Churchill Labour Councillors call on Westminster Council for reassurances on Ebury Bridge Regeneration

Churchill Ward Labour Councillors Jason Williams and Shamim Talukder have called for Westminster Council Leader Cllr Nickie Aiken to step in and provide reassurances for residents of Ebury Bridge Estate on plans for the estate.

At a meeting in June 2017 Cllr Aiken tore up plans for the estate after admitting that developers did not see the Council’s plans as viable. She said the Council were going back to the drawing board,

The announcement has caused great distress to residents already kept waiting without news from the Council following the referendum in favour of the plans in 2013.

Councillor Jason Williams said:

“Despite claims at last month’s meeting of a genuine consultation with real engagement residents are left feeling worried that their homes are going to be demolished and the vast majority unaware of the failure of the initial scheme. The timing of the initial stages of the process in July and August while a lot of residents are on holiday is not helping perceptions about the Council either.” 

“This could have been the Council’s opportunity to try and regain trust in Ebury Bridge but what has in fact happened is the vacuum they themselves have created has led to rumours, including that the site might be completely redeveloped. We call for a clear statement by Cllr Aiken setting out parameters for the consultation which must include a commitment to social housing in the estate and a promise that any residents effected will be rehoused in Ebury,”

Councillor Shamim Talker said:

“Residents have had years of uncertainty and rather than trying to rebuild trust the Council has only added to that uncertainty. Residents deserve better than this especially after all they have been through with the Council’s poor management of this project.”

Churchill Ward Labour Councillors Jason Williams and Shamim Talukder have consistently called for any final plans to be put to a referendum of all residents before they can go ahead.

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2 Responses to Churchill Labour Councillors call on Westminster Council for reassurances on Ebury Bridge Regeneration

  1. I think that the WCC Leader and cabinet should take this opportunity to show Westminster citizens and the wider world that they do care about their social housing residents. Let WCC set an example to other councils around the UK.

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