The City West Homes Nightmare Continues – 25 more ‘nightmare’ stories

Westminster City Council’s decision to scrap City West Homes and bring it in-house has been welcomed across the city by tenants and leaseholders.

The Labour Group’s year-long campaign on behalf of Westminster’s 22,000 tenants and leaseholders has been totally vindicated.

This latest dossier of 25 more ‘nightmare’ stories exposes the scale of the task ahead for Westminster Council. THE CWH NIGHTMARE CONTINUES

As does this tale of misery suffered by a resident of the Hallfield Estate

This, together with two more reports from Labour Councillors, shows the depths to which City West Homes’ performance has sunk.

Churchill Ward Councillor Shamim Talukder says:

“There is a family in St George’s Square, Tachbrook ward, their ceiling partly collapsed for over 3 months now and they get showered every time it rains. CWH only just approved the job to be done this week, upon my intervention!”

And Harrow Road Councillor Guthrie McKie reports:

“Another CWH case yesterday. 74 year-old woman been without heating since August on the Lydford Estate”

The hard work now begins and Labour Councillors will continue the fight for a more effective, efficient and resident-focussed housing service.

The Council’s Director of Housing has already acknowledged that there is a very big job to do. She told the Council Cabinet:

“So, whilst all efforts will be to maintain service delivery if not improve it over the next six months, I would be the first to acknowledge that we will need another six months after that, of hard work, to get those services organised and delivering at a level that you and your residents would expect.”

You can read Labour’s proposals for improving Westminster’s housing service here

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