Orange Square success for Churchill Labour Councillors

Work has now begun to introduce dividers on benches in Orange Square following a successful campaign by Churchill Labour Councillors Jason Williams and Shamim Talukder, working on behalf of residents concerned about reports of anti-social behaviour on Orange Square.

Following lobbying by Labour Councillors officers have begun adding dividers onto the benches in the square to prevent rough sleeping. Councillors have also been working with the Council on the closure and removal of the disabled toilet on the square which has had previous complaints from residents. Previously, Churchill Councillors organized the securing of the entrances to the underground toilets which were being used for anti-social behaviour and drug use.

Councillor Jason Williams said:

“We are delighted that our campaign on behalf of local residents in Orange Square has been such a success. We have had a number of reports from residents about the impact this is having in Orange Square and we have been working hard with the Police and Council officers to ensure the problem is dealt with and residents can continue to enjoy the square. We would like to hear from any residents with concerns about Orange Square and will continue to monitor the situation. We cannot tolerate anti-social behaviour in our community having an impact on local residents and will continue to work with the police and officers to ensure firm action is taken.”

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