Westbourne Ward


From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi




City West Homes

Are you a City West Homes resident? Fill in our survey about CWH services and how they can be improved. http://bit.ly/surveycwh

Westminster Council has finally agreed to review City West Homes following months of complaints from residents and pressure from Labour Councillors

Unfortunately, the Council intend to consult just a few tenants and leaseholders. We believe all CWH residents should have the chance to tell the Council what they think. Complete the survey by 2 September and we’ll forward your views to the Council.

Woodfield Road

The unsatisfactory situation at Woodfield Road continues and residents say:

“We have serious concern where Woodfield Road is closed on the 90 degree bend. Every single moped rider is using the footpath and with half of the footpath closed there isn’t enough space for both moped and pedestrian to pass. So what all the riders are doing is speeding around the bend which is very dangerous as you can’t see who is coming from the corner at all. It is really dangerous and you have a lot of buggies and wheelchair users with the care home and surgery next to it. This needs urgent attention please. A sign has been put up for the moped users but it’s being ignored.”

We have raised the problem with the Council’s roads team, who say:

“This is always a difficult situation and one we have seen elsewhere. We will ask Thames Water to put extra marshals in place but this will only be during working hours. In previous locations we have found this is really only something the police can deal with but they do not have the resources to support enforcement. However, we will ask them what they can do in case they can help with some spot enforcement or occasional visits.”

Great Western Road

We have asked the Council to repair the road surface at the top end of Great Western Road. 




From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi





Dartmouth Close

We are again pressing City West Homes on this long-standing issue:

“I’m afraid the situation has not improved. There are now more cars parked regularly across and in front of the garages (which impedes access for garage owners) and access for authorised emergency and utility vehicles in Dartmouth Close. This is both night & day. This is neither a visitor’s space or a designated parking space. Similarly, on the Talbot Road side cars and vans are routinely parked within the estate boundaries and on the slip road adjacent to Wetherbury and Tolchurch . Can we have specific details of what action is being taken on a weekly basis to discourage this please?”

Woodfield Road

We have received the latest update from the Council:

“I am just emailing you with an update regarding the current utility works that are taking place at Woodfield Road. As you are aware these works were scheduled to be completed on the 1st June but unfortunately Thames Water have now advised me that they have experienced yet more difficulty in removing the concrete from the sewers which in turn has resulted in a further delay to complete repairs to the heading works.”

Tavistock Road

We have asked the Council’s Tree Officer about this issue:

“Can you please look at the renewal of the tree in the raised area with benches outside the Metropolitan Public House in Tavistock Road W11.  This small tree one of 3 disappeared at the same time as area was used by Cross Rail developers, I assume that cross rail removed it.  The other 2 trees from this street landscaping project still remain.”




From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi




The Stowe Centre

Now would be a good time for Westminster Council to reverse its axing of youth services. We could have the Stowe reopened in time for the summer holidays.

Metropolitan pub

The planning application to convert the upper floors of the Metropolitan Pub to flats is in: go to http://idoxpa.westminster.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple&searchType=Application …and type in 18/02488/FULL to see it and comment

Woodfield Road

Woodfield Road has been blocked for some weeks and we think residents should know why. It is connected to the excessively tall Hathaway House development, which ward councillors opposed but the current majority on the council gave permission. The construction team excavating the site damaged one of the sewers in the area, so Thames Water have been forced to carry out emergency works. The worksite is in the middle of the road and so it has closed.

Westminster’s Roads team tell us:

“The current work on street by Cappagh (on behalf of TW) is to repair the sewer which was damaged by the building works. It is planned that the street will be open by 9th May at the latest on completion of these works.One of my Officers has been on site and he has spoken to the contractor. They have confirmed there are no other problems with the sewer along the length of the street. The area where they are working is the location of the only damage.

There are areas of failing setts and depression in the street. Some of this is already identified for repair (the rest has been picked up now) and none of it is thought to be due to any damage to the sewer. My guys are arranging for anything that can be done by our contractors while the road is already shut to be completed at the same time so we minimise the pain for the residents.”

As residents know, Woodfield Road is one-way, so blocking it would mean people can’t drive in to the eastern part of Woodfield Road or access the eastern part of Elmfield Way (including Athlone Care Home). We have been told that “usually if a street is one way and closed then it becomes two-way for access.” Officers are checking that action has been taken. The ‘No Entry’ sign from Harrow Road may be covered over  for the time being so it’s clear.

Cleaning up the Canal

We have been chasing the Canal & River Trust about rubbish issues along and in the canal and have received the below update:

“The reason for the high level of floating litter and noticeably more litter on the canals in general at this time of year, is ‘spring turnover’. Essentially, as the water warms up in spring, litter, debris and other detritus that has been lying on the bottom of the canal all winter floats to the surface. The warmer water temperature means this happens pretty well everywhere at the same time, making the canals thick with floating rubbish, especially at obstructions like lock gates or where the canals narrow, like at bridges.  

We’ve got teams working along the Grand Union Canal to get this litter cleared as soon as possible, and have also had help from teams of volunteers. It’s massively frustrating that this litter makes its way into the canal in the first place, as it gets blown in by the wind or thrown into the canal deliberately. 

Please see this report on litter on BBC London, featuring the Trust (forward to 10m30s)https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09x06sb/london-news-evening-news-27032018




From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Metropolitan Public House, 60 Great Western Road

Following our enquiries, we have been contacted by the agents for the new owners of the building who say:

“The new owner will be applying to Westminster City Council for planning permission to replace the poor quality side addition and erect a rear and mansard roof extension. The existing landlord’s accommodation on the first and second floors is no longer required and this space would be converted to residential accommodation, comprising five, 1 and 2 bedrooms apartments. The proposal will repair the existing original features of the building including cleaning and repointing the brickwork and rendering where necessary.”

Great Western Road

We have asked the Highways Department to investigate this issue:

“The new Cement Batching Plant in Great Western Road Depot is back in operation again. Please could you get confirmation of:

  • The times that Cement Traffic incoming and outgoing are permitted. I have observed heavy bulk trucks incoming (Chippenham Road) from 0640 every weekday morning (on my way to work) , and empty returning Cement mixers at 1600 on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Is there a Maximum weight size limit for these vehicles?
  • Are there any checks on the loading of these vehicles?
  • The Road surface in the upper part of Chippenham Road is breaking up (again)
  • There is often cement spillage at the junctions of Harrow Road, and Elgin Avenue”

Torquay Street

We have asked the Parking Department to look at this issue:

“I often find that cars are parked on the pavement itself without any regard to the damage they are causing to paving stones and causing difficulty for pedestrians to negotiate save passage to the Academy.”

Promoted by and on behalf of Westminster Labour Party at 4G Shirland Mews, London W9 3DY



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Tavistock Road/Aldridge Road Villas

We have again asked the Council to take action against those people who dump rubbish, building material, mattresses and unwanted furniture by the black bins. The Council say:

“I have asked the local City Inspector to monitor this location as a matter of priority and to take enforcement action as required to tackle this ongoing fly-tipping problem. The photos show there is still space inside the bins so the focus of activity is on tackling anti-social behaviour by residents rather than reviewing the emptying frequencies of the bins.”

Amberley Road

Ark Atwood Primary Academy, working in partnership with Clinch Designs and RVint Engineers, has been awarded £9,000 by the Mayor, Sadiq Khan to create a new roof garden on the school grounds. The garden will allow children to increase their outdoor learning time by growing fruits, vegetables and other plants.

Canal path

We have contacted the Canal & River Trust about this issue:

“Can you raise the issue with the relevant parties that there has been a marked increase in rubbish dumping on the canal towpath between Harrow Rd (nr Westminster Academy) and Westbourne Park Bus garage. This has become quite pronounced in the last few weeks and looks like that camp fires are being lit underneath the Westway motorway on a regular basis. This is making the canal path feel intimidating especially at night as it compounds the issue that this route is not lit even though it is used heavily by pedestrians and cyclists. It appears by the number of beer cans left that this is becoming a focal point at night for drinking etc.”





From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Fire safety

We continue to liaise with Council officers and City West Homes to ensure that appropriate action is taken on fire safety works which are of utmost importance in the Little Venice Tower blocks on the Warwick and Brindley Estates. We are pressing the Council to meet their promise to provide sprinklers to talk blocks in Westminster starting with the Little Venice Towers.

Amberley Estate

We have called for safety works to a path on the Amberley Estate. The Council has responded that they will be installing a low level chicane on the entrance to the pathway to prevent motorbikes or bicycles from cutting across the path.

Brunel Estate

We have continued to work with local residents about the impact of the private Care Home in Hanwell House. We have worked CityWest Homes and Westminster Council to find a solution and progress is now being made.


We continue to work with local residents about the disruption to their streets and noise levels during Carnival. We are pressing the Council to convene a residents meeting to discuss their plans for the sound systems in 2018.

Elmfield Way

Elmfield Road residents continue to suffer poor road maintenance, lighting and security as a result of the many different operators who own sections of the road. As a result of the failed property development between the Council and the NHS, Westminster reneged on its commitment to ‘adopt the road’ under council control. We continue to argue for the Council to take responsibility for lighting, waste and general upkeep to improve this street for residents and visitors. In the interim we are pushing all the owners to resolve the long-standing lighting issues.

CityWest Homes 

CityWest Homes performance has deteriorated further since last year’s closure of the Little Venice and Westbourne Park Estate offices and we know CWH officers have been missing site visits and drop-in sessions. Labour is committed to restoring a local estate office network if elected to run the Council in May 2018.

We continue to speak on behalf of residents to City West Homes and other landlords about delays with repairs and unacceptable living conditions, including damp and mould. We are questioning increases to City West Homes service charges in a number of blocks in Westbourne on behalf of residents.

Marylands Road

We have asked for the pavement outside the Marylands Road Shopping Parade to be repaired and we are also asking City inspectors to try to prevent rubbish being left on the pavement.

Oldbury House

We have been working with local residents to tackle longstanding rubbish dumping issues at this block.

Woodfield Road

We are continuing to work with residents to pressure the council to sort out its botched 2-way scheme. We are also working with the council to increase the proportion of bays that are for residents parking.

Windsor Castle

Despite support from local residents and both Cllr Hug and Cllr Boothroyd speaking at the Planning Committee, the Council rejected a plan to redevelop the long vacant Windsor Castle pub on Harrow Road. The Committee instead argued that the site should be used for private housing if it can’t be used as pub, despite the spate of luxury flat developments in the area.

Wessex Gardens

We have been working with a number of residents around repairs problems, major works ‘snagging’ and recent concerns over the lack of support.




From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Warwick Estate

We have taken up this issue with City West Homes:

“There have been recent problems with the communal television system in the Warwick Crescent block. It seems to have gone off on Tuesday, and I am told that the repair was delayed as the rooftop dish was put back into operation, but the connection down to residents’ flats was not linked and the reception did not come back until Friday evening. Residents again complained of spending up to an hour waiting for the phone to be answered when they tried to report the problem. Some residents who could not get through on the telephone went to the West Area Service Centre at 155 Westbourne Terrace, but were told there that they could not contact the repairs team as their computers were too slow to connect properly.”

City West Homes call centre

We have written to CityWest Homes (CWH) to call for an urgent review of their call centre operations. We are getting continual reports of residents who can’t get through to the call centre – and not getting an adequate response if they do make contact. When the local estate offices were closed and the call centre was proposed we were promised a more efficient service, with officers being freed up to go out and talk to residents and deal with problems. The reality is that there has been a real reduction in service, leaving residents feeling cut off and neglected. Our concern is that vulnerable tenants will be especially affected – and the continued lack of response from the call centre may lead them to give up trying to contact CWH to deal with urgent repairs.




From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Woodfield Road/Woodfield Place

We have been contacted by many residents about the decision to make Woodfield Road/Woodfield Place two-way and have urged the Council to review the situation:

“This is causing numerous problems and delays, traffic is gridlocked at certain times of the day and evening.  The road is clearly not wide enough at busy times for 2 way traffic when being used by large lorries as they can’t pull into the gaps in the parking bays.  Fights have been occurring and I witnessed an accident on Monday.  We have also been approached by local residents who are very concerned about the significant increase in pollution caused by queueing traffic”

 “Westminster Council introduced a new traffic flow system over the weekend.  We saw the proposals some time ago and thought that changing Woodfield Road from one way to 2-way traffic without moving some of the parking bays would cause congestion at peak and other times during the day and evening but obviously the planners thought otherwise.  I am informed that last night this is exactly what happened and on one occasion a fight broke out following arguments between drivers over who should give way.

Some drivers who have for 20 -30 years been used to turning into Woodfield Place from Woodfield Road have missed the no entry signs and then try to reverse back which adds to the problem. I’m totally surprised that no one in charge of the project thought to put up large signs advising motorists of the changes. I feel sure that many residents will not appreciate a road full of traffic pumping out engine fumes”

Great Western Road

We have asked the Planners to investigate the advertising boards placed on the Carlton Bridge over the Grand Union Canal on Great Western Road. They are clearly not within any of the classes of advertisements not requiring consent.





From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Amberley Estate

We have asked the Council to clear the litter in the children’s playground on the Amberley Estate, off Formosa Street.

Woodfield Road/Harrow Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“The junction of Woodfield Road with Harrow Road, recently resurfaced, has no white line. This is causing problems for crossing pedestrians. It is also leading to some drivers shooting  out into Harrow Road.”



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Elmfield Way

We have assisted with highlighting issues with rubbish and anti-social behaviour around Elmfield Way, working with a range of different council departments, the NHS, Catalyst Housing and the Police to try to get them to improve conditions.

Grand Union Canal

We are meeting with the Canal & River Trust and discussing with Officers how to improve lighting and safety on the Grand Union Canal. We are calling for action

Great Western Major Works

We have been advocating on behalf of residents facing large major works bills on Great Western Road.

Marylands Road

Unsightly rubbish has been removed from Marylands Road after this was highlighted by us.

Senior Street

We have raised the issue of potholes with the relevant Council Officers and they have since been filled in.

Shrewsbury Gardens

We asked the Council to fund a path and soak away which they have agreed to do. We have approved funding for the pruning of trees through the Westbourne Ward budget.

Stowe Centre

We worked with the team at the Stowe Youth Club and have been able to use the local ward budget to allow them to reopen for an additional evening to provided support to local young people.


We have been assisting residents who are having issues with City West Home’s new Customer Call Centre to ensure their complaints are handled as quickly as possible and the Labour group has raised deep concerns about the delays with the management of City West Homes, who pushed ahead with the changes despite our opposition.

Westbourne Bus Garage graffiti

We are continuing to try to find a solution to this long-standing issue:

“I live directly opposite the side of the Westbourne bus garage and am sick of shouting at graffiti (I hesitate to call them artists) and taggers. This mess of ever-changing graffiti is a real eye-sore and does nothing to make this a pleasant area to look on or pass when walking. Over the years I have noticed that these “artists” don’t paint behind bushes which have grown up. I have seen passersby collecting blackberries off them. There was a lovely Silver Birch tree there for years and no painting was done behind it.  I would like to propose that this area be planted with climbing plants ( like Virginia Creeper, etc) which does not damage brickwork and the upkeep of which would be cheaper than the occasional painting over (which hasn’t been done for 3 years, at least) and only provides a blank “canvas” for future graffiti.”

We are trying to push for a ‘green wall’ to cover the graffiti but we understand there may be technical issues that will need to be overcome, as well as financial issues.

Russell’s Wharf

We are continuing to urge Network Stadium to deal with a number of outstanding repairs and maintenance issues.

Warwick Estate Community Hall

We have made enquiries with City West Homes about this issue:

“Perhaps you can find out what is happening to the boundary wall on the north side of the Warwick Community Hall. This wall (at the top of a steep slope above the Hall) was demolished without warning a few weeks ago, and has been replaced by builders’ Heras fencing. It was a poorly-constructed wall, and men used to urinate against it, but removing it was not the answer.”

City West Homes say:

“I can advise that the wall has been made safe.  The repairs team are currently awaiting quotes and require a structural engineer to calculate and conduct works going forward.”




From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Russell’s Wharf

 We are making enquiries with Network Homes about complaints from residents about “mice infestation, fire certificates, noise nuisance and service charges” at Russell’s Wharf.

Network Homes says:

“Our pest control contracts have visited the site and carried out a comprehensive inspection and treatment.  This process included a door knock (although not everybody was in at the 1st & 2nd attempts) of all the properties on the development as well as the internal and external communal areas. This treatment will continue until it is confirmed that the problem has been eradicated as much as it can be given that this development is very close to the Grand Union Canal which we believe is the source of the infestation.

With regards to the alleged noise nuisance we have carried out a thorough investigation which included an inspection of the property alleged to be the source of the problem.  A formal interview was conducted with the individual concerned referencing the tenancy conditions and the circumstances where enforcement would be recommended.  Officers were given assurances by the individual that there will not be a repeat of the type of noise nuisance that was reported.”

Grand Union Canal Path

We are supporting a project which aims to regenerate the area under the Westway. According to the organisers:

“This project explores the stretch of the Grand Union Canal towpath, east of Great Western Road and directly overshadowed by the Westway. We consider that there is an opportunity to regenerate this area, which currently feels neglected and hostile in an otherwise beautiful length of canal side landscape.  

Over the Easter weekend we asked local residents what they would like to see there. The most popular ideas were an outdoor exercise for all ages, a playground, planting and to install a tap for the canal boaters. All or some of these facilities could transform this area to make it a destination. We believe that the next stage is to do a feasibility study to develop a concept with the community, the landowners and the local council, and show what we think could be the Grand Union Canal Urban Park, and how much it would cost. Here is thelink https://www.spacehive.com/grand-union-canal-urban-park and you will find a video about the project on there.”



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Westbourne Park Canal Tow Path

 A local business has started this petition urging Kensington & Chelsea Council to install lighting along the canal tow path along the dangerous stretches near Westbourne Park so that our colleagues and neighbors can walk and cycle in safety in the dark hours.

Our staff have been mugged at knife-point and harassed by people lurking in the shadows along the path. Our neighbors and friends are afraid to walk and cycle along the path in darkness which means that everyone has to walk and cycle along the main roads. The Canal and River Trust and their Quietways Project are supportive of the efforts, but they have no funding.” 


Harrow Road/Westbourne Green

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Why is there always – certainly for the last 2 or 3 years – a ‘Highway Maintenance vehicle permanently parked in the nearside lane of the dual carriageway at the end of the Harrow Rd, adjacent to Westbourne Green open space, just beyond (going east) Lord Hills Bridge?  It disrupts the smooth flow of traffic and for bicyclists like me, it is a not inconsiderable and unnecessary risk”.




From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Harrow Road Public Meeting 27th April, 7-9pm

The Council has organised an important public meeting about the future of the wider area around Harrow Road. It is really important that residents of Queen’s Park, Harrow Road and Westbourne Ward have their voices heard so please do come along. The Meeting is at WECH on Harrow Road.

Blomfield Mews

We have again been working alongside Council officers and the police to ensure further action is being taken against the aggressive rough sleepers who have returned to Blomfield Mews and Westbourne Terrace Road.

Blomfield Villas

After months of work with residents to put pressure on CityWest Homes and Council Officers, progress is being made in a long-running and complicated anti-social behaviour case on Blomfield Villas.

Crossrail work near Brunel

There will be some noisy work on the Crossrail site from mid-May as the signals are going to be changed and the Network Rail lines need to connect into the Crossrail tunnels. This means that more overhead equipment needs to be put in which will involve breaking up concrete slabs. This will take place during the day between 8am and 6pm.

Grass on Bourne Terrace

We have asked the Council to look into the condition of the grass near Edward Wilson School off Bourne Terrace:

‘The Parks team are monitoring this location and undertaking regular re-seeding to try and get the grass established.’  

Dartington House lights

Residents have told us about the lights at Dartington House being left on and after we raised the issue CityWest Homes fixed the lights.

Warwick Estate

We are working to put pressure on CityWest Homes about the potentially large major works bills for upcoming (and long-overdue) work on parts of the estate. There are particular concerns around the impact on the 81 resident leaseholders facing bills on average of nearly £14,000. We will continue to push CWH to control costs and provide full access to deferred payment schemes, while delivering important improvements to on a number of blocks that are years behind schedule.



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi









Stowe Youth Club

We are furious that, as a result of Council cuts, the Stowe Youth Club on Harrow Road is being forced to close almost all its services for local young people and lay off its hugely dedicated and experienced staff. The Stowe Centre is a vital facility in Westbourne ward and is a place where historically young people from the Warwick, Brindley and Amberley Estates and beyond have come for many years to take part in activities or just simply have some space.

The Council stopped funding all youth services in September 2016. The community groups who run them, like Paddington Development Trust who manage the Stowe Youth Club, have tried to plug the gap and raise extra money but have been unsuccessful in securing the long-term funding needed. The Young Westminster Foundation which the Council has proposed to help groups fundraise is yet to get off the ground and remains very unlikely to be able to generate what is needed. So, as a result of these cuts, from 1st April the Stowe Centre will only be able to provide a replacement one night a week session for 11-19 year olds. This will be nothing near to what use to be provided and is a massive blow to the community and life choices of the young people in the area. We are demanding Westminster reverses their cuts to youth clubs. To help put pressure on the council sign a petition put forward by Stowe Club users here on this link

Westminster Academy and Paddington Academy 

Westminster Academy and Paddington Academy are set to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds as a result of a new national funding formula. Both schools are rated Outstanding by Ofsted and in the top 5% of high achieving schools in the country, a huge achievement give the challenges many of their pupils face. Karen Buck MP challenged the proposed cuts in Parliament and after lobbying the cuts are lower than initially feared but still hugely damaging. Westminster Academy will lose at least £212,000 per year and while Paddington Academy also faces cuts of £139,000. The cuts now also mean that fewer pupils at these schools will be able to receive free school meals, yet more evidence that they are leaving local kids behind.

Brindley Estate

For years the Network Housing Blocks (Astley, Brindley, Langley and Radway) have suffered from poor ventilation that caused heavy condensation and black mould throughout people’s flats. It has taken three years of work by Karen Buck MP, us and Westminster’s Environmental Health Officers, since the complaints from residents were first raised with us, to get Network to find a permanent solution. Initial attempts to fix the problem in flats in Brindley House failed and the subsequent trial of new vents lasted over a year. However finally in November 2016 replacement vent systems were rolled out to almost all these flats and since then 15 flats have been given individual mould treatment and redecoration. Please contact Karen or us if we can help with any problems with your home.

Ward budget –we need your ideas

Each ward in Westminster receives pot of £46,000 per year to be used to support community projects (e.g. youth projects) or to invest in items to improve the local area (e.g. Christmas Lights, benches, plants). We are always keen to get ideas from residents about what this should be spent on so please let us know what you’d like to happen. The Council’s rules are that a project must be of benefit to local residents, it is not against council policy and (if it is a project) that it is managed by an organisation or club (the council will not fund individuals). For more info please see here: https://www.westminster.gov.uk/ward-budgets but do contact us direct with your ideas.

Haven Bell Care Home in Hanwell House

We continue to work with Brunel residents to get answers from Westminster Council and CityWest homes about how to resolve the on-going problems. After initial progress the Council is moving too slow and we are calling on Westminster to meet residents’ demands.

Tavistock Crescent Playground

We have been working with residents, CityWest and the local police about a fitness group that is regularly invading the children’s playground. Despite some respite over the winter, residents have now reported that the group have returned. CityWest will need to take civil trespass action against the group if new steps to dissuade the group fail.

Marylands Road rubbish dumping

We have continued working with local residents to deal with the ongoing issues around fly tipping and waste being left on street outside of collection times at the Harrow Road end of Marylands Road. The Council have taken recent enforcement action following our requests.

Blomfield Mews

We have been working alongside council officers to ensure action was taken against the couple who were squatting in a garage on Blomfield Mews. Officers had to go through a difficult legal process but eventually they were removed and prevented from returning.

Oldbury House

Over Christmas and into the New Year we had been working with residents to put pressure on CityWest Homes to fix the longstanding problems with the lights in Oldbury House. Eventually there seems to have been progress but problems managing the block persist.

Westbourne Green Outdoor Gym

Council officers have proposed the installation of an outdoor gym on Westbourne Green, on the eastern edge of the main path through the park. A resident’s consultation is due shortly and we are keen to ensure local residents have their say on what is a potentially exciting scheme but one that needs to be planned carefully to reduce the risk of it being a focal point for anti-social behaviour.

Woodfield Road/Place

The Woodfield Road Safety scheme is likely to be put out for a Traffic Management Order consultation from Friday 3rd March via http://westminstertransportationservices.co.uk/tmo/tmon.php. These proposals are likely to include:

  • “Reconstruction of the entry treatment table at the junction of Harrow Road/Woodfield Place, including the introduction of a new footway buildout on the west side of the junction;
  • Reversal of Woodfield Place one-way working to run north-south, including replacement of signing and re-arrangement of parking bays;
  • Conversion of Woodfield Road to a two way street for its entire extent between Harrow Road and Great Western Road, including refreshing of road markings and signs;
  • Tightening of the kerb radius on the east side of Woodfield Road/Harrow Road junction, to discourage left turning movements into Woodfield Road;
  • Provide advance warning signs in Harrow Road and Great Western Road, informing road users about the changes in Woodfield Road and Woodfield Place;
  • Renewal of carriageway surfacing and skid resistant treatments on the approach to the existing pedestrian crossing outside the frontage of No 325 Harrow Road.”

When first proposed these plans generated a number of concerns from residents about their impact so we are keen that residents have their say in this consultation and ask that they let us know their views to help us ensure the council listens to them.



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi









Brindley Estate

Following enquiries by Karen Buck MP and Westbourne Councillors, we have received the following update:

“On the Brindley Estate Blocks (Brindley/Astley and Radway Houses) Network Stadium are now near to completion of the remedial Ventilation project within all the flats. The project required the replacement of the inadequate and broken Mechanical Ventialtion and Heat Recovery units in all the flats which was rolled out in November 2016. 

The replacement Vent Axia units are to replace the very old and ineffective fans which had failed to function. The ceiling ductwork and external venting has been repaired and or replaced in many of the flats to allow for the new systems to control the high levels of moisture and condensation which has historically caused the high levels of mould coverage in bathrooms and some bedrooms and living rooms. A number of the flats have undergone mould eradication treatment and redecorations to remove the historical mould build up in rooms due to the older ventilation failings.

The other main issue impacting on residents at the blocks has been the high level of water leaks from buried and concealed floor and wall pipes from the initial build/design problems. This is a more long term remedial issue as the repairs would need to take place in vacant units to completely re-pipe/re- plumb flats on an individual basis.”

Westbourne Park Station – update

Following our enquiry about an elderly woman begging outside the station, the Council has told us:

“Thank you for your your concerns regarding the potentially vulnerable woman who was witnessed begging outside of Westbourne Park tube station. I can confirm that the Local City Inspectors have undertaken a number of patrols and on one occasion was able to witness an elderly woman begging outside the tube station in Great Western Road.  A referral was made to Adult Social Care with a view to identifying the person and assessing any support needs she may have. We will be patrolling the area regularly with a view to trying to reengage with her and refer her to the relevant services”

Save Youth Services at The Stowe

A new petition has been started calling on Westminster City Council to restore funding to the Stowe Club so that valuable services to young people can continue.

You can sign here

Because of Westminster Council cuts the Stowe Youth Club on Harrow Road is being forced to close almost all its services for local young people and lay off its hugely dedicated and experienced staff.

The Stowe Centre is a vital facility in Westbourne ward and is a place where historically young people from the Warwick, Brindley and Amberley Estates and beyond have come for many years to get a break from tough home lives, to take part in activities or just simply have some space. It was once the home to the one of London’s most famous youth football training grounds, known for producing stars like 1980’s Liverpool legend John Barnes. It was also the home of The Cut magazine, written and produced by local young people and created the hit YouTube series Chicken Shop Date as well as a host of other exciting projects.

So as from 1st April the Stowe Centre will only be able to provide a replacement one night a week session for 11-19 year olds. This will be nothing near to what use to be provided and is a massive blow to the community and life choices of the young people in the area.



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi









Tavistock Road/Aldridge Road Villas

We have asked the Council to investigate this problem:

“I am writing to catch up on the overloading of the black and recycle bins at the corner of Tavistock Road and Aldridge Road Villas. Unfortunately, the issue has not gone away in recent months. We are still regularly finding rubbish on the pavement. I am not sure whether the council has already taken actions but extra bins and/or further surveillance would be welcomed.” 

Westbourne Park Station

We have asked the Council to investigate reports of begging outside the station.



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi









Canal Path

We have written again to the Canal & River Trust about this issue:

“Can we address the issue of the lighting on the Canal towpath below Warwick Crescent again? The present situation is really unacceptable, and shows no sign of improving while use of that path has increased hugely over the last few years. The existing system of uplighters in the pavement is almost never working properly; some section (if not all of it) is usually dark, which makes the path both frightening and unsafe. The main point, though, is that the existing system is simply unfit for purpose, because the path is not being illuminated by the lamps when they are working. They provide upward shafts of light, which blind you as you pass through them and can be obscured completely by a standing pedestrian. Neither the edge of the canal, nor obstacles, nor other towpath users are adequately illuminated. This is really dangerous for both cyclists and pedestrians, and leaves dark places for people to lurk in.”

We have also asked the Council to investigate this problem: 

“Late tonight I made my way home from the service at St Mary Magdalene along the pedestrian/cycle path in Westbourne up to Harrow Road.  There were 2 adjacent street lamps which were not working.  Counting from the Harrow Road end lights 5 & 6 were both out of action.”

Great Western Road

We have again asked the Council to take action on this issue:

For at least a year a massive puddle accumulates opposite the bus station every time it rains. It covers almost have the road. Inevitably this means that unless cars swerve onto the other side of the road, pedestrians are soaked by the water thrown up by cars. There is a similar problem in front of the depot on the other side of the road. It is not only dangerous, but invariably leaves pedestrians drenched. Why have the council done nothing to fix this problem? “

The Council says:

“I have raised this with my colleagues who oversee gully works and drainage. This is an issue they have known about for some time but due to technical reasons there have been delays in this work being started. I am pleased to say though that it is scheduled to start on the 14th November.”

Carnival – Update

We asked the Council for an update on the review of this year’s Carnival and have been told the following:

“The multi-agency officer level review was due to take place a week ago, however I have been informed that it was cancelled following a request from the GLA for evidence in relation to its own review, which is specifically focused on security. The multi-agency review has yet to be rescheduled, however we are pushing for this to take place sooner rather than later.

Without the outcomes from the multi-agency review, it is difficult to say what changes are planned, however there does appear to be a focus on stewarding and policing arrangements, which is to be expected.  Consideration is also being given to how best to manage the sound systems and their impact.  There are three licenced sound systems in the Westminster footprint of Carnival and we are working with the police on how best to manage these and the other sound systems in both WCC and RBKC.

There is an expectation that the Council will work with the two sound systems at either end of Leamington Road Villas to see whether or not fencing can be introduced to try and mitigate the impact of the number of people Leamington Road Villas on residents of the road and this is something that we are currently looking into.”

Hathaway House – what you say

“The planning result for Hathaway House was a travesty of justice. The congestion and disruption on Woodfield Road is beyond discription and will continue to be for the years to come. We have had enough disruption to last a lifetime. It would seem that Objections mean NOTHING to the planners and local authority. We pay our rates and taxes but get little in return and our comments are seldom listened to.”

Prince of Wales junction – what you say

“It does ‘look’ much better with Costa there but the area desperately needs a decent, affordable one and has no pub at all, decent, affordable or otherwise, apart from the Squirrel. Five pubs have been lost, which means a massive loss of community exchange and dialogue. No chance of getting Wetherspoon interested?”

“Costa Coffee is at least a positive amongst the negatives but whilst there is a betting shop next door there will always be problems! Perhaps an occasional Police Presence might be an advantage in that area of the Prince of Wales /Harrow Rd/Market site. The pavements in that area and up the Harrow Rd. Are disgusting. Are they EVER cleaned?”



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi







After Carnival

A meeting has been organised to give residents a chance to have their say about what worked and where there is room for improvement around the operation of the sound systems at Carnival 2016. Organised by the Council’s licensing team in conjunction with Westbourne ward councillors, it will give an opportunity for residents of Leamington Road, St Luke’s Road, Tavistock Road and the surrounding streets and estates to express their views and improve dialogue with the sound systems and the council ahead of Carnival 2017. The meeting will take place at the Bayswater Children’s Centre, Shrewsbury Road, London, W2 5PR between 6pm and8pm on Tuesday 4th October. If you can’t come but have issues you want to raise please contact Cllr Adam Hug on ahug@westminster.gov.uk.

Tavistock Crescent

We have been supporting efforts by residents and the Harford House Tenants Management Organisation for action to be taken against the keep fit groups that are periodically taking over the children’s playground, displacing the children and damaging the equipment. CityWest Homes are exploring legal options against the groups.

Unfortunately, despite a long campaign by ward councillors, the TMO and residents, the Council has rejected plans to transfer control of the lighting columns from CityWest Homes to the Council’s street lighting teams. This means leaseholders (and the HRA) will continue to have to pay for street lights that benefit the whole community. However the council has committed to further citywide discussions on how to deal with CWH lighting.

Bus station Mural

Assisting the work of local residents Claudia Rice and Elaine Arthur, we were delighted to help facilitate the painting of a mural, created live by local artist Bambookid over the Carnival weekend, on the canal side of the Westbourne Park Bus Garage to help brighten up the area and deter ‘tagging’.

Hathaway House and Woodfield Road

Westminster Council’s Planning Committee has approved controversial plans for a 14-storey tower on the Hathaway House site on Woodfield Road. This was despite over a hundred complaints from local residents, and the opposition of both the Westbourne and Maida Hill Forums and Labour’s councillors. Cllr Adam Hug spoke on behalf of the objectors at the meeting but the plans were passed on a 3:1 vote with the Labour committee member Tim Roca providing the sole vote against the scheme.

Prince of Wales Junction

As many residents will have seen, a new Costa Coffee has opened on the site of the former Prince of Wales pub. This hopefully marks the end of a long campaign by local residents, the Maida Hill and Westbourne Forums and  Labour councillors to stop the site being turned into a Betfred betting shop. While Costa may divide opinion, with many locals having signed a letter calling for the site to be turned into a café or coffee shop such as this while others had hoped for the restoration of a pub on the site, there is hopefully agreement that the site on the junction is now in a better state of repair and that finally ending the risk of a betting shop or payday lender taking over the site will be helpful for the area.

Elmfield Way

Continuing delays to the Council and NHS development have meant that the long-planned council ‘adoption’ of Elmfield Way with Westminster remains on indefinite hold. We continue to be pushing strongly for the council to get its act together and adopt the road, irrespective of the slippages in its development, to stop the menace of rogue clampers and poor road quality.

Marylands Road

We have been working with council officers to help residents tackle rubbish dumping on the street and to tackle illegal van parking, though there is still more to do.

Harrow Road Canal Bridge

We are pleased that after several years of local residents and councillors raising it as a concern, the council is finally taking action to place ‘any time’ double yellow lines on the section of Harrow Road that crosses the Grand Union Canal to help reduce congestion caused by parked cars.

Lord Hills Road

The council has rejected initial plans for a new development on Lord Hills Road, next to Atherstone Court on the Warwick Estate, due to complaints from ward councillors and residents about the height and design. Revised designs are likely to be put forward to the planners but vigilance will be needed to ensure they are acceptable to local residents.

Encouraging ideas for the ward budget

We are keen to get new ideas from local residents about what projects its £46,000 per year ward budget should be spent on. The council’s scheme stipulates that the money must either be spent by an organisation or on items (e.g. a park bench) that can be provided directly by the council (the rules prevent it from funding individuals). For more information about the scheme see the page on the council site https://www.westminster.gov.uk/ward-budgets or contact us.



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi






Hathaway House

Black cab drivers have joined forces with residents and Labour Councillors to fight a new 15-storey tower which they fear will overshadow their homes. The LTDA floated a blimp in Westbourne Park, where its HQ is based, to show the height of the proposed tower. Meadow Partners, an international property investor and asset manager, want to demolish Hathaway House and replace it with a tower of luxury flats.

Bike Racks on the Warwick Estate

After a resident of the Warwick Estate asked for secure cycle hangars to prevent bike theft, we have contacted the estate office and have been told:

“This is something that the village panel have been discussing, and the aerial fund would be used to purchase the new racks. The plan is to replace our existing bike racks with more secure ones – and ones with green roofs.”

Formal planning permission is also needed but the cabinet member at Westminster council has pledged to help.

Shrewsbury Gardens park

After an accident a few weeks ago, the metal boundary and brickwork at the edge of Shrewsbury Gardens park (on the corner of Talbot Road and Shrewsbury Road) was damaged and the brickwork was left hanging dangerously. Fencing was put up outside but not inside the park. We were alerted by a nearby resident and contacted the Parks department who made sure both sides were fenced off. The parks department are also in the process of getting quotes to repair of the wall and railings.

Westbourne Green garden

After months of delay the council’s development team has finally produced some initial plans for landscaping the area of Westbourne Green which was used for the WAES temporary classroom. They are proposing a grass ‘bund’ (a mound) about two feet high on part of the flat area opposite the Edward Wilson school entrance, together with some defensive shrubs along the path running between Bourne Terrance and Lord Hills Road. London Plane trees will be planted around the rest of the area.

Westbourne Park

We have again asked the Council to fix a blocked gully in the road opposite the bus garage.



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Hathaway House

We have spoken out about controversial plans for a 16-storey tower on the Hathaway House site on Woodfield Road. Building on long standing concerns that we have raised with the developers and the Council, we have been working with local residents to identify the key concerns about the proposed scheme and calling on the Council to reject the application unless it is dramatically revised.

Westbourne Green

We asked the Council about this issue: “All the dog-waste bins have been removed from Westbourne Green; any idea what is happening?”

The Council says:

“We are currently in the process of removing all of the dog waste bins from our parks and replacing them with standard litter bins that can take all types of litter. These bins include signs confirming dog waste can be put in them (like many of our street litter bins). The reason for the change is that when it is separately collected, dog waste is classified as offensive/hygiene waste and has to be treated in a similar manner to household chemicals/asbestos.  When it is mixed with other litter it can be collected as regular waste on our normal vehicles.  Disposing of regular mixed waste is about 10% of the cost of disposing of offensive/hygiene waste. A small number of former dog bin sites won’t have a new bin installed as our park keepers have highlighted a number of locations which were hardly being used.  “



From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi

Hathaway House, Woodfield Road

Residents have been concerned about the plans for Hathaway House on Woodfield Road, where Healy Development Solutions are trying to get permission for a 15 storey tower, with the rest of the development being four storeys. We have already registered our objection to the plans. We don’t object to the site being developed, but what is proposed is badly designed. The 15 storey tower relates very badly to the area, and the rest of the building is very bulky and takes all the light from Athlone House care home. We also want to see some new social rent flats in the development to help with the housing crisis. We’re encouraging the developer to rethink, and working with residents and the groups in the area.

St Mary Magdalene’s Project

It is an important time for the Living Heritage Project at St Mary Magdalene’s Church on Rowington Green. The project involves a new heritage wing to allow access to the undercroft, as well as conservation work on the existing Grade I listed building. The heritage wing will include an education room and a community café.

The project has planning permission but now needs to raise a seven figure sum to do the work. We are supporting the bid for Heritage Lottery Funding, and have also begun talking to Westminster Council about support from funds from past contributions paid by developers. For details of the project and how you can help, go to: http://marymags.org.uk

2-6 Lord Hills Road

There is a redevelopment proposal in the middle of the Warwick Estate at 2-6 Lord Hills Road, the former doctor’s surgery on the end of Atherstone Court facing Edward Wilson School across Westbourne Green. The owner is proposing to build a block of ten flats to replace the existing building. We have encouraged full community consultation.


From your three Westbourne Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi









Bayswater Children’s Centre

We recently met with the youth service to discuss the future of Bayswater Children’s Centre following the Council’s announcement of major cuts to the service. The future of stay and play services remains very much at risk, but at present it seems the centre will stay open providing new support to 2 year olds. We have been working with CityWest Homes to see if this building might be able to be used for local residents’ meetings in the evenings.

Hanwell House Care Home

We were shocked when residents told us that a property in Hanwell House on the Brunel Estate was being used as a care home without permission from CityWest Homes, and have urged CWH and the Council to take action.

Future of the Brunel Family Centre

We have called on the Council to give clarity about the future of the Brunel Family Centre, which has been deemed unsafe for long-term use due to subsidence. Rather than being left empty long-term (housing some materials for electoral services in one section), Councillors are looking at alternative ways the area could be used by residents ahead of any long-term redevelopment.

Dorchester House and Aldridge Road Villas

Following longstanding complaints from local residents about prostitution and anti-social behaviour on this corner, City West Homes have committed to introducing improved lighting as part of the major works programme on Dorchester House. The Safer Neighbourhood Team has made a number of visits to the area in recent months following these concerns.

Carnival Sound System annual public meeting

After unfortunate delays Westminster Council has finally agreed to organise a local meeting for residents to discuss issues relating to the sound systems at Carnival 2015 and plans ahead of Carnival 2016, due in late April or early May. More information should be available shortly.

Tavistock Road street lighting and playground

We have been working with lessees in the Harford House TMO on Tavistock Road about the TMO (and them) being charged for some of the external lighting and the upkeep of the playground area that is fully open to the public. Discussions are underway to see if CWH or Westminster Council will take back control, cutting costs for residents and ensuring the area is actively maintained in future.

Tarmac Signs

Working with residents on the Brunel Estate in February, we helped persuade the planners to call for the rejection of plans for Tarmac to put up a number of unsightly blue name signs around their plant.

Westbourne Bus Garage

Cllr Adam Hug and the chair of the Grand Union Residents’ association recently met with Tower Transit to discuss ideas for future uses of their car park, once the new bus deck is complete. They also discussed doing more to tackle graffiti on the canal-side wall and the possibility of installing a Green wall. Tower Transit were urged to do more to tackle the noise and emissions from idling buses.

The Prince of Wales

We have been calling for action by the Westminster Planners and the Harrow Road town team to help expedite the planning situation at the Prince of Wales. Many residents are open to the site being used by a high-quality café or restaurant that helps provide a meeting place for the community and improves the area.

Western Mews

We have been working with local businesses and residents to secure the creation of a new motorcycle bay following changes in parking management that have caused real problems for a longstanding small business.

Hathaway House

Plans for the redevelopment of Hathaway House on Woodfield Road are now available for residents’ comments (16/02091/FULL). We have previously raised concerns about the proposed height of the (15 storey) tower to the developers and planners. While the currently proposed affordable housing (around 19% of the scheme) is better than many developers’ opening offers these days, it still falls far short of Westminster’s own policy target of 30% affordable homes. New office space may well be welcome to assist local businesses. Let us know your thoughts and do comment on the application.

Marylands Road planning

We are continuing to work with residents and shopkeepers to stem the repeated attempts to turn shops into residential flats and new developments that might impact on their neighbours.

Amberley Road drivers

Despite the best efforts of the head and teachers of the Ark Academy a small minority of parents insist on driving down Amberley Road, in breach of the agreed school transport plan, causing problems for the residents of Amberley Road and the Amberley Estate, along with safety concerns for the children. We have been calling on Westminster’s highways team and CityWest Homes to take further action to prevent drivers doing this.

Harrow Road – bridge over the canal

With cars often parking on both sides of the road on the Harrow Road canal bridge, causing issues for drivers and buses, we have called on the Council’s highways team to put in double yellow lines in this area to help tackle the problem.

Former WAES temporary building site

After long delays and some miscommunication by Westminster the scheme is due for final consultation with residents, based on the designs initially supported by residents in 2015. We are pushing for as many residents as possible to be consulted and for the scheme to be delivered as quickly as possible so that Warwick Estate residents can benefit from the improvements this summer.

Chepstow Road

Following complaints from local residents, we councillors have taken up problems with water pooling and poor road surfacing on Chepstow Road. The Council Highways team agreed to take further action near 37-41 Chepstow Road and pushed Thames Water to move forward with works near numbers 43-52.

Chippenham Mews

There is growing frustration that long promised road safety improvements on Chippenham Mews are still outstanding, letting down residents, and the parents and children of St Peters primary school. We are calling for answers from the Council about the reasons for the delays.

Helping in your home

We’ve been helping many residents with problems relating to their housing including damp, flooding, dodgy electrics, late repairs, overcrowding, housing benefit problems, threatened evictions and general poor performance by CityWest Homes, Genesis, Network Stadium and other organisations. Let us know if we can help with your case.

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi

Your three Westbourne Labour Councillors


Westbourne Ward Action Report – March 2016

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi









Amberley Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Amberley Road is a relatively narrow street which leads only to the buildings on it, and to the Amberley Estate. The Ark Atwood School on the south side of Amberley Road opened in September 2014. When it went to planning, it was clearly understood that parents would not be allowed to drive down Amberley Road to drop off pupils. The travel plan, which was approved, states that “Ark Atwood Primary Academy will operate a strict no drop-off/pick-up policy which will be promoted prior to the relocation and enforced by the school once they occupy the site.”

 But the best efforts of the school have not stopped parents driving down Amberley Road to drop their children off. We have heard that there are problems between parents’ cars and Amberley Estate residents, and also of those children who are walking to school. Is it possible to get a proper street sign at the top of Amberley Road by the junction with Foscote Mews, which makes it clear that there is ‘no vehicular access for Ark Atwood School’ down Amberley Road? There is already a ’no through road’ sign in this position.”

Westbourne Ward Action Report – January 2016

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi









Canal tow path near Westbourne Park

We are continuing to try to find an organization that will take responsibility for installing lighting along the canal tow path.

Tavistock Road

We asked the Council to look into this issue:

“Can you please look at the renewal of the tree in the raised area with benches outside the Metropolitan Public House in Tavistock Road W11.  This small tree one of 3 disappeared at the same time as area was used by Cross Rail developers, I assume that cross rail removed it.  The other 2 trees from this street landscaping project still remain.”

The Council’s Tree Officer tells us:

“I recall that the tree was indeed removed to facilitate Crossrail works. Once the area is free of their works compound I’ll make sure a replacement is planted.”

Alfred Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue with Westminster Academy:

“I live on Alfred Road which sadly is never without rubbish despite the hard work of the cleaners both estate and council street ones. It’s particularly bad surrounding the Westminster Academy building and leading onto the railway bridge.”


News from your Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors – December 2015

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi








Fallodon House, Tavistock Crescent

We have asked City West Homes to investigate these issues:

“The entire building is full of holes the Gas people left when put in new pipes, they never seem to do a proper job as we are infested with mice. We had the same problems when they did the major works however they returned and sorted it out then we no longer had any mice.

There a gang of teenagers who invades the building in the evenings and cause a lot of problems like urinating on the stairs, leaving rubbish and burning the carpet and generally making a mess. We desperately need better security”

Westbourne Park tube station

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue

Can something be done about the terrible state of the paving slabs outside Westbourne Park tube.  They are in dreadful state many are wobbly and it is dangerous for older people in places.”

The Council say:

“While there were a few slabs that are moving the vast majority of them are significantly under the Council’s intervention-level for repair. I have instructed the Inspector to take the most liberal interpretation of the policy he can, and on that basis we have put a couple of the slabs in for repair. However, the rest are so far short of the criteria that they will have to wait to be picked up at a later date should they deteriorate. It has been flagged up to the local Inspector who will keep an eye on the patch over and above his routine visits.”

The resident who reported this says:

“It is indeed a few slabs, not the lot, but one loose one can cause a fall.  These are the small slabs that move around very easily!  Thanks for bringing it to the attention of the Council.”

News from your Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors – November 2015

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


The Windsor Castle

The Maida Hill Forum reports:

“Following an enforcement notice, the owners have removed breeze blocks from all the windows and installed security grids on the inside. They’ve repainted and tidied up the front. A group from Westbourne Forum, Councillor Adam Hug and Jen Lindsay from North Paddington Society met with the agent and architect for the owner (who is YPP Investments, specialising in ‘student and professional residential sector’). YPP Investments intends to convert the building into flats and will make a formal application in the New Year. The local team pushed for the following:

· To retain the historic fabric of the original building, with all its decorative features. If careful ‘excavation’ of the frontage should reveal hidden features, e.g. the five pillars of the original façade then they should be restored and retained.

· To provide a space at ground level that is of social and community value.”

Elmfield Way

Residents living near Elmfield Way have been complaining all summer about a chaotic and dangerous parking situation – with vehicles triple parked on bad days. Karen Buck MP raised the issue with the road’s private owners and a new parking contractor, Euro Car Parks, has now been appointed and their impact has been remarkable, with the street now mostly clear and accessible. Karen is continuing to speak to the council and the private owners of Elmfield Way to push forward with the adoption of the road, which would provide a long-term solution and the provision of normal council services.

Aldridge Road Villas and Westbourne Park Road

We have asked the Police and Council to let us know what they doing to address the problems of continued prostitution on the corner of Aldridge Road Villas and Westbourne Park Road.

Westbourne Councillors’ Surgery – Venue and date change

From the 9th January 2016, the Councillors’ Surgery will take place at: The Stowe Centre, 258 Harrow Road, W2 5ES  every Saturday, 11am – 12 noon.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Westbourne Councillors’ surgery, please contact 0207 641 4299.

Betting shop plan for Prince of Wales pub refused

POW demoA last night’s Planning Committee the proposed change of use of the Prince of Wales pub on the Harrow Road to a betting shop was unanimously refused.

Two separate petitions containing 768 signatures combined were collected and 80 individual objections were received by the Council. Officers recommended refusal as:

“…the loss of a public house and the proposed use will harm the retail vitality and viability of the Harrow Road District Shipping Centre.

A great victory for the local community!

News from your Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors – October 2015

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Parents left waiting as Westminster Council forgets its pledges to keep St Peter’s Primary school children safe

Almost two years ago Labour councillors for Westbourne and Harrow Road wards and Karen Buck MP convened two meetings for concerned parents from St Peter’s School and local residents with Westminster Council’s transport team calling for action on dangerous driving in Chippenham Mews and to stop it being used as a rat run. At these meetings the council pledged to parents and residents that by August 2014, they would:
• put planters in Chippenham Mews to slow down traffic
• put ‘no entry’ markers near the Chippenham Road exit to deter drivers going the wrong way
• build out the pavement and put school signs at the Maryland’s Road entrance to reduce speed when entering the Mews and
• contact local businesses to ask them to avoid deliveries at the start and finish of the school day.
As of October 2015, 22 months after the initial meeting, only the school signs have appeared, with no sign even of a simple letter to local businesses about their deliveries. Karen Buck MP and local Labour councillors are calling on the council to explain the massive delay in implementing these measures they promised local residents.

Councillor Adam Hug said;

“It is disappointing that the council promised parents it would act to help keep their children safe but has failed to deliver. Have they forgotten about these parents and residents? The Westminster Council transport team needs to get its act together and implement what they promised immediately.”

Karen Buck MP said:

“It is unacceptable that commitments made to parents and other concerned residents are allowed to simply drop of the radar. Westminster needs to follow through to make sure that when concerns are raised about safety, appropriate action is taken.”

Two public meetings were held on 6.12.2013 and 28.3.2014 with parents, residents, councillors, Karen Buck MP and representatives of Westminster Council’s transport team and local police.

Elmfield Way

Residents living near Elmfield Way have been complaining all summer about a chaotic and dangerous parking situation – with vehicles triple parked on bad days. Karen Buck MP raised the issue with the road’s private owners and a new parking contractor, Euro Car Parks, has now been appointed and their impact has been remarkable, with the street now mostly clear and accessible. Karen is continuing to speak to the council and the private owners of Elmfield Way to push forward with the adoption of the road, which would provide a long-term solution and the provision of normal council services.

Prince of Wales junction

After witnessing very large groups of street drinkers gathering on the piazza, and hearing reports from local residents, Karen Buck MP and ward councillors have been pressing for a plan of action from the police and council- including action to find out where these drinkers are coming from and why they are gathering in larger numbers than before in this area.

Here’s the latest from Westminster:

“Following the refusal of an application for a licence by Bet Fred for a shop in the area, a review has also been called of the William Hill licence. This follows allegations of alcohol and drugs on the premises, clearly in contravention of the licence. I understand that further evidence gathering is underway and that the case is likely to be heard in mid to late November.

In the meantime, in response to our application for review, William Hill has barred a group of about 10 people as they were drinking on the premises.

Yesterday we visited Costcutters in the area as we had heard rumours that the shop was providing alcohol to the street drinkers. The shop does not have a premises licence and our investigation found no alcohol on the premises. In addition to this, we have identified four other shops with Premises Licences within walking distance of Maida Hill Place. We will check their conditions and then visit to see what is for sale.

As per previous emails, we are working both with the community and the drinkers to understand more about why they are gathering in this location and what can be done to move them. We are working closely with the police to resolve this situation as soon as possible”

One local resident wrote in to say:

“When we had the police station on Harrow Road, we had police officers walking to and from the station, creating a natural and understated police presence. Of course that is no longer. We have an excellent Harrow Rd Dedicated Ward Officer in PC Iain Armstrong, but I’m not sure what additional support he has. We were once offered a community police officer to be present on the market, at least on a Saturday. But cuts have knocked that one on the head”.

News from your Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors – September 2015

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Harrow Road Health Centre is merging with the New Elgin Practice
on 1st October 2015

From 1 October 2015 the Harrow Road Health Centre will merge with the New Elgin Practice (formerly located in Chippenham Road W9), to form a new GP Surgery called the “Grand Union Health Centre”.

From 1 October 2015 the contact details for the new combined surgery will be:

Grand Union Health Centre
209 Harrow Road
London W2 5EH
Telephone: (020) 7286 1231
Fax: (020) 7266 1253

Email: grandunion@nhs.net (from 1st Oct 2015)
Web: http://www.grandunionhealthcentre.co.uk (from 1st Oct 2015)

All the staff at the Harrow Road Health Centre will be staying on, i.e. all the doctors, nurses and reception/Admin staff and will be joined by the doctors, nurses and other staff from the New Elgin Practice. All the patients from the New Elgin Practice will also be attending the new health centre.

There will be a number of additional benefits for patients from October 1st:

1. Longer opening hours from 8am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday with extended opening hours on Mondays and Tuesdays.
2. The health centre will be redecorated throughout with additional consulting and treatment rooms.
3. An improved telephone system, providing easier communication for our patients
4. Online services, including patient registration, ordering prescriptions, electronic prescription service directly to your local pharmacy, email enquiries, booking appointments up to 8 weeks in advance, view a summary of your medical records, view your most recent blood results, and more services to be added in the future.
5. 6 GPs, offering more appointments and more choice of doctors
6. 3 Practice Nurses, providing more time for chronic disease management
7. 2 Health Care Assistants, providing more appointments to support the diagnosis and treatment of our patients
8. Antenatal and postnatal care
9. Child services and health visitor clinics (baby clinic)
10. Specialist on-site Paediatric consultant led clinics
11. More reception and administrative staff, supporting the longer opening hours
12. Primary Care Navigator, focused social care for our elderly and vulnerable patients
13. On-site drug and alcohol counselling
14. ECG’s performed on-site
15. Phlebotomy (Blood Testing) on-site
16. Anticoagulation clinic
17. Complex and simple wound care and dressings
18. Contraceptive services
19. Stop smoking services on-site specialist advisor
20. Health trainers service
21. Carers support
22. Interpreting services, to support non-English-speaking patients
23. Dedicated support for homeless patients
24. Travel clinic
25. Automatic check in for appointments, reduced queuing at the reception desk

Additional services will be also launched throughout 2015/16.

If you have any questions about the merger speak to Dr. Jonathan Fluxman and the team at the Harrow Road Health Centre.

Marylands Road

We are pressing the Council to take action against those responsible for continually dumping rubbish in Marylands Road.

Notting Hill Carnival clean-up – what you say

“In regards to Westminster’s ‘event litter’ within private front gardens etc; it is useless unless one is prepared to wait for 3 or 4 days AFTER the carnival’s end to have the detritus removed and cleaned up. Many of us (especially those with basements) can’t wait that long so we have to resort to doing it ourselves. Nevertheless the clean up on the streets at the end of each day, is excellent.”

“Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to your team for the excellent job of cleaning our streets after the carnival had finished on Monday night. I know that the sweeping and washing lorries were out until the early hours and yesterday morning our wonderful road sweeper was busy clearing the final litter from Westbourne Park Villas. We all value the hard work that goes into the clean-up and that Westminster makes an enormous effort to clear our streets as soon as possible. Many thanks from us all in Westbourne Park Villas”

“I was given no information about this year’s Notting Hill Gate Carnival. Usually we at least have a leaflet pushed through the door. I found out some information from the internet although it was not entirely correct. This year at 7pm on the 30 August no police presence was seen on Chepstow Road, and only 2 police officers present at 8pm on August 31. As write now 9ish I hear bottles being broken and the air smells of weed. What do the vulnerable have to do to get some say? Disgusted, very tired and brain dead resident.”

News from your Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors – July 2015

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Notting Hill Carnival cleaning service

In Westminster, the Carnival footprint covers 28 streets. The garden and basement cleaning service has been undertaken by the council for a number of years and is a free service offered to those residents who live within the footprint area. The service offers the free clearance of event litter only.

‘Event litter’ refers to waste items that directly relate to the Carnival, such as food packaging, food items, drinks cans and receptacles, and other related items that have been improperly discarded inside the boundaries of residential properties. However, the service does not cater for properties that have used their private land to trade, party, or entertain during Carnival.

For details visit

Prince of Wales update

After months of campaigning by local residents, Karen Buck MP and us, Westminster’s licensing committee listened to our concerns and blocked a licensing application to turn the former Prince of Wales pub site at the (Maida Hill) junction of Harrow Road and Great Western Road into a Betfred betting shop. There remains a risk that Betfred might appeal the decision or that the owners might attempt to put another undesirable company into the property so we will remain vigilant and put pressure on the council to assist in finding a more appropriate tenant for the building.

Bourne Terrace

We have been working with residents, the police and CityWest to reduce problems with gangs of youths congregating in and around the block behind the Stowe Centre late at night making residents feel unsafe. CityWest are examining options for improved security features in the block and the police have said they will visit more regularly to tackle the problem.

Warwick Crescent and the Canal

We are working with the Canal and River Trust and Westminster Council to address the damaged steps to the canal at near Warwick Crescent. We are also working with the trust to address residents’ concerns about water pollution and to ensure that the houseboats are being responsibly managed

Antisocial behaviour on the ASB on the Canalside

We have been working with CityWest Homes on problems being caused by people congregating on the canal side bench next to Barnwood Close on the Amberley Estate and hope that action will be taken shortly.

Litter on the canal side

We have worked with residents to address litter not being collected from the land between the Warwick Estate allotments and the canal. CWH have confirmed that they will do more to ensure this area is kept clean and we have worked with the parks department to ensure a fridge was removed from between Atherstone Court and Edward Wilson School.

Litter everywhere

Westbourne, like so many other parts of Westminster, has seen an increase in street dumping of both normal rubbish bags and larger items at the bottom of trees, in neglected corners of estates and streets and all around (rather than in) larger street bins. We are strongly encouraging residents to use Westminster’s residential bulky waste collection service (https://www.westminster.gov.uk/residential-bulky-waste), whilst putting pressure on the Council to look at ways to make this more affordable. Labour is putting pressure on the council to improve its street cleaning, the information it provides to residents and enforcement against those who are causing this problem. Please let us know when dumping has happened on your street or estate and we can put pressure on the council to investigate.

‘The Pit’ finally completed and Thames Water leaving Westbourne Green soon

Although it has been completed many months after originally promised, Thames Water have finished work on ‘The Pit’ on the corner of Bourne Terrace and Harrow Road, providing a space that will improve how the area looks and feels. Thames Water have also said that their final works on Westbourne Green are due to be completed in the next few weeks to enable the green to be opened up again to residents.

Oldbury Shop Parking

We have been working with shopkeepers from Oldbury House after CityWest Homes attempted to introduce charges for the use of parking spaces behind the parade of shops. No charge had previously been required and the initial request was for almost £1,000 per year. Following pressure from us and the shopkeepers, CityWest have subsequently agreed to reduce their demand to around a third of their original request, although discussions are continuing with some shopkeepers about the impact. We have called for continued efforts to make sure the back of the block is kept clean and tidy, but have noted recent improvements.

Marylands Road

After the final closure (after years of complaints) of the Chicken Cottage takeaway on the corner of Harrow Road and Marylands Road that had broken planning rules, and the victory of local campaigners, supported by us, to keep well-loved local restaurant Tsiakkos & Charcoal from being turned into flats, we are working with planning enforcement officers to watch out for unauthorized attempts to turn shops into residential units and are looking at ways to support local businesses.

Minicabs on Sutherland, Marylands and nearby

We continue to hear of residents’ concerns about minicabs parking illegally in the streets around Sutherland Avenue. The council say they have increased their number of parking enforcement officers but problems still persist. We are interested to know local residents’ views about whether changes to the times of local parking restrictions might be helpful in the area.

Windsor Castle pub

We have urged the council’s planning enforcement officers to urgently assess the building work being done at the former Windsor Castle pub on the Harrow Road and Chippenham Road junction. There have been problems in recent years with this abandoned site but this looks very much like unauthorised building work as there is no current planning permission.

Elmfield Way

Karen Buck MP and we are continuing to press the Council to speed up the adoption of Elmfield Way that is due shortly. Residents are very concerned about the current management of the road and the problems it causes particularly for disabled residents. The primary concern remains the area from the corner by Carlton Gate to Ashgrove Court that passes in front of the Eaton Plaza area. Issues are a mix of poor road maintenance and longstanding and continuing problems with the myriad different private parking companies that manage each individual section. Parking enforcement is the biggest problem at the moment and the perception is that the private contractors are not up to the job of keeping traffic moving but do issue tickets for some very minor infractions.

Westbury House, Aldridge Road Villas

We have been working with residents to raise concerns about the potential costs to leaseholders about proposed major works and have urged CWH to ensure they fully consult with all residents.

ASB on the Wessex Gardens Estate

Over recent months we have been working with residents, police and CityWest homes to tackle the persistent anti-social behaviour problems on the estate and respond to the damage done to the new security doors.

Tavistock Crescent

We are working with residents on the longstanding issues around CWH not replacing broken lights in front of the block and addressing potential problems around carnival.

Please let us know if we can be of help on any local matters.

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi

Your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Westbourne Park Road

We have reported this issue to the local City Inspector:

“I head out to work-out every Tuesday and Friday at about 0550, returning at about 0700 down Westbourne Park Road. These are rubbish collection days. And every Tuesday and Friday without fail there is a black bin bag of rubbish left outside numbers 2 or 4 that has been torn apart by foxes. Rubbish is all over the pavement and on to the road. Clearly this bin bag’s owner probably shouldn’t be leaving his rubbish out in this way at all, and certainly not the night before. The street cleaners appear to be highly competent in clearing it up between 0550 and 0700 but someone does need to notify the owner. Just because we have great cleaners I think they could be spending their time doing something else! And needless to say it is disgusting. I expect the bin bag owner is completely unaware!”

The local Inspector visited both properties at 2 and 4 Westbourne Park Road. They were both had gated entrances and there was no answer. So she delivered warning letters indicating the collection times, their responsibilities and of the possible penalty for not adhering to the notice. She told us to keep her updated and if there are any further complaints she will go round again.

Elmfield Way

We are continuing to press the Council to speed up the adoption of Elmfield Way. Residents are very concerned about the current management of the road and the problems it causes particularly for disabled residents. The area of primary concern remains from the corner by Carlton Gate to Ashgrove Court that passes in front of the Eaton Plaza area. Issues are a mix of poor road maintenance and long standing and continuing problems with the myriad different private parking companies that manage each individual section. Parking enforcement is the biggest problem at the moment and the perception is that the private contractors are not up to the job of keeping traffic moving but do issue tickets for some very minor infractions.

Woodfield Road

We have raised this issue with the Council’s Arborcultural Officer:

“In March 2008 a large tree was removed from the pavement outside our flat on Woodfield Road, a second tree was scheduled for felling but I managed to save it. I was assured at the time that a replacement would be planted. I followed it up the following year and was again told that it would be. No tree has been planted. Is there any way that that tree can be planted?”

The Arborcultural Officer say the tree was removed in 2008 due to an insurance claim. He says that sites in the area are looked at regularly for potential tree planting and Woodfield Road will be inspected over the summer to identify any potential site for planting new trees in the autumn. Having taken a look at the minutes from the planning committee meeting where the redevelopment of Harrow Road Police Station was discussed, the developer will be contributing £20,000 to public realm improvements including tree planting.

Canal lighting

We have asked the Canal & River Trust for an update on this issue:

“Is there any update on the lighting on the canal path? I realise that the area I am concerned about (from Westbourne Park tube station to Sainsbury’s Ladbroke Grove) is mainly RBKC, but I would love to know if this is on the radar at all”

Westbourne Ward Action Report – May 2015

Crossrail delay new footbridge

The Hampden Street footbridge connects Westbourne Park Villas with Alfred Road and Crossrail is required to upgrade certain parts of the bridge including provision of a ramp on the south side and improved lighting.

At the Crossrail Paddington Community Liaison Panel meeting on 10 March 2015 the project team explained that the main works on the bridge, including a closure during school holidays, was to take place between June and September 2015.

Crossrail now say that the main works will regrettably be delayed. The say:

“In order to achieve the best value for money for the public it has become necessary to extend the procurement process. The start of the main works is likely to be delayed by up to 12 months and further updates will be provided to WCC and residents when a new programme is available. The installation of artwork on the bridge will still take place. However the date may change to match the programme. Crossrail and Network Rail may be able to spread work between school holidays to achieve an earlier finish and comments from stakeholders regarding this are welcome”

Westbourne ward councillors and Karen Buck have written to protest about this delay. We started meetings about improving this footbridge 6 years ago, and it is unacceptable that it is being put back further, especially given the nuisance and additional traffic that residents have experienced during the Crossrail construction period.

Plans for the former Harrow Road Police Station

Councillor David Boothroyd gives an update on the outcome of the Planning Applications committee meeting in respect of 325 Harrow Road (the former police station).

“Ward councillors Adam Hug and myself tried to put the residents’ case as best we could, including asking for members to visit the site; but regrettably the Chairman and most of the members did not give any consideration to doing so. Led by Chairman Robert Davis, the committee majority agreed to the design of the building.

Those residents who were there will now understand, if they have read local newspaper ‘West End Extra’, why the South East Bayswater Residents’ Association has recently criticised Cllr Davis (see http://www.westendextra.com/news/2015/mar/residents’-chief-hits-out-‘autocratic’-politician and http://www.sebra.org.uk/images/galleries/sebra-news/spring-2015/102-spring-2015.jpg).

Two things which the committee did should be noted.

The first is that the Construction Management Plan, which wasn’t submitted with the application will have to be presented to the councillors for approval before any work can start. This is small reassurance as it only gives limited amount of control over the building work.

The second was that the committee required the developer to pay £1m towards community facilities. It might make the developer think again, although it’s not certain to. They have until 6 April to decide whether to pay, or to start again with a new application. We’ll keep an eye on what they decide.

Unfortunately the only way of challenging a planning decision is through a Judicial Review action in the High Court, which have to be brought on the basis of procedural flaws instead of the merits of the application.”

Labour councillors protest against plans by Betfred to turn the Prince of Wales pub into a betting shop
Prince of Wales
Local residents, supported by Karen Buck MP and Labour councillors from Westbourne and Harrow Road wards are protesting against plans by Betfred to turn the Prince of Wales pub into a betting shop. The pub, on the junction of Harrow Road and Great Western Road, has sat empty since the autumn but instead of being kept as a pub (with different landlords) or developed in a way to improve the Maida Hill Market area, the current owners have agreed a deal with Betfred to turn it into yet another betting shop. The pub is just one door down from a Paddy Power betting shop, with Coral, William Hill and a number of pay day loan firms also nearby.

Since rumours first emerged about a possible new betting shop moving in, over 230 local residents signed a petition calling on the council to act (http://linkis.com/westminster.gov.uk/P9GRM). Now local residents, Karen Buck and ward councillors are holding a short protest on Saturday 7th March at 12.30 pm outside the Prince of Wales to show community opposition to Betfred’s plans.

At a national level Labour has called for planning permission to be required when there is a ‘change of use’ to turn a property into a betting shop, but efforts to push the government to act are currently stalled. So residents and Labour Councillors are urging Westminster City Council to do all it can within its existing powers to help stop Betfred taking over this important local building.

Karen Buck MP says:

“Four betting shops in a short stretch of road, and two more close by, is an unacceptable concentration. We need a proper balance of shops and facilities in the Harrow Road in the interests of a safe, thriving local community”

Harrow Road Councillor Nilavra Mukerji says:

“We have been working with local residents, community groups and businesses through the Town Team, to try and improve facilities on Harrow Road. This new betting shop will fly in the face of everything that the local community has been working to achieve!”

Westbourne Councillor Adam Hug says:

“This protest is not about a general opposition to gambling but about the way these betting shops are clustering in and targeting an area with a number of vulnerable people. Betfred will not help our residents and the local community does not want yet another betting shop. We call on Westminster Council to do all it can to find a better alternative for the future of the Prince of Wales”.

• There are at least three options that Westminster City Council can explore to help block Betfred’s plans. Firstly it can look at an ‘Article 4 Direction’ that under planning law would recognise the Prince of Wales as being of ‘acknowledged importance’ meaning any change from being a pub would require planning permission. Secondly it could designate the pub as a ‘community asset’ that would give local residents more time and support to find an alternative use for it. Thirdly the council also has a decision to make whether to issue a gambling licence, within tight national criteria.
• The Prince of Wales has been in use as a pub since the 19th Century. Records go back at least as far as 1891 (http://pubshistory.com/LondonPubs/Paddington/PrinceWalesHarrow.shtml).
• The protest will take place at 12.30pm on Saturday 7th March outside the Prince of Wales pub (351 Harrow Road, London, W9 3RA).


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Harrow Road/Chippenham Road Junction

We are delighted that the new (Pelican) pedestrian crossing at the junction of Harrow Road and Chippenham Road is now up and running. After some delays caused by legal issues, we kept pushing Westminster Council and TFL to ensure the work was completed, after the tragic accident in the area. The new crossing will help improve safety for pedestrians on this busy stretch of road.

Warwick Crescent ASB

We have called on CityWest Homes to take action to resolve the persistent problem of anti-social behaviour in the Warwick Crescent garden, caused by people climbing over the wall from the fire-station. We are working with CityWest Homes, the police and the council’s public protection team to improve security here.

Mini cabs problems

We continue to put pressure on the council about the mini-cab problems on Marylands Road, Sutherland Avenue, Amberley Road and connecting streets. We’ve raised an objection to the extension of a local mini-cab office licence as the council has yet to get the problem fully under control.

Elmfield Way Games Area

Together with Karen Buck MP, we are working with Westminster Council to try and ensure that local young people will have proper access to play space when the development of the site of current multi-use games area takes place next year. Westminster have committed to provide some supervised access to the Bluebell Lodge games area but have yet to spell out how much time will be made available or how they will fund staff to oversee and organise this.

Torquay Street

We have picked up local residents concerns about London Hostels Association builders encroaching on the green space around Brinklow House. LHA have promised to tell their contractors not to go onto this important area for Brinklow residents.

Bourne Terrace/Harrow Road

We have been raising concerns with Thames Water about further delays to them delivering on their commitment to landscaping ‘the Pit’ on the corner of Bourne Terrace and Harrow Road. This work was due to be completed in the summer to help partially off-set the loss of green space caused by the works on Westbourne Green. Thames have said that the work will now be completed by Christmas but time is getting tight. We will continue to put pressure on them to deliver on their commitments to local residents.

Lockbridge and Ashgrove Court security

We have supported efforts by Catalyst Housing Association to improve the security around Lockbridge and Ashgrove Court, writing to the Planning Committee to back the plans in response to rising anti-social behaviour in the area. We have been working with local police, the Council’s anti-social behaviour team and the estate office to push the police to keep the area under review.

Genesis Grand Union and Woodfield Road

Following the public meeting with residents earlier this year, We and Karen Buck MP have been putting pressure on Genesis ahead of the resident’s meeting on at 6pm November 27th at Paddington Arts. Genesis have been slow to deliver on the promises they made at the previous meeting in the spring but have committed to improving some of the worst kitchens and bathrooms.

Notting Hill Carnival Feed Back

We have been raising residents’ concerns about particularly high-levels of noise at the sound system on Tavistock Road, where there was a clear breach of agreed decibel limits on the Sunday (before being rained off on Monday). We’ve also picked up issues around noise from shops and from the judging point being loud, starting before Carnival begins and continuing after it has finished. This is in addition to the long-standing concerns around garden clean-up. We are continuing to push the council for a public meeting, now much delayed, so residents can have their say about their experience of Carnival 2014 and to find out what more Westminster Council can do to reduce the impact on residents while maintaining the uniqueness of Carnival.

Wessex Gardens Major works and anti-social behaviour

We have been picking up residents’ concerns about problems with the major works programme on the Wessex. This includes not only the longstanding problems about the suitability of the new windows for certain families and the cost to leaseholders, but also the failure of the repairs to the walkways on the estate. Along with local residents we are putting pressure on CityWest Homes to address these problems and have raised concerns about the loss of the project manager, despite previous commitments that he would stay until project completion. CWH have promised that senior staff will be actively monitoring the completion of major works to address outstanding concerns.
We have also been working with the police, community protection officers and CWH to respond to a rising number of complaints about security and anti-social behaviour on the estate.

Brunel Youth Club

We are working with CityWest Homes and members of the local sounding board to find ways to improve the current small youth club site and make use of the ‘dead space’ around it. We are hopeful that CWH will come back with new plans shortly.

Network Stadium Repairs

Following a site visit to Network Stadium’s properties on the Brindley Estate and Eaton Plaza (Elmfield Way) over the summer, a number of repairs jobs were raised to tackle problems that had not been previously resolved. However we are continuing to put pressure on Network Stadium to tackle the longstanding problem in some Brindley blocks where extractor fans are blowing damp air into flats rather than helping remove moisture, where NS have been slow to find a solution.


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Tavistock Crescent

We have reported these problems to the Council and to City West Homes;

“Again there are some problems with lights on Tavistock Crescent W11 as there is two very dark spots along Tavistock Crescent for quite some time and the Council is well aware of it but does nothing. It’s very dangerous especially for ladies walking at nights. There’s also one light not working on Fallodon House block. I reported it to the estate office quite some time ago still nothing has been done to sort it out. Also, the drains at the rear of the block next to the playground have been blocked for over a year now and the kids play in the dirty water whenever it rains.”

Westbourne Bus Garage – Graffiti

We are taking up this issue with the Council;

“The graffiti on the bus garage has increased tremendously and when the Canal side Urban Gardener’s group cut down the blackberry bushes it created fresh areas for graffiti.”

Ascot and Windsor Estate

We are raising these issues with City West Homes brought to us by Ascot and Windsor Estate residents;

“We require urgent works to stem the tide of ASB. We require door entry, security gates, cameras and further security works. We do not wish the money to be wasted on cyclical re-decoration of the exterior.”

Free transport to and from Health appointments

Do you live in the postcode areas indicated below and have problems accessing public transport due to age or disability?

Queens Park (W10 – W9), Harrow Road (W9), Westbourne (W11 – W2), Church Street (NW1 – NW8)

Do you need help to get to GP and hospital appointments, or health & wellbeing classes? – Then call Westminster Health Link on 020 8968 4056

Westminster Health Link is FREE & offers daily trips to main hospitals in or out of the borough (long distance journeys are subject to availability) as well as your doctor’s surgeries or other key places in your local community. The service is door-to-door in fully accessible vehicles. (NOTE: the application form will need to be countersigned by your Health Professional)

Bulky Refuse

Please contact the Environmental Action Line on 0207 641 2000 if you need to dispose of bulky refuse please contact. Please do not dump mattresses, furniture, builders’ rubble, cookers, fridges etc on the street.
For further details see https://www.westminster.gov.uk/bulky-waste-collection-service

Free Legal Advice

Solicitors Ronald Fletcher & Co give free legal advice every Wednesday at 5.30pm at their office at 243 Elgin Avenue, W9 1NJ. Contact Derek Rosenblatt on 020 7644 7209 or derek@rfclaw.co.uk.

Maida Hill Market area – what you say

“Even though this area has improved considerably in the last 10 years, it definitely feels as if it is slipping back. This junction used to a godforsaken place – it was I believe one of the top 10 most dangerous locations in the whole country! – it got better but, since the closure of the Harrow Road police station, it feels now as if it is deteriorating. There used to be a steady stream of police and Community Support officers coming and going on foot which was, if nothing else, reassuring – screaming police cars are no substitute. Rumour has it that a new, smaller police station is to be opened in either the old police station or the old town hall next door, is that true? And if not, can we have one?”

westbourne canvass

Maida Vale Flood Alleviation Scheme

You are invited to an open afternoon to see part of the Thames Water work on the Maida Vale Flood Alleviation Scheme

Saturday 13 September 2014 from 1pm to 3pm

Harrow Road entrance, Westbourne Green.

• Bring your friends and family
• Meet the team
• See the shaft, cranes and diggers and a photo exhibition

Please feel free to pass on these details to anyone else who may be interested in attending.


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Marylands Road

We have asked the local warden to take special note of this long-standing problem;

“Dumping at all times and hours continues by the tree outside Txiakos Restaurant on Marylands Road. The Council and the local inspector are aware of the situation. Landlords of no. 1to 9 are being written to so they contact their tenants. Fines are now being implemented I am informed yet the rubbish continues to pile up.”

Lockbridge and Ashgrove Court

Residents in the Catalyst key worker housing at Lockbridge and Ashgrove Court have faced real problems with anti-social behaviour in recent months, and we have been working with the Safer Neighbourhood Police team and the council’s local community protection officer to support the estate office in addressing the situation.

Wessex Gardens Update

We have continued to work with residents and CityWest Homes following a number of complaints about the new windows that have been installed, which some older and less mobile residents are having trouble opening or cleaning. If there are further problems with the major works programme please let us know.

Stadium blocks on the Brindley Estate

We have raised concerns with Network Stadium about a number of maintenance issues and problems with rubbish dumping at their properties on the Brindley Estate. We have also been working with Stadium to address the longstanding problem in Brindley House where extractor fans blow air into properties rather than removing it.

Amberley Estate and Amberley Road – Problem drinking

After complaints by residents of the Amberley Estate and Amberley Road, we have been working with the local community protection officers to address issues where shops were selling high-strength beer and cider to vulnerable people in contravention of their licence.

Sound systems and the Notting Hill Carnival

Residents on Westbourne Park Road and Leamington Road Villas have raised concerns about Westminster Council’s decision to change their approach to licensing the Notting Hill Carnival sound systems, moving from a series of annual licences to a system where the long-standing sound systems are given a permanent licence. We are working with residents and the council to ensure there are safeguards put in place around decibel levels, start/finish times and mechanisms for residents’ concerns to be listened to in future, while retaining this important part of local Carnival culture.

Westbourne regeneration vote update

Karen Buck MP has sent a further letter to Councillor Daniel Astaire to seek clarification of the Council’s intentions following the Westbourne vote and any evidence of the Council’s totally false allegations that Labour campaigned for a ‘no’ vote.

Dear Daniel,

Thank you very much for your reply to your letter. I am grateful that you confirm that there is still much to do in the area and we must ensure that the quality of life is improved for residents, and key problems such as over-crowding will still need to be prioritised.

Your letter also confirms that allegations made at the Council meeting (subsequently repeated by Cllr Hall) were effectively baseless. As I understand your position. the entire grounds for the claim of a Labour ‘No’ vote campaign rests on one third hand conversation with one resident.

Your latest letter does not even confirm that this alleged initial conversation was with, and reported by, Vital Regeneration. As Cllr Hall has stated in the ‘Wood and Vale’ that the Council’s position rests on reports made via Vital, Westminster/Vital either need to confirm the exact details of this evidence of Labour ‘No’ vote activity reported to you, or the claim must be regarded as fallen. I am quite sure that this cannot be done.

As Westminster cannot substantiate claims about a ‘No’ campaign, your letter broadens the argument to cover the position Ward Councillors and I took on the scheme in earlier literature. I trust you accept that there is a significant difference between claims of a ‘No’ campaign, and your critique of the ‘tone’ (in your words), of public correspondence written weeks before the vote. However, I disagree with you here, too:

* Contrary to your assertion, we stressed that there were benefits in the scheme.

My letter put this line at the top: “It is now only a few short weeks before you will be asked to vote on Westminster Council’s plans for the Warwick estate. After this one vote, there will be a major development of the area, which will have both good points and disadvantages. There will be real improvements to the look of the area, with some new low-cost homes, job opportunities and community benefits”.

The earlier letter went further saying:

“It needs to be you- and only you- making the decision about whether to go ahead with the proposal that will be put before you.

That most people locally would like to see the area improved is beyond doubt, and your local councillors and I support this completely. There are potential advantages to regeneration- replacing some buildings that desperately need to be replaced, some more affordable housing and a more attractive ‘street’ along this part of the Harrow Road.

We also support efforts to get more local people into jobs and training, the exciting project to develop the Crypt at Mary Magdelene’s Church and the work of Vital Regeneration and the Neighourhood Forum in getting people involved.”

* But our task is not to be cheerleaders for the Council- it is to press for the best possible deal for residents, not least in the context of real concerns about housing provision, affordability and reductions in community services.

I am certain that even a modestly improved offer, and better campaigning by and on behalf of, Westminster Council, could have secured a different result, and all 3 ward councillors stressed this repeatedly over many months. The experience in Church Street makes this point. What we are objecting to now is an attempt to place blame elsewhere, ignore the Council’s own- predicted-failings in communicating with residents- and make accusations against the Opposition on the basis of no evidence whatsoever.

There is nothing wrong with healthy disagreements about policy or the implementation of schemes such as this. We should all be able to learn from it and raise our respective games. What the ward councillors and I won’t accept is being accused of something we did not do, on the basis of unsubstantiated comments which (to borrow a phrase from your letter) it was considered “necessary or expedient” to make central to your justification for losing the vote.

Kind regards

Karen Buck MP

Westbourne Green Masterplan Vote Result

As many residents will already be aware, in a ballot at end of June the residents of Westbourne Green rejected Westminster Council’s Regeneration proposals by a narrow margin (438 No to 414 Yes on a turnout of 31.7%).

The proposed scheme included a number of positive elements, such as improvements to the public realm, improved replacement flats for those demolished and some additional new social housing and intermediate rent homes for local people. However a significant number of residents raised real concerns about the overall impact of the amount of additional housing, most of which would have been for private sale, planned for the area on or around Harrow Road, where additional blocks were planned to be attached to or placed in front of existing homes.

The measures on the table clearly split opinion amongst residents of Westbourne Green, but in the end not enough local people were convinced that they would benefit overall from a scheme that would have taken several years to implement. Over four years of intermittent consultation by the council with the local community, Labour councillors and some local residents raised a number of concerns about the proposed plans and ideas about how to improve the scheme, some of which were listened to, others not. Ultimately we were clear that the issue was for residents, not politicians to decide.

Karen Buck calls for false Council claims on Warwick regeneration vote to be retracted

Karen Buck MP and the Westbourne Ward Councillors have written the following letter to Councillor Daniel Astaire following his remarks on the result of the of recent residents’ vote on the Council’s regeneration proposals for Warwick and Brindley estate;

Dear Daniel,

Westminster Conservatives told the Council meeting on Wednesday last that Westbourne councillors and I had ‘campaigned for a ‘no’ vote’ on the Warwick and Brindley estate regeneration scheme.

There is no evidence for such a claim, because it is completely false. I am therefore asking for this claim to be retracted it and an undertaking given not to repeat it.

Inevitably, residents want to know what I and their ward councillors, think about projects of this type and scale. I wrote to residents giving setting out the pros and cons as I saw them. (It is worth pointing out that I and ward councillors in Church St did exactly the same before residents voted on their scheme, and the vote there was strongly in favour). The letters to Warwick and Brindley residents, themselves reflective of several discussions with officers, stressed such points as the need to make the affordable housing offer better, to test the salience of the community offer (especially around the nursery); not to promise retail opportunities which were not within the Council’s gift, and so forth.

As can be clearly seen from those letters, which officers have copies of, I stress that it is for residents to make their own decisions and I am strenuously NOT advising them which way to vote. Councillors expressed similar views in their literature.

Over and above the letters, we have all sought to answer factual queries, and ward Councillors have attended numerous meetings with residents over a period of years. The issue rarely came up during our local election canvassing sessions somewhat to my surprise, and that, in my opinion, is itself illustrative of a much lower level of involvement and awareness than should have been the case at this stage in the scheme.

My understanding from officers is that the claim that Labour campaigned for a ‘no’ vote was based on one report to this effect. Not least in light of the fact that I have now seen a complaint that I was campaigning for a ‘yes’ vote, it is my strongly held view that we all do well to avoid drawing any conclusions about another’s actions on the basis of one or two individual recollections, however sincerely held.

I regret that so much time and money was put into a preparation for a scheme that could not command sufficient support. I think there are several reasons why this happened and we all need to seek to understand them. For what it is worth, I believe the offer was seen as insufficient to offset the disadvantages; far too little was done to engage a community which, we predicted, was harder to involve than in Church Street, more effort went into the ‘design’ elements of the scheme than on the human side and the decision to proceed with the construction of the highly visible Torquay Street tower in the months prior to the vote was ill-advised. For that matter, the luxury housing development on Amberley Road, facing the Warwick on the other side of the canal, also did not go unnoticed, and the Warwick has also been under pressure as a result of both the Adult Education centre relocation and the Thames Water excavation. With the exception of the Torquay Street tower, which was not on anyone’s radar until very late on, all of these points were put to Westminster by ward councillors and myself and discussed in detail over the last 8 months. Others may have further insights.

Obviously a period of reflection is now required, and the majority view of the residents must be respected. Yet the underlying problems of over-crowding and the need for an improved public realm remain. We also have an immediate challenge to secure the Thames Water contribution and funding for the Mary Magdalene Crypt project. I hope that we will be able to engage constructively to find a way forward. The residents will not be best-served if such a dialogue about the future is obscured by a wildly inaccurate bout of blame and finger-pointing, such as we saw last week, and I hope we can move beyond that.

Karen Buck MP

(Also on behalf of Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papaya Qureshi)


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Cycling on Delamere Terrace

When we were standing in the election, we supported the ‘Space4Cycling’ campaign which highlighted the problem of Delamere Terrace. The problem is that cyclists heading east along the very well used cycle path along the canalside park find the path ends, but Delamere Terrace is a one-way street coming west, and cycling is not allowed on the pavement.

Plans for a cycle path along Delamere Terrace have been drawn up but haven’t been approved. After we raised it again with council officers, the latest news is that they have requested a site visit with TfL officers to press them to carry out the Delamere Terrace scheme at the same time as planned improvements to cycling on Blomfield Road.

Thames Water Update

One eagle-eyed resident spotted a Thames Water lorry driving around their Westbourne Green worksite at 6 AM. We have also heard that contractors on the Amberley school and flats site have been working well into the evening, sometimes 8:15 PM.

Westminster planning permissions normally require all work to be carried out between the hours of 8 AM to 6 PM on Mondays to Fridays, and 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays; no work should be carried out at all on Sundays and bank holidays. If contractors are doing work outside these hours, and especially if they are doing noisy works, Westminster’s planning enforcement team will remind them. Please tell your us if you want a complaint

Karen Buck writes to Elmfield Way residents

“The parking situation here has always been a problem, in large part due to the fact that this is not a council road but is managed by six different organisations. The council’s Transportation Department has also said that the street lighting on Elmfield Way is sub-standard and there are concerns about the sub-surface material of the road itself.

Following my letter last November, many local residents wrote to me to with many stories of unfair and often invisible parking enforcement, increasing traffic problems and congestion.

This is why over the past six months I have been pushing Westminster City Council to formally adopt Elmfield Way. Adoption would enable the council to properly manage the parking situation, provide essential services such as street lighting and take responsibility for traffic management and road safety issues.

I am very pleased to be able to report that the council now appears to be taking local concern about these issues seriously. Council officers are seeking estimates of the cost of upgrading the carriageway, a pre-cursor to adoption, and one of the current owners, the Department of Health, has agreed to make a contribution towards the cost. Although negotiations are not yet complete, at the moment it looks like the upgrading and adoption of Elmfield Way will finally happen.

Multi Use Games Area

There has also been progress on securing an interim play space for the period between when the current Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) is closed for redevelopment but before the new play space in the development at 291 Harrow Road is ready for use. Central and North West London NHS Trust have given permission for the council’s Play Service to use their MUGA at Bluebell Lodge until the new site is ready.

Eaton Plaza Maintenance Issues

I recently visited the Eaton Plaza estate along with your local councillors. We were shocked by the number Eaton Plaza residents who wanted to tell us about disrepair issues and poor maintenance services from Stadium and L&Q. Some of the flats we saw confirmed that many tenants here are not receiving the service they expect from their landlords.

What makes this even more disappointing is that the estate is relatively new, so it should not be difficult to keep it in a good state of repair. If you have been affected by this issue or would like me to raise a complaint with your landlord on your behalf, please do get in touch.”

City Council Election results

Thanks for your support


Westbourne Ward Election leaflet

You can read David’s, Adam’s and Papya’s Council Election pledges here Westbourne-leaflet

Concerns over Thames Water works at Westbourne Green

We have asked Thames Water for a briefing on progress on Westbourne Green in keeping with the community obligations. There are several aspects which are giving us and constituents concern.

1) The letter sent to residents on 27 February says “We’ll have a noticeboard in each park where you can find up-to-date information. There will also be access to a meeting room at the site in Westbourne Green. Residents will be able to use this room to call in and chat about our work, progress, or concerns that they have.” But there is no meeting room currently on the Westbourne Green site. When will it be opened?

2) There is some confusion about the proposals for a film club and a Young Engineers’ Club which have been mentioned. The Principal of Westminster Academy had understood that they would mean Thames Water running these projects, but it now seems that it is for the Academy to set them up and then Thames Water will give some help in running them. If this is a misunderstanding then we would encourage you to do so

3) On the site, the path running next to Harrow Road from the Blomfield Villas end just comes to a dead end with the hoarding; to continue their journey, people have to follow the hoarding across the park to the Bourne Terrace side, go through a flowerbed and climb over the railings to get to the other path (and there are trampled saplings showing that they have been doing just that).

Labour calls for improvements to Royal Oak Underground Station

Murad Qureshi, Labour Member of the London Assembly, has called for improvements to Royal Oak Underground Station.

Royal Oak

In a letter to Mike Brown, Managing Director of London Underground, Murad Qureshi said;

“I recently travelled through Royal Oak underground station, and noticed that the stairs leading down to the platform looked to be in very poor condition with torn and filthy surfaces. I watched a mother trying to drag her pram up the stairs and the condition of the steps made this an even more difficult task. My concern is that these steps in their current condition present a real health and safety threat to commuters and therefore should be assessed and improved at the earliest opportunity. Can you please confirm the last time these stairs were maintained and when the next programme of repairs is planned in the future?

The ideal of course would be for a lift facility to be provided up to the Bridge from the platform not only for parents with prams, but also for the disabled and those with heavy luggage and shopping. Has there been any feasibility study for the provision of a lift and if not why?”


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Eaton Plaza

On a recent visit to Eaton Plaza we found many blocks were in a very poor state with damage to the internal decorations through graffiti, cigarette burns, and doors having been forced. Leicester Court had the carpets entirely removed and damage caused to the walls.

Network Stadium have replied that the carpet in Leicester Court was removed because of a problem with damp and will be replaced. Kennet Court will also get a new carpet as soon as possible.

Many residents also reported that they had mice infestation. Network Stadium explain that this is because the block is near to the canal. Network Stadium are treating the communal areas to stop mice getting into them, and are also willing to help vulnerable residents by blocking the access holes used by mice in individual flats as well as communal areas.

We also noticed the basketball hoop on the games area was broken and arranged to have it fixed.

Police ward panel

The safer neighbourhood team has just held the first meeting of a new ward panel to help guide our local police. Several residents have volunteered to go on the panel but there are other spaces available. The next meeting is on Thursday 12 June. If you’re interested, contact PC Matt Humphrey on 020 7321 8506.

Woodfield Road/Grand Union Close

Karen Buck MP held a public meeting on 13 March for residents of Genesis Housing Association’s blocks at Woodfield Road and Grand Union Close to outline their concerns to Genesis’ senior staff. Residents explained how poor the management of their flats had been. Genesis have said they will:

• Carry out a stock condition survey of the estate, to be completed in May and the results reported back to residents
• Order a block treatment to tackle mice infestation.
• Inspect the CCTV system and repair it if it’s faulty.
• Disinfect and clean the bin store.
• Consult with residents on whether to move the bins.
• Inspect the drains, possibly using CCTV.

We have told them that the stock condition survey should be of all flats, instead of just a sample, as this is what they agreed at the meeting.

Thames Water

The middle of Westbourne Green Park has now been taken over and closed off by Thames Water who are digging a hole so they can dig a 25m deep shaft and put in a 20 metre tank. We fought against them, but Westminster Council gave them permission. While we’re still disappointed at losing the park for a year, we are holding Thames Water to their commitments to the area.

The latest projects include helping Westminster Academy with a film club, setting up a Young Engineers’ Club, and providing work experience.

Maida Vale Library gates

There used to be some ornate wrought iron gates on the Sutherland Avenue entrance of Maida Vale library. When the recent works to the roof were being done, they were removed. Now the works are complete the gates have returned to the ‘no entry’ western entrance but not to the main entrance on the corner of Shirland Road.

We have been chasing the council, and it seems that the gates were taken away to a fabricator (restorer), who was engaged by the contractor doing the works. The council is now pressing for their return and is deciding whether to send another contractor to pick up the gates and fit them back.

Westbourne Green Masterplan

Between June 25th and 30th Westminster Council will be giving local residents around Westbourne Green the chance to vote on the ‘Masterplan’ for the redevelopment of the local area. As many residents will know the proposed scheme impacts the Warwick and Brindley Estates, Westbourne Green, the canalside and the stretch of Harrow Road between Royal Oak and the canal, with a smaller additional development on Blomfield Mews.

Local residents will be faced with a choice in June: The potential benefit of a package of improvements to improve the look of the Westbourne Green area, improve local shops, provide new job opportunities and deliver some new homes for some local people. This must be set concerns about increased housing density from the up to 290 additional homes to be built primarily around Harrow Road, most of which are for private sale, and the impact of around 5-6 years of building work in the area.

We and Karen Buck MP are working hard with local residents to improve the proposals so that they really benefit Westbourne Green residents rather than those who may move into the area under the council’s plans. In addition to up to the new private homes, Westminster Council are currently proposing replacement homes for those in Oldbury House and the corner of Bourne Terrace due for demolition, up to 55 additional new social homes for overcrowded Westbourne families and 37 so-called ‘intermediate homes’- only half of which will be available for families with an income between £30-37,000 a year, with the rest aimed at a range of higher earners. We have called on the Council to reassess its figures for the money due to be raised from private sales in the light of rising local house prices. We are calling for all additional cash raised, along with additional money from the Council’s Affordable Housing Fund, to be used to increase the proportion of social housing and cheaper intermediate homes for local people in the final scheme to directly benefit more residents without further increasing housing density.

We are pushing for clearer commitments that the Council will actually be able to deliver the much wanted supermarket and free cashpoint, rather than merely have the aspiration to provide these services for local people. We have raised specific issues about the impact of the proposed scheme on residents of Brinklow, Wilmcote and Princethorpe that will be most impacted by increased housing density. We feel there are potential security concerns about the proposed new bridge over the canal and the planned underground parking. We also want to see clearer evidence that the proposed new enterprise and job opportunities directly benefit Warwick and Brindley residents and that the new children’s centre is affordable for local families.

We are working with local residents in the time remaining before the vote to get the best deal possible from the council and then it must be for local residents to decide whether the scheme meets their needs. So whatever your views about the Council’s plans make sure you have your say.

Brinklow Fire response

Following the major fire at Brinklow House we have picked up a number of concerns on behalf of local residents. We have assisted a number of residents dealing with the damage and raised concerns about the lack of information to residents about what was covered by the Council’s buildings insurance and where home contents cover was needed to deal with water damage. The Council has promised to communicate better with CityWest Homes about vulnerable people living in their properties who have are receiving care from the Council and have admitted that they could have done better in the past. There are still questions about the role of the police in evacuating residents and some general confusion on the night of the fire to which we are still seeking answers.

Security at Lapworth Court

Residents have raised further concerns about the use of the communal area at the centre of Lapworth Court. We have raised these concerns with the local Safer Neighbourhood Police Team and have called on CityWest Homes to explore design options to make the area more secure, including improving the locks on the internal doors.

Charfield Court

When visiting Charfield Court we raised residents’ concerns about a broken lift emergency call button that has now been fixed and have urged CityWest Homes to improve maintenance and monitoring of these lifts that are breaking down too often. We passed on residents’ concerns about the long-running lack of a working door entry system and have been promised that a new system will be installed imminently. We have raised concerns about a rough sleeper in the bin and garage areas on Clearwell Drive with the Council’s rough sleeping unit, the local police and the Little Venice Estate Office. We’ve also arranged for National Grid to remove a dangerous cable from next to the Millennium Centre.

Harrow Road

After we raised concerns with the Council’s traffic department about parking on Harrow Road causing congestion they have come back with proposals to put double yellow lines on the area of the bend in Harrow Road between the canal and Amberley Road. We’ve also had the Pedestrian wayfinding sign that was installed the wrong way around changed so it is now pointing in the right direction and got the council to address the lighting problem under the Westway.

Marylands Road shops

Many local residents have been objecting to two separate planning applications to turn the empty shop at 7 Marylands Road and the popular ‘Tsiakkos’ restaurant at 5 Marylands Road into flats. The shopping parade at the Harrow Road end of Marylands Road has been suffering in recent years but allowing it to go to flats would end it as a retail area. Council planning officers have told us that they are concerned to preserve the area. The application at 7 Marylands Road has recently been withdrawn; we hope the shop unit can be brought back into use so it helps the local economy.

Safety at St Peter’s School

We have been working with their colleagues in Harrow Road ward and concerned local parents to press the Council to take measures to reduce the speed of traffic going from Marylands Road into Chippenham Mews. The Council has promised to act to put up a new school sign and put in steps to slow traffic but will report back shortly with details to parents and residents.

Wessex Gardens Major Works

We are working with local residents on the Wessex Gardens Estate over concerns about the conduct and costs of major works underway at the moment. Given the longstanding concerns about the standard of repair work on the estate we have asked CityWest Homes to reconsider whether all the current works should have be lumped into the major works project that has increased the cost to double the original estimate. We have also called on the Council to expanding the opportunities for residents to use deferred payment schemes.

Great Western Road, Westbourne Park Road and Aldridge Road Villas

Karen Buck MP and we have been working to ensure the local Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team pays attention to the long-standing issue of street prostitution around the corner of Great Western Road and Westbourne Park Road, including the southern end of nearby streets. We’ve also again called on Westminster City Council to install CCTV in this area to deter this activity. Unfortunately, the Council has rejected our previous requests. However, we will keep pushing for action to support local residents.

291 Harrow Road/Elmfield Way development

Planning permission has been granted for the mixed housing development which will provide:

• More and improved supported accommodation for people with learning disabilities and physical disabilities and people with autism, providing excellent care in new purpose built accommodation. It will re-provide the 19 existing units currently on the site with fit for purpose accommodation and provide an additional eight units.
• 64 new intermediate affordable homes for rent both general and for key workers in the NHS and other public sector.
• A play area for younger children and a ball games area between two new buildings to replace the temporary facility that occupies a portion of the existing site. Pre-application consultation with local groups indicated strong support for the proposal to include a ball games area to replace the existing temporary facility. A management plan for use of the ball games area was included in the planning application. Due to the phasing of the site development, there will be a gap when no games area will be available so the council is currently negotiating the possible temporary use of an existing ball games area nearby.

The plans are available to view on the council’s website at:

On the Brunel Estate

BrunelBrunel 2

The Westbourne Labour Action Team was on the Brunel Estate meeting residents and taking up local issues and concerns, including safety and security problems, damp and condensation in flats. We also spotted a number of vacant flats which we concerned to see and and have made enquiries to ask when they will be re-let.


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Westbourne Green Masterplan

Plans to ask residents in Westbourne Green to vote on plans for a major new regeneration of their area have been put back to the summer after we and local residents called on the Council to give more time to improve their ideas for the area. The Westbourne Green Masterplan provides an opportunity to improve the look and feel of the area around Harrow Road and provide some new homes for local residents, but there are real concerns about the proposed increase in housing density and the amount of disruption that a big building project would cause.

We think that if there is new housing to be built, a higher proportion of any new build should be new social housing to help Westbourne families in overcrowded accommodation and lower-cost intermediate homes for hard working local residents. The Council is currently focusing too much on high-end intermediate homes for families earning £60-80k a year and luxury homes. We are calling on the Council to review its estimates for revenue gained from private sale given skyrocketing local house prices, to use more money from Westminster’s Affordable Housing Fund and to use the money the Council is getting from the government’s new homes bonus to change this imbalance. We also think that any private sales should be on the open market so that they can be bought by people planning to live those homes rather than international investors who may leave them empty.

We want the Council to work harder to find ways to ensure that new retail provision includes a supermarket, but it must not promise things that can’t be delivered. There is also scope to improve the plans for the green space in the area and local employment provision where more resident input is needed. We are very keen that residents get a chance to get more involved in the working groups looking at these proposals ahead of any vote to make the plans the best they can be. Ultimately it needs to be for local residents to decide if these plans go ahead or not, so a decent turnout in this summer’s vote will be essential.

Brinklow House Fire

We are very relieved that the recent fire in Brinklow House did not lead to any fatalities and that residents were able to return home soon after the incident. We have raised concerns that a number of residents were confused about whether they were supposed to stay in their flats or evacuate and have called for clearer information to be given about what to do. We are working with a number of victims of water damage to see what more CityWest Homes can do to assist them and have urged CityWest to expedite repairs to the communal areas and internal doors.

Going in the right direction

After we raised concerns to Westminster Council, the Legible London sign on Harrow Road by the canal has now been put around the right way so that visitors to the area are no longer sent towards Portobello when they are following the sign to Little Venice.

Putting the lights on

After concerns were raised by residents about how dark it was near the Crossrail substation (near Royal Oak) we have raised concerns to the Council’s transport commissioning team who have installed new LED lights in the area to improve public safety.

18 and 36 buses

A number of residents have raised the issue of the 36 and 18 buses that are the main buses that run through this section of Harrow Road. They pass through very infrequently and are often extremely overcrowded (particularly in the evenings). We are working with Murad Qureshi at the GLA to see how we can encourage TFL to up their frequency at peak times.

Westbourne Green

It is likely that the much delayed flood alleviation project on Westbourne Green will finally get underway in February. We will be watching the works closely to ensure that they are handled sensitively and that the noise impact of the building site is closely monitored. We have been working with Thames Water to ensure that they deliver on their commitments to support local community activity projects and that work gets underway soon to renovate ‘the Pit’ on the corner of Bourne Terrace as they have promised to do. We have called on Thames Water to give reassurance that the delay to the start of the project will not keep them on site into summer 2015, something they had previously promised to avoid.

Thames Water need to have approval from council before they can start work. The Council has told us;

“Thames Water/Optimise are still working with Planning to ensure that all of the Pre-Commencement Conditions are agreed. No works will commence until such issues are resolved. However, it is thought that these agreements should be all resolved within the next couple of weeks. Once agreements are signed the companies will provide 2 weeks’ notice of commencement to local residents and stakeholders. This notice will be through a number of mediums including letters, advertisements in local papers, text-messages, and website information.”

He also says that he met with them in January and agreed that they could do “minor preparatory works” before the council has given the authority to close the area. He says “this will amount to some works to demolish part of a wall on Harrow Road and creation of some of the entrance roads”, and will not obstruct existing entrances. Within the council, the officers have agreed that Jonathan Rowing will be the single point of contact with Thames Water. He is in the streets team not the parks team, so he will be meeting the parks team before speaking to Thames Water.

The Council expects to give Thames Water permission within the next few days; Thames Water then have to issue a notice confirming that they are actually taking over the park and there is another fortnight before that can be approved.

Marylands Road and Sutherland Avenue

We have been working with local residents to ensure that council is doing all it can to tackle mini cabs taking over parking spaces and lorries parking illegally in residents’ bays. We are working closely with local residents to resist the loss of shops and a local restaurant as there is currently a planning request to turn some of the Marylands Road shops and restaurants into residential.

Elmfield Way

We have worked with the architects of the new development to ensure that there continues to be a games area for the use of local young people once the existing MUGA is removed but that it is designed to minimise noise and maximise security. We remain disappointed that the Council has not seen fit to include new social housing for local families as part of the mix on the new site but welcome the provision of new housing for the disabled and key workers.
Following concern from residents about crime and anti-social behaviour at Eaton Plaza, we have asked the police for a response. Sgt Roberts from the Safer Neighbourhood Team tells us:

“This is one of the Estates where we do make extra patrols as a matter of course whenever we are on late shift or nights. We are acutely aware of the issues and we have stopped/searched a number of the youths involved, and PC Matt Humphrey has started acceptable behaviour contract action”.

The council’s community protection officer has told us that those responsible will be banned from the estate, and that Network Stadium has had the evidence passed on so that they can take action.

Pedestrian Crossing

We have worked with local residents to campaign for a new pedestrian crossing at the junction of Harrow Road and Chippenham Road. The plans have now been approved by TFL and are due to be completed by the end of March 2014.

Woodfield Road and Grand Union Close

Together with Karen Buck MP, we visited the Genesis properties on Woodfield Road and Grand Union Close just before Christmas. We were disappointed that despite previous complaints and a residents petition it did not seem that Genesis were doing enough to deal with repairs and ensure the blocks are kept in good condition. We heard residents’ concerns about mice infestation, damp/poor ventilation, failure to repair faulty windows, Genesis missing multiple appointments with residents and giving confusing information about kitchen replacement plans. Karen Buck has arranged a public meeting for Genesis residents with their Chief Executive on Thursday 13 March at 6pm at Paddington Arts so that residents can try to get answers about these problems.

Crossrail concrete batching plant

We have been working with local residents on the Brunel Estate to help them raise concerns about the redesigned concrete batching plant that is being rebuilt by Crossrail next to the bus station. We arranged for a meeting between Crossrail and residents to have their say and to reinforce the importance of effective sound insulation and responsible working practices on the new site.

CCTV blocked by the Council

We are very frustrated that two new CCTV cameras, funded by the councillors’ ward budget, that would have been able to be used by the Westbourne Park Estate office to tackle anti-social behaviour initially on the Brunel and Wessex Gardens estates (but could have been used elsewhere in the area), have been blocked by the Council. After local residents had asked us for mobile cameras to tackle local anti-social behaviour issues, similar to cameras paid for by the Aerial fund for the Warwick and Brindley estates, the ward budget funds were approved in 2012. Now, after being held up for over a year, the Council has blocked the cameras arguing that there are no issues on the Brunel and Wessex estates.

Wessex Gardens concerns

We and Karen Buck MP have raised concerns with CityWest Homes about the way in which the proposed costs for the current major works have risen since the original (rough) estimate given in 2008 and whether certain repairs that should have been done several years ago have been included in the major works project thereby raising the costs. We are calling on CWH to widen access to the deferred payment schemes that can help spread the cost out over a longer period of time. We’ve also worked with CWH, the council’s community safety team and the police to find safe ways to reseal a number of security doors that had been opened after a fire brigade inspection, something that resulted in a rise in anti-social behaviour on the estate.

Crossrail sewer works around Tavistock Road

As a result of the Crossrail works a new sewer is being dug that requires a series of holes to be dug in the Tavistock Road/St Lukes Road area, causing disruption to local residents. We have raised concerns with Crossrail about proposals for some of the drilling to take place 24 hours a day for several weeks, and have asked them to make sure that some of the residents living nearby are aware that they are eligible for free secondary glazing to limit the noise impact.

Fallodon House

On a recent visit to Fallodon House on Tavistock Road, we were made aware of some problems with the cleaning service, something that we have raised with CityWest. We also have picked up problems with the pavement in front of the block and a broken light in the neighbouring park.

Hanmer Court

On a recent visit to Hanmer Court on Tavistock Road we were very concerned about the state of the internal decorations in the block with flaking paint and graffiti on the walls. We have complained to Viridian Housing and want to see action to improve the state of the block.

Corner of Great Western Road and Westbourne Park Road

We have asked the Council to again investigate this problem;

“There is still a big problem with the drainage by the bus stop on the corner of Great Western Road and Westbourne Park Road. This has been ongoing literally for years now, large yards long + deep puddles form every time it rains. Work has been undertaken however this has failed to fix the problem. It is an issue for pedestrians getting on and off the buses, I have witnessed people with disabilities being unable to negotiate clear passage when alighting and also citizens being heavily splashed by water as cars pass by. The tarmac around the drain is severely damaged and I think Westminster need to get the original contractors back. We need this fixed urgently and properly without having to pay all over again.”

The Council says;

“This is currently with our Service Providers who are investigating the problem here. The works had been planned to resolve the problem but it seems there is (literally) a deeper issue here. I understand there is a blockage in the pipes around 3m down, the extent of which is currently being assessed. A camera survey was recently undertaken and we are awaiting feedback on how this is going to be resolved. In the meantime TranServ have this “on watch” and are regularly undertaking remedial work to clear the water. Once the gully is cleared and operating fully we will see a massive improvement in the water drainage at this point.”

Westbourne Ward Budget

We are using £6,000 from the Ward Budget to pay for extra weekend police patrols in the ward during February and March. The additional police patrols aim to increase the feeling of safety for residents, as well as bring down the level of anti-social behaviour.


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Shrewsbury Road

We are making enquiries about this matter;

“I wanted to ask if you could please look into the building that’s blocking half of Shrewsbury Road (between Talbot and Westbourne Park Rd). There has been no through traffic on this road for about 2 years now and the building doesn’t seem any closer to being repaired. Do you have any information on this situation?”

The Council says;

“There is scaffolding enclosing the building which to the side which extends into Shrewsbury Road (apart from the pavement) . I understand that Highways will be responding to you on this matter of the scaffolding on the highway. Planning permission was granted on 7 August 2013 for the erection of a mansard roof extension, external alterations including the conversion of the front pavement vaults into refuse storage and additional living accommodation in connection with the use of the building as 8 flats. The building is in poor condition and we advised back in the summer that the applicant was keen to start works. Building Control have confirmed that builders are on site , but as you are aware a planning permission is valid for a period three years and we have no planning controls regarding how long it takes to complete the works . There are no current enforcement investigations on this property. There is a dangerous structure notice regarding the bulging side wall.”

Westbourne Park Road – prostitutes

We have contacted the Police and the Council again about this recurring problem;

“The situation is worse than ever – there are prostitutes on the corner of Westbourne Park Road and Aldridge Road Villas most nights and often in the daytime too. Yesterday there was one plying her trade at around midday – an unusual way to spend your Sunday lunchtime.”

The Police say;

“I am concerned to hear that the prostitute problem in this area is worse than ever. I am aware that there has been an historical prostitute problem at this particular junction, but my perception and that of my colleagues is that sightings of prostitutes operating here have been quite sporadic in recent months. We regularly patrol these streets at various times but mainly during our late shifts in the evenings and on our night duty weekend up to 5am. We have identified two women who may be involved. We are currently working with the Westminster Community Protection Officer for the ward to investigate this problem further, and you will soon receive a letter going out to residents in the local area. We will certainly be looking out for the Sunday lunchtime trade when we are on our early shifts. Please do call the Westbourne SNT on 020 8649 3602 if you see any more prostitutes, and when we are on duty we will come straight down. If you do not get a reply please call 101 with the information. PC Matt Humphrey is your dedicated Ward PC.”

Crossrail Update

We asked for an update on the Crossrail works. The Council told us;

“There are several elements of work at Royal Oak. The first of the two tunnel boring machines operated from here has now completed its work and the second concludes shortly. That will bring to the end the delivery of tunnel ring segments by road and some of the removal of spoil from the tunnels. Further spoil removal will be taken place as will the fitting out of the tunnels with equipment. Works of varying kind will continue until 2018 when the project completes. However throughout the works will decrease in intensity. Each type of work or period of activity is governed by Crossrail Codes, these usually mean that work is restricted to normal hours unless special reasons arise and the other controls are put into effect.”


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Chicken Cottage, 360 Harrow Road

The problem with Chicken Cottage at 360 Harrow Road has been going on for several years and has caused a great deal of concern; it is now coming to the final decision. With a lot of help from residents, Westminster Council did issue an enforcement notice on 12 July, coming into effect on 21 August, requiring that the takeaway use cease by 21 August 2014. Chicken Cottage appealed against the notice, so the decision will be made by the Planning Inspectorate.

The appeal will be decided by written representations, without a public inquiry hearing. It is case ‘APP/X5990/C/13/2203978’ and you can watch its progress on the Planning Inspectorate website by going to this link: http://www.pcs.planningportal.gov.uk/pcsportal/ViewCase.asp?caseid=2203978&coid=8458

Residents can submit an ‘Interested party comment’ by 31 October.

Westbourne Bus Garage

We have asked the Council and the police to take action to stop continued graffiti on the bus garage wall facing the canal.

Shirland Road

We have reported a dangerous and uneven area of road in Shirland Road in the vicinity of the Truscott Arms.

Notting Hill Carnival

We have asked the Council to comment on the following;

“I’m hearing so many awful stories about the carnival. More and more residents are having to board up their own houses – which never happened before. The council has to wake up. This is not on any more. It’s not about heritage – the event has become a rave for outsiders. The area is still covered with a carpet of glass chips which glitters at night in the lamplight. Even the Rio carnival doesn’t target people’s homes but takes place in a designated non-residential space. “

What do you think?

Please let us know if there are any matters on which we can be of help.

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi
Your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors – Here to Help

Give your comments on the Harrow Road/Elmfield Way project

Westminster Council is consulting residents on plans to redevelop the site at 291 Harrow Road/Elmfield Way. A mixed development is proposed combining specialist housing for people with learning disabilities and affordable housing for keyworkers and families.

The development will combine:

•More and improved supported accommodation for people with learning disabilities and people with autism, providing excellent care in brand new, purpose built accommodation.
•About 63 new affordable homes, including for key workers. These homes will enable local people who are eligible to access affordable housing.

You can still view the exhibition boards online using the link below.


Wessex Gardens Estate

Karen Buck

Karen Buck MP has written to Wessex Gardens Estate residents about a number of local issues;

Dear resident,

Your ward councillors and I were out in Wessex Gardens recently, and have been picked up a number of issues over recent weeks. We just wanted to give you some feedback so you know what we are doing in response to these various complaints.

Quality of Pinnacle gardening and cleaning

There have been long standing concerns about the quality of CWH’s performance on Wessex, and pressure lead to a modest improvement. However the Residents Association have advised that standards for both gardening and cleaning services were dropping, whilst costs to leaseholders had risen under the current contracts. Cllr Hug has raised this with CWH again.

Shrewsbury Road Park


Many Wessex residents use the small but beautiful park on the corner of Talbot Road and Shrewsbury Road, but the it is looking uncared for at the moment. The grass has been worn away from a large part of the park, especially next to the path.

We have pressed the council to improve it, and the Parks department has said they will include the park on the list for winter reinstatement. They are drawing up plans, so we hope they will be working on the park later in the autumn.

Security doors

Whilst visiting, we were shown the security gates between Sandbourne and Anglebury, which are amongst a number now open on the insistence of the Fire Brigade, (despite this not previously having been considered a risk from the time when they were installed). While clearly we cannot override the instructions of the Fire Brigade, it is nonetheless true that security doors were closed precisely to limit the number of exits between blocks so as to help tackle anti social behaviour and crime on the estate. Councillors and I are requesting a review of the arrangements to find a solution that works from both a fire safety and community security/quality of life perspective.

Anti social behaviour

Residents from Sandbourne have pointed out that large groups of youths (from mid-afternoon to 3/4am) are sitting in front of his gate on this railing. Some have suffered a number of problems in addition to the noise and sense of threat- including broken gates has been and back windows of the property has also recently been broken.

We are asking for the Safer Neighbourhood Team to give priority to this area, especially when they are on duty at night. (Hopefully the proposed positioning of the ward budget supported CCTV camera at the back of Sandbourne will pick-up some of this if approved in October).

Apparently eggs are regularly being thrown at passers-by from one of the upper flats in the block. From a number of residents across the estate there have been complaints of motor scooters being driven around the estate at night. We saw for outselves that there were two scooters left in front of Sandbourne in the stages of being broken down (no plates on either) and we asked that these be removed as soon as possible, as there is a high probability of them being stolen.

Major works

In common with other estates in the borough, leaseholders are extremely anxious about the potential costs of Major Works for windows, lift and heating system replacement. Whilst long delays to the programme almost inevitably lead to rises in costs, lessees have legitimate concerns about ensuring value for money, effective project management and transparency in the costing and billing process. Your councillors have, amongst other things, requested that major works and heating costs to be considered together when applying access to deferred payments and other CWH payment support options. I can assure you that your councillors and I will do all we can to help.

I hope that this is helpful- please do let us know if there are other issues, or if you would like to receive specific updates.

Yours sincerely

Karen Buck MP

Thames Water survey

Westminster Council has given Thames Water permission to dig up Westbourne Green, despite Westbourne councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi firmly objecting. But after hearing the councillors say how many local people used the Green, the Council told Thames Water that they must help users find alternative sites.

Thames Water have now asked an independent consultant to survey the local community about “what kinds of other open spaces and recreational facilities they know about in the area, and to get from them suggestions about what Optimise might do to help them with alternative places to use for recreation during the period that the Green is closed.”

There is an online questionnaire, which should take around 10 minutes or so to complete:


The deadline for completion of the questionnaire is 12 noon on Thursday 19 September.

Westbourne Green – Thames Water Update

Westbourne Green

When Thames Water first informed us of their plans to use Westbourne Green as a the site for their proposed flood alleviation works we worked hard with local community groups such as the Westbourne Forum and members of the estate sounding board to get the best deal possible from Thames.

While recognising the necessity of action to prevent flooding to houses on Formosa Street and Shirland Road, we opposed Thames’ choice of Westbourne Green, an area not impacted by the flooding and one that has already been lumbered with the Council’s decision to place the WAES temporary building on it. We recognise that the open green space of Westbourne Green is a vital part of a community that needs greater support rather than extra burdens. Thames’ proposals were to take over the majority of the main southern section of Westbourne Green from Autumn 2013 to potentially as late as Spring 2015.

We argued both before and during the planning process, alongside with local campaigners and in the local press, that Thames Water should find alternative sites perhaps closer to the area that would receive the benefit of scheme.

We formally opposed Thames’ plans in writing during the formal consultation and spoke out at the planning meeting against the choice of site and for significant community compensation if Thames Water was given permission to proceed on the Green. The Westminster Council Planning Committee gave Thames the go-ahead with their plans under a number of conditions. While not going as far as we were urging, the Committee said that Thames should:

• Fill in and landscape ‘the Pit’ on the corner of Bourne Terrace and Harrow Road, to provide some extra green space in the local area during and after the completion of the Thames works.

• Fully reinstate and improve the condition of Westbourne Green upon completion of the works and give £40,000 to help fund the further improvements to the Green being proposed in the event that residents chose for the Masterplan to go ahead.

• Revise the design of their plans for the site to ensure that the distinctive bowl shape of the Green was retained and reduce other changes to the physical layout of the area.

• Work with the Planners to reduce their time on site to 12 months or shorter and create a community liaison group to give residents an opportunity to address problems.

• Look to support local community organisations impacted by the loss of the Green to provide alternative provision such as using time at the Academy Sport and assisting with the Westbourne Festival in 2014. We were disappointed that this was given as a recommendation rather than a formal requirement.

We are disappointed that the Council did not insist Thames Water go further to meet the needs of Westbourne Green residents, who still lose out over this scheme. However the final outcome is an improvement on what Thames first proposed. We will continue to work with local residents and the council to ensure Thames WAter delivers on its commitments and does all it can to reduce the impact on our local community.

Safety fears as overrunning work leads to extra risk for residents attempting to cross busy Harrow Road

The ‘West End Extra’ reports

“A vital pedestrian crossing in Harrow Road is to be stripped out by Crossrail as street-level work overruns by two months.

Sections of the busy road have been blocked since June as part of the £14.5billion construction project and were expected to reopen last month, but will now continue until September

Ward councillor David Boothroyd said Crossrail had agreed to preserve a pedestrian crossing in the area after he raised concerns about safety. Crossrail said they have installed a “staggered crossing” which will allow pedestrians to safely cross the road.

But Cllr Boothroyd said: “I’m afraid of what will happen. People don’t generally go across to where it’s safe, they’ll generally chance it where they are. It’s human nature.”

Last month Westminster Council rubber-stamped plans to install a new pelican crossing just 170 metres away in response to a campaign led by residents for safe passage across Chippenham Road, where 93-year-old Margaret O’Brien died in a collision with a lorry earlier this year.

The 73-mile railway project will run 30 metres underground, but water pipes near the surface have to be diverted and Crossrail said the works between Sutherland Avenue and Maryland Street will unexpectedly overrun owing to the “discovery of undocumented utility equipment”.

Cllr Boothroyd added: “It’s a very busy road that’s in the middle of a very heavily populated area and it’s a road that you really have to manage the traffic and the pedestrians very carefully. It’s very unfortunate that they can just come in and alter the arrangements.”

A spokeswoman for Crossrail said: “Crossrail has implemented a two-way traffic light system on Harrow Road near Sutherland Avenue in order to undertake works to maintain water supply to residents and businesses when the temporary water main is removed from Lord Hill’s Bridge.

“As the temporary traffic management system creates breaks in traffic and allows vehicles to travel in only one direction at any one time, a staggered crossing has been installed, replacing the existing crossing, to allow pedestrians to continue to safely cross the road.

“The traffic management plan and signage have been approved by Westminster City Council and Transport for London.”


From your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi


Harrow Road/Chippenham Road pelican crossing campaign

We are delighted that the Council has agreed to install a pelican crossing at the Harrow Road/Chippenham Road junction. More than 1,000 people signed a petition urging Westminster Council to take action after Margaret O’Brien, 93, died in a collision with a lorry at the junction of Chippenham Road and Harrow Road on March 27. A report recommending a crossing is installed was agreed by the council after Council officers and police examined the junction and decided it was necessary to provide safer passage for pedestrians. An inquest is yet to be held into the death and the report said: “The inquest may help identify other measures and we do not seek to pre-judge that in any way.”

Simon Daniels, who is chair of Ascot and Windsor Residents’ Association and campaigned for a new crossing, told the local press: “It’s brilliant. People have been trying to get it for about 20 years I think everyone is really pleased.”

Thames Water on Westbourne Green

We have been fighting on behalf of local residents and have told the Council;

“If the scheme does proceed on Westbourne Green it is imperative that Thames Water provides an acceptable package of both short-term mitigation measures and long-term improvements that benefit both the residents of the Warwick Estate and the wider community of local residents for whom the Green is such a vital community resource. The green space that Thames Water is proposing to remove from public use for a year plays an integral role in community wellbeing. It is doubly unfortunate that Thames is proposing to undertake works from Autumn 2013 to Autumn 2014 on the main section of Westbourne Green at the same time as the section of green space on the other side of Bourne Terrace has been taken away through the provision of a temporary building for the Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) as a result of the council’s decision to proceed with the Amberley Road development.”

Elmfield Way redevelopment

The NHS wants to improve the supported living flats at 291 Harrow Road and 1-2 Elmfield Way, and Westminster council has now produced plans for new buildings. There will be rented flats for key workers on the Harrow Road frontage above the NHS facilities. We will make sure the council consults and listens to the local community on the design of the new buildings. We’re also questioning the council about who will get the ‘key worker’ flats.

The ‘multi-use games area’ on Elmfield Way which was installed after a long campaign by Karen Buck MP and was part-funded by our ward budgets, would be replaced. The council have worked out a way for Elmfield Way residents to use a games area which is in the back garden of the NHS building at 7A Woodfield Road, which could be given a separate entrance. If you or your children use the games area, please tell us what you think about their idea.


The current works on Harrow Road (blocking the Sutherland Avenue junction) are being done by Crossrail, who are changing the water mains which go over Lord Hill’s Bridge. We pressed them to include a pedestrian crossing on Harrow Road, which they agreed to do. We also wanted them to avoid sending traffic down Foscote Mews, which they refused to do.

They were supposed to be finished at the beginning of July but as residents will have seen, they’re still here. Crossrail have now told us:

“The works presently taking place in Harrow Road between Sutherland Avenue and Maryland Road, involve the lining and jointing of the mains on both sides of the road. This requires shuttle working temporary traffic signals on the Harrow Road and temporary one way working in Maryland Road and Sutherland Avenue.

Due to the discovery of unrecorded utility equipment found during this operation, the work has overrun and is now due to be completed in September, subject to any unforeseen circumstances. We apologise for any further inconvenience this may cause.”

… and they’re digging up Tavistock Road

Crossrail tell us:

“Road works are required to take place in Tavistock Road to replace the Green Lane Sewer which runs under the Great Western Road. The replacement will use pipe jacking techniques from four shafts, between 6 and 10m deep in Tavistock Road and Great Western Road. In preparation for this work a survey is required of the utilities around the shaft sites. This work, entailing ground penetrating radar (GPR), will take place on four consecutive pairs of weekdays, starting .. on Tuesday 6 August 2013.

For each of the sites the street may need to be temporarily closed to vehicles and alternative routes will be signed. Pedestrian access will be maintained although sections of footway may be obstructed for a short period. The works will take place between 8am and 6pm and the streets will be re-opened overnight. The GPR will help to confirm the utilities records and indicate where they are in more detail. We will need to dig small trial holes once we have the GPR survey results to give final confirmation of the shafts. The GPR will take place in the first three weeks of August and the trial holes will take place the week following the Notting Hill Carnival, after 26 August.”

Grand Union Close

We have worked with local residents to get Genesis to improve the gates at Grand Union Close which have been repeatedly vandalised and broken to prevent them being shut. Genesis has replaced them with ones they claim are more robust and that they believe will reduce the likelihood of this happening again.

Mini-cabs on Marylands Road

We have stepped up pressure throughout 2013 on the Council’s parking enforcement team calling on them to get a grip on problems with mini-cabs squatting in parking bays on Marylands Road that causing a problem for local residents and businesses. The council’s parking enforcement teams claim to have increased their patrols but clearly more needs to be done and we will keep on raising residents’ concerns on this over the next few months.

Pubs and the Summer

We are working with the Westbourne Warden to attempt reduce encroachment by pub goers at the Waterway pub on Formosa Street onto the footpath in front of the Amberley Estate. As we know in the warm weather outside drinking, while fun, can be problematic for local residents so we’ve asked the licensing team to keep an eye out about late night noise.

Alfred Road – double yellow lines

We have asked the Council to take action against car parking on the double yellow lines at this location after residents told us;

“The cars are there every Saturday and some Sundays, and don’t take any notice of the double yellow lines on the road. Cars are also parking on the pavement.”

Garden sharing

We are making enquiries after receiving the following question;

“Is there a garden share scheme in Westminster? Something along the lines of:- people who want to garden/grow vegetables but don’t have a garden – matching up with those who do, but have no interest in gardening? I know Age Concern, in Wandsworth, have a scheme and there are a few, rather anonymous, national websites but I couldn’t find anything specific to Westminster.”

CityWest Homes tell us;

“We do run schemes to assist tenants in managing their front gardens or accessing growing spaces, and these are very popular. For example, we provide support to older or disabled tenants who cannot manage their garden and need help with clearance and pruning. We also engage Groundwork to deliver a community gardening project each year which provides training and assistance to tenants with private front gardens. Finally, where appropriate, we transform disused spaces into allotments which are made available to interested tenants. We do have not a garden share scheme specifically but would be very happy to explore this.”

Handyperson Service

The Staying First handyperson service helps with minor repairs and odd-jobs at home. It’s available free for local residents over 60 on a low income, and disabled people. Find out more at http://www.vawcvs.org/downloads/handyperson-westminster-2pdf

Ward Budget Update

We have made a contribution to the Dollywood Foundation programme run by the Junior League of London in Westbourne. The money will go towards the purchase and shipping of books to 100 local children. The project aims to engage children and their parents in shared reading through reading workshops, educate to parents the importance of reading to their children and strengthening involvement with their children. The project aims to register an additional 100 children by the May 2014.

Together with the Queen’s Park, Harrow and Church Street Councillors we have made a Neighbourhood Fund contribution towards the cost of running financial advice sessions in the area. The project will help to prevent homelessness and provide independent advice to those who face it, support families with their rights to suitable accommodation, lift households, in particular those with children, out of poverty with income maximisation and debt reduction work and improve ability of households to budget and reduce their outgoings. For more information on the sessions please contact Bassam.Mahfouz@a2dominion.co.uk

Please let us know if there are any matters on which we can be of help.

Councillors David Boothroyd, Adam Hug and Papya Qureshi
Your three Westbourne Ward Labour Councillors – Here to Help


2 Responses to Westbourne Ward

  1. Mrs Floyd says:

    hello, I just wondered how the HS2 RAIL will affect residents and housing in surrounding areas such as Grand Union Close. Thanks

  2. Richard Perkins says:

    Westbourne Neighbourhood Association

    Dear Councillors Boothroyd, Hug and Quareshi,

    The above association has had a neighbourhood forum area ( Notting Hill East Neighbourhood Forum area ) accepted by Westminster and intends to set up a forum. As our area includes Wessex Gardens, the Childrens’ Centre, Shrewsbury Gardens and St Mary of the Angels Primary school it is appropriate for a councillor for the Westbourne Ward serve on the Forum.if anyone is available.

    I would be very grateful if you could contact me if you are willing for a name to go forward on the application to form a forum.

    If one of you agrees I wonder if you would be kind enough to let me know.as soon as possible. We will be holding an AGM and and Emergency General Meeting at St Stephen’s Parish Church on Tuesday 29th April at 7.30 pm.

    Kind regards,

    Richard Perkins


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