Westminster Labour challenges huge proposed rent rise by Genesis Housing Association

Cllr Adam Hug, on behalf of Westminster Labour Group, and Karen Buck MP have written to the Valuation Office Agency, the Government body that adjudicates changes to regulated tenancies, to oppose plans by Genesis to hike rents for secure tenants by between 20-50% as they attempt to raise their secure rents to ‘target rent’ levels. This move would have a significant and damaging impact on tenant’s finances, and given Genesis’ track record poor customer service and selling off, but not building, social housing in Westminster there is no guarantee that the residents would see any benefit from such a rent rise. They have also written to Genesis Chief Executive Neil Hadden to express their opposition to the proposals.

A copy of the letter to the Valuation Office Agency is attached here.

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3 Responses to Westminster Labour challenges huge proposed rent rise by Genesis Housing Association

  1. OConnor says:

    As a Genesis secure tenant I was shocked to recently receive the proposed rent increase letter and queried it immediately. The increase proposed in the letter worked out at approximately £80 a month – a 20% increase. When I rang the number in the letter to express my concern I was simply told not to worry and that these were just proposals and I could take issue if the increases were approved.

    We are a house of four flats and have been struggling for several years to have serious internal and external repairs carried out both in individual flats and on the building itself but nothing is ever resolved. Repairs are rarely carried out to an acceptable standard, if indeed they carried out at all.

    The seven-year cyclical building redecoration has now not been addressed for fourteen years with no firm indication as to when this work will be carried out. Annual schedules are subject to change and no longer guarantee that works will take place. The fabric of the building is visibly deteriorating. My husband has redecorated accessible areas and undertaken repairs such as he is able e.g, replacing bin housing doors, repairing and painting the parameter brick wall – which extends around the corner of the property, and redecorating the front door and porch areas.

    My husband and I are both self employed and I have ongoing health problems. We know we are very fortunate to have a secure social housing tenancy especially in the current London housing crisis. However, there has been a marked decline from a previously high standard of landlord service i.e. since PCHA ceased operationg and became Genesis.

    Your ongoing support is much appreciated.

  2. OConnor says:

    Our rent increase of just under £1,000 pa has just been confirmed.

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