Priorities for the 2014 City Council Elections

The West End Extra has asked us the following 3 Questions

Question 1: What are the main priorities of your party going into this election?

Our Five Priorities are:

• Tackling the cost of living crisis – we will freeze the Council Tax and cap Council rent increases to inflation

• Providing more genuinely affordable homes – our target is 1,000 social rented homes over the next 4 years

• Delivering high quality, value-for-money public services – we will cut £4m of waste from City Hall

• Safety and security at home and on the streets – tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in partnership with the police

• Better services for children, teenagers and older people

Question 2: Housing remains a key issue: Residents have complained about the rising cost of renting/buying and a shortage of social housing, what will you do to address this?

Our Priorities are

• Building 1,000 new homes to house local people at prices they can afford. The Housing Revenue Account is at its highest ever level – £100 million. We will use this money on a house building programme that will be genuinely affordable to local people.
• The Family Quota system will be reintroduced for Council lettings so that the children of long-standing residents can live close to where they were brought up.
• Tackling rogue private landlords and rip-off letting agencies. We will introduce the registration of private landlords and agents to stop the bad landlords and letting agencies exploiting tenants. We will press landlords to make longer, more secure tenancies available.

Question 3: Residents in Queen’s Park, the West End and Bayswater have all spoken of their belief that big business is promoted over the interests of local people, what would be your message to these people?

• The Conservatives have let Westminster become a ‘playground for the rich’. Too many luxury apartments have been given planning permission where few people live and created places where there is no life and no community benefit
• We will revise the Council’s Planning policies to outlaw the construction of ‘mega-basement’ excavations which ruin the lives of neighbouring residents for years on end
• We will strengthen planning policies to protect local pubs that provide a genuine community role
• We will allow members of the public and applicants to speak at Planning Committee meetings.
• We will work in partnership with local residents, listening and consulting, as opposed to the Conservatives’ ‘divide and rule’ approach


Labour’s Priorities for the 2014 City Council Elections

The Westminster Labour Party has launched its Manifesto for the 2014 City Council Elections

Our Five Priorities for 2014 are:

Tackling the cost of living crisis

• Freezing the Council Tax and ensuring that Council rents rise at no faster than inflation
• Making sure that the cost of school meals and sports and leisure charges rise by no more than inflation
• Keeping the cost of a Residents’ Parking permit linked to inflation

More genuinely affordable homes

• Building 1,000 new homes to house local people at genuinely affordable rents
• Restoring the Family Quota system to enable the sons and daughters of existing residents to live locally
• Tackling rogue private landlords and rip-off letting agencies

High quality, value-for-money public services

• Taking an axe to over £4 million of waste at City Hall, including scrapping excessive hospitality and public relations spending
• Campaigning for better public services – schools, health, police, fire, bus and tube services
• Ensuring that all employees of Westminster Council and its sub-contractors are paid at least the London Living Wage

Safety and security at home and on the streets

• Working with the police and housing providers to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime hotspots
• Repairing pot holes quicker, keeping the streets clean, tackling noise and air pollution and making it easier for residents and businesses to recycle
• Consulting residents on introducing a 20mph speed limit in residential streets

Better services for children, teenagers and older people

• Supporting local Sure Start Children’s Centres so all young children and their families have the best start in life.
• Introducing more after school and school holiday activities for teenagers. In particular, we will invest in new sports coaching and develop sporting excellence in schools and in the community.
• Encouraging the building of more homes specifically for older residents so that they can choose to ‘downsize’ to smaller accommodation that better meets their needs and, at the same time, free up a larger flat for a family who needs larger accommodation.

You can read a copy of the Labour Manifesto here2014 Council Election Manifesto


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