from their fund-raising dinner in the West End on 8th February to local youth services. Home Secretary Amber Rudd will be the guest speaker and the Conservatives will be auctioning a copy of the ‘Brexit Bill’ signed by Prime Minister Theresa May. In addition, raffle prizes include a magnum of Veuve Cliquot champagne and lobster and frites with prosecco at a top West End restaurant.

Tickets for the sold-out dinner, at a London venue yet to be announced, but which has a capacity of 150, are £85 per person. In addition, a limited number of premium tickets have been sold at £500 each.

Pancho Lewis of the West End Labour Action Team, said:

“It’s very disappointing to see West End Tories choose to spend time with fat cat donors instead of representing local residents. Only recently, Westminster Conservatives have chosen to gut Stowe Youth Club, a centre that provides vital support to vulnerable young people in need of help. This comes on top of many years of cuts to youth services. That’s why we’re calling on Westminster Tories to donate all funds raised at the event to youth services in the City of Westminster.”

Patrick Lilley, of the West End Labour Action Team, said:

“Instead of enjoying silver service with Westminster’s West End Tories, Amber Rudd should be sorting out the mess her department is leaving our country in. There are hundreds of EU nationals who live in the West End. They face enormous barriers to registering as permanent residents once we leave the EU – estimates show it could take 140 years to register all 3 million EU citizens in Britain after Brexit. This is a direct result of Rudd’s department’s terrible handling of Brexit.”

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