Local successes for Churchill Labour Councillors

Churchill Labour Councillor Shamim Talukder has been successful in helping local residents at 93 Ebury Bridge Road and at Semley Place.

At 93 Ebury Bridge Road residents contacted Councillor Talukder to say:

I was enquiring regarding our Keep Clear Signage which has now effectively almost disappeared mostly due to site construction traffic and the road cleaning machines that run up and down the road all day. The residents paid a considerable sum to WCC a couple of years back to have the Keep Clear Signage installed. We need to try and make contact with the persons responsible for repainting the carriageway. I was hoping you could assist with a contact name as it has been proving very difficult for me to get through to the correct authority who can assist us.”

After receiving this enquiry, Councillor Talukder contacted the Council and now an order has been raised to repaint the Keep Clear road markings

And in Semley Place, Councillor Talukder got the Council to install a brand new yellow box junction.  This was following of an accident involving a small girl due to double parking by car-hire vehicles which took place in Semley Place.

Councillor Talukder said:

“Helping local residents in Churchill Ward is our top priority and we are active seven days a week. Please let us know if you need our help by contacting me or my ward colleague Jason Williams at stalukder@westminster.gov.uk or jwilliams@westminster.gov.uk. “

Promoted and published by James Durcan, 48 Andrewes House, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8AX on behalf of Ibrahim Dogus, Flat 80, County Hall North, 5 Chicheley Street. London SE1 7PN  

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