Labour calls on Council to encourage ‘plastic bottle’ payment initiative in Westminster Car Parks

Labour Councillors have called on Westminster Council to encourage a ‘plastic bottle’ payment initiative in the city’s 18 off-street Car Parks and have written to car park operator Q-Park to ask that the initiative be considered.

The pioneering green scheme, currently being trialled in Leeds, lets drivers pay for parking with plastic bottles. In a bid to boost recycling, every empty bottle – of at least 500ml in capacity – is worth 20p off at the Merrion Centre car park in Leeds. Hundreds of bottles have already been handed in and will be recycled into items such as toys and furniture.

CitiPark who operate the Leeds car park say:

“This scheme is all about helping the environment. Drivers just need to come to the customer services desk with their bottles and we’ll give them a discount on their ticket. They can bring as many as they like but they do have to be at least 500ml. People have really been buying into the idea and we’ve had lots of customers turning up with bottles to exchange. One man came in here with 30 bottles and got an hour for free. Others just bring in one or two bottles. Hopefully this kind of thing could be introduced on a longer-term basis.”

Labour’s call to the Council and car park operator Q-Park to adopt the ‘plastic bottle payment’ initiative is part of Labour’s ‘plastic-free City’ plan which was launched in August .

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Labour City Management and Environment spokesperson, said:

“This initiative should be adopted in all 18 of Westminster’s off-street car parks run by Q-Park. It will boost plastic recycling by giving a financial incentive to drivers to recycle plastic bottles rather than bin them. We hope that both the Council and Q-Park give this initiative full consideration”

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