Dolphin Square Gardens listed Grade II by Historic England

We are delighted that Dolphin Square Gardens have been listed as Grade II by Historic England, following consideration of representations by a number of parties, including local residents. Historic England say:

“The courtyard gardens at Dolphin Square meet the criteria for registration on the grounds of special historic interest, being a high-quality design from the interwar period, and as the work of a significant figure in the development of C20 landscape architecture. They are an important example of a landscape type, gardens to private housing estates, which have little representation on the Register, and survive largely intact. For these reasons, the courtyard gardens should be registered at Grade II

After examining all the records and other relevant information and having carefully considered the architectural and historic interest of this case, the criteria for registration are fulfilled. The courtyard gardens at Dolphin Square merit registration at Grade II.


The courtyard gardens at Dolphin Square, a mid-1930s landscape for a private housing development by Richard Sudell, are recommended for registration at Grade II, for the following principal reasons:

  • Design interest: as a high-quality landscaping scheme providing a series of garden environments, where small-scale intimate spaces contrast with open lawns, with an emphasis on geometry and balance, carefully integrated with the surrounding building;
  • Rarity: one of few surviving substantial interwar landscaping schemes to a private housing estate; Historic England Advice Report 13 July 2018 Page 4 of 9
  • Historic interest: one of a limited number of schemes known to survive by Richard Sudell, an important and influential figure in the development of mid-C20 landscape design, and a pioneering theorist, writer, and advocate of the profession;
  • Representative of Sudell’s design philosophy, and illustrative of the principles set out in his significant 1933 book, Landscape Gardening;
  • Illustrating the fashion of the period for themed gardens, incorporating designs inspired by several nations’ landscaping traditions;
  • Degree of survival: the overall structural layout survives very well, notwithstanding the reconfiguration of the former Spanish/Mexican garden and one of the western recessed gardens.”






You can read the fulling listing decision here

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1 Response to Dolphin Square Gardens listed Grade II by Historic England

  1. gilfillanupton says:

    Excellent news, thank you. Our son lives in Dolphin Square and we are very worried about ‘developments’ there.

    best wishes,

    Bridget Gilfillan Upton ____________________

    Bridget Gilfillan Upton

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