Labour Councillors call for a referendum on any Ebury Bridge Estate Regeneration Plans

Churchill Ward Labour Councillors Jason Williams and Shamim Talukder have called for residents to be at the heart of any new plans for Ebury Bridge Estate and for the final plans to be agreed by a referendum of all residents.

At a meeting with Ebury Bridge Residents last month Tory Leader Cllr Nickie Aiken admitted that the Council’s plans for the regeneration of the estate had failed and they had not found a developer who can take the scheme on. Her solution is to go back to the drawing board and start the process again.

Councillor Jason Williams said:

“It is appalling that residents have been put through all this uncertainty only for the Tories to admit defeat four years later. They have mismanaged the whole process and should have engaged architects and developers from the outset. It is essential that residents are kept informed and engaged in the process and that any further plans should be subject to a referendum of all residents before they can go ahead.”

Councillor Shamim Talukder said:

“The Council have failed to deliver on what was a key cornerstone of their regeneration agenda. People’s lives have been affected and all the Tories can promise is more delays and more uncertainty.”

Previously, questioning from Labour Councillors has revealed that an eye-watering £35 million has been spent on the Ebury Bridge Estate regeneration scheme before a brick has even been laid. The money has been spent on buying back flats previously sold by the Council under the Right To Buy at knock-down prices. The flats are now boarded up. We believe that money could have been better spent on facilities for the local community.

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