West End Labour Action Team welcomes news that the Curzon Mayfair has been saved

The West End Labour Action Team has welcomed the news that the Curzon Mayfair has been saved and that it is no longer threatened with closure.

It was recently announced that developers Vevil International had dropped an action of forfeiture against the much-loved cinema and come to an agreement to safeguard the future of the cinema. It means that the local community and cinema goers across the country can continue to enjoy the diverse range of films the cinema is known for screening.

This marks a victorious end to a campaign to protect the cinema which received massive public support. Over 27,000 people backed a West End Labour Action Team petition which called on the authorities to step in and protect the Curzon Mayfair. During the campaign, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan also weighed in saying he would seek to strengthen rules which protect existing cultural venues like the Curzon Mayfair from the possibility of closure.

Public support and the Mayor’s response led the developers to reconsider their approach and adopt a more conciliatory approach, and last week the developers and cinema staff released the following joined statement:

“Over the past few months Curzon Cinemas and Vevil International have been working together to ensure the continued success of the Curzon Mayfair and peaceful coexistence with local residents.

Both are delighted to have resolved the issues and look forward to a fruitful working relationship. They would like to thank all those who took an active interest.”

West End Labour activist Pancho Lewis, who started the petition, said:

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who got behind the campaign to save the cinema. This represents an historic victory for the community who have sent a message which is loud and clear: the West End’s cultural heritage must be protected.

But the campaign to safeguard the West End’s cultural heritage doesn’t end here. We need to continue fighting to preserve our cultural venues and area’s heritage. Over the coming months, the West End Labour team will be hosting events and screenings to look at how a sustainable future can be built for the West End’s cultural heritage.”

Responding to the news, petition backers wrote to the West End Labour Action Team with the following comments:

“Thank you so much for the wonderful news today! Keep up the good work. You are a hero”

“Congratulations, Pancho! That’s amazing news and really brightened up my day”

“That’s great news about The Curzon Mayfair. Well done. We need to make sure the Curzon Soho has a similar successful outcome…”

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