Westminster’s Labour Councillors

Labour Group June 14

Labour’s fifteen Westminster City Councillors represent residents in the Queen’s Park, Church Street, Harrow Road, Maida Vale, Churchill and Westbourne Wards.  Along with Karen Buck MP we take up individual cases, as well as issues of concern across the wards we represent and across Westminster generally.

The results of the May 2014 Westminster City Council Elections are here https://www.westminster.gov.uk/2014-city-council-election-results

We hold regular weekly advice surgeries, as follows;

  • Monday – 2.00pm-4.00pm (Advice Plus at Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue, Queen’s Park)
  • Tuesday – 5.30pm-6.30pm (Church Street Library)
  • Wednesday- 10.30am-Noon (Church Street Library)
  • Saturday – 11am – 12 noon (The Stowe Centre, 258 Harrow Road, W2 5ES)

Churchill Ward Councillors hold a monthly surgery on Thursday evenings from 7.00pm – 8.00pm at the Churchill Hall, Churchill Gardens, SW1V 3AL on 11th February, 10th March, 14th April, 12th May, 9th June, 14th July, 11th August, 8th September, 13th October, 10th November and 8th December. For enquiries please contact 0207 641 4299.

In addition for Maida Vale Ward COUNCILLOR RITA BEGUM holds advice sessions as follows: PADDINGTON RECREATION GROUND CAFÉ – 10am – 12 noon – 3rd Saturday of each month; MAIDA CENTRE – 3rd Wednesday of each month – 7pm – 8pm; GLASGOW HOUSE – 11am – 12 noon. You can contact Councillor Begum at rbegum2@westminster.gov.uk 020 7641 2230

Let us know if we can take up a local issue in your area. Please contact your ward councillor (firstinitial.surname@westminster.gov.uk e.g. troca@westminster.gov.uk) or if you live in another ward please contact Cllr Adam Hug on ahug@westminster.gov.uk or 02076412230

For issues relating to the Labour Group E-Newsletter please contact pdimoldenberg@westminster.gov.uk

The Labour Group are

Queen’s Park Ward – Paul Dimoldenberg, Patricia McAllister (Deputy Leader) and Barrie Taylor


Harrow Road Ward – Ruth Bush, Guthrie McKie and Tim Roca


Westbourne Ward – David Boothroyd, Adam Hug (Leader) and Papya Qureshi


Church Street Ward – Barbara Grahame, Aicha Less and Aziz Toki









Maida Vale Ward – Rita Begum

Rita 14

Churchill WardShamim Talukder and Jason Williams


Labour Group positions are as follows:

You can read about past Labour Group campaigns in

westminster whistleblowers

‘The Westminster Whistleblowers’ – Shirley Porter, homes for votes and twenty years of scandal in Britain’s rottenest borough by Paul Dimoldenberg

Double-dealing, dirty tricks, backstabbing and murky financial dealings at
the heart of London – welcome to the world of Westminster City Council
under Shirley Porter.

The Westminster Whistleblowers takes you on a roller-coaster ride of
behind-the-scenes intrigues in local politics and reveals how one of Britain’s most
respected Conservative Councils was nearly brought to its knees by political intrigue
unrivalled in modern times.

Paul Dimoldenberg, the leader of the Labour Group, explains how the machinery of the City Council was hijacked by Shirley Porter and her colleagues to ensure victory for the Conservatives at Council elections. He reveals how Labour Councillors uncovered the secret ‘Homes for Votes’ plot and how the district auditor, with help from the Labour opposition, finally brought Porter to justice.

The author’s reward was to be forced to overcome a Kafkaesque investigation into the City Council’s claim that he had brought it ‘into disrepute’ by exposing how slowly it went about collecting the £42 million surcharge owed by Porter. This is local government as you have never seen it before.

‘A revelation… The sheer chutzpah of what the Tories did, the secretive way they went about it and the shameful way the council’s officers went along with all the
shenanigans should surprise even a diehard cynic… It is a narrative which keeps the
interest and is hard to put down’ Tribune

‘This book is essential reading for anyone wishing to learn what politicians will do to
discredit or destroy those who stand in their way’ Morning Star

The supporting cast and script has more double dealing than a Jacobean 17th-century play’ Camden New Journal

‘Required reading for all who wonder whether the creation of the Standards Board and its subsequent actions, especially in London, where justified’ Public

ISBN: 1842751794
Politico’s Publishing – 2006


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