Gay ‘cure’ film showing scrapped

A screening of a documentary purporting to show 15 people who are “emerging out of homosexual lifestyle” due to therapy or religion, at a cinema in Westminster, has been scrapped.

The film is ‘Voices of the Silenced: Experts, Evidences and Ideologies’ and was made by the Core Issues Trust who promote ‘conversion therapy’ for lesbians and gay men. It was due to be shown tomorrow at the Vue cinema on Regent Street.

Westminster Labour councillor David Boothroyd drew attention of the council to the film not having a certificate from the BBFC. Under Westminster council licensing policy, a cinema wishing to show an unlicensed film in public must show it to the council 28 days before.

Neither the cinema nor the Core Issues Trust had done so, and the council’s head of licensing has said:

“Our officers have visited Vue cinema today to alert the premises of that fact. Vue has agreed to cancel the viewing. We will be following this up with them in terms of procedures for film classification and the responsibility placed on them within their premises licence.”

Colin Appleby, Westminster Labour’s LGBT coordinator and council candidate for St James’s ward, said:

“Every major psychological and medical organisation has found trying to change sexual orientation doesn’t work. The NHS says so-called ‘conversion therapy’ is “unethical and potentially harmful”, and I have been campaigning to make it illegal.”

Cllr Boothroyd added:

 “I’m very relieved this event has been scrapped. Westminster council officers deserve praise for acting so quickly as it was only the story in PinkNews late on Tuesday that brought it to my attention. The Church of England General Synod has said gay conversion therapy is ‘unethical’ and called for it to be banned.”

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