Westminster Labour launches dossier of ’20 nightmare stories’ from City West Homes’

Westminster Labour Councillors have published a dossier of ’20 nightmare stories’ from City West Homes’, based on the experiences of CWH tenants and leaseholders over the past few months.

All have been reported to CWH for action and some problems have now been resolved – but only after a Labour Councillor has intervened.

Labour Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg said:

“This is not the way to run an organisation responsible for 12,500 tenants and 10,000 leaseholders.

How many more similar stories of incompetence and neglect go unreported because the tenant or leaseholder has not been able escalate the problem by reporting it to a Labour Councillor?

City West Homes is in need of a radical overhaul and Labour is pledged to do this following the May Council elections.”

Examples of the ‘20 nightmare stories’ are:

Aquila Street, St John’s Wood

I live in Aquila Street and I have repeatedly asked them to fix a common area issue – a leak on the stack pipe. I’ve worked in numerous industries and roles and I have never seen this level of incompetence in dealing with a repair.

I’ve reported the issue two years back and for a host of reasons it’s never been done. This morning I’ve asked for an emergency repair as the pipe was (still is) leaking heavily, so much so that it requires me to change buckets and towels every hour or so to avoid flooding my kitchen. I’ve repeatedly been told since 2pm that someone will attend – initially before 5pm, then 8pm, then “maybe attend”.

I have two children under 5 – and this leak is next to the electrics for my apartment. I do not feel safe for myself, my family and frankly for the rest of the block. I do not really know what else I can do – I have probably spent quite a few hours on the phone with them.

Queen’s Park Estate

I’ve been trying to get this resolved for almost 3 months, I’m copying you into a complaint I put into City West Homes.  Since submitting this complaint I have phoned 3 times to City West Homes, phoned the contractor twice and submitted at least 4 emails and another complaint form for them not responding.  I can’t wait on the phone lines any more, it takes hours of your life and nothing gets resolved. There’s no way to actually phone a complaint in or to speak to anyone directly without going through the automated menu to complaints.  I’ve spent hours on this and I also left four messages for XX that he hasn’t responded to.  I don’t know how to get resolution to this.  I just want the shelf back in my kitchen, I can’t actually get to speak to anyone and every email gets an automated response saying they’ll respond in seven days and then it’s ignored.

Martlett Court, Covent Garden

A lady, with a number of illnesses, looks after her very fragile mother in this flat. She has been trying to get CWH to fix lots of things, like windows, frames, doors, in short, things that in this weather directly affect her own and her mother’s health. She has been communicating many times, for many months (years?) with CWH and Westminster call centres, contractors came round to inspect the bits and pieces, but no remedial work has been carried out.

See the full dossier here CWH Nightmare stories

See Andrew Murray’s ‘State of Soho’ blog, “What is wrong with City West Homes?”


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13 Responses to Westminster Labour launches dossier of ’20 nightmare stories’ from City West Homes’

  1. Tim Forrest says:

    This is a great pity. Reforms are needed so that CWH provides a strong service to tenants and leaseholders of all ages. Staff really do need to understand what residents experience in their daily lives and where this is not good work to improve it.If they don’t understand that then they are in the wrong job,

  2. Lewishayter@btopenworld.com says:

    I have also experienced the issue of ringing to report maintenance issues and choosing options only for the number to ring until it is cut off. I am also finding it. Ery frustrating that every time you contact CWH on email about repairs then you have to wait 7 days for any response. When they do t respond you have to go through the sam cycle again. Where are all the Estate staff on site which is what they promised us when they closed the Estate Offices? I don’t see any communal areas being repaired unless I take it on myself to report them!

  3. Leona Florent says:

    For months I ha e been reporting a door that need a changing in the property.on many ocassion I been ringing W.C.H. to come and change the door.it has a big hole.rats can come in into the property because of the hole.in the main entrance door.this situation has been reported to city home picture was sent to them of the.telling them the door needs changing and nothing has been done.about the situation.

  4. Leona Florent says:

    This is regarding the main door in my property.city homes has been contacted about the door that needs changing.and the are not doing anything about it has a big hole In the door rats can come in.the carpenter send picture telling them that I need a new door from last year.my address 16a bravington road London w93ah basement..thank u.

  5. william says:

    damp abd black mould cwh not very good at all

  6. CityWest Homes says:

    We recognise how critical the repairs are to our residents and we will respond to emergency repairs on the day and we aim that all emergency and urgent repairs are dealt with within 24 hours. Residents should expect routine repairs to be fixed within 20 working days after reporting it, unless it is of a complex nature. When the contract for repairs changed from Wates to Morgan Sindall, they inherited a backlog of repairs. These have now been rectified. We receive over 1000 routine repairs and emergency repair requests a week and January is traditionally the busiest time of year.

    We have reviewed the information listed on the 20 cases and our records show that they are historic and repairs have now been rectified or are being concluded where follow on works are required. Any historic repairs relayed to us will of course be reviewed and followed up on and we have asked, as a matter of urgency, for the details listed on this blog.

    However, we have invested heavily in speeding up the process and making sure residents are kept informed through text, letter or visits so they know the status of a repair. This has included working at weekends and involving additional contractors to deal with any outstanding requests. In addition, we are rolling out online services where residents will be able to report and track repairs and be in more control to suit their needs.

    Jonathan Cowie, our CEO, is happy to brief Labour councillors on progress and information on customer service data is available on our website: cwh.org.uk/customer-service-centre-updates

    Residents can report a repair via our customer service centre by calling 0800 358 3783 or email customerservices@cwh.org.uk

    • william says:

      damp and black mould looking into very fast service

    • Roger Allen (Chair Holcroft Court) says:

      The repairs system does not work. Many of our residents report issues to the call centre, only to be called back 1 week later. It’s not possible to have an emergency repair done in 24 hours. At least one resident will now sue CWH for not repairing a leak that went unrepaired for months.

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  8. Tim Forrest says:

    A very sorry state of affairs. When is WCC going to take action?

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  10. TS says:

    CWH always come back with some sort of excuse but service continues to get worse – and worse.
    Either no service, errors in billing, uninformed staff, long wait times (e.g. half hour to reach call centre, 4 months to reply to mail request). CWH take months to just get back with a simple reply that is typically saying ‘somebody will follow up’ or ‘you need to call somebody else’.
    For the amount of money Leaseholders pay it is would be considered a breach of contract by most, but of course because it’s CWH we are left held ransom to them with no choice but to be forced to pay for the very poor ‘service’. There is often total lack of ownership of any issue, leaving residents requiring to spend hours, days, months, even years to chase up outstanding issues.

    • Tim Forrest says:

      As a former tenant of CWH I totally agree. What has always surprised me is that leaseholders have not got their solicitors involved or joined together to take any form of legal action.

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