Angela Piddock is Labour’s candidate for the Lancaster Gate by-election on 22 November

Angela Piddock is Labour’s candidate for the by-election on 22 November when local residents will choose a new Councillor for Lancaster Gate Ward.

Angela is the local candidate. She has lived in Lancaster Gate for over 40 years and is a former headteacher. She is a governor of two nursery schools and a secondary school, all in Westminster.

Angela’s Priorities for Lancaster Gate:

  • More properly affordable homes and increased powers to protect private tenants and tackle illegal short-lets.
  • Brexit: defend the rights of our local EU citizens and campaign for a ”People’s Vote” on the final deal with the option to remain in the EU on the ballot paper.
  • Cleaning up our streets: CCTV at dumping hot-spots, an express, affordable collection service for bulky items and tough action against fly-tippers.
  • Reform of the planning system: residents, not just private developers, to have a real say about what’s built in our area. The Conservatives are already back-tracking on their promise to allow residents to speak at planning meetings.
  • More Police on our Streets: Angela will keep campaigning for the Conservative Government to reverse the reckless £600 million cuts to the Met Police and for more police on our streets to keep Londoners safe.

This by-election is being held because one of the Conservative Councillors for this area has resigned in disgrace. He accepted gifts and hospitality, including from private developers and property owners, nearly 900 times in the past 6 years – all while he was making decisions about what got built in Westminster. The gifts included expensive meals, hotel stays, trips abroad and theatre tickets.

His Conservative colleagues on the Council knew this was going on but did nothing until Labour exposed the scandal earlier this year.

Angela says:

“Westminster Council Tories have let us down. They allowed a Councillor for our area to accept hundreds of gifts and hospitality while he controlled what got built in Westminster. Lancaster Gate residents deserve better.

It’s time for change. If elected I will always put the interests of residents first, not those of property developers, giving you a real voice at City Hall. This is your chance to send a message to the Conservatives and elect the first every Labour Councillor for Lancaster Gate Ward. Please vote for me on 22 November.”

Only Labour can beat the Conservatives at this by-election. The Lib Dems got just 15% of the vote at the last election in May.

Vote Labour, vote Angela on Thursday 22 November

Promoted by Margaret Lynch on behalf of Angela Piddock, both at 4(G) Shirland Mews, London W9 3DY.

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