Conservative threat to close the Bayswater Children’s Centre after cruel cuts to children’s early help services

Westminster Labour are deeply concerned that the Conservative Council is considering closing the Bayswater Children’s Centre.

Westminster Conservatives have taken huge amounts of money out ‘early help’ services for young people and families in Westminster- £7.42 million pounds in early help cuts since 2015 (as part of more than £10m cuts to children’s services). These cuts have seen services both for the most vulnerable and the wider community hollowed out across many of Westminster’s Children’s Centres.

When traditional Children’s Centre Services and stay and play drop-in sessions were cut from Bayswater Children’s Centre in 2016 the Council promised that Government funded support for 2 year olds alongside maternity services, after-school services and other voluntary sector sessions would fill the gap. The Council have now confirmed that from summer 2018 the 2 year old provision will be moving to other facilities and the council is now ‘exploring options for the site’.

Without a Labour Government to reverse the Conservative slashing of local authority funding a Labour Council, if elected in May, could not commit to reversing all of their damaging cuts. However we believe that drop-in and outreach services for young children and their parents are hugely important. So if elected to run the council in May Labour is committed to keeping the Bayswater Children’s Centre open and providing services to all local families. This will include restoring the provision of stay and play drop-ins and outreach services from the site.

Leader of the Labour Group Cllr Adam Hug said “The cruel cuts to Children’s early help services have already had a damaging impact on the life chances of many young people in Westminster and restricted the options available to parents trying to navigate their way through their children’s early years. Labour will re-invest in both ‘stay and play’ drop-ins and vital outreach services across Westminster’s Children’s Centres. We will keep Bayswater Children’s Centre open to all.”

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