Council refuses to answer questions about its damaging homelessness strategy

Labour Councillors trying to scrutinize Westminster Council’s controversial homelessness policies have been denied access to information about the legal advice the Council commissioned around the scheme that will formalise sending everyone except those with high care needs or kids doing major exams out of London and see many dumped into the private rented sector, ending the council’s duty to house them.

Not only will the council not share the legal opinion it has received due to fears of imminent legal challenge but it refuses even to share, in confidence, the questions it asked of its tax-payer funded lawyers. Such information used to be shared with Labour councillors but now it seems Westminster is no longer willing allow its councillors to know what is being done on behalf of local residents.

Labour Group Leader Cllr Adam Hug said “we have been politely requesting this important information for months now and have been denied at every turn. What is the council asking its lawyers about the implications of its new homeless policies and why won’t it tell us? What has it got to hide?”

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