Warwick Ward


 News from the Labour Action Team in Warwick Ward

Eccleston Square Mews

We are taking up this issue with Transport for London:

I live in Eccleston Square Mews in a basement flat. We too suffer from excessive noise from the underground. This has been reported on a regular basis and, last year, the noise did diminish for a while. Over the past few months, though, the noise and vibration levels have risen appreciably. I would be grateful if you could add this to your list of underground noise complaints to raise with TFL. “ 

Transport for London say: 

“TfL has installed vibration resilient rail supports on the northbound Victoria line. This was completed in response to another complaint at Eccleston Square and has addressed that issue. TfL officers have asked that the resident contact them directly via TfL’s Customer Services team. This will allow TfL to log the issue properly with the track team, investigate and keep the resident informed.” 

Gloucester Street

We have asked City West Homes to deal with this issue:

“I own a flat in Gloucester Street and City West Homes is my freeholder. I have been trying to get a roof leak fixed for all of the seven years I’ve lived here. I call them endlessly, they come eventually, it doesn’t get fixed, the job goes cold and I start all over again. “

Glastonbury House area 

We are concerned that the current road works in the Glastonbury House area are causing difficulties for the less mobile, particularly those with mobility scooters who are forced off the pavement. We have asked the Highways Department if these road works be speeded up.

Dumped rubbish

We have asked the Refuse Department to investigate this issue:

“On the embankment under the railway bridge (the one east of Chelsea Bridge), rubbish is continually dumped over the fence and piles of it build up on the river bank. I am worried that this will be falling into the river. I think the people who camp under the bridge dump it there. Could there be a regular collection?”

We are also concerned about the number of overflowing black bins at Sussex Street, Gloucester Street and Abbot’s Manor which suggests a wider problem. We have asked the Council’s Refuse Team to look in to this.

City West Homes call centre

We have written to CityWest Homes (CWH) to call for an urgent review of their call centre operations. We are getting continual reports of residents who can’t get through to the call centre – and not getting an adequate response if they do make contact. When the local estate offices were closed and the call centre was proposed we were promised a more efficient service, with officers being freed up to go out and talk to residents and deal with problems. The reality is that there has been a real reduction in service, leaving residents feeling cut off and neglected. Our concern is that vulnerable tenants will be especially affected – and the continued lack of response from the call centre may lead them to give up trying to contact CWH to deal with urgent repairs.

Nine Elms Bridge proposal

We are continuing to oppose the London Borough of Wandsworth’s plans for a pedestrian bridge at Nine Elms. The Deputy Mayor from Transport, Val Shawcross has issued the following statement to provide clarity on the Mayor’s position.

“This scheme is being developed by the London Borough of Wandsworth and the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership. It will require the support of the London Borough of Westminster and residents on both sides of the river if it is to be taken forward. This is not a TfL or City Hall scheme and TfL is not currently undertaking any work on the project. Any scheme would require support from all affected local residents and authorities before being progressed. Also, just to add further clarity, there is currently no money assigned in the TfL budget for this project, nor are there any plans to provide financial support from TfL or the GLA.”

Call for halt to further Metropolitan Police cuts

We have launched a petition calling on the Government to halt its cuts in the Metropolitan Police budget immediately. Further police cuts will make it more difficult for the police to keep neighbourhoods in Westminster safe and secure, as well as dealing with the increase in everyday violence and the constant terrorist threat.

The petition to the Government says:

“Halt the cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget. Having lost £600 million in real terms over the past 7 years, the Metropolitan Police face a further £400 million cut over the next 4 years. 70 per cent of all police spending in London comes from the Home Office, meaning that any change in that funding has a disproportionate effect.”

You can sign the petition here https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/203543

Fast food takeaways

We are pleased that the Mayor is intruding new planning policies to ban fast-food takeaways from opening within 400 metres of schools in a bid to tackle the capital’s child obesity epidemic. In addition, all new chicken, fish and chip and pizza outlets will have to sign up to minimum healthy food standards before getting planning permission. The Mayor said the move would help deal with the “ticking time bomb” of childhood obesity in London, where almost 40 per cent of children are obese or overweight by the time they finish primary school, the highest proportion in England.

What you say

“Thank you for your newsletter. Much appreciated.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


Paul Heasman, Warwick Ward Labour Action Team 


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business, Planning and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council



Pimlico cafes

We have been listening to Pimlico residents who are worried about the future of popular local eateries and pubs. We have written in opposition to the plans to convert the popular My Cafe at 93 Charlwood Street into luxury flats. Incredibly this is something the Council’s planners are currently supporting, despite the Council’s protestations that they try to prevent such damaging proposals to residential conversions. Similarly, after listening to local people we are supporting efforts by the Cambridge Street Kitchen at 52 Charlwood Street to have greater flexibility in its license to allow locals to pop in for a drink without having to order food. Across Westminster much loved local restaurants, cafés and pubs are being lost to luxury residential conversions (that do not provide any social or genuinely affordable housing) and we believe the Council isn’t doing enough to protect them.

Kirkstall House

We have helped residents with getting assistance from City West Homes for flooding in the basement of Kirkstall House. The first leak has been addressed and now City West Homes are working on dealing with the impact of a second leak.

Alderney Street

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I write regarding an issue on Alderney Street, where moped drivers displaying the Deliveroo logo spend all evening using the road outside as a starting base for their work. When they receive an order on their mobile phone, they rev up their engine and accelerate away causing a loud noise. When they have delivered their order, they return to the same spot, turn off the engine and wait. This pattern repeats 15 or 20 times in one evening, causing distress for local residents. This then repeats for most evenings of the week.

I appreciate the nature of our current government means we live in a country which prefers to prioritise the profit interests of global ‘tech’ companies such as Deliveroo above and beyond the local interests of Pimlico residents who would like to have some semblance of peace in their evenings, but the disturbance is very distressing. Should the driver be parked specifically in the designated motorcycle bays dotted around the area rather than just parked in a residents parking bay?”



WARWICK WARD NEWS – February 2017

Pimlico Clean Air Petition

Westminster was recently named one of its worst three boroughs for killer pollution. And within Westminster, one of the worst air pollution blackspots is Vauxhall Bridge Road.

Local residents have been telling us how air pollution from this busy road is affecting their lives on an almost daily basis. Vauxhall Bridge Road has exceptional levels of traffic, as it’s part of the London ring road and a boundary to the congestion charge zone. It is also a high-density residential area where many vulnerable people live – including children and the elderly – and numerous schools are within half a mile of the road. Families live overlooking major areas of traffic congestion, while other local residents cross it regularly throughout the day to access shops, schools and local buses and Tubes.

We are calling on Mayor Sadiq Khan and Westminster City Council to put Vauxhall Bridge Road at the top of their air pollution hit lists. Please join us and sign the petition below.



WARWICK WARD NEWS – December 2016

Plans to build a 50 metre swimming pool in the redeveloped Queen Mother Sports Centre would send the cost soaring to £35 million

Plans to build a 50 metre Olympic-size swimming pool and diving area in the redeveloped Queen Mother Sports Centre would send the cost of rebuilding the new Sports Centre soaring to £35 million and lead to the development of a huge towering building on the site, in order to pay for the costs of the new facilities, Labour Councillors have warned.

Labour also warn that if the development above the Sports Centre is residential then there would likely be no affordable homes as all the ‘community benefit’ would go towards paying for the new Olympic size pool and sports centre. Labour Councillors say that it is very likely that the Council would want the new £35 million sports centre to be built at no cost to the Council, as in the case of the new Moberly Sports Centre in Queen’s Park where two large luxury residential developments are being built to pay for the new Sports Centre.

In a letter to Richard Barker, the Council’s Head of Community Services, Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg says:

“Why is a 50m pool needed and will it be accompanied by spectator facilities? Such extensive facilities would take it from being a local facility to being a major London water sports location with local residents competing with users and clubs from all over London and the South East. While this will be welcomed by the enthusiasts from far and wide and will make more money, it could well ‘crowd out’ the local community.”

“I am also concerned that such an extensive facility costing in excess of £35m will also require a very large commercial component to pay for it, creating an oversized building which dominates the area. The Victoria area is already full of very large commercial buildings which are unpopular locally and this could add another. We can already see the new Willmott Dixon building at the back of the Jubilee Centre towering over everything else in the area as the price the Queen’s Park community has to pay for the new Moberly development. If this is the way forward for how the new Queen Mother Sports Centre will paid for I can envisage another big local campaign to oppose it and am disappointed that the Council has learnt nothing from the Jubilee/Moberly fiasco. The
Planning system offers few safeguards with the Council responsible for giving itself planning permission for a development that it is promoting.”

Labour say that a 50 metre Olympic size swimming pool with diving facilities is not mentioned in the consultation documents.

A petition to protect the existing sports and health facilities at Queen Mother Sports Centre has already attracted 275 signatures from local residents http://petitions.westminster.gov.uk/QueenMother/


Greyhound pub, Hugh Street

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Sadly last week the pub was shut and the bailiffs called in. As there are some picnic bench-tables outside the pub, these are now being used by groups of men to hang out and drink. They often leave their rubbish (empty cans of beer etc) in the street. The men change from day to day but don’t seem to be locals. My guess is that they are in the area because of the coach station.  Is there anything the council might be able to do about this? Simply arranging for be picnic bench-tables to be taken inside the pub or removed would probably make a big difference.”

Following our enquiry, a satisfied resident told us:

“The tables and benches have now been removed, which is a huge improvement. Thank you!”

Ebury Bridge College building

We have asked the Council to take action on the problems being caused by the construction of the Ebury Bridge new college building. Residents say:

“I’m having a terrible time with the construction of Ebury Bridge College and 11 storey residential apartment. They did not consult the level of disruption. Bus stops often suspended. All is parking suspended. Parking suspension was supposed to be temporary but now they built their offices on the pavement and half the road so parking will be suspended during the whole construction. My son’s motorbike was damaged and my neighbour’s motorbike was stolen because they can no longer park there due to suspension. The noise and dust is horrendous. The smell of diesel is strong from all this heavy machinery and they have convoys of trucks parked outside my building with their engines running. I have to keep windows closed.”

The Council says:

“We have put in place the following measures to mitigate the impact on residents in this area:

  • We monitor the site regularly on a daily basis and lorries are moved if the parking on street. The site is also aware that they have to turn their engines off.  Since more than two weeks we have increased the monitoring to twice a day and the situation has improved substantially
  • The Noise Team visited the site proactively several times shortly after 6pm, but so far didn’t witness that the site is working beyond the allowed hours.
  • There are parking suspension agreed with the development, as they need to provide welfare facilities and the Council as Highways Authority has to accommodate this.

We strongly recommend that the complainant contacts the Environmental Action Line (020 7641 2000) to log her complaint as the officers can go out immediately and react if they witness any wrongdoing. “ 

Residents say:

“Thank you for your help. They are actually behaving themselves this week!! After daily complaints to Council, Planning dept complaints, complaints to the construction company and associates, finally getting some attention after raising the issue with you.”



Warwick Way

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Black cabs are queuing for Victoria station down to Warwick Way, leaving their engines running constantly, also in front of the GP surgery. The smells and the fumes are bad and there is no reason for such waste. Is there no way of stopping them? Was I misguided by thinking that Westminster City Council had acted upon idling engines in our area? “

Ebury Bridge Estate – Police action to tackle drug dealing

The police have reported the following:

“Officers conducted a planned operation to crack down on class A drugs on Wednesday 10 February. Acting on concerns raised by the community, officers carried out a series of dawn raids on 10 addresses on the Ebury Bridge Estate. The warrants are part of a multi agency initiative to stamp out drug dealing and the associated violent crime that accompanies it. So far 7 individuals have been arrested for various offences and remain is Police custody pending further enquiries. Updates will follow in due course.”

Proposed Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge – what you say

“Like you and other residents of Pimlico, we are opposed to this bridge being built. However, the matter cannot just rest there. The local authorities together with the press, should be made aware of the weight of public opinion is against this project. Thank you for your support in opposing this white elephant.”

“I’m delighted your opposed to this vanity project. Please keep me advised of your progress and any support I can give as a Pimlico resident, many thanks.”

“The Belgravia Residents Association have written strongly objecting to our local MP over this proposed bridge as per your news letter. We wholeheartedly support the stance adopted by Murad on behalf of his constituents.”

“What excellent work you have been doing and especially for us at Dolphin Square over the unwanted Bridge!!”

Warwick Ward Action Report – January 2016

Proposed Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge

We have reaffirmed our opposition to the proposed Nine Elms to Pimlico bridge. At the Environment Scrutiny Committee on 18th January, Labour Councillor Murad Gassanly, said:

“We have raised strong objections to the proposed bridge and ensured local residents views have been made clear to Westminster and Wandsworth Councils. We need the Council to be the voice of local residents – we need the council to reject the bridge at any landing point in Pimlico. The campaign against the bridge has been led by the Pimlico Alliance, a resident led campaign who have done sterling work in raising public awareness of the impact of the bridge. It is residents who have led this campaign and they who have said time and time again – no to the bridge.”

“Wandsworth Council’s disrespect for local opinion can be seen by their much repeated claim that the bridge will enable Pimlico residents to visit the Nine Elms Waitrose as if this was the clinching argument. This says a lot about how they view Pimlico, as well as their lack of insight to how Pimlico people feel about the bridge.”

We are continuing to work closely with local residents to voice our strong opposition to Wandsworth Council’s proposal. Residents say:

“I’m writing to you regarding the new bridge planned on the Pimlico side of SW1. We do not want to loose any further public accessible green spaces in SW1. St George’s Square and indeed the garden and Westminster Boating Base are a valuable community asset used by many families, caring dog owners and professionals to escape cramped housing conditions in Central London.”

“Presumably it is for the benefit of all those new flats going up at Battersea, so that they can get to Pimlico and Sloane Square to shop! I dread the consequences for the latter. We shall be swamped. And where are they going to put their bikes when they get there? “

“I am so pleased that the Labour councillors are backing us against this bridge.”

Warwick Ward Action Report – October 2015

Warwick Way

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this suggestion:

“Please could you look into crossing Warwick Way while walking down Cambridge Street. This crossing point is very dangerous – Warwick Way is very busy at rush hour with cars often speeding up to catch the traffic lights (which have no pedestrian crossing) at the junction between Warwick Way and St George’s Drive. This route down Cambridge Street is an important thoroughfare for pedestrians and is particularly used in both directions by pedestrians for school/nursery runs. A zebra or some other pedestrian crossing would make this route much safer – perhaps move the zebra crossing between Warwick Way and Winchester St (which is under-utilised) to this crossing instead?”

Denbigh Street

We have asked Sanctuary Housing Association to tell us when a number of long-standing empty properties will be let to tenants in order to ease the housing crisis.

Warwick Ward Action Report – September 2015

Winchester StreetWarwick 1

Is this the most blatant dumping yet? You could furnish your flat from stuff dumped on the street tonight – two beds, two chairs, cupboards, a wardrobe and more!

Which landlord is responsible for this latest anti-social behaviour?



Warwick Ward Action Report – August 2015

Ebury University Technical College

We are working closely with residents to oppose the current plans for the proposed UTC:

“What started as an acceptable, indeed worthy idea to redevelop the former Victorian school into a Technical College in memory of Sir Simon Milton, has become a vast vanity project, considerably denser than first proposed. We feel it is a missed opportunity to create a modern equivalent of the elegant and harmonious Victorian houses within the Conservation area of the Pimlico Grid. Not only would the massive building of low-grade architectural worth which is proposed be completely out of proportion and character for the area, it would be a gross overdevelopment of the site.

The building should be no higher than the original 6 storeys and the jarring triangular design of the unwarranted addition of 47 flats, with just 23 parking spaces provided and one on the road lost – does not even have the justification of providing affordable housing. The impact on local residents of up to 600 students and staff arriving and leaving every day by bus, bicycle or on foot will already be huge, but the additional flats and the inadequate underground parking will completely overwhelm the area, one of mixed private and social housing.”

Warwick Way

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this suggestion:

“Please could you look into crossing Warwick Way while walking down Cambridge Street. This crossing point is very dangerous – Warwick Way is very busy at rush hour with cars often speeding up to catch the traffic lights (which have no pedestrian crossing) at the junction between Warwick Way and St George’s Drive. This route down Cambridge Street is an important thoroughfare for pedestrians and is particularly used in both directions by pedestrians for school/nursery runs. A zebra or some other pedestrian crossing would make this route much safer – perhaps move the zebra crossing between Warwick Way and Winchester St (which is under-utilised) to this crossing instead?”

Prudential Ride London 2nd August – what you say

“On Sunday mornings every few weeks I drive a minibus with elderly residents, housebound for the rest of the week, to mass at Holy Apostles Church in Pimlico. I believe they very much look forward to it, for some, it being the only social interaction they have. This Sunday, many roads hundreds of metres from the route, were blocked off due to the Prudential Ride London Event, preventing access to properties where these residents live.

I’m all for cycling, I average fifty miles a week and rely on my cycle to get about in preference to all other modes of transport. I encourage others to take up cycling – it is a healthy, freeing, economical and ecological mode of transport. However, I believe the Prudential Ride London Sunday event is only accessible to a small lycra clad elite and does nothing to facilitate non-cyclists to start and does everything to fuel bitter resentment amongst the rest of the population.”

Sophia Eglin secured over 1,200 votes for Labour

Sophia Eglin received 1,216 votes on 7th May.

The full result is:

Conservative – 2,397
Sophia Eglin – Labour – 1,216
UKIP – 207

This was one of Labour’s best ever results in Warwick Ward.

Sophia Eglin promises to put local residents and local issues first

Sophia Eglin, the Labour candidate for Warwick Ward in the Westminster Council by-election on 7th May has said her main focus is to be accountable to local residents and fight for local issues.

Sophia said “unlike Tory Councillors who often don’t hold regular surgeries, I will be holding regular Councillor surgeries and engaging with local residents groups and the wider community.”

“Warwick ward has returned Tory councillors since 1964 and it’s not clear what benefit that has brought to the ward. The Tory-controlled Westminster Council remains out of touch and have taken this area for granted for too long.”

“Only Labour can defeat the Tories in this by-election and you can send a very clear message to City Hall that Warwick residents deserve better by voting Labour on Thursday.”

Since her selection Sophia has spoken to very many residents across the ward and carried out ‘ward walks’ where she identified problems such as fly tipping and issues with broken and uneven pavements which she called on the Council to resolve.

Published & Promoted by Jason Williams on behalf of Two Cities CLP, P.O. Box 72086, London EC2P 2NL

Sophia Eglin calls for more social housing in Warwick Ward

Sophia Eglin, the Labour candidate for Warwick Ward in the forthcoming by-election on 7th May has called on Westminster Council to build more homes for local people following news that the Tory Council have spent £20 million on buying back homes they sold at a discount and on further increasing social housing rents.

Sophia said

“Pimlico is a great community and one which should be cherished; as your Councillor I will speak up for more social housing and against inflation busting rises in rent. The Council’s latest project in Sutherland Street to build private flats behind the proposed University Technical College which will dwarf Glastonbury Tower shows they are not putting the local community’s interests first. I will fight for more social housing and for a fairer deal for tenants and leasees.”

Published & Promoted by Jason Williams on behalf of Two Cities CLP, P.O. Box 72086, London EC2P 2NL

Concerns over fly tipping in Warwick ward – Labour’ Sophia Eglin calls for Council action

Warwick dumping
Sophia Eglin, the Labour candidate for Warwick in the forthcoming by-election on 7th May has called on Westminster Council to take firm action on the problem of fly tipping in the ward.

Sophia said:

“The increase in fly tipping across the Pimlico ‘grid’ area is very concerning and the Council need to take firmer action in sorting this issue out, rather than relying on individual residents to call the environmental helpline after the event. I want the Council to take a proactive approach and install cameras at well-known fly tipping areas and ensure this anti-social behaviour is stopped.”

Published & Promoted by Jason Williams on behalf of Two Cities CLP, P.O. Box 72086, London EC2P 2NL

Sophia Eglin – a fresh voice for Warwick ward

Sopha Eglin is Labour’s candidate in the forthcoming Warwick ward by-election which is taking place the same day as the General Election on 7th May.

Sophia won the Labour Party’s selection contest held last month and has been busy campaigning and talking to local people about the issues in the ward.

Sophia said:

“I’m determined to be a fresh voice for Warwick ward and to speak up for local people by ensuring that their views are heard within the Council. The Tories have taken this ward for granted and I am very concerned about the effect of recent cuts by the Tory council including on Children’s and Youth services.”

Churchill Labour Councillor Jason Williams said:

“Sophia is a great candidate with fantastic energy who will be a determined voice for Warwick ward. We need someone like Sophia who will speak up for local people and really engage with the local community.”

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg, Leader of the Labour Group. said:

“Warwick Ward residents need an active and energetic candidate like Sophia who will represent them and their views at City Hall and take up local issues on behalf of all residents. Sophia will make an excellent Councillor and would be a great addition to the Labour team”

Published & Promoted by Jason Williams on behalf of Two Cities CLP, P.O. Box 72086, London EC2P 2NL

Warwick Ward Labour Action Team Report – April 2015

Abbots Manor Estate

We are making enquiries with the Council and City West Homes about these issues raised by residents:

“Abbots Manor is seeing more and more of residential community areas being given to companies. Linbrook was given basement areas of Kirkstall and Melrose House to store their building materials. Workmen come in and out of this residential building at all hours. No residents were consulted and we have not been told about what the deal is. What happens to that money? It has caused a lot of disruption to residents, in the mornings there are many vehicles filling up supplies taking up parking spaces.
Westminster Council took gardens on Abbots Manor to put a nursery into a temporary shed type of premise. This is against Westminster Council planning as this is a residential estate not for any business or companies. “

Gloucester Street/Winchester Street

We are supporting residents’ suggestions that CCTV cameras should be located at this junction to take pictures of those who are dumping rubbish here.

Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge proposal – what you say

“This is a Wandsworth/TfL adventure with the Nine Elms consortium. WCC have said in writing that they don’t want anything to do with it. We are keeping in touch with it via the design competition, but fear that TfL will bulldozer the proposal through (they have the power). St Georges Square and Dolphin Square will fight hard, but will need all the help we can get to avoid the predictable disaster of the bridge.”

“I just wanted to express my concern about the new pedestrian bridge from Nine Elms to Pimlico. I don’t know if this has already been approved and I seriously hope it hasn’t. First of all, I don’t understand the need for such an expensive project since Vauxhall Bridge is only a 5 minutes’ walk away. Secondly, I have concerns that it will ruin the tranquil setting of the only square in London bordering the Thames. I saw to my despair the four selected designs in the press and I cannot imagine who would want this and secondly why this is necessary. Wandsworth seem to be running the show but Westminster must have a word to say in this and I strongly hope Westminster will not allow it. It’s a pure waste of money.”

“This is a great opportunity to support a new and exciting architectural feature in London. Agreed, it needs to go through the appropriate consultation but this will give Pimlico better access to the exciting development on Nine Elms and will perhaps provide more passing trade for some of our shops, more and more of which are closing down and being converted to flats.”

Ebury Bridge development – what you say

“I went to exhibition yesterday regarding building of Ebury Bridge College and 10 storey planned luxury tower block. The Council sent the most disinterested member of staff, hardly any residents there, most don’t even know about the plans. They say they need to build 10 storey luxury flats building to pay for college. Well if they don’t have the funds for the college then they shouldn’t be destroying the community to pay for it”

What you say

“Thank you so much for sorting out the crossing at the Queen Mother Sports Centre, Vauxhall Bridge Road. So glad to know we will have a Pedestrian Countdown facility later in the year.”

For the most recent Warwick Ward profile see https://www.westminster.gov.uk/sites/default/files/uploads/workspace/assets/publications/Warwick-2013-Ward-Profile-1375694312.pdf


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