Churchill Ward Labour Councillors slam further delays and broken promises on the Ebury Bridge Estate


Churchill Ward Labour Councillors Jason Williams and Shamim Talukder have slammed Westminster Council for further delays and broken promises on the Ebury Bridge Estate.

In a strongly-worded letter to new Housing Cabinet Member Rachel Robathan, they say:

“We were concerned to read in your report to the Housing, Finance and Corporate Services Policy and Scrutiny Committee on Monday 6th March 2017 that “the project team has concluded a detailed review of the Ebury Bridge project. Proposals will be put to members in April on how to implement a viable and affordable scheme based on the 2013 vote.” As the Ward Councillors, this was the first we had learned that a detailed review had been completed and that proposals were going to be put to members next month. We therefore ask for an urgent briefing on the plans and how they can be achieved without going for a second referendum.”

“In her report to the same committee Barbara Brownlee writes that “a clear learning outcome for Ebury Bridge is … [that] there is a need not to over promise about what can be achieved and by when.” We acknowledge this admission that there have been a series of issues in the management of the process and seek a firm commitment that the project will not experience any further delays.”

“In his letter to us dated 20th November 2016 Cllr Danny Astaire wrote that the Council was supporting residents in Edgson House to find and move to new homes and that the date for demolition was dependent on the achieving vacant possession of the blocks. We have received feedback from former residents from Edgson House who tell us they had to leave Edgson House on the basis that a strict timeline was in place for demolition. These residents are therefore, very concerned to see that not only that the project has stalled, but that the current temporary tenants moved in and continue to live in the block. The Ebury Bridge Regeneration Project has not been well managed and has caused considerable stress for residents. Those who have made their homes on the estate for a number of years have faced uncertainty and, in some cases, have moved out of the area as they couldn’t face the further delays from the Council.”

“We seek your assurances therefore, that the project team will now prioritise effective and on-going communications with residents and a workable timeline for the development will be published. We are now approaching the fourth anniversary of the Regeneration Referendum and residents feel justifiably disappointed that the much-promised regeneration scheme has not started and that the intervening period has been marked by such poor communications and on-going delays.”

A copy of the letter is here 06-03-17 Cllr Robathan

In January 2017, Labour Councillors revealed that an eye-watering £29 million has been spent on the Ebury Bridge Estate regeneration scheme before a brick has even been laid. Residents in the Ebury Bridge Estate in Pimlico have been waiting over 3 years for better housing after voting in favour of renewal plans in 2013 that would replace ageing buildings, and provide 101 additional much needed homes.

However, the Council’s plans are many years behind schedule and it now appears over £29 million has been spent and a further £14.8 million will be spent (totalling £43.8 million) before work will even begin. The majority of the money has been spent on purchasing properties on the estate, but other costs include over £700,000 on Architects’ fees and Sitex security doors.

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One Response to Churchill Ward Labour Councillors slam further delays and broken promises on the Ebury Bridge Estate

  1. Katrina Vieira says:

    All the money that has been spent already and all the money needing to be spent could have been spent on other services so many empty homes when there are so many homeless family’s needing homes what a waste of time and money!

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