Labour Councillors call for an end to Tory spin on the Nine Elms Bridge to nowhere

nine-elms-bridgeChurchill Labour Councillors Jason Williams and Shamim Talukder have criticised Wandsworth Council for pushing forward its controversial plans for a pedestrian and cycle bridge from Nine Elms to Pimlico.

Cllr Shamim Talker said: “Residents were surprised to hear that Wandsworth are still continuing to pour Council Tax payers money into funding a bridge to nowhere. The Mayor has already made it quite clear that the project can only go ahead with support in Westminster which the project has not got.”

Cllr Jason Williams and Shamim Talukder have written to Westminster Council Leader Nickie Aiken asking her to outline what the Council has done in the past two years to lobby their Tory colleagues in Wandsworth to drop their plans for a bridge and to ask for a commitment that the Council is against landing spaces in Churchill and well as in Tachbrook ward.

Cllr Williams said:

“Tory Councillors were promising residents there would be a Public Inquiry into the bridge when this only really resulted in it being on the Environment Committee agenda in January 2016 and no follow up since. Pimlico doesn’t want this bridge at any location and we need firm action from the Council not more Tory spin.”
Please help us send a clear message to Wandsworth that the bridge is unwanted by signing our petition at:

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