A prescription for our ailing health & social care services

Westminster Labour Group have produced a short new report setting out some of its deep concerns about the future of the NHS and Adult Social Care in Westminster. It brings together Labour’s existing campaigning priorities on these issues, with new ideas for how to improve the desperate situation brought about by the Conservative Government’s chronic under funding of the NHS and the massive cuts to adult social care budgets. It draws attention to the lack of widespread local consultation around the future of the NHS in Westminster and raises our deep concerns about the increasing pressures on St Mary’s Hospital.

The Labour Group’s ‘prescription for our ailing health & social care services’ calls for Westminster Council to properly invest in community health infrastructure, improve its consultation processes and do all in its power to plug the gaps in adult social care funding. It also demands that the council stand up to the Government to push for a better deal for the NHS and adult social care, as well as to push the NHS to free up funds from obsolete facilities in Westminster to reinvest in the future of St Mary’s Hospital and other local services.

The author of the report, Labour’s Health Champion Cllr Barrie Taylor, said:

“We know that planning and decision making in health & social care can appear complex and disheartening to local residents who want to have their say. However politicians must be clear that democratic accountability must be at the heart of any framework for implementing major changes.

“Our ‘prescription’ is focused on what residents can reasonably expect from their local representatives and what Councils can be held to account for, being directly responsible for social care taxes and spending. Our views, as the Labour opposition in Westminster, are intended as a positive contribution towards finding solutions to revenue and capital needs currently being faced by health and social care agencies.”

Labour’s Deputy Leader and Shadow Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care also argued that ‘The proposed local Sustainability and Transformation Plan which is considered to be the Holy Grail by the NHS will be dead in the water without a properly funded Social Care Budget. There are serious concerns the STP will be bulldozed through and bed blocking will continue.”

To download Labour’s prescription for our ailing health & social care system please click the link.

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