Churchill Labour Councillors lobby MOD on low flying helicopter noise

Churchill Labour Councillor Jason Williams has written to the Ministry of Defence to raise residents’ concerns on low flying helicopter noise in Churchill Gardens Estate.

Councillor Williams said “noise from military helicopters has been a nuisance to residents of Churchill Gardens for a number of years. We have received complaints from residents and I have seen the helicopters flying at low levels across the estate on a number of occasions.” 

Councillor Williams contacted the MOD in December 2016 and was told that there no military aircraft operating in Churchill Gardens at the time. After appealing for residents to contact him with examples of flights he has again written to the MOD asking if the flights are operational and what can be done to mitigate the noise of the flights.

Councillor Williams said “the MOD have a duty to reduce the noise impact of any flights particularly at night on residents. If there is a genuine operational need for these continual flights across Central London then they need to be working with us and local residents to reduce low flying and the resulting noise from the helicopters.”

Councillor Williams has asked residents to let him know any incidents they have of these flights including times and any other details.

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One Response to Churchill Labour Councillors lobby MOD on low flying helicopter noise

  1. Harry Bulpit says:

    Or except that the military has an important job to do, and shouldn’t have to worry if people get upset because a helicopter makes a bit of a noise.

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