Westminster Labour Group supporting popular Pimlico eateries My Cafe and the Cambridge Street Kitchen

Westminster Labour Group have been listening to Pimlico residents who are worried about the future of popular local eateries and pubs.

Cllr Adam Hug, on behalf of Westminster Labour Group, has written in opposition to the cynical plans to convert the popular My Cafe at 93 Charlwood Street into luxury flats. Incredibly this is something the Council’s planners are currently supporting, despite the Council’s protestations that they try to prevent such damaging commercial to residential conversions. Similarly after listening to local people the Labour Group is supporting efforts by the Cambridge Street Kitchen at 52 Charlwood Street to have greater flexibility in its license to allow locals to pop in for a drink without having to order food.

Across Westminster much loved local restaurants, cafés and pubs are being lost to luxury residential conversions (that of course do not provide any social or genuinely affordable housing) and Labour believes the council isn’t doing enough to protect them.

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3 Responses to Westminster Labour Group supporting popular Pimlico eateries My Cafe and the Cambridge Street Kitchen

  1. The Council should be ashamed of its lack of support for local cafes, pubs and restaurants. It is an attack on the social and cultural life of Westminster’s residents and working population.

  2. A Tisman says:

    Is the Labour Group initiating or supporting a formal appeal against the planning decision re My Cafe (93-95 Charlwood Street) issued on 2nd May and if so, what is the status of this appeal? How can local residents affected by this decision also support an appeal against the decision? Or is this talk about supporting popular local eateries just hot air?

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