Westminster Council neglects scores of street signs across the city

Westminster Labour Councillors are deeply disappointed by long delays from the Council and its contractors in replacing street signs across Westminster. Working with local residents Westminster Labour identified 153 places in February 2017 where street signs were either missing, damaged, in the wrong place or of poor or non-standard design.

Despite months of chasing by Labour councillors and the promise of action by Westminster, the council has failed to tackle almost all of these cases, with only a commitment to replace 10 of the signs reported missing by Labour. Council policy claims that ‘most defective sign issues would be identified for 28 day response’ yet in reality many of these cases were first reported by residents months ago and are still waiting for a response. Replacement signs that have been put up have sometimes been of poor quality, not meeting the exacting design standards that help make Westminster’s streetscape beautiful.

Labour Group Leader Cllr Adam Hug said “Council cuts have left overstretched officers unable to properly deal with the important work of looking after our streetscape. The Sir Misha Black designed red and black Westminster street signs are seen as so iconic that the council even owns the copyright for them. They are an important part of what makes Westminster beautiful and even in this age of smart phones they have a role in showing people where they are! Westminster must ensure that signs are more swiftly replaced and properly positioned to better to protect the look and feel our streets.”

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2 Responses to Westminster Council neglects scores of street signs across the city

  1. Tim Forrest says:

    This is disappointing, Is the Council struggling?

  2. Laurence Urquhart says:

    Having attempted many times to report the same missing street names in the Strand and Aldwych area (all within Westminster), I can only conclude that council staff do not care. Repeated requests were ignored. This is staggering when you consider that the Sir Misha Black Westminster street signs are a world famous symbol of London.

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