Westminster North Action Reports









Church Street Market

We have been approached by local traders in Church Street Market about their concerns about the proposed increase in daily charges for the pitches. The Council says it is making a loss on them across all the street markets of Westminster of the tune of £300,000. We believe that any increase in market charges will be passed straight onto local residents by increased prices of fruit and vegetables and other goods.

Richmond Arms 

We are very concerned to see that the Richmond Arms is closed and boarded up. We are trying to find out why.

Joe Strummer subway

The Joe Strummer subways under the Marylebone flyover are being permanently closed by TfL and the Council. This is not a surprise as they have not been well maintained for years.

Defective street lights

We have asked the Street Lighting team to fix here two defective street lights on Edgware Road, one on each side of the street, at Paddington Green police station by the bus stop.

We have also asked them to fix defective lights on Marylebone Road north side at the subway at the end of Lisson Street where there are a number of lights not working.

Maida Hill Place

We have again asked the Council and the Police to investigate this recurring issue:

“I would really like to speak to someone about why nothing is being done to stop the obvious drinking and antisocial behaviour that happens in Maida Hill place on a daily basis? Last night I was kept awake until gone 1am by a group of people sitting on the bench right outside my flat, the night before it was past 2.30am. I know I am not the only resident that has an issue with this. I have started the process of looking to move house because of this, as have the flat next door to me I have been told. Surely this is considered a serious issue when residents are being forced out because of it?

I understand the police don’t have any direct power to enforce any drinking bans in the area and this needs to be pushed through by the council. Please could you put me in touch with someone that can help regarding this issue.”

The Police say

“The area is a drinking controlled zone and is linked to ASB rather than a no drinking area. It changed slightly when the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) legislation came in recently. So if we believe that a person drinking would lead to or is contributing to ASB then we can request that they dispose of or we dispose of the alcohol. 

Response team have been briefed with regards to powers that they can use with regards to any calls to the area. However due to the nature of the calls it is likely that this will be of a low grading and may not be attended depending on the level of calls at the time.

We are currently progressing along with trying to find a home for the group to go to, but in the mean time we continue to patrol when we are on duty and deal with anything that we find. We did arrest one male the other week for breaching his Community Behaviour Order that prevents him from being on the market & drinking. He was charged and found guilty of this breach.”

The Council say:

“There are a number actions being progressed: 

  • Joint patrols are taking place with the Police and the Police do have powers to address enforce against street drinking through a City-wide PSPO
  • Noise Officers are also regularly attending the site.  Often their ability to intervene is somewhat limited and I’m aware that during their visit last week and did not witness any ASB, noise, crime or nuisance on that particular occasion
  • The Police are working with the group who congregate in the space and are hoping to make arrangements for the dominoes players to use Lydford Community Hall
  • We are looking to remove the public bench which is closest to the residential properties but we’re also aware that there are some differences of opinion locally and that some residents/market users wish to see the benches retained”

Chippenham Road street lights

Following our enquiries about the timing of the street lights in Chippenham Road, the Street Lighting Team say:

“I can confirm our service provider FM Conway have advised that they have reset a number of columns on Chippenham Road to Solar Activation which is UK sunrise/sunset times so hopefully this will overcome this issue.  Not all light columns are controlled in the same way so there can be some variance when lights come on within different locations.”

Hormead Road rubbish dumping

We have included Hormead Road on our list of sites for CCTV cameras:

“The CCTV camera for dumping hotspots should be at the end of Hormead Road. It goes from bad to worse. So far the council’s sole response is to stick up “more no dumping” signs.”

The Council say:

“We’re aware that the Hormead Road site is problematic for dumping and our City Inspectors are visiting the site on at least a daily basis.  We are going to look at installing the CCTV signage and will pilot this on the Ashmore/Shirland site.  It it proves effective, we’ll certainly look to roll this out more widely.

4 enforcement notices for residential waste will be issued for waste found at that location today, all four residents live on Hormead Road.”

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the Planning Enforcement Team to investigate the new development at the top of Elgin Avenue where all the flats are being advertised as Airbnb-type short lettings


We need to stop turning homes into hotels.

Queen’s Park Nursery, Saltram Crescent

We are supporting the petition to keep open the nursery. The petition says:

“United Colleges, who own the property currently rented by the Community Nursery and Kindred Studios, is evicting both so that they can sell the property. They have not sold the property and do not have a buyer at this time. We would like the Council to work with LEYF and United Colleges to come to a solution that allows the nursery to stay on the property for the foreseeable future, ensuring the area has sufficient nursery places.

Ofsted has rated this an “Outstanding” nursery and many local parents have children there. The nursery has been told that it must shut its doors by the end of December. For many parents, this will create an extreme burden as other nurseries in the vicinity do not have sufficient space to absorb all of these children. In addition, this closure puts the jobs of the current nursery staff at risk and the community also suffers from having a building vacant for an indefinite period of time.”

The petition runs until 15th October


Lanhill Road

We have continued to press the Council on this issue:

“Builders have blocked off 7 car spaces with a scaffolding structure for over a week with no permit. There is no work on site and most of the spaces are not outside the houses where they have erected scaffolding. As you know parking is a big issue in the area and this cowboy behaviour is not acceptable, it also must have cost the Council around £1000 in lost permit charges. Phoned the dept (in Weston Super Mare) yesterday who confirmed that there was no permit and that they would get Street Management on it. Called them back today and they have no record of my call. After losing a big section of Lanhill to Conway for 2 months this is extra irritating”

We have also asked the Street Lighting team to fix the defective lights.

City West Homes – The Future

We are delighted that Westminster Council has finally listened to the long-standing concerns of local residents and Labour councillors by taking the much needed decision to take control of Westminster’s Housing Services back in house and closing its arms-length management organisation CityWest Homes

For several years, but particularly since summer 2017, we have been sounding the alarm about the performance of CityWest Homes, highlighting many ‘nightmare’ stories of poor performance and raising deep concerns about its service and culture, including most recently in a July 2018 Council Motion calling for CWH to be scrapped.

There is, however, much still to do in order to improve the services residents receive but this is a welcome step forward.

The case for a Tourist Tax

We have estimated that introducing a small Tourist Tax on hotel bedroom occupancy could raise over £25 million a year and help to pay for the costs of keeping the city attractive and providing the everyday public service which visitors expect to see.

A Tourist Tax would help to pay for the cost of providing facilities which tourists enjoy – keeping the environment clean and tidy, maintaining parks, street lights and open spaces, public toilets, policing and emergency services, as well as cracking down on illegal short-lets.

In Westminster, the state of public toilets is appalling with many toilets in the West End and other parts of the city closed or poorly maintained by the private operator. The estimated £2 million a year cost of running Westminster’s public toilets to a high standard could be paid for via a Tourist Tax.

In addition, some of the revenue could also be spent on policing short term lettings to ensure that unauthorised short term letting is stopped. Currently, there are real problems across Westminster with unscrupulous landlords ‘turning homes in to hotel rooms’ because of the increased revenue they can generate.


What do you think of the idea of a Tourist Tax?

Public Toilets – what you say

Thank you for raising the issue of the poor state of council toilets recently. For a flagship borough with so many tourists they are in a dreadful state and they really should do something about it. You can’t even contact the council about it via their website.”

Recycling – what you say

“All the proposals around encouraging recycling and reducing waste sound good, but is it true that WCC actually recycles only a fraction of the ‘recycling’ it collects? This may well already be something you are working on, but would it be worth raising this issue and demanding improvement on it at the same time as promoting the other measures – which are bound to be less effective if recycling doesn’t actually happen? “

What you say

“Many thanks for the report which is useful and informative as usual, and for the great work it reflects.” 

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.












Church Street Police Office

The front desk at Paddington Green Police station will move to 88 Church Street on 14th September.

Kennet House 

We have asked the Council to ensure that the triangle of land in front of Kennet House on Church Street is swept regularly.

Cherwell House

We have asked City West Homes to remove a number of dead birds from the canopies and bin areas at Cherwell House.

Joe Strummer subway

We asked TfL remove the graffiti and fix the flooding at the Joe Strummer Subway at the junction of Edgware Road and the Marylebone flyover.

Lanhill Road

We reported this issue to the Highways team:

We live in Lanhill Road (in Carnival Zone) and Conway have been carrying out roadworks, scheduled for completion on 5 August! They left the site at the end of July and popped back for 1 day and there is a tiny amount of work left to finish. On site there are a quantity of paving slabs, bricks poles etc which we think should be removed before Carnival Weekend lest they should tempt someone to adopt them as missiles! Ideally they would finish the very small amount of work left but at very least they should clear the site”

We also asked the Street Lighting team to fix the street lights which have been out of action.

Walterton Road

We have asked the Street Lighting team to fixed a broken street light on the corner of Walterton Road and Maida Hill Piazza.

Arnold House, Edbrooke Road

We are supporting leaseholders in Arnold House who are questioning the cost of major works proposed by City West Homes. 

Rubbish dumping hotspots 

We have asked the Council to locate CCTV cameras in the following locations so that those responsible can be identified: 

Harrow Road ward

  • Junction of Warlock and Walterton Roads
  • Junction of Shirland and Ashmore Roads
  • End of Fermoy Road

Church Street ward

  • Corner of Broadley/Penfold Street junction 
  • Plymton Street
  • Venables Place 
  • Boscobel Street 
  • Salisbury Street 
  • Lisson Street 
  • Paveley Street 
  • Hatton Street – outside Westmacott House

Alfred Road

We have asked the Street Lighting team to investigate the streetlights on the path under the Westway from Alfred Road to Westbourne Park Villas, over the railway tracks. Residents say:

“The first 3 street lights at the Alfred Road end aren’t working making it feel unsafe and very dark. “

23 more City West Homes ‘Horror Stories

We thought (and hoped) City West Homes had, at last, turned the corner and was heading for an improved service. How wrong we were! City West Homes’ performance continues to create new horror stories for tenants and leaseholders:

So, we have compiled 23 more ‘Horror Stories’ as told to Labour Councillors by City West Homes tenants and leaseholders. Thankfully, after reporting them to CWH, many of these long-standing issues have now been sorted. But some are still outstanding even though they were reported to CWH many months (and sometimes longer) ago. Westminster City Council is currently conducting a Review of City West Homes’ performance to which Labour Councillors are contributing.

We hope that this latest batch of ‘Horror Stories’ gives the Review Team further examples of what has gone wrong so that tenants and residents no longer have to endure the appalling level service that is currently on offer from City West Homes. You can read them here


Plastic-free Westminster

We have called on the Council to promote a ‘plastic-free city’ by encouraging supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops to:

  • use more easily-recycled containers
  • offer paper bags to package fruit and vegetable
  • promote ‘packaging-free shops’ which allow customers to bring their own containers, keeping waste to an absolute minimum.
  • use paper drinking straws in cafes, restaurants and bars
  • be part of a water bottle refill scheme org.uk
  • locate Recycling Points in the entrance of stores for old plastic bags and film
  • boost recycling and cut waste by encouraging shops, restaurants, cafes to introduce a deposit when customers buy drinks bottles and cans
  • encourage residents, visitors and office workers to carry reusable coffee cups and bottles

We say the Council should also give a lead by installing new drinking fountains in parks, squares, shopping areas and near transport hubs across Westminster to enable people to fill up water containers/bottles. In addition, the Council should:

  • work with the Canal & River Trust and Port of London Authority to ensure waterways and surrounding areas are clear of plastic and other debris, through regular clean-ups of these areas to stop plastic getting into the Thames
  • call on the Royal Parks to ensure all events there (Concerts, Winter Wonderland etc) are plastic-free in terms of takeaway containers
  • support a local social enterprise to make and sell products encouraging people to reduce plastic use – reusable cups, paper straws, reusable shopping bags

What you say

“Thanks for your regular news letters I always look forward to them which are a big interest also to see what a tremendous help you are to all the people”

“Thank you all, as always, for your commitment and support of local people.”

“Although we are both retired we hope you never retire as you are irreplaceable”

Congratulations on your great work”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.












City West Homes

Are you a City West Homes resident? Fill in our survey about CWH services and how they can be improved. http://bit.ly/surveycwh

Westminster Council has finally agreed to review City West Homes following months of complaints from residents and pressure from Labour Councillors

Unfortunately, the Council intend to consult just a few tenants and leaseholders. We believe all CWH residents should have the chance to tell the Council what they think. Complete the survey by 2 September and we’ll forward your views to the Council.

Church Street Masterplan

We have urged the Council to put the new Church Street Masterplan to a vote of residents in order to secure £23.5m of funding from the Mayor, earmarked for buying out leaseholders. Church Street Councillor Matt Noble said:

 “’Many residents simply no longer believe that their opinions on regeneration are actually being listened to. The Council needs to rebuild trust and prevent further disengagement by announcing a ballot for the new Church Street Masterplan without further delay.”

Lisson Grove

We have asked the Planning Team to investigate this twitter message:

“Is 109 Lisson Grove being used as a permanent AirBnB? Latest lot of guests cluttering up the pavement with their luggage waiting to be let in…..”

Church Street

We are supporting residents of Wytham, Loddon, Wey & Cherwell Houses who are opposed to commercial vehicles from the market parking on their estate. Residents say:

“We oppose commercial vehicles parking in residential communal areas. We have a waiting list of residents requiring parking bays, and we need the few visitors’ bays for the use of essential contractors, and emergencies.  There must be more appropriate sites, if only CWH & WCC would consider the well-being of their residents, especially our children, and put their minds to locating appropriate alternatives.”

Wytham House, Church Street

We are supporting leaseholders in Wytham House who believe they are being overcharged by City West Homes for major works to their block. 

Elgin Avenue 

We have reported this issue to BT: 

“There are 2 phone boxes at the Elgin Avenue end (opposite No. 1 outside what was RBS) in total disrepair, basically used as a toilet and rubbish bin… the glass is often broken and pieces lying on the road, presenting a hazard. I’ve written to BT a few times and asked them to remove them and replace with one new style phone kiosk (these are open and plastic, not glass) but nothing came out of it so far…”

BT say:

“I have raised a fault on these two payphones and the engineer should attend in the next 5 working days to clean and remove rubbish and the smashed glass, any problems let me know”

Saltram Crescent

We have asked the Council to investigate fly tipping next to 120 Saltram Crescent. Residents say

“It is a vacant property and is used as a rubbish tip.It almost feels like someone has a key and is using it as their tip as otherwise items wouldn’t be placed as they are but rather be a pile of mess. “

The Council say:

“The freeholder for the private land by 120 Saltram Crescent has confirmed that the area has been cleared (last week) and that he has installed a coded padlock on the gate to prevent any further fly tipping.”

BBC Maida Vale Studios

Nearly 10,000 people have signed the petition opposing the BBC plans to close its Maida Vale studios after 84 years & move its live music base to Stratford in east London. The world-famous studios have hosted thousands of performances ranging from the Beatles to Beyoncé to Girls Aloud, and many many others between. Many bands have been hosted at the Maida Vale studios, they are world famous, an institution, a landmark in the British music industry which must be protected. You can sign here


Leamington Road Villas – what you say

“Last Saturday, workers were repainting the car club bays in Leamington Road Villas. We told them that the road was going to be resurfaced from yesterday, but they carried on. Yesterday the road was resurfaced (it didn’t need it) including digging up the road that had just been painted. Today the road was painted again. What is going on – bad co-ordination and waste of money!”


The Mayor of London has criticised Westminster City Council for “dragging its feet” in reinstalling previously removed CCTV cameras. Fixed CCTV cameras in central London were axed to save £2.7 million in 2016. Only 14 cameras are currently active, compared to the 75 which were operational in 2016. The council said it was working with police to find an alternative solution, but Sadiq Khan said a decision was “taking too long”.


Review of the Planning System in Westminster

We have urged the Council to seek the views of residents as part of the Review of the Planning system in Westminster being undertaken by the National Planning Advisory Service (NPAS).

The review of Westminster Council’s planning system comes after Councillor Robert Davis stepped down as Cabinet Member for Planning earlier this year https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/mar/08/westminster-deputy-leader-stands-down-amid-investigation-over-gifts

So far, the Council say that the NPAS will be consulting with Councillors and a variety of stakeholders but “will not be undertaking a full public consultation as part of the review”.

We believe this is not good enough and we are encouraging residents to write to us with their views on how the planning system currently operates in Westminster and what changes are needed to better serve residents.

We have called for major changes to the current system


Please let us know your thoughts so we can pass them on to the Review team. 

Watch out for fake British Gas refund emails

We’ve had an increase in reports about fake British Gas emails claiming to offer refunds. The links provided in the emails lead to genuine-looking British Gas phishing websites that are designed to steal the usernames and passwords for British Gas accounts.Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a scam. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.

What you say

“It is always a pleasure to read your emails concerning the life experiences of residents who live in our community. It was also very useful to read about the role of local councillors and how they can help support local residents with issues which directly impact on their lives and for taking up their individual cases. It is good to know that residents are not alone in trying to solve problems which can affect their quality of life.

“Thank you so much for the very informative update and for taking the time in organising the North Westminster Action Report, which really helps us to know what is happening around our estates, communities and individual cases.” 

“Thank you again very much for your ongoing help.”

“The heater was finally done this last Friday and all is well. Thanks again for your help which is much appreciated” 

“Thanks for the newsletter and your hard work.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Environment & City Management spokesperson

Westminster City Council












Lisson Grove

We have asked BT to repair a broken phone box on Lisson Grove at the junction with Bell Street.

Church Street/Plympton Street

We have asked the Highways Team to do another investigation of the drains. Residents say:

“We are noticing odd drain-related phenomena that were not there before (eg a shower that – despite a lot of cleaning – appears to be clogged up somewhere down the line). We suspect that this could be related to local builders’ activities.”

Church Street estate

We are supporting residents’ opposition to City West Homes’ proposal to allow market traders to park on the estate. Residents say:

“We live here, our children play here, and we know the difference between a residential area and a parking lot for commercial vehicles.  It is ironic that whilst the Council talks with great feeling about concern for Westminster residents regarding air quality, with regard particularly for school aged children, officers are at the same time by moving commercial parking next to children’s playgrounds.”

Ingrebourne House

We have asked City West Homes to improve cleaning at Ingrebourne House after residents told us:

“Since our old cleaner retired at the end of March the cleaning here has been very poor. Over the weekend we had no cleaner.  The silver paladin bins at the front of Ingrebourne House have been left outside the block, leaving no bins in the chute room.  All the rubbish is falling onto the floor. Residents are piling rubbish outside by the recycling bins.”

413-419 Harrow Road

We are supporting residents in Fermoy Road who have raised concerns about the size of the proposed new building to replace the one that was burnt down last year. Residents say:

“It is planned that a further two floors be added to what was the original height of the building but due to the proposed increase in ceiling height the finished block would be nearly twice the height of the original building and will dwarf the neighbouring properties, including 79 Fermoy Road.”

313/315 Harrow Road

We have asked Genesis to investigate this issue: 

“Recently the service charges at 313/315 Harrow Road have been significantly increased which is particularly troubling because we are at a loss at how the money is actually being spent. The walls in the communal areas have been repainted once in the eighteen years we’ve lived here. The communal stairs’ carpets are in shambles – they’ve been steam cleaned once in eighteen years. The safety glass for our first floor fire hose hasn’t been replaced for a number of years now. Instead, it’s currently being used as a rubbish receptacle by passing residents.

A number of residents are fly-tipping beds, bed frames, sofas and other household furniture at the entrance of the building. This inhibits our ability to get in and out. I believe CCTV could help. 

The service charge increase is a particular slap in the face. It’s embarrassing to bring guests into the building because of the state of the carpets and walls. Years-old gum and grease stains remain ingrained in the carpet, the walls are stained and are in desperate need of repainting.  If we’re having to pay more money for services we’re not receiving, it’s simply not fair. We’re living in completely unsanitary conditions. “ 

Harrow Road – railway footbridge 

We have asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“There is a large amount of graffiti along the Hampden footbridge which has steadily been increasing. This includes some foul language which I think should be removed because a lot of children, including small children, use this bridge regularly every day. The graffiti can be quite easily removed because the painted bridge sides are coated with an anti graffiti layer, although some of it is written on the bare metal parts.”

Hormead Road

We have asked Westway Housing Association to ensure that the area in front of their property is not used as a place to leave unwanted furniture and other rubbish.

Maida Hill Place

Harrow Road Councillors have written to the Council to call for action to tackle the current anti-social behaviour:

“Maida Hill Place is a pedestrianised part at the junction of Fernhead, Walterton and Harrow Roads. Over 20 years ago this was an area of persistent drug dealing, prostitution and street drinking. A number of initiatives by the Council, Councillors and the community gradually transformed this area. This included the development of a market place.   

Sadly, it would appear we are returning to the bad old days. The market area is not functional and with the drop in support from the police the area is now being occupied most days into the night by loud and sometimes drunk men. At the weekend there were up to 20 people drinking and shouting up until midnight.  

I cannot imagine that this sort of activity would be tolerated in another part of the City. We have all worked to keep that area free from crime and disorder but it seems all that effort is to no avail. I must ask that the Council gives priority to supporting the local community in enforcing strict policing and other measures so that criminal and other anti social activities is removed from that part of Harrow Road Ward. “

Carlton Vale

We have contacted Genesis about the upkeep of the area outside 245 Carlton Vale.

Sutherland Avenue

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Who can I complain to about the Council sending in people to cut back trees? It’s the middle of the nesting season and they are outside right now taking chainsaws to mature trees in full leaf, where I know there are birds.I just challenged one of the workmen who said they’d probably have checked and they won’t disturb the nests – but I fail to see how the noise and disruption cannot BUT disturb any nesting birds!Surely this is the wrong time of year for this?

The Council’sSenior Arboricultural says:

“The volume of work that we carry out each year is too large to be confined to the winter months or outside of the nesting season which potentially runs from February through to the end of August. There are also sound management reasons why some works are programmed for spring and summer. 

However, we and our contractor are fully conversant with the legislative requirements in relation to work around nesting birds. It is also a requirement of the specification that they survey for nesting birds, or nest building before any work commences. Where there is evidence of nest building or nests in use in a particular tree, work would be postponed until later in the year.”

Woodfield Road

The unsatisfactory situation at Woodfield Road continues and residents say:

“We have serious concern where Woodfield Road is closed on the 90 degree bend. Every single moped rider is using the footpath and with half of the footpath closed there isn’t enough space for both moped and pedestrian to pass. So what all the riders are doing is speeding around the bend which is very dangerous as you can’t see who is coming from the corner at all. It is really dangerous and you have a lot of buggies and wheelchair users with the care home and surgery next to it. This needs urgent attention please. A sign has been put up for the moped users but it’s being ignored.”

We have raised the problem with the Council’s roads team, who say:

“This is always a difficult situation and one we have seen elsewhere. We will ask Thames Water to put extra marshals in place but this will only be during working hours. In previous locations we have found this is really only something the police can deal with but they do not have the resources to support enforcement. However, we will ask them what they can do in case they can help with some spot enforcement or occasional visits.”

Great Western Road

We have asked the Council to repair the road surface at the top end of Great Western Road. 

Blenheim Terrace

There are now three vacant shop units in Blenheim Terrace and we have asked the Council to look in to ways in which businesses can be encouraged to occupy the vacant shops, including allowing change of use to other business uses.

Twelve more scandals from City West Homes 

Council elections come and go but City West Homes’ performance just gets worse. Over the past few weeks since the Council elections we have received scores of cries for help from City West Homes tenants and leaseholders and here are 12 of the worst everyday scandals. We have been working with residents to address their problems since the issues were raised.

City West Homes appears incapable of sorting out this mess and we have now called on the Council’s Chief Executive to step in. We have asked

  • Why are CWH continuing to make life a misery for residents?
  • When is someone going to get a grip of City West Homes and turn it in to a functioning, competent organisation?
  • When will the Council take ultimate responsibility for this sorry state of affairs?


My Westminster Fund

The My Westminster Fund is open for applications until 27 August. The fund is open to all voluntary organisations, resident, faith and community groups within Westminster. This includes schools and other establishments which care for Westminster residents (such as residential care homes). All individual applications must be for under £10,000, and must benefit residents in a neighbourhood in Westminster.Your project must support one of these themes:

  • community leadership
  • community cohesion and pride in your community
  • environment and greening
  • young people


Westminster Refugee Welcome Committee

We have received this message:

“Westminster Refugee Welcome Committee is a group of volunteers working together to ensure the resettlement, warm welcome, and successful integration of vulnerable refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the City of Westminster. We focus on complementing the Council’s efforts to source housing, fundraising, and facilitating the resettlement of those making a home in our borough via the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (VPRS), which includes Community Sponsorship. 

Our aim is to ensure that resettled people feel welcome in their new community as well as being able to make their own contribution. London can be overwhelming and it can often be difficult to feel a part of a community. We want incoming families to feel they have friendly faces on hand to support and befriend them, and to help them learn how to thrive in their new city. 

We are always looking for volunteers, who will be able to commit to certain roles in the preparation and welcoming periods.  There are many roles available, including locating housing, fundraising, equipping properties, welcoming at the airport, local orientation, among others. If you are interested, please do get in touch via Robbie Parks (co-chair of Westminster Refugee Welcome) at rmiparks@gmail.com

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Environment & City Management spokesperson

Westminster City Council













Labour’s nineteen Councillors represent all residents in the Queen’s Park, Church Street, Harrow Road, Maida Vale, Bayswater, West End, Churchill and Westbourne Wards.

Along with Karen Buck we take up individual cases, as well as issues of concern across the wards we represent and across Westminster North generally. Below are some of the issues we have been taking up recently, many as a result of residents’ responses to our regular newsletters. Let us know if we can take up a local issue in your area.

Wytham House, Church Street

We are helping leaseholders in Wytham House who are having problems with major works bills submitted by City West Homes which they dispute.

Bell Street

We have again called on the owners of six empty, newly-refurbished houses in Bell Street, which have been vacant for more than 18 months, to bring them in to use. We have also asked City West Homes to approach the owners to offer to buy the houses or manage them. 

Church Street

We have asked the District Surveyor to investigate this issue:

“The scaffolding on this empty shop at 20 Church Street has been in place over 10 years and the building is obviously in a very dilapidated condition with an increasing horizontal crack across the frontage. The rear of the structure is open to the elements.” 

We have also asked the Council to investigate this issue: 

“The builders who are renovating the shop next to Alfie’s on Church Street keep tipping what I think is liquid plaster down the drain outside 7 Plympton Street. They keep on doing it. Every day. Is it going to block the drains? “

The Council say:

“This is unacceptable behaviour and doubly worrying as we maintain the gulleys and it is usually our gulleys that take the damage rather than the Thames Water sewers. Our gulley contractors will investigate and any damage found will be billed back to the developers.”

Sutherland Avenue/Harrow Road

Werecently had complaints about the length of time Sutherland Avenue has been closed.  We had a look at the site when passing and saw there are no workmen on site and asked for an update on the works schedule. Later that day we received this update from the Council:

“I’ve spoken with the team and the work by Conways to install new raised table crossings and improve the footways. The Highways team have checked with the contractor who have stated they have not been away from the site excessively and have been working to deliver this work. The past couple of days they have been working on the connection to the belisha beacons and finishing off the broader works. I am pleased to report that the work is now substantially complete as of this afternoon and the road is reopened”

Carlton Vale

Following our enquiries about rubbish dumping at the entrance to Paddington Rec, residents tell us:

“Thank you for sorting out the recycling area by Paddington Rec/Carlton Tavern. It has never looked so clean. Genuinely pleased to have what looks like a good team for Maida Vale. Rita has worked so hard over the last few years. Much appreciated.” 

61 Widley Road 

We are continuing to oppose the revised proposals for 61 Widley Road. Residents say:

The developers have not listened to the significant number and reasoned and passionate objections from residents and owners regarding the plans to ruin 61 Widley Road, the surrounding area, our homes, our lives and our financial situations. I object to the proposed development on the same basis as my two previous objections ie the adverse effect on my home in respect of reduced daylight, sunlight, privacy, noise, parking problems. I also object to the appearance, bulk and height of the proposed development.”

Randolph Avenue

We have asked BT to clean the payphone box on Randolph Avenue at the entrance to Paddington Recreation Ground which appears to be both derelict and filthy.  We have asked if it is not in use then please can it be locked or removed. BT say:

“There are no plans to remove this kiosk in the near future. However, I have arranged for the kiosk to be thoroughly cleaned. “ 

We have also asked the Council to fix this problem:

“The bollard outside Starbucks on Randolph Avenue near the junction of Elgin Avenue has been damaged for more than one month now.Could I ask you to alert the roads department to rectify this fault as it is a trip hazard for old ladies and small dogs.” 

Maida Vale and St John’s Wood superfast broadband

Read the story about how a local rabbi and Karen Buck MP worked together to bring superfast broadband to Maida Vale and St John’s Wood:


John Aird Court

We have asked City West Homes to bring forward the window replacement programme after hearing that it has been delayed again. Residents say:

“The windows might be replaced in 2020-21? This “estimated planned date” has now been postponed for two years, and I do not think this is acceptable. The metal window frames conduct heat, wasting fuel and money, and are in a poor state of repair. Can the replacement please be brought forward for the sake of all the tenants in John Aird Court? We pay service charges and council tax and are also subject to higher heating bills because of the poor quality windows.” 

Shirland Road 

We are delighted that the ‘Hero of Maida’ has opened in Shirland Road. According to the Standard:

“A multi-award-winning gastropub that was forced to shut two years ago after a huge rent rise has reopened in a rare victory over developers. Residents in Maida Vale feared that Truscott Arms would be converted into flats after former landlords, Heage Holdings increased the rent from £75,000 a year to £250,000. However, now renamed The Hero of Maida has returned after the site was bought by Harcourt Inns for £5million.”

For more information go to https://theheromaidavale.co.uk/ 

St Mary’s Terrace

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue

“You will remember the awful murder that took place not long ago in St. Mary’s Terrace.Scooters are still travelling at high speed, day and night, down through the St. Mary’s Terrace cul-de-sac and either directly out onto the road by the unnecessarily wide open footpath or ducking left and heading out through the churchyard. This is providing a fast-moving exit for people on motorcycles, that police cars cannot follow. 

The consequences are to make our street a popular target for crime, and a high-speed thoroughfare for criminals on bikes.Please could this be reviewed, because even a barrier of some kind, a movable or swing operated barrier, would put an immediate stop to this terrible practice which is going to lead to another tragedy in due course.”

West End Gate

The West End Gate development is now being marketed as Garrett Mansions in the ‘South China Morning Post’:


Wharncliffe Gardens

We have raised this issue with City West Homes:

“The estate light directly outside Rothley Court in Wharncliffe Gardens is not working. Or rather it is but it’s been programmed to come on during the day and go off at night! As a result, it very dark here at night and since there are several lone women living on the ground floor coming home at night is quite disturbing as it’s a lonely spot. “

Residents say: 

“Huge thanks for fixing the matter of the lights – super impressive. If only everyone – and all departments –  worked as professionally as you do!”

Grove End Road/Scott Ellis Gardens 

Following our enquiries about pedestrian safety at this location, the Council say: 

“Thank you for your email regarding the absence of a formal crossing facility at the junction of Grove End Road and Scott Ellis Gardens.A review of this location is currently underway with the aim of improving accessibility for pedestrians getting to and from the bus stop. This review should have concluded by the end of June 2018.”

Abbey Road

Following our enquiries about the fading markings on the famous ‘Beatles’ crossing, the Council say:

“I can confirm that our service provider has been instructed to repaint the markings, and hopefully I will be able to provide a completion date shortly.” 

Abercorn Place 

We have again asked the Planning Enforcement Team to investigate building works at Abercorn Place following concerns raised by residents.

Northwick Close

We have asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“It has been a long time since we had a visit from the man who used to cut away weed growth between cobblestones. It’s also been a long time since the dustman tidied up the gutters along the kerb.”

Hamilton Close 

We have again raised this issue with the Council:

“Thanks to your efforts Westminster came along to repair the dangerously damaged cobblestones. Unfortunately, the “repair” was botched, and some of the replacement cobbles are already crumbling. Would it be possible for you to persuade Westminster to come back and do the job properly? Not only are the new cobbles crumbling, they are uneven, and the cement surrounds are completely out of kilter with all the others.” 

Loudon Road/Carlton Hill

We have asked the Noise Team to investigate this issue:

“Can you please investigate the noise issue emanating from Cafe Med’s new extraction plant – on the corner of Loudon Road and Carlton Hill in the middle of a residential area It buzzes and can be heard in the street and many neighbouring gardens during the day and at night When I asked Cafe Med about it they said that they had installed a new air extraction unit as part of their refurbishment works and that they would do something about the buzzing, but that was several months ago and it’s still buzzing.” 

Basement developments 

The Guardian has published recent research by Newcastle University on the extent and impact of basement developments in Westminster and elsewhere in London:



Dartmouth Close

We are again pressing City West Homes on this long-standing issue:

“I’m afraid the situation has not improved. There are now more cars parked regularly across and in front of the garages (which impedes access for garage owners) and access for authorised emergency and utility vehicles in Dartmouth Close. This is both night & day. This is neither a visitor’s space or a designated parking space. Similarly, on the Talbot Road side cars and vans are routinely parked within the estate boundaries and on the slip road adjacent to Wetherbury and Tolchurch . Can we have specific details of what action is being taken on a weekly basis to discourage this please?” 

Woodfield Road 

We have received the latest update from the Council:

“I am just emailing you with an update regarding the current utility works that are taking place at Woodfield Road. As you are aware these works were scheduled to be completed on the 1st June but unfortunately Thames Water have now advised me that they have experienced yet more difficulty in removing the concrete from the sewers which in turn has resulted in a further delay to complete repairs to the heading works.”

Tavistock Road

We have asked the Council’s Tree Officer about this issue:

“Can you please look at the renewal of the tree in the raised area with benches outside the Metropolitan Public House in Tavistock Road W11.  This small tree one of 3 disappeared at the same time as area was used by Cross Rail developers, I assume that cross rail removed it.  The other 2 trees from this street landscaping project still remain.” 

BT phone boxes

The number to call to report dirty, damaged or defaced phone kiosks to BT is 0800 661 610 (option 1). Here is the recommended information to provide:

  • clear location details (street location; ideally the phone number of the kiosk but this is not essential)
  • clear descriptions of the problems in the kiosk (broken windows, graffiti, waste or hazards, defective equipment, or excessive carding)

You can send an email to BT with this information to customer.serv.payphones@bt.com

Council Election update 

For a review of the recent Council election results see


A blast from the past

‘Shirleymander’, a play by Gregory Evans about the 1980s ‘homes for votes’ furore, is to be staged in Kensington. A Guardian article discusses the history of Shirley Porter and her legacy:


For further details visit https://www.facebook.com/theplaygroundtheatre/app/153491221362738/

Woodfield Road closure – what you say

“Are you aware of the dreadful knock on effect this is having on the traffic along Great Western Road? During busy times the traffic backs up from Harrow Road to Westbourne Park Road. Also, it causes chaos on Elkstone Road as cars can no longer get out. The sis already a horrible intersection because there is a zebra crossing at the intersection. Woodfield Place is a disgrace, in that contractors dig up the road and then slap down some asphalt rather than replace the cobbles. And, of course, they do it badly so the road subsides.”

Pindock Mews – what you say

“Many thanks in getting the light fixed in Pindock Mews.  It happened fairly quickly after I asked if you would kindly sort it out! Brilliant!”

What you say

“I thank you indeed for all your help and read your newsletters all the time and the help to all the residents from the horror caused by CWH. The incompetence of CWH and shambles must start from the top seniority. They should face a tribunal for causing such a mess but that may not be necessary once your party win the elections on 3rd May”

“Many thanks for your usual informative letter. Good to see that we have a post office again in Malvern RoadVery glad to hear that you are trying to find out what is happening to the Chippenham- it really is a mess and seems to have been like that for ages! Thank you again for keeping us up to date with local issues.”

We were all delighted at the really wonderful news for both you and all the local residents of your re-election to the council.Thank you for all your do for everyone.”

Thanks again for replying so swiftly and so helpfully. It gives hope that there is still someone around who is working on behalf of ordinary people. “

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

If you do not want to receive this report you can unsubscribe below.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Environment & City Management spokesperson

Westminster City Council












Burne Street

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“As you will know, Burne Street has had the exit blocked to Marylebone Road. This is fine but it makes Burne Street even more negative in the sense it goes nowhere. It is also impossible for Deliveries or Taxis to find us even though we give Bell Street and Penfold Street are andmarks.  Is there anyway that Burne Street cane have some greater indication other that the two Street names on either side of the road which are not immediately visible?  I would also mention that with the regeneration of the area the BT Building is a disgrace and looks like an abandoned slum dwelling building no matter from which angle it is viewed.”

The Council say:

“We have instructed our service provider to move the nameplate on Burne House down half a metre so that it is more visible. Concerning the nameplate opposite, this is located in line with the Bell Street nameplate which is located on the same corner, in a commonly agreed location, and we do not propose to move this street nameplate.”

Lavendon House, Lisson Green

We have urged City West Homes to take urgent action to restore water to Lavendon House. City West say:

“Thames Water were doing some planned work at Lavendon House which has affected the drinking water. No drinking water since Friday the 20 April. Gem attended yesterday and confirms the roof tanks were full. Morgan Sindall are currently on site to try and diagnose the fault. Bottled Water has been delivered to the homes and we are investigating currently.” 

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the local Inspector to investigate this issue:

“We live opposite a prolific ‘dumper’. They dump their street food business rubbish amongst other things (a large mattress earlier in the week) just outside the property. If I complain to the Council, they come along and take it away. This just encourages them to carry on dumping if they are not being spoken to about the issue. Currently they have a few more boxes of rubbish including a large blackboard outside on the street and consequently it encourages more ad hoc dumping by passers by.” 

The Chippenham

Several residents have contacted us worried about the signs indicating some sort of demolition works at the site of the former Chippenham Hotel. We haveasked the City Inspector to make an urgent visit to the site which is happening to ascertain precisely what is going on.

Maida Hill Piazza

The property at number 4 has been empty for a while so it’s good to see a cafe opening soon on Maida Hill Piazza. 

The Stowe Centre

Now would be a good time for Westminster Council to reverse its axing of youth services. We could have the Stowe reopened in time for the summer holidays.

Metropolitan pub

The planning application to convert the upper floors of the Metropolitan Pub to flats is in: go to http://idoxpa.westminster.gov.uk/online-applications/search.do?action=simple&searchType=Application …and type in 18/02488/FULL to see it and comment.

Woodfield Road

Woodfield Road has been blocked for some weeks and we think residents should know why. It is connected to the excessively tall Hathaway House development, which ward councillors opposed but the current majority on the council gave permission. The construction team excavating the site damaged one of the sewers in the area, so Thames Water have been forced to carry out emergency works. The worksite is in the middle of the road and so it has closed.

Westminster’s Roads team tell us: “The current work on street by Cappagh (on behalf of TW) is to repair the sewer which was damaged by the building works. It is planned that the street will be open by 9th May at the latest on completion of these works. One of my Officers has been on site and he has spoken to the contractor. They have confirmed there are no other problems with the sewer along the length of the street. The area where they are working is the location of the only damage.

There are areas of failing setts and depression in the street. Some of this is already identified for repair (the rest has been picked up now) and none of it is thought to be due to any damage to the sewer. My guys are arranging for anything that can be done by our contractors while the road is already shut to be completed at the same time so we minimise the pain for the residents.”

As residents know, Woodfield Road is one-way, so blocking it would mean people can’t drive in to the eastern part of Woodfield Road or access the eastern part of Elmfield Way (including Athlone Care Home). We have been told that “usually if a street is one way and closed then it becomes two-way for access.” Officers are checking that action has been taken. The ‘No Entry’ sign from Harrow Road may be covered over for the time being so it’s clear.

Cleaning up the Canal

We have been chasing the Canal & River Trust about rubbish issues along and in the canal and have received the below update:

“The reason for the high level of floating litter and noticeably more litter on the canals in general at this time of year, is ‘spring turnover’. Essentially, as the water warms up in spring, litter, debris and other detritus that has been lying on the bottom of the canal all winter floats to the surface. The warmer water temperature means this happens pretty well everywhere at the same time, making the canals thick with floating rubbish, especially at obstructions like lock gates or where the canals narrow, like at bridges.  

We’ve got teams working along the Grand Union Canal to get this litter cleared as soon as possible, and have also had help from teams of volunteers. It’s massively frustrating that this litter makes its way into the canal in the first place, as it gets blown in by the wind or thrown into the canal deliberately.

Please see this report on litter on BBC London, featuring the Trust (forward to 10m30s) https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09x06sb/london-news-evening-news-27032018

And another 25 more ‘Nightmare Stories from City West Homes’

We have issued a new dossier of another 25 more ‘Nightmare Stories from City West Homes’ this year, following our first report in January 2018, which included 20 Nightmare Stories, and our second report in March with details of 25 more Nightmare Stories.

Once again, we have had reports from tenants and leaseholders living right across Westminster – from Pimlico to Paddington, from the West End to Westbourne – all expressing anger at the incompetent and heartless way in which City West Homes treats its 22,000 tenants and leaseholders.

Service standards have deteriorated badly following Conservative council cuts to the housing management budget, the closure of local estate offices and the bungled introduction of a new call centre and repairs contract.

In 2018, it is hard to believe the almost Dickensian situation some people have to live in and which is summed up by this report about a 70 year old woman in Dowland Street, Queen’s Park who “has been without electricity for 6 weeks. Contractors turn up and never finish the job. She is now lighting her flat with candles.”

We will immediately put CityWest on notice so that if its performance does not rapidly improve it will be stopped from managing the council’s properties. We have set out our plans for change if we are elected to run the council on May 3rd.

Labour’s Five Point Plan for CityWest Homes

  • From day one, Labour will take action to end the repairs crisis and improve the way CityWest treats residents. If it doesn’t urgently improve Labour will scrap it.
  • We will re-establish local estate offices.
  • We will urgently look at further ways to improve the failing call centre system.
  • We will give residents a greater say over how their homes are managed.
  • We will introduce a new leaseholders’ charter to improve support to resident leaseholders and look to limit huge major works bills


Standing up for our EU residents

In the EU referendum in 2016, Westminster voted overwhelmingly to Remain.

If elected in May, Westminster Labour will fight to support our EU residents at this difficult time by expanding EU residents’ access to specialist legal advice and support services.

We will also play an active role in challenging the Government’s attempts to weaken EU citizens’ rights and demand that all existing rights are retained in the future.

We will appoint a Council Champion for the issues facing EU nationals and create a working group of local residents from the EU27 to help address future issues.

EU citizens are eligible to vote in the Council Elections on Thursday 3rd May.

Labour’s Manifesto for the 2018 Council Elections

After decades of the Conservatives taking Westminster for granted, residents have a real chance to change the future of this city. Years of cuts have taken their toll on local services, particularly for the most vulnerable.

The Conservatives have put the needs of developers above the needs of the vast majority of local residents. For generations they have failed to build the Council (social rent) and lower (intermediate) rent homes that Westminster needs to give the City a viable future.

Labour has a credible alternative plan that can be delivered today despite the damage being done by the current government. Our communities are calling out for change, and in this manifesto Labour sets out a vision for how things could be run differently, how we will deliver a Westminster for the many not the few if we are elected to run the council on May 3rd 2018.


Problems paying Water Rates?

Thames Water is running a project with Citizens Advice Westminster to help people who are having problems paying their Water Rates. They can help to access hardship funds and apply for grants to pay off water rate debts. They will provide budgeting advice and negotiate regarding other household debts.

Contact the Gateway helpline 03003301191.

There is also an on-line enquiry form at:


Carlton Tavern – what you say

“Concerned about the Carlton Tavern and the delaying tactics from the architects and developer. Please don’t let them get away with flagrant disregard for conservation and planning laws generally.”

What you say

Thank you for April Westminster North Action Report. To me. everything Karen Buck MP and our Labour Councillors do is amazing. The Action Reports show how much detail you follow persistently to get results from the Council. I am hoping Westminster will be Labour from May.” 

“Renewed appreciation for the remarkable and most useful work you conduct.” 

“The free-of-charge public toilets of Maida Hill Piazza (top of Fernhead Road) have re-opened, which must be due to your intervention. This situation does not affect me but, on behalf of stall holders, we should thank you for this success.” 

“Happy to leave the flat this morning and see a contractor starting on the ponding areas at the corner of Penfold Street and Broadley Street” 

“Yet again I will be voting Labour. I know you have our best interests at heart”

“Many thanks for your interesting and informative report Good luck and fingers and toes crossed for the 3rd May”

“Huge thanks for this and all your hard work fighting the good fight. Here’s to turning Westminster RED on May 3rd

“Good luck in the upcoming elections and thank you for being such helpful representatives.”

“Thank you for your manifesto. Though what the council does matters so much to our daily lives and I am grateful for the work of our Labour councilors”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business and Public Realm spokesperson


Promoted by Andrew Whitley on behalf of Westminster Labour Councillors and Candidates at 4G Shirland Mews, London W9 3DY










Labour’s Manifesto for the 2018 Council Elections

After decades of the Conservatives taking Westminster for granted, residents have a real chance to change the future of this city. Years of cuts have taken their toll on local services, particularly for the most vulnerable.

The Conservatives have put the needs of developers above the needs of the vast majority of local residents. For generations they have failed to build the Council (social rent) and lower (intermediate) rent homes that Westminster needs to give the City a viable future.

Labour has a credible alternative plan that can be delivered today despite the damage being done by the current government. Our communities are calling out for change, and in this manifesto Labour sets out a vision for how things could be run differently, how we will deliver a Westminster for the many not the few if we are elected to run the council on May 3rd 2018.


Church Street Masterplan

The Council’s Masterplan for the Church Street are will not work for the community in its current form, say Church Street Labour Councillors. People’s trust in the Council has been very badly damaged by this complete failure to deliver following the Futures Plan ballot in 2012.

If Labour wins the elections on 3rd May there will be resident ballots on all proposals for estate regeneration. We will minimise demolition and make sure there are new homes which people can afford. We will prioritise building homes for people on average and below-average incomes.

Cosway Street/Old Marylebone Road/Marylebone Road junction

We have asked TfL to repair a number of the street lights at this very busy junction.

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the Council to replace a broken tree outside Marble House, Elgin Avenue.

Chippenham Road

We have asked the Planning Department for an update on the planning status of Momtaz at 99 Chippenham Road which operates as a shisha café until 2am every day of the week. The Planners say:

“The use of the above site remains under investigation by the Planning Enforcement Team, with an extant enforcement notice in place prohibiting the use of the Property for mixed purposes as a café/restaurant and shisha smoking place.  Prosecution action is currently being considered in respect of the alleged breach of this notice.

Historically there are no planning controls over the hours of use of the Property; however, I am aware that the Property does not benefit from a premises licence and is therefore not permitted to serve hot food or drink after 11pm, and the City Operations, Public Protection and Licensing Team are investigating this matter.

Hormead Road

We have asked the Council to take action on this issue:

This is the 4th time in as many months that a scaffolding lorry has completely blocked the highway- often for hours on end.  Cars entering Hormead Road are forced to back up on to Great Western road, as the Lorry cannot be seen until they have turned into the street.  Why is it hat they are allowed to flout the law with such impunity by the police and council?”

Maida Hill Market piazza

We contacted the Council about this issue:

“Cadent are supposed to be installing a new gas supply pipe into 2 Fernhead Road. However, they came yesterday and left after a short while leaving the area in a mess. The granite is damaged and big lumps of it have been left in the middle of the pavement.  This is a trip hazard at the very least. It will be difficult to replace the granite setts, which were very expensive to install.The barriers are still up but some of them have fallen over. “

Carlton Tavern – Update

The Planning Department has given us this latest update:

The injunction preventing further demolition on the site was varied last month to allow further demolition, but only as necessary to comply with the requirements of the enforcement notice.  There is a need to ensure the safe retention of the flank wall before any further demolition commences.

I have been advised by the architect appointed to act on behalf of the owner that works are due to start imminently; however, we have received similar assurances previously, which have not resulted in any works commencing.  It is likely that a cherry picker will be used initially, to remove the remaining sections of the front elevation above ground floor level and the exposed metal framing components.  Once this has been done and the area within the basement made safe, the foundations will be assessed by surveyors and engineers before any further work commences. 

The enforcement notice is due to be complied with by the end of July 2018.  The City Council will be in a position to consider taking any further action once the compliance period for the notice expires in July.” 

Sutherland Avenue

We have asked the Planning Department to investigate residents; concerns about unauthorised building works to a property in Sutherland Avenue.

Oversley House

We have asked City West Homes to take action to stop the regular dumping of rubbish and furniture outside Oversley House.


We have welcomed the increased on-the-spot fines of up to £150 for dropping litter, including from vehicles.


Register to vote

The local Westminster City Council elections are on Thursday 3 May.

If youaren’t already registered to vote, youneed to do so to vote in this local election.  The deadline to register at gov.uk/register-to-vote is Wednesday 17 April. It only takes a few minutes. Anyone who is already registered to vote does not need tore-register. If youhave moved home in the last few months and havenot registered to vote at your new address youstill have time to register at this new location.

The other key dates are the postal vote application deadline which is 5pm, on Wednesday 18 April and the proxy vote application deadline is 5pm, Wednesday 25 April.

EU citizens are able to vote in these local elections.

You can get more information by visiting www.westminster.gov.uk/westminster-city-council-election-2018

Edbrooke Road – what you say

“Edbrooke Road dog fouling is a small issue compared to some of the more significant issues you are championing but it is still an unpleasant one. There is an increase in bags of scoped poo left in the gutters of Edbrooke, Marylands and Goldney roads – in addition to piles of unbagged crap on pavements of those streets – as well as in the grass and among the planting in Edbrooke Garden itself.

I would certainly welcome a warden but cannot hope that this is a realistic option at present. There did used to be dog bins in the gardens – but they disappeared some time ago. There are some, incidentally next to the children’s play area behind Westminster Academy on Harrow Road so they still exist with in Westminster. Investment in Westminster in such bins would help address anti-social behaviour and have an environmental benefit too.”

What you say

“Thank you for your latest monthly report, comprehensive and informative as always.” 

“Thank you for the regular reports.” 

“Many thanks for your hard work on our behalf; it is so much appreciated” 

“As ever thanks for this and actions contained herein” 

“Many thanks, as always, for the very interesting Newsletter.” 

“Huge thanks for this. Always v useful. Here’s hoping Westminster Council turns red on May 3rd! Thanks for doing such a great job in the community.”

“Many thanks for your usual informative report – the best way to find out what is happening in the area!”

“I find your action report very informative–thank you for doing this”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council


Promoted by and on behalf of Westminster Labour Party at 4G Shirland Mews, London W9 3DY











Broadley Street/Harewood Avenue

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“I would like to comment about regular illegal dumping in the small fenced off space in front of the property on the corner of Broadley Terrace and Harewood Avenue. There have been mattresses and other household waste, as well as bits of wood and broken furniture. “

Kimble House, Lisson Green

On behalf of residents, we have asked City West Homes for an explanation as to why the recently installed new boiler has broken down three times in the first three months since it was installed.

Lisson Grove/Marylebone Road

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“Can anything be done about the large private coach which every day parks on the double yellow lines at the Marylebone Road end of Lisson Grove just before the junction traffic lights on some sort of school run around mid day onwards which seriouly reduces the flow of traffic flow down Lisson Grove which tails back way past a Catholic Junior school with the resulting delays from two lanes to one lane and all the added pollution in the whole area.”

The Council say:

“We have briefed all Marshals who regularly patrol this area regarding the complaint.  If found parking/waiting in contravention of the parking restrictions, the service will manage in line with our published enforcement code of practice.  Should the vehicle be involved with the school, we will engage with the school as part our overall engagement plan to ensure compliance.”

Penfold Street/Church Street

We have again asked the Parking Department to take the necessary action here:

“Vans are still parking on the corner of Penfold Street and Church Street on a daily basis. The Marshalls just let these traders get away with it. There is going to be a bad accident on this corner”

The Council say:

“We have briefed all Marshals who patrol this area of your concern and asked them to take appropriate action should vehicles be found in contravention.” 

Fisherton Street Estate

Following our intervention, City West Homes will not be removing satellite dishes from flats on the Fisherton Street estate.

Chippenham Road/Shirland Road

We have asked Nuno, the local Inspector to investigate this iossue:

“Can anything be done to clean up the grocery store on corner Chippenham Road/Shirland Road opposite the barbers/carpet shop who leave the fruit and vegetables out all night uncovered with only a green iron grid to prevent stealing. The fruit/veg then sold in pound bowls every morning after goodness knows what infestation has accessed it throughout the night. Really is disgusting. Before they used to cover it with a filthy blanket but it’s worse now.  Where’s the health and safety issue here.”

Kilburn Park Road/Shirland Road

We have repeated our call to Brent and Westminster Council to repaint the white lines at the zebra crossing at this junction. Residents say:

“Please could the zebra crossing on Shirland Road next to Brown’s chemist and Kilburn Park Lane be repainted. It is in constant use and is barely visible. It could cause an accident if a driver failed to see it was a crossing.”

We are told that Brent will be repainting the white lines and repairing the belisha beacons. 

245 Carlton Vale

We have asked Genesis to take urgent action to sort out the problems at this property:

“Recently, Genesis merged with another housing association and unfortunately the service they provide to us is consistently poor. In particular, the cleaning of the building, pest infestations and how the building looks from the outside. Regarding pests, there were occasions where we would see dead mice in the communal areas but they did send someone to put traps. The cleaning is a major on-going issue and although they changed contractors, the building remains dirty and poor.”

Genesis say:

“We can definitely have a look at this one and remind the cleaners that the outside beds are their responsibility. We don’t have any live reports of pests, and they along with any queries around cleaning can be called in directly. It’s a good time to plant in the spring, so we will get some new plants put in, and these will be recovered from the service charge. We will review the current state of cleaning at the estate, and we’ll add the congregating youths to the register at the fortnightly problem solving meeting with the Police.”

Residents say – “Thank you so much. Amazed at the fast response!!” 

Metropolitan Public House, 60 Great Western Road

Following our enquiries, we have been contacted by the agents for the new owners of the building who say:

“The new owner will be applying to Westminster City Council for planning permission to replace the poor quality side addition and erect a rear and mansard roof extension. The existing landlord’s accommodation on the first and second floors is no longer required and this space would be converted to residential accommodation, comprising five, 1 and 2 bedrooms apartments. The proposal will repair the existing original features of the building including cleaning and repointing the brickwork and rendering where necessary.”

Great Western Road

We have asked the Highways Department to investigate this issue:

“The new Cement Batching Plant in Great Western Road Depot is back in operation again. Please could you get confirmation of:

  • The times that Cement Traffic incoming and outgoing are permitted. I have observed heavy bulk trucks incoming (Chippenham Road) from 0640 every weekday morning (on my way to work) , and empty returning Cementmixers at 1600 on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Is there a Maximum weight size limit for these vehicles?
  • Are there any checks on the loading of these vehicles?
  • The Road surface in the upper part of Chippenham Road is breaking up (again)
  • There is often cement spillage at the junctions of Harrow Road, and Elgin Avenue”

Torquay Street

We have asked the Parking Department to look at this issue:

“I often find that cars are parked on the pavement itself without any regard to the damage they are causing to paving stones and causing difficulty for pedestrians to negotiate save passage to the Academy.

Labour’s Five Point Plan for CityWest Homes

Residents are angry with the very poor performance of CityWest Homes. Service standards have clearly deteriorated after Conservative council cuts to the housing management budget, the closure of local estate offices and the bungled introduction of a new call centre and repairs contract.

A Labour Council would immediately put CityWest on notice so that if its performance does not rapidly improve it will be stopped from managing the council’s properties.

  • From day one, Labour will take action to end the repairs crisis and improve the way CityWest treats residents.
  • We will re-establish local estate offices.
  • We will urgently look at further ways to improve the failing call centre system.
  • We will give residents a greater say over how their homes are managed.
  • We will introduce a new leaseholders’ charter to improve support to resident leaseholders and look to limit huge major works bills.

25 more ‘Nightmare Stories’ from City West Homes

In January 2018, we unveiled a dossier of ’20 Nightmare Stories from City West Homes’. The reaction to this from tenants and leaseholders was overwhelming, with many more ‘nightmare stories’ coming to light from all over Westminster. Residents are angry with the very poor performance of City West Homes, particularly following the recent debacles over the new call centre and the repairs contract.

We have followed this up with ‘25 More Nightmare stories from City West Homes’ with details of:

  • Continued long waits on the telephone to report problems to the CWH call centre
  • Failure to deal with emergencies quickly
  • Lack of communication between CWH and its tenants and leaseholders
  • Poor communications between CWH and its contractors
  • Failure of CWH to return calls from tenants and leaseholders
  • Broken appointments by CWH contractors


Welcome for extra police on the beat

We have welcomed welcomed the Mayor’s decision to invest an additional £59m annually to support an extra 1,000 police officers by using income raised from business rates. This will help avoid falling police numbers due to Government cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget.

We have also welcomed the Mayor’s announcement that he is creating a brand new £45million fund to help young Londoners who are at risk of getting caught up in crime. The Mayor’s new Young Londoners Fund will see £15m invested in each of the next three years, beginning from April. Of the total new funding, £10million a year will make up a new fund into which local communities, charities and schools will be able to bid for funds, and £5million a year will be invested to scale up existing projects funded from City Hall that are already supporting young Londoners.

In addition, over 1,800 people have signed Westminster Labour’s petition to halt the Government’s further £400 million cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget.

The petition to Parliament, https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/203543, runs until 27th April.

Building genuinely affordable homes

If Labour win the Council we will create a new type of affordable housing –  Westminster Key Worker Homes. We will commit that, in addition to social housing, all new affordable housing built on council land will be at rents that are affordable to residents on average and below average incomes. We will ensure that these homes are focused on providing opportunities for long-standing residents of Westminster and key workers such as nurses, teachers, firefighters and the police.

Labour’s pledge on Cleaner Streets

Mattresses and other household objects dumped on our street corners have become an all too common a sight. A Labour council will rigorously focus on fly-tipping and bulky waste dumping and we have made a number of commitments that will help tackle the problem. If elected in May 2018:

  • Labour will urgently reform the fees and charges for bulky waste collection, restoring a ‘first time free’collection and reducing costs for standard collections.
  • We will develop a new ‘express collection’bulky waste removal service.
  • We will look further at the use of mobile cameras to help enforcement at fly-tipping hotspots and at ways to increase fines for dumping.
  • As part of our support for a new Private Renters Charter we will improve the information provided to landlords, letting agents and tenants.
  • We will provide a smartphone App to make it easier for residents to make use of the Council’s ‘report it’ service, helping further target the worst affected areas.

Register to vote

The local Westminster City Council elections are on Thursday 3 May.

If you aren’t already registered to vote, you need to do so to vote in this local election.  The deadline to register at gov.uk/register-to-vote is Wednesday 17 April. It only takes a few minutes. Anyone who is already registered to vote does not need to re-register. If you have moved home in the last few months and have not registered to vote at your new address you still have time to register at this new location.

The other key dates are the postal vote application deadline which is 5pm, on Wednesday 18 April and the proxy vote application deadline is 5pm, Wednesday 25 April.

EU citizens are able to vote in these local elections.

You can get more information by visiting www.westminster.gov.uk/westminster-city-council-election-2018

What you say

“Thank you for the updates. I am a resident of Plympton Street and can confirm that it has been subject to both human and dog waste. The human waste, whilst thankfully not that frequent, is often in front of the recessed garage doorways of numbers 6 & 7.”

“Very informative report. I’m glad that note has been taken regarding the zebra crossing issue at the junction of Shirland Road and Kilburn Park Road. I use this crossing regularly and the disappearing demarcation lines on the road are a potential hazard to both pedestrians and drivers particularly if a driver is unfamiliar with the area.”

“I wholeheartedly echo the concerns of fog fouling in Edbrooke Road Gardens. As a resident overlooking the Gardens, there is sheer arrogance on display: the dog owner doesn’t even spend time exercising the dog (and never on a leash even though there is a playground); they crap and leave. Just from my observation, male dog owners are the worst offenders. Female dog owners tend to be more responsible. This is just an observation”

“I would echo the comment about the poor state of the pedestrian crossing at the junction of Shirland Rd and Kilburn Park Rd.  I note that this comes under the auspices of Brent Council.”

“I’m not sure if you waved a magic wand, but not only are the beds no longer blocking the chute area, but the lights are all working as well.” 

“Your Action Reports are very much appreciated” 

“Thank you so much for helping Barnwood Close with getting our security doors finally functioning after more than 2 months.  CityWest Homes have a lot to answer for and I know we would not have succeeded without your dogged help and support.” 

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council










Marylebone Road traffic

Following our enquiries about traffic travelling north-south/south-north jumping the lights along Marylebone Road, TfL say:

“As a result of the lane closures that are in place for the Baker Street works, to introduce two-way traffic on Baker Street and Gloucester Place, unfortunately some green signal time has had to be reallocated to Marylebone Road. This is because as it holds a considerable proportion of the traffic travelling around central London. Unfortunately, this has meant a slight reduction in green signal time to the side roads. Increasing the green time to the side roads will result in significant levels of queuing on Marylebone Road which would eventually cause gridlock of the whole network as you can understand. The traffic team are continuing to monitor the traffic signal strategy in the area during the works and have engineers constantly reviewing the signal timings.”

Bell Street

We have asked the local City Inspector to investigate the continued dumping off waste outside the the BT building in Bell Street.

Plympton Street

We have asked the City Inspector to take the necessary action to stop this this anti-social behaviour:

“Dog fouling seems to be becoming an issue in Plympton Street. I’ve had to clean up 3 times in as many days. Very irresponsible owners. I guess you could say “human fouling” too – since certain people seem to think it is ok to come and relieve themselves at one end of the street or the other.”

Church Street/Penfold Street

We asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“Can be done about the parking on the corner of Penfold Street and Church Street.  There is a bay dedicated for loading and in loading but its used by the Market traders as permanent parking. The traffic Marshals don’t do anything at the moment there are 3 lorries parked there with an ambulance on the opposite side of the road”

The Parking Department say:

“We have raised the issue with our enforcement provider in order to highlight the potential abuse that is occurring and this will remain on our enforcement planner for review.  Marshals have been sent out to investigate the location and will continue to do so to ensure compliance.” 

Edgware Road

We have asked Transport for London to fix various street lights along Edgware Road after receiving this message:

I would like to report a long term street lighting problem which I have reported to Transport for London many times with no result.  There is a light out in Edgware Road opposite the entrance to Frampton Street.  But more importantly there are two lights out either side of the 18 bus shelter in the lee of the flyover outside the Bourne House BT building.  As the light in the shelter is also out the bus stop is very dark and inhospitable and dangerous.  I have reported this many times over several months and no repairs are done. Are you able to help? “

Saltram Crescent

The Saltram Crescent experimental one-way system has now been made permanent. Here is the report on how the experiment has worked on residents’ views.


Warlock Road/Chippenham Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“I have long been concerned about the traffic on the junction of Warlock Road and Chippenham Road. This junction can be extremely busy at times and cars cannot pull out to turn right on the Chippenham Road this causes a backlog of cars on Warlock road. As you can only pass one car at a time the traffic turning into Warlock Road gets stuck and you have gridlock. Maybe it needs something like a yellow box on Chippenham to allow the cars to turn right or a widening of the junction on Warlock so cars can turn right and left into Chippenham. Also the lights on Chippenham Elgin only allow about three cars to go through at a time compounding the problem. Please could you ask the appropriate persons to look into this as well.”

The Road Safety Team say: 

“Quite recently, double yellow lines were installed at the corners of the junction in question to help address the issue of restricted traffic flow.  I am minded to keep this under review for the time being before considering any further measures. The problem with the timing of the lights, I will refer to TfL.”

Edbrooke Road Gardens

We have asked Nuno, the local City Inspector, to investigate this recurring issue:

“I would like to request urgent action on the notable increase in dog-fouling over the last 6 months or so.  Edbrooke Road Gardens remains a total no-go area for anyone other than dog-owners due to it being a complete ‘dog-loo’; there is clearly no enforcement against dog-fouling, and the offenders know this.   However, Goldney Road and Edbrooke Road have now too become a hazard of dog mess on a daily basis.  It is everywhere and everyday, on the pavement and in the gutter, and it is disgusting.     

I’m afraid the usual responses of “we will put more signs up” and “dog-walkers may still not be aware they can use the black bins to dispose of dog waste” simply don’t wash. The (probably small number of) offenders just know they can get away with it and simply don’t care about the effect their selfish and irresponsible actions have.  The only answer I’m afraid is to have proper enforcement – ie someone once a fortnight for a couple of hours patrolling the park and surrounding streets slapping fines on the offenders.  There is no doubt they will catch people doing it, and I have no doubt a £500 fine will deter them in future!  Please can you press for some meaningful action on this, for the sake of all residents.”

Kilburn Park Road/Shirland Road

We have contacted Brent Council about this issue:

“The dilapidated (and increasingly dangerous) Zebra crossing on the corner of Kilburn Park Road and Shirland Road.  One of the (orange) lights on the belisha beacons is still completely out of action.  And the original black and white stripes on the road are now practically indistinguishable.”

Alfred Road

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“There are cars that stop and leave their cars unattended on the junction into Alfred Road, blocking entry into the road. They are always there in the morning and in the afternoon so we find it very hard to leave Alfred Road to go to Harrow Road. They should park away from the junction.”

The Parking Team say:

“We will bring this matter to our marshals’ attention and ask them to attend at both school opening and closing times to access the issues and where required take appropriate action against any offending vehicles.”

Metropolitan pub, Great Western Road

Residents have asked if we know why the Metropolitan pub on Great Western Road has closed down. They say it was an “important part of the life of the neighbourhood.”

Metropolitan Pubs/Greene King who used to own the site are refusing to give details about why they sold the pub but they have told us that it has been bought by a new owner, the Max Barney Pub Company. We are urgently looking into what this company plans to do with the Metropolitan as there have been concerns about their previous purchase of the Salt House pub in Abby Road.

Bayswater Children’s Centre 

We are deeply concerned that the Council is considering closing the Bayswater Children’s Centre. The Council has taken huge amounts of money out of ‘early help’ services for young people and families in Westminster- £7.42 million in ‘early help’ cuts since 2015 (as part of more than £10m cuts to children’s services). These cuts have seen services both for the most vulnerable and the wider community hollowed out across many of Westminster’s Children’s Centres.

When traditional Children’s Centre Services and stay and play drop-in sessions were cut from Bayswater Children’s Centre in 2016, the Council promised that Government funded support for 2 year olds alongside maternity services, after-school services and other voluntary sector sessions would fill the gap. The Council have now confirmed that from summer 2018 the 2 year old provision will be moving to other facilities and the council is now ‘exploring options for the site’.

We believe that drop-in and outreach services for young children and their parents are hugely important. So if elected to run the council in May Labour is committed to keeping the Bayswater Children’s Centre open and providing services to all local families. This will include restoring the provision of stay and play drop-ins and outreach services from the site.

City West Homes

We have been helping residents deal with City West Homes. These are some of your messages of thanks:

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. Amazingly our door entry system and lift and now working. We have also got a promise of a meeting to try and resolve the ongoing problem of them not billing us for service charges. I know we would not have been able to do this without your support. We had been trying alone for many years.”

“Yet again, I really don’t know how to thank you! After my email to you, I had a flurry of phone calls from various management teams at City West, finally acknowledging and wanting to do their utmost to rectify my neighbours’ issue. Yet again, a long standing issue that both myself and my neighbour were being stonewalled at every turn has been rectified by you and your team’s intervention. Thank you so much.” 

Cleaning up Westminster’s Planning system 

We have pledged to clean up Westminster’s Planning system if we are elected at the Council elections on 3rd May.

There is a clear perception that senior Conservative Councillors have very close relationships with developers. For example, the Conservative Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Robert Davis, has disclosed that since the start of 2015 he has received hospitality related to his role as a City Councillor from developers, big business and other interests a record 514 times. This equates to a staggering 14 cases of declarable hospitality a month, peaking at 47 cases in December 2016. We believe that such an approach does not help build public trust that the Council will put the needs of residents before those of property developers and business interests.

If elected to run the Council in May, Labour will engage with industry representatives in open settings to share views and push for residents’ priorities, but we will do so whilst working to achieve the highest standards. Labour commits that:

  • Labour Cabinet Members and Councillors will not accept hospitality from individual developers and their agents.
  • Labour will require the Council to formally record all meetings between Cabinet Members and developers when discussing individual schemes. There will always be an officer present.
  • A record of these meetings will be posted on the Council website within two weeks.



There is a new Chief Superintendent in charge of Westminster Police and we hope to meet with him soon to discuss his plans. We will keep arguing for more police to keep our streets safe and for the Government to halt the cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget. In particular:

  1. There have been huge real-terms cuts to policing budgets across the country. In London alone, £700 million has been cut from the Met Police’s budget by the Government.
  2. These cuts mean that in London, we’ve lost 2,495 Police officers and 3,261 Police Community Support Officers.
  3. The Met Police still needs to find a further £370 million of savings by 2022 – meaning police numbers could fall below 27,500 by 2021 – the lowest level since 2002.

We have started a petition to stop the police cuts https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/203543

Keeping the Council Tax low

If elected in May Westminster, Labour will keep Council Tax low. Labour will support the current proposals by the Council for a freeze in the Council Tax rate and a 2% rise in the adult social care precept in 2018/19. If elected, we will not raise the council tax and adult social care precept by any more than the Conservatives have over recent years.

Council Tax is always an emotive issue. Westminster Council receives the highest levels of parking revenue (£73.2m) in the country as well as substantial commercial income from its large Central London property portfolio (£42.8m) that help prop up its finances far more than in other boroughs. Westminster also has a long-track record of under-investing in its public services and its upcoming budget plans to cut over £3 million from services for children and young people and £2 million from rough sleeping and supported housing.

Due the impact of crippling Conservative Government cuts to local council funding, Westminster Conservatives have raised the Council Tax (including the adult social care precept) every year since 2016.

The Blitz in Westminster

This website shows where bombs were dropped during the Blitz. You can find out how close they got to your home


What you say

“Thank you for updates on our Ward and local issues, without which we would not be aware of avenues to explore our concerns. I look forward to voting Labour at the earliest possible opportunity. “

“Thanks for the newsletter.” 

“Thank you again for your interesting and informative letter. It is really helpful and useful to know what is happening in the neighbourhood. Keep up the good work!!”

“Thanks so much – and for all you do”

“Very grateful thanks once again for your thorough compilation and determination to pursue controversial issues month after month. Residents’ comments demonstrate their/our profound appreciation.”

“Thank you for the informative update as always. I would support any measure designed to decrease the amount of fly-tipping of large objects. I frequently see furniture including mattresses dumped across the pavement, which must be an absolute nightmare for people with prams or in wheelchairs. “

“It sounds like you are doing a fantastic job. Well done! “

“Thanks for your update and action regarding rubbish dumping in Aldrige Road Villas. We’re happy with the proposal set out in your latest email with regarding this issue as well.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council






Church Street Estate

Following our enquiries about hot water problems affecting residents of Wandle House, Medway House, Ravensbourne House, Roding House, Lea House and Eden house, City West Homes has told us:

“To improve the service, we currently have a heating replacement scheme on-site to replace the existing calorifers as they have come to the end of their serviceable life.  Whilst we had hoped to re-use the existing plantrooms, they contain more complex asbestos materials than thought, and the replacement kit would be difficult to install and unmaintainable due to unsafe working conditions.

The only viable option to quickly provide an improved service for residents is to build temporary plant rooms on part of the redundant play area located centrally in the car park.  We can arrange for commencement of the works within the next 2-3 weeks, and it will take about 8 weeks from commencement to completion. “

Cosway Street

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this continuing issue:

I have a continuing problem with the ex adult education centre in Cosway Street now being used by the parking control team. The grounds are a continual dumping area for rubbish with the corner area of Stalbridge and Shroton Streets being worst. It’s unsightly right now. In addition, the tree within the grounds on this same corner has needed pruning for some years but they don’t do it. Also, the same corner outside of the boundary is used every day for fly tipping or the dumping of bags of rubbish. I have requested a big wheelie bin be placed on the corner but nothing happens

Shroton Street/Ashmill Street 

We have asked the Council to remove a burnt out car in the car park between Shroton Street and Ashmill Street.

The Perseverance, Shroton Stree

Residents have started a campaign to save The Perseverance which traded successfully for many years as a restaurant and pub at 11 Shroton Street. The building was converted to flats on the first and second floor and now the owner is seeking permission to convert ground floor and basement to residential as well.

You comment on the planning application. Go to http://idoxpa.westminster.gov.uk/online-applications/, put 17/08208/FULL in the search box and click on the ‘make a comment’ tab. The following points might be useful:

  • It is located within the Lisson Grove Conservation Area of which it is is an integral and distinguished part.
  • It is near the Seashell restaurant and opposite the planned Cosway Street residential development, so there should be plenty of potential customers.
  • The Perseverance could trade successfully if the rent demanded, currently in excess of £60K, was reasonable for a small local business.
  • For local people it has real community value.

Marylebone Road/Seymour Place 

We have asked TfL to consider giving cars travelling north-south and south-north more time to cross Marylebone Road before the lights turn red. This may reduce the number of cars going through the red light.

Maida Hill Piazza – Update

We have received the following report from PC Iain Armstrong:

“We have Impact statements from residents that details the ASB on the Market Place. We have issued one person with a Community Protection Notice Warning with regards to his behaviour (Specifically urinating.) The person involved was named and therefore Police did not have to witness any ASB. We do have in mind two others that once we have identified them we will be issuing a Warning to them as well. If you could pass on my details to anyone else that reports to you and encourage them to contact me as the impact statements do need to be kept up to date and best evidence would be multiple people rather than the same people all the time.

The largest gatherings tend to be when there is a Wake / birthday etc so if you do hear of any from local residents could you let me know and then I can try and get some resources to target the area when they are likely to be present. Whenever we can we will be patrolling the area. I will ask our problem solving team to also pay attention to the area.

PC Iain ARMSTRONG Telephone 020 8721 2739 Email Iain.Armstrong@met.police.uk Mobile 07769 235287 I Office 0207 3218500 (EXT 748500)
Comments from residents continue to be mixed:

“I have lived close by for 28 years and have most certainly experienced ‘noisy, weed smoking’ coupled with what feels like continuous 24/7 building work, dangerous drivers, rubbish dumping. I realised a long time ago that infuriating as it can be and regardless of any attempts to ‘police’ any of the above by the relevant authorities, it’s all part and parcel of urban living in a densely populated area. Maida Hill piazza was a no-go zone after 9pm and now it isn’t and that’s due in part to the shop in question, the adjacent pedestrianisation and the market. I am not advocating a ‘free for all’, just tolerance, civility and responsibility from all parties.”

“I also live in a flat above Maida Hill piazza and whilst I fully agree it’s nice to have a sense of community and I fully support people using it as a meeting place during the day, for people to congregate there as late as 2am whilst drinking, shouting and swearing is unacceptable. I have been in almost constant contact with the police since I moved in yet it seems there is little they can do. How can this be the case when I have caught these people urinating outside my flat numerous times, drinking alcohol, fighting and pushing each other, smoking weed. Not to mention the mess they leave of plastic cups scattered around, cardboard boxes, plastic bags. Often these are also stuffed in my flower boxes as if they are bins. It has been mentioned several times on the news letter but please could you let me know what is actually being done to rectify the situation? It has got to the point where I am dreading the warmer weather coming as I know that will mean me being kept up past midnight multiple times a week.”

“I regularly walk through the area at all times & nearly every day , and experience no fears or problems with the issues mentioned .  What troubles me most is the complete disregard of the vehicle notices & restrictions in Fernhead and Walterton Roads and Elgin Avenue.  There is a special needs school & a sheltered housing complex very near, as well as a heavy footfall of people going to the local shops & bus-stops.  The cars, vans & lorries – not to say the bikes & scooters drive quickly in both directions, and often shout & blow horns at the pedestrians who are quite within their rights to be there.”

Fire safety

We continue to liaise with Council officers and City West Homes to ensure that appropriate action is taken on fire safety works which are of utmost importance in the Little Venice Tower blocks on the Warwick and Brindley Estates. We are pressing the Council to meet their promise to provide sprinklers to talk blocks in Westminster starting with the Little Venice Towers.

Amberley Estate

We have called for safety works to a path on the Amberley Estate. The Council has responded that they will be installing a low level chicane on the entrance to the pathway to prevent motorbikes or bicycles from cutting across the path.

Brunel Estate

We have continued to work with local residents about the impact of the private Care Home in Hanwell House. We have worked CityWest Homes and Westminster Council to find a solution and progress is now being made.


We continue to work with local residents about the disruption to their streets and noise levels during Carnival. We are pressing the Council to convene a residents meeting to discuss their plans for the sound systems in 2018.

Elmfield Way

Elmfield Road residents continue to suffer poor road maintenance, lighting and security as a result of the many different operators who own sections of the road. As a result of the failed property development between the Council and the NHS, Westminster reneged on its commitment to ‘adopt the road’ under council control. We continue to argue for the Council to take responsibility for lighting, waste and general upkeep to improve this street for residents and visitors. In the interim we are pushing all the owners to resolve the long-standing lighting issues.

Marylands Road

We have asked for the pavement outside the Marylands Road Shopping Parade to be repaired and we are also asking City inspectors to try to prevent rubbish being left on the pavement.

Oldbury House

We have been working with local residents to tackle longstanding rubbish dumping issues at this block.

Woodfield Road

We are continuing to work with residents to pressure the council to sort out its botched 2-way scheme. We are also working with the council to increase the proportion of bays that are for residents parking.

Windsor Castle

Despite support from local residents and both Cllr Hug and Cllr Boothroyd speaking at the Planning Committee, the Council rejected a plan to redevelop the long vacant Windsor Castle pub on Harrow Road. The Committee instead argued that the site should be used for private housing if it can’t be used as pub, despite the spate of luxury flat developments in the area.

Wessex Gardens

We have been working with a number of residents around repairs problems, major works ‘snagging’ and recent concerns over the lack of support.

Tavistock Road/Aldrige Road Villas

We have again asked the Council to take action against those people who dump rubbish, building material, mattresses and unwanted furniture by the black bins. The Council say:

“I have asked the local City Inspector to monitor this location as a matter of priority and to take enforcement action as required to tackle this ongoing fly-tipping problem. The photos show there is still space inside the bins so the focus of activity is on tackling anti-social behaviour by residents rather than reviewing the emptying frequencies of the bins.”

Amberley Road 

Ark Atwood Primary Academy, working in partnership with Clinch Designs and RVint Engineers, has been awarded £9,000 by the Maor, Sadiq Khan to create a new roof garden on the school grounds. The garden will allow children to increase their outdoor learning time by growing fruits, vegetables and other plants.

Canal path

We have contacted the Canal & River Trust about this issue:

“Can you raise the issue with the relevant parties that there has been a marked increase in rubbish dumping on the canal towpath between Harrow Rd (nr Westminster Academy) and Westbourne Park Bus garage. This has become quite pronounced in the last few weeks and looks like that camp fires are being lit underneath the Westway motorway on a regular basis. This is making the canal path feel intimidating especially at night as it compounds the issue that this route is not lit even though it is used heavily by pedestrians and cyclists. It appears by the number of beer cans left that this is becoming a focal point at night for drinking etc.”

Abercorn Place Estate

More national press coverage of the sale of the Abercorn Place estate


City West Homes ‘Nightmare Stories’

We have published a dossier of ’20 nightmare stories’ from City West Homes’, based on the experiences of CWH tenants and leaseholders over the past few months across Westminster. All have been reported to CWH for action and some problems have now been resolved – but only after a Labour Councillor had intervened. This is not the way to run an organisation responsible for 12,500 tenants and 10,000 leaseholders. How many more similar stories of incompetence and neglect go unreported because the tenant or leaseholder has not been able escalate the problem by reporting it to a Labour Councillor? City West Homes is in need of a radical overhaul and Labour is pledged to do this following the May Council elections.

To see the report go to https://labourwestminster.wordpress.com/2018/01/24/westminster-labour-launches-dossier-of-20-nightmare-stories-from-city-west-homes/

Please let us know if you are having problems with City West Homes.

City Council elections, May 2018

An interesting article looking forward to the May Council elections by Dave Hill which quotes Andrew Murray’s State of Soho blog


Dealing with Airbnb

Research by the Residential Landlords Association published in December 2017 found the number of Airbnb rentals in London has increased by 187% since 2015. Karen Buck MP (Labour) said the number of properties advertised in Westminster North on Airbnb has more than doubled – from 1,603 in 2015 to 3,621 in 2017.

“In blocks of flats, long-term residents find themselves living in a hotel but without the services to support it, like staff and security. They have to deal with constant comings and goings, security concerns, noise, rubbish. These properties turn over every few days so you feel you aren’t living in a residential community.”

Karen Buck said short-term lets were also contributing to housing shortages.

“The original concept of Airbnb was you rent your flat out when you’re away or your spare room. That still happens and that’s absolutely fine. But what’s also happened is professional landlords have moved in, who in many cases own multiple properties.”

Research by Westminster City Council found that renting a one-bedroom flat in the area will make £495 a week for an ordinary tenancy, but £1,561 a week on a nightly basis.

Two years ago, the law changed to allow London properties to be let for up to 90 days a year without permission from the council. In January 2017, Airbnb introduced a block on London hosts renting out homes for more than 90 days a year, to ensure users complied with the law.

But some landlords are finding ways around the rules, including re-listing a property under a slightly different address or advertising a whole flat as a single room, which is not covered by the 90-day limit. People also advertise on alternative platforms to get around the cap.

Karen Buck said it was difficult for councils to enforce the 90-day limit and has put forward a bill to Parliament calling for all short-term lets to be registered

“It’s difficult to monitor. Local authorities have to spend a lot of time and money trying to catch the people breaking the rules. My suggestion is very light touch. People who are staying within the law are fine and just need to spend 30 seconds registering their property online. There’s no question of denying permission. But for people that are breaking the rules, we have a means of bringing them to justice.”.

Rubbish Dumping

In response to the regular concerns expressed by residents, we have put forward the following ideas:

  • Reinstate a free service for standard household bulky refuse collections and introduce a paid-for service for express bulky refuse collections
  • Use mobile cameras to help enforcement at fly-tipping ‘hotspots’.
  •  Increase fines for dumping.
  • Consult residents to decide where extra bins might be of assistance and improve signage and communication with residents
  • Offer residents the chance to report dumping via Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • Target Council inspections and waste collection to the worst-affected areas to tackle the scourge of fly-tipping.

What do you think?

Tesco Bags of Help – Community Grant Scheme

Bags of Help is Tesco’s local community grant scheme where the money raised by the 10p Bag for Life charge in Tesco stores is being used to fund community projects that benefit the local community. Following a public vote, three projects in each Tesco region will receive an award every two months, with first place receiving up to £4,000, second place up to £2,000 and third place up to £1,000.

  • Who can apply? Grants will be awarded to voluntary or community organisations, schools, Parish Councils, local authorities and social housing providers.
  • What kind of projects will Bags of Help fund? Projects that benefit the local community are eligible for funding – from improving community buildings and developing outdoor spaces to buying new kit or equipment, training coaches or volunteers, and hosting community events or activities.
  • How to Apply – For more information and to apply visit the website: http://www.groundwork.org.uk/Sites/tescocommunityscheme

If you need any further advice or support – including talking through some project ideas or finding out how to make a project eligible – contact Paige Matthews, Community Project Officer, Groundwork London Phone: 020 8762 0321 E-mail: paige.matthews@groundwork.org.uk

What you say

“Thanks for the newsletter update”

Thank you for another comprehensive report.” 

“Many thanks for the updates over the years” 

“I have returned to London and to my delight I find that all the clamped cars have disappeared -fantastic! You have achieved the impossible! “

“I can’t thank you enough for your help and input, tremendous help!”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business, Planning and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council












Church Street Estate

We have again asked City West Homes for action on this recurring issue:

“The external security lights at Wey House & Wytham House at Church Street Estate Site 1 were full on again until 11.15 this morning. The timer is meant to switch external lights on all four blocks off at 8am.  Again, lessees are being expected to pay for 12 x lights to be on when not needed. We have been raising this issue for years and it is only a few weeks since this was last reported.  If the RA does not report this problem, lessees pay for excessive electricity but if we do report this unnecessary usage, those same leaseholders pay repeated repairs callout charges apparently just to adjust the timers over and over again.”

Kimble House, Lisson Green

We have reported damage on the landing of the fourth floor of Kimble House and asked City West Homes to repair it without further delay.

Loddon House

We are making enquiries about a flat in Loddon House, Church Street Estate, that has been empty for 5 months. Residents say:

“Workmen attended immediately after the last tenant left in June and completed the refurbishment soon afterwards but that property remains inexplicably void.”

Lisson Grove

We have asked the Council for an update on the road works:

“Is there any way you could possibly find out how much longer Lisson Grove will be inaccessible for buses, namely the 139 and 189 services, which have been disrupted for several months already? Apart from “Bus Stop Closed” signs and Clancy Docwra considerate builders (!) banners, there is little to suggest the extent of roadworks/pipe works and leaks works and how much longer we are to be left without buses. At first it was the southbound routes that were diverted but now they have disappeared in both directions.”

Orchardson Street/Lyons Place

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“This is the second weekend when the traffic using this area has been totally restricted due to parking and large lorries using the building site. We are subject to extra fumes and shouting and honking and fisticuffs on at least three occasions. “

Marylebone Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this recurring issue:

“The number of vehicles jumping the red light at the corner of Seymour Place turning on to the Marylebone Road (outside Westminster Magistrates Court) is astounding and it is an accident waiting to happen. This is particularly dangerous as there are children crossing the road with a number of schools close by.”

Hormead Road

We have continued to urge the Council to take action against those responsible for the regular rubbish dumping by the black bins in Hormead Road.

Chippenham Mews

We are supporting residents who want action taken to stop speeding traffic along Chippenham Mews.  Residents say:

“Whilst I appreciate that some signage has been put in place, it appears to be having NO or very little effect.  Vehicles of all types including mopeds and parent dropping off or collecting their children from the school continue to speed at often terrifying limits. I would also ask that some effective messaging is delivered to the parents to please desist from running their engines whilst waiting to collect their children. When we try to ask them to please turn off their engines we are often met with a barrage of abuse.”

Maida Hill Piazza

There continue to be mixed feelings about Maida Hill Piazza. Those living very close by are not happy:

“The person who commented on Maida Hill Piazza doesn’t have to live with the nosy, drinking, weed smoking, urinating under my windows, music playing, littering crowd 24/7”

“Residents in the area complained in the past regarding the bad language and consumption of alcohol. We complained many times regarding this kind of anti-social behaviour. I think it needs to be changed because it is giving a bad reputation to the neighbourhood. I see it daily as my window looks straight down to the Maida Hill Piazza.”

While others say:

“I fully and warmly agree with all the comments made about Maida Hill Piazza. Quite heartening, really, in the present, atrocious, climate of hate, fear and divisions.!”

“How brilliant and refreshing to hear positive comment about Zagros & the market.  I think that we are lucky to have the reasonably-priced fresh vegetables, the diversity, and the peaceful street life that some of our traders bring.  I absolutely oppose hounding these traders.”

“The joy of living in this Harrow Road ward is the inclusive and friendly atmosphere, exemplified by Maida Hill Piazza, our mini piazza, and so nicely described in your newsletter. “

Barnwood Close, Amberley Estate

We have asked City West Homes to resolve the security issues at Barnwood Close.

Russell’s Wharf

Following our enquiries, we have received the following update from Network Stadium:

“A block treatment was carried out to Flats 1-15 Russell’s Wharf in April and August. I have arranged for our domestic cleaners to jet wash and disinfect the bin stores, which has been done at least twice so far since the summer. I have sent a letter to every resident to address correct refuse etiquette and repercussions for those who fail to adhere to them, yet some residents continue to throw the bags on the floor and not in to paladin bins, however, it is difficult to identify the perpetrators of this.”

St Mary’s Urgent Care Centre

St Mary’s Urgent Care Centre (UCC), run by private healthcare provider Vocare Limited in the Praed Street hospital, was rated inadequate in a Care Quality Commission (CQC) report published recently. We’ve been asking people about their experiences of the Urgent Care Centre. Please sign our petition to take the management contract away from the failing private contractor and return it to the NHS.


Here are some examples of what you told us:

Alexandra Pink said: “I took my husband to A&E recently and we got referred to the Urgent Care Centre … it was a complete disaster. I tried to complain but they weren’t interested. Something needs to be done as the company running it is clearly not providing the service they are paid to”

Jennifer Fee said: “My daughter was referred to the Urgent Care Centre by A&E … the doctor walked out of the room because my 2 yr old was crying and didn’t return. He told us in the waiting room that it was a soft tissue injury so we left. Five days later we took her to Royal Free where they confirmed she had a fracture”

Another resident said: “My daughter was sent home from the Urgent Care Centre with a groin to toe cast. Six days later, we returned as she was in terrible pain. There was a horrible suppurating wound under the cast for which she needed 2 days of intravenous antibiotics and we were told she might need surgery. And then we found out that her leg was not fractured after all so it was an incorrect diagnosis and the cast had exacerbated the infection!”

You can read about the failing Urgent Care Centre in this article from the Ham & High:


Carlton Tavern – update

We have received the following update from the Planning Department:

The enforcement notice requires the public house to be rebuilt to match in facsimile the building as it existed immediately before its unauthorised demolition by 8 July 2018.  An injunction is also in place preventing further unauthorised demolition and removal of rubble from the site. 

There have been very lengthy discussions over the last few months with a firm of architects appointed by the company who own the freehold of the site since May 2017.  An informal arrangement was reached whereby demolition rubble has been sorted on site, with items of potential interest stored and documented, and waste material removed from the site.  Those works were largely completed by the end of the summer. 

Discussions have now turned to the further demolition necessary to make the existing site safe for workers to examine the basement and foundations before it is concluded whether these can be relied upon for the replacement building. We are therefore currently considering varying the injunction to allow further demolition (with the exception of the flank wall), subject to receiving legal advice sought at the start of December.  I hope to have an update for Members early in January once the legal advice has been received and considered. 

The owner’s intention is still to commence proper building works on the site early in the new year and although this is outside the City Council’s control, we remain hopeful. Should the works not be completed by the July 2018 deadline or there not be substantial progress in the rebuilding of the public house we will have to consider prosecution action against the freeholder of the Property. That decision will have to be made after next July pending the progress and quality of any rebuilding works. In the meantime, officers are continuing to liaise with the freeholder’s representatives and encourage progress on the necessary works.”

Council housing

Inside Housing magazine has published details of the number of former council homes now being let by private landlords, after analysing statistics from two-thirds of councils in England. The research reveals that on average more than 40 percent of property bought under Right to Buy is now in the hands of private landlords. The figures for Westminster show that out of the 8,988 leaseholds sold to council tenants, 3,363 — 37.42 percent — are now owned as buy-to-let.  Inside Housing says that the average weekly council rent in London is £108 while for private flats it is £359.

City West Homes – what you say

“I have had 2 instances where I have made reports and nothing has been done. We have also been waiting for urgent repairs to a demolished brick wall for 6 months now! Their major works projects are a joke. Their upkeep of our building is negligent and the cyclical maintenance can be left over 10 years past its due date, with the leaseholders charged the extra cost as the costs spiral with neglect.”

“I strongly agree with residents who are reporting the lack of maintenance from City West Homes. The pretence that we would get better service from the call centre was a cynical trick and residents saw through it at the time when at the meeting we were not allowed to ask questions. The call centre also means that it’s hard to get named a staff member to take responsibility. I would like to see councillors take this situation seriously and work with residents to take action.

What you say

“Thank you so much for your informative and very useful update.”

“Thank you and keep up the good work for our community”

“As always, very many thanks for such a comprehensive compilation. Your reports provide us, residents, with the rare feeling of belonging to a community and a chance to get our voice heard through petitions and other media.”

“Another great report.”

 “Many thanks for your help with this and keeping me updated”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

If you do not want to receive this report please let us know and we will remove your details from our list.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business, Planning and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council











Church Street

We have called for City West Homes to deal with the long-standing issue:

“For literally years, residents at Church Street Site 1 have been asking why the many exterior security lights on all 4 blocks here are perpetually activated at unreasonable and un-necessary times. Sometimes they are on 24/7 in bright sunlight, sometimes they are off when it is dark. Different blocks come on and off at different times but generally speaking they are on too often during the day unnecessarily. This is a disgraceful waste of power, and leaseholders are billed for it!    Why should homeowners have to pay the costs of this wastage which has been reported numerous times over a very long period?  We have asked for repairs and explanations, and sometimes the timers get adjusted, but they soon stray from the schedule, and so it continues. 

Following our enquiries, residents say: 

“The faulty lights at 1-6 Loddon and at the back of Wytham House have indeed been repaired at last. However, the overall timing of the external lights is still somewhat erratic, but better than it was. We will monitor it for the time being. My understanding is that it is due to the timer not being reset every time a contractor, or the estate cleaner, triggers the switch to turn the lights on when required for other purposes… and not as a result of seasonal adjustments.”

Oakington Road

We have asked the Highways Department to take action on this issue:

“Could you please send someone from the council as a priority to redirect the No Entry sign to be correctly facing Elgin Avenue. At the moment (since the rewiring to make it illuminated) it actually faces the school gates which means you can’t see it when you turn into Oakington Road from Elgin Avenue. This is a head-on collision waiting to happen unless it is fixed without delay.”

Shirland Road

We have contacted Transport for London to ask that they install the Countdown live timetable on the bus stop on Shirland Road at the junction of Kilburn Park Road going towards central London This bus stop serves as a main stop for the 187, 6 and 414.

Warwick Estate

We have taken up this issue with City West Homes:

“There have been recent problems with the communal television system in the Warwick Crescent block. It seems to have gone off on Tuesday, and I am told that the repair was delayed as the rooftop dish was put back into operation, but the connection down to residents’ flats was not linked and the reception did not come back until Friday evening. Residents again complained of spending up to an hour waiting for the phone to be answered when they tried to report the problem. Some residents who could not get through on the telephone went to the West Area Service Centre at 155 Westbourne Terrace, but were told there that they could not contact the repairs team as their computers were too slow to connect properly.”

City West Homes call centre

We have written to CityWest Homes (CWH) to call for an urgent review of their call centre operations. We are getting continual reports of residents who can’t get through to the call centre – and not getting an adequate response if they do make contact. When the local estate offices were closed and the call centre was proposed we were promised a more efficient service, with officers being freed up to go out and talk to residents and deal with problems. The reality is that there has been a real reduction in service, leaving residents feeling cut off and neglected. Our concern is that vulnerable tenants will be especially affected – and the continued lack of response from the call centre may lead them to give up trying to contact CWH to deal with urgent repairs.

Westminster Handyperson Service

The Council operates Handyperson Service with 2 handypersons working across the borough supporting residents across all tenures including City West Homes. It is a FREE service to anyone over 60 or for those under 60, on a disability benefit.

There is a £50 allowance for essential materials and residents are only able to use the service twice in any 12 months. It is not an emergency service but can tackle those little jobs around the home that older people can struggle with from changing a light bulb to putting shelves.

The following works are examples of the kind of jobs the service will carry out:

  • Home safety such as smoke detectors, grab rails, removing trip hazards.
  • Minor electrical work such as replacing broken sockets, switches and pull cords, replacing fuses.
  • Minor plumbing works, replacing tap washers, fitting lever taps, repairing leaks and unblocking sinks
  • Home energy efficiency – draught proofing, fitting low energy light bulbs.
  • General repairs and other minor jobs – moving furniture, small carpentry jobs, easing sticking doors, fixing curtain rails, hanging curtains, lowering shelves, putting up shelves.

What works are not covered?

  • Work involving gas appliances and boilers
  • Electrical works except those indicated above
  • Decorating
  • Gardening

The number to call to arrange the appointment is 0207 641 8959.

Call for halt to further Metropolitan Police cuts

We have launched a petition calling on the Government to halt its cuts in the Metropolitan Police budget immediately. Further police cuts will make it more difficult for the police to keep neighbourhoods in Westminster safe and secure, as well as dealing with the increase in everyday violence and the constant terrorist threat.

The petition to the Government says:

“Halt the cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget. Having lost £600 million in real terms over the past 7 years, the Metropolitan Police face a further £400 million cut over the next 4 years. 70 per cent of all police spending in London comes from the Home Office, meaning that any change in that funding has a disproportionate effect.”

You can sign the petition here https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/203543

London Living Wage

We are delighted that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has increased the London Living Wage to £10.20p. He says:

“I am delighted to reveal today that the new London Living Wage is increasing to £10.20 – as promised when I ran to be Mayor, breaking the £10 mark for the first time ever. Working people keep my city and our country running. From cleaners and nursing assistants, to childminders and shop assistants. They deserve to live free from poverty. Today is a good step towards my ambition: a city and a country where everyone can share in our prosperity and everyone has a fair shot at succeeding.”

Fast food takeaways

We are pleased that the Mayor is intruding new planning policies to ban fast-food takeaways from opening within 400 metres of schools in a bid to tackle the capital’s child obesity epidemic. In addition, all new chicken, fish and chip and pizza outlets will have to sign up to minimum healthy food standards before getting planning permission. The Mayor said the move would help deal with the “ticking time bomb” of childhood obesity in London, where almost 40 per cent of children are obese or overweight by the time they finish primary school, the highest proportion in England.

Maida Hill Place – what you say

“I support all the local shops, be they pound shops or arabic/asian/afro-carribean etc green grocers which enliven the area and fed up with the mean spirited residents who prefer the bland, globalised, branded and over priced chains that have drowned our High streets. That corner was far more threatening before Zagros arrived. Furthermore, encouraging locals to sit out in the summer evenings is what we should do more of surely?   During the summer months I passed through regularly at various times of night and never felt threatened by the crowd of people who sit and enjoy bantering, playing dominoes (they bring their own chairs and tables) and taking in the late summer evenings (rather than sitting in front of another reality show on tv).  As the lady said Let’s live and let live and celebrate diversity in all its forms.”

Woodfield Road – What you say

I agree with the comments about Woodfield Road and the fact that people are not aware that it has changed to two-way and it creates queues and problems as the road is narrow and not suitable for two way traffic. I thought it was a temporary measure whilst Elgin Avenue works take place but it appears that this is not the case!”

City West Homes – what you say 

“The changes that CityWest have done regarding the estate offices and their new call centre, are an absolute disaster. In the outside world, they would be deemed unfit for purpose. I am sure you have had many complaints about this but it really is a long term worry. This has been purely a cost saving exercise and the service is diabolical. The stock that they supposedly manage is going downhill fast and their major works programmes seem to be decided on the toss of a coin. The idea of cyclical maintenance and works, which they are supposed to do in our leases, is non-existent.”

“Service is very poor eg lift out of service as frequently happens, telephone reporting is very slow eg 8 mins to get through, individuals I spoke to very helpful but they don’t have access to records/local knowledge.” 

What you say

“Many thanks for another informative letter.” 

“It is great to be kept up to date with all the local news so thanks again”

“Thank you for your continued work.” 

“Another great example of responsive representative democracy trying to hold WCC to account. Thanks too for pushing on the issue of an unused disabled bay in Hormead Road. “

“Thanks for reporting my concerns about Church Street resident consult process in your last Westminster North Action Report. It’s always good to read and see what’s happening.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

If you do not want to receive this report please let us know and we will remove your details from our list.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business, Planning and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council











Church Street Masterplan

The Council recently announced new plans for the re-development of large areas of Church Street Ward which will affect everyone living in the area. Some directly, as residents in blocks of flats due to be demolished and re-built, and others because of the scale of the building work and the huge changes that will be made to the area over many years.

Many of the blocks due to be re-built were affected by the original, now much delayed, Futures Plan, which was backed by a vote of residents in 2012. However, this new plan brings in many blocks that were not included at that point. The Council is not planning any further votes on its new proposals.

We are supporting residents who have many concerns:

  • The Council’s record of delivery has been very poor and it is essential that lessons are learned. Both the consultation with residents and the management of the scheme must be a lot better than in the past.
  • It is vital that all residents have a sayand there should be a final vote on the revised scheme.
  • Tenants, including some housing association tenants, leaseholders and private tenants will be affected in different ways. Proper and independent advice must be available to all to make sure all everyone’s interests are properly served.
  • There is a strong case for re-developing some blocks in Church Street, and there has been support for this in the past. Some blocks are not well designed, and are desperately in need of improvement. They have been allowed to decline without investment in recent years.
  • There is also a need for new social rented homes, rather than more expensive luxury flats.
  • A densely populated place like Church Street needs good community facilities– not just school places and GP surgeries, but support for parents, activities for older residents and activities for children and young people to do, are essential. Pleasant open spaces are part of this vision, but they are not enough on their own.

Shroton Street

We have asked the Council to ensure that the exterior of the traffic warden offices in Shroton Street are regularly cleaned and rubbish cleared. Residents say:

“On many occasions I have seen traffic wardens taking their break there. The takeaway cups are just an indication. It is not surprising that foxes are now more prevalent in this area and break open rubbish and rubbish bins which become spread over the pavement and road.  Not only is it unsightly, but more important, it is a health hazard.”

The Council say: 

“Our Marshals are not the sole occupants of this property but it appears they are at least partly responsible. We have instructed our enforcement contractor to carry out an immediate clean-up of the area and to ensure it is kept in an appropriate state from now on.”

Church Street Estate

We have called on City West Homes to fix the outside lighting at the following locations, following a recent mugging:

  • Light at back of Wytham House, facing recycle bins
  • Light above security entrance door 1-6 Loddon House.
  • Light on end wall of Wey house, facing Salisbury Street privet hedge.
  • Light above 1 Wey house next to blocked entrance door
  • Light above blocked security entrance door 7-12 Wey House.

Venables Street – update

We reported regularly rubbish dumping along Venables Street to the Council and have received the following update:

“The Hatton Street/Boscobel Street junction, together with a number of others in the near vicinity, is a hotspot for the dumping of rubbish. It is very close to shops and restaurants in the Edgware Road, some of which have rear exits which back on to Venables Street. Residents from Hatton Street have previously been identified after dumping rubbish in Boscobel Street and enforcement action has been taken. Because of the dumping hotspots in this area of Church Street ward, it is patrolled regularly and any dumped bags of rubbish are inspected with a view to identifying the perpetrator. These patrols will now be intensified. Dumped rubbish is also brought to my attention by Veolia operatives, particularly if they suspect that evidence may be present. Educational Letters have been distributed to residents and businesses in the near vicinity. This action will now be repeated.”

Wey House, Church Street

We have asked City West Homes to fix this problem:

“All the exterior lights at Wey House are currently (at 2pm) full on. What is the difficulty in ensuring that these lights are on when required but not on when not required?  As mentioned, leaseholders pay for running these lights….”

Alpha and Earl Houses

We have been contacted by residents of Alpha and Earl Houses about the development plans for the BT site in Ashbridge Street and the Cosway Street site. Residents say:

“We are very concerned about Westminster Council’s shambolic handling of the latest proposal to develop the BT site. The Alpha/Earl House Residents Association has been heavily involved in the two previous planning applications and we felt we had contributed significant information towards what would work well on our estate. We have frequently asked to be kept informed of any future plans for the site’s development because of its very close proximity to Alpha & Earl Houses.”

Fermoy/Hormead Road

We have asked the Council to consider this request:

“The area near the BT box and motorbike bay where Fermoy and Hormead roads intersect is a popular dumping ground, and I have emailed the council on many occasions about it. Is it possible to request a CCTV camera here? This would have the dual purpose of also filming the drug dealing that happens in the same area.”

We have also asked the Council to take action against the commercial waste vehicles parked in the area. 

Elgin Avenue bus stops

We asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“Conway have closed all 4 bus stops on Elgin Avenue causing problems for residents. There are two diversions in operation. Currently traffic travelling on the wrong side down Elgin Avenue and the diversion along Harrow Road from Great Western Road. Could the traffic from Great Western Road and Harrow Road resume the normal route?”

Goldney Road/Chippenham Road area

We have asked the Council to investigate these issues:

“I’ve noticed considerable piles of rubbish dumped on either end of Goldney Road.  Where it meets Shirland Rd there are a couple of mattresses and some furniture.  At the other end where the Big Black rubbish bins are people have dumped piles of other rubbish beside the bins on the pavement.

As far as sweeping leaves goes, Chippenham Road from No. 48 on the corner to Warlock Road rarely seems to get swept.  At the moment the weather is dry but once we get rain any leaves lying for long become slippery etc.”

Woodfield Road/Woodfield Place

We have been contacted by many residents about the decision to make Woodfield Road/Woodfirld Place two-way and have urged the Council to review the situation:

“This is causing numerous problems and delays, traffic is gridlocked at certain times of the day and evening.  The road is clearly not wide enough at busy times for 2 way traffic when being used by large lorries as they can’t pull into the gaps in the parking bays.  Fights have been occurring and I witnessed an accident on Monday.  We have also been approached by local residents who are very concerned about the significant increase in pollution caused by queueing traffic” 

 “Westminster Council introduced a new traffic flow system over the weekend.  We saw the proposals some time ago and thought that changing Woodfield Road from one way to 2-way traffic without moving some of the parking bays would cause congestion at peak and other times during the day and evening but obviously the planners thought otherwise.  I am informed that last night this is exactly what happened and on one occasion a fight broke out following arguments between drivers over who should give way.

Some drivers who have for 20 -30 years been used to turning into Woodfield Place from Woodfield Road have missed the no entry signs and then try to reverse back which adds to the problem. I’m totally surprised that no one in charge of the project thought to put up large signs advising motorists of the changes. I feel sure that many residents will not appreciate a road full of traffic pumping out engine fumes”

Great Western Road

We have asked the Planners to investigate the advertising boards placed on the Carlton Bridge over the Grand Union Canal on Great Western Road. They are clearly not within any of the classes of advertisements not requiring consent.


Paddington Service of Remembrance – Sunday 12th November 2017

The Paddington Service of Remembrance will take place this year on Sunday 12th November 2017 at 2.30pm at the War Memorial in Lancaster Gate. The Service is to remember all those residents of Paddington who gave their lives in the two World Wars and in conflicts since then.

The 2016 Service of Remembrance at the Lancaster Gate War Memorial was the first for many years. The Service was very well attended by residents, schools, local groups and Councillors and it is now an annual event.

The Service will be led by Father Paul Thomas, Vicar of St James’s Church, Sussex Gardens and is open to all faiths. Following the Service, a reception will be held in the Royal Lancaster hotel. Details of the War Memorial http://www.londonremembers.com/memorials/memorial-cross-at-lancaster-gate

Call for halt to further Metropolitan Police cuts

We have launched a petition calling on the Government to halt its cuts in the Metropolitan Police budget immediately. Further police cuts will make it more difficult for the police to keep neighbourhoods in Westminster safe and secure, as well as dealing with the increase in everyday violence and the constant terrorist threat.

The petition to the Government says:

“Halt the cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget. Having lost £600 million in real terms over the past 7 years, the Metropolitan Police face a further £400 million cut over the next 4 years. 70 per cent of all police spending in London comes from the Home Office, meaning that any change in that funding has a disproportionate effect.”

You can sign the petition here https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/203543

Tackling polluted air – Mayor introduces the T-charge

The Mayor of London has introduced the Toxicity Charge (T-Charge) in central London to tackle London’s polluted air. Research shows that polluted air contributes to approximately 9,400 premature deaths a year in London and costs the health service between £1.4 and £3.7 billion.

The T-Charge is a £10 supplement on the Congestion Charge for vehicles that do not meet certain environmental standards. The Mayor has set the standard at Euro 4 for both petrol and diesel vehicles, and applies to vehicles registered from 1 January 2006. The charge applies during the operational hours of the Congestion Charge Zone, Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm.

There is a 90% discount for residents living in the Congestion Zone area, a 100% discount for blue badge holders and exemptions for emergency service vehicles and motorbikes. You can see the full details of the T-charge online  https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/emissions-surcharge

Church Street masterplan – what you say

“I visited the Church St Regeneration office to check the closing date for resident replies and since I had been given a print copy of Masterplan a couple of weeks ago I asked why this wasn’t available to all residents and was told would be fully distributed on Monday (23rd). I queried that this was late for people to receive, find their way round a document and return their comments to WCC just six days later. After the disastrous Future Plans period it seems another fail if current managers do not attract residents with inviting opportunities to learn about local schemes and make their comments in ways convenient to them.

Seems to me Westminster City Council is spending money using the language of consultation with minimal contact with locals. I get annoyed that WCC often claims to consult and does not follow through, to me even misrepresents how much it has done to include locals in Council decisions.”

Maida Hill Place – what you say

“I read that the lively, well-stocked, well-run and very moderately priced Zagros is being criticised for displaying some of its wares in the open air on pavement stalls.  The shop is a valued local amenity and there is plenty of room for any pedestrians (or those in wheelchairs) passing by.  Please leave the shopkeepers in peace to do their business.” 

“Some time ago I sent a note trying to defend the rights of those who wish to sit with cans on the benches in Maida Hill Place – as a woman in her 60s who lives very nearby and often passes the benches late at night walking home alone, I do not feel any need to feel intimidated.  The streets should belong to the people not a few stuck up/over timorous complainers. I have been resident in this area for over 30 years.  Let’s live and let live and celebrate diversity in all its forms.”

What you say

“Thanks again for the excellent report” 

“Many thanks, you are doing a wonderful job for residents” 

“Many thanks as always for all the excellent work you do and admiration as always for the background work and follow up in your Action reports, as well as the reassurance the reports themselves give.” 

“Thanks for your work on the bollards at Hormead Road, which have been installed a little while, now.”

“Thanks for another great update”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.




Lisson Grove/Shroton Street – Update

Following our enquiries about safety for children at St Edward’s School, the Parking Department tells us:

“The area around the crossing has just had kerb markings, as well as double yellow lines installed, and when the Traffic Management Order comes into force, we will be able to enforce this area and the 10 minutes school parking concession scheme currently given will not apply to the area with the kerb marks. We will have extra patrols here at school opening and closing time to enforce this message and for the first two weeks warning notices will be issued to inform motorists of this change. This has been a project that has been implemented in extra fast time over the summer holidays, in consultation with the school, so that these new markings and their enforcement have coincided with the school new Autumn term.”

Venables Street 

We asked the Council to move a long-standing pile of rubbish from Venables Street after being alerted to this problem by residents. 

Shirland Road/Ashmore Road

We have called on the Council to install CCTV cameras on the corner of Ashmore and Shirland Roads so that those responsible dumping for rubbish, furniture and builders’ material at this location can be prosecuted.

Woodfield Road/Harrow Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“The junction of Woodfield Road with Harrow Road, recently resurfaced, has no white line. This is causing problems for crossing pedestrians. It is also leading to some drivers shooting out into Harrow Road.”

City of Westminster College, Saltram College

We are delighted that the this building will be used for artists’ studios for the next 12 months. Around 200 affordable artist studios are available, together with workshops and community involvement. Contact Kindred at http://kindredstudios.co.uk

Hormead/Fermoy Roads

We are continuing to work with residents to persuade the Council to install the necessary bollards to stop rat-running mopeds, bikes and motorcycles. Residents say:

“We have been having serious trouble from increased moped traffic after the firegate was removed. Hormead Road is becoming an emerging moped rat run. I think a redesign of the bollard layout, improved signage, and enforcement will all be necessary to bring this under control.”

Bradiston Road

We are making enquiries about when Bradiston Road will be resurfaced.

Oakington Road

We have asked the Council to action on this issue:

“It is now 10:30am, the Tuesday collection has been but several loose and open bags left by trees remain. The street is a tip and our tireless street cleaner despairs as by the time he’s finished at one end of the road rubbish will have already been left outside at the other. Most likely more will be dumped overnight. And so it goes on.”

Zagros, Maida Hill Place

We have asked the Planning Department to make further investigations about Zagros. Residents are concerned about:

the ugly unacceptable plywood “wall” facing Maida Hill market, and also the signage above the shop, which I understand disregards planning requirements, and also the fact that the produce of the store spills out onto the public highway, and seems to encroach further each month.”

Fernhead Road/Kilburn Lane 

Following our enquiries about pedestrian safety at this junction, the Council says:

“The junction sits on the borough boundary between Westminster and Brent and is where a scheme has recently been implemented by Brent to improve the pedestrian crossing facilities along this stretch of Carlton Vale/Kilburn Lane. The kerb line on the south-western corner of Fernhead Road and Kilburn Lane was built out to increase the available footway and reduce the crossing distance across Fernhead Road for pedestrians. To enable this kerb build out and retain lane widths, the central islands in Fernhead Road had to be removed. 

Fernhead Road will be included in the 20mph trials which should be commencing later this month, and the outcome of the trials will be reviewed before any further decision is made on further intervention here. The site will be kept under review, but it is expected that the reduced speed of vehicles should aid pedestrian crossing movements.” 

Prince of Wales junction 

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“Parking of cars by junctions, especially around Prince of Wales lights, are dangerous, can’t we make them double yellow outside Sainsburys? At night, 9pm-1am and weekends you see the buses struggle as cars are parked there at night and by Woodfield Place and by the junction by Smokers Corner car park right by the crossing” 

Hormead Road 

We asked the Parking Department about this issue:

“This is the third time I have raised this issue, with zero response so far. I have spoken to someone working for WCC and our local parking warden says he has reported this too. The disabled parking bay no. D043 outside 38 Hormead Road is unused and has-been for the past 6 months since the disabled person died. We pay a lot to park in the street and there are too few spaces, so blocking a bay is very aggravating.” 

The Council say:

“This is on our list of highways works to be removed and so will be done although I am, unable to give a time frame at present.” 

Hamilton Terrace 

Following our enquiries about bins for dog waste, the Council say:

“We have several litterbins located along Hamilton Terrace with signage confirming that they can be used for depositing bags of dog mess. If there are any specific locations that are causing an issue please just let me know and I can ask the local City Inspector to consider relocating or installing additional litter bins. Hamilton Terrace is a known major dog-walking route so is frequently visited by both our Animal Warden and City Inspectors at the most common dog-walking times.” 

St John’s Wood Terrace 

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“I was happy to note in your recent newsletter that you have asked the road safety team and Police to look at speeding in the northern section of Ordnance Hill. Can you ask the same team to also look at St John’s Wood Terrace, from Ordnance Road towards Townsend Road (one of the experimental 20 mph sections) as this also suffers from drivers of high performance cars accelerating harshly and loudly, sometimes then quickly decelerating to turn into Charlbert Street (and accelerating again).” 

Charles Lane 

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“The junction of Charles Lane to St Johns Wood High Street is extremely dangerous because of cars parking so close to the junction. It is impossible to see if anything is approaching because of cars parked in the high street, on both single and double lines. Could somebody look into this please before there is a serious accident?” 

The Council say:

“The yellow lines meet the required Department for Transport standards, and the site has a good safety record.  The existing lines will be refreshed this year as part of programmed cyclical lining works.  To further protect the sight lines at the junction, the waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) would need to be extended around the junction. As a policy we do not upgrade yellow lines around junction corners until there is a funded scheme in the vicinity that will make this possible and cover the necessary costs.  Therefore, I have added this site to the programme and it will be considered when other works scheduled in the area.”

Ordnance Hill – update 

Following our enquiries about speeding cars, the Council says:

“We have contacted the Metropolitan Police with regards to the alleged speeding and have agreed to place an ‘Automated Traffic Counter’ (ATC) within Ordnance Hill to get an accurate measure of both vehicle speeds and volume of traffic. Should this identify excessive speeds the Met Police will consider undertaking speed enforcement or refer the location for ‘Community Road Watch’ (CRW). CRW is an initiative which gives residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles.” 

Hall Road broadband

We are making enquiries with BT about this issue:

“Our block (William Court, 6 Hall Road) is an Exchange Only lines connection (because we’re too close to the exchange!). As a result, we have been told that we were way at the back of the cue for fibre. Since then Virgin has created connections on Hall road so it may have spurred BT into action. I did a quick check on the BT broadband site this morning and it still lists our block as ADSL only.”

Greenberry Street/Barrow Hill Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I wrote to Westminster Council recently about the problem being caused by foxes attacking the Council refuse bin on the corner of Greenberry Street and Barrow Hill Road.  According to the newsagent on the spot – who opens up around 05:30 each morning – it is a regular occurrence to see one or more foxes tearing apart the bags in the bin in search of food.  This results in a considerable amount of rubbish being strewn across the road. “

Elm Tree Road

Following representations from residents and ourselves, traffic counts will be taken along Elm Tree Road to assess traffic speeds, prior to consideration of appropriate action. We have also asked for double yellow lines to be located on the bend in the road.

St Edmunds Terrace

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“With the close proximity to both Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, parking outside our homes or even nearby on the weekend is incredibly difficult. All the visitors to the park occupy the bays and at times park on the double yellow lines making driving dangerous. With the increased development on the street, there are more residents than before and it is becoming an increasing problem parking. What is the best way to go about to making the resident parking hours also on weekends?”

Amberley Estate

We have asked the Council to clear the litter in the children’s playground on the Amberley Estate, off Formosa Street.

Planning Committee meetings 

We propose to allow direct representations from residents at Planning Committee meetings if we win the Council election in May 2018. Many residents have made the points below to us over the years and we think it makes common sense to give residents a voice:

“I have sat in on Planning Meetings, but only as a silent witness. The majority of Planning Committees in the country allow a number of citizens to have an opportunity in a few minutes to comment. When I have spoken to leading planning lawyers they have been staggered. Perhaps procedures of the Westminster Council have been changed – but if not how can they be made to be democratic?” 

Pavement cycling – what you say 

“I was threatened with violence by a cyclist who was on the pavement in Finchley Road between Circus Road and Acacia Road last week. I had just got off a bus.” 

“A sizeable group of cyclists regularly mount the pavement, jump traffic lights and ride the wrong way down streets when suits them. They are oblivious to the law and insulting when questioned. Often, the riders are using mobile phones and/or headphones at the same time as riding.” 

Empty Homes

We are supporting the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who has urged the Government to allow London’s boroughs to increase council tax bills for high-value homes that are left empty. The Mayor wants boroughs be able to boost the empty home council tax levy on high-value properties above the current 50 per cent of council tax allowed, saying that the ability to charge this levy at a meaningful rate will “incentivise occupation” and “generate a more substantial receipt” of support for investment in new affordable homes.

North Paddington Foodbank

The North Paddington Foodbank was set up by the Wallerton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH) Housing Association in 2013. Demand has doubled since last year. In 2016/17, it supported 1168 families compared with 520 the previous year. There are on average 2 people per household and one third of them have children.

CAB adviser Noreen O’Neill explains:

“I help a wide range of clients including single parents, the elderly on pension credit, families and, sometimes, ex-offenders on release from prison. The typical profile of clients are those struggling to get by on a low income. They are particularly vulnerable to an unexpected bill or loss of benefits or income, as they have no reserves to fall back on.

“Housing benefit is the most common problem, followed closely by rent arrears and general money and debt problems. Sometimes clients can experience a delay of more than six weeks in receiving benefits, leaving them in an impossible situation, unable to buy food. This can happen when new claims are being processed or when a change of circumstances leads to people having their benefits stopped abruptly while they are reassessed.  Sometimes clients are sanctioned, which means repaying benefits that have been overpaid, which then makes their financial situation even worse.”

If you need further information on the North Paddington Foodbank you can go to: http://www.npfoodbank.org.uk/about.

For advice on debt, housing, employment, benefits or other general advice contact Citizens Advice Westminster via our website http://www.westminstercab.org.uk or call our Adviceline on 0300 330 1191.

Uber – what you say

“There’s no danger of London losing access to on-demand rides. And no, 40,000 drivers are not losing their livelihood. Most likely, Uber’s new management will make whatever changes are necessary to win the appeal. Even if Uber loses its appeal, other apps will take its place and sign up the drivers. On-demand minicabs are here to stay. You could even set up your own Uber clone business using Taxistartup.com software. Uber may succeed in cornering the London market or it may be put out of business by the regulator and replaced with one or more equally convenient but unsubsidised new services. In both scenarios, the public gets its rides and the drivers keep their jobs but the fares will more accurately reflect the true economic cost of providing the service.”

I do not want to join the debate over the recent suspension of the UBER licence by TfL, but it seems as though this part of town is a congregation area for the Minicabs servicing the Central part of London, as they are frequently parked on the yellow lines and residents’ parking areas waiting for calls. in the winter months they often keep their engines on to keep warm, and are in the habit of emptying their rubbish in the gutter, along with body waste. I go early to work during the week (0630 – 0700) and often see this first-hand. In the absence of any kind of Police or Wardens, which have become scarce, they seem to be able to act with impunity, and drive off if they see any authority approaching. These Drivers obviously provide a service that some people appreciate for their availability and economy, but there is no social provision for their needs, and I doubt their contribution to the local council funding.”

What you say

“Thank you, the monthly update is always appreciated”

“Thanks for your latest update. Interesting and useful as usual.”

“Thank you for your recent update.  I do appreciate the efforts that you and your colleagues make to improve our living standards (although I do not necessarily agree with your politics!!)”

“Always informative and action oriented”

“My neighbours and I can’t be more grateful for the help you have provided to us. We are all deeply touched that finally something has been done.  My more mobile neighbours are talking to Network Homes about charges for the services they provide, and while there are still many problems in terms of the cleanliness and repairs to the unnecessary damages, this is the first success we had in years, and I have been asked by almost all neighbours to personally thank you for your generous help in making our lives a bit more tolerable.”

“Many thanks and as always a very good news update” 

“Thank you for this helpful update.” 

“Thank you for doing a great job on all the problems that get reported to you!” 

“Thanks for your newsletter over the years – always a good read. Good luck with all your ventures.” 

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business, Planning and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council











Church Street Police Station

The Metropolitan Police Service has submitted a planning application to Westminster City Council to move the Metropolitan Police public access front counter in from Paddington Green to a new location at 88 Church Street. The site will also become a base for neighbourhood policing teams for the North and Central wards of the borough, including Dedicated Ward Officers. This is in addition to emergency response teams based in Kilburn that continue to provide policing for the north of Westminster.

The move follows a decision made in March by the Mayor to consider the Paddington Green site for redevelopment but to maintain a policing presence and public access in the locality. If the planning application is granted, the move will take place in late 2017. Until then the front counter at Paddington Green Police Station will remain in operation.

Fingest House, Lisson Green

We have reported a faulty Door Entry system in Fingest House which has not been working.  A number of residents had previously this to the Estate office but nothing had been done. Also, they tried to phone customer services but there was a 14-minute waiting time.

Lyons Place/Orchardson Street

We are making enquiries about this issue:

“We now have major traffic issues on the corner of Lyons Place and Orchardson Street. The hoarding has now taken over all the pavement and has left the turn from either street completely blind.  It is now dangerous! I also would like to bring your attention to the fact that the petrol tankers will still not be able to turn out of the petrol station due to the width of the road. “

Church Street public toilets

Westminster Council has responded to a petition calling for the re-opening of the public toilets in Church Street by claiming that homelessness and drug-dealing means they will remain closed ‘indefinitely’. Rather than solving the problems of rough sleepers using the facilities to wash and drug-dealers using the loos as a place of business, the Council has taken the easy option of shutting this public facility.

Aberdeen Place

We are making enquiries with the Council about the road works in Aberdeen Place. Residents say:

“They seem to be digging over months for one gas installation although there was meant to be an agreement that these disruptive works would serve more than one service instead of digging up the same area separately for broadband, electricity, gas, water. The problem with loads of extra and now broken plastic bags next to the bins in that location is almost constant but since the underground pipe works recently (no end date given) became extreme.” 

Marylebone Road/Seymour Place

Following our enquiries about cars jumping the lights at this junction, TfL tell us:

“We are currently upgrading around 700 old wet film cameras with new digital units through a safety camera replacement programme. The camera at this junction is part of this upgrade programme and will be upgraded early next year.  In the meantime, we have made the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) aware of residents’ concerns.”

Croxley Road 

Maida Hill Forum would like to safeguard the City of Westminster college building on Croxley Road. https://www.westminster.gov.uk/community-right-bid. It’s important to act now, or before we know it we may have lost it all to a developer. There are many options for future use, including residential but preserving something for community. One of our Neighbourhood Planning team is happy to lead a team applying for it to be an asset of Community Value – please can anyone help her? Email info@maidahillforum.org.uk.

Rubbish dumping in W9 

We have called on the Council to take strong action against those found dumping rubbish in the streets. Fernhead and Fordingley Road are some of the worst streets affected.

Fermoy/Hormead Roads 

A number of residents have raised this issue: 

“I’d like to raise a question about plans for the Harrow Road area since the fire on the corner of Fermoy Road earlier this year.  I hear that the gate/barrier at the junction of Fermoy and Hormead roads had to be cut away to get access for the fire engines may now not be replaced.  This would be a calamity for the residents of Fermoy and Hormead roads.  That barrier was erected 30 years ago to stop the roads being used as a rat run between Great Western Road and Harrow Road.”

The Council say:

“We have placed an urgent works order for the removable bollards to be installed in the carriageway to prevent traffic using this section of Fermoy Road as a through route.  A ‘cycles only’ sign is planned to be included with the bollards, but I will see if we can install a ‘no motor vehicles’ sign on a post/lamp column also.”

Lydford Estate

We attended a residents’ meeting to hear concerns about increased anti-social behavior on the estate. Residents and shopkeepers identified the following recent incidents: 

  • Youths breaking open a security gate with heavy tools
  • An air gun attack on a resident which ended yup with her in hospital
  • A fight in Fernhead Road
  • Large groups standing in residents’ porches and not moving when asked

One solution is to have a regular police presence on each estate. We have asked Karen Buck MP to raise these issues with the police.

Chippenham Road/Harrow Road junction

We have asked the Council to investigate this junction which has seen a number of recent accidents:

“I feel accidents have increased. There was a island on Chippenham Road which was removed but there are no road markings to replace it. The incident relating to the biker who broke his leg could have been avoided if the driver of the car that him hadn’t turned in early and drove into the wrong side of the road. If there were road markings clearly showing the division in the road, this accident may have been avoided. I would like the council to definitely review its recent changes to the road.”

The Council say:

“The markings for the crossing and the stop lines follow standard guidelines, and introducing additional markings where the island used to be on Chippenham Road would be inappropriate.  I do not wish to speculate on the accident in question until the TfL data is made available, but the stop line in Chippenham Road is set far back from the junction, so there does not appear to be any apparent hazard, and the traffic lanes are clearly defined. We will review the accident report when it is available, but I do not expect we will be making any changes at this location.”

Warlock Road Chippenham Road

We have asked the Highways Department to see if this issue can be investigated: 

“Peak times especially in the morning, there is chaos on Warlock Road at the junction of Chippenham Road. Due to cars being parked either side of Warlock road, passing is impossible and those wanting to turn right into Chippenham Road, there is frustration and confusion.”

The Council say:

“I propose introducing double yellow lines around the junction to deter parking on the corners of Warlock Road and Chippenham Road, and to improve visibility for motorists entering and exiting the junction during peak hours. The traffic order consultation and making and implementation will be coordinated with the nearby works for the Chippenham Road/Shirland Road junction. The consulting and making of traffic orders is a statutory process which will take 12-16 weeks to complete, after which (assuming there are no objections that are upheld) the new restrictions will be implemented.  “

Chippenham Road/Shirland Road junction – Update

Following our longstanding campaign to improve safety at this busy junction, the Council say:

“I have visited the location, and understand the issue with vehicles parking on the yellow line at the junction obstructing traffic flow, especially for busses. There are single yellow lines at the junction, and I will be progressing a scheme to introduce double yellow lines.  Double yellow lines should act as a parking deterrent during controlled hours and current uncontrolled hours (overnight and at weekends), and protect traffic flow through the junction. The usual timescales for traffic order consulting and making apply – between 12 and 16 weeks.”

Westbourne Terrace Road Bridge – Update

Following our enquiries, the Council says;

“The hand railings are due for replacement in our Planned Preventative Maintenance programme for 2018/19. We are satisfied that the railings do not pose an immediate Health and Safety risk to the public but we will monitor the railings until we get around to replacing them. The work to replace the railings is not insignificant and requires specialist trades because of the curvature on the bridge.”

Hall Place

We have asked City West Homes to repair the front door to Philip Court. The front door lock is broken and has been for some time. Also, the rubbish area at the back of this block is in a poor state. We also reported an electricity/telephone box without a doo where there exposed wires which are a danger to children.

Paddington Green 

We have asked Environmental Health Officers to investigate this issue:

“Last week, I walked across Paddington Green.  As I entered the southeast corner a rat scampered across the path.  20 feet later another rat was in the grass, and when I got to the Northwestern corner there were 6 rats in a 3 metre square area.  I have never seen so many rats in this park and so I would assume their population has gotten out of control, especially to be visible during daylight hours.  Can someone please address this?”

The Council says:

“We have the Pest Control team on permanent rotation around parks and open spaces with particular priority given to sites close to waterways. I’ve asked the Pest Control team to review current locations and types of traps/bait deployed in Paddington Green and St Mary’s Churchyard.”

Truscott Arms, Shirland Road

Some good news in the press about the re-opening of the Truscott Arms:

“West London gastropub The Truscott Arms is coming back from the dead with a bang, thanks to their addition of top chef Henry Harris to their roster. And yes, there WILL be roasts. In April, we heard the *very* good news Maida Vale’s The Truscott Arms had plans to reopen, and even better, it would be keeping its original format of ground floor and garden pub, with a restaurant upstairs. The news was there would be “contemporary European food” but aside from that, we were scant on the details.

Now it looks like the one and only Henry Harris, former head chef of Racine, is set to take the reigns, according to the Evening Standard. Henry will be drawing on his expertise in the French cuisine that made Racine famous to create a menu that will “blend British and French influences” – and yes, that does include roasts aplenty. “People can expect a traditional British roast beef with all the trimmings and a nice punchy horseradish, but equally we might lay on a seven-hour slow-roasted shoulder of lamb with rosemary, which has a much more French feel,” Henry told the Standard.


Stuart Tower, Maida Vale

We have asked the Council’s Tree Officer to investigate this issue:

“Can I draw your attention again to the poor trees outside Stuart Tower? Roots are restricted by brick walled circles which are now cracking up. Trees are therefore pushing up shoots which now block the pavement and bus stop. Can you put the trees and humans out of their misery!”

Whiteley’s – update 

Following our enquiries, we have been told the following:

The current update for Whiteley’s is that construction is set to begin around Spring 2018 and to be completed in Summer 2022.”

Community Safety issues

Karen Buck MP is taking up a number of community safety issues with the police following a series of muggings and car break-ins. Residents say:

“I write as I am very concerned about the alarming number of muggings happening in the Maida Vale and St Johns Wood areas, many involving scooters, and often occurring in daytime for relatively small value items like phones or watches. My neighbour was recently mugged in W9 for her watch while out walking with her husband and baby daughter in the afternoon.

“I am writing to bring the issue of a series of vehicle break-ins on Elgin Avenue to your attention. I have been a resident in the area since February this year and already have had my vehicle, my partner’s vehicle and three other vehicles on my road broken into. These thieves have caused thousands of pounds in damages, taken items of sentimental value and caused us all to feel unsafe. Vehicles in this area have also been stolen.”

Cotman House – Parking Update 

Following our enquiries about illegal parking on the estate, City West Homes say:

“To try and tackle those who persistently break parking rules we have decided to take legal action where necessary and in most cases applying to the courts for an injunction. Our team will regularly visit Cotman House in order to “sticker” vehicles- we will take a photographic record at the time of the visit, which will subsequently be used in court. We will be applying to DVLC for owner details of the vehicle at the same time. In respect of this specific abuse of a parking bay, we do retain the right to remove a bay from a resident if we find that such an abuse has taken place.  We will be visiting the estate to ascertain if there are areas on the estate we can erect either bollards or gates in order to stop this activity”

Hall Road – superfast broadband update

Following our enquiries, BT tell us that residents in the Hall Road area can now order fibre broadband, now that cabinet 59 is connected to the Lords exchange.

Hamilton Terrace

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I wanted to email about an ongoing issue on Hamilton Terrace. Residents along the street are leaving recycling bags out outside of the times recommended by Westminster Council. We have noticed this a lot up and down the street – people are leaving rubbish and recycling out by the trees, often for days on end. The result is that rubbish bags get split by foxes, and recycling bags are just dumped by the trees. It’s a ghastly sight and I am sure I am not alone in thinking this. “

Loudoun Road

We are making enquiries about the works at 15 Loudoun Road. Residents say:

“These works have now been going on for some time, over a year. We have been given no indication when the job will finish and work is intermittent which will only extend the time until completion. “

St John’s Wood Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I would like to raise an issue regarding a loose drain cover on St Johns Wood Road, just before the junction with Grove End Road when facing Lords.  The cover is just outside Grove End House and the Santander bicycle stand.  It is very disturbing very difficult to sleep with the constant thumping every few seconds.”

St John’s Wood High Street area

We have asked the Council to look in to this issue:

“The pavement outside The Ivy cafe and the Chicken Shop in Allitsen Road are covered in grease. Disgusting.”

The Council say:

“A deep clean of St John’s Wood High Street is currently programmed to commence during w/c 4th September and will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete. In advance of this the City Inspectors are undertaking enforcement action against any businesses that allow grease/oils etc. to leak from there waste bags.”

We have also asked the Road Safety Team to include Allitsen Road and Charlbert Street in its review of local roads:

“Please note the speeding car problem is also related Allitsen Road which is used as an entry racetrack to the St. Johns Wood High Street and has many children living in this road” 

“Can I suggest you add Charlbert Street to the Road Safety concerns on St Johns Wood High Street. Mornings especially traffic comes roaring through this quiet residential street at Main Road speeds.”

Abercorn Place/Maida Vale 

We have again raised this issue with the Council:

“The parking spaces for doctors still remain near the NHS surgery that closed some time ago (where Abercorn Place meets Maida Vale) – it was called the Maida Vale Clinic.  Also two charging posts remain wrapped up so out of use.” 

The Council tells us:

“The former doctors’ bays are being converted to electric parking charging points 

Ordnance Hill

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“Ordnance Hill is often used as a ‘drag race’ speeding area, heading north from the traffic lights at Acacia Road. It is especially young men in sports cars who try to go from zero to 60 as quickly as they can. It is frightening, dangerous and often very noisy. Whilst we do not want speed bumps to be installed, it would be useful to have speed cameras.”

The Council say:

“We have contacted the Metropolitan Police with regards to the alleged speeding and have agreed to place an ‘Automated Traffic Counter’ (ATC) within Ordnance Hill to get an accurate measure of both vehicle speeds and volume of traffic. Should this identify excessive speeds the Met Police will consider undertaking speed enforcement or refer the location for ‘Community Road Watch’ (CRW). CRW is an initiative which gives residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles.”

Residents have also asked for more litter bins and say:

“As the King’s Troop Barracks were a high security target, there are no public bins in our local streets – they were considered bomb threats. Since the Troop left, we are no longer a high profile location. Our area is full of dogs who are walked both by their owners and by ‘dog walkers’, however there are no bins locally into which ‘bagged’ deposits can be made. As a result, many plastic ‘dog poo bags’ are placed around the trees in the area, as well as in gutters. Although our streets are very regularly cleaned, this builds up very quickly and it is a menace.”

The Council says:

“Thanks, this seems like an eminently sensible suggestion. I’ve asked our Street Cleansing Manager to review and will get back to you.” 

Westbourne Bus Garage graffiti  

We are continuing to try to find a solution to this long-standing issue: 

“I live directly opposite the side of the Westbourne bus garage and am sick of shouting at graffiti (I hesitate to call them artists) and taggers. This mess of ever-changing graffiti is a real eye-sore and does nothing to make this a pleasant area to look on or pass when walking. Over the years I have noticed that these “artists” don’t paint behind bushes which have grown up. I have seen passersby collecting blackberries off them. There was a lovely Silver Birch tree there for years and no painting was done behind it.  I would like to propose that this area be planted with climbing plants ( like Virginia Creeper, etc) which does not damage brickwork and the upkeep of which would be cheaper than the occasional painting over (which hasn’t been done for 3 years, at least) and only provides a blank “canvas” for future graffiti.”

We are trying to push for a ‘green wall’ to cover the graffiti but we understand there may be technical issues that will need to be overcome, as well as financial issues.

Russell’s Wharf

We are continuing to urge Network Stadium to deal with a number of outstanding repairs and maintenance issues.

Warwick Estate Community Hal 

We have made enquiries with City West Homes about this issue:

“Perhaps you can find out what is happening to the boundary wall on the north side of the Warwick Community Hall. This wall (at the top of a steep slope above the Hall) was demolished without warning a few weeks ago, and has been replaced by builders’ Heras fencing. It was a poorly-constructed wall, and men used to urinate against it, but removing it was not the answer.” 

City West Homes say: 

“I can advise that the wall has been made safe.  The repairs team are currently awaiting quotes and require a structural engineer to calculate and conduct works going forward.”


The Council has an apprenticeship programme and you can see the opportunities currently available here https://www.westminster.gov.uk/apprenticeships

Aviva Community Fund

The 2017 Aviva Community Fund opens on 12 September. Do you know a local community organisation that could use some funding for a project? Details are here


 Genesis tenants – Update

A Genesis tenant has given us this latest update:

“Genesis residents got together to discuss the issue of big rent increases on 11th July at Kingsgate community centre. NW6 2JH. The object was to establish an action group by first deciding on a constitution. You can get more info on genesis.residents.action@gmail.com and/or facebook.com/genesisaction. “

Edbrooke Road Gardens – what you say

“This is just to reiterate my appreciation of – and grateful praise for – the superb work conducted by the main employee who mans Edbrooke Gardens (opposite which I happen to live). Punctual, reliable, fully committed to the quality – horticultural and otherwise – of the park, he is a real asset to the area.”

Abandoned bicycles 

We have asked the Council to do a regular monthly clear-up of bike racks to remove abandoned bicycles. One resident told us, “I found 10 abandoned rusting bicycle frames within 20 mins walk down to Marble Arch from Little Venice.”

Warwick Avenue – what you say

“With regard to the Warwick Avenue “drag strip” issue, this relates to a few cars. The police need to arrest these drivers for dangerous driving.” 

Pavement cycling – what you say:

“I would like to add a comment about cyclists, not only cycling on the pavement on Prince Albert Road but also people cycling in Regents Park itself when it clearly states No Cycling when you enter. When we point this out to them they either shout an abusive comment or pretend not to hear you. We have also encountered parents and their children cycling on the pavement and their response was that “it’s too dangerous to cycle in the road”. It seems pedestrians no longer have a say in this issue and now have to be on their guard for oncoming cyclists or those whizzing past you from behind.” 

“Still too many cyclists on the pavement on Prince Albert Road”

“It causes genuine fear to older people with sticks or Zimmer frames and younger ones with prams.”

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“I am very appreciative of this regular report and update of my neighbourhood. Keep up the great work looking after our special part of the world!

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Dear Resident,

Labour’s fifteen Councillors represent all residents in the Queen’s Park, Church Street, Harrow Road, Maida Vale, Churchill and Westbourne Wards.  Along with Karen Buck MP we take up individual cases, as well as issues of concern across the wards we represent and across Westminster North generally. Below are some of the issues we have been taking up recently, many as a result of residents’ responses to our regular newsletters. Let us know if we can take up a local issue in your area.

Lisson Grove/Shroton Street

We have asked the Parking Department to take action against drivers whose parking creates dangers to pedestrians and other road users at the junction. Residents say:

“I live near the Seashell restaurant in Lisson Grove. Driving along Shroton Street this afternoon at about 3.30pm and turning left into Lisson Grove there were a number of vehicles parked on and around the corner where there are yellow lines. Not only is it illegal but dangerous as it obscures vision into Lisson Grove and it is close to a school. This is now becoming a regular occurrence. It is dangerous and needs to be stopped before an accident occurs.”

Kennet House, Church Street 

At the request of residents, we have asked City West Homes to investigate a range of fire safety issues at Kennet House following the Genfell Tower tragedy. 

Church Street toilets

We are continuing to press the Council to re-open the public toilets in Church Street so that they can be used by market shoppers and traders.

Chequers House, Lisson Green

Residents have told us about their concerns following the closure of the fire escape doors. Residents say:

“For some reason, the fire exit is completely sealed and a notice has been posted to stop the use this exit. Why has this fire exit has been sealed? This is a sheltered housing block and mostly elderly people are living in this building. In case of emergency what would happen?

Marylebone Road

We have asked Transport for London to investigate this issue;

“I wanted to bring this to your attention as I think it is dangerous. A number of cars jump the lights opposite Manor House when they turn from Seymour Place onto Marylebone Road. It cannot be they do not see the lights, although I understand the lights are close to the corner. Can anything be done about this with a camera or better sign posting?”

Harrow Road/Chippenham Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“There have been some serious accidents at the junction of Harrow Road and Chippenham Road where a car turning right into Chippenham Road has hit a motorcycle; and there was one a couple of weeks ago which I believe was fatal. This is becoming a regular occurrence and I think that some investigation is required into the control of this crossing and the way these lights are set up. A filter light may be required.” 

The Road Safety Team say:

“With regards to the recent accidents, the Police have confirmed that the accident that happened in June was not fatal, but a motorist suffered a broken leg, and was reported for motoring offences. Following a fatality in 2013, a scheme was implemented in August 2014 to provide signalised pedestrian crossing points.  Since this scheme went in, collision data does show a reduction in the severity of accidents for a comparative time period prior to the implementation of the scheme in 2014. However, in view of concerns about recent accidents, the City Council has raised the matter with Transport for London to review the signal layout and timings at this junction.”

Hormead Road

We are continuing to press the Council to take action against those responsible for dumping furniture, boxes and rubbish by the big black bins.

The Chippenham

The owners of the former Chippenham Hotel have been ordered to remove steel shutters and spruce up the long-neglected local landmark, after campaigning by local residents. A letter from Westminster City Council issues the owners of the building with a Section 215 notice under the Town and Country Planning Act. This requires them to carry out works to address the visible neglect that has left the former pub ‘an eyesore.’

Ashmore Road

We have contacted the police following reports from residents about stolen Santander bikes which are being used by drug dealers and others engaged in anti-social behacviour.

Widley Road

Residents are opposing plans to redevelop the Widley Road garage site. They say:

“Whilst we need homes, they do need to be built in a way that doesn’t undermine the amenity value of the area for the existing residents. We objected to the current proposed scheme on a number of grounds as it very largely fails to mirror and be sympathetic to the surrounding buildings and architectural features, resulting in an overly intrusive modern style structure”

Paddington Rec – personal trainers

We have again asked the Council to take action on this recurring issue:

“The problem of the shouting personal trainer has not gone away. The shouting, and sometimes the music, still goes on for several hours on most days in the week. Today I woke at 7.15am to counting down “15, 14, 13 go go go, 10, 9, 8, go go go 5, 4, go go go” etc at 100 decibels. I sometimes have to listen to countdowns almost continuously outside my window for 2 hours. I have my breakfast, dinner and tea to countdowns.  He now runs an exercise class for about 10 people outside my windows every Thursday evening.”

Lanark Road

We have asked the Planning Department to investigate these issues: 

  • The need for trees to be planted on the Esso compound at their Lanark Road border to help shield residents against constant noise and pollution
  • The chronic problem of users of the petrol station (before it closed for works) using Lanark Road as a toilet, as Tesco/Esso did not provide toilet facilities to their many customers.

Warwick Avenue

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“The short but wide, flat (no speed humps) and smooth stretch of Warwick Avenue between Formosa Street and Sutherland Avenue has become something of a drag strip with cars and motor bikes screaming up the street regularly at all hours. This is obviously dangerous, but particularly so as vehicles are sometimes turning into Pindock Mews and are overtaken as they are turning right into the mews. Is there anything that can be done to stop this anti-social and dangerous behaviour?” 

Randolph Avenue

We have reported this issue to the Refuse Department:

“I don’t know if you are aware of the on-going rat problem in Randolph Avenue, which seems to be getting worse. The method of rubbish disposal seems to be contributing to the problem. With no standard rodent-proof bins supplied the rubbish is simply stored in bin liners. This provides a constant supply of food for the rats. Westminster Council should address this situation before the infestation gets any worse.”

Westbourne Terrace Road bridge

We have reported problems with flaking woodwork on Westbourne Terrace Road bridge to the Council. The Council say:

“I will arrange for our contractor to inspect the bridge. Once they report back I will let you know their findings and any measures we propose.”

Warwick Avenue underground station

We are continuing to press the Evening Standard to remove all the uncollected copies of the newspaper every night rather than leave them to litter the area.

Sutherland Avenue

We have reported this issue to the Council for investigation:

“I am writing again about the zebra crossing where Sutherland Avenue meets the roundabout by the Warrington Hotel. I see many occasions when cars park in the “hatched area” leading up to the roundabout.  The traffic wardens do ticket these cars but the line marking are confusing.  They are perfectly spaced to “suggest” they are car park spaces. I do not have any issues with the ticketing but with cars parked in this area there is a danger to pedestrians using the crossing as clear sight lines to it are obstructed by the cars approaching from Sutherland Avenue. Perhaps different lines??  Additional lines?? NO PARKING painted on the road?”

Carlton Hill

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“There is a 7.5 ton weight restriction on Carlton Hill at both ends. This is more abused than observed. Heavy goods vehicles try to push their way down this very narrow street with parking on both sides often getting stuck and holding up others. On other occasions they charge down the street bouncing over the sleeping policemen and slamming down shaking the houses.  This Sunday afternoon two gigantic coaches belonging to Laguna Travel pushed their way in stopping any oncoming traffic. I stopped the coach and pointed out to both drivers they were breaking the law. They were immediately abusive and tried to say they were not commercial vehicles.”

St John’s Wood High Street

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“Residents in St Johns Wood have been complaining for years about speeding fast cars in St Johns’ Wood High Street and into St Ann’s Terrace. There are many elderly people, children and people walking with pets and these sports cars are a nuisance. CCTV would also be helpful in both of these roads for burglaries. This could be very helpful to assist with this.” 

The Council says:

“St John’s Wood High Street has been reported as a possible vehicle speeding location to Community Roadwatch; a road safety initiative that aims to reduce speeding in residential areas.  Westminster City Council is currently working in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service to run this scheme, giving residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles. The City Council will await the results and any information captured through Community Roadwatch will help to identify whether further investigations are required in the future.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting: WestminsterCommunityRoadwatch@met.police.uk. “

Dora House, St John’s Wood Road

Central & Cecil Housing Trust has gained consent for a 156-home senior living redevelopment of Dora House opposite Lords Cricket Ground. C&C plans to demolish the existing Dora House and construct a new residence on the Lodge Road side of the site. The front of the site will be used to build 44 private apartments. The revenue from this will fund the construction of the new Dora House.

Cameron House, Townshend Estate

We have asked the Council to repair a defective lift in Cameron House.

Cotman House, Townshend Estate

We have asked City West Homes to take action against the long-term illegal parking outside Cotman House. CWH say:

“In order to try and tackle those who persistently break parking rules we have decided to take legal action where necessary and in most cases applying to the courts for an injunction. I shall be asking my team to make sure they regularly visit in order to “sticker” this vehicle- we will take a photographic record at the time of the visit, which will subsequently be used in court. We will be applying to DVLC for owner details of the vehicle at the same time.”

St Edmund’s Terrace

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“I am writing regards to the residents’ parking on St. Edmunds Terrace. With the close proximity to both Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, parking outside our homes or even nearby on the weekend is incredibly difficult. All the visitors to the park occupy the bays and at times park on the double yellow lines making driving dangerous. With the increased development on the street, there are more residents than before and it is becoming an increasing problem parking. I just wanted to see what is the best way to go about to making the resident parking hours also on weekends?”


According to the press:

“Westminster City Council wants a component of affordable housing to be included in plans for two ten-floor blocks at the Nursery End of the ground. However, the developer who is proposing developing Lord’s in conjunction with the MCC, feels that social housing should be built away from the Nursery End blocks, which are intended to provide expensive accommodation. Instead, he wants to knock down houses in Grove End Road, at the opposite end of the ground behind the pavilion, and build 50 flats that would be a mix of private homes and accommodation for hard-up cricketers and other sportsmen.”

Russell’s Wharf 

We are making enquiries with Network Homes about complaints from residents about “mice infestation, fire certificates, noise nuisance and service charges” at Russell’s Wharf.

Network Homes says:

“Our pest control contracts have visited the site and carried out a comprehensive inspection and treatment.  This process included a door knock (although not everybody was in at the 1st & 2nd attempts) of all the properties on the development as well as the internal and external communal areas. This treatment will continue until it is confirmed that the problem has been eradicated as much as it can be given that this development is very close to the Grand Union Canal which we believe is the source of the infestation.

With regards to the alleged noise nuisance we have carried out a thorough investigation which included an inspection of the property alleged to be the source of the problem.  A formal interview was conducted with the individual concerned referencing the tenancy conditions and the circumstances where enforcement would be recommended.  Officers were given assurances by the individual that there will not be a repeat of the type of noise nuisance that was reported.”

Grand Union Canal Path

We are supporting a project which aims to regenerate the area under the Westway. According to the organisers:

“This project explores the stretch of the Grand Union Canal towpath, east of Great Western Road and directly overshadowed by the Westway. We consider that there is an opportunity to regenerate this area, which currently feels neglected and hostile in an otherwise beautiful length of canal side landscape.  

Over the Easter weekend we asked local residents what they would like to see there. The most popular ideas were an outdoor exercise for all ages, a playground, planting and to install a tap for the canal boaters. All or some of these facilities could transform this area to make it a destination. We believe that the next stage is to do a feasibility study to develop a concept with the community, the landowners and the local council, and show what we think could be the Grand Union Canal Urban Park, and how much it would cost. Here is the link https://www.spacehive.com/grand-union-canal-urban-park ​and you will find a video about the project on there.” 

Contact the Elderly

Contact the Elderly is a national charity solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people.  They are supported by a network of volunteers and organise free monthly Sunday afternoon tea parties for groups of older people who live alone. They currently have 6 groups across the Westminster which have all been very successful.  The Westminster 38 group has been active for 47 years and has been run by the same committed group of volunteers. They very much want this group to continue to run and are therefore looking for new people to join this group, to volunteer as either a volunteer tea party host, volunteer coordinator or volunteer driver.

For further information contact Christina Jackson on 020 3865 3382


Housing Advice for Private Tenants

Mick Beirne and Robert Newton provide a Housing Advice and Tenancy Relations service for private tenants and licensees living in Westminster. They give free legal advice to occupiers in the private rented sector – that includes security, repair, rent, etc., and can take up their cases depending on the issue. They also enforce the criminal law as it relates to the landlord and tenant relationship – harassment, illegal eviction, etc.

To contact them call 020 7641 1000 and their colleagues will put the call through.

Mick Beirne and Robert Newton
Housing Adviser/Tenancy Relations Officer
T:020 7641 1000
F: 020 7598 1720
E:mbeirne@wcchos.org.uk and rnewton@wcchos.org.uk

Also, Noreen O’Neil of the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) helps with prevention of eviction and debt problems. Appointments can be made via 020 7641 1000.

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Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.





Tower blocks in Westminster

The horrific events at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington have shocked the country. We have been united in grief and so many have been moved to acts of great generosity and compassion.

Many residents have been asking questions and we, together with Karen Buck MP, have been putting these questions to Westminster Council Officers and CityWest Homes staff. A summary of these questions can be seen here:



In a comment piece for the Guardian, Karen Buck MP writes:

“We already know that councils with substantial numbers of high-rise blocks need financial support to complete all necessary safety checks and remedial works. Yet local government has borne the brunt of central government spending cuts. Kensington, dependent on grant for almost three-quarters of its spending in 2009/10, has seen its budget shrink by 38 per cent from £253m to £156m. Westminster City Council’s has been cut by 48 per cent, Manchester’s by 37 per cent, Hackney’s 35 per cent, and Birmingham’s by 34 per cent (Surrey’s, which has fallen by 6 per cent, is another story): the list goes on. So councils need to know that the new costs imposed on them will be underwritten by Whitehall. And then the government needs to look at the impact of spending cuts on, among other things, environmental health inspectors, who are the front line of defence against many hazards in rented housing. The tragedy of Grenfell Tower exposes the over-stretched state of social housing, especially in London. Survivors must have priority for decent, affordable local homes. But that shouldn’t be at the expense of others who are homeless or in desperate housing need, although I fear it will.”


Edgware Road/Orchardson Street

We asked the Planning Department about this issue:

“I came home tonight to find that four perfectly good trees of a certain maturity had been chopped down; there appears to be nothing wrong, looking at the trunks. Was this to do with the building been torn down on Edgware Road/Orchardson Street? We desperately need trees and this looks like a massacre.”

The Planners say:

The redevelopment of the petrol filling station site for 47 affordable housing units and 29 market housing proposed the removal of a number of street trees in Lyons Place at the rear and these trees will be replaced by new trees. These trees are 3 alders, and another tree a cherry may have to be removed because of difficulty in keeping the tree during construction. When permission was granted, it was on the basis the new landscaping and public realm improvements would not result in the net loss of any street trees.”

Plympton Street

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

I wonder if something could be done in the case of 23 Plympton Street. They persist in dumping rubbish outside in our street just any time that suits them, not on the appropriate day. At present, after a loud party that went on till after 2 am, they have stacked 8 or 9 large black bags of rubbish against their building. Needless to say, animals are starting to tuck in, thus strewing stuff about. Passing humans dump more stuff. In other words, totally unacceptable behaviour.”

Boscobel Street

We have reported this issue to the Council:

I see that some double yellow lines have been applied but not fully on Boscobel Street so the scheme will only marginally improve matters. The traffic wardens are not enforcing the current yellow line restrictions as so many drivers in this area just sit in their cars on double yellow lines and the wardens need to be more pro-active in moving drivers on if they are not unloading…which they hardly ever are.

The ‘Sea Shell’, Lisson Grove

The ‘Sea Shell’ in Lisson Grove celebrated its 60th anniversary recently. The Sea Shell, which opened in 1957, included in its day of celebration a community lunch for 100 at the nearby Greenside Community Centre.

Cherwell House

We have asked City West Homes to check fire safety at Cherwell House as residents are concerned at the absence of fire extinguishers.

Chequers and Verney Houses, Lisson Green

We have asked City West Homes to investigate these concerns:

“A week ago the Fire Service was called out to one of these blocks and only one Fire engine was able to get round, the turntable ladder and another Fire engine was unable to as parked cars on both sides of the road were obstructing the entry for the Fire Service. This is an ongoing concern for residents.”

Church Street Estate

We have asked City West Homes to sort out this issue:

“We have 4 blocks of flats, with 11 communal entrances. Out of those 11 entrances only 4 notice boards had Fire Action Plans on display, 2 were covered by other notices and 5 have had their noticeboards, including the Fire Action Plan notices, removed several days ago whilst major works are being undertaken. These are not due to be replaced until Friday pm, I believe, and the Fire Action Plans are not on display elsewhere.”

Church Street

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this concern:

“I’m wondering has Church Street has returned to two-way traffic there seems to be a lot of two-way traffic very dangerous on the corners of Penfold street and Church Street”.

We have received the following update:

“We can confirm that the Church Street remains one-way between Lisson Grove and Edgware Road.  In light of residents’ concerns, the City Council will review the signage along Church Street including the section adjacent to Penfold Street, to ensure the signage and road markings adequately indicate the one way working. “

Edbrooke Road/Elgin Avenue – Update

Following our enquiries on behalf of residents, the Council tells us:

“Road safety works at the junction of Edbrooke Road and Elgin Avenue are being progressed.  The proposals include relocating 10 metres of resident parking at the junction and replacing with double yellow lines to improve visibility and also give more road space for vehicles exiting and entering Edbrooke Road. The proposals will be going out to public consultation in the next month or so. Also, both roads will be included in a 20 MPH speed limit trial in the summer.”

Harrow Road

Following the fire a few months ago, residents have asked:

“Do you know what is going on with the building on the corner of Fermoy and Harrow roads which was unfortunately devastated by fire in February? We were told that it would be demolished mid-May but nothing has happened. The debris has caused an infestation of flies which makes opening doors and windows in this warm weather practically impossible; and there is also an issue with scooters using the pavement next to the building as a cut through between Harrow Rd and Great Western Road. We have already had a local pet killed as a result of this – how long before it is a child?”

The Council say:

“Demolition contractor (Savoy Construction) commenced on site on Monday 19th June at 8am. They have extended the closure on Fermoy Road and 6 further parking bays have been suspended to facilitate the works. They envisage the works will take 6 weeks in total and hopefully Harrow Road will be returned to two-way traffic 5 weeks after they commenced on site. 

They have removed a large amount of the scaffolding on Fermoy Road and started to take some of the building down. Further scaffolding is required on Harrow Road and Fermoy Road where the edge of the building is adjacent to the neighbouring property but this will not impact on the carriageway.” 

Saltram Crescent

We have asked the Planning Enforcement Team to update us on two terraces that have been built in Saltram Crescent. The Council told us that enforcement action is to be taken. Residents said:

“Thank you so much for your swift help. It has been hard to reach the planning officer in question at times and we appreciate you taking the time to assist us.”

Edbrooke Road Area

Residents have made further suggestions for traffic calming in the Edbrooke Road area:

“We would welcome sensible traffic calming measures to prevent the street further becoming a rat run, but traffic flow and the logic of one-ways needs to be looked at in the wider area contained by Elgin Avenue/ Harrow Road/ Marylands Road/ Shirland Road. The way certain streets have become one-ways over the years is piecemeal. The partial one way/ two way in Oakington and Marylands Roads is illogical. The pedestrian blockage of Marylands Road (introduced in the late-1980s) necessitates additional journeying along adjacent streets to be able to approach neighbouring streets.

Reopening Marylands to traffic full length would take vehicles off adjacent streets and a clever realignment of one-ways – including an expansion in the number of streets made one-way – would prevent these largely residential streets being used by commuters and delivery vehicles. In considering whether to replace pay/display bays with double yellows, note that visitors/ contractors frequently struggle to find pay/ display bays available.”

Goldney Road

We are making enquiries about this issue:

“Some of the drug dealing on the corner or Goldney Road and Chippenham Road appears to have shifted. New cars and drivers are parked. Pot is being smoked by an athletic looking young man standing on the pavement. Has drug dealing stopped or just shifted?”

Hormead Road

Following our enquiries about the continued rubbish dumping by the black bins in Hormead Road, the Council has told us:

“The majority of waste found by our officers and the waste contractors Veolia in Hormead Road and the surrounding area is residential and not commercial. There is undoubtedly an element of businesses fly-tipping but the number is considerably reduced since we launched an initiative in the Harrow Road area last year. We realised that a number of businesses did not dispose of their waste correctly and through a variety of methods have ensured that all of the premises in the Harrow Road and adjacent streets are now disposing of their waste in a legal fashion. We are aware that there will always be an element of people flouting the law but with extra patrols being made by our enforcement officers we are confident we can reduce the incidents of fly-tipping even more. “

Shirland Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“There is a continuation of daily garbage dumping – both small and bags – at the bottom of trees. What do residents need to stop doing this? Street bins? Better (communal) bins or rubbish facilities/logistics? Needs to stop at some point!”

Biddulph Road

We are continuing to urge the Council to take action to stop the repeated dumping of rubbish by the black bins in Biddulph Road. Residents have passed us helpful information which we have given to the Council.

Widley Road/Essendine Road

Residents in Essendine Road are very concerned about the proposed development of the garage at 61 Widley Road into 23 flats. Details are


Kilburn Park Road – pot holes

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I raised this with Westminster and Brent in Sept/Oct 2016 last year (with pictures s d exact locations of potholes). What is really at stake here is the safety and comfort of cyclist, a key transport and environmental policy for the city. Does not seem that much has been done as both Councils reverted saying the other one was in charge! One would believe one of the two should perfectly know the boundaries…. should be pretty straight forward to fix.”

The Council say: 

“We have Kilburn Park Road “between Carlton Vale and bus stop MB” on our programme for this year. This is part of the citywide upgrade of Stone Mastic Asphalt Streets to Hot Rolled Asphalt.” 

Tollgate House

We have called on City West Homes to clear the building rubble and machinery from outside Tollgate House. Residents say: 

“If these mounds of rubbish were to catch fire residents would be trapped have no means of escape. As far as I can ascertain the building of the community hall and associate buildings in front of Tollgate House would block a fire engine from rescuing residents trapped in Tollgate House. I believe Tollgate House residents safety is being compromised in this “regeneration”. “

Warrington Crescent

We have asked the Planning Enforcement Team to investigate a property in Warrington Crescent where a noisy all night party was held recently in a suspected AirBNB-let flat.

Lanark Road/Clifton Road

We have asked the Council to investigate these issues:

“Right-turning into Lanark Road from Clifton Road The sign is very clear and less people do it when the Westminster camera-car is parked in front of Chesterton’s. Why not install a permanent camera? I’m sure it would be cheaper and a better deterrent than using the camera-car. Also, persistent illegal parking at the Lanark Road/Clifton Road intersection – particularly at weekends and usually by Chelsea tractors or other high-value motors. Perhaps the same camera could deter both?”

The Parking Department says: 

“We have surveyed this location for the installation of unattended cameras, unfortunately the infrastructure is unsuitable, the lamp columns are ornamental cast iron, and cannot be used for alternative power and the hanging of cameras. We will eventually be able to hang a camera in Lanark Road, but this will only capture vehicles turning left from Lanark Road into Clifton Road. We utilise the car to enforce the restrictions in the area we cannot hang cameras. With the Deregulation Act, cameras cannot be used for the enforcement of parking restrictions, this can only be undertaken by CEO/Marshals, I have passed this information to our enforcement team for action.”

Malvern Road – Crime Report

Following a recent shooting on the Brent/Westminster border at Malvern Road and a number of knife incidents, we have urged the Council to increase its resources to the Gangs Unit so that additional efforts can be made, in liaison with the police and local schools, to tackle the increased gang-related crime involving young people. 

Abercorn Place

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The North West London Medical Centre has been shut down from the end of March this year. The white boxed road marking has two bays, both have been unoccupied from the end of March 2017. These two bays need to be sorted out as it been 3 months now. “ 

Cameron House, Townshend Estate

We have asked the Council and City West Homes to take action against illegal parking outside Cameron House. City West Homes say:

“I visited the estate to put notices on those cars parked in areas which are not allocated for parking and/or parked without a valid permit. We are now in the process of requesting information from the DVLA about the owners of the vehicles so that we can write to them directly and if necessary, take further action.”

Elm Tree Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“I live in Elm Tree Road and have noticed that with increased road traffic at Lords due to the Warner stand and other development, many goods vehicles and Uber drivers use this road as a speedy through-road even though it is very narrow, and use it to hang around with idle engines. However there are many families here with small children and crossing the road has become more dangerous for them at times. Can we look into making it a 20 MPH road and installing double red lines at the corners, not just double yellow, to stop constant idle parking by such vehicles?”

Alma Square

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I would be grateful for your suggestions as to how to deal with rubbish being put out in the street whenever people have it, without waiting for the collection day. In Alma Square a number of residents are still putting out their rubbish as and when they have it. Rubbish was left for at least 5 days, last week, on Thursday the recycling van took the soggy cardboard.” 

The Council say: 

“I have asked the local City Inspector to monitor this street as a matter of priority and to take enforcement action as appropriate against any residents or businesses fly-tipping waste outside of the agreed collection times.”

41 Abbey Road – Update

Following our enquiries, the Council has given us the latest update on this long-neglected property:

“I can confirm that an enforcement report seeking authority to serve a Section 215 Notice on the property has been prepared and approved. The report is currently with the City Council’s Legal Services to prepare the Notice and subsequently serve on the property. The Notice requires works to be carried out to the front elevation of the property to improve its appearance and bring it back to an acceptable standard. As a precursor to serving the Notice, Legal Services issue Section 330 Notices to ascertain ownership details. There is a 21-day timeframe for responses to be returned.”

Queen’s Grove 

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The public litter bin that usually sits on the northwest corner of the junction of Queen’s Grove/St John’s Wood Park/Ordnance Hill disappeared a couple of weeks ago. Is this deliberate? It is an extremely useful and strategically placed litter bin for dog walkers. With few alternative bins in the immediate area I fear that withdrawing the bin will lead to an increase of the horrible plague of dog poo bags dropped in the street or dog mess not being cleared. Please could it be reinstated ASAP?”

The Council say:

I have reported this missing litter bin to our contractors who have replaced it today. “ 


The press has reported the following:

“Marylebone Cricket Club has begun the process of consulting its members on two options for the radical development of Lord’s. The consultation document, which has been sent out to 18,000 full members and 5,500 associate members, is the largest survey produced by MCC and sets out the details of two proposals for the redevelopment of the home of cricket. In one plan the Nursery Ground would be moved back towards Wellington Road allowing for the Compton and Edrich stands to be made taller and deeper, creating room for an additional 2,000 seats. The club would then refurbish the Tavern and Allen stands between 2027 and 2030, for which it has planning permission from Westminster City Council, and establish new staff accommodation, offices and turnstiles by the north gate nearest to St John’s Wood Tube station by 2032.”

Great Western Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this recurring issue:

“The pavements that were “fixed” on Great Western Road between Tavistock Road and Elkstone Road have come “unfixed” and are back to soaking pedestrians when they walk on them when it rains. Perhaps the “fixing” is perhaps putting sand underneath the slabs and each rainstorm washed the sand out again? Can they fix these permanently or at least more semi-permanently than they have done?”

Blomfield Mews

We have reported a group of squatters in Blomfield Mews and have urged the Council to secure the property so that they can no longer gain entry. Residents say:

“Some form of improvement of this unkempt, dilapidated forgotten/untended area would be warmly welcomed as well as a safe and secure way to ensure that squatters etc don’t set up home in the alleyway or the old garages right behind/adjacent to our homes.”

Westbourne Bus Garage

We have asked the Council to again investigate what can be done to deal with the constant graffiti on the wall of Westbourne Bus Garage by the canal.

“The graffiti now covers all the walls and in some places is 18ft high. The residents further along the Canal near the “Grand Union” managed to get a grant for a Mural opposite their flats and a young artist did a brilliant job but unfortunately within 10 days it was totally covered with graffiti.”

The Council say:

“I have instructed the council’s planning team to engage with British Waterways and London Buses to explore potential solutions and for this longstanding issue to be incorporated into the wider project looking at public realm improvements around the Harrow Road area.”

Superfast broadband

We are continuing to press BT Openreach on delivering superfast broadband in the Westminster area.

Bike hangars

We are supporting the installation of more bike hangars after receiving this message:

“We have been looking for options to park bikes locally as we cannot keep them in our common areas and the problem seems to be shared by many residents. And on the road, bikes suffer theft and damage to the point where it becomes a constant worry. We have young children and would love to take them out on bikes at weekends, but in the current state of things this is just not going to happen and we’ll keep driving to places.”

Westminster Reporter

A resident has started a petition calling on the Council to cease publication of the Westminster Reporter. We agree!


Canal tow-path – what you say

“I regularly walk along the tow path around Paddington basin and frequently accompanied by a 3-year-old. It has become a somewhat dangerous walkway for pedestrians as bicycles are speeding by and there is no safe pedestrian or bike path. Is it necessary to allow bikes in this particular area which is full of people walking, babies and children with buggies people waiting for boats and simply sitting at cafes all enjoying the beauty and facility of Paddington basin and the ducks?”

What you say

“Thanks for your comprehensive reports.”

“Many thanks for all the detailed work across this busy area brought together in your concise report. Glad to see the Poynter House overflow pipe mentioned here.”

“Many thanks for the extensive information about all your hard work! Much appreciated!”

“Thank you for your new update – it is really helpful.  And thank you very much for so diligently and persistently following up the Evening Standard issue – I really appreciate it.”

“Thank you for your important updates regarding our area”

“Thank you as always for the very useful summary of your colleagues’ work on behalf of all the community. Keep up the good work!” 

“Congratulations on the General Election outcome (thus far). I didn’t vote for your party but I respect how your campaign compared with the Tories’ efforts. Well done. “

“I’ve enjoyed revisiting The Clifton, a great example of how cross sections pulled together in the overall best interests of the wider community. “

“Many thanks for this regular reporting, and congratulations on Karen’s re-election.”

“Thanks for the comprehensive report”

“You all very much deserve to see our recognition of the work done over the last years in an increase in votes for Karen Buck and the team. Thank you for everything you do. “

“I have to say that in the time that I have lived in St Johns Wood (more than 30 years) I have never asked anything from the council and your speedy response is greatly appreciated and refreshing.”

“Thank you for your email.  I always read it with interest.”

“Thanks for your recent Action report showing all the issues that you and your colleagues deal with.  It’s quite amazing that you manage to deal with so many matters and I think that you all do a fantastic job” 

 “Thanks as ever for an informative newsletter”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.












General Election – Thursday 8th June

You can read about Karen Buck’s General Election campaign priorities here https://labourwestminster.wordpress.com/karen-buck-for-westminster-north/

Church Street

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I see all sorts of vehicles go down Church street the wrong way on a daily basis. It’s my view that a fatal accident is (sadly) inevitable unless a significant improvement is made to the signage. It’s not just bicycles and mopeds that go down the street the wrong way but cars, taxis and vans. Accidents are inevitable and they don’t have to be.”

The Council say:

“The location has been reviewed and the junction of Church Street, Plympton Street and Gateforth Street is correctly signed. However, in light of the concerns highlighted, an additional one-way arrow will be painted in the carriageway on Church Street before it meets the junction of Gateforth Street and Plympton Street. This should reinforce the one-way traffic flow to road-users. 

Additionally, the junction of Lisson Grove, Church Street, Gateforth Street and Plympton Street has been approved for an installation of a moving traffic enforcement camera for enforcing traffic contraventions performed by motorists on the one-way road and banned turns. The intention is to install the camera equipment and signage at the end of this year. This type of camera can be redeployed to other locations once compliance has improved at this junction.”

Burne Street

We have again asked the Council and the police to take action about the appalling state of Burne Street. Residents say:

“You will know the long standing problems with antisocial behaviour and amounts of litter in Burne Street and the resulting distress caused to the residents of George Peabody Court which overlooks the pathway. There seems to be no system in place for regular cleaning. and sweeping of this cut-through walkway which is a haven for antisocial behaviour and drug dealing and is also used in summer by beggars. This is a public route used by many people who live and work in the ward and need easy access from the Tube station. I know that there have been great problems trying to negotiate with British Telecom whose property runs on one side of this walkway.”

Plympton Street

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The light attached to the west wall near 4 Plympton Street, directly opposite Plympton Place, is not working. It is one of the 3 large traditional lights installed by Westminster several years ago. This area of the street is very dark at night and it is unnerving trying to open the front door when it is impossible to see even the keyhole. It is also unsafe on many levels. I received an e mail from Westminster last week saying the problem was fixed – but the light is still out.”

One day later, the resident told us:

“I arrived back tonight to see that the light is working!!! That was quick!”

Boscobel Street/Hatton Street

We have again asked the Council to investigate this junction. There is a real problem with traffic turning into Boscobel Street and then trying to turn into Hatton Street, particularly when there are cars parked on both sides.   Double lines are really needed to prevent cars parking near the corner.  The Council say:

“Further to your email with regards to the City Council’s proposals to introduce double yellow lines “at any time” waiting restrictions in the Boscobel Street area. I can now confirm that, following detailed consideration of the responses received during the consultation, the City Council has concluded that the proposals should be implemented as proposed.

Hatton Street is of only sufficient width for one vehicle for most of its length and furthermore, where the road is not occupied by residents’ parking, there are numerous entrances to properties along the road to which access should be possible at all times.  It is therefore considered that parking in any part of Hatton Street, except where already provided would cause obstruction.”

Poynter House, Aberdeen Place 

We have asked City West Homes to investigate a faulty overflow pipe at Poynter House which causing damage to flats.

Hormead Road

We have again asked the Council to take strong action to stop the continued dumping of rubbish by the black bins in Hormead Road. The Council say:

“I have instructed the City Inspectors to prioritise this location for additional monitoring and to determine what additional enforcement resources should be deployed to effectively address this problem.  Veolia have also been instructed to undertake a deep clean of the area.”

Chippenham Mews – Update

Following our enquiries about the need to slow down vehicles along Chippenham Mews, the Council says:

“Analysis of the latest available thirty-six months accident data for Chippenham Mews has revealed that there have been no personal injury accidents. However, the City Council has recently undertaken highway improvements at Chippenham Mews, which consisted of refreshing the existing yellow line markings to maintain compliance with the traffic management orders, and the installation of school wig-wags signage to alert drivers of children and parents walking to and from the nearby primary school.

In addition to these measures local residents will be consulted in early summer this year regarding plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit to reduce traffic speeds in this area. If a favourable response to the proposals is received from the wider community, and the necessary approvals granted, the scheme signage will be implemented in late autumn 2017. “

Goldney Road/Edbrooke Road area

We have again asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

I live in Edbrooke Road and I was vising a friend when the car accident happened on Goldney Road a couple of weekends back – it was indeed horrific and I was lucky not to be part of it as I passed by walking only a few minutes before the accident happened. This is not the only car accident in the area recently, but certainly the most “noisy” one. There have been quite a few more unreported accidents in both streets over the past months/years as, unfortunately, drivers throughout the day (but mainly during morning rush hour) use Goldney Road and Edbrooke Road as shortcuts to Harrow road via Marylands Road – most of them drive in Elgin Avenue and then take left in either of these two streets in order to avoid traffic and the two lights in Elgin/Chippenham and Chippenham/Harrow. It’s getting too dangerous for all of us living in those streets but also for other neighbours who take their kids to school or to the Edbrooke Gardens.”

Elgin Avenue/Edbrooke Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“The corner of Edbrooke Road and Elgin Avenue is also a high risk corner for motor accidents due to how narrow the street becomes when cars are parked on both sides of Edbrooke Road. Cars driving on Elgin Avenue and using the shortcut of Edbrooke Road towards Harrow Road, tend to turn (left) at a higher than expected speed, and inevitably use part of the counterflow lane, especially when cars are parked right in the corner. As a result, many accidents have happened in that corner and in many occasions accidents were avoided in the last minute. A potential way to mitigate the issue would be to apply a double yellow line at the first few meters of Edbrooke Road in order to prohibit cars being parked there, and at the same time to give more space to cars driving from Edbrooke Road to Elgin Avenue (and vice versa). This solution would reduce the amount of pay and display space in Edbrooke Road (by 2 parking spots) but will certainly make driving and walking in the area safer.”

Elgin Avenue

We have again asked the Council when Elgin Avenue (Chippenham Road to Harrow Road) will be resurfaced. Residents say:

The non stop army of Tarmac lorries are still thundering up Elgin Avenue from the depot at Westbourne Garage en route to Royal Oak. Can you please let me know when our section of Elgin Avenue will be resurfaced?  The tarmac is crumbling and London clay coming through when it rains.  The substrate is clearly not man enough for the job. I am getting complaints from my end of the building re the building trembling when large vehicles hit the depressed areas.  If you look along the front of Marble House, you will see the road on our side in particular is a poor condition. “

The Council say:

The section of Elgin Avenue between Chippenham Road and Harrow is due to be resurfaced, subject to co-ordination, on 20th July this year. According to the programme the works are due to take place under a full closure and could take up to 9 days. The surface course will be upgraded to hot rolled asphalt. Council contractors will be carrying out letter drops prior to the works once dates have been formally agreed.”

Pindock Mews

We have asked the Council to repair the lights in Pindock Mews. Residents say:

“Of 6 lights only 3 are working so it’s incredibly dark down here and quite scary. It also probably explains the presence of the drug dealers”

The Council says;

“The team have investigated this matter and while they have changed some lamps the main problem has been that the controller column has lost its electrical supply which will be escalated to UK Power Network.  However, the team are moving the controller to a new column which should return the light in Pindock Mews into operational order, this should be resolved in the next 24 hours”

Residents say:

“We noticed that some of the lights had been fixed but the one in the middle of the Mews still wasn’t working which seemed odd, but now we know why. Huge thanks in getting this sorted so quickly. Much appreciated!” 

“Pindock Mews is a-blaze! Well, electronically speaking! All the lights are working. Huge thanks to you for expeditiously sorting this out.”

Warwick Avenue and Maida Vale tube stations

We have again asked the Council to contact a senior manager at the Evening Standard about the piles of newspapers left outside the underground stations every night. Residents say:
“Can we take this matter up with someone else within the organisation please? This issue has been raised with them over the last months on many, many occasions. And yet they continue to do nothing about it. Why should the residents of this area have to put up with their rubbish?”

Following continued newspaper debris left at Warwick Avenue underground station we contacted the Evening Standard direct who say:

I will send a note the to the merchandiser team we have at Warwick Avenue asking that they do more to keep the area clean and tidy, so hopefully you will see an improvement in the coming days. If however matters do not improve let me know and I will look into the issues again for you”

Elgin Avenue and Biddulph Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The Black bins at the corner of Elgin Avenue and Biddulph Road are an almost permanent eyesore now.  Bags are stacked up (sometime because people are too lazy to put them into the bins) torn open by foxes overnight, household rubbish is dumped without any fear of council retribution. I know we are lucky to have collections twice and day, but in between those collection times the sites are invariably rubbish strewn and squalid.  It’s definitely got worse lately (council cuts?) and of course this is the story all over Maida Vale.  What can be done?  I have contacted the council but no response.”

The Clifton

Great to see The Clifton re-open last month! We popped in for a pint to wish the new landlords all the very best for the future!

The Star, St John’s Wood Terrace

Residents living close to The Star pub are concerned about its conversion to a restaurant and have raised questions about the location of the proposed flue which will be close to residents’ windows and bring food smells close to their homes. We have asked the Planning Department if this be looked at carefully so that this issue does not have a negative impact on local residents.

The Council says:

“The flue at the rear is currently being investigated by the Planning Enforcement Team. In respect of the use of the premises, we have advised the owner that restaurant use will require planning permission and neighbours are very concerned that the outside seating area at the front will be used predominantly for shisha smoking. However, we need to wait until the premises opens “

Acacia Road

We have reported a broken pavement in Acacia Road. The Council say: “We have investigated this and found a small area of footway that does meet our intervention criteria for repair. Works have been ordered and will be completed within 10 days.”

Park Road/Baker Street

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“There are still cars crossing during pedestrian green light, one morning even a bus and 2 police cars, so I think this shows it is not clear that there is a red light.  Yes, there is congestion of the road at certain times but it is also unclear that the red light on the left of the street applies not to Allsop Place but to Baker Street and especially to a pedestrian crossing. There should be a second traffic light installed on the right hand post plus a sign ‘pedestrians ‘ on both sides and/ or the floor marked in red to make it more visible”

Westbourne Park Canal Tow Path

A local business has started this petition urging Kensington & Chelsea Council to install lighting along the canal tow path along the dangerous stretches near Westbourne Park so that our colleagues and neighbors can walk and cycle in safety in the dark hours.

Our staff have been mugged at knife-point and harassed by people lurking in the shadows along the path. Our neighbors and friends are afraid to walk and cycle along the path in darkness which means that everyone has to walk and cycle along the main roads. The Canal and River Trust and their Quietways Project are supportive of the efforts, but they have no funding.” 


Harrow Road/Westbourne Green

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Why is there always – certainly for the last 2 or 3 years – a ‘Highway Maintenance vehicle permanently parked in the nearside lane of the dual carriageway at the end of the Harrow Rd, adjacent to Westbourne Green open space, just beyond (going east) Lord Hills Bridge?  It disrupts the smooth flow of traffic and for bicyclists like me, it is a not inconsiderable and unnecessary risk”.

Whiteley’s – Update

According to the press:

“Westminster City Council has approved rescaled plans to redevelop the Whiteleys shopping centre. The mixed-use scheme will see 500,000-plus sq ft of homes and shops built behind the existing 1911 facade. Under the revised plans two residential towers will be dropped a floor and the number of one and two bedroom flats increased from 44 to 78 while larger four bedroom homes will be reduced from 37 to seven. The scheme will open onto Queensway, which is also planned to undergo a £50m revamp. Under the section 106 agreement the developer has agreed to fund £6m of public realm improvements and £6m for affordable housing.”

Tall Buildings

Westminster Council is currently consulting on potential future changes that would water down enormously the veto on extra height within the Borough.  In particular, they are already laying the ground to build tall in Victoria/ Park Lane, Paddington and around Tottenham Court Road.  This would damage Conservation Areas in Fitzrovia, Mayfair, Belgravia, Westminster, St James, as well as some of London’s most beautiful parks. The Skyline Campaign has started this petition


Faulty Pavements

If you have ever fallen on a faulty pavement you can contact the Council via this link: https://www.westminster.gov.uk/accidents-and-insurance-claims-against-council

Citizens Advice Bureau

The funds raised this year from the CAB Legal Walk will go towards the Foodbank Advice Project which loses its funding in July.  You can donate if you haven’t done so already: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/Westminster_CAB2017

This is a really essential service that the CAB provides to the users of the North Paddington Foodbank providing debt, housing and benefits advice. Many people are there because their benefits have been stopped for some reason and the CAB advocates on their behalf to help challenge the decision, with many of them being overturned on appeal!

My Westminster Day – Sunday 18th June

The inaugural #MyWestminster Day is taking place on Sunday 18th June at Paddington Recreation Ground, with a programme of free events and family friendly activities. The event will celebrate the diversity of Westminster’s neighbourhoods and people, recognising all that unites everyone as one community in the heart of London. The event is part of a UK wide celebration of everything we have in common in memory of Jo Cox MP who was murdered a year ago.
There will be free food tasters from around the world and live entertainment from Ebony Steel Band, Rosie Holloway, The Blend Choir and the Time Loves quintet amongst others.

Sporting activities include beat the goalie, quick feet challenge and other football taster sessions run by QPR in the Community; there will also be tennis coaching, bowls, a parkour course and bungee trampolines. Additional highlights include face-painting, storytelling, plant potting, free bike checks and repairs, and free dog microchipping.

Sunday 18th June is Father’s Day, so there will be a special Father’s Day card making stand and a Father’s Day race.

All activities will be free. Free transport will be available from across Westminster.

You can register your interest in attending, receive updates or organise free transportation by visiting – www.westminster.gov.uk/mywestminster

Wymering Road – what you say

“We are very concerned about speedy cars on Wymering Road especially next to the school on Essendine. Suggest install humps.”

Tall Buildings – what you say

“I am also incensed by Westminster council’s questionnaire on their tall building policy. It is a deeply, dishonest piece of work.”

What you say

“Thank you for what is, as always a comprehensive report”

“Thank you as ever for your excellent letter”

“Two women have recently been mugged nearby by boys on mopeds. I rely on my neighbours (and you) for my local news. We do not receive any communication from the police. It would be great if they could let us know about crime in our area and then of arrests. All this needs is a monthly email. This is done in the USA. I never hear from our local police and, apart from dialling 999, have no idea how to contact them. “

“Thank you so very much for your very informative magazine – it is extremely useful and a great help to all us local residents.”

“Many thanks again for your informative letter. I agree with other residents that something needs to be done urgently about the junction of Shirland Road, Chippenham Road and Malvern Road as there are always cars parked illegally there stopping traffic flow. Perhaps a blitz of traffic wardens concentrating on this area and changing the single yellow lines to double yellow would help”

Thanks for the information about all the work you do!”

“As ever a very interesting and informative bulletin – long may it continue!”

“Many thanks as always for your update of your and your colleagues’ work on behalf of residents. It is much appreciated.”

“Many thanks and can’t wait for next month’s comprehensive report”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

Promoted by Andy Whitley on behalf of Karen Buck, both at 4g Shirland Mews, W9












Eden and Blackwater Houses

We have again contacted the Council and City West Homes about the unsatisfactory state of Eden and Blackwater Houses where no repairs or improvements have been undertaken for many years as a a result of the long delays to the Council’s Futures Plan. We are calling on the Council to take immediate action to improve life for residents who have been forgotten and neglected for far too long. 

Plympton Street

We have asked the Council to remove a dumped mattress from Plympton Street. In addition, we have received this update from the Road Safety Team:

“The junction of Gateforth Street and Plympton Street has been reviewed and it is confirmed that the one way working is correctly signed. However, in light of your concerns, we will paint an additional one-way arrow in the carriageway in Church Street before the junction with Gateforth and Plympton Streets. This arrow should provide a further indication to motorists at the junction that Church Street is one-way westbound, and help mitigate some of the issues you have raised. 

Additionally, the site around Lisson Grove, Church Street, Gateforth Street and Plympton Street has been approved for the installation of moving traffic enforcement cameras to enforce the restrictions including the one way working and banned turns.  The intention is to install a camera and warning signage at this location towards the end of this year.  These cameras are unattended and re-deployable, which means they can be moved and re-deployed to other locations in WCC once compliance has improved.”

Lisson Green Estate

We have raised concerns with the Council about the standard of cleaning on the estate after receiving complaints from residents.

Cherwell House

We have asked the Council to investigate why residents in Cherwell House have lost the use of their BT land line phones following works at the corner of Penfold Street and Church Street.

Hormead Road

We have asked the Council to take action again on this continuing issue:

“I am a resident of Hormead Road. There are a few problems that we seem to be stuck with having made many efforts over the last decade to shift them. The first is the horrendous fly-tipping by the black bins at the end of Hormead Road. It is a daily, revolting “welcome home” for all of the residents.  The second is the drug dealing that goes on fairly openly at each end of the street.”

We have also asked the Council to remove graffiti from street signs and bollards.

The Council says:

“We are running daily operations in and around the north of the city to monitor and enforce on the problematic bin sites. We will have 2 City Inspectors on a daily basis in a vehicle to concentrate on the most problematic sites. The BBBs which feature most highly with non-compliance are in the north district so I will be taking part regularly on these operations. Regarding the Anti-Social Behaviour I will discuss with the Problem Solving coordinator for the area.

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the Council for an update on this issue:

“Can you let me know when the section of Elgin Avenue. between Harrow Road and Chippenham Road, will be resurfaced? The surface is breaking up and it appears the substrata is not adequate. Marble House is being damaged by the heavy vehicles as they bounce along the road.” 

Oakington Road

We have written to Paddington Academy about this issue: 

“I live on Oakington Road opposite the Paddington Academy. In general, they are excellent neighbours, but they do have a habit of forgetting to turn their classroom lights off in the evenings. Their windows are large, and their lights are powerful, and it is obtrusive when the lights are left on all night (or sometimes all weekend). It also seems very wasteful to have the lights blazing at all hours. Would you be able to speak to them about this, please? I suspect it is just a case of someone needing to be tasked with checking that all the lights are off when locking up last thing at night. Or if a timer was fitted to turn off the lights in the evening, I am sure it would soon pay for itself in lower energy bills.”

Following our enquiries we have found out that they are very much aware of this problem and have called in electrical engineers to rectify the dimming and evening switch-off.

Goldney Road

We have called on the Council to introduce traffic-calming measures in the Goldney Roads area following another accident. Residents told us:

“A car collided at speed with a van on Goldney Road right outside the rear gates of St Peter’s Primary School, and next to Edbrooke Road Gardens park.  The speeding car then hit another car and another van (which were both parked adjacent to Edbrooke Gardens) at such speed as to force the car onto the pavement, and causing it enough damage as to write it off.  Mercifully as it was a Sunday morning the school was closed and the park quiet, so there was no injury – however had this been a mid-week morning and a passer-by had been walking past on the pavement, it may have been a very different story.” 

Chippenham Mews – Update 

Further to our enquiries about speeding vehicles along Chippenham Mews, the Council say:

“The City Council has recently undertaken highway improvements at Chippenham Mews, which consisted of refreshing the existing yellow line markings to maintain compliance with the traffic management orders, and the installation of school wig-wags signage to alert drivers of children and parents walking to and from the nearby primary school.  In addition to these measures local residents will be consulted in early summer this year regarding plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit to reduce traffic speeds in this area. If a favourable response to the proposals is received from the wider community, and the necessary approvals granted, the scheme signage will be implemented in late autumn 2017. “

Chippenham Junction

We are continuing to urge the Council to take action, along with Brent Council, to deal with the traffic congestion issues at the Chippenham Junction. We are grateful to receive a number of suggestions from residents for changing the traffic light sequence and the parking/yellow lines which we have asked the Council’s Highways officers to consider.

In addition, we have raised our concerns about these issues:

“Momtaz has been flouting the non-smoking laws now for far too long. All day, everyday large numbers are congregated smoking on the premises and hot coals are often prepared outside on the street, which is completely unacceptable. The building itself is in dire need of repair, and the removed windows are left propped out on the pavement. At night cars park illegally around the junction so they can park close by.

Sadly the Chippenham pub has fallen into a terrible state. What was once a beautiful old pub is now just a canvas for fly posting and graffiti and is constantly full of squatters. There have been windows smashed too, leaving pedestrians to negotiate a pavement full of glass. What are the developers planning? Surely both them and the council should be doing more to maintain the outward appearance of this building. It’s such a shame that we’ve lost another local pub and worse still that it’s now such an eyesore.”

Denholme Road/Saltram Crescent 

We have asked the Council’s Tree Officer to investigate this issue:

“On the corner of Denholme and Saltram Crescent, why did the Council fill in a spot where a tree had been felled following damage to it during a storm last year rather than replace it with a new tree?  This corner now suffers from fly tipping problems whereas the tree’s previous location seemed to deter dumping. Since the tree was removed, I have noticed much more fly tipping.”

Also, a resident has told us:

“When BT put in the two new DSLAN fibre optic cables from Kensal Rise telephone exchange to the two phone cabinets, 60 and 33, on Fernhead Road they managed to connect the wrong cables to the wrong boxes. A BT engineer said: “this could take a while to sort out.” 

Paddington Recreation Ground

Following Councillor Rita Begum’s petition for baby changing and wheelchair facilities in the pavilion toilets, we are delighted that the Council has agreed to do the works. The Council say:

“I’m pleased to be able to tell you that we have had the prestart meeting for the works to refurbish the gym including the provision of new toilets and baby changing facilities in the main pavilion and a new fully assessable toilet and baby changing facility in the main café area. The new toilet in the café area will have a ‘radar key’ facility which will ensure only appropriate patrons of the cafe will be able to use this new facility.”

Ashworth Mansions

We delighted to hear that the Council has now reached agreement with residents of Ashworth Mansions regarding the planting scheme for the new bluebell glade extension in Paddington Rec. The Council say:

“We have included in the glade extension works an extra 150m2 of space towards the tennis courts. The aim is to have a bigger area for school groups and disperse the children over a wider area and minimise noise for residents. The aim is to finish planting and landscaping by mid- June then to leave the area closed until early Autumn 2017 when we can have a formal opening with one of the local schools.” 

Widley Road

We are supporting residents who have raised their concerns about proposals for 61 Widley Road. They say: 

Despite the Westminster ruling about double basements, there have been 3 pre-planning meetings with the Council to take down a car warehouse and erecting 23 flats on the site, digging down two stories. This development will take away parking, light and privacy of the residents of Widley, Shirland and Essendine Roads. Balconies are being proposed that overlook homes and gardens in this quiet, peaceful area that has enjoyed the warehouse for nearly 80 years. Locals are also upset that the facade of the building is not in keeping with the conservation area.”

The Council Planners say:

“Officers have received a pre-application enquiry regarding the redevelopment of the 61 Widley Road to provide a building comprising 23 flats (some with private terraces) and associated parking (10 spaces).  There is an existing lower ground floor which occupies almost all of the site and a single storey basement is proposed under this. This would appear to be policy compliant.  To the front of the site (under a small area of the existing front parking forecourt) where there is no existing lower ground floor, the proposals are likely to include an area of a ‘2 storey basement’.  This will need to be assessed accordingly as part of any future application. This enquiry is at pre-application stage only and we are aware of all the issues raised in the email below.”

Essendine Mansions

We are supporting residents in Essendine Mansions who are concerned about City West Homes’ decision to close a balcony door and its impact on residents’ safety 

Randolph Avenue

We have contacted London Underground about this issue: 

“I would be very grateful if you could assist with an issue disturbing the residents of Randolph Avenue. We are experiencing a sudden increase in noise and vibration and we are now able to hear and feel every train arriving and leaving the station from 5.30am to 1am! I have experienced some issues in the past after TfL replaced sections of the railway tracks in my part but this is quite different and more persistent. My hope is that as this is a new kind of noise which began suddenly, it can hopefully be resolved quickly. It would most helpful if TfL could send their rail maintenance team to inspect / walk the track and see if they can find an explanation for this sudden change.”

Bristol Gardens

We are continuing to try to resolve this long-standing issue:

“The street light outside 28 Bristol Gardens W9 is still permanently on.  It has been on for about six months, I have reported it twice. Doubtless the waste of electricity across the borough is one of the reasons behind the recent failure to control costs resulting in the increased Council Tax. “ 

The Council say:

“We have had one job logged on the system which we attended and fixed. However, a new report about the light outside no. 28 should now be repaired although it may be day-burning for 24 hours or so while it consolidates a consistent communication channel.” 

Residents say: 

“The Light is out – I am impressed. Many thanks for your help.”

Formosa Street 

We have asked Thames Water to take action about the foul smells coming from the drains in Formosa Street.

Clifton Gardens

We have asked the Council’s Tree Officer to investigate the loss of the tree outside the newsagent on Clifton Gardens.

Finchley Road/Queen’s Grove – Update

Following our enquiries, TfL has given us the latest update:

“Our traffic engineers have observed the junction of Finchley Road, Marlborough Place and Queens Grove and noted some eastbound vehicles from Marlborough Road being unable to continue onto Queens Grove in one movement as you have described. We have identified a possible solution which will require changes to be made at the junction. These changes should be completed in the next two weeks.”

Wharncliffe Gardens

We have reported this recurring issue to the Council:

“You may recollect that some considerable time ago  I wrote to you regarding rats on and near the point where Lisson Grove crosses the Regent’s Canal and you arranged for action to be taken to get rid of them. Unfortunately, they have returned and have been seen by Wharncliffe Gardens residents not only on the bridge but also in the nearby garden adjacent to Ashby Court on the Wharncliffe Gardens Estate and near the entrance to the WAES college.  Would you arrange, please, for this to be followed up as residents living nearby on the Wharncliffe Gardens Estate have expressed their concern.”

St John’s Wood empty properties

Residents have pointed out the following long-term empty properties about which we are making enquiries:

  • 15 Loudon Road – this site has been derelict for over 4 years. There is no work going on behind the hoardings which are an eyesore.
  • A property in Marlborough Place that has lain derelict now for upwards of 7 years.
  • The former old people’s home at Greatham Lodge on Abbey Road
  • 87 St John’s Wood Terrace, an old church where building work started over a year ago, then stopped. This old building has been derelict for years.
  • The house corner of Clifton Hill/Greville Road which has been a building site for many years

Woronzow Road 

We have asked the Council to investigate a property in Woronzow Road which neighbours say has had extensive building works undertaken without planning permission.

Charles Lane

We are making enquiries about this issue:

“In St Johns Wood the not so new now Chicken Shop has its vent at the back of the shop pointed towards Charles Lane. The residents of Charles Lane have complained about the noise and smell but no improvements seem to be happening.

St John’s Wood Terrace

We are continuing to try to resolve this long-running issue:

“Our bench on St John’s Wood Terrace is still very problematic with litter always on and around it. Many times I have asked if the rubbish bin could be moved close by the bench. It always is moved to the bench after I mention it, but usually within two days it is on the kerb again. It is there now and has been for some time. I asked the road sweeper one day who was by the bench if it could be moved back, but he said that it was not his job. I feel almost as if it should be taken away altogether but the many old folk in the two almshouses use them to rest bringing home shopping. Is it not beyond the wit of man to have the base of the bin permanently secured to the pavement near bench? After all, only the inner layer is removed for taking away rubbish.” 

The Council say:

“The litterbin has now been moved back and our contractors have been advised to ensure that the bin remains next to the bench. The crews who service and empty this bin have also been advised to return the bin to the correct location. The local depot will monitor it to ensure it does not stray away again.”

Hamilton Terrace

We have asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“Hamilton Terrace is a popular road to walk dogs in, unfortunately at the St John’s Wood Road end we suffer from dog owners disposing their poo bags around trees or on the pavement. Apart from the unpleasant look they pose a health hazard. Could we have a bin in our area for disposals? This would seem small matter but it is a significant nuisance for both residents and road cleaners.” 

The Council say:

“We have recently installed new signs on Hamilton Terrace to target dog fouling and I have asked the Local City Inspector to undertake some patrols.  Hamilton Terrace is popular for dogs and we previously installed 4 litterbins further up the Terrace for owners to better dispose of bagged waste. However, given its overall size I will arrange for another litter bin to be installed this week on St John’s Wood Road Junction end, initially on a trial basis to see if this helps. Again the Local officer will monitor it.”

Manor Apartments, Abbey Road 

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I want to raise the issue of construction works in the backyard of Manor Apartments, 40-42 Abbey Road.Because of the daily construction and digging work in the backyard there is constant dust coming out .. our windows facing the backyard are very dirty and we are obliged to constantly keep them closed so that dust doesn’t get in. Is there a chance the council can apply some dust control procedures? like having the construction area covered instead of exposing us to the dust and knowing that not being able to open windows in the summer is an issue.”

Canal Tow Path 

We have urged both Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea Council to work with the Canal & River Trust to upgrade the lighting on the canal tow path to increase safety and security for pedestrians using the tow path.

Community Relations

We have received this message from a resident:

“I have now been verbally abused twice in our neighbourhood (once on Saltram Crescent and once on the bus at Warwick Avenue station) for speaking French to my daughter (I am half-French and half-American but have lived in the UK 16 years; longer than either of the countries where I claim citizenship).  I feel that there is a true anger that has now been given a voice with Brexit and am keen to try to understand what it is that is causing this anger locally.  Have any initiatives been suggested in the neighbourhood to bring different people from different backgrounds together more?  This situation makes me sad beyond belief. “

We would welcome your comments on this.

Rogue Landlords

Rogue landlords will be “named and shamed” by a new online database set up by the Mayor to protect private renters. They will be able to check whether prospective landlords and letting agents have been previously prosecuted for housing offences before they move into a property. They will also be able to report suspected rogue landlords and agents whose accommodation and service falls below acceptable legal standards. The New York City-style database, to be published on the Mayor’s website, will enable the Council to easily share information on enforcement and investigations and act as a deterrent.

Register to Vote

The deadline to register is Monday 22 May and residents can register at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Anyone who is already registered to vote does not need to re-register. If you have moved home in the last few months and have not registered to vote at your new address you still have time to register at your new location.

The other key dates to note are the postal vote application deadline which is 5pm, Tuesday 23 May and the proxy vote application deadline is 5pm, Wednesday 31 May.

More information can be found by visiting www.westminster.gov.uk/general-election-2017

You can read about Karen Buck’s General Election campaign here https://labourwestminster.wordpress.com/karen-buck-for-westminster-north/

Fernhead Road Zebra Crossing – what you say

“I have signed the petition for a pedestrian crossing across Fernhead Road from Saltram Crescent to St Luke’s School.  I would like to add that I feel this is long overdue and have suggested this a number of times, most recently at some of the meetings when discussing the proposed new junction layout associated with the Safer Saltram campaign and the no entry to Saltram Crescent from Fernhead Road. “

Saltram Crescent one-way system – what you say

“I wanted to reiterate how well the Saltram Crescent traffic control measures have helped improve safety in the road as a pedestrian and as a driver.  I would like to thank the Council for enforcing the traffic measures with CCTV which seems to have helped get the message across to non-law-abiding drivers!”

“I am a resident on Shirland Road. Since the temporary one-way system has been put in place on Saltram Crescent, I notice more traffic and more dangerous driving on our street. The level of noise is unbearable especially during the day. As you are aware, that side of Shirland road is narrow with parking on two side compare to the rest of that street. This one-way system hasn’t dealt with the problem but shifted it only.  It is also becoming very hard during the day to open our windows. We have now more pollution.“

Tall Buildings – what you say


“Just go to the Thames and see the eyesores freewheeling development has caused with myriad flats sold on plan which have remained empty or for resale. Please let us not permit this cancer to spread all across London. 

What you say

“Loved the Dibden House memories. Reminded me a bit of growing up in the 50s when we had pram sheds, communal laundries and Parker Morris Standard.” 

“You and your team do so much for the people and areas, thank you very much indeed. I really enjoy reading your news updates and the work and help you’ll do.”

“Thank you for another excellent Action Report – always interesting and useful points.

“Thank you for all you do, I realise the detail you report concisely must take hours of painstaking work – it is appreciated!”

“Thank you again to you and your fellow councillors for all your efforts within this borough and for the Westminster Action Report.  May I wish you continued success.”

“Thank you for your excellent and as always the most informative Action Report.”

“Many thanks for your invariably informative newsletter, and for all the hard work you and your colleagues put in on behalf of the rest of the community.”

“Thank you again for your report which is always a welcome read. “

“I get so many emails and yet I always read this one!  Thank you for the update, really helpful and clear.  And thank you for your vigilance with regard to Evening Standard refuse near Warwick Avenue – I really appreciate your being as concerned as I and continually following through with the issue.  It is certainly better at the moment – though I have experienced the Evening Standard improving ‘their ways’ and then reverting back!  Let’s see if this time it lasts.”

“Thanks for the update. It’s really great to see the work that you put into making the area a better place to live in. I really appreciate what you and your colleagues do!

“I was interested to read your letter/report of things that residents have brought to your attention. Also of the hard work done to sort out some of them. Well done.”

“An excellent report as always” 

“Please keep up your great work of representing our views.” 

Thanks for the update with the excellent report as usual – if only my Conservative councillors were this proactive about fixing things!” 

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council

Promoted by Andy Whitley on behalf of Karen Buck, both at 4g Shirland Mews, W9





Westminster: A city of skyscrapers?

Westminster Council has announced proposals to increase the number of tall buildings all over Westminster. We very concerned that these proposals will, if given the go ahead, signal a green light for the construction of more very tall buildings just as we have seen in other parts of London.

We agree with the need to provide more housing to accommodate a growing population and tackle the housing crisis. But we want sensible, well thought through plans which protect Westminster’s unique character – not a rush to build more and more luxury housing which does nothing to meet the needs of residents.

We’d like to hear your views about Westminster’s plans for more tall buildings.

You can also let the Council know your views https://openforum.westminster.gov.uk/buildingheight 

Estate Office closures

We have started an on line petition to oppose the closure of many of the Council’s housing estate offices. http://petitions.westminster.gov.uk/estateoffices/

CityWest Homes, the organisation that manages Westminster Council’s 21,000 council and leasehold homes is planning massive cuts to its network of estate offices in local communities across the city. Estate Offices at Church Street, St John’s Wood, Little Venice, Westbourne Park, Paddington Green and Charlwood Street. These changes could significantly reduce face-to-face access for residents to their housing officers, causing particular problems for more vulnerable residents, the significant proportion of tenants without regular internet access and for residents not fluent in English. Under the CityWest and Council plans staff will be based out of the existing area service centres, further from the communities they are supposed to serve. We believe CityWest and Westminster Council should think again about their planned cuts to estate offices and if some offices are shut they must commit to having permanent bases in local community buildings so that staff remain in the local area available to meet with residents.

General Election 8th June

You can register to vote at the General Election on 8th June by completing the on line form at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

You can also apply to vote by post on line at the above link.

Blomfield Mews

We have again been working alongside Council officers and the police to ensure further action is being taken against the aggressive rough sleepers who have returned to Blomfield Mews and Westbourne Terrace Road.

Blomfield Villas

After months of work with residents to put pressure on CityWest Homes and Council Officers, progress is being made in a long-running and complicated anti-social behaviour case on Blomfield Villas.

Crossrail work near Brunel

There will be some noisy work on the Crossrail site from mid-May as the signals are going to be changed and the Network Rail lines need to connect into the Crossrail tunnels. This means that more overhead equipment needs to be put in which will involve breaking up concrete slabs. This will take place during the day between 8am and 6pm.

Grass on Bourne Terrace

We have asked the Council to look into the condition of the grass near Edward Wilson School off Bourne Terrace:

‘The Parks team are monitoring this location and undertaking regular re-seeding to try and get the grass established.’  

Dartington House lights

Residents have told us about the lights at Dartington House being left on and after we raised the issue CityWest Homes fixed the lights.

Warwick Estate

We are working to put pressure on CityWest Homes about the potentially large major works bills for upcoming (and long-overdue) work on parts of the estate. There are particular concerns around the impact on the 81 resident leaseholders facing bills on average of nearly £14,000. We will continue to push CWH to control costs and provide full access to deferred payment schemes, while delivering important improvements to on a number of blocks that are years behind schedule.

Broadley Terrace

Following the recent petition organised by a resident, the Council has told us:

“I have arranged for a new litterbin to be installed on Broadley Terrace (with stickers highlighting that dog waste can be put in the bin) and for some ‘No Fouling’ signs to be temporarily installed on lamp-posts along Broadley Terrace. I have also asked our Animal Warden and local City Inspector to carry out some visits at the most common dog-walking times to see if we can speak to any local dog walkers who may not pick up their mess.  Enforcement action can be taken if required but most dog-walkers tend to be hugely embarrassed and will generally comply once they are approached. In the meantime if I could recommend reporting any issues through the Council’s website at
https://www.westminster.gov.uk/report-it-animal-nuisance this will ensure any instances can be cleaned away as quickly as possible.”

Burne House, Bell Street 

We are continuing to press BT and Peabody to clean up and close the passage where rough sleepers congregate. Residents say:

“We are very concerned about the health and safety aspect, apart from the problems with BT which appear to be insoluble.  We understand this is a public right of way but its constant misuse – drug dealing, refuse-dumping, anti-social behaviour of all kinds, surely must lead to a public demand for its closure, if only on a temporary basis, pending direct being taken. The residents of Peabody Court are the most directly affected, but this situation affects the whole ward.”

Bell Street 

We are concerned that there are four newly-built houses in Bell Street which were completed last November but are still vacant.

Stalbridge Street/Shroton Street

We have asked the Council to prune the tree at this corner which is causing problems for pedestrians.

The Globe, Shroton Street – update

Following our enquiries about crowds of drinkers blocking the pavement outside The Globe, the Council says: 

“The venue has now agreed to employ the use of barriers outside the venue.  We have advised them to ensure that these barriers are not allowed to go from their building line to the kerb edge on either side of the premises and that they will have a Door Supervisor on duty for Thursday and Friday nights, with similar arrangements for when events take place at Wembley or at Lords.  We also suggested them to consider employing more than one Door Supervisor for these sporting occasions.  Finally, we recommended that the ‘A’ board be removed from the forecourt at night as this would give their customers an additional area in which to stand.”

Kennet House, Church Street

We have reported a number of repair problems at Kennet House to City West Homes.

Church Street/Plympton Street/Broadley Street

We have asked the Road Safety Team to look into a number of issues in the Church Street/Plympton Street/Broadley Street area. 

Penfold Place – Update

Following our enquiries about rat-running and illegal parking we have received the following update from the Council:

“In 2016 it was reported that the bollard that is in Penfold Place at its junction in Edgware Road was missing. This was resulting in vehicles using Penfold Place to access Edgware Road from Penfold Street, effectively causing Penfold Place to be used as a cut-through and creating safety concerns particularly for pedestrians at the Edgware Road junction. In July 2016 the bollard was re-installed and is still in place today. The City Council’s marshals have reported that vehicles do park in contravention of the yellow line controls and some do park on the footway. The parking contraventions and footway parking issues are dealt with through the regular visits made by the marshals to Penfold Place and 20 penalty charge notices have been issued in 2017 so far.”

Also, arrangements have been made for the condition of the road surface and drainage in Penfold Place to be inspected and any necessary remedial measures carried out.

Edgware Road

We have reported this to the Council’s Highways Department: 

“There is a bad problem concerning the traffic going south down Edgware Road between Orchardson Street and the flyover.  Since lorries unloading goods to the shops on the east side of the road can occupy the bus lane, there is often a tailback as far back as St John’s Wood Road, with buses containing full loads of passengers held up. This means that man/woman hours are going to waste, not to mention the fuel wastage. And when the construction of the West End Gate development really gets under way, it will no doubt be worse.”

The Council say:

“Edgware Road is part of the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) so it is under the control of TfL. The traffic conditions on Edgware Road not only create delays and queuing on Edgware Road itself but also cause adjacent roads to be used as rat-runs. These issues have been raised in the past with TfL but owing to the numerous competing demands for carriageway space on Edgware Road they are clearly proving difficult to address. I will arrange for discussions to take place with TfL to gain an understanding of any proposals they have to improve conditions in the area.”

St Luke’s Primary School, Fernhead Road

We have started a petition calling on Westminster City Council to install a Zebra Crossing on Fernhead Road W9 near St Luke’s School to allow pedestrians, particularly parents with children and those with mobility problems, to cross the road safely. Traffic on Fernhead Road W9 has increased recently making it very difficult to cross the road, especially for parents taking their children to and from St Luke’s School. A Zebra Crossing near the school is urgently needed. You can sign the petition here:


Chippenham Mews

We have again asked the Road Safety Team to take action against speeding cars along Chippenham Mews. Residents say:

“At times the speeds are terrifying and in most cases they are moving too fast to capture the number plates.  Increasingly vehicles are now speeding down the WRONG way, even more terrifying. On the occasions that either I or other residents have witnessed this on the road and shouted at them to slow down the reaction has either been verbal abuse or drivers deciding to veer towards you in a menacing manner.”

We have also asked the Street Lighting Team to investigate the lighting levels and they say: 

“I can advise that the lighting is old and probably not to the current standard also a unit is missing. I will see if the Mews can be addressed as an ad-hoc scheme.  However, we will need to achieve a wayleave agreement with one of the property owners to affect the darker area the team will try their best to resolve this matter over the coming months.” 

Saltram Crescent – Broadband

We have received this update from a resident of Macroom Road:

“BT recently install super-fast broadband cabinets on Fernhead road between Denholm and Croxley Roads. The new larger cabinets contain the fibre optic cable and the equipment to transfer the signal the last few hundred yards to the houses. BT is very active at the moment in the street manholes, serviced by the new cabinets, as they work to repair the cables that rats have been chewing through.” 

Walterton Road area

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate whether measures are needed to improve road and pedestrian safety in the Walterton Road area. 

Warwick Avenue Station 

We have asked the Council to ensure that the Evening Standard clears the station area of unwanted copies of the newspaper every day rather than leaving them on the pavement. The Council say:

“I’ve asked the local City Inspector to liaise directly with Evening Standard regarding recycling/disposal of surplus newspapers.”

Formosa Street

We have written to the Borough Police Commander about the horrific attack in Formosa Street. We urge everyone to be extra vigilant.


Randolph Avenue

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“For some time now I have been aware that cars just double park in Randolph Avenue – the section which has the tube station on the corner. This is a wide road and these cars are just left unoccupied.  I presume that these people park against a car they know so have an arrangement to block them.  The problem with this is not just that it is illegal but that traffic going to and fro is held up as there is no room for two cars to pass at the same time.  Perhaps you could look into this matter when you have time.” 

The Parking Department has responded:

“The parking concession of allowing vehicles to double park outside of controlled hours applies to all wide roads in C zone and is contained within our Kerbside Management and Enforcement Code of Practice that can be found on the link below. This arrangement has existed for many years, as it is recognised by Westminster Council that there is a high demand for residents parking within this zone and any changes to this practice would probably be met with a lot of opposition from the residents. On the plus side, I am not aware of any accidents that have happened here as a result of this concession and so at this time WCC would not be looking to change this, as it does also act as a traffic calming measure as well. https://www.westminster.gov.uk/parking-policies-and-reports

Maida Avenue/Edgware Road

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“We have now a long-standing problem relating to two park benches situated at the Edgware Road end of Maida Avenue close by the Cafe Laville.  Their proximity to Edgware Road has made them a perpetual site of food consumption and alcohol consumption.  And with the restricted road sweeping hours the attendant litter just build and builds.  There is a litter bin nearby but this is seldom used by the offenders.  And to be fair it is often full to overflowing with rubbish from nearby flats which have no rubbish bins.  The seats have become an eyesore and in summer months the feasting is day and night with music accompaniment and all sorts. We have even taken to sweeping up the litter ourselves but it is a perpetual task, especially as the road sweeper now passes only once a week. I would appreciate your advice on how best to approach this before the warmer weather brings the hordes.”

A few days later residents said:

“We could not believe our eyes to see early yesterday morning the two benches being expertly removed and the pavement just as expertly restored to normal.  Today it has been so good to see no piles of abandoned drinks cans and takeaway containers, tampons and used tissues which have daily littered the area previously.  This has been a long-term problem which our own attempts have failed to solve.  We cannot thank you enough for your timely intervention.”

St Mary’s Churchyard Gardens

We have written to City of Westminster College about this issue:

“We have a continuing problem with anti-social behaviour and litter being left at the northern part of Paddington Green near to The Little Venice Sports Centre principally by students of the College of Westminster. We have tried speaking directly and although they recognise the problem, they haven’t been able to deal with the situation and I wonder if you might make contact with them please.”

Maida Vale

We haveIs again asked TfL if there any news on the bus stop on Maida Vale (south) between Elgin Avenue and Hall Road. We were promised last year it would come back. TfL say:

“This stop was relocated and we are working with the City of Westminster to provide another stop to mitigate its repositioning. Westminster has held discussions with Councillors for the new stop and a design is being prepared for consultation, this is expected to be circulated during the summer.”

St George’s School, Maida Vale

St George’s secondary school will be expanding to make room for 10 classrooms with provision for 150 more pupils. The school in Lanark Road will build a new three-storey block, covered rooftop play areas, and a sixth-form common room. An existing block will be demolished to make room for the scheme. The building works, which will begin in June.

Dibdin House

We found this which was written by a Dibdin resident for the 50th anniversary of Dibdin House which makes interesting reading… http://www.dibdin-house.org/history/booklet50-bw.pdf

Canal tow-path cycling

We have asked the Canal & River Trust to look into this issue:

“The problem of pedestrians and cyclists sharing the towpath from Westbourne Terrace Bridge to Paddington Station has been going on for ages. I cycle along there myself – carefully. I also frequently try to walk along there with 2 young children and a dog. It is very difficult to keep them safe from a minority of cyclists who ride at 15 – 18 mph and see small children as a slalom opportunity, very often passing them at no more than 1 foot clearance. Children often move in unpredictable directions and it is very difficult to keep them safe on our walks. I have also been deliberately barged by passing cyclists when I have been attempting shield my children from speeding cyclists. I think some form on barrier is needed between cyclists and people who are just milling around on the towpath enjoying the area.”

“This is a hazard for all pedestrians enjoying the facility. Many cyclists respect the walkers and children who use this ‘open space’, BUT the minority abuse thus public recreational facility and cause considerable dismay and concern to general users. What can be done to stop this abuse?  There is also the ongoing problem of cyclists on the pavements who believe themselves to be ‘Kings of the. Road ‘ and above the law.” 

Hamilton Terrace/Hall Road

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“May I raise the issue of the two houses on the corner of the junction of Hamilton Terrace with Hall Road. Work on these has been stopped for at least six months, perhaps due to a planning infringement. But the pavement is still partly blocked off for the whole side and facade of the houses. This stops the free movement of pedestrians particularly those with pushchairs. During the recent stormy weather most of it blew over. As there is no reason to protect the public from any building works surely this obstruction should be moved off the pavement”

The Council says:

“The reason for the delay on site has been disputes between the contractor and the client. It seems that the contractor has lost the work and so the job has halted. The structure is licensed but should not be on the highway and so my team are dealing with the client to get this sorted. They are working with them to resolve a number of issues here and we hope to see some progress soon as we agree with the resident’s concerns that this obstruction must be resolved.

Carlton Hill

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“We have lived on the west side of Carlton Hill for 12 years. The traffic is getting worse by the day. The problem is that we have incoming traffic from various roads: Maida Vale Road (left at the lights into Carlton Hill), Hamilton Terrace and Abbey Road.  Moreover, cars perceive Carlton Hill as a wide road (it is between Maida Vale and the junction with Hamilton Terrace) and go at high speed all the way through, which is quite dangerous. Can anything be done about this?”

Abbey Road

We have reported a burst water main at the Abbey Road zebra crossing.

Finchley Road

We are making enquiries again about this issue:

“Crossing Finchley Road from Marlborough Place and travelling onto Queens Grove, the traffic light allows only a few cars through and then all traffic is stationery for a few long minutes. It would be so much more efficient to keeping the traffic flowing with a green turning arrow for cars crossing Finchley Road heading East at this junction.”

Cochrane Street

We have contacted the Parking Department about this issue:

“Apparently there are no restrictions on a Saturday and Cochrane Street is used for parking by motorists from outside the area, many of whom park there to avoid payment in neighbouring streets.  This causes problems for local residents with permits wishing to park there and can make crossing the road hazardous for pedestrians.”

15 Loudoun Road – Update

We have received the following update from the Council following our enquiries:

“Following engagement with the owners of the above property, planning permission and listed building consents have been approved, and are in the process of being implemented. These consents permit the refurbishment and extension of the property, and address the issues that were raised as part of the untidy land complaints. In addition, a hoarding has been erected to protect the site during the construction, and has helped resolve the fly tipping issue. The City Council continues to monitor the site to ensure that the works are in accordance with the planning permission, but has decided to take no further action with regard to the untidy land.”

Local pubs – what you say

“Why are all the pubs closing? The Wonderful Shirland Arms, The Chippenham, the Neeld Arms. The closure of these pubs has created a lot of lonelieness, isolation and resulted in there being no where for the locals to meet on a daily basis and enjoy a pint, as has been always practised for over one hundred years. We do not want flats. We want a social hub to meet regularly and enjoy a pint!!!”

Blomfield Road – what you say

“As a resident of Blomfield Road I find it very upsetting that the council should be even considering that a cycle lane should be added into the one-way street so that cyclists can travel against the traffic flow and then enter Warwick Avenue at a busy junction. Cyclists already use the route in spite of it being a one-way system and it results in many nasty incidents. Blomfield Road itself is a busy street and is not wide enough to accommodate the numerous cars and buses moving in one direction and cycles in another. When opening your car door onto the road side you often cannot see a cyclist and as a result ‘dooming’ accidents are often now a risk. When pulling out of a parking space one is similarly blinded and accidents are often just avoided. There are many old folks and young families living in the street and this makes the situation worse, especially as the cyclists just jump up on the pavement instead of stopping and pulling over onto a road that they shouldn’t be using in the first place. When they get to the junction with Warwick Avenue they often just cycle straight out and it is a miracle that there hasn’t been a fatality.”

“I really support the idea of fixing the cycle route around Clifton Villas/Warwick Av/Blomfield Road.  A contra-flow cycle lane on Blomfield Road would make a lot of sense.  The suggestion is very good and would be my first choice.  If for some reason this is not possible (it would require upgrading traffic lights junction of Blomfield Road and Warwick Ave) you could also consider making the very short one-way part of Warwick Place ‘one-way except for cycles’.”

What you say

“It is always a pleasure to get your regular report showing how much you achieve in helping to preserve and improve our environment in the area.”

“Thanks very much for your very informative report on what is going on in our community.” 

“Very informative, thanks for the updates”

“I would like to thank you for the News Update, and the good work you are doing with your team for the Council and our Community” 

I cannot thank you enough for providing an update where no one in my estate office was able to” 

Thank you for your recent update. Very informative.” 

“Thank you for once again for an informative e mail.” 

“I love these reports, thank you.  And thank you for the work you put in on these matters.” 

“Thank you for keeping me up to date. It’s a huge responsibility with everyone having different needs and a wide social demographic. It seems that you are doing the very best you can.”

“Thank you! I really appreciate these letters.” 

“Thank you again for your very useful and informative letter” 

“Many thanks for the updates and the good work you are doing.”

“Wonderful report. We are privileged to live in this area which is so well run and maintained”

“Many thanks for a most useful update.”

“Many thanks. Keep up the good work.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Business, Planning and Public Realm spokesperson

Westminster City Council




Stowe Youth Club

We are furious that, as a result of Council cuts, the Stowe Youth Club on Harrow Road is being forced to close almost all its services for local young people and lay off its hugely dedicated and experienced staff. The Stowe Centre is a vital facility in Westbourne ward and is a place where historically young people from the Warwick, Brindley and Amberley Estates and beyond have come for many years to take part in activities or just simply have some space.

The Council stopped funding all youth services in September 2016. The community groups who run them, like Paddington Development Trust who manage the Stowe Youth Club, have tried to plug the gap and raise extra money but have been unsuccessful in securing the long-term funding needed. The Young Westminster Foundation which the Council has proposed to help groups fundraise is yet to get off the ground and remains very unlikely to be able to generate what is needed. So, as a result of these cuts, from 1st April the Stowe Centre will only be able to provide a replacement one night a week session for 11-19 year olds. This will be nothing near to what use to be provided and is a massive blow to the community and life choices of the young people in the area. We are demanding Westminster reverses their cuts to youth clubs. To help put pressure on the council sign a petition put forward by Stowe Club users on http://petitions.westminster.gov.uk/SavetheStowe/

Westminster Academy and Paddington Academy

Westminster Academy and Paddington Academy are set to lose hundreds of thousands of pounds as a result of a new national funding formula. Both schools are rated Outstanding by Ofsted and in the top 5% of high achieving schools in the country, a huge achievement give the challenges many of their pupils face. Karen Buck MP challenged the proposed cuts in Parliament and after lobbying the cuts are lower than initially feared but still hugely damaging. Westminster Academy will lose at least £212,000 per year and while Paddington Academy also faces cuts of £139,000. The cuts now also mean that fewer pupils at these schools will be able to receive free school meals, yet more evidence that they are leaving local kids behind.

Brindley Estate

For years the Network Housing Blocks (Astley, Brindley, Langley and Radway) have suffered from poor ventilation that caused heavy condensation and black mould throughout people’s flats. It has taken three years of work by Karen Buck MP, us and Westminster’s Environmental Health Officers, since the complaints from residents were first raised with us, to get Network to find a permanent solution. Initial attempts to fix the problem in flats in Brindley House failed and the subsequent trial of new vents lasted over a year. However finally in November 2016 replacement vent systems were rolled out to almost all these flats and since then 15 flats have been given individual mould treatment and redecoration. Please contact Karen or us if we can help with any problems with your home.

Haven Bell Care Home in Hanwell House

We continue to work with Brunel residents to get answers from Westminster Council and CityWest homes about how to resolve the on-going problems. After initial progress the Council is moving too slow and we are calling on Westminster to meet residents’ demands.

Tavistock Crescent Playground

We have been working with residents, CityWest and the local police about a fitness group that is regularly invading the children’s playground. Despite some respite over the winter, residents have now reported that the group have returned. CityWest will need to take civil trespass action against the group if new steps to dissuade the group fail

Marylands Road rubbish dumping

We have continued working with local residents to deal with the ongoing issues around fly tipping and waste being left on street outside of collection times at the Harrow Road end of Marylands Road. The Council have taken recent enforcement action following our requests.

Blomfield Mews

We have been working alongside council officers to ensure action was taken against the couple who were squatting in a garage on Blomfield Mews. Officers had to go through a difficult legal process but eventually they were removed and prevented from returning.

Oldbury House

Over Christmas and into the New Year we had been working with residents to put pressure on CityWest Homes to fix the longstanding problems with the lights in Oldbury House. Eventually there seems to have been progress but problems managing the block persist.

Westbourne Green Outdoor Gym

Council officers have proposed the installation of an outdoor gym on Westbourne Green, on the eastern edge of the main path through the park. A resident’s consultation is due shortly and we are keen to ensure local residents have their say on what is a potentially exciting scheme but one that needs to be planned carefully to reduce the risk of it being a focal point for anti-social behaviour.

Woodfield Road/Place

The Woodfield Road Safety scheme is likely to be put out for a Traffic Management Order consultation from Friday 3rd March via http://westminstertransportationservices.co.uk/tmo/tmon.php. These proposals are likely to include:

  • “Reconstruction of the entry treatment table at the junction of Harrow Road/Woodfield Place, including the introduction of a new footway buildout on the west side of the junction;
  • Reversal of Woodfield Place one-way working to run north-south, including replacement of signing and re-arrangement of parking bays;
  • Conversion of Woodfield Road to a two way street for its entire extent between Harrow Road and Great Western Road, including refreshing of road markings and signs;
  • Tightening of the kerb radius on the east side of Woodfield Road/Harrow Road junction, to discourage left turning movements into Woodfield Road;
  • Provide advance warning signs in Harrow Road and Great Western Road, informing road users about the changes in Woodfield Road and Woodfield Place;
  • Renewal of carriageway surfacing and skid resistant treatments on the approach to the existing pedestrian crossing outside the frontage of No 325 Harrow Road.”

When first proposed these plans generated a number of concerns from residents about their impact so we are keen that residents have their say in this consultation and ask that they let us know their views to help us ensure the council listens to them.

Church Street/Penfold Street

We have asked the Parking Department to look in to this issue:

“I wonder if you could please look into the parking on the junction of Penfold Street and Church Street there is a parking spot for loading and unloading but the Traffic wardens seem to have their favorites and allow certain vans to park there all day  I have pointed this out to Wardens but no notice is taken”

Church Street Estate

We have asked City West Homes to investigate this issue:

“In the past few weeks, 7 bolted-to-railings, grey planters have been stolen, from the, front entrance, to Church Street Estate Site 1, Penfold Street. No mess remains after they are stolen.  The bolts remain on the railings.  So we are looking for, grey planters, with at least 2 large holes, at the base.”

City West Homes say:

“We are n the process of relocating a camera so that it covers the Penfold St entrance of Site 1. We will ensure that the camera captures the planters too so that we will be able to identify the culprit. Given that there has been a further incident this weekend I’d like to suggest that we wait for the camera to be put into place before the new planters are fitted as I do fear that these will be taken too. Furthermore, we explore an alternative way of attaching the planters in a more secure way.”

Lisson Grove/Shroton Street

We have asked the Council to look in to this issue:

“I contacted you a month or two back regarding to difficulty staying off the road when walking past The Globe thanks to presence of Globe customers crowding the pavement. The situation improved for a bit, but sadly the situation has reverted to what it was. Would it not be possible to ask whoever manages the pub to put some sort of barrier up between the pub and the edge of the pavement beyond which drinkers must not venture? I know there is such a one outside The French in Dean Street.”

Frampton Street area

We have again asked the Council to take action about the fly tipping continues both at Frampton/Hatton Street corner and Venables/Boscobel Street corner. The Council say:

“I am very much aware that fly tipping continues at these venues. These “hotspots” were the subject of further attention during the recent Ward Clean and Safer Streets Audit. I am continually attempting to educate and advise both residents and businesses concerning the correct presentation of waste, taking enforcement action where appropriate. While these sites remain subject to persistent dumping of rubbish, I will continue to be vigilant at these locations. Please continue to bring these incidents to my attention while being aware that the first point of response is through the Environmental Action Line on 0207 641 2000.”

Goldney Road

We have again asked the Council when the long-promised replacement tree in at the Chippenham Road end of Goldney Road will be planted.

Bradiston Road

We have asked the local City Inspector to investigate these issues:

“Dog Fouling bags are left on the pavement in Bradiston Road – particularly outside numbers 14,16 and 18. Also, the front gardens of the properties on Bradiston have long standing rubbish in them, chairs, building waste, racks, etc. etc.  The council say they cannot remove property from a private garden, but the owners do nothing.  Neither do the tenants.  What can be done? “

Chippenham Mews

We have raised this issue with the Parking Department:

Car-owners from outside Westminster have taken to illegally parking during weekdays and in working hours on the Marylands Road end of Chippenham Mews.  The whole of Chippenham Mews has a single yellow line, allowing for the brief loading/unloading for the few remaining businesses during proscribed hours. However, it would appear that certain individuals have realised that they can park here without incurring any penalty.  I recently collared one of the parking wardens about it, as he had walked straight past an offending vehicle without ticketing it…and was told that the yellow line was faded enough so that whenever a ticket was being issued they were being challenged successfully, and therefore were unenforceable.  Because of this, the local parking wardens have simply given up ticketing these vehicles.  

If the council has decided that the yellow lines are too faded to be able to issue tickets it begs the question when are they going to repaint them?  The very warden I spoke to said that he and other wardens were constantly raising this issue themselves to their superiors”

Saltram Crescent

We have asked the Council for an update on BT super fast broadband after receiving this enquiry:

I’ve contacted the council, but had no response, about getting fibre optic internet into Saltram Crescent.  I’ve been advised that the council have stated there is too much street furniture on the road and will not allow its installation.  Is this correct?  Can it be reviewed?  Our internet connection is pretty poor and as we live in Westminster it seems unfortunate and outdated that we cannot take advantage of a better service.”

The Chippenham Junction

We have asked the Council to liaise with Brent Council to sort out this recurring issue:

“At 11.30 this morning there was complete chaos as is so often the case at any given time of day. The absence of double yellow Lines between the Bakers and specifically outside the Fish Bar yet again with two vehicles parked was making it impossible for larger vehicles to turn right into Shirland Road. By this I mean two buses, a Tesco semi trailer and others causing a hold-up of major and unacceptable proportions.

With probably five bus routes negotiating the junction in all directions it seems to me inconceivable that the simplest of schemes could not have been introduced to rectify the problem. The shopkeepers would not like it of course but some kind of regular purge has to be introduced to prevent the selfish ‘just popping in to buy lunch, a paper, a lottery ticket factor.’

Fermoy Road

We are again chasing this issue with the Council:

“This morning we all woke up to the horrendous fire that has ravaged through several businesses and homes on Harrow Road. The London Fire Brigade were hindered in their efforts to get to this fire at the height of rush hour and the school run by traveling through Great Western Road via Fermoy Road to get to the fire – to find that their emergency access was blocked by this box. The gate had to be cut through to get open wasting precious time and risking the lives of anyone who may have been trapped in the buildings. Is anyone going to challenge BT on this and what do the council intend to do about this issue. Especially more so as there’s a sheltered housing facility at the top of Fermoy Road housing vulnerable elderly people.”

Malvern Road

We have contacted our colleagues in Brent and asked them to investigate this issue:

“Behind my flat is a Block of flats within Brent. When this was developed, about 10 years ago, we were promised a communal garden. This never happened and it’s been allowed to over-grow since then. But for the past 6 months the vacant space at the rear of Malvern Road would appear to have been used for a reclamation centre. It’s now got out of hand and is looking like a scene from Steptoe and Son. Can something be done please to clean it up?

Delaware Road

We have made enquiries about this issue:

I wonder if you can find out why all the mixed recycling bins on Delaware Road have been removed? The 3 large bins near the junction with Sutherland Avenue have always been very well used and very well maintained by us locals.  They are a bit of a lifeline, and without them I fear many more people will just dump all their rubbish and recycling together in the nearby bins. They were a great asset to the community and should be replaced.”

The Council say:

“Although previously located on the public highway these recycling bins were actually specifically provided for Delaware Mansions. We have agreed with the managing agents for Delaware Mansions that their waste and recycling bins will instead be stored on their own property. There is a set of public recycling bins approximately 30 metres away on the opposite side of Sutherland Avenue at the junction with Warwick Avenue.”

Paddington Rec

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Is there anything that can be done about the opening hours of Paddington Rec on the weekends. They are closing at 4.30 which seems a bit shortsighted with such a great floodlit running track and pitches. Weekends are essential time for people wanting to stay active when they work during the week. Surely the new management should be providing a better service not a worse one. I am hearing a lot of complaints from local residents about them with regards to bookings etc.”

Also, Councillor Rita Begum has started a petition to get baby changing facilities and wheelchair access to the toilets at Paddington Rec. You can sign here:


In addition, we are working closely with residents who have put forward suggestions to improve the proposed Bluebell Glade which would safeguard the amenity of nearby Grantully Road residents.

Bristol Gardens

We have asked the Council to fix a broken street light outside 28 Bristol Gardens.

Clifton Villas/Warwick Avenue/Blomfield Road

We have asked the Council to let us have their thoughts on this suggestion:

“Currently cyclists are forced to travel down Clifton Villas and then back up Warwick Avenue which is at a pretty steep gradient for cyclists which holds traffic up as there is no room to overtake safely, especially with parked cars on either side, and many cyclists resort to cycling on the pavements which is unpleasant for pedestrians due to the lack of cycling facilities.

On the stretch of Blomfield Road the road is very wide however it may be better to to widen the pavements for pedestrians on this scenic route whilst adding a mandatory 2m contraflow cycle lane. The southern pavement is severely degraded by tree roots which could be fixed at the same time. This could be done by moving the parking on the southern side to the northern side and make it all residents only (currently only about half of it is). Alternatively, the cycle lane could just be added adjacent the parked cars, similar to the one introduced at the junction of Stanhope Place and Hyde Park Place, however this does increase the risk of a “dooring” accident, but at least the cars will be parked so that front passengers will be able to see cyclists coming clearly, and the stretch of parked cars is not too long.”

Clifton Hill/Greville Place

We have asked the Planning Department about this issue:

“There is an empty/half-finished house on the corner of Clifton Hill and Greville Place. It’s been in this state for possibly 10 years. What can be done to finish the work?” 


The Clifton pub

Many residents have asked us when The Clifton pub will re-open. It looks like the refurbishment works have stopped and we are trying to find out what is happening.

The Planning Department says:

“We have a pending planning application for the replacement of an external fan with an internal fan and an extension to the existing flue on the rear elevation. There is also a current application for the change of use of the first and second floors to 2×2 bed flats and this is under consideration, and this application will need to be reported to Committee. I am sorry to say that we do not know at this stage why works on site have stopped.” 

Northwick Close

We asked the Council to fix a broken street light in Northwick Close, just by the Cedric Chambers flats.

St John’s Wood Terrace

We have asked the Council to fix this problem:

“The saga with the bin near the bench on St John’s Wood Terrace goes on and on. The bin was moved nearer the bench (to make it easier for food rubbish to be put in it) and it lasted there for a day. Then it was back again! Two weeks ago I saw a small Council van parked in Circus Road so I chatted to the driver who told me that he was in charge of rubbish disposal in the area. He was very understanding and he agreed that the bin should be moved nearer the bench, which he duly did. The very next day it had been moved back to the kerb near the road again! So I give up. Anyway thanks for your input, the bin outside the post office remains in place.”

Elgood House

At the request of residents, we have asked City West Homes to ensure that security to the block is improved.

187 bus route

A resident has suggested this change. What do you think?

“Please could you look at a frequently asked request for the 187 bus to be re routed through St John’s Wood Road on its journey from Central Middlesex Hospital to Finchley Road O2 Centre instead of Hall Road as it is duplicating the no46 route at this point? This would better serve local residents and the many visitors to Lord’s Cricket Ground.”

Edbrooke Road area – what you say

“As a long-term resident of Edbrooke Road I wish to dissociate myself with your support for those residents lobbying for planning permission for mansard roofs. Their leafleting on the topic certainly did not reach our house. Mansard roofs exist on the minority of houses in the area. WCC argue that those roofs that have been approved over the years are out of keeping with the majority of buildings here. The fact that the area is not a conservation area is irrelevant. My bigger objection to mansard roofs is that they mean bigger properties with more people living within. This area is already sufficiently densely populated. Do not assume those pressing for this exchange express the view of all residents here. They do not.”

Carlton Hill – what you say

“I was one of the residents who some 20 years ago campaigned for speed calming measures to be installed and suggested a chicane rather than humps or tables, but I now wish I hadn’t as heavy goods vehicles and especially skip lorries seem to love driving as fast as they can over the humps causing noise and dreadful vibrations that make the houses shake.”

“I live in a house in Carlton Hill, east of Abbey Road, and this stretch is affected by the increased amount of traffic and heavy vehicles in exactly the same way as the section west of Abbey Road. So perhaps the Council could look at the road as a whole.”

Towpath Cycling – what you say

Cyclists regularly speed and dominate the towpath to Little Venice. I witnessed an accident happening with two cyclists too close together and speeding down the towpath. The first cyclist spotted me walking up in the opposite direction and he slowed down. The one behind wasn’t expecting that and had to emergency break. He crashed straight into a canal boat, fell off his bike and injured himself.”

Cycle super-highway – what you say

“Finchley Road Road through to Swiss Cottage and beyond is a major arterial route to Central London for all of North West London and beyond. This route can only get busier as there has been a phenomenal amount of new housing built along this route and beyond, and if only a fraction of the new homeowners use cars, it is still an increase.  And yet we see TFL trying to funnel car users into a reduced area.”

What you say

“Great report once again”

“Thank you for this very informative report.”

“Very many thanks, as ever, for the forensic quality of your report. This report may be the only intervention to give us, residents, the sense of belonging to a ‘community’. A sense most of us much value, for which ‘thank you’!”

“Many thanks for your informative letter – it is great to hear what is happening in the area and know that there is someone to contact about local issues”

“Many thanks for all this info. Very helpful.”

“Thank you for this update, it’s good to see what the most recent concerns are. “ 

“Thank you for your newsletter – always interesting.”

“Thank you for you continuing efforts on behalf of Westminster residents.”

“Very good as ever”

“Many thanks as ever for your very useful support on these local issues”

“Thanks for your newsletter really good to see the great work you do for ordinary people like myself”

“Thank you, always a useful and informative read”

“Thank you for following up on my question. It’s great to have someone who listens and responds.”

“Thank you for this very informative newsletter.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council






Lisson Green

We have heard rumours that the Council is currently considering demolishing and replacing 12 blocks on Lisson Green, as part of the Church Street Masterplan. We also hear there are plans for the sports pitches to be either removed or relocated. We have asked why no residents have been consulted about these dramatic proposals.

Karen Buck MP has written to the Council about this and the long-delayed Church Street Regeneration proposals https://labourwestminster.wordpress.com/2017/02/04/karen-buck-mp-calls-on-westminster-council-to-give-answers-on-long-delayed-church-street-regeneration/

Church Street seagulls

We are continuing to urge City West Homes to take action to install ‘pigeon spikes’ across a number of blocks – Cherwell, Wey, Loddon, Wytham, Derry, Isis, Mole, Windrush and Colne Houses. The Council has told us:

“The contractors will be on site in the next couple of weeks and the project is due to run for 27 weeks.  We have negotiated the inclusion of pigeon spikes into the scope of works, at no extra cost. Based on the survey undertaken by the bird specialists, the team have been issued with a report highlighting the problem areas so these can be targeted.  In addition to the spikes, briefings with CWH staff and our cleaning supervisors have been in progress.  This includes design of an educational leaflet and posters on wider pest-control and distribution to all estates.  The briefings will also provide operational staff with an overview of our service, and, most importantly, education on the implications of anti-social behaviour e.g. fly-tipping, feeding, and dumpling rubbish.”

Edbrooke Road are 

We are supporting residents in the Edbrooke Road area who are lobbying the Council to change its planning policies so that they can build a mansard roof on their property. One resident says:

“We are not in a conservation area and in fact there are four existing mansard extensions on our immediate road with 7 more in the street behind and at the end of our road. But now and for the past 12 years the council has just said, ‘no’. The planning document on roofs was last updated in 1995. Surely after 22 years there must be some validity in reconsidering this policy and looking to work with the families who actually live in the area to come up with a policy that enables us to expand our homes appropriately and the council to maintain control on the design of those expansions. We aren’t rich. We can’t afford the stamp duty required for us to move homes and more importantly we love our home. But we do want to have a family and to do so we have to expand our home. After leafletting just a few streets we already have 30 families in the immediate area who are in support of our request to the council to reform this policy. We are not looking for automatic planning approval just the right to work with the council on a loft extension that is subtle and characteristic of the homes in the area as well as providing us with an essential living space to enable us to have the family we have always wanted.”

122-124 Chippenham Road – update 

Following reporting this to the Council we have received the following update from the Planning Department:

“An inspection of the property and an examination of the City Council’s planning records revealed that the property was in use for Class Sui Generis purposes without planning permission from the City Council, and was therefore unauthorised. In addition, an unauthorised canopy structure had also been installed without planning permission to facilitate the unauthorised shisha smoking use. I am pleased to inform you, however, that following action taken by the Planning Enforcement Team, the unauthorised use has now ceased.”

Lydford Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue: 

I have an issue on Lydford Road, there is a large Ivy bush that hasn’t been cut back for some time and is now making the pavement virtually unusable, particularly when the parking spaces are being used. 

Fermoy Road 

We have asked the Council to instruct the businesses in Fermoy Road not to place their refuse bins in the disabled parking bay. 

Saltram Crescent 

There is an ongoing issue of dog-fouling bags being left dumped on the road along Saltram Crescent. The animal warden has arranged patrols and will monitor.

Prince of Wales crossroads

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Can anything be done to have the pavements cleaned every so often. They are really in a pretty disgusting state and nobody seems to care”

Essendine Road

We were delighted that the planning application to build on the garden land behind Essendine Mansions, Essendine Road was refused. The Planning Committee refused the application because of the the loss of an open amenity space, lack of car parking and insufficient information provided to the Council by the applicant.

Lauderdale Parade 

We have reported this issue to the Council: 

“I would like to report a tree that was burnt on a recent arson attack situated at the top corner of Lauderdale Parade, outside the florist.It probably needs taking down because it looks quite badly damaged.”

The Council say:

“I’ll inspect early next week and if necessary arrange for the tree to be removed and a replacement planted.”

Carlton Tavern – Update

The Council’s Planning Officers have given us this latest update:

“There has not been a judicial review against the Inspector’s decision and the period for Judicial Review has now passed. Officers have had three preliminary meetings with new representatives of the owner of the site and they have advised that it is their client’s intention to comply with the enforcement notice and rebuild the Carlton Tavern in facsimile. The most recent meeting was held on site and sought to assist them in identifying and salvaging materials that will need to be replicated in the rebuilding of the building.

It is my understanding that the site owner’s representatives intend to meet with local resident’s groups that have been involved in the process to get the building rebuilt, in due course, once they have progressed further with how and to what timescale their rebuilding of the Carlton Tavern will proceed.”

Paddington Rec

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I live close to the Rec and for several hours most days I have to listen to a personal trainer playing his music, and worse, shouting loudly at his clients. I can hear him clearly through my closed double glazed windows even with my radio on. He is not shouting at a football team, just at one or two people.  It is much more intrusive than the general background noise of football or hockey which I don’t mind. If he was in the street it would be regarded as anti-social behaviour.  I have asked him to move to somewhere else and stop shouting. He was polite but has carried on as before. “ 

The Council says: 

“There have been incidents involving a small number of external trainers using the facilities and playing excessive loud music. Where this has occurred it has been immediately challenged and stopped by Duty Managers and/or site Security.  The Duty Managers and Security team will continue to be vigilant during park opening hours and will address any misuse and excessive noise. The site management team are also reviewing the arrangements for external trainers in the park to ensure this is more proactively managed in the future.”

Sutherland Avenue/Maida Vale

We are making enquiries about this issue:

“Do you know why the road at the corner of Sutherland Avenue and Maida Vale has just been dug up for the 4th or 5th time over the past month? It seems quite senseless that whatever works have to be done can’t all be done at the same time.   It must be costing us a great deal of money to keep putting the road and pavement surfaces back time after time!”

Sutherland Avenue 

We have asked the Council to make enquiries about this this problem:

“The paving stones, particularly by the bus stops, from the corner of Sutherland Avenue past Stuart Towers and along to the garden wall by Sandringham Court on the Edgware Road are uneven and falling inwards.  This is because when the water mains were being replaced some years ago, the workmen threw empty water bottles, cigarette packets and other rubbish into the ditch beside the new pipes.  I watched as they did this every day during that hot summer.  As the rubbish decomposed, the infill dropped and the paving stones caved inwards.  Surely, the foreman must know this is the result of shoddy workmanship.  Can you ensure that Thames Water instruct their managers in good practice and perhaps they would like to contribute to replacing our dangerous paving”

Sutherland Avenue/Shirland Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I live at the corner of Sutherland Avenue and Shirland Road. The other flats and I have all noticed that the whole building shudders when one of the double decker buses goes by and are concerned that the structural integrity of the building is being affected. This junction is a very busy one and there have been numerous accidents most recently a fatal one involving a delivery motorbike. The buses and cars drive by very fast especially when the lights are green and we were wondering whether some traffic calming measures may be warranted which would not only improve safety but also help in alleviating this problem we are experiencing with our building.”

Blomfield Road

We have asked the Council to fix this problem:

“Can you get the council to fix the street light on Blomfield Road that is never off? A waste of electricity and looks daft.” 

Warwick Avenue 

We have asked the Council to look into these two issues:

  • Rubbish and mess caused by Evening Standard newspapers left overnight or over the weekend at Warwick Avenue tube station
  • Mattresses, pillows and other debris – a health hazard as well as unsightly – on the slope from Harrow Road to Porteus Pedestrian Underpass adjacent to the Canal and also underneath the metal bridge.

Bristol Gardens

We have asked the Council to fix a street light opposite 28 Bristol Gardens which has been lit permanently.

Formosa Street

We have asked the Council to investigate rubbish dumping at the junction of Formosa Street and Castellan Road.

Edgware Road

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“My issue is with the sad condition of the ‘garden’ areas in front of the shops along the Edgware Road, just after Crompton Street.  Food is left in plastic trays on the low walls, rubbish is strewn about and empty drink cans are thrown in the garden outside the restaurant at the end of the small parade.  I actually saw a rat tail disappear into the undergrowth a while back!  There is a small bin, but I don’t think it is much used and the owners of the 2 grocery shops make good fruit displays, but clearly spend no time on the area surrounding their shop fronts. “

Canal Tow Path

A local resident has started a petition calling for lighting along the canal tow path: It can be found a


Circus Road

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Please do something about installing rubbish bins on piece of land adjacent to St John’s Wood Post Office. There are two seats there, in use all day. People take their lunch breaks there and there are NO BINS! it is always unpleasant to see all the rubbish left there every day.”

We were delighted to hear from residents: 

“It was wonderful yesterday to walk past the post office in Circus Road and see that a rubbish bin had been placed next to the benches where people sit to eat their lunches etc. Thank you for your efforts, a result after years of trying to get it resolved.”

St John’s Wood Terrace

We have asked the Council to look into this issue: 

“A few years ago I urged Westminster Council to install a bench to enable the elderly residents of the two almshouses to rest on their way to and from the shops. We got the bench and we use it daily. So too, do the employees of the many estate agents nearby and gentlemen of the road and Saturday night revellers! A bin has been placed on the kerb a good way from the bench so no-one uses it but all debris, bottles, cans and empty sandwich packets clutter up the bench and me and my neighbours frequently are the ones to clear up and place the rubbish in the bin.

Is it not beyond the wit for the bin (it’s a heavy duty one) to be moved beside the bench so that it encourages those using the bench for eating/drinking to dispose of their own rubbish?”

41 Abbey Road – Update

Following our enquiries about the derelict state of this property, the Planning Department has told us the following: 

“We wrote to the proprietors of the property in December 2016 requiring a written confirmation of their plans of how they intend to improve the appearance and condition of the property. Our letter brought the following concerns to their attention:

  • the condition of the render on the front elevation at all levels
  • cracks on the front façade in need of repair with lime-based mortar
  • peeling and flaking paintwork, including window frames, windowsills, walls and parapet, in need of repair and repainting to match the remainder of the building
  • poor state of cornices and all window sills and frames, also in need of repair works with lime-based mortar and repainting to match the building
  • vegetation growing from within the windows and walls of the building.

They sent an email informing the City Council that they are currently obtaining quotations from contractors to carry out works as per our letter. However, due to the Christmas break, obtaining quotations was taking longer than anticipated. They hope to begin works shortly.” 

Grove End Road

We reported a water leak at the end of Grove End Road in the hope that it could be fixed before it caused serious damage.

Carlton Hill

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

May I draw your attention to the increased level of traffic now using Carlton Hill west of Abbey Rd. it is a residential street but in the morning, early evening and now most of the day it is taking much more heavy traffic than it was designed for. There are speed bumps but these are not doing the trick, in fact heavy vehicles taking them at speed are causing shock-waves to affect the houses. Additionally, residents’ Vehicles leaving their off street parking take their lives in their hands as they try to reverse out onto the road. The speed and volume of traffic, associated noise and pollution really does need to be addressed.”

Acacia Road/St John’s Wood Tube Station 

We arranged for a number of dumped Christmas Trees to be removed.

Park Road/Baker Street

We have asked the Road Safety Team to look into this issue:

“At the junction of Park Road with Baker Street there is a traffic light which pretty much gets ignored by the motorists. We have to cross there every day on our way to school and back – and have nearly got run over several times or at least gotten some nasty looks as we make our way through the cars during green light for the pedestrians. It is very dangerous with my 3 kids and very frustrating because drivers just don’t care or maybe they don’t notice that they have to stop?

Empty Property

We have asked the Council to tell us what can be done to get these two properties repaired and back in to occupation:

  • 19 Cavendish Avenue NW8 – a very large beautiful old house falling into disrepair.  A rusty sat dish on the side, no tv aerial on roof that I can see.  Always a light on in lobby behind front door and a light at the side.
  • 112 Hamilton Terrace NW8 – another large house in disrepair.  I noted tv aerial on the house and lower windows one had shutters closed the other a grill so some security.  Other windows blinds or a partial curtain.  No lights.  The front portico over the door is padded over to secure crumbling decoration over the portal

Tavistock Road/Aldridge Road Villas

We have asked the Council to investigate this problem:

“I am writing to catch up on the overloading of the black and recycle bins at the corner of Tavistock Road and Aldridge Road Villas. Unfortunately, the issue has not gone away in recent months. We are still regularly finding rubbish on the pavement. I am not sure whether the council has already taken actions but extra bins and/or further surveillance would be welcomed.”

Westbourne Park Station

We have asked the Council to investigate reports of begging outside the station.

Notting Hill Carnival

The London Assembly Police & Crime Committee examined the issue of policing and safety at Carnival. It looked at aspects such as the crime levels at Carnival; what safety planning takes place; how it is policed; and what the Mayor can do to support those responsible for keeping Carnival safe. The report highlights that London Notting Hill Carnival Enterprises Trust (LNHCET), needs more help and guidance from the Mayor and the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to get a grip on public safety at the event. It recommends that the Mayor should:

  • help the LNHCET to put it on a more formal and financially sustainable footing, giving it greater responsibility and ownership of Carnival.
  • in partnership with the LNHCET, examine the evidence base for change and consider the range of options to improve crowd management and safety.


Pavement cycling – what you say

I am now aged 77 and find that the use of the pavement by cyclists not only intimidating but frightening in that the abuse one gets from cyclists is in most cases highly offensive. There are NO policemen in the Harrow Road area to be seen. How can this situation be resolved so that going to the shops, etc can be made safe for pedestrians, especially older ones who may not be as nimble in getting out of the way. Skate boarders are also a hazard!”

What you say

Thank you for including us in the “update”. Very helpful and informative.”

“Many thanks again for your comprehensive report. With appreciation for all you do for our community. “ 

“Thank you for the update, always a great read”

“Thank you very much for your continuing help in addressing local problems.   Thanks also to Karen Buck for her Christmas card to local residents – much appreciated.”

“We really appreciate all the good work you are doing in our neighbourhood”

“Many thanks for your update on local issues.” 

“Thank you for the useful report” 

“Thank you so much for making our area better place to live.”

“Thank you as always for your summary reminder of the great work you and your colleagues do for the community.”

“Thank you for your email update which I found very helpful”

“Thank you for your updates which are much appreciated”

“Thank you for your ongoing reports. They are most helpful and one gets the feeling that we the public are not being ignored.”

“As ever, thank you for all your efforts for the community.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council





Great Western Road

We have again asked the Council to take action on this issue:

For at least a year a massive puddle accumulates opposite the bus station every time it rains. It covers almost have the road. Inevitably this means that unless cars swerve onto the other side of the road, pedestrians are soaked by the water thrown up by cars. There is a similar problem in front of the depot on the other side of the road. It is not only dangerous, but invariably leaves pedestrians drenched. Why have the council done nothing to fix this problem? “ 

The Council says:

“I have raised this with my colleagues who oversee gully works and drainage. This is an issue they have known about for some time but due to technical reasons there have been delays in this work being started. I am pleased to say though that it is scheduled to start on the 14th November.”

Tavistock Road/Great Western Road

We have reported this issue to the Council for action:

“Although the 100 metres of paving slabs from the junction between Tavistock Road and Great Western Road and the bus stop on Great Western Avenue across from the bus terminal have never been fully fixed to the underlying surface, recently so many have got loose that whenever it rains, you have a very high probability of stepping on one of the loose slabs which shoots dirty water two feet in the air, soaking your shoes, socks and trousers. Can you look into getting these paving slabs properly affixed again to stop this happening?”

Carnival – Update 

We asked the Council for an update on the review of this year’s Carnival and have been told the following:

“The multi-agency officer level review was due to take place a week ago, however I have been informed that it was cancelled following a request from the GLA for evidence in relation to its own review, which is specifically focused on security. The multi-agency review has yet to be rescheduled, however we are pushing for this to take place sooner rather than later. 

Without the outcomes from the multi-agency review, it is difficult to say what changes are planned, however there does appear to be a focus on stewarding and policing arrangements, which is to be expected.  Consideration is also being given to how best to manage the sound systems and their impact.  There are three licenced sound systems in the Westminster footprint of Carnival and we are working with the police on how best to manage these and the other sound systems in both WCC and RBKC. 

There is an expectation that the Council will work with the two sound systems at either end of Leamington Road Villas to see whether or not fencing can be introduced to try and mitigate the impact of the number of people Leamington Road Villas on residents of the road and this is something that we are currently looking into.”

Canal Path

We have written again to the Canal & River Trust about this issue:

“Can we address the issue of the lighting on the Canal towpath below Warwick Crescent again? The present situation is really unacceptable, and shows no sign of improving while use of that path has increased hugely over the last few years. The existing system of uplighters in the pavement is almost never working properly; some section (if not all of it) is usually dark, which makes the path both frightening and unsafe. The main point, though, is that the existing system is simply unfit for purpose, because the path is not being illuminated by the lamps when they are working. They provide upward shafts of light, which blind you as you pass through them and can be obscured completely by a standing pedestrian. Neither the edge of the canal, nor obstacles, nor other towpath users are adequately illuminated. This is really dangerous for both cyclists and pedestrians, and leaves dark places for people to lurk in.”

We have also asked the Council to investigate this problem: 

“Late tonight I made my way home from the service at St Mary Magdalene along the pedestrian/cycle path in Westbourne up to Harrow Road.  There were 2 adjacent street lamps which were not working.  Counting from the Harrow Road end lights 5 & 6 were both out of action.” 

Church Street begging Update

Following our request to the Council for action against begging in the market we have received this update: 

“Following further complaints regarding rough sleeping by Roma in the parks as well as the begging aspect, we now understand that we have a main group of 15 males and a number of females, as well as a rough sleeping group of 10-15 across 2 rough sleeping hotspots. We spent December conducting rough sleeper sweeps to obtain identities and ensure that any social care needs are met. The Market City Inspectors started daily enforcement against the beggars and the local Police will be assisting the local City Inspector in the disruption and identification of individuals committing ASB in both Lisson Street Gardens and Broadley Park.

Since mid-December, there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of beggars operating in the Church Street and Edgware Road locality. The rough sleeping hotspots are currently in the process of obtaining planning permission to secure, and I am awaiting updates from British Telecom as to a start date for the works. Both Peabody Housing Trust and BT have the monies dedicated for the design work set aside.”

Church Street Antique Dealers

We have raised further concerns with the Council about the loss of antique dealers from Church Street. 

Turville House 

We have asked City West Homes to clear and repair a vandalized garage. CWH say:

“The garage is retained by the estate office for emergency storage. It was however vandalised and items were left in there. An order was raised to repair and secure the door which unfortunately was not followed through and the job was cancelled. This is disappointing, as is the quality of the notice left on the door. We have had the job re-opened today and we anticipate that this will be completed next week. This will be monitored.” 

Cosway Street site

Following our enquiries about the state of this site the Council say:

“Colleagues brought the issues at Cosway to our attention some weeks ago. They have seen an increase in littering and anti social behaviour around the site in the past few months. We have been down to site to consider options for securing it – it’s made more complicated by the fact that there are services still operating on the site as that means we can’t hoard it off completely. However, the contractors have been instructed to carry out more regular site clean ups and we are liaising with the Safer Neighbourhood Team about patrols in the area. We’re also going to speak to colleagues about getting the trees pruned.”

Oakington Road area

We have again asked the Council to designate the Oakington Road area a 20mph area in order to make it safer for residents and pupils at Paddington Academy. Residents say:

“Like all the Oakington residents I have spoken to, I have nearly been mown down by speeding cars. I have two toddlers and getting them in and out of the car safely is a dicey business.” 

“As a resident of over two decades living in close vicinity of the no-entry sign and working from home, I can see and sense cars AND vans speeding down Oakington Road irresponsibly as well as those who drive in against the one-way instruction without hesitation using the road as a convenient short cut. Some others drive in to park. There are many young families with toddler to teen age children living in this road. Students from the Paddington Academy arriving and departing often spilling into the road on a daily basis.”

“As the parents of two small children we also know from experience the real danger of speeding cars on Oakington Road.  Getting children in and out of car seats is made hazardous by significant numbers of drivers who come round the corner from Marylands at speed and shoot along Oakington Road. Children going to and from Paddington Academy often cross the road on Oakington Road, and that it is in my view only a matter of time before one is hit by a driver rounding the blind corner from Marylands Road at speed.” 

The Council has told us: 

“I can advise that the roads adjacent to the Academy, Elgin Avenue and Oakington Road, are under consideration for inclusion in the 20mph trial. It is expected that the sites selected for the trial will be confirmed in January. Implementation on the selected sites for the 20mph trial will then follow after that but owing to the numerous processes and procedures that have to carried out will take a few months. 

I would add that Oakington Road has been reported as a speeding location to Community Roadwatch. Community Roadwatch is a road safety initiative which aims to reduce speeding in residential areas. WCC is currently working in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to run Community Roadwatch. The scheme gives local residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams, and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles. Any information captured through Community Roadwatch will help to identify whether further interventions are required.” 

Fermoy Road 

We have asked the Council to investigate these issues: 

“BT have put a new signal box in near the fire gate on Fermoy Road. As you know, this is a local hotspot for scooters and motorbikes driving along the pavement and a group of local residents have been trying to get the Council to look at measures to dissuade this behaviour, or at least punish those who continue to flout the law. The positioning of the new signal box now prevents the fire gate from opening at all! This makes it even more difficult for us to have conversations about what measures can be put in place. Is it possible to find out why this has happened and if it can be rectified? 

I would also agree about the shop on Fermoy Road near Harrow Road. Combined with people using the street as a public convenience and a rubbish bin, it makes for an eyesore and a ‘smell-sore’! The van connected to the restaurant also constantly parks in the disabled bay as well as the Zipcar bay, despite being asked not to.”

The Council say:

“The local City Inspector has visited the location and spoken to some of the businesses. We have asked Veolia to introduce a washing regime which will improve the appearance of the pavement. We are speaking to the local police team about the allegations regarding people street urinating at the same location and to take enforcement action where necessary.”

Goldney Road

We have chased the Council to replant a long-promised replacement tree in Goldney Road.

Fernhead Road

We are concerned about road safety for children at St. Luke’s, Fernhead Road as there is no crossing or lower speed limits. Parents and staff say they have experienced some difficulties with speeding drivers and we are taking this up with the Council.

Chippenham Road/Fernhead/Shirland Roads

We met with the Ward Police Officer, PC Armstrong and affected shop owners who were experiencing problems with youths over the summer. They’ve subsequently all been approached by the Police and given impact statements. This has now resulted in several banning notices being given to the problem youths advising them that they are banned form the area. There are still outstanding court dates for several of the youths involved.

Maida Hill Market

The main issues now revolve around vehicles driving through the pedestrian area. The Council have organised joint operations with the Police and Parking teams to stop vehicles and educate them; the Market Inspector has arranged for the trees to be cut back to the signage can be clearly seen and officers have written to the Road Management Department, highlighting the issues and asking them to look into what can be done to improve the situation.

Ashmore Road

A Council contractor pollarded the plane trees on Ashmore Road as part of the winter pruning programme to minimise the effect of these trees to the adjacent properties. Many of the plane trees have been removed from Ashmore Road over the years as they have caused subsidence damage and been replaced with trees better suited to the location and far less likely to cause damage to adjacent properties. There is a particular tree causing subsidence damage to 3 properties. The front steps of all three are moving away from the main building. The most sensible course of action to minimise stress and disruption to the home owners is to remove the tree and to replace it with a different tree species more suited to the location.

Fleming Close

A resident raised issues with overgrown bushes on Fleming Close, near the Chippenham Road (just next to the Squirrel). The bushes are completely overgrown and beginning to impose on the pavement. We’re working with the landlord and Senior Arboricultural Officer to get this sorted. 

Saltram Crescent

There is an ongoing issue of dog-fouling bags being left dumped on the road along Saltram Crescent. The animal warden has arranged patrols and will monitor.

Sutherland Avenue

We have reported this street lighting fault to the Council:

“I’ve noticed that several street lamps on the block of Sutherland Avenue from No 132 up to the roundabout at the Warrington pub are not working – or possibly not turned on? There’s at least a few on both sides of the street on this block. A safety hazard, surely. Perhaps you could look into this.”

Sutherland Avenue/Warrington Crescent/Lauderdale Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I continue to be concerned about the illegal parking of cars that the end of Sutherland Avenue where it joins the roundabout at Warrington Crescent/Lauderdale Road / etc. There is a zebra crossing at this junction and driver approaching this area who are unfamiliar with it put those crossing in a degree of danger.

Cars parking reduce the sight lines to the Zebra crossing.  BUT, the hatch lines marking the no parking area look exactly like lines for car parking bays. Parking in this area tends to be at busy evening times after the 6:30pm watershed for paid parking, generally for pub visitors.  Unfortunately, this is the time when using the Zebra crossing is most dangerous due to lack of light. Although cars can get ticketed it is better to have a safe crossing.”

Maida Vale cycle hire bikes

We were very disappointed to read the following news in the local press:

“A plan to extend the cycle hire scheme to Maida Vale for the first time has been put on ice – because of delays in getting planning permission. In September Westminster City Council waved through plans for two new Santander bike docking stations, one outside Dundee House. But Transport for London has said the planning has taken too long and they had temporarily ditched the plans. TfL’s general manager for Santander Cycles, Paul Cowperthwaite, said: “We applied for planning permission on these two locations as part of last year’s intensification and expansion programme, but due to the length of the process we eventually had to prioritise two other locations with existing permission. Those docking stations opened around six months ago.”


Paddington Rec

We have asked the Council to deal with this issue without delay:

“I would like to raise the issue of the service at Paddington Recreation Ground since the management of the ground changes from GLL to the new group Active Leisure. We have been using the football facilities since 2006 and this is the worst service we have received. We use the football pitches every Wednesday night and require the lights. Since late August only one of the lights has been working and on a further two occasions a second one has not been working, leaving half the pitch in darkness. Not only is this frustrating, it is dangerous. When the issue has been raised with the management, the response has been that the engineers have been called and we are looking into it. It is now December and the issue is still not resolved. The only discount we have received to date, is that on the first occasion of having two lights not working they are not charging us for that evening’s booking. We would really appreciate your influence in getting the matter resolved quickly, with an appropriate compensation for us, the Westminster customers.”

The Council say:

“Everyone Active have experienced some problems with their supply chain regarding the re-lamping of some of the floodlights but the new lamps have now been delivered and will be installed on Thursday this week. The General Manager has been in regular contact with the customer and has offered 2 complementary pitch bookings in acknowledgement of the inconvenience caused and has also offered to suspend bookings until the issue was resolved.” 

We have also referred these matters to the Council:

“I am not sure whether other residents have brought to your attention some of the practices of personal trainers using the Rec, but an increasing number are playing loud music from portable speakers to accompany the workouts. I have also heard music played several times a week in the early mornings as well. In this instance some young children exercising close by and some inappropriate colourful language in the lyrics. Staff in the Rec reception 10 metres away taking no action.  I am all in favour of personal trainers and people staying fit and healthy but this behaviour is thoughtless and unnecessary. Do the Rec staff have authority to ask trainers to not play music? Could temporary signs be erected or leaflets handed out?”

“Several weekends in a row, we have been asked to leave the playground area with our toddler at around 3.50pm. Signs across the park say that it is open until 4.30pm. I appreciate that you need people to have left by 4.30 so you can lock up, but it isn’t fair to kick our 20-month-old out after 2 minutes in a swing at five to four. There were lots of other parents who were also surprised to be asked to leave in a fairly surly fashion. If the park is open until 4.30pm, children should be allowed to use the playground until at least 4.20pm.” 

The Council says:

“As you rightly point out, asking customers to vacate the play area 30-40 minutes prior to the park closing is not acceptable.  Our site contractor has raised this with the teams concerned who are expected to politely remind customers of the park closing time 30 minutes prior to closure and to ask people to start vacating the park 10-15 minutes prior to the closure time.: 

Kilburn Park Road 

We have asked the Council to liaise with Brent Council about parking along Kilburn Park Road to ensure that residents’ parking bays are safeguarded on the Westminster side.

Ordnance Hill 

We have made enquiries about a long standing empty Council property in Ordnance Hill: 

“The house next door has been empty for nearly two years. The council say it would be too expensive to ‘do up’ in order to house a needy family. But the neighbour who left the address said it was perfectly okay. It is now, however, getting very run down. If the Council were not planning to sell it for these years why hasn’t it been used for temporary emergency family housing? And why haven’t the Council looked after the property meantime? This morning I saw a rat coming from the front of that property.”

The Star, St John’s Wood Terrace – Update 

Following our enquiries, the Council says:

“Since the appeal was decided, we have heard very little from the owners.  However, we understand they are looking at bringing forward a development that reopens the pub at ground and basement levels with flat/s above.” 

St John’s Wood Barracks 

Revised plans on a scheme to turn the former army barracks in St John’s Wood into luxury homes has been submitted to Westminster City Council. The Council gave the scheme planning permission back in 2014 for 163 apartments and houses but this has now been increased by eight – while a series of villas has been reduced in number. The site, will also include retail along with 59 affordable homes and a further 41 off-site.

Wellington Road

We have reported this issue to TfL:

“We live on the west side of Wellington Road, the extension southward of Finchley Road from St Johns Wood station to the roundabout at Lords which includes Wellington North and Wellingon South hospitals and the pavements here are in a very poor condition.  Taking into consideration the crowds using this thoroughfare during the cricket season, plus those using the hospital and of course the many pedestrians going to and from the station and bus stops etc., when is this extension to Finchley Road pavements going to be repaired?” 

Abbey Road 

We have asked the Council to investigate the vacant property at 41 Abbey Road:

“The case of 41 Abbey Road is a disgrace. There are lots of different men coming and going from the place at quite random hours and sometimes loitering as if waiting outside the house. It would be good to look into it as I think there might be something else going on there. The police found a cannabis factory there a couple of years ago. The house is in quite a state of disrepair and it is getting really bad. A couple of windows are permanently open even when raining so I can imagine the estate inside it. A shame really with such a good property.” 

Finchley Road/Marlborough Place

We have asked the Council and TfL to investigate this suggestion:

“Crossing Finchley Road from Marlborough Place and travelling onto Queens Grove, the traffic light allows only a few cars through and then all traffic is stationery for a few long minutes. It would be so much more efficient to keeping the traffic flowing with a green turning arrow for cars crossing Finchley Road heading East at this junction.” 

Pavement Cycling

The Mayor has issued the following statement:

“No injury on London’s roads or pavements is acceptable, and the Mayor is working to make our city safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Cycling on pavements is illegal and we expect police officers to enforce the law and deal with these offences in an appropriate way. You may also find it beneficial to visit the latest press release on the Greater London Authority website regarding the Mayor’s upcoming plans for cyclists in London – not only will it make cycling in London safer for cyclists, but also for pedestrians.  You can see all the information here: https://www.london.gov.uk/press-releases/mayoral/mayor-secures-record-investment-in-cycling

20mph zones – what you say

“I absolutely fully 100% support.  All non-main roads should be 20mph in my view, with the limit actively enforced.  This would help make London a more pleasant city for pedestrians, with a greater sense of safety when walking.”

What you say

“Thank you, as usual an amazing report” 

“Thank you for your very informative and interesting update on local matters” 

“Thank you again for your excellent updates”

“Many thanks for your latest comprehensive report”

“Thank you for keeping us informed clearly and concisely”

“Many thanks for your informative newsletter – it is so helpful to know what is going on in the area. Very interesting news on the long running saga of the Chippenham!”

“Thanks again for your wonderful report. It’s great to hear what’s going on in the local area and to see all the things that local councillors get involved with.” 

“Thank you. Always appreciate the update” 

“It is good to see how much impact your work has; that said, unclear that much progress has been made on the Lisson Grove towpath tunnel – maybe we can see a result in 2017”

“Thank you for the continuing updates on our lovely area.  MUCH APPRECIATED.”

 “Many thanks for the good work and communication thereof”

“Thanks to you and your colleagues for your reports through the year and for all the work you do for the community. It really is greatly appreciated.” 

“Your attention to so many bad situations is welcome and re-assuring. We need you.” 

“Thank you for our efforts over the years to make improvements in the Westminster north area”

“Thank you very much for all the information. Great to have this news.”

“We have a replacement tree at last on Northwick Terrace – entirely due to your intervening on our behalf.  Thank you so much for the personal care you take – it is greatly appreciated.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council





Church Street Futures Plan Delays

Church Street residents backed the first phase of the regeneration proposals when they voted in May 2013. 25% of residents voted with 87% of those in favour of the proposals which are designed to improve the neighbourhood. However, over 3 years on from the residents’ vote, the reality is very different:

  • Lisson Arches:  contractors are still struggling to dig foundations for this 11 storey block to replace Penn House supported housing block.   This delay means:
  • Penn House cannot be demolished and replaced with a new health centre and offices. This delay means:
  • 4 Frampton Street/105 Lisson Grove council offices cannot be demolished and replaced with housing which will help fund other part of the Futures Plan.
  • Luton Street delays and cost increases, including Council insistence on unallocated parking and too much parking, rights to light.
  • Cosway Street delays mean that the site cannot be sold to raise the cash for affordable housing
  • Missed opportunity to support the Ashmill Nurses Home proposal, on a council owned Car Park site, which could have raised more money for the project and provided key worker housing
  • Berkeley Homes were given planning permission on the nearby West End Green site with insufficient affordable homes, so another opportunity was missed for providing more decant space to keep the community together

Church Street Councillor Barbara Grahame said:

“Church Street residents voted overwhelmingly for this regeneration scheme but the Council has delivered nothing.   Meanwhile blocks due to be demolished are left to deteriorate, lifts and heating break down.  Frail older people do not know when they will be moved to their new home.   The Council lacks the will or the competence to deliver promised improvements. After over 3 years the only Futures Plan new buildings are 3 show flats”

Lisson Grove/Shroton Street

We have asked the Council to have a word with the manager of The Globe about this issue:

“I contact you to ask if anything can be done about the fact that early evening, especially on Fridays, such is the crowd of drinkers on the Shroton Street pavement outside The Globe (on the corner of Lisson Grove and Shroton Street) that it is impossible to pass with being forced to walk on the road.”

The Council say:

“The staff at this venue have been spoken to about this issue quite recently, and I will now write to the licensee and remind him of the need to keep the pavement clear at all times, so that other pedestrians are not inconvenienced.”

Hatton Street/Frampton Street 

We have again reported rubbish dumping on this corner and have asked the Council to take the necessary action to remove the rubbish and against those responsible for the dumping. The Council say:

“There is an on-going issue with rubbish being dumped at this location and this has been happening for about eighteen months due to the fact that a bin cupboard half way down Hatton Street has been locked to prevent rough sleepers from using it. Residents have been dumping their rubbish in a recess area at the corner with Frampton Street. Veolia are aware of this situation but are unable to continuously collect rubbish from this location. I will now contact residents in Hatton Street with a view to opening the locked bin cupboard. I will also monitor the junction to ensure the quick removal of any dumped rubbish, while warning residents of the possibility of enforcement by way of an Educational Letter Drop. Any incidents of dumped rubbish should be reported via the Report-it function on our website, or alternatively by calling the Environmental Action Line on 0207 641 2000.”

We have also reported rubbish dumping at the corner of Boscobel and Venables Streets.

Wytham House

We have again asked the Council to take action to stop the anti-social chanting from a flat in Wytham House. 

Bell Street/Shroton Street/Stalbridge Street

We have received the following enquiry from a nearby resident and have asked the Council to investigate:

“I live in Waterford Court. The grounds of the old education centre opposite are a complete eyesore and the tree in the grounds on the corner of Stalbridge and Shroton Streets needs a serious prune. We also have a problem with people eating drinking, smoking drugs on our private entry steps.”

Harwood Row 

We have asked the Council when a ‘stump’ lamp post in Harewood Row, near the junction with Lisson Grove, will be replaced with a new working street light. 

Edgware Road 

We have asked the Council if anything can be done to remove redundant phone boxes:

Edgware Road is not one of London’s most scenic places. I walk it frequently and recently counted 42 phone boxes between Marble Arch bus stop and the Grand Union Canal at Aberdeen Place. Many no longer hold working phones, and in this day and age of mobile phones are no longer necessary. This does not include the four classic red phone boxes on the Bayswater side of Marble Arch (which have been used by people sleeping in Hyde Park for storage). Removing the ugly 1970/1980s phone boxes from Edgware Road would facilitate easier foot traffic and remove some of the eyesores of the area as well as their other unintended uses.”

Fermoy Road/Harrow Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“We live on Fermoy Road and have to walk through end of the road to get to Harrow Road on the school run. There is a door on Fermoy road that a restaurant use for deliveries and to store their industrial bins. The area around the door and on the public pavement is disgusting. The smell is rancid. Me and my children have to hold our noses and sometimes use the road to walk past. We cannot use the other side of the road as its a lowered pavement which is usually occupied by cars being repaired by the mechanic. It’s a health hazard and more than anything not safe for us with small children and the residents of Fermoy Road – especially the older residents who live at the top of the road in the sheltered accommodation. It’s awful, especially as the road is used as a public toilet which we have already been complaining to the council about. Please can someone look into this. “

Junction of Hormead and Great Western Roads

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The bins are constantly used by fly tippers- fridges, beds, compressed boxes, TVs, builders rubbish, drums of used cooking oil are dumped there daily. Often the pile of rubbish is big enough to force pedestrians onto the road to avoid it. It is a truly depressing site.”

The Chippenham – Update

Councillor Tim Roca has continued to make enquiries about the situation at The Chippenham. This is the latest response from the Council:

I’ve been in touch with the City Inspector Nuno Reis who has kindly looked into the issue for us. He has found that there no work is going on, rather squatters are currently using the space. When he visited the site the police were there (with the landlord’s agent) and were securing it post-eviction. A live-in security guard is going to be moved into the building very soon as this has been the third incidence of squatting in less than two months. The agent Nuno met is called Donna Delman and she discussed the existing planning permission but admitted that an application may go in for the building to be converted into residential units.” 

Harrow Road Post Office 

We are again calling on the Post Office to install a post box outside the Harrow Road Post office after receiving this enquiry: 

“The post office on Harrow Road recently underwent a refurb which was nice. During the refurb the neglected to put the post box facility back. The situation is that you have to jump in on someone being served to post a letter which causes aggravation to those in the queue. Also after opening hours you cannot post anything. The staff have mentioned something about a post box being erected outside the post office. But it’s been over a year and nothing has happened. When will Harrow Road get its post box?”

Marylands/Goldney/Oakington/Edbrooke Road area

We have again asked for traffic calming and the introduction of a 20mph area following another traffic accident in Oakington Road near Paddington Academy. Residents say:

“A car driving down Marylands Road towards the Paddington Academy (corner of Marylands/Oakington) failed to negotiate the turn and crashed straight through the school fence.  The metal fence is completely mangled and the parking post was torn from its concrete moorings lying amongst the wreckage.”

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the Council to investigate reports of an unauthorized basement being dug under a house in Elgin Avenue.

Chippenham Mews

We have asked the Council to investigate reports of unauthorized building works at 16-22 Chippenham Mews.

Shirland Mews 

We have asked the Council to investigate pavement parking in Shirland Mews. The Council says:

“We will send marshals to the location and we will monitor this area, but please can I remind residents of the facility to use the link below to report any cases that need our immediate intervention, as these go straight to the marshals control centre from which marshals can be deployed.”


Canal Path

We have written again to the Canal & River Trust about this issue:

“Can we address the issue of the lighting on the Canal towpath below Warwick Crescent again? The present situation is really unacceptable, and shows no sign of improving while use of that path has increased hugely over the last few years. The existing system of uplighters in the pavement is almost never working properly; some section (if not all of it) is usually dark, which makes the path both frightening and unsafe. The main point, though, is that the existing system is simply unfit for purpose, because the path is not being illuminated by the lamps when they are working. They provide upward shafts of light, which blind you as you pass through them and can be obscured completely by a standing pedestrian. Neither the edge of the canal, nor obstacles, nor other towpath users are adequately illuminated. This is really dangerous for both cyclists and pedestrians, and leaves dark places for people to lurk in.”

We have also asked the Council to investigate this problem: 

“Late tonight I made my way home from the service at St Mary Magdalene along the pedestrian/cycle path in Westbourne up to Harrow Road.  There were 2 adjacent street lamps which were not working.  Counting from the Harrow Road end lights 5 & 6 were both out of action.”

Kilburn Park Road/Shirland Road 

We have reported this issue to the Council: 

“On my way home this evening I noticed 2 big potholes just before the junction of Kilburn Park Road and Shirland Road.  I think they need urgent attention!”


Complaints about “nuisance” noise from Airbnb properties have increased more than seven-fold over the past year. Labour MP for Westminster North Karen Buck said:

“Residents in some apartment blocks are effectively living in a hotel. The comings and goings and their general expectation of being on holiday often add up to disturbance. And unlike in a hotel, there is no one there to manage the situation when problems occur.” 

Karen wants to know your views and has organised a survey which you can complete here http://www.karenbuck.org.uk/my_short_term_lets_survey   

Castellain Road

We have again asked the Council to take action to stop drivers going the wrong way through the Castellain Road one-way system. One resident told us he had “the pleasure of arguing with a driver when he explained to me that he was “only going to the bottom of the street” while he couldn’t understand why I was standing in the middle of the street refusing to move till he turned around and went the right way.” 

Braemar House, Maida Vale

We have asked the Council to look in to this issue:

“There are two recycling bins outside Braemar House W9.   They are always overflowing and sometimes they are not emptied because the binmen say people keep throwing food and general rubbish into them.   Would it be possible to add a general rubbish bin next to the recycle bins with a large notice on each bin saying “RECYCLING ONLY” and “FOOD AND GENERAL RUBBISH ONLY”?   I think this might help with the people walking by.”

The Council say: 

“To address overflow problems, I have tasked officers to monitor the site and adjust the collection schedules as required to better match their usage by local residents. These bins are principally provided for use by CityWest homes residents and I do not believe that there is a need to install a general waste bin at this location as CityWest residents already have their own dedicated waste bins within their buildings. I do understand that at times pedestrians/dog walkers might deposit litter/food/dog waste in these recycling bins which could contaminate the bins. To address this concern I have tasked officers to trial the installation of a litter bin at this location for four weeks”

Elgin Avenue/Ashworth Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this suggestion:

“There is a raised bed on the corner of Elgin and Ashworth.  Most people don’t notice it, because it is such an eyesore.  My observation of it is that people dump trash in it, and that it reduces visibility between pedestrians traveling west on Elgin, and drivers traveling north on Ashworth.  The bed is filled with overgrown plants, and as far as I can tell is not maintained by the Council. Can I propose that the bed be re-booted, so to speak, i.e., take everything out, and start from scratch?  Lower plantings and flowers would make the bed considerably more attractive, and make the intersection safer. 

Paddington Rec

We are making enquiries after Ashworth Mansions residents contacted us to raise their concerns about plans to redevelop one of the dog exercise areas in Paddington Recreation Ground by the Grantully Road gate and bluebell wood. Residents say:

“There is simply not enough distance from residential development, not enough tree coverage and not enough privacy for park users or locals to be able to reason that the current proposals are the optimal solution for better use of this area of the park, a safe educational area for young children which is not overlooked by residential property or used by dog owners and harmony between the needs of the Rec management team, park users and local residents.” 

Warwick Avenue

We have asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“There is an ongoing litter problem on the W2 section of Warwick Avenue. The council has responded to our request to have the street swept, but this was a one-off. According to the council their contractor is supposed to clean this section of Warwick Avenue every week day. We are experiencing a high volume of dumped litter from vehicles. It really does need cleaning every day. The residents of this section would be very grateful if you would get us back on to the street cleaning rota which we are clearly no longer on.”

The Council say: 

“Since the start of November our Leafing Plan has been in operation, which needs to clear approximately 1,000 tonnes of leaves from the streets of Westminster, over the next 6-8 weeks. As part of this plan, we have employed an additional 11 agency staff and two extra collection vehicles. However, the scale of the challenge means that we also need to pair-up the regular street sweepers across most of north Westminster, including Warwick Avenue, and other specific locations with large numbers of trees. Based on previous years’ experience, two people working together can accomplish more than double the output that they could working alone. Unfortunately, this does mean that on many streets the sweeping frequency drops during the leafing period. In this instance I have raised your concerns with the local street cleansing depot, who I am sure will be keen to address your street as soon as possible.”

Finchley Road/Queen’s Grove

We asked the Council to investigate this issue

“I have noticed that the drivers travelling from Marlborough Place and continuing onto Queens Grove via the traffic light at Finchley Road tend to not keep to their side of the road and are often heading straight towards oncoming traffic that is turning out of Queens Grove and left onto Finchley Road. This is a problem as on many occasions I have had to brake very suddenly so as to avoid a head on collision despite staying very clearly in my side of the road. “

The Council has told us:

“I am pleased to be able to inform you that Transport for London were aware of the issue that has been raised. Consequently. as part of their planned works at this junction TfL will be amending the line markings for right turning vehicles into Queens Grove from Finchley Road. The stop line is being realigned so that turning vehicles remain on the correct side of the road. The amendments to the carriageway markings were undertaken at the end of October. Hopefully this will address this issue and TfL will be monitoring the revised layout once installed.”

Residents say:

“Thank you so much for sending this issue to the correct people. I am very grateful for the action that will be taking place. I hope that this is enough to solve this problem. Again, many many thanks for your swift action.”

St John’s Wood Post Office

Our petition to peen open St John’s Wood Post office has over 150 signatures and you can sign here https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/keep-the-st-john-s-wood-post-office-open. These are some of your comments:

“The staff really know what they are doing and have years of experience. Everything is very efficient each time I go there and there is a staff member who helpfully corrected my daughter’s passport application three times before I successfully submitted it and received her passport within a few days.”

“This is a PROPER post-office. Formosa St is nowhere close to the quality of service that we have been used to receive in SJW… A very sad news indeed! Keep it open!”

“St John’s Wood post office is vital to the neighbourhood. It is always busy and provides a great service. The next post office nearby would be the corner shop in Formosa St! It can sometimes barely cope with the numbers it serves.” 

St John’s Wood Station 

We have asked the Council to fix this problem: 

“I hope you could talk to the council about the lake that appears outside St. John’s Wood station when it rains – by the newspaper hut. Somewhere there is a drainage problem. Makes it impossible to cross safely.”

Elm Tree Road – Update 

Following our enquiries about improving visibility for drivers along this ‘dog-leg’ road, the Council say:

“Mirrors are not a ‘permitted’ measure on the highway so that is not an option. As there have not been any personal injury accidents at this location in the last 3 years there is not really the justification for any intervention measures. However, I have noted that there are already SLOW markings on either side of the bend and these probably need to be refreshed. In addition. it might be that a centre-line is implemented on the bend to provide a further indication of the change in direction of the road.”

St John’s Wood roundabout

We have asked Transport for London to complete the replacement of the safety railings after receiving this message: 

“Thank you for taking notice of my concern regarding the safety railing near St Johns Wood park leading out onto St johns wood round about. Why has only HALF of the safety railing been replaced? You can clearly see markings on the pavement outside of the position of the previously removed railing. Currently it only makes half of the area outside the gate safe. If a child were to exit the gates and turn right he/she would end up on the busy round about. “

TfL say:

“Originally intended to guide pedestrians away from the road, guardrails had the opposite effect. We found that people often walked around them, which sometimes trapped them in the road. Pedestrian guardrails are not vehicle restraint barriers and do not offer pedestrians protection from vehicles. In many cases, they provide a false sense of security to both pedestrians and drivers. We have been monitoring the situation where guardrail has been removed, and we have noticed a decline in the numbers of incidents involving pedestrians.

At this particular location, we did not consider the guardrail to be offering benefit to any user of the highway and so had it removed, however after receiving representations from a local school and others, we met with the school on site and agreed to reinstall the panels that are today, and in both of our views that was determined to be the most suitable outcome.”

Abbey Road

We have asked the Planning Department for an update on this issue:

“I wonder if anyone knows what is going on inside and outside no. 41 Abbey Road. It was a nursing home when I moved here and now look at it…… A disgrace”

We have also asked that the builder’s rubbish outside Manor Apartments at 40 Abbey Road is cleared away.

Great Western Road

We have again asked the Council to take action on this issue:

For at least a year a massive puddle accumulates opposite the bus station every time it rains. It covers almost have the road. Inevitably this means that unless cars swerve onto the other side of the road, pedestrians are soaked by the water thrown up by cars. There is a similar problem in front of the depot on the other side of the road. It is not only dangerous, but invariably leaves pedestrians drenched. Why have the council done nothing to fix this problem? “

The Council says:

“I have raised this with my colleagues who oversee gully works and drainage. This is an issue they have known about for some time but due to technical reasons there have been delays in this work being started. I am pleased to say though that it is scheduled to start on the 14th November.”

Tavistock Road/Great Western Road

We have reported this issue to the Council for action:

“Although the 100 metres of paving slabs from the junction between Tavistock Road and Great Western Road and the bus stop on Great Western Avenue across from the bus terminal have never been fully fixed to the underlying surface, recently so many have got loose that whenever it rains, you have a very high probability of stepping on one of the loose slabs which shoots dirty water two feet in the air, soaking your shoes, socks and trousers. Can you look into getting these paving slabs properly affixed again to stop this happening?”

Carnival – Update

We asked the Council for an update on the review of this year’s Carnival and have been told the following:

“The multi-agency officer level review was due to take place a week ago, however I have been informed that it was cancelled following a request from the GLA for evidence in relation to its own review, which is specifically focused on security. The multi-agency review has yet to be rescheduled, however we are pushing for this to take place sooner rather than later.

Without the outcomes from the multi-agency review, it is difficult to say what changes are planned, however there does appear to be a focus on stewarding and policing arrangements, which is to be expected.  Consideration is also being given to how best to manage the sound systems and their impact.  There are three licenced sound systems in the Westminster footprint of Carnival and we are working with the police on how best to manage these and the other sound systems in both WCC and RBKC.

There is an expectation that the Council will work with the two sound systems at either end of Leamington Road Villas to see whether or not fencing can be introduced to try and mitigate the impact of the number of people Leamington Road Villas on residents of the road and this is something that we are currently looking into.”

Power Cuts

We have received this message about power cuts:

“UK Power Networks delivers the electricity to homes and businesses in Westminster, and it’s our job to make sure that the lights stay on. Since 2010 we have reduced the frequency of power cuts by 42%, however we recognise that while power cuts are less frequent, when they do still occur they can be very worrying, especially to older people, people with chronic medical conditions or parents of very young children.  That’s why we have set up a ‘Priority Services Register’ to enable us to identify vulnerable people quickly in the event of a power cut and get them the help they need.

Do you or someone you know need extra support during a power cut? Although power cuts don’t happen very often when they do they can be worrying.  UK Power Networks provides a ‘Priority Services Register’ for people who might need extra help in a power cut.  Older people, families with very young children, and people with specific medical conditions are among the many people who are eligible to register for free support.  You can find more details and register by visiting ukpowernetworks.co.uk/prioritysupport or calling 0800 169 9970.

Christmas Alone?

Do you know anyone in Westminster who will be spending Christmas alone? There’s no need to be alone – join Everyone Active Events for a free Christmas Day dinner at Porchester Hall. Guests will enjoy a three-course Christmas dinner courtesy of Waitrose followed by carols and films. Please think of older neighbours who may benefit from this event and pass this invite on to them. Register at porchesterhallevents@everyoneactive.com or call 020 7792 2823. More info here https://www.westminster.gov.uk/spend-christmas-together

Plans to cut £750,000 from Westminster libraries – what you say

“I strongly support keeping good library services, it is vital for education and community future” 

20mph pilot schemes – what you say 

“I live on Oakington Road and would definitely support the 20 mph trial on that road or some sort of traffic calming measure in the area. People (particularly young men in Audis and BMWs) come round the bend at the end of Marylands and then see a straight road to Elgin and speed along there much too quickly and I worry for children’s safety.”

Prince of Wales junction – what you say

“It does ‘look’ much better with Costa there but the area desperately needs a decent, affordable one and has no pub at all, decent, affordable or otherwise, apart from the Squirrel. Five pubs have been lost, which means a massive loss of community exchange and dialogue. No chance of getting Wetherspoon interested?” 

“Costa Coffee is at least a positive amongst the negatives but whilst there is a betting shop next door there will always be problems! Perhaps an occasional Police Presence might be an advantage in that area of the Prince of Wales /Harrow Rd/Market site. The pavements in that area and up the Harrow Rd. Are disgusting. Are they EVER cleaned?”

Hathaway House – what you say 

“The planning result for Hathaway House was a travesty of justice. The congestion and disruption on Woodfield Road is beyond discription and will continue to be for the years to come. We have had enough disruption to last a lifetime. It would seem that Objections mean NOTHING to the planners and local authority. We pay our rates and taxes but get little in return and our comments are seldom listened to.”

What you say

“Thank you for your, as usual, excellent report.” 

“Thank you so much for your updates and hard work. I honestly feel like I’m part of a community knowing that there are people working so hard making where we live pleasant. “

“Very many thanks, as ever, for this comprehensive response to residents’ concerns. It is much appreciated.”

“Thank you for your hard work on updating us about our communities being listened to and action taking place as a result.”

“Bigger and better than ever. Thank goodness we have such a great facility in place” 

“Thank you for this. Good work.”

“Many thanks for all your work on our behalf.”

“As usual, many thanks for your perseverance in all our community problems.”

“Your newsletters are so informative” 

“Thank you for your always welcome newsletter” 

“It was a pleasure reading, keep up the good work”

“Thanks for all your efforts in our area of Westminster”

“My wife and I really notice your effort and attentiveness, and appreciate it very much.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

If you do not want to receive this report please let us know and we will remove your details from our list.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council




Burne Street/Marylebone Road

We have been working closely with Peabody Court residents chasing works to be done by Peabody and BT to prevent use of the covered passage by rough sleepers and the closure of use of Peabody land as a pedestrian route between Marylebone Road and Burne Street

Lilestone Street

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue further after receiving this message:

“I read in you excellent Newsletter, the item on illegal parking in Lilestone Street and I was sorry to see that the subject had been dismissed somewhat, in my opinion, lightly. I have been aware of this problem for some time so this morning I took a short walk around Jerome Crescent and Swain Street.   I counted no less than 19 private cars parked quite openly and illegally on double yellow lines or in residents parking bays.  Illegal, because not one of them was displaying a residents parking permit.  Not one of them had been issued with a parking ticket.   You can imagine that if this is the state in two relatively short streets, what it must be like across the Lisson Green estate.  Many of them arrive in the morning and leave by the evening, having had a day’s free parking in one of London’s prime areas.   The Council must be losing hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds a day in lost penalty charges and legitimate parking charges.   Honest residents like myself are asking why we should continue to pay £140 a year for a permit when it seems we can park for free with impunity.

Frampton Street

We have asked the Council to investigate a takeaway in Frampton Street where there are unpleasant fumes coming from the building. The Council says:

“I will arrange for the restaurant to be contacted to make them aware that the issue has resumed and ensure there has not been a breakdown in their filtration/cleaning schedule.” 

“In regards to the issue of dumped waste on Frampton St l am currently investigating this matter and will be conducting an educational letter drop in this vicinity, l will also be issuing out Waste Transfer Notices to all businesses requiring them to send in documentation as to who their Waste Carriers are. The area will continue to be monitored and the relevant enforcement action will be taken on identified offenders.”

Kennet House, Church Street 

We reported problems with the front door to City West Homes who told us:

“I can confirm that a new door entry mechanism has been fitted to the entrance door at Kennet House, my colleagues at the estate office are in the process of distributing letters to all the residents informing them that new electronic fobs can be picked up at the Church Street office.”

Manor House, Marylebone Road

We have asked the Planning Enforcement Team to investigate a number of examples of illegal and unauthorised sub-letting. 

Shirland Road 

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“I am wondering if there are still traffic wardens patrolling Shirland Road as there appear to be a number of cars parking for long periods of time without residents parking permits in the part of Shirland Road between Chippenham and Fernhead Roads. Do we still have traffic wardens or is it all done electronically now?”

We received the following response:

“Over the last 6 weeks Shirland Road has received an average of 105 Marshal visits per week, or 15 per day. Over this time Marshals have issued 56 PCNs of which 28 were for 12r contraventions ‘Parked in a resident parking place without clearly displaying a resident permit’.  Marshals have also carried out 4 soft actions of moving the vehicle on for the same contravention in this street during this time. We will ensure the street continues to receive a high level of Marshal focus.  No electronic enforcement takes place in Shirland Road.”

The resident commented:

“Thank you very much for this – very interesting! Good to have the name of the person to contact if I have queries in future and also to know that electronic monitoring is not happening.”

Saltram Crescent traffic calming

We have asked the Highways Department to investigate this issue:

“As you know, after several meetings and much consultation, the proposed new traffic scheme for Saltram Crescent has gone ahead, which is a fantastic result for the local community.  

However, the the no entry signs, the road markings and the no left turn sign at the Fernhead junction with Saltram Crescent are being completely ignored by drivers. In the brief moments that I am either crossing this junction or driving out of it, I have noted no less than 17 cars driving straight through the signs. That is from a total of maybe 5 minutes of observation. I have also had three altercations with drivers attempting to drive through the no entry signs while I was crossing the road. Two claimed they didn’t know it was no entry, but only one turned round, the other two ignored me, one drove around me at speed. This is not only frustrating, but highly dangerous, since cars are driving up Saltram Crescent on the one-way section rightly not expecting any oncoming traffic. Have you got any ideas what can be done about this?”

The Council tells us:

“I have again highlighted to the Police the contraventions taking place and requested that they attend the two junctions. We are going to arrange for the CCTV car to monitor the location and act as a deterrent. This will also provide an indication of the extent of violations at the two junctions.”

Goldney/Edbrooke/Marylands/Oakington Roads

We are calling on the Council to include this area in the 20mph trial zones:

“I have written to you previously of my concern at the speed of motorist down Goldney Road/Edbrooke Road/Marylands/Oakington, as these are all used day and night as a quick short-cut to avoid the lights on the Harrow and Chippenham Roads.   Goldney Road has an infant School and a park halfway down its 400 metre arrow-straight length (as you know) but zero traffic calming, and cars regularly flout the speed limit.  But even those driving at 30mph are a danger to the parents, school-children and elderly residents who continuously cross over from one side of the street to the other.   Last year a dog was fatally run over in Goldney Road, but mercifully no one has yet been knocked down – yet.  If there was ever an ideal street to be part of the trail, I would say it was Goldney” 

Talk of the Town, Walterton/Shirland Roads 

Councillor Ruth Bush made this enquiry to the Council:

“I’ve just gone past this place:  the maroon/transparent canopy has gone – but what is there instead? A grey tent around part of the area and two parasol heaters on the remaining area, with men sitting about on the raised platform. It looks perfectly dreadful – far worse than when the canopy enclosed the platform. I can’t believe this is what the Council intended. Could you get it looked into promptly, please?”

The Council says:

“This property is under investigation already and prompt action is being pursued.”

Estate Agents’ Boards 

We have asked the Planning Enforcement Team to investigate this constant problem with estate agents’ boards: 

“They litter Shirland Road, Marylands Road and Edbrooke Road in particular. In Shirland Road I counted in excess of 30. They repeatedly put up SOLD or LET signs without the preceding for SALE or To LET signs which is a clear infringement. I saw a neighbour actually take down a couple of LET signs over the weekend in Marylands Road. This morning, I noticed Greene and Co have put them all up again in the same spot.”

Carlton Tavern – Updatre

The Carlton Tavern pub will be rebuilt after developers CLTX agreed to honour an enforcement order by Westminster City Council. CLTX knocked down the pub in April last year despite Westminster City Council refusing its planning application. Cllr Rita Begum, Labour Councillor for Maida Vale, said: “It’s an amazing victory. I’m very pleased with the outcome that the pub will be rebuilt, brick by brick.”

Maida Vale – Santander Cycle Hire Bikes

Following the petition organized by Councillor Rita Begum, we are delighted that the Council has given planning permission for the installation of a Santander Cycle Hire docking station on the pavement adjacent to Dundee House, 145 Maida Vale. The docking station will contain a maximum of 37 cycles and a terminal.

The Truscott Arms – the fight continues 

“Without it Maida Vale just won’t be the same, it won’t have that relaxed atmosphere that we all love. On an evening we can sit outside the Truscott and see anyone and everyone, it makes us feel like part of something more than just a pub but a family, somewhere that we can call a second home.”

You can sign the petition here https://www.change.org/p/westminster-council-save-the-truscott-arms-1f92c084-936f-45f9-ab86-b01a11b2315a 

Hall Park Estate

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue: 

“I would like to raise concern over the issue of illegal parking on Adpar Street on both double yellow lines and box junctions. On one evening there were no less than 5 cars in the area of the box junctions which faces both Braithwaite and Hall Towers. I dread to think if there was the need for emergency services vehicles needing access. An ambulance or fire engine, getting access could mean the matter of life or death. This is already an immensely used and busy part of the estate. The entrance being Cuthbert Street leading to Hall Place and the entrance to no through road of Adpar Street. With the exit from the petrol station onto Cuthbert Street to get onto the Edgware Road, a challenge to get in via the only road onto the estate is to put it mildly, a challenge!”

The Council says:

“The box junction markings in Adpar Street are not enforceable, as this location is not suitable for such markings and does not fill the criteria for what a box junction markings are meant to be used for.  They were put in some years ago, although all parties at the time understood that there was no associated enforcement power connected with them, but their presence was to act as a visual deterrent, but unfortunately it appears they currently may not be doing so.

The double yellow lines are enforceable however, and I am currently checking our lining programme to see when they are due to be refreshed as they look a bit worn and if not in the near future, I will get it added to get done ahead of programme. I will also get marshals to pay attention to this area.” 

Warrington Crescent 

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“This is to tell you that residents in Warrington Crescent have been plagued by rats. I have lived here for nearly 40 years and never seen an invasion like the one we have now.  All along the Crescent we are taking action. I have had rodent control three times since May. Residents are vigilant with dustbins etc but we see rats in the street running with impunity, hovering by drains at night.”

Randolph Avenue

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue: 

“Any ideas on how we can reduce the number of crashes and near misses at the Randolph Avenue/Elgin Avenue junction roundabout just by Maida Vale tube station? The drivers as they travel from Maida Vale (A5) to the roundabout don’t seem to realise that it is one and are going too fast. I have seen two really nasty accidents there, the last only two weeks ago.” 

We have also asked the District Surveyor to investigate a garden wall at the corner of Randolph Avenue and Sutherland Avenue which appears to be unsafe.

St John’s Wood Post Office

We have started a petition to lobby the Post Office to keep open the Crown Post Office on Circus Road, St John’s Wood

You can sign here


The government owned Post Office on Circus Road serving St John’s Wood is set to shut down or be taken over by a private company.  It has been identified as 1 of 42 loss-making main Crown branches in the UK. It is currently on the market as a franchise meaning a private company could take it over and run it.

The Clifton, Clifton Hill – update 

The Clifton reopens in November 2016 at 96 Clifton Hill, London NW8 0JT. Opening hours will be Monday – Friday 10am – 11pm, Saturday 10am – 11pm and Sunday 10am – 10.30pm. Keep up with their news on Twitter @thecliftonnw8


The Star, St John’s Wood Terrace – update

The Planning Department tell us:

“The applicant’s appeal was dismissed and we understand that the unauthorised use has ceased operation. At this stage, we do not know if anyone else has taken the premises on, whether the pub will reopen or if it is on the market.” 

Northwick Terrace 

We have contacted the Council’s Tree Officer about this issue:

“Two years ago, the Council removed a tree from the west side of Northwick Terrace, promising to replace it.  This has not happened and the space is an ugly blank except for the rubbish which accumulates there. Can it please be replaced?” 

The Tree Officer says:

“We’ll be planting replacement trees towards the end of the month and I can confirm that this on the list.”

Cunningham Place/Aberdeen Place

We have reported these issues to the Council for investigation:

“Since the closure of the Regent’s Canal towpath between Cunningham/Aberdeen Place and Lisson Grove many more people have been using the high-level pathway adjacent to Wharncliffe Gardens Estate.  However, this is still being extensively used by cyclists who do not dismount and is subject to large pools of water after even average rainfall due to inadequate drainage. Would you please take the following issues up with the Council:

  • Almost all the “No Cycling” signs are missing and new ones are required at both ends of the footpath and at intermediate points;
  • The drains adjacent to the railings are blocked and need to be unblocked.
  • Several of the lights are on all day thereby wasting electricity and the barriers designed to encourage cyclists to dismount could do with a coat of paint.”

We also asked the Council to remove graffiti from a wall at the junction of these two roads:

“This eye sore at the end of the road just brings the area down and encourages more of the same. Can you get the council to clean up the graffiti? It’s been here for ages and more and more is added. Also, the dumping of rubbish around the recycling bins is appalling. Collections really need to take place here daily.”

Residents tell us:

“Just to say thanks for arranging for the problem with the lighting to be addressed.  You will be pleased to know that the lights are now not burning during the day.” 

‘Huge thanks for pointing, as ever, your boot in the right direction! The graffiti in Cunningham Place has been removed. I’m not sure when, but I was delighted to see a lovely clean wall today. I’m sure they will vandalise it again, but for the time being it looks great.”

Queen’s Grove

We have asked the Council to take this issue up with TfL:

“The disused Marlborough Road underground station is undergoing extensive prolonged works by TfL in the middle of the night. The team arrive and leave during the night as they change shifts but park along our road noisily, banging car doors, having conversations and roaring engines. This is very disruptive to those of us who have bedrooms to the front of our houses including children, students doing exams, the elderly and so forth. The consequences are huge. Dogs bark, people have their sleep disrupted, shut the windows and generally experience stress.

The solution is simple, if only Transport for London would listen, which is for the service personnel to park along the stretches of Marlborough Place and Queen’s terrace where there are no occupied residences to disturb. Please can you help with this?”

Abbey Road

We have asked the Council to replace the lights on the belisha beacons at the ‘Beatles crossing’ on Abbey Road.

Hill Road

We have asked the Council to repair a defective street light in Hill Road. 

Hall Road/Circus Road

We have made enquiries about this issue:

“Can you please ask the council why they are not hoovering out the drains which are becoming clogged with leaves?   The junction of Hall Rd and Circus Road the drains were full yesterday and there wasn’t much rain. No wonder there is flooding.”

Elm Tree Road 

We have asked the Council investigate this issue: 

“I live in Elm Tree Rd, a small road between Grove End and Circus roads with a dangerous full 90 degree elbow bend. I had previously written to you regarding a mirror which had been mounted on a tree on the bend which had been removed and the response was that this mirror had not been placed by the council. The danger remains and a mirror mounted on a pole on the corner would help reduce the danger. Could the council mount such a mirror in the interests of public safety?”

Tavistock Crescent

We have been supporting efforts by residents and the Harford House Tenants Management Organisation for action to be taken against the keep fit groups that are periodically taking over the children’s playground, displacing the children and damaging the equipment. CityWest Homes are exploring legal options against the groups.

Unfortunately, despite a long campaign by ward councillors, the TMO and residents, Westminster Council has rejected plans to transfer control of the lighting columns from CityWest Homes to the Council’s street lighting teams. This means leaseholders (and the HRA) will continue to have to pay for street lights that benefit the whole community. However the council has committed to further citywide discussions on how to deal with CWH lighting.

Westbourne bus station Mural

Assisting the work of local residents Claudia Rice and Elaine Arthur, we were delighted to help facilitate the painting of a mural, created live by local artist Bambookid over the Carnival weekend, on the canal side of the Westbourne Park Bus Garage to help brighten up the area and deter ‘tagging’.

Hathaway House, Woodfield Road

Westminster Council’s Planning Committee has approved controversial plans for a 14-storey tower on the Hathaway House site on Woodfield Road. This was despite over a hundred complaints from local residents, and the opposition of both the Westbourne and Maida Hill Forums and Labour’s councillors. Cllr Adam Hug spoke on behalf of the objectors at the meeting but the plans were passed on a 3:1 vote with the Labour committee member Tim Roca providing the sole vote against the scheme.

Prince of Wales Junction

As many residents will have seen, a new Costa Coffee has opened on the site of the former Prince of Wales pub. This hopefully marks the end of a long campaign by local residents, the Maida Hill and Westbourne Forums and Labour councillors to stop the site being turned into a Betfred betting shop. While Costa may divide opinion, with many locals having signed a letter calling for the site to be turned into a café or coffee shop such as this while others had hoped for the restoration of a pub on the site, there is hopefully agreement that the site on the junction is now in a better state of repair and that finally ending the risk of a betting shop or payday lender taking over the site will be helpful for the area.

Elmfield Way

Continuing delays to the Council and NHS development have meant that the long-planned council ‘adoption’ of Elmfield Way with Westminster remains on indefinite hold. We continue to be pushing strongly for the council to get its act together and adopt the road, irrespective of the slippages in its development, to stop the menace of rogue clampers and poor road quality.

Marylands Road

We have been working with council officers to help residents tackle rubbish dumping on the street and to tackle illegal van parking, though there is still more to do.

Harrow Road Canal Bridge

We are pleased that after several years of local residents and councillors raising it as a concern, the council is finally taking action to place ‘any time’ double yellow lines on the section of Harrow Road that crosses the Grand Union Canal to help reduce congestion caused by parked cars. 

Lord Hills Road

The council has rejected initial plans for a new development on Lord Hills Road, next to Atherstone Court on the Warwick Estate, due to complaints from councillors and residents about the height and design. Revised designs are likely to be put forward to the planners but vigilance will be needed to ensure they are acceptable to local residents.

Aldridge Road Villas/Tavistock Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“We live on Tavistock Road and would like to report daily misuse of the bins at the corner of this street and Aldrige Road Villas. Indeed, people drop their rubbish next to the bins rather than in them and even drop stuff that should go to recycling centers. It is not unusual to find old fridges, chairs, TVs, etc, as well as commercial waste and particularly rubbish from the nearby flats being refurbished.  Besides, the bins, or rather the space around them, are used as a dropping point for people not originating from the area. Again, we witnessed several people driving there to drop their rubbish. We believe that something must be done quickly either regularly sending council officers to fine offenders, installing cctv, increasing the number of bins in the area or else.”

The Council says:

“Thank you for highlighting the ongoing fly-tipping problems at this on street bin site. I have asked the local City Inspector to prioritise this area for increased monitoring and to take enforcement action as appropriate against any residents or businesses found to be dumping rubbish on our streets.”

Library service cuts

We are calling on Westminster City Council to halt its plans to take the axe to our much loved local library services.


Libraries are a vital source of learning and education in our communities. They are a cherished public good we cannot do without.

It is deeply concerning that the Council plans to cut £750,000 per year from the Westminster Libraries budget. This is the equivalent of more than 17 full-time members of staff. In effect this would mean losing qualified librarians who have a passion for helping our communities access life-long learning and education.

There are alternatives. The Council should be looking at ways of generating revenues, not relentlessly cutting. It could look at raising money through digital access to the council’s treasure trove of books and maps in the City Archives.

On top of that, Westminster City Council doesn’t seem to think it necessary to consult the community. That only adds insult to injury.

We call for the Council to halt its plans. Local and national government can’t continue with this relentless attack on public services. This must be stopped

20 mph trial zones – what you say 

“It is great news that Westminster has finally agreed to look into 20mph zones; thank you for your continued pressure on this as speeding on the residential streets of North Westminster must be the number one concern of the majority of locals (it certainly is for me as a father of 2 children under 4).”

Super fast broadband – update

In the last month BT Openreach connected a further 650 residents and businesses to cabinets served by its Lords and Marylebone exchanges so that they can access fibre broadband, bringing the total up to 3,670 premises. This expansion is part of the BT Openreach commitment to make fibre broadband available to an additional 38,874 homes and businesses in Westminster following a council campaign last year. This summer, Virgin Media also announced plans to roll their fibre broadband to an additional 6,000 premises in Westminster.
If you want to find out about the planned roll out you  can check on the following website: http://www.homeandwork.openreach.co.uk/when-can-i-get-fibre.aspx.

Maida Hill Place – what you say

“The Maida Hill Place anti social behaviour issue is a shame. I think it’s lovely to see the community out playing cards and dominoes and having a drink but appreciate its a slippery slope to unpleasantness. Where are these people supplied to go with all the pubs closed or gentrified?”

“I really must speak up for the public use of the Maida Hill Piazza. There is really very little anti-social behaviour in the evenings there, though I recognise that’s really a question of perception. I understand that some people find groups of men intimidating, especially when they are talking animatedly, but that is really all that is going on most of the time. Old men playing dominoes or backgammon are hardly a threat (even if the games do make them shout and curse). Why should they not be there? Several pubs have closed, so denying meeting places to people who used them in the past; the Piazza is meant to be a public space, for members of the public to enjoy.”

St John’s Wood Post Office – what you say

“I can’t understand why the Circus Road PO is unprofitable.  It is always busy, there is never enough staff. It must be case of either bad management or the PO’s desire to capitalise on what must be a superb property.  With the development of the the St Johns Wood Barracks and the prospect of hundreds if not thousands of new residents the importance of the PO amenity is paramount to St Johns Wood. Please make a serious (possibly All Party) effort to maintain its presence for the future. Also, there isn’t enough disabled parking provided in the environs of the Post Office making necessary walking to the PO very tiring and painful.”

“I use the threatened post office several times a week. I’d be lost without it.” 

What you say

“Thank you for another Action Report covering so many issues. It’s reassuring to see your detailed responses and follow up on local concerns.”

“I love your reports – thank you.”

“I appreciate your hard work on our behalf.”

“Many thanks for your interesting and informative report – great work in responding to residents’ concerns. “

“Thanks for all the updates” 

“Very interesting, thank you!”

“Thank you again for your excellent and so well informed magazine, which helps us all so very much, to know and be aware of what is happening around us” 

“I look forward to your report each month. The fact that residents have a voice and more importantly that things get looked at and something happens is amazing! Thank you and long may it continue.” 

“Many many thanks for all your dedication and time in dealing with all local matters” 

“Thank you for your update and your work on our behalf.” 

“We regularly read your updates on various issues within the Westminster council and thank you for your ongoing actions.”

“Many thanks for all the good work. It is fantastic to have so much local initiative.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council





St John’s Wood Post Office

We have started a petition calling on Westminster Council to lobby the Post Office to keep open the Crown Post Office on Circus Road, St John’s Wood


The government owned Post Office on Circus Road serving St John’s Wood is set to shut down or be taken over by a private company.  It has been identified as 1 of 42 loss-making main Crown branches in the UK. It is currently on the market as a franchise meaning a private company could take it over and run it.

Burne Street/Bell Street/Marylebone Road

Following our enquiries, the Council has updated us on this long-running issue:

“Last week we met with BT to discuss the closing up of the footpath that runs between Burne Street and Marylebone Road. The footpath is BT private land and not registered with WCC as a public right of way, despite being open to pass and re-pass. Alternatives routes available to pedestrians include Lisson Street or the Edgware Road, both less than 50m away.

The closure of this footpath has been requested by many residents and partners within the Church Street ward community, due to the alarm, harassment and distress residents experience from rough sleepers, as well as the highly unsanitary conditions that the path is left in when utilised as a toilet. The situation was calmed through a resource intensive action plan last year but has since escalated with BT security personnel being physically threatened.

On behalf of all partners involved, I am pleased to inform you that:

  • BT has agreed an undertaking to permanently close the footpath from public use using matching fencing at both ends of the path. The works are anticipated to commence during September 2016, pending any planning application alterations and objections.
  • They have also noted a repair requirement to collapsed paving on the footpath on the Marylebone Road side and submitted a work order last week.
  • Peabody will review and implement design alterations to their boundary fence to prevent any individuals from accessing the path from their land. This work will be completed within the same timescale.
  • Peabody has also planned for any inconvenience to their residents, through the provision of key fobs to enter and exit their property through the Garden gate situated on Lisson Street.
  • The Local City Inspector has arranged for Veolia to provide a deep cleanse of the area and the use of the Community Payback Team to paint and refresh the walls of the path once secure, to leave the site safe, clean and protected

Residents say:

“It will be a relief to everyone when it closes. I think fewer people walk through now because it is too disgusting and stinks so badly. Can any provision be made by the council for the rough sleepers who are in this awful situation? Thanks to all of you who have helped to resolve our problem “

Lilestone Street parking

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I am writing to you to complain about the obvious lack of traffic wardens operating within the confines of the Lisson Green estate. I did query their lack of presence with a traffic warden just outside of the estate on one occasion, who told me that they do not venture into the estate for fear of their safety as residents, who themselves are parked illegally, have previously threatened them on various occasions.  In particular, I would like to bring up the issue of illegal parking on Lilestone Street, just outside the community building and garden. On too many occasions I have driven past to find that no heed has been paid to the double yellow lines that are in place there. This has caused massive inconvenience for me as well as, I’m sure, for other drivers, who will have either had to squeeze in between the parked cars, or have had to reverse out to give way to oncoming traffic. This is exacerbated by the fact that this part of the road already contains speed bumps, adding to both the frustration and inconvenience. Could you please put pressure on the Council to take action on this issue?”

The Council says:

“Marshals are patrolling the Lisson Green estate area.  Indeed, in the last 6 weeks Marshals have visited this estate nearly 300 times and dealt with over 100 parking offences. We obviously will continue to patrol this estate and I have asked the marshals to pay particular attention to Lilestone Street to deal with the reported issues there.”

Venables Street

We have the local City Inspector to clear rubbish from Venables Street.


We have asked the Council to investigate what action can be taken against the seagulls in Church Street. Residents say: 

“There is a health and safety issue as well as the awful noise. Can you possibly lobby for WCC to put spikes on the roof ridges and the small flat roofs on the blocks around here. This will stop the gulls as they need height to swoop down and I can see many of the ridges and flat roofs are covered in droppings. The old people’s home on Penfold Street does not have this issue as it is protected with anti-bird wires.”

 “The suggestion of netting (over the guttering) and/or placing spikes along the ridges on the roof of blocks and on chimney tops seems a good one. And, as blocks which are immediately adjacent to the market and therefore very affected, are about to undergo major works which requires cherry pickers to be employed, perhaps this is an appropriate time to consider this solution again and use this opportunity as a trial?”

The Council say:

“Major Works have confirmed that WATES will be returning to complete the major works programme and have agreed to include the installation of pigeon spikes across a number of blocks: Cherwell; Wey; Loddon; Wytham; Derry; Isis; Mole; Windrush; Colne House. Gull netting would be outside the scope of works and therefore, we are seeking quotes to understand what could be done. We will also raise this matter at the Church Street regeneration meeting, to ensure it is factored into the regeneration scheme planning.”

Edgware Road Post Office

A petition has been set up calling for improvements to the Post Office:

“We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Lobby Post Office Ltd for better postal services at Edgware Rd PO. We welcome the refurbishment of the Edgware Rd Post Office but the local residents, users and businesses of the Edgware Road would like Post Office Ltd to make sure we also have the same service levels we have in Baker Street & Paddington Quay PO’s at the newly refurbished premises. 

If the adjoining neighbourhoods can have such good service at their local PO’s, we can not see why the same can not be done at the newly refurbished Edgware Rd PO. We want the Council to lobby Post Office Ltd to make sure their service delivery is the same across all their branches in City of Westminster, particularly at Edgware Rd PO which will still be heavily used by local residents.” You can sign the petition here


The Chippenham – update 

Councillor Tim Roca reports:

“I’ve asked the Council Enforcement Team to investigate the metal shutters placed on the Chippenham Pub. It’s bad enough the planning system was so weak it allowed the application, but it is outrageous the owners are now making even more of a mess of a local landmark.”

Saltram Crescent traffic calming – update

The traffic calming system is now in place and operational. First reactions from residents:

“A neighbour just told me I’d driven the wrong way down my own road!!! YES!!! Victory to the people!!! I assume they’ll put sign up to say new road system in place. Great work everyone there and here in Saltram Crescent. “

Maida Hill market area

We have asked the Council to let us know what can be done about this issue:

“I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately there is a big problem with anti-social behaviour on the Maida Hill market area, where there are gatherings of 30 people most evenings, drinking and generating a lot of noise with music on loudspeakers, loud screaming and laughs. It is frightening to walk from work past them, particularly for me as a female, as I’ve seen drunk people slashing glass bottles, screaming, leaving behind piles of rubbish with music from big loudspeakers on the wheels. Is there anything that can be done here?”

The Council says:

“The anti-social behaviour has started again in the last few weeks.  The police designated ward officer for the area has had complaints about the market area from residents and we have received a complaint from one of the market traders.  The group of older men used to turn up in the evenings, however it appears that they are now arriving in the afternoons too.

We are in the midst of contacting the complainants in order to obtain statements from them.  We will then go back to the group and advise them that the behaviour which is being reported (street urination, noise nuisance, littering) is anti-social and that if it continues we will have no choice but to start issuing Community Protection Notice warnings and then Community Protection Notices in order to stop the anti-social behaviour.  Our city operations night team is visiting the area on a daily basis and will continue to monitor the situation. “ 

Maida Hill Place toilets

We have asked the Council to explain why the women’s toilets are out of action. The Council says:

“It seems there is a problem with a wet fish stall holder whose stall sits above the ladies toilet and whenever he disposes of his salty fish water it causes the electrics to trip out.  Apparently there is no problem when he is not trading. We havearranged for an electrician to inspect the site to ensure that all is safe and the market inspector is also involved in taking this up with the relevant stallholder. Once the problems have been resolved the ladies toilets will be reopened.”

We have also asked that the steps are cleared of rubbish.

Truscott Arms, Shirland Road

We were angered that the much-loved Truscott Arms pub has been forced to close because the owners of the building have decided to hike up the rent from £75,000 per year to a wildly over-inflated £250,000 per year. Local residents are outraged that this well-loved and successful pub, home to the best roast lunches in Britain (according to a 2014 UK competition), has been driven out of business by what seems to be a transparent attempt to remove the existing tenant.

The pub and its owners have played an active role in supporting the local community since it opened and many are residents now returning the favour to help save the Truscott Arms. With no pub likely to be able to pay anything close to £250,000 per year, residents understandably fear that despite the Truscott’s well deserved Asset of Community Value status this may be the start of an attempt by the pub’s owners to convert the building to luxury flats which we will fight vigorously.


St Mary’s Churchyard Gardens – update

Following our enquiries, the Council says:

“I wanted to update you on the issues of both gangs of youths and rough sleepers in St Mary’s Churchyard Gardens. This location is subject to regular undercover surveillance by the Police and we are in liaison with them as to what additional measures can be taken to deter anti-social behaviour here. We have also substantially reduced the planting and shrubbery to remove potential hiding places for drugs and weapons. I have also instructed the parks team to increase patrolling visits by uniformed parks staff during the late afternoon and evening to provide a visible deterrence during the busy summer period.”

Residents say:

“Thank you very much for the feedback and it is good to know that acting is being taken. We will certainly let you know if we see anything else.” 

Tesco, Clifton Hill – warning

We have received this message from a resident:

“I too was scammed at the cashpoint outside Tesco in Clifton Road. They also took £500 from my card. They use a system called Lebanese loop. Police are investigating as they also used card details to buy petrol at the pump in Tesco’s in Sutherland Avenue hopefully they will find the thief’s car registration number on the CCTV. Please share the above info if relevant.”

Little Venice Canal area 

We have asked the Canal & River Trust to investigate this issue;

“What has happened to Little Venice Canal at Paddington Basin? Even the ducks have abandoned the green slime that has engulfed the entire basin. Can we please have a longer term solution to the present rather disgusting mess in a once beautiful area.” 

Following our enquiry, action has been taken by the C&RT and a resident told us: “I understand that there is a problem in keeping the weed under control, needs a lot more attention and am very pleased to see some improvement this week.”

Rembrandt Gardens

We have alerted the Council to this recurring problem:

“Rough sleepers have again set up home along side the Canal next to the Rembrandt Garden and are bedding down on the grass. They have been there since last week together with their possessions.”

The Council say:

“The site of the rough sleeping is Stone Wharf / Rembrandt Gardens and is managed by both our parks team and the Canal Trust. Earlier this year we saw an influx of rough sleepers in this area and work was carried out to disrupt the rough sleeping and to clean the area.   This was undertaken by the council, police and our partners from the St. Mungo’s Hotspot Team. We are currently looking into the possibility of placing a gate at the mouth of the tow path which would allow us to prevent access other than for the canal boat residents.  It appears that the current rough sleepers are a couple and a single female.  A referral has been made to Streetconcern and the St Mungo’s Hotspot Team requesting an increased presence in the area and for a care plan to be put in place to support the single female.”

Maida Vale/Clifton Road

We have asked the Council to fix traffic light at Maida Vale and Clifton Road after a resident told us “It’s facing the wrong way this morning”.

Braemar House, Maida Vale

We have reported this issue to the Council for action:

“There are two recycling bins on the pavement outside Braemar House.   They are always overflowing onto the street and we have noticed that recently the removal men are not always picking up the contents. On talking to one of the men, they explained that there is often so much household waste in the bins that they cannot pick them up as they are not recyclable. Would it be possible to get a 3rd bin which is clearly labelled “HOUSEHOLD WASTE ONLY”?” 

Elgin Avenue/Shirland Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue: 

“I live very near to the newly installed traffic lights and pedestrian crossing at the junction of Elgin Avenue and Shirland Road. The level of the volume of the beeps of the pedestrian crossing is way too loud. I live at 2nd floor level some 30 feet up and even with my windows closed I can hear it; literally going off every couple of minutes. It’s not fair on the nearby residents that our peace and enjoyment of our properties is now blighted by this going off all the time. Please can the volume level be reduced?”

Hall Road

We have reported this issue to the Council:

Can you investigate traffic flow in Hall Road.  This is a bus route. Due to extensive building works there are often lorries parked both sides of the road most of the day. It makes it very difficult for local residents who wish to pass through this road. I understand there is to be a further development in William Court. Please can you see that the Road is free for cars to pass freely and for wardens to monitor the parking.” 

The Council say:

“Marshals have been to this location and spoken with the site manager who states that they are asking their drivers to report to site later in the day to help ease any congestion.  Our marshals have also been regularly patrolling the area and will continue to do so, and so far on their visits the area has been clear of any obstructions.”

Wellington Road

We have asked the Council to fix a drain cover outside Lord’s – “It’s noisy when the car goes over the it but when a bus or a train goes over it it is ear piercing”

St John’s Wood roundabout 

We have asked the Council to let us know about this issue: 

Why have the safety railings outside St Johns Wood park leading onto St John’s Wood roundabout been removed? This is a major issue as the exit leading onto St John’s Wood roundabout has a slope near the exit and children on their push bikes or scooters exit it frequently. Please have the safety railing put back as a matter of urgency before some child gets seriously injured”

Former Greek Farmer restaurant, Westbourne Grove – update

Following our enquiries the Council tells us:

“There was previously a problem with drainage and flies that was treated at the time. The issue had arisen as a result of the previous occupier leaving all of his food stuff in the premises while it remained closed and, for reasons unknown, digging up the basement and exposing the drainage.  This led to major problems with foul odours and a severe infestation of drain flies.

Through the Council’s Pest Control section, a treatment was arranged for a thorough spray treatment last summer. However, as there was pooling water, the pesticide failed to kill all of the larvae.  The Environmental Health Enforcement Officer has been working with the managing agent over the last 12 months in an attempt to resolve the drainage issues.  A fogging treatment was undertaken on 25 May 2016. 

There have been difficulties in dealing with the ownership of this site as the freeholder is based in Switzerland and contact is through a law firm in Mayfair. The property had previously been let and then sublet, however, the company White Stuff is now the head lessee and have taken the property back with a view to bringing it up to standard and opening it up as one of their stores in the near future.

With respect to the rough sleepers that are using the shop front for bedding down, the Local City Inspector has engaged with the individuals and has made referrals on their behalf to St Mungos Broadway hotspots team who offer outreach support. The City Inspector has also contacted the Estate Manager for White Stuff to secure the property in the interim period.  White Stuff has now applied for a hoarding license and this is being dealt with as a priority application. Once this has been approved the property will be boarded up until the works are completed and the shop opens.”

Kildare Terrace and Gardens

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

The drains in Kildare Terrace and Gardens were not cleaned for the second time despite suspending the residents parking! When it rains the drain in the gardens opposite the entrance to the communal garden floods & there is an unpleasant smell.”

Colonnades development

We have asked the Council for an update on the replacement trees programme in response to this enquiry:

This had been going on for 18 months. When it started, trees where removed from Porchester Road – one over 3 storeys tall. The new pavement is nearing completion, with no sign of trees or even spaces where trees will be planted. “

The Council tells us:

“The tree pits are under the paving but we won’t be planting until the autumn as this is the optimum time to plant trees.”

Westbourne Park Baptist Church

We asked the District Surveyor to investigate this issue:

“I live at off Porchester Road and noticed this morning that my house was shaking. As I had the window open I was able to realise that it was the works on Westbourne Park Baptist Church that was causing this. Please can you let me know who I need to contact as I don’t think this should be happening and I’m concerned that it might be causing structural damage.”

The District Surveyor told us:

“It would not be unusual for nearby houses to suffer vibration during the demolition. The nearby buildings are detached, so there is no need for residents to be worried about damage to their buildings through vibrations.”

Parking around Hallfield School – update

Following our enquiries, the Parking Department says:

“We have been sending marshals down here at start and end of the school day from the 27th June. The issue seems to be in the morning time where we have issued some PCNs to offending vehicles, but no real issues identified in the afternoon. The schools are about to close for the summer holidays, but we will keep our eye on this at the start of next year and engage with the school if needs be.”

Residents say:

“I have noticed two wardens issuing tickets and discussing the reason why they got them with the parents, which may help with the repeat offenders. It is indeed worse in the mornings because of the fear of being late for school leads them to park particularly badly, and then the lorries/coaches etc. can’t get past them. Not so bad in the afternoons. School holidays are upon us, and I hope that will make it less awful for a while. Thank you again for taking up this task for us, much appreciated”

Paddington Cube

It was the Paddington Pole and now it is a Cube! According to the press:

“The proposals from Great Western Developments and Sellar Paddington Limited are for a 360,000 sq ft, 14-storey office building above 1.35 acres of new public realm, as well as investment in the transport infrastructure. The £775m redevelopment, to be renamed the Paddington Cube, sits of the site of the former Royal Mail Sorting office adjacent to Paddington Station. The original plans were for a 72-storey building stretching up 254m, whereas the new proposals are 12m above the existing skyline. Once completed, The Paddington Cube will be capable of accommodating up to 4,000 workers. The scheme will also provide 80,000 sq ft of retail and restaurant accommodation over five levels, to include a rooftop restaurant, improved access to Paddington Station and a £65m investment in a new Bakerloo line station and ticket hall.”

What do you think of the revised plans? http://www.sellarproperty.com/properties/paddington-cube/

Read what Simon Jenkins thinks http://www.standard.co.uk/comment/comment/simon-jenkins-paddington-pole-may-be-dead-but-the-vanity-of-architects-lives-on-a3299261.html

What you say

“Thank you for the very comprehensive report & action taken. It gets bigger & bigger every month.”

“Thank you for this useful service”

“Thank you for another very helpful update on local issues, and your hard work to resolve these. I really appreciate this, as I’m sure all the residents who care about the area.” 

“Appreciate all the focus here – good news re the determination on the Carlton Tavern; thank you. Re the Lisson Grove tunnel, my latest exchange with the folks at the Canal & Rivers Trust is that they are working to find a work around to allow the reopening of the tow path, even if the root cause of the problem isn’t fully fixed.”

“Many thanks for all your hard work!” 

“Very good news about the Carlton Tavern!” 

“Thank you very much for your Report and the good work you are doing on our behalf.”

“Your issues list seems to grow with every newsletter. What a fantastic job you do for your local residents.”

“Thank you for the newsletter, I find it reassuring that you take the time to keep us informed of the activities you are all taking on our behalf. “

“Thank you for the excellent support that you give to your constituents.”

“Very warmest thanks, as ever, for the sustained quality and thoroughness of your reports. Quite exceptional, really, when compared to other boroughs/councils.” 

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council





Hatton/Frampton Streets

We have asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“Large items of rubbish are still being dumped on the corner of Hatton and Frampton Streets. For example, today there are two mattresses and an old gas cooker amongst other things. Although the council does clear the mess even so often, I feel that an effort should be made to get to the bottom of this somehow; it can’t all be from the flats in the former Lord Frampton pub. I should be grateful if you would look into this again.”

We have also reported rubbish dumping around Ingrebourne House and Chicken Inn on Edgware Road, Lavendon House on Lisson Green, as well at Plympton Place, at the Penfold Street end, and at the back of the Edgware Road shops.

Westmacott House

We are pleased that a serious flood at Westmacott House has been fixed. The Estate Office told us;

“The flood appears to be due to blocked hopper heads in a block with an internal drainage system under a pitched roof. A pump was successfully fitted to the roof to prevent further flooding. The pump worked well as residents reported the leak had stopped for the time being. All residents in the four affected units decided to remain at home or stay with relatives for the weekend.”

Wytham House 

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I was woken last night at 1am by a group of 6/7 men gathered under the canopy at 1-6 Wytham House. This group made incredible noise for up to an hour, directly under the kitchen window of 1 Wytham House, throwing drink cans around, screaming, chasing each other for fun. I cannot be the only person who was disturbed/woken by the racket! We have men, who do not live here, who loiter on the estate, on and off, through out the day and night, between noon and early morning.”

Burne House, Bell Street

We have again asked the Council to liaise with BT about the proper maintenance of the area around Burne House. The Council says:

“I am pleased to inform you of the following response from BT this morning. I will ask the Church Street local inspector to monitor the area to ensure that the requested works have indeed occurred.

I have logged a job with the helpdesk for the area of hard standing to be attended to immediately – it’s on a 9 hour response. Longer term I am hoping BT will agree to me submitting a request to the Council for the area to have a dropped kerb installed so that it can be used for parking. 

I will keep you updated as to the on-going negotiations regarding the path running between Burne House and George Peabody Court.”

Church Street regeneration

Karen Buck MP reports: 

“I joined residents from Blackwater, Lambourne and other blocks, along with Councillor Grahame, to discuss their concerns about the progress of the Church Street regeneration programme, the neglect of their blocks during the (now long delayed) period before renewal, and everyday issues such as cleaning.”

Boscobel Street – Update 

Following our enquiries, the Council has agreed to the introduction of additional “At Any Time” double yellow lines waiting restrictions along Boscobel Street as an interim measure pending a comprehensive traffic study through the Futures Plan.

The Perseverance, Shroton Street

Aicha Less, the new Church Street Ward councillor, was contacted by the Perseverance pub in Shroton Street, which has re-opened recently.  They were having trouble getting permission to run a street party for the Queen’s birthday.   Aicha chased this and also got a waiver of charges for closing the road.

Church Street area parking

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue: 

“I’m a resident from the Church Street area The parking times in our are is between 8:30 am and 10:00 pm. After 10:00pm anyone can come and park their cars in our resident permit areas, making it impossible for us residents to park our cars or making us park our cars miles away. We are asking the council to change the time and to make it residents only at any time.”

Lisson Green canalside

We have asked the Canal & River Trust to ensure that the gates to the canal path are opened so that residents can walk along this stretch of the canal. 

Penfold Place 

Following our enquiries, the Council has agreed to replace the missing bollard that was removed in 2012.

Cosway Street

The Church Army hostel in Cosway Street has been awarded £691,756 from the Big Lottery Fund over 5 years to work with marginalised women to help them face a better future. This will enable the hostel to expand its current services by employing a Resettlement Worker to focus on move on and tenancy sustainment, an Education, Employment and Training Worker to help women to put down roots and move to long term sustainable independent living.

Saltram Crescent traffic calmimg – update

Following our enquiries the Council has told us:

“The Council’s Service Provider (FM Conway) commenced works this week on the provision of power supplies to some of the sign locations. In addition, the Traffic Order process has started. FM Conway’s programme for the delivery of the scheme indicates the scheme being operational by mid-August.” 

Goldney Road 

We asked the Council’s Tree Officer about this issue: 

It is just over a year since I first contacted the council about replanting a tree on Goldney Road which was storm damaged and subsequently chopped down. The Council confirmed that a new tree would be planted, however, it has not. It is really disappointing that we have not had a replacement to add a bit of much needed and much appreciated greenery back into our end of Goldney Road. What’s more, the patch of earth that has been left behind is frequently covered in dog poo, thanks to people who can’t be bothered to clear up after their dogs, which my three year old daughter recently stepped in when getting out of the car.”

Following our enquiries the Tree Officer told us:

“I was in Goldney Road last week surveying the street and the surrounding streets for trees that need replacing and for potential new sites.  Despite the wet weather it is too late to plant a replacement tree now but I have included it on the programme for this autumn.”

Edbrooke Road Gardens

We are continuing to press the Council to take action to safeguard residents’ amenity. Residents say:

“I do not believe that the groups congregating there are local.  There also, I believe, two different groups.  One drink alcohol and smoke marijuana and the other I believe are trading something or other.  Hence the need for the little moped that is darting back and forth in the evening. It is a great shame as it is at times intimidating to walk past on the way home with my young son.  I know that the floodlighting has been added and the hedge cut back with CCTV installed but I think a polite nod from the police to let them know that they are being watched might help maybe?

“I too have young children and would love to be able to let them run around in Edbrooke Gardens.  However, because of the frequency of the presence of dogs, it is not safe to allow them to, both because of the risk of them being knocked over by a boisterous pooch or scared by them running about, but mostly because of the dog fouling that by nature will always occur no matter how careful and observant the dog owner“

But I have thought of a solution which would bring new life to this park, and joy to the many local people who don’t have dogs and would love to enjoy lying on the grass, sunbathing, having a picnic or playing with their children. Would you consider proposing to the council put up a small fence on the western quarter of the park, running along the pathway from the Western Goldney Road entrance to the Western Edbrooke Road entrance) and make this a dog-free zone?  You immediately have a small area which is clean, safe, sunny and can open the park to a whole new cohort of happy residents!  I have nothing against dogs or dog owners, but I do wish young families could have the chance to make use of this fabulous area in the same way they do.”

The Council says:

“We are aware of these problems and are in close liaison with the Metropolitan Police regarding priority locations for increased surveillance and patrolling.  I have also instructed our parks team to increase patrols through Edbrooke Gardens and other nearby parks and gardens by uniformed parks staff during the late afternoon and evening period to provide a visible deterrence to anti-social activity during the busy summer period. 

On the issue of dog fouling in the area around the park I have asked the cleansing team to check that we have sufficient litter bins in the surrounding area and that they all have the ‘dog waste can be put in here’ signs on them that have proved successful in tackling this problem in other areas. The council’s Animal Warden will also be asked to look at hosting another ‘Responsible Dog Owners/Free Micro-chipping’ event in the Gardens.”

Talk of the Town shisha café, 122-124 Chippenham Road – Update

The Council tells us:

“Two enforcement notices were served and took effect on the 8th June 2016 which require the cessation of the shisha smoking and the removal of the canopy structure to the front of the property within 3 months. The date for compliance with both notices is the 8th September 2016.”

Elgin Avenue road surface

We have asked the Council to investigate the road surface along Elgin Avenue between Chippenham Road and Harrow Road. Residents say: “The road surface is breaking up. The substrate is not fit for the purpose.”

Shirland Road and Elgin Avenue – Junction Improvement works – Update

The Council has given us this latest update:

“The ongoing construction work at the Shirland Road junction with Elgin Avenue has unfortunately been subject to an extended implementation period due to unforeseen circumstances relating to footway construction and coordination of the programme.

The scheme which includes a traffic signals equipment upgrade with pedestrian push button facilities and improvements for right turning vehicles, footway improvements and carriageway resurfacing is now expected to be complete by the end of July, with the new traffic signals switched on by 10th July. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

The Chippenham – Update

Harrow Road Ward Councillor Tim Roca reports:

“The Chippenham Pub on Shirland Road was considered at a third Planning Committee. The owners applied in December for a certificate of lawful use, to allow the Chippenham to become a shop. The pub was closed in early 2015 after being purchased by developers. The dilapidated ‘shop’ running out of the ground floor seemed a clear attempt to circumvent planning rules and the protections put in place for pubs. Local residents and councillors have been making representations against this application since January.

We’ve known from the start that this was going to be a difficult fight because the planning rules that effected the application were so weak (they’ve since changed). I’m sorry to say that the Committee ultimately approved the certificate. I was able to make representations and the Committee were very sympathetic, and cross examined the Council Officers about the options and pressed them on all the points we raised. Nevertheless, the law is very restrictive in this area. We are establishing contact with owners about their plans going forward, to make sure the community has an input in any future development.”


Carlton Tavern

Maida Vale residents are celebrating as the planning inspector has dismissed the developer’s appeal against Westminster Council’s decision to insist on the rebuilding of the Carlton Tavern ‘brick-by-brick’ following its unauthorised demolition last April.

Councillor Rita Begum, Labour Councillor for Maida Vale, said:

“This is a great victory for the local community which has campaigned ceaselessly for the Carlton Tavern to be rebuilt. We must now ensure that the Carlton Tavern is rebuilt brick-by-brick so that it can continue to serve the local community.”

The inspector’s decision is here https://acp.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/ViewCase.aspx?Caseid=3130605&CoID=0

Edgware Road/Blomfield Road – Update

Following our enquiries, TfL tell us:

“Our planning team have witnessed the congestion at this location and will arrange for a Keep Clear marking to be placed. This will assist the traffic movement at this junction. Although we’re unable to provide a timescale on these works at present, please be assured that the matter is in hand.”

Sutherland Avenue/Maida Vale Tesco – warning

We have received this warning from a local resident:

“At the Esso/Tesco garage on the corner of Maida Vale and Sutherland Avenue there are cashpoint fiddlers in attendance.  I was caught in a swift and clever operation which emptied my account of £500 this morning before I got home (around the corner) – less than 10 min – and rang the bank straight away.  Police also alerted.  Can you alert in your next newsletter – the cashpoint is not in a good position and outside the line of sight.

St Mary’s Churchyard Gardens

We have asked the Parks Department to investigate this issue:

“There is an increasing amount of unsociable behaviour going on in this Park. We have seen a stabbing and overt drug use including use of needles which is a particular concern near to the school. Other activity includes barbequing on the grass which causes damage and on grave stones. We have made reports to the Police but think a patrol presence and some signage would assist to eradicate the problems.”

Lisson Grove – Canal path update

The new Chair of Paddington Waterways and Maida Vale Society has told us:

“I spoke to the London area Manager of the Canal and Rivers Trust on this and he gave me the following headlines regarding the closed towpath under the Lisson Grove Bridge:

  • the roadway over the tunnel contains a number of high voltage electricity cables which are cooled by a jacket of oil
  • one of these has sprung a leak such that oil was running down through the masonry and polluting the canal
  • repairing this leak is the responsibility of the cable owners but no one has quite got around to doing so – budget pressures/priorities – so for now the tunnel is closed to allow them to catch the oil and drain it to a safe receptacle, without having to close the tunnel to boat traffic. Sadly this does result in the towpath being closed
  • I am due to follow up so will do so and see if the situation has changed”

Dibdin House

Karen Buck MP reports:

“It was wonderful to finally get together with residents from Didbin House, in the newly re-opened tenant’s hall – which has been unavailable for years! Thanks to the excellent efforts of Polly Roberston and others from the tenant’s group, it now hopes to start a programme of activities for older residents and for families. Local councillor Rita Begum and I are committed to helping fund-raise for activities and to furnish the room for events.”

Rita Begum’s Casework update

Maida Vale Councillor Rita Begum has has helped in the following cases recently: 

  • Torridon House, Randolph Gardens – residents came to see Rita about the heating system not working for a long time. Residents had reported this but nothing has been done Rita called the estate office to get it fixed ASAP and the repair is now completed.
  • Edinburgh House – Resident came for advice on her son with a health issue. The son wants to get into employment and needs help. Rita referred her to Working with Men who will meet her son on a regular basis and help with getting him into training or employment.
  • Essendine Mansions, Essendine Road – A resident contacted Rita about the behavior of City West Home staff. Rita has taken it up with estate office area manager who will deal with the individual involved.

Elgin Avenue Environmental issues

We have asked the Council to investigate the following issues raised by residents:

  • A bicycle chained to a lamppost outside 25-32 Elgin Mansions has been there for nearly a year even though it has been reported to the Council on four different occasions. It is surprising that it has not been stripped of any parts, it is an old model and is now looking very weathered.
  • The privet hedge outside 203 Elgin Avenue, on the corner of Biddulph Road has over the years been allowed to encroach more and more over the pavement. It has now reached nearly a metre overlap, restricting the width of pavement to single file between it and a large established tree on the edge of the road. The hedge has been kept in good order, trimmed regularly but has never been cut back to the garden wall. The Council some years ago did pursue this problem and may need to take some action again.
  • The Euro-bins on the corner of Biddulph Road/Elgin Avenue need to be rearranged to accommodate increasing amounts of rubbish, better positioned to enable easy access and improved appearance. There are always two recycling bins and only one general rubbish bin which frequently overflows, leaving bags on the pavement which sometimes get torn open and contents get scattered around the area. An additional general rubbish bin, replacing a recycling one if necessary, would improve the provision.

Paddington Rec

We have asked the Parks Department to investigate this issue:

“When walking into Paddington Rec from Morshead Road (the entrance from the end of the road where it meets Essendine Road) and you take the path going right, you walk past the chin-up bars. This area that is flooded every time it rains. It completely covers the walking path. Even if you try to walk around it, you’ll still have to step into the puddle of water.” 

Maida Vale Countdown sign – Update

Following our enquiries about the missing Countdown sign on the relocated bus shelter, TfL tell us: 

“We have been working with UKPN to try and get this work programmed as soon as possible and I can now confirm that they have promised a date of 18th June. We plan to send a site engineer out on the 19th June to check that everything is ok”

Elgood House 

We have urged the Council to deal with unpleasant smalls in this block following concerns raised by residents. The Estate Office has told us:

“I managed to get Thames Water out today and have just completed an hour long inspection with them on the drainage system. We got to the route of the cause of the blockage, this was proved to be excessive domestic waste, specifically wet wipes and nappies. This waste got down to Thames Water drainage system and built up over time, causing the blockage to the drains. There was so much in the drainage that the regular van and unit they sent to was not powerful enough and had to send out a “heavy duty” unit who will have the relevant equipment that can jet out the waste. They are scheduled to return this afternoon. Therefore, in light of this situation, letters will be sent out to the residents informing them of guidelines of what can and cannot be put down they’re sinks and toilets.”

Cotman House

We have asked the Estate Office to investigate persistent anti-social behavior at Cotman House.

Hill Road

We have again urged the Council to repair two longstanding potholes in Hill Road outside numbers 20-22.

Circus Road bus shelter – Update

Following our enquiries, TfL has told us:

“I am sorry we have been unable to provide a shelter at this location. We tried installing a shelter in 2007 but the attempt failed due to a legal challenge. A further request was received last summer but was not pursued in view of what had happened previously. The local authority then consulted locally about providing a bench. I understand this was initially positioned to the back of the footway but was moved to the middle after objections were received. We have no plans to provide a shelter at this location.” 

Junction Maida Vale and Carlton Hill/Carlton Vale – update 

Following our enquiries, the Council says:

“The construction has taken longer than expected but the scheme is now nearing completion. The current position is that the ducting works have been completed and TfL is now on site installing the new signals equipment, including all-round pedestrian facilities. These signals works are currently programmed to be completed by 14th/15th July. Resurfacing of the junction will then follow, taking a few days. Lastly high friction surfacing on the approaches will be laid towards the end of August.”

Springfield Road

We have reported this issue to the Council for investigation:

“There are builders working at two sites in Springfield Road and regularly the builders block off the residents parking bays with cones or bags of rubble and/ or planks of wood or just park their vans  or skips in the bay’s without having any permits or applying for suspension of the bay’s from Westminster and which are totally ignored by the traffic wardens to the detriment of the residents who wish to park there. Cannot Westminster and its wardens not enforce the law and ensure that the builders do not abuse the law and inconvenience the residents more than absolutely necessary?”

Hathaway House

Black cab drivers have joined forces with residents and Labour Councillors to fight a new 15-storey tower which they fear will overshadow their homes. The LTDA floated a blimp in Westbourne Park, where its HQ is based, to show the height of the proposed tower. Meadow Partners, an international property investor and asset manager, want to demolish Hathaway House and replace it with a tower of luxury flats.


Bike Racks on the Warwick Estate

After a resident of the Warwick Estate asked for secure cycle hangars to prevent bike theft, we have contacted the estate office and have been told:

“This is something that the village panel have been discussing, and the aerial fund would be used to purchase the new racks.  The plan is to replace our existing bike racks with more secure ones – and ones with green roofs.”

Formal planning permission is also needed but the cabinet member at Westminster council has pledged to help.

Shrewsbury Gardens park

After an accident a few weeks ago, the metal boundary and brickwork at the edge of Shrewsbury Gardens park (on the corner of Talbot Road and Shrewsbury Road) was damaged and the brickwork was left hanging dangerously. Fencing was put up outside but not inside the park. We were alerted by a nearby resident and contacted the Parks department who made sure both sides were fenced off.  The parks department are also in the process of getting quotes to repair of the wall and railings.

Westbourne Green garden

After months of delay the council’s development team has finally produced some initial plans for landscaping the area of Westbourne Green which was used for the WAES temporary classroom. They are proposing a grass ‘bund’ (a mound) about two feet high on part of the flat area opposite the Edward Wilson school entrance, together with some defensive shrubs along the path running between Bourne Terrance and Lord Hills Road. London Plane trees will be planted around the rest of the area.

Westbourne Park

We have again asked the Council to fix a blocked gully in the road opposite the bus garage. 

Westbourne Grove

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The site of the former ‘Greek Farmer’ restaurant in Westbourne Grove, between junctions with Newton Road and Monmouth Road, seems to be hugely neglected by its landlord since the restaurateur left.  I reported an infestation of maggots and flies in the front windows, which were escaping out through cracks in the window frames, to the council as a public health risk at least a year ago (twice) and was told that the landlord had been notified.  Now, not only do the windows still look infested, but two or three men have taken up residence in the shelter of the front door, leaving stained bedding there all day and often lying there drinking during the day.  Their presence feels at best, a sad comment on our society (when you can buy luxury chocolate just across the street) and at worst, quite threatening.  Is anyone addressing this problem?”

Parking around Hallfield School

We have again asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“Westminster have removed all wardens from monitoring parking at Hallfield and it is chaos again, with parents parking over the junction, stopping mid junction to open their doors and drop their children off and parking and blocking driveways. It is particularly worrying as there is some rearrangement going on with the traffic lights on the junction of Inverness/Porchester Gardens causing heavy traffic build up too. I am also concerned that no-one has thought through what the Whiteleys work will do to traffic movement and parking in the area when heavy building traffic vehicles will be involved as well.

The school needs to be more active in how the parents who park and drive irresponsibly see their relationship to their fellow parents who walk their children to school, as well as the Council in providing officers willing to tackle the bad parking and driving. I have suggested in the past that parents be allowed to park on single yellows and residents’ bays nearby (i.e safe parking spots) while they deliver their children, but that suggestion has not been taken up. Instead the council allow this chaos to continue and I fear that one day a child will be hurt as they cannot see across the road for blocking parked cars.”

Chilworth Street

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“For the last couple of months the Cleveland Arms has become a new renovating project. The issue we have is the workers starting at 8 in the morning on the weekends playing music and making a lot of noise. Not only this. The workers tend to hang around after they have finished work and get themselves extremely drunk and then shout outside on the street. They tend to use the building site as their local hang out both on week nights and weekends, surely this cannot be allowed? I ask for this issue to be raised as it cannot go on like this for the sanity of the people living on Chilworth Street.”

The Council says:

“A City Inspector visited the Cleveland Arms to investigate the complaint. The pub and associated residential properties above are subject to major refurbishment work that is likely to extend until the end of the year. The plan is for the building company to work during approved hours Monday to Saturday, with 10-12 workers present. The site foreman was courteous but said he was unaware of any such activities taking place. He said he would mention it to the staff and monitor accordingly. We work a range of hours and will monitor ourselves.”

The resident said:

Thank you for your help with this issue. And for the quick action. I will call their hotline if any more problems are turning up. Again thank you.”

7-12 Leinster Square

We have again asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“Alchemi have now left the premises of 7-12 Leinster Square, but after all the rain we have had it is obvious that they have not cleared all the drains as requested. The drain outside the building where they had their lodgings during the works is blocked, and there is a large puddle completely covering the drain and overflowing several yards to either side of it. As we do not want the basement flats to be flooded, please could the council be prevailed upon to deal with this as a matter of urgency.”

“There are in fact several drains that appear to be blocked along the north side of the square, with large puddles in the hollows caused by subsidence of the road surface along the gutter where heavy lorries have parked (and continue to park outside 13-19). Do the developers have a responsibility to make good damage to the road? The same might be asked of the footpath, where many paving slabs are cracked and uneven.”

Hallfield Estate

Karen Buck MP reports:

“The Hallfield estate AGM was, as always, well aended by lessees and tenants, and inevitably the long-standing (7 years so far!) Major Works programme dominated the proceedings. I have undertaken to organise another LEASE lessee advice session and invite Hallfield residents amongst others, and have now booked the Stowe Club on September 10th for that purpose. A further invite will come round, but if you would like to reserve a place now, please drop me an email (whether or not you are on Hallfield). I have also been taking up the recurrent problem of rough sleeping on the estate with CityWest Homes and the Council.”

Kensington Gardens Square – Update

The Council has told us the following about their enquiries about unauthorized parking by vehicles delivering to hotels:

“The controlled parking regulations allow vehicles to park on Double Yellow Lines for 40 minutes to load and unload. However, our marshals were there yesterday and the vehicle stayed for longer than the 40 minutes allowed and was consequently issued with a PCN.  He then moved to Kensington Gardens Square, but stayed within the allowed time for loading/unloading. Our marshals will continue to monitor this going forward and will visit this location to ensure compliance.”

Residents say:

“Thank you so much for getting this acted upon. We always look forward to receiving your news letter and it is great to see first hand how you get things done!”

Underground train noise

We are investigating this issue with Council officers and TfL:

“My concern- and I am not the first to mention it- is the massively increased noise arising from the underground lines beneath our houses: what was once a distant hum is now a thunderous sound rather like being below the Heathrow flight path. Another unpleasant aspect of this is that the entire building now shakes, raising inevitably the possibility of structural damage. Then there is the constant rattling of glasses, seemingly every few seconds. My principal interest is finding an explanation from TFL as none has been forthcoming- why this alarming decibel increase? Is there anything that can be done? Any information you could provide would be warmly appreciated”

Cycle super-highway proposal– what you say 

“I strongly oppose the current plans as proposed for the cycle superhighway in respect of the lower half of Avenue Road and the Outer Circle. Crossing the outer circle of Regent’s Park will become a nightmare for pedestrians and dangerous.  I walk my dog twice a day and not once in 10 years has a cyclist stopped for to allow a pedestrian to cross at the crossing. The Outer Circle is not a ‘rat run’ it is a legal through route for non commercial vehicles and people do not speed.” 

What you say

“Thank you tremendously for your action and help with issues as things certainly move forward rapidly with your contact. The areas around Kennet House are a lot clearer and cleaner, thanks to you” 

“Thank you for the good work that you and your fellow Councillors in the Westminster Labour Group are doing.”

“Many thanks as always for summarising some of the work you and your colleagues do. Thanks in particular for your efforts to keep the Post Office open. And for trying to keep me dry at my Abbey Road bus stop!”

“Thank you so much, always for your continued concern and support for our community.”

“Thanks very much for the information. You seem very hard working!”

“Many thanks for the Westminster North Action Report, very informative and useful in achieving undertakings and action by Council officials.”

“As always thank you for your helpful report.  It makes us residents feel as if someone is listening and any action your team provides is a bonus!”

“Thank you as always for the highly comprehensive update” 

“Thanks, as usual, for all the good work you are doing”

“Many thanks for your tenacity in dealing with all these local problems”

“I always read it with interest. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for your useful and interesting report”

“Once again, efficiency personified!”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to research and investigate the answer to my question.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council




Penfold Street/Broadley Street junction – Road Safety Update

The Council has told us the following:

“The junction of Penfold Street and Broadley Street falls within the scope of Westminster City Council’s proposals for a Cycle Quietway route in this area. Design proposals are being developed for the Cycle Quietway route and changes have been proposed at locations along this route to help vulnerable road users and address existing traffic issues. At the junction of Penfold Street and Broadley Street it is proposed to introduce a raised table to reduce vehicle speeds. This measure should help to improve the safety record at the junction. In addition, this issue will be raised with the Cycle Quietways team so that it can be taken onto account during the design of the measures for the route. Subject to traffic order consultation and funding, the City Council is looking to implement the Cycle Quietway route later this year.” 

Penfold Street/Church Street junction

We have asked for an update at the situation at this junction:

“Is there, any news regarding, fading white lines and possible Halt or Stop signs? A number on yellow lines have been freshly painted, at said junction.  But does not, slow down or stop, speeding traffic. The morning and afternoon school run, have the effect of traffic congestion, noise from drivers blowing their horns, whilst stationary and shouting at each other. Maybe a one way system is required, say from Bell Street to Orchardson Street?” 

Lyons Place/Penfold Steet/Boscobel Street

We are continuing to press the Council to take action to stop vehicles using these streets to avoid congestion on Edgware Road. The Council has suggested this will be resolved through the Futures Plan traffic review. However, we have argued that it cannot be right to defer resolution of long-standing problems in this way. Double lines could be really helpful in the right place.  Treatment of the Penfold Street/Church Street junction would also be welcome.  Priority for pedestrians in this high density residential area should be a guiding principle.

Burne House, Bell Street

We are continuing to press the Council to deal with unsatisfactory situation:

I have occasion to walk through here most days and although it is in a generally better state than a year ago it is still not sanitary by a long chalk. There is still rubbish caught in between the cages to the side of the BT building which has never been thoroughly cleaned up and always discarded rubbish, bottles and cans strewn around. It must be awful for the families living in the flats overlooking this. I can’t understand why Westminster & BT can’t work in partnership for the good of it’s citizens and agree to keep this space clean every day and improve this environment.”

Kennett House

We have again asked that the illegally parked motorbikes and traders’ material is removed from the area around Kennett House. The Council says:

With regards to the market trader parking his delivery bike next to the Kennett House forecourt bollarded area, the local city inspector has spoken to the market trader who owns this bike and has informed him that he is not to park it in this location as the parking area is for permit holders only.  Following this conversation the city inspector has made regular inspections of the area and the owner of the motorbike seems to have complied with the instruction. The second query regarding the placement of the Big Recycling Bins is currently under review.  It has been agreed that the bins will be moved and new locations are being looked into in order to facilitate this.”

Penfold Place/Edgware Road

Motorists continue to exit Penfold Place and drive across the Edgware Road pavement and endanger pedestrians. We were told at the time the bollard was removed by TfL, prior to the Olympic games, that TfL needed emergency access to Edgware Road for the duration of the Games. We raised questions then because we were concerned about the danger to pedestrians. There was no suggestion this would be a permanent arrangement. Now that an increasing number of motorists have discovered this short cut, the potential injury to pedestrians has increased. We have called on TfL to re-instate the bollard without further delay.

Church Street/Edgware Road begging – Update

The Council has told us the following:

“The local and market city inspectors issue Community Protection Notices (CPNs) to those found begging when offences are witnessed.  This tends to occur on a daily basis. In conjunction with this, from January 2016, we have been running an enhanced number of mini-operations in the locality to target the key begging times. 

  • In March we coordinated a begging operation utilising all enforcement officers across the 24hr shift pattern to drive home the message that begging is not tolerated. The Edgware Road and Church Street market were one of three focal points for this operation which resulted in 42 individual enforcement actions being taken across the two-week period.
  • Those offenders known to be rough sleepers are referred to Home Office Immigration Enforcement (HOIE) to target for removal. In March 2016, two key offenders known to be coordinators of the begging activity in the area were removed and banned from re-entering the UK for a period of time through this method. Repeat offenders known to have a home address are also referred through to HOIE for targeting. 
  • Two key pieces of evidence provided by market traders proved links to serious organised crime and have contributed to a joint police and council initiative targeting foreign national offending launched in February 2016. 
  • Independent of the localised response to the begging in the Church Street Market and Edgware Road, local days of police action are taking place on a weekly basis with key partners, including Home Office Immigration Enforcement.”

97 Frampton Street

Some good news – following Council and Police action, the unauthorised shisha café at 97 Frampton Street has ceased trading.

Edbrooke Road Gardens

We have asked the Parks Department to look in to this issue:

“Every summer, crowds of young men gather and chat through the night, smoking God knows what. They litter the place. It’s really frustrating because they sit at the bench, right next to the bin but they think somehow it’s cool to just throw their takeaways on the ground right next to the bin. 

What is most frustrating is that the park keeper locks the gates with these young men still inside. He makes no effort to ask them to move out. He doesn’t engage with them at all. Yet, on the odd occasion I or another mother is there at closing time, he does not hesitate to tell us the park is closing and we should move out. The park keeper does a good job tidying the park in the morning but is hopeless at emptying the park at night.

It’s an intimidating atmosphere for a communal park, to have young men, with bikes and mopeds racing up and down the adjacent roads hanging around after hours. It shouldn’t be allowed to be used as some gang meeting place after hours and I suspect, drug use.”

CCTV cameras switch-off

We are very concerned about Westminster Council’s decision to switch off all of its crime and disorder cameras across the city. We have particular concerns for areas outside the centre of Westminster where public spaces are less likely to be covered by TfL or private CCTV cameras. We are calling on the Council to provide reassurance that areas that have had a high number of incidents recorded on the current camera network, such as Harrow Road and Church Street wards, won’t be left without support. We are also calling on the Council to use the money saved to deliver public realm security works, such as improved lighting, and supporting the work of the integrated gangs unit and other security measures.

Safety improvements to the Shirland Road/Elgin Avenue junction

We are pleased that, following the petition from residents, the Council has agreed to the following safety improvements:

“The traffic signals will be upgraded to include a dedicated all-red to vehicle pedestrian stage (including pedestrian countdown facilities).  This means that whenever a pedestrian push button is activated, all the traffic signals for vehicles will subsequently turn to red and a green man will be shown on all crossings, allowing pedestrians to cross each road without any vehicles passing through the junction at the same time. The physical pedestrian crossing facilities will be improved at the junction by repaving the footways and widening the crossing points.  Advanced cycle stop lines will also be provided on both Elgin Avenue approaches to supplement those already existing on the two Shirland Road approaches. The road will also be resurfaced at the junction.”

Traffic/pedestrian lights Chippenham/Shirland Road Junction

We have asked the Council to fix the traffic/pedestrian lights Chippenham/Shirland Road Junction.

City of Westminster College, Elgin Avenue

We have asked the College for an update after receiving this enquiry: 

“The alteration and refurbishment of the above large building to become a Vocational College was due to be completed in April of this year. The ‘Progress Update’ on their website is dated July 2015. There seems little sign of activity on the site especially if supposed to be nearing completion.”

The College says: 

“The programme unfortunately hit serious delays between September and January and has only recently again gathered pace.  The works themselves are now due to be completed towards the end of October, enabling the campus to re-open soon thereafter.” 

Blomfield Road/Edgware Road junction

We have again contacted TfL about this junction which continues to cause problems:

“When coming up from Blomfield Road and trying to turn right on Edgware Road the junction is often blocked by buses and general traffic. I live on Aberdeen Place and trying to go straight through Blomfield to Aberdeen; but often that turn is blocked. This creates huge problems with blocked traffic trying to go right on Maida Vale. A simple solution of box junction would solve this problem once and for all. “

Little Venice canal path              

We are chasing the Canal & River Trust about the closed canal path due to works on a bridge between Little Venice and Regent’s Park. Residents say. “It has been closed, I would say, for a good year now with no explanation whatsoever. I have yet to see anyone working on the bridge either.”

Shirland Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The Truscott Arms is storing its rubbish in the street. They have taken to storing their rubbish on the pavement opposite and there was some all weekend.”

The Council says:

“I will visit the premises soon for reassurance of their waste disposal. They will get a notice from WCC asking to show who their waste carrier is. If the dumping is happening in the weekends mostly and I will then ask my management for approval for out of hours surveillance from our 24 hour team.” 

Maida Vale and Carlton Hill/Carlton Vale junction

We have asked the Council for an update on this issue:

“Please could local residents be informed exactly what is happening.  Conway have been working at this junction for many weeks.  We thought it was to carry out the works – changes to traffic signalling, installation of pedestrian man signal or timed lights – as communicated by letter at least a year ago and maybe longer.  However, so far there have been diggings, new kerbstones and paving stones but the lights remain very pedestrian unfriendly, difficult to see and short time span and these are only temporary.”

Rita Begum’s Maida Vale Case Work update

  • We have been helping residents in Invergarry House, Carlton Vale with issues such as condensation in one of the bedrooms, leaking toilet in the bathroom and the wall outside front door is cracking.
  • We have requested double glazing to be done on all windows in a flat in Renfrew House, Carlton Vale.
  • We are helping residents Glasgow House, Lanark Road, living in overcrowded conditions and have written a supporting letter for them to be rehoused in a larger property.
  • We are helping residents in Edinburgh House, Lanark Road who are concerned about the standard of cleaning in the common parts.

St John’s Wood Station Update

TfL tells us:

“An escalator which required replacement parts and another that was closed for refurbishment are now both fully working. Following your comments, we reviewed the escalator lighting and needed to replace three lamps”

St John’s Wood Post Office 

We have written to the Post Office to oppose the proposed closure of the St John’s Wood Post Office. We said:

“The Post Office is an essential local service used and valued by many residents; especially older people with reduced mobility who rely on the variety of services it provides. St. John’s Wood High Street is a great example of small independent business working to serve local residents and the loss of the Post Office would be keenly felt. As the possibility of the Post Office closing is a matter of great concern locally we would appreciate it if I could be kept update with any developments regarding its future.”

The Post Office say:

“We have identified St John’s Wood Crown Post Office as a branch where we are seeking a franchisee to take on the running of the Post Office.  At this stage we have not finalised proposals for this branch and we will launch a public consultation when we can announce our intended franchise partner and location for the branch.  We will also host a customer forum so that members of the public can speak to Post Office Ltd about our plans.”

Abbey Road 

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Once again Abbey Road was flooded in the recent rains. The drain on the south eastern corner of Abbey Road/Carlton Hill remains blocked. This has been the case for 5 years. The water runs north on Abbey Road and west on Carlton Hill flooding to the crown of the road. You cannot access the post box or stand at the bus stop without being drenched by passing vehicles.”

Violet Hill Garden

We have asked the Parks Department to investigate this issue:

“I have a serious problem with dog owners using Violet Hill gardens as a dog lavatory.  I regularly see young children playing on the small lawn, too young for the playground, being totally ignored by dog owners who allow their animals to foul the grass near to where they are playing.  I have challenged a few of these selfish dog owners and been shocked by their response.  The problem is that, no matter how scrupulously they clean up after their dogs, if the animals defecate on the lawn one cannot clean the grass properly.  The smell and traces of poo remain.  Parents do not allow children to defecate in public!  Why should we accept gross behaviour from dog owners? Not all of us are lucky enough to live in houses with gardens.  We need our parks for the children.  But we cannot allow toddlers to play amongst filth which can so easily be prevented. “

Barrow Hill area

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I would just like to mention whilst writing if anyone else has found it rather disagreeable seeing so many small black bags littered around Charlbert Street, Eamont Street, Mackennal Street, and other streets in NW8 left by dog owners.  May be a few dog bins would help.”

The Council says: 

“Dog owners can use any of our street litter bins to dispose of bagged waste – the majority of our litter bins have stickers highlighting that bagged dog waste can be put in the bins. Several additional bins were placed in streets around this particular estate last year to assist owners.”

Cameron House update

The Estate Office has given us the following update:

“We currently working with our ASB team and have taken steps to address the issue of youths congregating in the area that has been highlighted to us near Cameron House. Quotes have been requested from our contractor to install gates in the vicinity of Cameron House’ sheds which were highlighted as an area of concern, and will be applying for funding to install them once this has been received.

Elm Tree Road

We have asked the Council to fix this problem:

“Elm Tree Road is a narrow road which has a 90 degree dogs leg bend. We are on the bend. Very dangerous bend for traffic. A mirror had been fixed to a tree, presumably by the council – to help motorists see incoming traffic. This mirror has been removed.”

Aberdeen Place

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I live on Aberdeen Place. We have two problems on the street; the pub traffic where people come and park outside the pub. The zone restriction ends at 6.30 Mon -Fri and basically as a resident I don’t remember the last time I was able to park on the street. Second problem is that on any given day 70-75% of cars parked on Aberdeen Place are Zone C; so people drive from zone C and leave their cars on Aberdeen Place as it is closer to Paddington etc. Everyone iving on Aberdeen Place gets resident permit Zone B, yet the vast majority of cars parked on Aberdeen Place are Zone C. A simple solution would be to re-zone Aberdeen Place into Zone B and not B/C. We have cricket coming up and this would make parking impossible on weekends.”

The Council says:

“I have investigated this and it appears that this allowance of allowing C and B permit holders to park in certain counter respective zones seems to be as a consequence of a decision that was taken back as far as 1990. Although, the full reasons for this decision seems to have been lost in time, it is felt that it was something to do with boundary changes that happened then. I have therefore forwarded this request onto the relevant parties, so that it can form part of our Parking Service Review to see if there is still a need for this concession. The point raised regarding extending controlled parking hours already forms part of this review process anyway and will be looked at in line with this policy review.”

Prince Albert Road

We have asked the police to be vigilant about this issue and to take action whenever possible:

“I continually observe cyclists on the pavement along Prince Albert Road. Today one came around from Townshend Road on to Allitsen Road on the pavement and told my wife and I to get out of the way   This cannot be right. We are pensioners.”

The Star, St John’s Wood Terrace

Karen Buck MP has received the following update from the Council:

“I am aware that the Property has recently re-opened with the same estate agents occupying the ground floor.  An enforcement notice in respect of the use of the site has not been served because the unauthorised use ceased and it became a vacant public house, which is not a breach of planning control.  A planning enforcement inspection has recently been carried out, which confirmed that it is no longer a vacant public house and is being used in breach of planning control – although this is disputed by the owner.

A Public Inquiry is due to be held at the City Council’s offices on 7 June in respect of the appeal the owner has lodged against the City Council’s refusal of their Certificate of Lawfulness application from last year.  The Planning Inspector’s decision on this appeal will clarify whether an estate agent use of the Property is lawful or not.  It is therefore likely that the formal service of an enforcement notice will be held in abeyance pending the formal determination of that appeal, which should be shortly after the Public Inquiry. 

Circus Road

We have asked TfL to let us know the situation about the missing bus shelter:

“Please can you find out why the bus shelter on the south side of Circus Road closest to the Wellington Hospital was removed? Now there is a very nice bench (strangely and inconveniently placed in the centre of the pavement) instead, and no shelter. It seems to me that the shelter would have been better left as is!”

Building works in St John’s Wood

We have asked the Council to investigate a number of building sites in Cliftom Hill and Springfield Road to ensure that the sites are safe.

Hathaway House

We have spoken out about controversial plans for a 16-storey tower on the Hathaway House site on Woodfield Road. Building on long standing concerns that we have raised with the developers and the Council, we have been working with local residents to identify the key concerns about the proposed scheme and calling on the Council to reject the application unless it is dramatically revised.

Westbourne Green

We asked the Council about this issue: “All the dog-waste bins have been removed from Westbourne Green; any idea what is happening?”

The Council says:

“We are currently in the process of removing all of the dog waste bins from our parks and replacing them with standard litter bins that can take all types of litter. These bins include signs confirming dog waste can be put in them (like many of our street litter bins). The reason for the change is that when it is separately collected, dog waste is classified as offensive/hygiene waste and has to be treated in a similar manner to household chemicals/asbestos.  When it is mixed with other litter it can be collected as regular waste on our normal vehicles.  Disposing of regular mixed waste is about 10% of the cost of disposing of offensive/hygiene waste. A small number of former dog bin sites won’t have a new bin installed as our park keepers have highlighted a number of locations which were hardly being used.  “

Paddington Station car ‘drop-off’ points

We asked the Council to help with this enquiry:

“I believe there is no “approved” dropping off/picking up area, which is shameful, considering the billions that Crossrail is costing and the disruption locals have had to endure. For those of us too close to take a taxi but with luggage this is very inconvenient.”

Network Rail say:

“I regret to advise that due to the limited space available there are no means of pre-booking space at the drop off area on the taxi deck. Alternatively, the station car park that leads off Bishop Bridge Rd can be used to drop off/pick up customers/family etc. If “Assisted Travel” is required to and from either the taxi deck or car park this can be pre booked by calling 0800 1971329 or in person at our NR Station Reception on platform 1. There is also a “Help Point” intercom at the taxi set down beneath the train departure displays where customers arriving without pre-booking require assistance to their train can request “Assisted Travel”. When the Crossrail station opens and former “Departures Road” is handed back to the Station in 2018/19 the 20 minute/drop off bays will be restored to the Bishop Bridge End of this roadway.”

Moorhouse Road

We asked the Council to comment on this issue:

I now find my flat surrounded by trees covered in ugly and environmentally damaging plastic owls, birds of prey and spikes which aim to deter wildlife from living there. The last straw for me was one that now rests outside my balcony directly into my living space. Birds and squirrels nest in this tree, which cannot do anymore. I note that this practice would appear to be in contradiction with Westminster council’s own environmental policy relating to creating an attractive environment for residents as well as providing a habitat for local wildlife. Is there anything that can be done to remove this scourge and unsavoury setting from our landscape?”

The Council’s Tree Officer says:

“Tree protection legislation requires consent from the Council for tree pruning and tree surgery, but installing pigeon spikes/ pigeon deterrents in trees doesn’t need to Council’s formal consent. I appreciate the resident’s viewpoint regarding the impact of these installations on wildlife, but these types of deterrent are usually only used when pigeon roosting or nesting causes a problem for the tree owners.  Sometimes tree owners can be so affected by the problems that they seriously consider the removal of the trees, so deterrents such as the decoy owls can prove a useful way of curbing the pigeon activity whilst allowing for tree retention.”


We have written to the new Mayor, Sadiq Khan, about the threat to homes around the Whiteleys site because of the proposed mega-basement. In our letter we said:

“Whiteleys is located in a flood risk ‘hot spot’ and residents are concerned that the advice from the Planning Inspectorate in respect of a very recent planning appeal in an adjacent street to Whiteleys is that the site is within a flood risk ‘hotspot’ and that there may be a “cumulative effect on the movement of ground water with the basements acting a dam”. In the case of Whiteleys, the proposed basement will act as a dam measuring “170m in length by 90m wide”. Residents are deeply concerned about the movement of ground water as the result of the proposed ‘mega-basement’ and that it will put their homes at risk.”

Westbourne Gardens/Porchester Road junction

We have asked the Council to do repairs to the road at the corner of Westbourne Gardens and Porchester Road where there is at large ‘lake’ of water. The Council says:

“Gully there was blocked. A job has been raised with a 28 day priority.”

Chepstow Road update

The Council have given us the following update:

“Works have been completed in Chepstow Road between outside 104-108 between Talbot Rd and Westbourne Park Road. There are further Thames Water works to be done in Chepstow Road between Talbot Rd and Westbourne Park Rd by the bus stop. The Thames Water trench outside 52 was also completed and the ponding issue outside 41 is planned in for the 31st May.”

Leinster Square

Residents tell us:

“For some time now Trenchco vans (and others) have been parking in Residents Only bays at the eastern end of the north side of Leinster Square without a parking suspension being in place. As it is a daily occurrence, they are effectively blocking the use of these spaces for residents. I imagine that the situation will get worse once the full refurbishment works commence. I would be grateful if someone could investigate the status of these vans.  I also note that Deliveroo drivers have taken to using the same spaces from time to time.”

The Council say:

“One of our officers visited the site and found four vans parked in residents’ bays which had no permissions issued to them to be there.  We then contacted Trenchco’s site manager and all vans have now been moved.  We have also made it clear what their options are in terms of obtaining traders permits, however until such time as they do they will have to park in pay by phone bays. We will continue to monitor the situation here to ensure that they do not return.”

Phoenix Hotel, 1-8 Kensington Gardens Square W2

We have asked the Parking Department to investigate this issue:

“The large truck marked County Linens regularly parks on the double yellow line which dangerously obstructs the views of motorists entering Kensington Gardens Square from Salem Road as well as Porchester Gardens. One day there will be a serious accident caused by this wilful and persistent breach of traffic regulations.”

Do you want to help unaccompanied child refugees from Europe?

We received this message from a local resident:

“I’m a Queen’s Park resident and I run a refugee aid and advocacy group called Calais Action. I’m setting up a working group in the North Westminster area to help bring over lone refugee children from the camps of Northern France, Italy and Greece under the recently-passed “Lord Dubs Amendment” (s67 of the Immigration Act 2016). Lord Dubs himself arrived here on the Kindertransport of 1939 when Britain voted to bring in Jewish refugee children from Germany, and was formerly a Westminster councilor.

I’ve met many unaccompanied children in the camps who have travelled from their own countries without an adult, and am deeply concerned for their welfare. This saddening report details their fate if they are not given a safe and legal route to asylum. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/apr/29/they-are-falling-apart-the-fate-of-lone-children-in-calais-refugee-camp

We need to identify potential foster parents, local sponsorship, publicise the need for foster parents and demonstrate popular support (petitions, etc) If you’re interested in becoming involved at ANY level whatsoever, please email me at tess@calaisaction.com. You can also follow Calais Action’s work on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you!”

We are voting to REMAIN in the EU on 23rd June

Britain is better off in Europe. It is clear that being in the European Union brings us jobs, growth and investment. The EU has helped to secure workers’ rights and make consumers better off too.


  • Millions of British jobs are linked to our EU membership.
  • £26.5 billion is invested in Britain by EU countries every year.
  • British workers benefit from EU agreements on workers’ rights, including the right to holiday pay, paid maternity and paternity leave, anti-discrimination laws, equal pay and protection for agency workers.


  • Exports to the EU are worth £227 billion a year to the British economy.
  • The EU is Britain’s biggest export market: almost half of all of Britain’s exports go to the EU.


  • Thousands of criminals, including terrorists, have been arrested under the European Arrest Warrant.
  • Being in the EU enhances Britain’s global influence and allows us to take our place at the top table.

Fermoy Road – what you say

Do you know why the rubbish bin that was installed next to the firegate at Fermoy Road was removed? It was being used and there was a visible decrease in the rubbish in the street; although I do acknowledge that people were also putting what appeared to be household waste in it as well. On balance, it was more beneficial to have the bin there, than not.”

St John’s Wood cycle superhighway – what you say

“I believe the proposals are an excellent step to making London a more livable city for Londoners. It will make the Swiss Cottage roundabout – a total nightmare for pedestrians right now – more pleasant. It will make Regent’s Park more friendly for park visitors and residents – and will hopefully do away with the current rat-running private motor traffic.”

What you say

“The area round Burne House seemed a bit better last week; hopefully this will continue”

“Many thanks for your monthly update, I always read it with interest.”

“Thank you so much for all your good work”

“Thank you for your and other Councillors’ receptive ears, hard work and constant efforts to take up, listen to and find solutions for residents’ issues of concerns, suggestions and overall well being in our north Westminster neighbourhoods. I appreciate these lengthy and insightful updates on the great work you and your team are doing.”

“Thanks for all your sterling work for us”

“Good comprehensive newsletter. Thanks. Pleased to see problems re SJW station escalator being addressed!”

“Thank you for your regular newsletter – it is most interesting and informative.”

“Thanks for all the updates over the years”

“Many thanks for the information”

“Thanks for this excellent newsletter! Please keep them coming!”

“Good note. This is precisely what local councillors ought to do!” 

“Thank you for all that your group have been doing over the years, and for putting me on your e-mail list.” 

“Just a quickie to say how interesting and useful I find your reports and it is much appreciated that you go to the trouble of keeping residents up to date on such matters. “

“Thank you for your very good Action Reports”

“Thanks for emails. I find the information most informative.”

“Excellent update – good to receive”

“Thanks, as ever, for the helpful newsletter.” 

“Many thanks for your May report – very informative as usual.”

“Thanks so much for the update. You are so good in responding” 

“Thank you for all you do to keep us informed and listened to!”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council





Walterton/Chippenham/Shirland Road junction

We have asked the Council for an update on these issues raised by residents:

  • Corner of Walterton Road/Shirland Road café burns embers on the side of the street area for the café. This is an extreme fire hazard going into summer and a child or animal could easily be burnt as open the road. This has been an ongoing issue.
  • AMPM shop on Chippenham Road. This is the owner also of the café as per above.  There continues to be material waste around the shop that it produces, cigarettes thrown out of the café constantly, and waste around the shop.  

We have also asked the Council to fill a large pothole in the road at this junction.

Shirland Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“Speeding down Shirland Road. This is an ongoing problem and seems to be getting worse.  Motor Bikes in particular speeding down Shirland Road in particular from Chippenham Road going west. What is being done about this? Speed cameras would be an easy fit and make material revenue for the council? someone will get hurt soon.”

Saltram Crescent traffic calming

We are making enquiries in to the latest situation on the proposed traffic calming initiative in the Saltram Crescent area. The Council say:

“The scheme has been approved for implementation under an Experimental TRO. The processes to progress the ETRO have been commenced and will be advertised shortly. The implementation schedule for the introduction of the scheme is being prepared. However firm dates for the delivery of the scheme on-street cannot be set until the timeframe for provision of the power supplies required to illuminate the signage is known. The power supplies are provided by UKPN so at the moment the key focus is arranging for UKPN to install the power supplies. Once the date for the provision of the power supplies is known then a date for advertising the ETRO and undertaking the necessary works on-street will be set.”

Since then there has been another accident: 

“A quick note to say that this morning a car sped up Saltram Crescent at around 9:30am followed by an almighty bang and it was a car collided with a van. I called the police to report the incident so that it least it was on the record 101 call. Ambulances appeared to have been called. It’s sad that Westminster is able to make more progress demolishing our swimming pool and lining their pockets than investing money in infrastructure to make our community safer”

We have called on the Council to implement the long-promised traffic calming as a matter of urgency.

Maida Vale/Elgin Avenue junction

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this location:

“The traffic light crossing at Maida Vale main road at the junction with Elgin Avenue and Abercorn Place. There is no ‘green man’ display indicator. Isn’t this rather dangerous and a safety risk, or am I missing something?”

Maida Vale bus stop 

We have asked TfL for an update on this issue: 

“The relocated bus stop in Maida Vale still does not have a digital display advising what time the buses will arrive at the stop.  I notice these displays seem to be disappearing in other places too. These are invaluable for people waiting at the bus stop. Like the displays inside the buses which advise the name of the next stop. One of the improvements which persuades me to use buses rather than my car. “

Warwick Avenue Underground Station

We have written to TfL about this issue:

“I am writing to express my concerns about ongoing noise problems due to late night maintenance work at Warwick Avenue tube station.  Over the past six months, the noise problems have significantly worsened, to the point where it is seriously affecting my sleep, and my working life. I have complained several times to TFL via their hotline, but received no follow-up response. Subsequently I received a notification that major track maintenance will be taking place from April – October 2017, between 11pm-5am, Sun-Mon. Obviously, I am extremely worried about this and the impact it will have on my well-being and that of my neighbor.”

Maida Avenue

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The management of the Gogi restaurant’s rubbish on the corner of Maida Avenue and Edgware Road.  Their lease forbids the placing of rubbish in the private road Callard Close and the landlord’s managing agents have at last made them stop leaving their rubbish there where it was an appalling mess as they had insufficient bins, constantly attracting fly-tipping.  But Gogi are now leaving their four bins either on the Maida Avenue pavement or in the nearby gutter.  Anything you can do to resolve that issue would be most helpful.” 

The Council say:

“The commercial waste account manager for the area visited Gogi Restaurant. The business has agreed that will no longer store their commercial waste bins at the back of the property but on the frontage instead.”

Residents say:

“This is excellent news. As of today I am delighted to say the Gogi bins are no more and the Gogi rubbish is now in pink bags in Edgware Road for regular daily collection. A triumph. We are most grateful for your transforming intervention.”

Tesco Express, Sutherland Avenue

We are supporting this initiative started by a parent of 2 children who attend St Josephs School Lanark Road. He has written to the Manager of the Tesco Express as follows:

“I am concerned by the proximity of the Esso petrol station to the school, and the impact of the petrol fumes and exhaust fumes from the many cars that visit your station / shop during school hours. I realise that it is unlikely we are going to be able to move the location of the petrol station, however, would appreciate it if you could maybe install signs asking people waiting for petrol to kindly switch off their engines to limit the exhaust fumes reaching the school. Perhaps we could make it into a competition at the school, get a shortlist of posters from the children, and you be involved in selecting the winning poster?”

Randolph Avenue/Sutherland Avenue

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“There are temporary traffic lights that have been installed on the junction of Randolph Avenue and Sutherland Road to deal with road works. This is causing significant traffic build up around St Josephs school (along both Randolph and Sutherland, and no doubt exposing the children to higher levels of pollutants than normal. I have not seen any work being undertaken at this site for 2 weeks, and would hope the council can expedite this work as soon as possible and remove the added congestion.” 

The Council say:

“This is a Thames Water emergency job. They have had a burst that is very difficult to repair as the leak is coming from a pipe that is under a maze of other services. Every time they thought they had located it they found it was actually deeper and harder to get at. On top of this they had problems locating the valve to turn off the water. Finally, they were ready to complete the works over this weekend just gone but were asked to stop by those filming the new Mummy film with Tom Cruise. We are not sure why they were asked as the filming was internal and we have told TW that they should not have complied without talking to us. This matter is being looked into with Events and Filming colleagues. However, works should be starting again today with a view to complete ASAP.”

St John’s Wood Station

We asked TfL to look into this issue:

“St John’s Wood Station was without down escalator service for almost three months while it was serviced. A fortnight ago it re-entered service only to collapse after 10 days. There has been no service since Friday and no technicians are working on it. This is unacceptable. At the same time I would point out that 70% of the light bulbs in the listed uplighters on the escalator are burned out.”

We also asked TfL to investigate this matter:

“TfL recently refurbished the St John’s Wood Station bus stop towards Baker St/Oxford Street but have removed the indicator board!!There are 5 different routes from this stop & timings are needed especially on routes 46 and 187 which have 15 minute intervals and much longer at weekends and also 82 bus to Victoria. Why has it not been replaced?”

TfL have given us the complete list of Countdown signs temporarily out of use, including the one at St John’s Wood Station https://tfl.gov.uk/corporate/publications-and-reports/buses. They say that they are waiting for the power to be connected.

Circus Road

We have asked the Council to repair the pavement in Circus Road after receiving this message:

“A resident of Grove End Road is confined to a wheel-chair and has to make regular visits to the medical facilities in Circus Road.  She tells me that the condition of the pavement on her route, especially in the vicinity of the medical practices in Circus Road, is in a very bad condition and causes problems for the person pushing her.”

Cunningham Place/St John’s Wood Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I took my paper for recycling to the containers at the corner of Cunningham Place and Aberdeen Place and found that both waste paper containers were full to overflowing with paper strewed around on the nearby pavement. This is a very unsatisfactory situation as, I assume, the containers are not emptied at weekends and many people, especially those in employment, bring their recyclable waste there at the weekend.  I have experienced overflowing containers on previous occasions and feel that the containers should be emptied more frequently as many residents are being discouraged from recycling.”

The Council says:

“The recycling bin collection frequency at Aberdeen Place is currently scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday each week. The basic plan is that we appreciate many more residents use the bins at weekends so they are cleared on Friday (ready for heavy usage on Saturday) and then again on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, it isn’t cost effective to send vehicles every day unless usage is consistently above 50% of the ‘bin capacity’ available. Some bin locations can be overwhelmed on occasion by one or more residents having a major clear-out (e.g. large volumes of cardboard packaging) but we are tracking patterns of usage to determine efficient collection schedules. I have asked for a review of weekend usage at Aberdeen Place to take place over the next four weeks and this data will be used to determine whether collections need to be increased or changed around.”

St John’s Wood Terrace

We are continuing to chase this issue:

“We are still experiencing problematic minicabs parking in our resident bays in St John’s Wood Terrace and at the junction of Townshend Road. We therefore end up having to park a further distance from our homes which is proving annoying. especially with shopping and young children.”

Wellington Road

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“There is a very noisy drain cover outside the National Express bus stop going north on Wellington Road, outside Lords Cricket Ground. It is very near the Wellington Hospital and must worry them also. The noise when vehicles go over it is very disturbing. Could this also be repaired asap?”

Loudoun Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“Please could there be a review of traffic slowing measures and/or speed limit review on Loudoun Road. Due to an increase in commuter traffic off late it has become increasingly difficult to cross the road safely between 8am-9am especially.  Cars appear to be undeterred by the rather low speed bumps and pay no notice to residents attempting to cross the road with very small kids and babies. I was in fact scraped by someone’s wing mirror last week as I was attaching one of my two kids in the car seat.  This morning I waved at a car to slow down only to be almost run over and beeped at furiously.  It will not take long before a serious accident at this rate….”

Hathaway House, Woodfield Road

Residents have been concerned about the plans for Hathaway House on Woodfield Road, where Healy Development Solutions are trying to get permission for a 15 storey tower, with the rest of the development being four storeys. We have already registered our objection to the plans. We don’t object to the site being developed, but what is proposed is badly designed. The 15 storey tower relates very badly to the area, and the rest of the building is very bulky and takes all the light from Athlone House care home. We also want to see some new social rent flats in the development to help with the housing crisis. We’re encouraging the developer to rethink, and working with residents and the groups in the area.

St Mary Magdalene’s Project

It is an important time for the Living Heritage Project at St Mary Magdalene’s Church on Rowington Green. The project involves a new heritage wing to allow access to the undercroft, as well as conservation work on the existing Grade I listed building. The heritage wing will include an education room and a community café.

The project has planning permission but now needs to raise a seven figure sum to do the work. We are supporting the bid for Heritage Lottery Funding, and have also begun talking to Westminster Council about support from funds from past contributions paid by developers. For details of the project and how you can help, go to: http://marymags.org.uk

2-6 Lord Hills Road

There is a redevelopment proposal in the middle of the Warwick Estate at 2-6 Lord Hills Road, the former doctor’s surgery on the end of Atherstone Court facing Edward Wilson School across Westbourne Green. The owner is proposing to build a block of ten flats to replace the existing building. We have encouraged full community consultation.

Church Street by-election result

Labour’s Aicha Less was elected as the new Councillor for Church Street ward following a by-election victory on 5th May. Aicha won 2,174 votes to the Conservative candidate’s 512 votes on a 44.95% turnout, meaning she won 70.3% of valid votes cast. Councillor Less has lived in the area since 1983 and is the first British-Moroccan to hold local office in Westminster. Following her election Aicha Less said:

“I’m delighted to have been elected as your member for the Church Street ward and, very grateful for residents having faith in me and coming out to vote on 5th May. I feel very overwhelmed with the support and response on the doorstep. It’s a great privilege to represent an area that is very close to my heart. I’d like to thank everyone who came out to support my campaign and made it a success. As your Councillor, I will do my best to make this area an exciting place to live and work. Many thanks again and look forward to working on your behalf.”

West End Green

We are very disappointed that the Council ignored many of its planning policies and gave permission for the West End Green proposals and that this was followed by the Mayor’s decision not to review the situation and ‘call in’ Westminster Council’s decision. We continued our objection to the West End Green plans for the following reasons:

  • The height of the 30 storey tower is much too high and is not in line with the local area
  • Further plans for the 16, 10 and 9 storey blocks have been increased by at least one storey, which will block all light from Gilbert Sheldon House, Hall Tower and surrounding buildings
  • The scale of the proposal is not in line with the surroundings and character of the area
  • The already stretched GP surgeries, schools and nurseries will come under more pressure
  • Parking and traffic is already an issue in the local area which will be exacerbated
  • Church Street, bordering the site, is already always extremely congested, and the influx of residential and commercial vehicles will be intolerable – the entrance to the site is on this street
  • 300 flats were proposed in the previous application and that number alone seemed high – the new proposal, along with commercial units, appears to be totally excessive.

Lilestone Estate

We are calling on CityWest Homes to provide answers as to why costs for replacing the heating and hot water system at Eastlake and Tadema Houses on the Lilestone Estate in Church Street has quadrupled in price since it was initially improved. When the scheme was approved in February 2013 it was estimated as costing £420,000 but by the time the scheme was actually underway the bill for the scheme comes in at £2.16 million. This means residents are now facing an average bill of £20,334, with one flat facing a massive bill of £40,180. Lessees feel CWH did not consult them as the costs spiralled, leaving many with bills they will find difficult to pay. Labour’s candidate for the Church Street by-election Aicha Less said: ‘City West Homes must urgently investigate what has happened here and find a way to bring down these bills closer to what lessees had been told to expect.’

Bendall Mews

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Bendall Mews is in desperate need of repair. The street is missing all the Tarmac, too many potholes and just worn out really”

 The Council told us:

“I have spoken to the local Inspector and he has advised me that he raised a job for 29 Square metres of Hot Rolled Asphalt surfacing following its scheduled 6-monthly inspection on that day. This should be completed within a month.”

Cherwell House

We have asked CWH to investigate illegal subletting and anti-social behavior in Cherwell House.

Penfold Street/Broadly Street/Church street junctions

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this recurring issue at both these junctions”

“There have been several accidents in recent years including one about 12 months ago, when a young lad riding a Domino delivery motorcycle was hospitalised, and given the ferocity of the corrosion, seemed to be very fortunate not to suffer very serious injury, or worse. Because of the nature of the junction, vehicles travelling both north and south along Penfold Street sometimes seem to have difficulty checking along Broadly Street in the direction of Lisson Grove; or are careless about doing so. The fact that cars are parked along both sides of Broadly Street (please note, I make no criticism of that) means that faster moving oncoming traffic is not always observed in time. I mentioned this to the senior Police Officers who attended the accident referred to above.  His reply was to the effect that the statistics do not justify any fresh signing or other precautions at that junction. I really fear a fatality is only a matter of time.”

“Is there, any news regarding, fading white lines and possible Halt or Stop signs? A number on yellow lines have been freshly painted, at said junction.  But does not, slow down or stop, speeding traffic.

The morning and afternoon school run, have the effect of traffic congestion, noise from drivers blowing their horns, whilst stationary and shouting at each other. Maybe, a one-way system is required, say from Bell Street to Orchardson Street?”

Boscobell Street

We have asked the Council to investigate this problem:

I wonder if there is any progress from the council on the traffic scheme for Boscobel Street. The road rage and hooting continues every day but is worst on a Saturday. Quite literally the hooting can go on for 15 minutes at a time as the road is too narrow for 2-way traffic and cars jockey for position with some often being forced to reverse a good 100 yards back to a space where others can pass. It really is intolerable and something needs to be done.”

Burne House, Bell Street

We have asked the Council for an update on the situation here:

“I walked through there earlyish one morning last week; the smell and detritus was as bad as ever. Noticeably, there were a lot more discarded alcohol containers than previously.” 

Church Street Market/Edgware Road begging

We have asked the Council to let us know what action is being taken with the police on this issue:

“There is an increasing and unpoliced problem of begging in the Church Street and Edgware Road areas. I observed a well built man in his 40s harassing a tiny lady who looked around 80, whilst she pulled her shopping trolley along Church Street. He was rattling his paper cup his under her nose, while she was twisting and turning in an attempt to avoid him. This is but one example over many months, and I have to see any form of enforcement action taken by Police or market wardens.”


Following the decision of Westminster’s Planning Committees to approve the plans for Whiteleys, we called on the Mayor’s office to use its powers to ‘call in’ the Council’s decision. Karen Buck MP made similar representations to the Mayor’s office given her deep concerns about the Whiteleys project.

For a copy of the Labour Group letter see https://labourwestminster.wordpress.com/2016/04/10/westminster-labour-urges-the-mayor-to-call-in-the-whiteleys-plans/

Garway Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“For some time now motorcyclists working for Deliveroo have been using the motorbike parking spaces at the junction of Garway Road with Westbourne Grove as their ‘depot’.  It is not at all clear that they have parking permits to use the spaces, and their presence has become something of a worry for local residents and shopkeepers, some of whom have felt threatened by their attitude.  Please could their status be investigated?”

The Council say:

“This is a growing problem across the City and there is a fair amount of work going on to try and find ways of addressing it. I have also placed this area on our Service Enhancement programme and asked our marshals to regularly patrol this area during controlled hours so we can see exactly what is happening here and if any parking contraventions are found we will take action.”

We have also asked the Council to sort out this issue:

“We have been fighting a bit with BT over getting our fibre Internet connection installed to our office. Apparently there are some blockages across the road and the Council is dragging their feet on releasing the permits since it requires some roadworks. Essentially the issue is that OpenReach need to get a Section 58 Waiver signed off to dig on Westbourne Grove and I think they are having a bit of a hard time getting the approval through Westminster Council.”

The Council say:

“BT has not submitted a permit application for this work.  The council has therefore not been “dragging its feet” as there were no permit applications to consider. BT’s contractor did submit details to the road management team regarding the S58 exemption in place on Garway Road.  The purpose of a S58 exemption is to protect a newly resurfaced highway from excavation (for 3 years), however can be waived at the council’s discretion.  We received the request for this location in late March and agreed it last week with suitable conditions on the reinstatement once works are completed. Unfortunately, BT has a history of blaming local authorities for all delays regardless of what caused the delay.  BT senior management has agreed nationally to clamp down on this, however it would appear that this has not yet reached all parts of their organisation.”

Craven Road – Broadband

We have written to BT Openreach about this problem:

“I live in Craven Road, west side of Gloucester terrace. For years I have been checking to see when BT will offer fibre broadband. It seems that a couple of blocks away, towards Paddington Station, there is fibre coverage but in our area, there is none. BT Openreach have been changing their site, sometimes showing that they were “Accepting Orders” (not true), other times that the area is “Under Review”. There does not seem to be a way to find out what their plans are, or even put some pressure on them.”

Queensway – Sainsbury’s

We have asked the Council to look in to this issue:

“We were woken up again at 6h17 this morning (a Sunday!!) by Sainsbury’s. The last Sainsbury’s (169 Queensway W2 4SB) opened 2 years ago and we complained at the time with the Council that the hours at which it was requesting to be open were not ok and that we had enough Sainsbury’s around. The Council went ahead and agreed to let them open a 3rd store within 100m of each other. As residents we are now regularly complaining to them about the time at which they do their deliveries. They deliver every day of the week. Their truck parks anytime between 6am and 7am with a lot of noise, beeping and the lot. As they do not open until 7am they park their idly engines on and from 7am onwards the noise of delivery is waking us all up. They have between to do their deliveries between 7 to 11 and for this amount of noise they should not be allowed to do anything before 8am. Can you please help us to talk some reason into them, they can easily organise the schedule for the deliveries and truck to not be here from 6am and to start past 8am.”

Queensway – Maplin’s – Update

The Council says:

“We have managed to discuss delivery times with the manager of Maplin Queensway and he has advised that Maplin does not accept deliveries before 08:00.  However, he acknowledged that there are occasions when the delivery vehicle arrives early and waits outside the shop.  He advised that the vehicle’s engine is switched off.  Apparently Maplin used to accept deliveries before 08:00, however following a large number of complaints, they have changed their policy to only take deliveries after 08:00.”

Residents tell us:

“Thank you very much, the shop indeed has stopped getting deliveries before 8am which has been a great improvement to our sleep! Kindest regards and thank you for the great work you do for the community.”

Lord’s Cricket Ground

Middlesex v Somerset, Sunday 22nd May – Gates open 10am

Open Age is organising an event at Lord’s.  It’s a chance for people aged 55 and over to talk about old memories and create some new memories while watching cricket.  It’s also an opportunity to meet like minded new people over a cup of tea at the Home of Cricket. To book a place please contact Claire Hoggan on 020 7266 2776 or choggan@openage.org.u

Air Pollution

Air pollution is now the top issue of concern among Westminster residents, according to a Council survey.  A fifth of people named ‘air pollution’ as a very or fairly big problem. The only other issue causing a similar level of concern is homelessness and people begging on the streets.

A thousand residents aged 16 or over were given a list of possible concerns and asked in face-to-face interviews: “Thinking about this local area, how much of a problem do you think are…?”  They were invited to rate them as a “very big problem”, “fairly big problem”, “not a very big problem”, “not a problem at all” or “don’t know”.

  • Twenty per cent named poor air quality as either a very big or fairly big problem in the survey, the same result for people homeless or begging on the streets, followed by rubbish and litter lying around on 19 per cent.
  • Three issues came next on 15 per cent; parents not taking responsibility for the behaviour of their children, noise from building sites and dog fouling on pavements. 
  • They were followed by noisy neighbours or loud parties, people being drunk or rowdy in public places, teenagers hanging around on the streets, and people not treating other people with respect and consideration, all on 14 per cent.
  • Noise from commercial entertainment properties such as pubs got a problem score of 12 per cent, people using or dealing in drugs got 11 per cent, and particular families in the neighbourhood causing crime and anti-social behaviour got eight per cent.
  • Lower down the list came issues related to licensed premises (seven per cent), violence among young people (six per cent), gangs and gang violence (also six per cent), dangerous/aggressive dogs (five per cent) and vandalism, graffiti and other deliberate damage to property or vehicles (four per cent).

Circus Road – what you say

“I don’t know how long ago the council finally put a double yellow line on one side of Circus Road between Grove End and Cavendish, but it was a stroke of genius.  It was a constant traffic problem previously and now solved.  I think priority should be given to traffic flow on bus routes, over endless parking on both sides of an already narrow street.  I would strongly encourage more use of double yellow lines in these circumstances as the positive impact on traffic flow is really very significant.”

Wells Rise – What you say

For the last few years the residents of Wells Rise have been subject to considerable inconvenience as a result of two developments at the top of the road on St Edmund’s Terrace. This has meant that there has been a constant stream of lorries going up and down Wells Rise very day other than Sunday. This has caused noise, dirt, disruption to parking and a danger to children and others. On a number of occasions there have been water leaks due to the weight and volume of the lorries and parts of the road have had to have been re-surfaced a number of times. We need a respite. Westminster Council should have care for the life of its citizens and I suggest there should be a moratorium on future developments in Wells Rise and its vicinity for the next few years.”

Gt Western Road – what you say 

“I notice that someone else has raised the issue of the blocked drain outside the Bus Garage in Gt Western Road. I also have been soaked by vehicles driving through at high speed this puddle, which has been there for some months now, I think since Cross Rail did some works there. I see today that it has reduced in size but would not be surprised to find it there again next time it rains.”

Hathaway House – what you say

“It is clear from residents’ comments so far on the WCC planning application webpages that there is widespread opposition and dislike for the 15 storey tower.  It brings nothing to our neighbourhood, apart from a general sense of anguish and, for myself, a rising hatred for all associated with it – the Manhattan-based developer, the architects, the planning officers and committees which will almost certainly wave it through and the millionaire residents who will be looking down on us from their penthouses.  Tall tower blocks are not suitable for low rise residential areas.”

What you say

“I am so pleased to see that the issues regarding motorcycle bay in Western Mews has come to this attention.”

“Thanks for the updates which are always welcome.”

“Thank you once again for your informative newsletter.”

“Thank you for your ever vital action report.”

“We do so appreciate your vigilance in keeping our area well managed and properly cared for.  We do not under estimate the work and dedication this requires.  Thank you.”

“This is really terrific work and much appreciated.”

“Your tireless efforts are much appreciated”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

If you do not want to receive this report please let us know and we will remove your details from our list.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council




Maida Hill Market area

We have again asked the Council to address the continuing issues here:

“Unfortunately the situation with rubbish on Maida Hill market area has deteriorated yet again. Is it possible to put larger bins, organise multiple collection of rubbish from the market every day or at least to install CCTV to see who is dumping all this rubbish onto the streets? CCTV would also help with anti-social behavior. Before the weather got cold, I often saw many people totally drunk, behaving in an anti-social manner with loudspeakers on full volume. The behaviour was threatening to passers-by.”

The Council say:

“There have been problems with increasingly large piles of waste accumulating on Maida Hill, with market traders, local businesses and street sweepers all collecting rubbish into one pile, prior to the Veolia crew attending on their evening run at about 6.30pm. We have found out that, for some time now, the street sweeper for the Harrow Road, between the market and Ashmore Road has been putting all of the waste from that stretch of the road, on to one location at the market, which has contributed to the problem. We have therefore asked Veolia to ensure this working practice ceases. The street sweeper sacks will now be left in situ at recognised collection points in the Harrow Road for Veolia operatives to collect.

We will also be providing an additional waste bin at Maida Hill market for the use of traders only – this is for all cardboard and other recycleable waste only. The Market Inspector will continue to monitor this situation, to ensure compliance over coming weeks, and we anticipate that there will be a reduction in the volume of waste seen.

We have also been monitoring the issue with street drinkers for many months now, and will continue to do so, alongside local police teams, especially as the evenings lengthen and weather improves.  The street drinkers have been engaged with in the past, particularly back in the autumn. “ 

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Can you use your influence to get a traffic island installed in Elgin Avenue please? This wide road is dangerous to cross, especially for elderly and disabled people, some of whom use Elgin Surgery. Traffic bollards about halfway along Elgin Avenue would be very helpful. They would not obstruct the traffic as the road is already very broad. Several busy bus stops are located along it.”

The Chippenham

The Council deferred making a decision about The Chippenham pub being turned into a retail unit. The Planning Committee deferred a decision in view of concerns raised by local people and asked to see more information, such as invoices, as evidence the building is being used as a shop.

Shirland Road/Chippenham Road

We have asked the Council to deal with this issue:

“The corner of Shirland Road and Chippenham Road, where the crossing is located is practically drowning in water. This happens every time it rains. The crossing is unusable to those pushing baby buggies. “

Shirland Mews

We have asked the Council to investigate what can be done to resolve this issue:

“I have contacted you in the past regarding the inconsiderate parking in Shirland Mews. I can often not drive into my own road as people either park right across it, completely blocking the entrance or down the side, making it impossible to pass.  Worst of all, vans and cars often park on the pavement. I walk my 2 children to and from school everyday and we often have to walk in the road as the pavement is blocked. This is unacceptable, why should i put our safety at risk because somebody in a van can be bothered to either wait for a suitable parking space or use one a few metres down the road. Speeding is also a huge problem. It’s a cobbled road, highly dangerous when wet and populated mostly with families with children. A camera of some description would go along way to deterring this type of behavior. Also a more realistic speed limit of 10mph should be implemented. Those who live in the mews have no need to speed up and down it. Please look at this and try to improved the road safety in my area.”

The Council say:

“Our marshals regularly patrol this road, and in the last 6 weeks have done so some 35 times, dealing with 10 contraventions that they have found.  However, I will ask them to increase their presence over the next few weeks and pay particular attention to the points you have raised.

Unfortunately, our use of CCTV has been severely restricted with the implementation of a Deregulation Bill that came into force, and we can now only use it in a very small and specific area which unfortunately does not cover the issues you raise here, and so we are unable to deploy a CCTV camera.

It is not current City Council policy to implement reduced speed limits on its highway network. Nonetheless it is proposed that consideration will be made to the painting of the legend ‘SLOW’ at the non-cobbled access points at each end as a means to caution drivers to be considerate to the local neighbourhood they are driving through.”

Elgin Avenue/Shirland Road area – Road Safety issues – Update

The Council has given us the following update:

  • Elgin Avenue/Shirland Road junction improvement scheme – Works are programmed to commence on the introduction of an all-red to vehicles pedestrian crossing stage on 14th
  • Elgin Avenue/Shirland Avenue area – Owing to resource issues it has not yet proved possible to commence the pedestrian accessibility study in this area. The study is now scheduled to commence in April
  • Fernhead Road/Shirland Road area – In the last 3 years there were 3 accidents at this junction, one of which involved a vulnerable user. This safety record means that the junction has not been identified as a location for an accident remedial feasibility study under Westminster City Council’s Local Safety Scheme programme. There are therefore no current proposals for this junction. However the situation will be kept under review as part of the Saltram Crescent traffic calming scheme that was recently approved for implementation.”

Elgin Avenue road surface

We asked the Council if there are any plans to resurface the road along Elgin Avenue between Chippenham Road and Harrow Road. Residents say that the road is in a very poor state. The Council say”

“This section is not in the new Highway Programme for the coming year. I understand that while it was recommended for inclusion by my Inspectors it did not meet the cut against other priorities based on the Value Management score process. Another section of Elgin Avenue is included (Chippenham Road to Shirland Road).”

Bayswater Children’s Centre

We recently met with the youth service to discuss the future of Bayswater Children’s Centre following the Council’s announcement of major cuts to the service. The future of stay and play services remains very much at risk, but at present it seems the centre will stay open providing new support to 2 year olds. We have been working with CityWest Homes to see if this building might be able to be used for local residents’ meetings in the evenings.

Hanwell House Care Home

We were shocked when residents told us that a property in Hanwell House on the Brunel Estate was being used as a care home without permission from CityWest Homes, and have urged CWH and the Council to take action.

Future of the Brunel Family Centre

We have called on the Council to give clarity about the future of the Brunel Family Centre, which has been deemed unsafe for long-term use due to subsidence. Rather than being left empty long-term (housing some materials for electoral services in one section), Councillors are looking at alternative ways the area could be used by residents ahead of any long-term redevelopment.

Dorchester House and Aldridge Road Villas

Following longstanding complaints from local residents about prostitution and anti-social behaviour on this corner, City West Homes have committed to introducing improved lighting as part of the major works programme on Dorchester House. The Safer Neighbourhood Team has made a number of visits to the area in recent months following these concerns.

Carnival Sound System annual public meeting

After unfortunate delays Westminster Council has finally agreed to organise a local meeting for residents to discuss issues relating to the sound systems at Carnival 2015 and plans ahead of Carnival 2016, due in late April or early May. More information should be available shortly.

Tavistock Road street lighting and playground

We have been working with lessees in the Harford House TMO on Tavistock Road about the TMO (and them) being charged for some of the external lighting and the upkeep of the playground area that is fully open to the public. Discussions are underway to see if CWH or Westminster Council will take back control, cutting costs for residents and ensuring the area is actively maintained in future.

Tarmac Signs

Working with residents on the Brunel Estate in February, we helped persuade the planners to call for the rejection of plans for Tarmac to put up a number of unsightly blue name signs around their plant.

Westbourne Bus Garage

Cllr Adam Hug and the chair of the Grand Union Residents’ association recently met with Tower Transit to discuss ideas for future uses of their car park, once the new bus deck is complete. They also discussed doing more to tackle graffiti on the canal-side wall and the possibility of installing a Green wall. Tower Transit were urged to do more to tackle the noise and emissions from idling buses.

The Prince of Wales

We have been calling for action by the Westminster Planners and the Harrow Road town team to help expedite the planning situation at the Prince of Wales. Many residents are open to the site being used by a high-quality café or restaurant that helps provide a meeting place for the community and improves the area.

Western Mews

We have been working with local businesses and residents to secure the creation of a new motorcycle bay following changes in parking management that have caused real problems for a longstanding small business.

Hathaway House

Plans for the redevelopment of Hathaway House on Woodfield Road are now available for residents’ comments (16/02091/FULL). We have previously raised concerns about the proposed height of the (15 storey) tower to the developers and planners. While the currently proposed affordable housing (around 19% of the scheme) is better than many developers’ opening offers these days, it still falls far short of Westminster’s own policy target of 30% affordable homes. New office space may well be welcome to assist local businesses. Let us know your thoughts and do comment on the application.

Marylands Road planning

We are continuing to work with residents and shopkeepers to stem the repeated attempts to turn shops into residential flats and new developments that might impact on their neighbours.

Amberley Road drivers

Despite the best efforts of the head and teachers of the Ark Academy a small minority of parents insist on driving down Amberley Road, in breach of the agreed school transport plan, causing problems for the residents of Amberley Road and the Amberley Estate, along with safety concerns for the children. We have been calling on Westminster’s highways team and CityWest Homes to take further action to prevent drivers doing this.

Harrow Road – bridge over the canal

With cars often parking on both sides of the road on the Harrow Road canal bridge, causing issues for drivers and buses, we have called on the Council’s highways team to put in double yellow lines in this area to help tackle the problem.

Former WAES temporary building site

After long delays and some miscommunication by Westminster the scheme is due for final consultation with residents, based on the designs initially supported by residents in 2015. We are pushing for as many residents as possible to be consulted and for the scheme to be delivered as quickly as possible so that Warwick Estate residents can benefit from the improvements this summer.

Chepstow Road

Following complaints from local residents, we councillors have taken up problems with water pooling and poor road surfacing on Chepstow Road. The Council Highways team agreed to take further action near 37-41 Chepstow Road and pushed Thames Water to move forward with works near numbers 43-52.

Chippenham Mews

There is growing frustration that long promised road safety improvements on Chippenham Mews are still outstanding, letting down residents, and the parents and children of St Peters primary school. We are calling for answers from the Council about the reasons for the delays.


Church Street Ward By-Election – Thursday 5th May

There is a by-election in Church Street Ward on Thursday 5th May. The Labour Candidate is Aicha Less who has lived and worked locally since moving to the area as a child in 1983. She has almost 20 years’ experience working in local government and is a passionate campaigner on local issues. Aicha Less said:

“I’m extremely passionate about my area and loyal to my community, which makes me want to make their voices heard. I want to be the people’s advocate and work on your behalf, particularly in raising your concerns about problems with the Futures Plan for Church Street including the lack of consultation from the Council. I will work hard to ensure Westminster listens to the worries of residents about the renovation of the market and the need to actually deliver new social and genuinely affordable housing. I’m looking forward to the campaign and hearing more about what Church Street residents want from their Council.”

Applications for inclusion on the voters list need to be sent to the Council by Monday 18 April 2016 https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Postal vote applications need to be received by the Council by Tuesday 19 April 2016 (5pm) http://transact.westminster.gov.uk/docstores/publications_store/elections/postal-vote-form.pdf

Promoted by Andy Whitley on behalf of Aicha Less, both at 4g Shirland Mews, London W9

West End Green site

Local residents and businesses have waited over 20 years for West End Green to be developed.   This is a golden opportunity to regenerate a long neglected area.   The urgent need is for family-sized homes for overcrowded local families. Many Church Street families will need to move when their homes are demolished to make way for new private and affordable homes. We have continued to object to the offer of only 19% affordable housing. This is way below the Council policy of 30%, and below the 35% affordable housing that has been established in the Futures Plan for Church Street, just across the road.

The latest proposal reduces the height of the tower to 30 storeys (still not in line with Westminster’s policy), but the affordable housing provision remains well below the Council’s policy. This is already one of the most high-density living areas in England, so as well as building houses and shops, the proposals should include upgraded open space combining Paddington Green and St Mary’s Gardens to make up for the impact of the hundreds of additional residents who will live in West End Green.   The plans should include a basketball pitch and tennis courts.

Paddington Green police station

After years of rumours, Paddington Green Police Station has been sold to the same developers who now own the next door West End Green. Paddington Green is the last police station serving North Westminster, since both Harrow Road and St John’s Wood stations were sold for development in 2013. The Mayor’s Office for Policing had previously promised that the development should include a similar replacement either on that site or elsewhere locally.  However, it seems they are now only committed to replacing the Police Station with a ‘front counter and a Safer Neighbourhood Teams base’. We are urging that space for a new police response unit base is found as a part of this development or elsewhere in the area. In the short term the police cars and response team will be moved to Kilburn Police Station in Brent.

Church Street toilets

We have again asked for the Council to ensure that the Church Street toilets are open for use. Residents say:

“The closure of the public toilets on Church Street following their constant misuse by the gangs of beggars has led to an intolerable situation.   This is a tourist area as well as a busy residential ward with a daily street market, and the lack of these facilities is causing considerable distress   We appreciate that installing turnstile access, are not feasible in the Church St building, but we need to know what action the Council intends to take. One can see that the lights are on 24 hours in the locked female section and as the male section is still being used, residents are asking if that section is being cleaned regularly.”

The Council says:

“We closed these facilities in agreement the Police following ongoing anti-social behavior.  As part of the closure, keys were provided to market traders to provide access for the traders. We are preparing a plan of action”

Salisbury Street

We have asked the Council to repair a broken pavement where an elderly resident tripped recently.

Lisson Green parking

We have taken up the issues of residents with legitimate parking permits being prevented from parking on the Estate by illegal car parking. Those with garages cannot access them because of obstruction as a result of illegal parking.

Kimble House

Residents tells that trees outside Kimble House have been allowed to grow to height above and beyond 6th floor. The trees’ foliage is so dense that residents (particularly on the lower floors) have to keep their lights on during the day. When complaints are made to the Estate Office, the foliage is trimmed back only to the height of the top floor, and trees continue to grow in height and density. We have asked the Estate Office to review the situation.

Kennett House

We have reported this issue to the Estate Office for action:

“The kebab stall directly in front of Kennet House side entrance have been using a motorbike/scooter ‘Quiqip’ (green box at back) for kebab delivery. They have parked this bike there for the 3rd week running and all last week overnight (24 hrs) and again today, despite no parking signs. What can be done to move this bike??

The area is signed ‘no parking.’”

“Recently when bikes were parked there, one bike was set on fire and exploded with the other two also on fire. This severely damaged the side of the block and lights, around the corner and balcony area. It caused damage to the 2nd level but the seriousness of it was the black smoke and smell bellowing upwards, fortunately most windows were closed otherwise it would have entered some flats.”

The Estate Office tells us:

“We have spoken with the market inspector regarding the bike and he will discuss this with the men at the kebab stall and inform them to not park the bike there. Furthermore, we have also spoken with the local Westminster Warden who will monitor the situation closely.”

Penfold Street

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“A number of vehicles, travelling along Penfold Street, towards Broadley Street, fail to stop at the Church Street junction, often not slowing down.  The broken white lines, are barely visible. Can any action be taken? An accident waiting to happen?”

Church Street CCTV

We are continuing to press the Council to reinstate the CCTV cameras in Church Street:

“What is the status of reinstallation of cameras on Gateforth Street, Plympton Street, Church Street corner? I continue to see cars/vans driving the wrong way on Church Street. Nothing seems to have progressed to make this safe.”

“Very disappointing that there is still no progress on the reinstatement of the CCTV cameras on Church Street. How many more people will need be injured, robbed, mugged and hurt before the cameras are back and the culprits never get caught.”

The Perseverance, Shroton Street

We are delighted that The Perseverance pub has reopened following the building works. Long may it serve local residents and people working in the area.

Frampton Grind, Frampton Street – Update

The Council has told us:

“Before any formal application could be determined by the Court, the freeholder advised that the tenant’s lease had been revoked so the judge decided that there was no need to grant the requested closure order. It appears now that the tenant moved out over last weekend and the venue is currently unoccupied. I will arrange for the venue to be monitored for new occupiers and activities, but it would seem that the actions of the City Council and the local Police working together have had the desired effect.”

Lisson Grove/Regent’s Canal

We have asked the Council to investigate this matter urgently:

“Further to our recent exchange of emails regarding rats on the bridge over the Regent’s Canal in Lisson Grove, unfortunately after a period of several weeks I have today again seen a rat in this very same place. The gap between the pavement and the railings is rarely, if ever, cleaned and is full of rubbish, including fast-food remains, etc. and this may well be a contributory factor.”

The Council says:

“I have spoken with officers from the Pest Control team and they have visited the site. They confirm that rat holes are still appearing and that there was food in the area, generally bread –  which the rats are eating. The area has been cleared of the rubbish that was there, but this soon accumulates. The team are ensuring a treatment programme of baiting is ongoing and the officer dealing with this will also contact the Westminster Adult College next week. I’m sorry this problem is persisting but I can assure you officers are using their best endeavours to find a solution.”

Lanark Road update

Westminster Planning Committee approved the Lanark Road scheme on March 29th, despite intense concern about the impact this would have on light and on the privacy of the surrounding properties. On the positive side, the scheme includes the re-building of the community centre and youth club, as well as a mix of housing (including affordable homes) provided in partnership with the charity Dolphin Living. However, the height/bulk of the development has caused understandable unhappiness locally. Planning approval has also been subject to Dolphin making some changes to the rear elevation.

Little Venice bridge

We have written to the Canal and River Trust about this issue:

“When is British Waterways going to open the canal after Little Venice that has been closed to pedestrians for almost, I believe, a year now while they supposedly work on the bridge? I often walk along there and have yet to see a single workman.”

Castellain Road Update

The Council has told us the following:

“In terms of the abandoned vehicle, Police and DVLA checks revealed that the vehicle is not taxed and neither could we track down a registered owner.  As such the vehicle was declared abandoned and has now been removed and destroyed. 

On the issue of vehicles driving the wrong way down Castellain Road, this has been escalated to the Police designated ward officer as it is the police who would be the enforcing agency in this instance.  We have visited the site and whilst the entry is clearly signed to those approaching from opposite or turning into the street from the right, the signs are not clearly visible if approaching from the left. We have asked the road management team to ensure that the signage issue is resolved as a matter of urgency. “

Residents say:

“We indeed had a nice surprise to see the vehicle gone upon our return from half term! As for vehicles going the wrong way, the signs at the end of the road are quite obvious and if drivers cannot see them, maybe shouldn’t they be driving altogether as lacking peripheral vision! Thanks again for all your efforts”

Elgin Avenue and Lauderdale Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The zebra crossing at Elgin Avenue and Lauderdale Rd has been blocked off / under repair for some time now. Please can you advise when this will be repaired?”

Maida Vale

It looks like we may have won the battle of the disappearing bus stop on Maida Vale!  According to Leon Daniels Managing Director Surface Transport, Transport for London:

“A TfL representative met with Westminster City Council on site on 26 February to assess potential locations for a new bus stop along Maida Vale.  I am pleased to say that subject to public consultation, a new bus stop will be installed at the northern side of the Vale Close and Maida Vale junction in late summer 2016.”

2 Maida Avenue

We are working with local residents who are concerned about the unauthorised building works at 2 Maida Avenue. Residents say:

“Without any planning permission and no party wall agreements they have demolished the back of the house and excavated for almost a month vast quantities of soil in order to build a big ungainly modern extension with the entire roof area a terrace in the Conservation Area. We, their neighbours in Stafford House, have swung into action with building advisers to protect our exposed foundations and dividing wall left high and dry by the deep excavations and with the help of WCC Planning Enforcement Team who want all work to cease pending the application, we have been endeavouring to ensure the site is made safe.”

Blomfield Road/ Maida Vale/Edgware Road

We have asked TfL to investigate this issue again:

I would like to bring to attention once again on the Blomfield Road/ Maida Vale/Edgware Road intersection. This is a very unsafe crossing and every night that I escort my young kids home, crossing the road is like running the gauntlet, anticipating whether drivers run the red light or not. Its gotten to a point that my kids make a game of it nightly, counting how many cars run the red light before we are able to cross. In addition, I have had 3 near misses resulting with driver abuse in the past 4 months, with my wife has reported one to the police being dismissed easily with the reply ‘We will only pursue further if someone is physically injured.’  Can we not request from TFL a red light enforcement camera at both positions with signage stating that there are ‘Safety cameras are operating’?”

Tfl say:

“While running a red light is a criminal offence and therefore a matter for the police to enforce, the safety of all road users is a top priority for us. We regularly review locations where an issue is brought to our attention.  We assess each location against some criteria to help us determine whether a red light camera would help improve safety. If there have been two or more collisions in a 3-year period on a single arm of a junction resulting in an injury due to motorists running a red light, a camera will be installed. Criteria for introducing cameras are set so that the roads with the worst safety records can be addressed first. Between January 2012 and October 2015 there were 8 collisions at or in the vicinity of the location.  However, in only one case was running a red light identified as a possible contributory factor. Unfortunately, at this time we will not be installing a red light camera but my team will continue to keep this location under review.”

Circus Road/ Cavendish Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Could you request that the council installs a street rubbish bin somewhere on the corner of Circus Road and Cavendish Avenue in St John’s Wood, NW8. This busy spot opposite the rear of the St John & Elizabeth hospital and a NHS health centre is constantly full of waiting taxis and private cars as well as hospital transportation and other health service vehicles   The drivers generate rubbish and rather than taking it home with them some see fit to throw coffee cups, food and other trash in to the cages surrounding the saplings at this end of the road.”

The Council say:

“There are two nearby litterbins on either side of Circus Road next to the bus stops so I am tentative as to whether cabbies and other vehicle owners will actually use it. We will therefore trial another bin and monitor its usage for four weeks and then make a decision on whether it stays or goes. I have asked Veolia to arrange for its installation.”

Residents say:

“I noticed that there are indeed two bins in the vicinity; one is a hundred metres down the road near a bus stop on Circus Road and the other is on the other side of Circus Road near the hospital entrance. However, the cars, vans and taxis all wait in Cavendish Road and seemingly can’t be bothered to walk down the street or cross a busy road. So I maintain it would be useful to have a bin on the Cavendish Road /Circus Road junction on the right hand side pavement.”

Tesco, Circus Road

We have asked the Council again to investigate this issue:

“The parking of lorries outside Tesco’s at St John’s Wood still goes on. They are still there every day up to 10 a.m. (they leave space for 1 small car on some occasions). They complete ignore the fact that they should clear by 8am.”

St John’s Wood Road

We have reported this problem to the Council:

“I have tried to report the noise every time a vehicle drives over the drain cover outside Lord’s. The clinking noise is loud and dreadful especially when the window and balcony door is open. This needs to be sorted as soon as possible.”

Abercorn Place

We have asked the Council to fix this problem:

“On the T-junction of Abercorn Place opposite Wellesley Court is a loose manhole cover. Each time a automobile drives over it the noise is annoying and loose. Can it become secure?”

Westbourne Park Bus Depot

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“There is a huge puddle that fills with water any time it rains. It’s opposite the bus depot, but right under A40. Lots of buses pass that way and they go right through it. Because the puddle is so big, it holds a lot of water and when the vehicles go through it, they soak the pedestrians.”

The Council says:

“It appears that a gully has become blocked. A job has been raised and is scheduled for completion within 28 days”


We were very disappointed that the Planning Committee approved the plans for Whiteleys despite a strong campaign from local residents and local groups. The Committee voted 3-1 in favour of the proposals with Labour Councillor Jason Williams voting against. Karen Buck MP wrote to the Council to support residents’ objections to the plans. She said:

“I would also be very grateful if the following points could be added to the objections being put forward to the Planning Committee taking the decision. I have had a number of objections to the current proposal for the redevelopment of Whiteleys from local residents, including:

– loss of light, especially as this impacts on residents in Kensington Gardens Square

– the bulk/height of the development

– the effect on the Listed building

– the lack of affordable housing provision

I am anxious to ensure that we do take the opportunity to build more residential accommodation and accept the importance of kick-starting the regeneration of Queensway, but that should not mean accepting unsatisfactory designs or ignoring the wider responsibilities to local residents, heritage and need for more affordable homes. It is clear that many in the local community feel that the current proposals fall short on these grounds.”


We have asked the Council to look in to this issue:

“I live on Queensway and was wondering if you could help me with an issue we have as residents with the Maplin store. They get deliveries 3 times a week and their trucks make a great deal of noise from 7am onwards. Our understanding is that the truck company had been asked to not do deliveries before 8h15 am. We are used to the traffic on Queensway but Tesco’s deliveries are done at the back so aside from that store nothing else makes this amount of noise before 8am. I have been told by the truck company that this could be resolved if Maplin instructed them to change their route as they do all their deliveries for their stores, hence they could arrive here later. Is this something you can help with?”

Paddington Station

We have asked the Council to investigate with Network Rail what can be done to resolve the following issues:

“I live in Gloucester Mews West, and while this is quite close to the station, at times I have considerable luggage or packages and it would be helpful to get a lift and be dropped off.  Before Crossrail disrupted things, it was possible for private cars to access the slip road along Eastbourne Terrace to drop off/pick up passengers. However, private cars are now banned from the new taxi rank off Bishops Bridge.  As far as I can tell, there is now no legal place for a private car owner to drop off or pick up passengers at Paddington. How can a major London railway station be said to serve the public properly if there is no place to be picked up or dropped off?

“The only southern access to Paddington now is the slip road where deliveries are made off Praed Street. There are two narrow pavements – often very crowded. There is a manually operated boom to control vehicular access at the top. Foe some reason, Network Rail doesn’t want cyclists to cycle on the slip road. How can it be OK to drive a truck on the road but not coast a cycle at low speed? Why not shorten the boom at the top so that a small gap is left for cyclists?”

Cleveland Terrace

We have asked the Council to investigate these issues:

  • There is a building on the corner of Cleveland Terrace and Gloucester Terrace (I think its is 29 Gloucester Terrace) that seems derelict. The building looks unsafe and that it is falling apart (its the one that the car rammed into during a care chase). Can you tell me when will they repair the damage etc?
  • We live on the corner of Cleveland Terrace and Cleveland gardens where the street is two way. There used to be a bollard there which would cause cars to slow down when they turned into Cleveland Gardens. It was taken away some years ago and MANY times when my 4 year old and I are crossing there, we have almost been hit by a very fast car while we were already in the middle of the road. Is there any way to to put the bollard back, or put in a zebra crossing? It is really very dangerous.

108-112 Westbourne Terrace

We are making enquiries with City West Homes about this issue:

“Are you aware of the chaotic and massively delayed way in

which City West Homes are handling the major works on 108 – 132 Westbourne Terrace? An utter disgrace and would not be out of place on the TV programme Rogue Traders.”

City West Homes say:

“The works commenced on site in September 2014 and were due to complete in July 2015. Once the main contractor (Mears) had erected the scaffold they immediately made two claims for variations under the contract and took the decision to halt all works whilst the claims were reviewed. The impact of the dispute was that works did not commence fully until March 2015. Once the works did commence there were a number of issues with the quality of work being completed by the sub-contractors. The CWH project manager at the time was not managing the project effectively, and was replaced in April 2015, at the same time Mears took the decision to replace their site manager (for the same reasons).   During the course of the contract, additional works have been discovered (predominantly the quantity of repairs, rather than completely new works), which has further delayed the completion.”

“We anticipate all works being complete and the site being cleared of contractors and their accommodation by May 2016.”

Chepstow Road Update

The Council has told us the following:

“We met up with Thames Water and they have agreed to rectify the cross carriageway trench at their cost. I will also make every effort be on site while the work is being done to supervise.”

The works will start on 15th-19th April.

Church Street CCTV – what you say

“Very disappointing that there is still no progress on the reinstatement of the CCTV cameras on Church Street. How many more people will need be injured, robbed, mugged and hurt before the cameras are back, and the culprits never get caught.”

Maida Vale bus stop – what you say

“This is just to say that I use the moved Maida Vale bus stop regularly and I really cannot see what the fuss is about. The new stop is only a short distance from the old one although it is on the other side of a crossroads.   More important in my view is the lack of the bus arrivals timing notice which used to be in the old bus stop shelter but is not, as yet, in the new one.”

St John’s Wood cycleway – what you say

“It seems there are a group of St. John’s Wood residents who worry that their ability to drive around the area in their cars will be affected by changed traffic patterns. They may be right about that, but on the other hand there are also very many reasons for supporting this excellent scheme:

  • a more pleasant park for everyone
  • less traffic on Avenue Road
  • a much-improved Swiss Cottage junction
  • a better and more inviting environment for bicycles

hopefully a much-needed reduction in traffic and peoples’ use of their cars, with resultant reductions in noise and pollution.”

“I am very concerned about this and have already been to one meeting about the one in Finchley Road. I wrote to TfL with my views. I received no notification of any meetings whatsoever on either Finchley road or the Westway. There are many of us very disturbed about this but with no means of expressing our concern. My other point is these super highways help only cyclists who commute and, despite the expense, they still do not separate cyclists from vehicles”

“I wouldn’t want you to think all residents oppose Cycle Superhighway 11. There has been a lot of misinformation about this scheme – people objecting to things which aren’t even being proposed. Anyway, I’m writing to you in support of it so that you are aware that there is support as well as opposition.”

You can make your comments at https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/cycling/cs-11

What you say

“Many thanks for your very informative reports. I really appreciate the effort you’re putting into resolving local issues.”

“Thank you very much indeed for another comprehensive and detailed report. This is indeed ‘forensic investigation’ and a fantastic job, for which we re all grateful.”

“Street lights have been restored on Edbrooke Road. Very many thanks for your prompt and effective intervention.”

“I would like to add my thanks to those you have already received for sending out this very useful and enlightening report. it certainly helps one to feel that the people of Westminster are listened too, even if all the issues cannot be immediately resolved. Please keep sending this out.”

“Thank you for another interesting report.”

“Many thanks for your updates they are very informative”

“Very useful update on local problems etc. Thank you for circulating the information and you hard work on behalf of us all. I’ll be interested to hear what response you get about rough sleeping by the canal and Sheldon Square, I’m afraid this is a growing problem.”

“Very useful as always”

“You are wonderful – both what you do, and how you keep people informed. Bravo!”

“Many thanks as always for your update and for all your hard work on behalf of residents. Greatly appreciated. “

“Thank you for these updates they were great.”

“Good news. The yellow paint fairies visited Pindock Mews at some point in the night (or day!) because when I looked out this morning the lines were done ! Thank you for sorting this. 

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council




Baker Street/Gloucester Place proposals

Murad Qureshi, Member of the London Assembly, is undertaking a survey of residents’ views on the Baker Street/Gloucester Place proposals. He says:

“It is my job to listen to your views about Transport for London’s work in London and to push them to make changes. Recently I have been contacted by a number of people in the Marylebone area who are concerned about the proposed changes to Baker Street and Gloucester Place. You may be aware that Westminster City Council and Transport for London recently consulted on their proposed changes to the road layout. The consultation found that 70% of residents and visitors opposed the overall project, although support was higher for certain aspects of the scheme. A second consultation has been launched that proposes some alternative plans for specific parts of the scheme and I would urge you to respond. This short survey is designed to run alongside the alternative proposals. I want to know what residents think about the second consultation and the proposed alternatives.”


West End Green

We have objected to the current proposal for 285-329 Edgware Road (West End Green) on the basis that the proposed scheme:

  • does not provide enough affordable housing (only 22%);
  • is too tall – 38 storeys are proposed
  • the impact on local school places
  • the lack of wider public consultation on such a large scheme.

The site has stood empty for decades and it is welcome that it is being brought forward for development. However, this will be a major scheme and it is vital that it is judged against any detrimental impact on local residents /businesses and against the need to maximise benefits for the wider area. This is especially true give the need for on-site affordable housing, additional school places and access to health services in the Little Venice/Church Street areas.

Lilestone Street

We have asked the Council to remove a burnt-out motorbike on Lilestone Street near by the Church Street traffic lights.

Westway bicycle lane proposal

The Mayor of London has announced a proposal to convert one of the three eastbound lanes on the Westway into bi-directional cycle route. TFL says its modelling shows that drivers using the route at peak times would only have their journeys delayed by 1-2 minutes between Gypsy Corner and Edgware Road and 4-6 minutes between Westbourne Bridge and Paddington. A bike journey from Westbourne Bridge to Gypsy Corner would take around 18 minutes on the new route. There is more information at:


What do you think?

George Peabody House, Burne Street

We are continuing to help residents who are having problems with intruders gaining access to their block and sleeping in the stairwells. There are also continuing problems with drug dealing and other anti-social activities in the car park.

Church Street

We have asked the Council to deal with this issue:

“It looks as if they have not taken the Christmas decorations down but on closer look the trees are covered in plastic bags. Please can the market inspectors have a word with traders to put the rubbish in bags?”

Gateway Academy

A group of 30 children from Gateway Academy in Church Street Ward has been supported by the Church Street Councillors’ Ward budget to learn Bollywood dances to keep them fit and healthy. For the last three months they were trained by two Indian dance teachers and now they are able to perform at least 6 Bollywood dances by their own or in a group.

Cherwell House

We have asked City West Homes to introduce measures to discourage shops and shoppers from leaving food to feed the pigeons in the Triangle outside Cherwell House.

Sheringham House

We were surprised to find a high proportion of the corridor security doors were not locked. Residents said they have reported this problem. We have asked City West Homes their plans to repair the security locks.

Shirland Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

There seems to be a growth of motorbikes on Shirland Road. They tend to park in the centre of road (ie between Fernhead and Chippenham) which makes parking around them quite difficult. As their owners live at the end of the road I wondered if it might be an idea to have a few dedicated motor cycle spaces at the end of the road or on Fernhead. Just a thought!”

The Council say:

“I am happy to investigate the possibility of additional provision if it is warranted. Currently motorcyclists who live in the borough are entitled to a resident permit that allows them to park on residents’ bays and many prefer to keep their bike within view and so they tend to shun motorcycle bays in preference to resident parking bays. Therefore. we need to ensure that any parking changes will benefit both car and bike users.”

The Chippenham

We have asked the Planning Department to investigate this issue:

“I wanted to draw your attention to the fact that there has been some demolition work in the back yard to the Chippenham Hotel pub. The area is now boarded off and while there doesn’t appear to be anything more happening it is concerning given the history of the owners with the Carlton Tavern.”

Fernhead Road

Residents have again told us of their concern about traffic speeds along Fernhead Road between Shirland Road and Carlton Vale. We have asked the Council if there is any action that can be taken to slow down traffic, particularly as St Luke’s Primary school is in this stretch of road.

Bradiston Road

We have asked the Council to remove an abandoned moped in Bradiston Road. The Council says: “The abandoned vehicle was removed and disposed of on Friday morning.”

Edbrooke Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

A considerable number of street lights are no longer working/ have been switched off on Edbrooke Road. Since there has been neither consultation or even information, there is no way of knowing whether this is a Council’s decision or a temporary state of affairs. Although days are getting longer, night will fall at some point and a very dark street presents a risk hazard, particularly to wheelchair users and those with a pram.”

Lapworth Court

We have asked the Council to remove an abandoned car outside Lapworth Court. The Council says vehicle has now been removed and that:

“To ensure that abandoned vehicles are investigated and dealt with in a timely manner,  it is advised that such matters are reported through via our website at https://www.westminster.gov.uk/report-it-vehicles, or by telephoning the Environmental Action Line on 0207 641 2000.  This will ensure a swift response and ensure that the job is allocated accordingly.  “

Paddington Rec – trees

We asked the Council’s Tree Officer to investigate this issue:

“We have recently arrived into the borough and now live in Leith Mansions on Grantully Road which is a delight, not only for the peace and quiet but the view across Paddington Rec. However the trees on Grantully road pavement have been pruned but the trees on Paddington Rec itself just on the Rose Garden side are incredibly high and do not seem to have been pruned in a long time. Could you ask if this is likely to be done any time soon.”

The Tree Officer says:

“There is a long-standing policy of regular crown reduction for the mature plane trees that line many of the roads in Maida Vale, including Grantully Road. The reason for this regular cycle of crown management is to maintain the trees at an appropriate size for their setting, and importantly to minimise the risk of tree related subsidence damage to the adjacent properties.

The mature plane trees in our parks and gardens have space to grown, further from properties and therefore there is not the need to manage the size of the trees as we do with the street trees. However, they are managed to minimise any potential risk that they may pose to public safety. These particular trees are inspected annually for any dead or diseased branches which if found is removed. There are no plans to reduce the height of these trees unless of course it became necessary to do so for safety reasons.  “

Sutherland Avenue/Castellain Road

We have asked the Council to contact BT about the red phone box at the corner of Sutherland Avenue and Castellain Road. Residents say:

“It’s in quite a dreadful state with graffiti and smashed glass. A bit of a blight on an otherwise attractive residential street.”

The Council says:

“We have reported this to BT and they will generally sort issues such as this out when they are raised with them. It is probably best for residents / businesses to report issues such as this directly to BT as they respond in the same timescales to residents as they do to a report from Council officers.  The number to call is 0800 661 610.  The more pressure that BT is put under (not just by the Council) regarding the state of their kiosks the more likely it is that a) they will get cleaned up and b) where appropriate they will be removed.”

Little Venice canal area

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Walking from the Rembrandt Garden in Little Venice alongside the canal towards Sheldon Square and under the motorway yesterday was a sad sight of a mattress and belongings which had been used during the night, as well as a large patch of vomit.  This area is often used by rough sleepers; can Westminster offer something better for those in need.”

Townshend Estate

We have reported an unauthorised parked motorbike in the cycle parking area and asked the Estate Office to investigate unauthorized parking in the area near Cotman House.

Circus Road

We have asked the Council to investigate whether a disabled parking bay on Circus Road is still required as residents say that it does not appear to have been used for the past five years. The Council says:

“The removal of this bay has been on the list for our contractor to do for some time now.  Following your email we have now flagged this up as urgent and the disabled element of the bay should now be removed within the next few weeks.”

Acacia Road/Ordnance Hill

We asked the Council to inspect a cracked wall at a property at this location to check that it was safe. The Council told us:

“I inspected this wall a couple of weeks ago and note it is not immediately dangerous although defective. It has at some point been rebuilt and is likely affected by the adjoining tree. There is a survey target on the corner pier which suggests this is being monitored by another surveyor/ structural engineer.”

The Clifton Pub, Clifton Hill

The Clifton Pub in St John’s Wood has potentially new tenants, Robson Brothers Ltd, after a three year closure!! All that is required is the license, which will be the same as the previous one, for a bar and restaurant.

Boundary Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“An area of footpath has been barriered off for at least six weeks and possibly nearer eight weeks. I am not sure what work was done originally requiring the barriers but I cannot believe they are now serving any useful purpose – no work has taken place for many weeks. They are in fact causing an obstruction as a parent with a pram would probably just about be able to get past, but I am certain a disabled person in a wheelchair would not be able to pass at all as the path has been narrowed so much. Apart from anything else, at this time of government cutbacks this is also a total waste of resources which I am sure could be better used elsewhere.”

Proposed St John’s Wood cycleway

Transport for London’s public consultation on Cycle Superhighway 11, planned to run from Swiss Cottage, through Regent’s Park, to Portland Place, is under way.

The scheme includes controversial proposals to close gates at the north and south ends of Regent’s Park for much of the day. Residents in the Swiss Cottage and St John’s Wood areas have launched a petition against the proposals which can be signed at:- www.change.org/p/transport-for-london-stop-transport-for-london-s-ill-planned-cycle-superhighway-11-scheme-in-north-london

Residents say:

“Please use your political voice to object to the proposed TFL cycle route which will be a nightmare for residents in your area “

“I was wondering what you are going to do about the very ill thought out cycle super highway 11 and the traffic chaos that will result from it in and around St. John’s Wood.”

St John’s Wood Terrace

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“We have frequently had minicabs parking in Resident bays in St John’s Wood Terrace which prevents us residents from finding parking. They sit there for a considerable amount of time whilst waiting for jobs etc. It is very frustrating. Is there anything that can be done?”

The Council tells us:

“We have tasked the Marshalls with increasing visits and enforcement in this area, as well as gathering information regarding times and vehicle/ company details in order that we can contact the relevant minicab companies. “

Regent’s Park Zoo

We are making enquiries with London Underground about this matter:

“There is very misleading information made on the Bakerloo line trains when they stop at Regent’s Park. The announcements states that ‘passengers should alight here for local buses to ZSL London Zoo’. This statement causes great confusion to many of the visitors hoping to go to London Zoo, for the following reasons.

  • They do not understand what ZSL means. Some think that it is another zoo not the main London Zoo.
  • They do not understand what is meant by ‘local’ buses and may think that this is a different service from the normal buses.
  • However, the most important point is that from Regent’s Park station there are NO buses (local or other) that go to London Zoo. The only bus that goes to the Zoo is the route 274 which only stops a very long way from Regents Park station. (in fact far closer to Baker Street station). 

Maybe the staff from the Bakerloo line should be made to make this journey themselves so that they realise how misleading the announcement is. As visitors to London are so important to the economy of our city, I feel that we should all do as much as possible to make our city as visitor friendly as possible.”

Amberley Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Amberley Road is a relatively narrow street which leads only to the buildings on it, and to the Amberley Estate. The Ark Atwood School on the south side of Amberley Road opened in September 2014. When it went to planning, it was clearly understood that parents would not be allowed to drive down Amberley Road to drop off pupils. The travel plan, which was approved, states that “Ark Atwood Primary Academy will operate a strict no drop-off/pick-up policy which will be promoted prior to the relocation and enforced by the school once they occupy the site.”

But the best efforts of the school have not stopped parents driving down Amberley Road to drop their children off. We have heard that there are problems between parents’ cars and Amberley Estate residents, and also of those children who are walking to school. Is it possible to get a proper street sign at the top of Amberley Road by the junction with Foscote Mews, which makes it clear that there is ‘no vehicular access for Ark Atwood School’ down Amberley Road? There is already a ’no through road’ sign in this position.”

Safety and Security

We have asked the police for an update following this enquiry:

“I was interested to read in the paper this week about a number of lone women (and mothers with young children) being robbed of jewellery in the middle of the day/late afternoon in Notting Hill, Maida Vale and St John’s Wood over the last 6 months. Can you please let me know what is being done about this?  I understand from the articles that the perpetrators are still at large.”

Chepstow Road

We have asked the Council to take action on this issue:

“I’m emailing you all this morning as we have been woken up yet again since 5am due to vibrations in our house caused by buses “bouncing” off the uneven road surface on Chepstow Road!! I have lived on Chepstow road for over 14 years and this is the worse it’s ever been! It is clearly apparent from viewing the road that it urgently needs resurfacing.”

The Council Highways officer says:

“I visited site yesterday afternoon and found the below…

  • outside no 25 there was a pot hole in the carriageway, this being the case a 2hr repair was ordered and while I was on site this was made safe, a P3 7-10 PERMANENT REPAIR has been put on the system.
  • Ouside no 6 in bus stop a pot hole – again a 2hr repair was sent to Zayo as it was still in Warranty and this was made safe and a perm repair scheduled in.
  • Outside no 52 there is an old Thames Water cross carriageway trench that has a very slight depression however I have also defected this to TW and a permanent repair will be programmed in.”

In addition, the Council says. “Chepstow Rd as far as I am aware is not in the 2016 resurfacing programme.”

Residents say: “This is disappointing news for residents of Chepstow Road. The present situation for residents will continue to get worse! The road surface is obviously inadequate!”

In addition, we raised the issue of bus speeds along Chepstow Road with TfL who say:

“We take health and environmental issues very seriously and, if we receive complaints of this nature, always notify the relevant bus operating companies. I’ve been in contact with Metroline and Tower Transit, the two bus operators responsible for running the night bus services along Chepstow Road. I can confirm that the appropriate measures have been taken to ensure that all drivers on these night routes are adhering to the speed limit along Chepstow Road at all times and to be mindful of local residents.”

Bayswater Road

We are supporting residents who are opposed to the new development which is being proposed for Bayswater Road and Queensway.

“The images shown on the WCC website show a bulbous blockhouse which is quite out of keeping with the generic architecture along the Bayswater Road.  Although in general the design of the buildings in Bayswater Road is a mixed bunch, this particular proposal has to take the prize in being the most unattractive in its size, bulk and so-called “decorative features” which are apparently supposed to bring to mind “ripples of water”. Also I would like to point out that “affordable housing”, a contribution to which will be made by the developer to the borough is not the same as ‘social housing” and that is what is needed in our area. “

Leinster Square issues – update

The Council Officer for the area says:

I visited Leinster Square on Friday last, where I started at 13-19. This is a licensed site and is being monitored closely regarding deliveries/traffic management etc. I had a word with the site manager to inform him that things need to be managed more tightly. I then spoke to the site at 7-12 regarding clearing/unblocking both gullies outside their site, which they assured me they would action ASAP. Finally, I looked outside 1-4 where I couldn’t see any defects/trip hazards/rocking slabs etc. However, our dedicated highways officer, who is more of an expert than me, will be visiting the square imminently to pass his opinion. I, also, shall be swinging by over the coming days.”

Residents say:

“Many thanks for all your help and for the above information. It is much appreciated. I’ve also had contact from the noise team and things are very much quieter although apparently all the managers of the different sites denied any knowledge of issues around equipment that might be causing noise! I am very grateful to you and them.”

37 Leinster Square

We have asked the Council to investigate noisy building works at this property.

Haminados, 78 Chepstow Road,

Last year, a much loved local cafe in Chepstow Road was refused planning permission for the use of its garden as part of the cafe. The result is that it cannot even open its windows, which must be unreasonable. No surprisingly, the cafe wants to regain full use of its garden again for patrons and staff. We have asked the Planning Department how the owners of the cafe can go forward in line with planning policies.

Paddington Station

We have asked the Council to take action on the idling black cabs outside Paddington Station parked on double yellow lines with their engines running. Residents say these taxis are blocking ambulances and they also park in the cycle lane, as well increasing pollution in the area.

Maida Vale lost bus stop – what you say

“Could you not please try once more to get a bus stop replaced on the Maida Vale block between Abercorn Place and Hall Road – one resident with lots of money has had his personal wish resolved to the inconvenience of so many other residents.  Not a day goes by without someone bemoaning the loss of the bus stop.”

Castellain Road – what you say

“I too have frequently noticed cars driving the wrong way down Castellain Road, and also Lauderdale Road.  Not only that, but they are exiting onto Elgin Avenue through “No Entry” signs.  There are two easy solutions to this problem.  Either block off completely the entrance at Elgin Avenue, and have a flower bed or preferably a cycle hire rack, making Lauderdale and Castellain a crescent, entered from Sutherland Avenue and leaving at Warrington roundabout.  Or have a much narrower access at Elgin Avenue.”

Woodfield Road proposals – what you say

“A proposed 15-storey tower block on the corner of Woodfield Road is causing local residents much concern; not just the height of the building but the size of the development and the fact that it will include (i.e we lose) a car park and green open space. “

 What you say

“Thanks for making sure that pothole at the intersection of Abbey Road and Marlborough Place got filled!”

“As always, thank you for the forensic detail and follow through with all the nitty-gritty of NW Westminster. You and your colleagues do a fantastic job.”

“Thank you for another informative report.”

“Your Action Report is always so interesting and you do get lots of problems solved.”

“It’s good to see our councillors doing so much to support social justice in our community. Often it can seem as if the local council is not listening to its constituents.”

“Thank you for your latest report and many thanks for dealing with our complaints and worries concerning our local environment!”

“Thank you for the Action Report. I always read all of them and find them very informative. Keep up the good work.”

“You and your colleagues have been busy- thank you! Pleased to see that you’re keeping abreast of contentious planning applications and delighted that Air Pollution is being taken seriously.”

“Thank you, as always, for a very useful report on current issues and problems. Your follow up is fantastic! Many thanks.”

“Thank you for your reports as it is great to know that someone is looking after the interests of residents of North Westminster.”

“I gratefully receive your regular emails regarding local issues”

“Thanks for taking the time to make this useful report.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council




Church Street

Following a recent stabbing outside Alfie’s we have again called on the Council to reinstate the CCTV cameras that were removed last year.

Cherwell House

We have asked the Council to investigate the continuing dumping of food outside the shops which attracts pigeons, foxes and vermin and creates a health hazard.

George Peabody House, Bell Street

We have asked Peabody to investigate this issue:

“Rough sleepers are moving into this block every night, occupying the common parts. The caretaker has been calling the police when he arrives in the morning but they have run away before the police arrive. They are smoking and taking drugs and leave piles of their rubbish. This is a terrifying situation for us living there, especially as many are elderly and, like me, live alone. Although this is not a council property, is there any action the council can take urgently to ensure these people are stopped from entering?”

27 Tresham Crescent

We are supporting local residents who are opposing the Council’s proposal to relocate the Pentecostal Church from the Dudley House area, Paddington Basin to 27 Tresham Crescent. Residents are concerned about a number of issues, including:

  • noise of loud amplified live music on Sunday morning and in the evening
  • traffic problems caused by visitors to the church who arrive by car

27 Tresham Crescent has just been built for two nurseries and a Play Centre specialising in play for disabled children. We agree with residents that Westminster Council should find a more suitable temporary home for the Pentecostal Church. Disappointingly, the Planning Committee gave planning permission for the church for four years but we will be working with residents to monitor noise and traffic issues.

Lisson Grove

The pavement outside Armitage House at the bottom of Lisson Grove has an increasing number of loose and wobbly paving stones and we have asked the Council for this to be investigated and repairs undertaken. The Council says:

“This section of highway was walked on Monday and a number of rocking slabs identified for repair. They were put in for 7 or 28 day repair (depending on how bad they were). Some were found not to be meeting intervention criteria and so were left for the next inspection.”

Penn House, Lisson Green

There is real disappointment from residents living at Penn House because the replacement building, Lisson Arches, has not yet been started despite the Council’s original promises.   The elderly residents had expected to be living there by now.  There have been problems about moving pipes and cables underground and now the Council cannot find the plans for the foundations of Chequers House which is immediately adjacent to the proposed Lisson Arches building.  It is thought that all the drawings were put on microfiche by the Council which has now disintegrated.

West End Green site

The fact that the long-empty site on Edgware Road, behind Paddington Green police station, is to be developed is good news. However, the developers are currently only offering 23% affordable housing – well below even Westminster Council’s own guidelines. You can see the planning application and make comments here:


Marylebone flyover

We have asked TfL to investigate this matter:

On approaching Marylebone Road via A40, as you near Paddington Green, the 30MPH sign cannot be seen by motorists, it has been turned, now facing across the the motorway. Are tickets, being issued for speeding, at this section, now we have the Average Speed Cameras/cameras operating?”

Prince of Wales, Harrow Road

We are making further enquiries after receiving this message:

“After the successful opposition to transforming the Prince of Wales Pub into a betting shop or similar disagreeable operations, the building has been totally gutted and is barely supported by rudimentary scaffolding with a corrugated iron roof. The whole flimsy structure on the corner of a busy road is an eyesore and a potential collapse risk. Do you know what is planned for it?”

Lydford Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“Since the waterworks wee carried out in Tamplin Mews gardens last year the traffic was diverted off Chippenham Road to Lydford Road and surrounding roads. Once work had been completed I assumed traffic would reduce. But it is busier than ever as drivers have found a short cut to Fernhead Road.  My main concern is the speed of the cars that travel down this road. Cars have been scratched by these car and safety is compromised. What was once a very quiet road has become a main road.

Could the council please monitor this road and put in traffic calming methods.  And please don’t wait for casualties to occur first to put those measures in place.”

The Council say:

“A review of the safety record for Lydford Road reveals that there have been no personal injury accidents over the 36-month period up to the end of July 2015. It is recognised that in view of the comment that traffic conditions have changed in Lydford Road that this review may not reflect current circumstances. Accordingly, it is proposed that the Police be requested to carry out a traffic speed survey to assess existing traffic conditions and assist in identifying any appropriate traffic calming measures. I would add that the number of measures on roads of this width and type, which in particular seek to reduce damage to vehicles, are limited and can result in a loss of parking and/or the requirement for one-way working. In the interim whilst further investigations are taking place it is proposed to look at whether ‘SLOW’ markings on the carriageway would help to mitigate the concerns raised.”

Warlock Road

We have asked the Council to check that the street lights along Warlock Road between Walterton Road and Chippenham Road to see if it some additional lighting might be provided. We have also asked for a check be made to see that all the lights on and around the Maida Hill Marketplace are working properly.

Saltram Crescent

We have asked the Council for an update on the Saltram Crescent traffic calming proposals and have asked the Council to implement the double one-way system that residents agreed last year. Here is the latest report recommending the go-ahead for the proposals


Speeding on Elgin Avenue between Shirland and Chippenham Road junctions

We are continuing to press the Council and Police to address the urgent need to find measures that will reduce the daily speeding madness between these two junctions. Residents say:

“This is a residential road not an urban highway where safety priorities should be given to the residents in the first instance as well as to the many students on their way to and from the numerous schools near by.”

Paddington ‘Pole’

We have welcomed the announcement of the withdrawal of the Paddington Pole proposals, that we first called for in December when the developers first submitted their planning application and Westminster Council sought to push ahead with the application for a decision in early March 2016. We have been clear that the scheme proposed failed to deliver for local people, changing the skyline dramatically but failing to to provide much needed affordable housing. The excellent campaigning work by local residents, the Skyline Campaign, SEBRA and others have helped now force the developers and the council to see sense and delay the project.

The designers must now go back to the drawing board and come back with a radically revised plan that dramatically reduces the height of any new building and significantly increases the number of social and genuinely affordable homes in Westminster generated by the scheme. Labour group leader Councillor Adam Hug said:

“Westminster residents won’t accept only cosmetic changes to the Paddington Pole plans, shaving off just a few floors and hoping no one notices. There must be a real rethink about how this important site is used so that it benefits local people. We must all remain vigilant to ensure that this happens.”

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the Council to repair a number of deep potholes on Elgin Avenue between Randolph Avenue and Biddulph Road.

Castellain Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I am petrified to see that in the past few months, a number of vehicle are driving through Castellain Road in the wrong direction. This is becoming a much too often occurrence and again fear for all residents of all age as needless to point out that these vehicles are not even driving in slowly! Would the answer be to fit automatic camera(s) sending an immediate ticket to the registered owner of the vehicle?”

We have also asked the Council to removed an abandoned blue Jaguar car which has ben there for weeks accumulating parking tickets.

Parking at Essendine and St Augustine’s Schools – Update

The Council has given us this update:

We have recently received several complaints from nearby residents and parents regarding the issue of parking around Essendine and St Augustines’s schools.  As a result of this we have increased the activity of our marshals in these locations. 

We do provide a parking concession for all schools whereby parents can register for the scheme and display a badge that allows them to park on single and double yellow lines for 10 minutes in order that they can drop off their children without having to park directly in front of the school and also preventing the need for double parking.  However, I understand both of the schools in question have so far not taken up the offer of joining the scheme.

We are also proposing that when the schools return on 11 January we will send Marshals to both locations to carry out a zero tolerance campaign, Monday – Friday between the hours of 08.30 to 09:00 and 15:15 to 15:45. We will support this action with our CCTV vehicle.  We will also provide any necessary support to our marshals as there has been aggressive behaviour from some of the parents when approached by the marshals. In the long term we will continue to recommend that both schools join the schools parking concession programme and that the schools themselves actively promote the benefits of safe parking. “

Lanark Road Development

Councillor Rita Begum has set out why she objects to the Lanark Road proposals as currently designed and has written to the Council to say:

“I would like to take this opportunity to put on record my objection to the Dolphin Living development as it is currently proposed on Lanark Road. As you will know this application has caused significant concerns for a large number of local residents who have let me know their worries about the proposed height and bulk of the proposed new block of flats. As currently designed, some residents consider that the block could cause significant problems over privacy, overlooking and light for residents in Carlton Vale and Randolph Avenue.

This application has suffered from a significant and damaging lack of communication from an early stage with two of the three of Maida Vale councillors and with the wider local community. It seems that initial pre-application discussions by the developer were conducted primarily with one of the three ward councillors (not me), council officers and the Cabinet Member, which did not capture the full extent of possible community concern. While efforts by the developer to discuss residents concerns have been made more recently, these discussions have taken place with the current design already in place. A site visit for me was only arranged by the developer on Tuesday 2nd February. I put a number of questions to the Cabinet member for Housing 3 weeks ago on behalf of local residents but these have still not been answered at time of writing. Over the last few months I have worked to see if meaningful change to the scheme could be achieved by the time of it reaches committee, however at this stage it does not look hopeful.

This is potentially a very important scheme for the local area. The current youth and community facilities are in need of upgrading and the proposed new centre would have significant local benefits, particularly for young people. The provision of 10 new social housing flat for families plus the new intermediate flats, provided they are genuinely affordable for local people, are also welcome.

Westminster Council should look again at the possibility of using the affordable housing fund (to help with the intermediate flats) or the incoming Community Infrastructure Levy (to help with the youth and community centre) to assist with the Lanark Road scheme. Such additional funding could enable a revised scheme to provide its important community benefits whilst reducing the proposed height and bulk of the new building.

It is with a heavy heart that I am unable to support this scheme as proposed. I would urge Dolphin Living and the Council to rethink the project and come back with a revised scheme that helps provide these important new community facilities and affordable housing but also meets the needs of existing residents.”

Porteus Road/St Mary’s Terrace

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue raised by a resident:

“I want to ask for something to be done with a rubbish bin on the corner of Porteus Road and St Mary’s Terrace.  More and more people are leaving household garbage in the bin.  The bags burst open and there is garbage on the street.  I see the bin got emptied (by regular service) but no one has cleaned up the garbage around the bin.  Which brings up a further point.  I have noticed an increase in street trash over the past month to month and a half.  If there is any street sweeper, they don’t come very often.  Considering this is a path between Sheldon Square and Edgware Road, with lots of foot traffic we get much garbage thrown on the street.  The street sweeping should reflect that.”

The Council says:

“The local City Inspector is aware of the issue and has been trying to tackle the dumping issue but unfortunately with limited success to date. These bins were originally installed to assist dog walkers’ dispose of bagged waste but it now appears they are being misused and have become a convenient waste dumping spot which is obviously not what street litter bins are intended for. I have asked that the bin is relocated. This will be done in the next few days once we have identified a new location. I have also spoken to the local cleansing manager who along with the City inspector will monitor the street.”

Marlborough Place/Abbey Road

We have asked the Council to repair the many potholes after receiving this message:

“The worst offender is at the intersection of Marlborough Place and Abbey Road. There is a very large pothole at that intersection, which can damage to your car If you are driving across that intersection along Marlborough Place. You have to slow down considerably to traverse the pothole safely! There are also a number of potholes on the block of Marlborough Place between Abbey Road and Hamilton Terrace.”

Lodge Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this problem:

“Lodge Road was recently resurfaced but inadequate attention was given to drainage as, after every even modest rainfall puddles remain at several places on the road, mainly on the south side.  This is not only inconvenient when crossing, but the puddle at the junction with Park Road which can be in excess of 20 metres long, is a particular hazard for passing pedestrians who have to avoid getting drenched from the not inconsiderate amount of traffic coming southwards from the nearby roundabout and turning into Lodge Road.  Can you draw this to the attention of the Highways Department with a view to remedial work being undertaken at all points where necessary”

Lisson Grove/Wharncliffe Gardens

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“When walking up or down the west side of Lisson Grove I invariably see rats on the bridge across the Regent’s Canal between the railings and the pavement and a number of rat holes are clearly visible.  There does not appear to be any evidence of measures being undertaken to eradicate these and perhaps you would ask the relevant department of WCC to take action, please, especially because of the closeness of the Wharncliffe Gardens Estate.”

The Council says:

“This is an issue that we were aware of following routine inspections by our officers.  Rodent activity was identified in this area in late December 2015 and a reactive treatment was subsequently implemented with baiting has been taking place during January 2016.  We have increased the frequency of visits in order to gain control of the infestation. Wharncliffe Gardens itself is currently under a pro-active baiting programme for rats, agreed to and funded by City West Homes.  At this stage the activity appears to be localised to the raised planter over the canal and will shortly be brought under control. “

Elgood House, Wellington Road

We are taking up this issue with City West Homes:

“Despite diligently paying for management services through my charges every month, I am having a great deal of difficulty in getting the St. John’s Wood estate office to take ownership of issues, and to manage them to resolution. I have been asking them to resolve a problem that we had around noisy pipes that I first raised with them in November last year. I have been very patient, and I understand that that the holidays did cause timing disruptions, however, not only has the issue not been resolved, it appears to have worsened”

Empty properties in St John’s Wood

We have asked the Planning Department for an update on the situation at 34 Marlborough Place which has been derelict for over 5 years and at a property at 15 Loudon Road in a similar long standing state of dereliction.  The Council says:

“In respect of 34 Marlborough Place, we have recently refused planning permission for the construction of front, side and rear first floor extensions and installation of rooflights on design grounds. The extensions are far too big,

In respect of 15 Loudoun Road, there is a valid planning permission and listed building consent for the erection of single storey extensions to the front, side and rear, excavation of basement, internal and elevational alterations and new front boundary wall. The applicant has started to discharge a number of the conditions, and we currently have an approval of details application for the Construction Management Plan (CMP), so hopefully works will start shortly if we are satisfied with the CMP.”

Ryder’s Terrace

We are supporting residents who are opposing yet another planning application to build a mega basement at 40 Ryder’s Terrace. Residents say:

“The basement would appear on the face of it to run counter to both the WCC cited guidelines and the proposal put forward in Parliament by our MP, Karen Buck, to curtail such development. The proposed basement runs the entire width of the plot east to west. Moreover, the huge amount of soil that would be extracted all has to be removed via the narrow ramp leading from Blenheim Terrace to Ryder’s Terrace making life a total misery for residents in the immediate vicinity specially bearing in mind that there is very limited space for dumper trucks to turn around. “

Acacia Road/Ordnance Hill

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“There is an empty house on Acacia Road and Ordinance Hill that has a six foot wall that looks dangerous as has cracks which could fall and hurt someone”

Northwick Terrace

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Thames Water fixed a mains leak about ten days ago but left ‘Road Closed’ signs at both ends of Northwick Terrace. Are you able to get them removed?”

The Council says:

“Thames Water have been notified and Section 74 overstay charges are being applied. Thanks for passing this on as we are able to levy charges on the utility for such failings. If you or a resident wish to report signs left behind after works they can drop an email to my team at Permits@westminster.gov.uk

Townshend Estate

Residents on the Townshend Estate tell us that they are concerned about growing anti-social behaviour and drug dealing on the estate. Residents suggest installing CCTV and we have asked City West Homes if this can be considered. City West Homes say:

“We have received a number reports of youths congregating on the estate in recent weeks, but nothing that we have been able to take any specific action on. Last week however, the gate to the playground on the estate was vandalized. We cannot be certain that this is related to the youths congregating, although it could well be the same group of youths. We have reported our concerns to the Police and will keep them posted on any further developments. In the light of your e-mail, a letter will be issued to the estate this week, asking residents to be vigilant and to report any incidences following the vandalism that occurred last week.

You mention the possible use of CCTV. This is something that could be considered if there was an increase of antisocial behaviour incidents and could identify specific hot spots where cameras would help. In the absence of specific incidents, CCTV is not a realistic option at this stage but something we could explore should the position change.”

Canal tow path near Westbourne Park

We are continuing to try to find an organization that will take responsibility for installing lighting along the canal tow path.

Tavistock Road

We asked the Council to look into this issue:

“Can you please look at the renewal of the tree in the raised area with benches outside the Metropolitan Public House in Tavistock Road W11.  This small tree one of 3 disappeared at the same time as area was used by Cross Rail developers, I assume that cross rail removed it.  The other 2 trees from this street landscaping project still remain.”

The Council’s Tree Officer tells us:

“I recall that the tree was indeed removed to facilitate Crossrail works. Once the area is free of their works compound I’ll make sure a replacement is planted.”

Alfred Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue with Westminster Academy:

“I live on Alfred Road which sadly is never without rubbish despite the hard work of the cleaners both estate and council street ones. It’s particularly bad surrounding the Westminster Academy building and leading onto the railway bridge.”

The Council tell us:

“This issue has been reported to the Local City inspector who will speak to the Academy principal to ensure students are reminded about their break times and the need to use street litter bins. In the meantime, Veolia will continue to visit as scheduled but I have additionally requested them to see if they can pick the spurious litter items from the wire coverings surrounding the trees today. The green/playground areas behind the Academy are managed by Leisure so I will highlight these issues to them and ask the local CI to liaise with them also.”

Residents say:

“I sincerely appreciate you taking the time required to try sort this out.”

Porchester Road – trees

We are following up on this enquiry:

“Any news on the promised replacement of the felled tree outside the West London Buddhist Centre on Porchester Road?”

The Council say:

“I’ll need to check but I recall that there were problems incorporating a replacement tree owing to the traffic sign and services.  You may wish to know that trial pits for the replacement trees outside Waitrose are due to commence within the next week or two.”

Porchester Road – bike racks

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Could you find out whether the cycle hoops outside Waitrose on Porchester Road will be put back? They were removed during the building works to redevelop Waitrose which were completed in autumn 2015. The hoops have not been returned and, as many people cycle to Waitrose, there is often nowhere to park. I would have expected the developers to have made a commitment to return the hoops but this does not seem to be happening.”

The Council has told us:

“The works to the development that removed the hoops is not complete. I am advised that they are due to be returned on completion of the works as part of some street environment upgrades (such as new trees). This will be completed over the coming 15 weeks.”

Hereford Road

We have asked the Council to investigate noisy building works at a property in Hereford Road.

Chepstow Road

We have raised this matter with the Council and TfL:

“More and more residents are becoming increasingly upset and concerned about the buses on Chepstow Road. I do not have a problem with the number of them using this route but I do have a problem with the speed at which they drive when the road is not congested or busy. At night, and particularly during the early hours of the morning, the buses race along at a speed that must be above the limit. Because the road, after endless re-patching and repairs, is not even and smooth, the buses hit the various bumps and dips causing our properties to ‘jump’; it is very disturbing and some of my neighbours who sleep on the upper floors are awoken at 5am on a daily basis, which seems to be when the problem is at its worst. There are cracks appearing also in many of our houses and flats. What is the speed limit for Chepstow Road? Is there a special, lower, limit for HGVs and larger vehicles such as buses? Could we have speed cameras installed? Could TFL and the various bus companies be held accountable and asked to train their drivers to respect the inhabitants of residential streets?”

Craven Hill

We are making enquiries with the Council about this issue:

“There is an approved plan for a mega basement two levels deep next door to our residence. The owner has now submitted a variation that will include the basement going out UNDERNEATH the public right-of-way. Surely there must be a stop to all of this. How far can they go? I hope you will voice your strong disapproval of this latest plan to extend an already massive basement.”

The Council say:

“The question of the increased footprint of the proposed basement will be a material consideration in dealing with this fresh planning application. In respect of excavation under part of the public highway, policy does allow development under the highway and restricts the extent of the works in order to ensure that services and essential street furniture can be provided. The new basement policy also allows basement excavations under the public highway. In planning terms, there is no compensation payable, although the owners need to obtain all necessary approvals under the Highways Act.

I understand that the Highways Authority owns in most cases the right to surface and resurface the highway and to install street lighting/drains etc. and therefore own the top two spits” – that is, the top two spade depths – or however deep they need to dig down, to lay a reasonable running surface- which is why we have the requirement to retain a minimum vertical depth below the footway of 900mm.If we have brought the land in order to build a road on it, we may still own the subsoil, but in the majority of cases, the people who own the properties on each side often own the land underneath the highway.”

Leinster Square

We have asked the Council to investigate the following issues:

“Works have started at 14-16 Leinster Square, where the hotel used to be. The main pavement is completely blocked off at that point and the pavement opposite, next to the gardens, is extremely narrow. Vehicle parking has not been discontinued there so of course there are vehicles backing onto it, making pavement access completely unavailable. It is therefore necessary to walk in the road which can be quite dangerous. I myself was nearly knocked down by an Alchemi vehicle reversing without warning the other day.”

“The ongoing saga of the blocked drain.  This was reported on 6th August to the Council. It is still outstanding and this drain floods to several feet either side every time it rains. On one side of it the kerb is completely pulverised, probably by Alchemi vehicles.”

“Outside Nos 1-4 there are several loose paving stones which need to be fixed.”

Children’s Services

We have asked the Council to explain this very worrying situation:

“I’m responding on the issue of children’s services in the borough. I have a 6-month old son, my first child, and have been using the facilities at Westbourne Children’s Centre, Senior Street. The staff and activities there are wonderful – helpful, informative, supportive and, at times, a real lifeline. I was really upset to learn that these services are being lost. In fact, the baby group, which took place every Monday afternoon, has now ended as one member of staff isn’t being replaced and the staff member who ran the group has been moved to Queen’s Park.

Westminster Council is running a (poorly advertised) consultation on changes to these services. Their website states that no changes will take place until October 2016 – how is it then that my centre has already had to make changes and we users are already having our services cut? I know other centres have also had to do so. Finally, I’ve also been told that Westminster plans to close all the hub centres and will run services from just three centres for the entire borough! How can that deliver a decent service? I’d be really grateful if you could look onto this with Westminster, particularly the changing of services before their own, published, deadline.”

Air Quality

We have asked the Council and TfL to investigate this suggestion from a resident:

“There was a recent article in the Sunday Times regarding a novel US technology which can measure exhaust emissions and identify cars which are emittng above the agreed limits. This could provide a solution to London’s air quality problem. The costs could be recouped by fining the small minority of drivers whose cars are the largest part of the problem. For more details please see the manufacturer’s website at:


The article in the Sunday Times (available on the above website) indicates that they are interested in deploying this technology in the UK. Is this something which you could promote in Westminster? Emissions monitoring in this way is a practical way of tacking our air quality problem – and I can see too many other ways of achieving this without draconian steps (e.g. banning 50% of cars each day in London).”

‘Paddington Pole’ – what you say

“I too, am horrified at the impact to the skyline for the view from our Royal Parks and the erosion of the rural aspect of the parks. Where can I make my protest count?”

“The Shard is proposed instead of a lower rise development that offers far more homes. The sole purpose of the Shard is to provide highly profitable, penthouse apartments with wonderful views over Hyde Park for Russian billionaires. That is why many of us are fighting these schemes. We want developments that provide housing for a mix of people – including ordinary Londoners. “

“This whole proposal seems to have a planning momentum that we lesser mortals trying to build a tiny extension to our tiny flat can only dream of!  “

The Chippenham area – what you say

“How fed up I am with many of our local residents.  They complain about seating at Maida Hill market because people sit and drink – why shouldn’t they as long as they are not yelling obscenities at passers by and throwing things at them?  Anyway the seats help the food sales of the little stalls.   Now people are complaining about the Shisha places – what harm are they doing?  All this is part of a lively area.  Next they say they are frightened walking home at night?  I’m a 65 year old woman who has lived round here for over 30 years and have often and often walked home alone late at night and never been threatened or attacked.  The very fact that we have street live is what makes the area safe. Please don’t join with them to harass the mixed range of locals who make this place the vivid, friendly, energetic quarter it is.”

Social housing – what you say

“Why is the council not pushing new developments hard to provide a much higher number of not just affordable housing – but social housing? At the moment we have a chronic housing shortage on one hand in London, and developers selling 70% of all new homes to foreign buyers on the other. This is a crazy situation. How when London’s population is increasing, and with it, the need for housing, can we continue to sell such a large percentage of our housing stock as investment for wealthy foreigners? What about a higher percentage of social housing?”

What you say

“Thanks for your latest report which I always read with interest.”

“I always appreciate receiving the Westminster North Action Report, thank you!”

“Thank you for the ongoing reports, they are much appreciated”

“I’m hugely impressed with the speed and the response. I might even vote Labour again!”

“It is always great to receive your report.”

“As usual, I am impressed by your endless energy and ability to move things forward in our local area. Well done and please continue the good work.”

“Please allow me to thank you for not only keeping us au fait of all what is happening in our area, but also for your prompt attitude with Westminster on all areas of problems.”

“Keep up the good work you do a great”

“Thank you, as always, for this very interesting report.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council





West End Green

The West End Green site on the corner of Edgware Road and Church Street which has been a car park and car wash for the last 25 years has been bought by Berkeley Homes, who have now submitted a new planning application for a mixed use development. This will include almost 700 private and affordable homes, offices, shops, restaurants and a small boutique cinema, with construction planned to commence in summer 2016. along with Karen Buck MP, we are very concerned by the suggestion that only just over 20% of the 700 homes proposed will be “affordable”, and we are keen to ensure that local residents are content with the design, especially of the proposed tower.

Church Street CCTV cameras

 We are continuing to chase the Council on this issue:

 “What is happening with the missing cctv cameras at the corner of Church Street and Gateforth, Plympton Streets? We need them! When will they be reinstated?”

 Church Street toilets

We have asked the Council for an update on this issue:

“Good to learn about the council’s efforts to stop the Church Street public toilets from recent misuse. Problem is also that while it is kept closed in order to avoid misuse this lovely old building is badly in need of maintenance to stop it falling into terminal disrepair. The roof tiles are covered in moss, tiles are being dislodged by energetic seagulls, and the guttering is growing a garden! Somebody needs to look at this much admired feature of old Church Street and invest in its future by giving it an overdue spring clean and doing some elementary maintenance.”

 The Council says “maintenance work to the roof and gutters will now be undertaken early in the New Year.”

 Lisson Grove/ Marylebone Road junction

We have reported this issue to the Road Safety Team:

“This is always held up by parked coaches and delivery vans narrowing the crossing to one lane. Only a few yards back the pavement is double width for no good reason – couldn’t some emergency parking facility be installed there?”

 The Chippenham area

We are making inquiries with the Council about these issues:

“I am keen to hear plans for the development of the Chippenham and whether anything can be done about these awful Shisha places that are directly opposite! When you walk past the smoke bellowing out I always wonder how this manages to get past the smoking ban. Also leaving burning hot coals in the street outside surely isn’t allowed? There really is a desperate need for some other businesses in this area, I was very sad to see Stitching Room has moved on.”

 The Council has given us the following update:

 “Talk of the Town, 122-124 Chippenham Road

 The appeal against the City Council’s refusal of planning permission (ref: 14/08593/FULL) for the “Use of ground floor premises and forecourt area as a mixed internet cafe and shisha smoking place (Sui Generis) and erection of supported and enclosed canopy structure on forecourt area with associated alteration to forecourt (retrospective application)” remains ongoing and the appeal site inspection is due to take place on the 4th January 2016. The City Council should receive a decision from the Planning Inspectorate within five weeks after the site inspection.

 The Planning Enforcement Team has prepared a report to serve an enforcement notice on the property in the event that the appeal is dismissed. The enforcement notice will require the shisha smoking use to cease and for the forecourt extension to be removed. 

 Momtaz Shisha Café, 99 Chippenham Road

 The City Council served an enforcement notice formally requiring the use of the site as a mixed café/restaurant and shisha smoking place to cease in December 2013. The lawful use of the site is as a café/restaurant.  Prosecution action commenced in June 2014 following non-compliance with the notice and the exchange of extensive correspondence with the owner’s legal representatives.  The owner has claimed that the notice is invalid because it was not served properly, but the City Council disputes this.  The owner has also claimed that he is complying with the notice by ensuring that shisha smoking at the site is only ancillary to the lawful restaurant use, which the City Council also disputes.  He pleaded not guilty at Westminster Magistrates’ Court earlier this year and requested trial by jury in the Crown Court.  There is due to be a trial at Southwark Crown Court in January 2016.”

Lanark Road

Dolphin Living have been chosen by Westminster Council to re-develop the Lanark Road site which currently includes the Lanark Centre, Paddington Boy’s club and a facility used by St George’s School. We welcome the new, much needed, homes and the re-building of the community facilities – but it is also important that the design is right and the impact on neighbouring residents kept to a minimum.

Warrington Crescent

 We raised this issue with the Council:

“Your newsletter update prompted me to write about  a building called ‘Manor House’ at the top of Warrington Crescent, W9, the Warwick Avenue end. When the church grounds were sold some of the pavement was taken, and all the low walled green space with the benches was taken away. Residents were assured that there would still be places to sit, within the development, where a small courtyard with plants and benches was built. Indeed, we did sit there sometimes, and could walk through from Warwick Avenue to Warrington Crescent to do so. But then, gates were erected at both ends of this ‘common space’ and we were locked out.  I don’t remember when; nor the actual reasons given; whether permission was granted. I would be really grateful if you could look into the history of this piece of amenity land, its disappearance and its recent continual encroachment.”

 The Council says:

 “There was fa planning application or the installation of new railings and gate and change of use of the public highway to private amenity area to Manor House. The application was reported to the Planning Sub-Committee on 18 December 2012 and Members resolved to grant planning permission and also authorised the Stopping Up Order for the area of highway necessary to enable the development to take place. Permission was granted due to the anti-social behavior.”

 Grove End Road

 The Council has updated us on the missing refuse bin:

 Our bin washing team took this bin away to be jet-washed recently but it has since been returned. Normally they would replace the bin at the same time as they take one away so apologies for the confusion.”

 Junction of Hall Road/Circus Road/Grove End Road

We have reported this issue to the Road Safety Team

“Allowing a right turn from Circus Road inevitably means all other traffic misses a green light – especially as the buses on this narrow road delay traffic when meeting vehicles coming the other way. Couldn’t the Southbound light stay green longer than the North one to facilitate this turn? This is now done at the Avenue Road/Regents Park junction most successfully.”

 Woronzow Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The enormous development of a house here has been ongoing for some years. Recently, after some time, another refurbishment was done. The pavement outside has been extensively damaged by all these works and never repaired – isn’t it the responsibility of the developer to reinstate this?”

 Aldridge Road Villas – prostitutes

We have been working with the police to use some of their sadly depleted resources into monitoring this area. We are also calling on City West Homes to see what more they can do design and lighting wise at the back of Dorchester House to limit the problems.

‘Paddington Shard’

We are very concerned that the plans for the controversial new ‘Paddington Shard’ development might be rushed through by Easter 2016, despite only opening for public consultation on December 14th 2015. The proposed 254-metre tower (up to 72 floors) on the old Royal Mail sorting office site on London Road next to Paddington Station is designed by architect Renzo Piano for the Sellar Property Group, the team behind the Shard at London Bridge.

The proposals will contain up to 349 new homes, over 100,000 sq ft of office space and 50,000 sq ft of retail and leisure facilities. The scheme has the potential to dramatically regenerate the area around Paddington Station, providing new job opportunities and public realm benefits, but has a number of significant problems, not least the currently proposed lack of affordable housing.

Many local residents are concerned about the height of the proposed building and its impact on the surrounding area. They are not alone in this concern, as according to the ‘Independent’, Heritage England have made it clear that they have “very serious concerns indeed” about the proposed project. They have written that “A building of this scale in this location threatens harm, some of its substantial, to many designated heritage assets across a wide geographical area, including listed buildings, registered historic parks and conservation areas…If permitted, this building would be the beginning of a permanent change in the character of a large part of London.”

The development is likely to have a significant impact on traffic and local public transport that must be fully understood before approval is given. The project must not impede the work at St Mary’s Hospital or its future development needs, and we are calling on the applicants to work collaboratively with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to ensure any new development benefits the hospital and its patients.

Chepstow Road – refuse collection

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I have noticed that the garbage collectors on Chepstow Road have recently been leaving large wheelie bins open after they have emptied them which results in rainwater build up at the bottom of the bins as well as inviting passers-by to jettison their own rubbish into these larger bins. The council should be made aware of this and I am not sure who the right person to contact is – hence this message!”

The Council say:

“I’ve highlighted specific location to Veolia to highlight to collection crews alongside general reminder of bin ‘etiquette’”

Chepstow Road – parking

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“May I bring to your attention the case of the motor cycle which for the past four weeks (at least) has been occupying Residents’ Parking space in Chepstow Road? The practice of parking motor cycle on Residents’ Parking Spaces has grown in recent months. Can we please have a note of the Council’s policy for addressing this problem?”

The Council say:

“I can now confirm that the motorbike in question has a valid resident’s permit which covers Chepstow Road. The council’s policy is that any Westminster resident who can prove that they have a vehicle registered and insured at their address is entitled to a resident’s parking permit, this includes motorcycle users.  There is currently no plan to change the policy in relation to motorbike owners. The council does not remove vehicles that do not display valid parking permits.  The only occasions on which we do remove vehicles are when they are deemed to be abandoned.”

We have also reported this issue:

“I have noticed that the garbage collectors on Chepstow Road have recently been leaving large wheelie bins open after they have emptied them which results in rainwater build up at the bottom of the bins as well as inviting passers-by to jettison their own rubbish into these larger bins. The council should be made aware of this and I am not sure who the right person to contact is – hence this message!”


We have asked the Council to consider this suggestion from a resident:

“The recycling black bins have a small slot through which people are meant to put their recycling.  However most people use the blue bags.  I note that most people dutifully recycle and then place the blue bags next to the black bins as it is difficult to fit everything in through the slots.  Westminster Council then sends somebody round to rummage through the blue bags and fines people £80 for the privilege.  This seems like a nonsensical situation.  Several families have given up recycling for this reason.  I appreciate that there is collection once a week, but recycling builds up more quickly than this and space in flats is at a premium.  Would it not be more sensible to open the lids of the recycling bins as with the rubbish bins?”

The Council says:

“Unfortunately it isn’t practical to leave the lids of recycling bins open as they often get filled with general rubbish – if the rubbish has then been covered over with ‘genuine recycling’ it may then still get emptied by our recycling vehicle but the whole 8 tonnes of recycling then gets rejected at the recycling sorting plant and we have to pay penalty ‘contamination’ fees.

Blue recycling bags are intended only for residents to leave on their doorstep on the recycling collection day. Dumping blue bags (or black bags) on our streets is totally unacceptable and has been the focus of our ‘no dumping’ campaign. I would estimate it should take no more than a minute to post the contents of a normal sized bag of recycling through the slot of a recycling bin.”

Air pollution

We are continuing to press the Council to take action to reduce pollution on Westminster’s roads. Recently the Evening Standard reported that:

“Nearly one in four school children in London are being forced to breathe air so filthy that it breaches EU legal limits, a shock report warned today.

In findings which will alarm many parents, it was revealed that 328,000 pupils were at schools where nitrogen dioxide levels were above the annual permitted level. They included more than 30,000 children in Westminster, 29,000 in Tower Hamlets, 28,800 in Southwark, 26,300 in Camden, 24,000 in Kensington and Chelsea, 23,700 in Lambeth and 20,100 in Hackney.”

Play Service

Westminster Council is pressing ahead with plans to drop all responsibility for the Children’s Play service. In December 46 staff were told that their posts were being abolished as Westminster cuts funding and expects schools to take over responsibility for play and after-school activities..

Church Street – what you say

“I am probably on Church Street 5 days out of 7 most weeks, and rarely do not see beggars. It has got worse this year, and some of the younger males have been very forceful at times (typically with older females); I have telephoned the Police twice re specific incidents.”

Maida Hill Market area – what you say

“I wondered what the plans are for the now closed Costcutter on Harrow Road. This was a little sense of safety when coming home late at night and popping in to the shop at all hours, now it’s closure means quite a dark and scary junction is even worse.”

Whiteley’s – what you say

“I’m pretty sure that the ’80s shopping centre development retained some original features such as the staircase. It’s a wonderful feature sweeping curves from ground to first floor. I think it would be appalling if Whiteley’s turns into another block of luxury apartments with many being bought as investment properties where the owners have no intention of living in them or even in some cases, renting them out.”

Clifton Road/Maida Vale junction – what you say

“It is very dangerous crossing Clifton Road here near the bus-stop and Remedys chemist shop as traffic is either turning into Clifton Road from the right or left of Maida Vale or the traffic is hurrying to get onto Maida Vale, including buses. Perhaps there could be a phase when all lights are red for vehicle traffic as at the nearby junction of St. John’s Wood Road and Lisson Grove/ Grove End Road.  This would be a great advantage for pedestrians at both junctions and would delay vehicle traffic by, say, only 10 seconds.”

What you say

“As always many thanks for this report and all the work that goes behind it.”

“May I (once again) repeat my appreciation for all your efforts on the many local problems that are brought to your attention.”

“Thanks once again, this is a terrific example of local democracy and representation working to good effect.”

“Thank you so much for the email and keeping me informed. It is always good to hear from you.”

“Thank you for the update as ever, a very interesting read! Many thanks for your continued hard work”

“Thank you for the latest WNA report.  Getting things done as usual!!!”

“Thank you for the informative report. You have a tough job because the same people who moan about a lack of housing protest every measure to increase housing (Whiteleys, the Chippenham, Lanark Road).”

“Thank you for the December report – really helpful and informative. I think you are doing a great job and it is really good to have someone to pass on concerns to”

“I really appreciate all you are doing for us and have done so over the many years I have been living here.”

“Many thanks for the very informative and good reply from the relevant authorities.”

“Many thanks for the good work and communication thereof”

“Thank you again for addressing so many of our local issues”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council




Edgware Road/Harrow Road subway

We reported this issue to the Council:

“I write with regret, as I have been reporting human excrement smeared on a subway wall. Despite calling repeatedly it is still there.”

The Council told us:

“I can confirm that this offensive waste was jet-washed clean yesterday evening by Veolia.  The confusion arose as the subway network is owned and maintained by Transport for London with the Council’s role limited to sweeping the floors.  However, in cases like this however, determining which public body holds responsibility clearly comes second to getting the problem fixed as quickly as possible. I have asked for the lessons from this case to be reviewed with Transport for London colleagues to ensure we can respond more quickly in future.”

The resident said:

“Thank you so much, and that’s great news! Thanks for all you do.”

Church Street toilets – Update

The Council has told us the current situation:

“We have locked the ladies and men’s facilities whilst retaining the controlled access for the disabled facilities.  A Market trader holds the key for traders to use the facilities and the City Inspectors and Police are aware of who holds the key and can direct members of the public to the relevant trader to gain access if needed.   

The intention of this pilot is to break the habit of rough sleepers using the facilities as a support system and it has worked to date, reducing the draw and numbers of rough sleepers and beggars in the area. We had received complaints about the abuse of these facilities and our information showed that they were little used by members of the public. 

We plan to review this approach on a monthly basis through to the spring.” 

Pedestrian crossings on Marylebone Road

We asked TfL why pedestrian cannot cross Marylebone Road in one go. This is the response we have received:

“All the traffic signals on Marylebone Road work in unison to manage any delays that may occur along the entirety of this section of road. All vehicle and pedestrian signals are therefore timed to work in parallel with one another whilst giving pedestrians as much opportunity as possible to cross both halves of the crossing in one movement. However, dependent on when during the signal cycle pedestrians arrive at the crossing, there will be times they will have to wait in the central island to complete the movement.

While it is possible to cross in one movement at both locations referred to in your email, it is not possible at all crossing points on Marylebone Road. If we implemented full width pedestrian crossings at all locations on Marylebone Road it would have a significant negative impact on the operation of Marylebone Road, creating additional delays at a number of locations.

Unfortunately, I cannot therefore commit to modifying the crossing points but I can assure you we are vigilant to changing behaviours and demand, and that we undertake frequent reviews to ensure our junctions work in the most effective way.”

The Chippenham

We are continuing to take this issue up with the Council:

“It would also be great to find out what is happening with the beautiful pub, the Chippenham. This area would benefit greatly if this is retained as a sensitively refurbished pub rather than over-priced flats. This cross roads is in desperate need of attention and a space of social and community value that is welcoming to all, this would bring some life back. In recent years this corner has become an issue. I have been physically harassed late at night getting of the number 6 bus and I know local residents whom have been here for years are being more and more excluded from this hub of very dominant ghetto of shops and cafes.” 

Crompton Street

We have reported this Issue to the Council:

“I would like to report a dead sapling in Crompton St, London, W2, diagonally opposite the Little Venice Medical Centre.   It needs removing as it has rotted away and could fall on a passing pedestrian or cyclist/motorist in a strong wind.”

The Council tell us that it will be removed and a new tree will be planted.

Parking problems at St Augustine’s and Essendine Schools

Councillor Rita Begum has been meeting with representatives from St. Augustine’s School, Carla Lowe, Road Safety officer and Claire Dunn to discuss parking problems caused by cars parked on double yellow lines, zig-zag lines, single yellow & double yellow lines. These parking problems are making it hard for children to come into school. We have called on the Council to deploy Parking Marshalls to control parking between 8.30am to 9am and from 3.15pm to 3.45 when the problems are at their height. These problems are the same at Essendine School and we are urging action at both schools.

Junction of Finchley Road, Marlborough Place and Queen’s Grove – update

Transport for London has told us:

“Due to the merging of southbound lanes on Finchley Road after the junction, a yellow box would not be the most appropriate measure here. However, based on our observations we have concluded traffic would move through more smoothly if ‘Keep Clear’ road markings were introduced. My officers had advised they will implement new markings within the next three to four months.”

Relocated bus stop between Abercorn Place and Hall Road on Maida Vale‏ – Update

We asked TfL why they did not consult residents about the decision to relocate the bus stop. TfL tell us:

“While we do not carry out consultations for relocating single bus stops, we of course do so for schemes with potentially wider impact on the travelling public.When we move bus stops we are required to notify residents or businesses whose property fronts directly onto the new location. In this case, as there is no direct frontage at the new location, no notification letters were required. Meanwhile, I can assure you that the move was fully approved by Westminster City Council.

Regarding the Countdown sign, I can confirm this will be reinstated once the shelter has been connected to the electricity grid. This is dependent on our contractors who we are chasing regularly.”

436 and 452 bus routes – Proposed changes

Transport for London is consulting on proposals to change the 436 and 452 bus routes. TfL says:

“The area around Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea (VNEB) is currently experiencing a large amount of growth; with an increase in the number of jobs and housing, the number of people needing access to public transport is on the rise. As a result, we are proposing to make changes to routes 436 and 452 so that they better serve the VNEB area and would like to hear your views. We are also proposing to increase the frequency on route 36 in conjunction with these proposals.”

You can see the proposals and make your comments here: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/436-452

Artesian and Needham Roads

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“A coach has now taken to being parked up over some nights – may be one or two in the week – on the corner of Artesian Road and Needham Road, the opposite side to the pillar box.  It comes around 10.30 pm and is there after 8.30 the following morning.  We don’t see any parking attendants first thing in the morning so it gets away with it.  It makes the turn right out of Needham Road into Artesian Road slightly difficult for cars. It also gives less temporary drop off parking for mothers with children for the Cherry Tree nursery. There is a perfectly good coach park in the Bayswater Road and I don’t like looking at it!!!!  It would be good to stop this coach parking anyway.”

The Council tells us:

“I can confirm that this area is subject to an overnight coach parking ban and so a vehicle with a capacity to have more than 9 seats (including the drivers) should not be parking here between the hours of 6.30pm and 8.30am.  We have had Marshals patrolling this location at night and the good news is they have not seen any coaches parking here overnight, so I hope this means that the issue has now gone.  We will however keep checking on the area and if a coach is found parked overnight we will deal with it by way of enforcement, and I will let you know.”

We have also asked about this issue:

“There is a new shop on corner of Needham Road and Artesian Road.  This has been renovated with the departure of the upholstery shop and is going to be inhabited by Mimi et Mina.  They have put on the wall on the Artesian Road side the name “Miimi et Mina”.  Is this OK?  It is nicely done and not offensive but is it allowed to advertise like this, not above the shop front and in a residential street?

Talbot Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I wonder if you could look into something for me because you have been so helpful in the past. I’d like to know why on a Saturday morning Virgin Media are allowed to dig up the road. I assumed, stupidly that it must be emergency work but no – when I left my flat I discovered it was for Virgin Media!  I called Westminster noise line and was told that they are allow to make this noise until 1pm.  Why 9-1pm??  surely that is more anti-social to local residents that after 1pm?  

I can understand that British Gas or some kind of emergency has to be dealt with on a Saturday morning – but television cabling!! This road is reasonably quiet after rush hour so there would be plenty of opportunity to do it when it is quiet during the week.  Currently my feet are shaking with the vibrations and I’m in a 3rd floor flat and I have a splitting headache from 2 hours solid digging. The corner of Talbot Rd/Chepstow Road has been dug up so many times it is now a standing joke with local businesses and residents”

Whiteleys Plans unveiled

Please let us know you views on proposals for Whiteleys announced by Meyer Bergman and Warrior Group, which they say “will transform Bayswater and Queensway through a mixed-use revitalisation of the landmark building”. They say:

“A planning application involves the demolition of the 1980’s building behind the retained, historic Queensway façade to provide a residential-led, mixed-use development with a new retail and leisure offering. Detailed consideration has been made to the original design by John Belcher and John James Joass in 1911, to combine some of the impressive features with an exciting, contemporary design by Fosters & Partners, which will incorporate the iconic central dome. A careful refurbishment of the prominent façade will be undertaken to restore it to its former status as the window into an exciting new retail and leisure world.

The proposed plans include the construction of more than 100 homes, a mixture of apartments and townhouses. These will be arranged around an attractive inner courtyard with new retail units, a boutique hotel, gym and other enhanced leisure facilities, including a new cinema at basement level.

The scheme will open onto Queensway, which is planned to undergo a £50 million revamp scheduled to begin in early 2016, creating an active frontage for a revitalised retail offering and designed to draw the public into the inner courtyard.”

For more information see http://whiteleysdevelopment.co.uk/index.php

A group called Save Whiteleys Heritage has bee set up to ensure as much of the Whiteleys building is saved from demolition


Porchester Road

We are chasing the Council on this issue:

“You reported a while ago that the Council said it was planning to replace the tree that had been felled on Porchester Road, for the construction of the new building that now houses the West London Buddhist Centre.  The tree has still not been replaced, what is happening?”

32 Palace Court

We are supporting local residents who say:

“We have been vigorously opposed to the demolition and reconstruction of ESCA House.  Over 50 letters were written to object. Several of us have read the plans and we believe the developers have paid not the slightest attention to our comments.  The proposed changes are no more than a condescending attempt to pacify a few angry residents.”

“The plan is structurally flawed, providing for a large residential development directly over an underground line. The new site is frankly a monstrosity that is totally out of keeping with one of the finest late Victorian streets in Bayswater. The area is already overcrowded and this new site will simply increase the intensive residential development throughout our streets. We already live in a very noisy area. Any increase in housing density will add to that noise, permanently change the local environment and make neighbourhood lives unbearable.”

Bayswater Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I don’t understand why the work along Bayswater Road is taking so long. Why does it take several months to install new pipes? Is there an estimated completion date? Why is there no explanation of what is causing this endless disruption?”

The Council says:

“There are a couple of major works on-going in Bayswater Rd. One is our own footway resurfacing, which will basically be both sides footway and will continue into the Spring of 2016. The other major job is the Gas works taking place at the Notting Hill Gate end of Bayswater Rd and I believe that it should be completed within next couple of weeks; however, I don’t have too much information on this job as it is all within RBKC.”

Chepstow Road – what you say

“To add to the discussion about traffic in Chepstow Road which seems to come up quite often, I would like to put in a plea for keeping the status quo.  I live on the street and, like lots of other owners, have had major problems with cracks in the walls, to the extent that the lintel broke on the first floor.  The surveyor said the problem was vibrations from the traffic which he said have the same effect as bomb damage. This of course is not insurable against.   I have found that since the new busses have come in use that the house shakes far less that it used to, and that the noise is not nearly so bad, and I think this is at least in part because the traffic is slowed down a bit by the busses having to pass each other.  It is also the case that the problem is not chronic, it only happens occasionally that busses have to give way to each other, and it seems to work very well.”

Whiteleys – what you say

“I like the concept and approach. Current Whiteleys was of its time. My only concern is whether the residential accommodation will contribute to the housing needs of W2 or just be 100% open market and sold off plan to overseas investors.”

Paddington ‘Shard’ – what you say

“For goodness sake, support Simon Jenkins view in this case. A tower of spectacularly pedestrian appearance! It might be acceptable in the City but most certainly not in Paddington.”

“I think it is an exciting prospect. Paddington is such a run-down area with its only identity given by the hospital and the station. I know there are a few interesting things, like the Frontline Club, etc, but it could be so much better! I hope they get permission to go ahead and to begin the regeneration of this area and to give it a new identity. “

“My view of the shard is that it is completely out of keeping with north of Hyde Park. If there was some comfort that the flats would be lived in I would have a tiny amount of sympathy, but there will be a care issue with the building in due course if residential and it will permanently alter the area. I hold no candle for Praed Street which is a grim bus canyon, but anything higher than the basin flats should be discouraged I believe.”

“I think the old Sorting Office site is totally inappropriate for a ‘Shard’ type building – it would stand out like a sore thumb.  I’m surprised the old Sorting Office is not a listed building.  In any case, the area needs more luxury flats/hotels like a hole in the head.”

“I believe I’d oppose it.  It’s SO tall.”

“Would be the ruin of the neighbourhood, light. I totally agree with Simon Jenkins.”

“I completely agree with the article by Simon Jenkins.  I am not a fan of tall buildings but can appreciate the Shard which is one of several tall buildings and therefore does not look so totally out of place.  However, to have a mini Shard in Paddington where it would stand alone like a pencil would look ridiculous and so out of place amongst the smaller surrounding buildings. “

“NO. Paddington Shard too much for low rise West London – don’t let them destroy the intimacy of West London. Paddington has had enough second rate high-rise in the Basin – have you been there? Claustrophobia on the grand scale!”

“A very strong NO to the proposed skyscraper in Paddington. Completely out of scale and out of character. Would put much more pressure on transport in an area that’s already a squash”

Maida Hill market – what you say

“The best solution for the Maida Hill market is to remove all the seating benches on the square to stop the drinkers gathering there.”

Blomfield Road, Aberdeen Place, Maida Vale junction – what you say

“I agree with comments from others about proposed cyclist measure at Blomfield Road, Aberdeen Place, Maida Vale. They seem willing to do anything to favour cyclists with no regards for pedestrians. My reply to the e survey bounced back but I will try to send again. Cyclists are often arrogant, heedless of pedestrians (as per the example on another part of the towpath in your report).”

 What you say

“Very many thanks, as ever. This is such a thoughtful and informed bulletin!”

“Thank you for your detailed update on this action”

“As always thank you for all the work that goes into the reports, detailed and thorough as they are”

“Thank you to you and your team for yet another informative report”

“Many thanks for this great update report once again”

“Many thanks for your updates and information – so useful and helpful.”

“Thank you for these interesting updates.”

‘Thank you for the newsletter which I find very useful.”

“My thanks for all the good work you are doing for the residents”

“A rubbish bin has turned up near the fire gate on Fermoy Rd! I know this wouldn’t have happened without your support and action, so I’d like to thank you sincerely. Hopefully this will make a small difference to the level of litter in the area.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.



Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg

Labour Built Environment spokesperson

Westminster City Council




Church Street CCTV cameras

We are continuing to press the Council to reinstate the CCTV cameras in Church Street to deter crime and catch those responsible for thefts and anti-social behaviour.

West End Green, Edgware Road

Berkeley Group has bought the 2.59 acre site fronting the long-empty Edgware Road (behind Paddington Green Police Station). Berkeley plan to develop it for residential use, including a 22-storey residential tower, to deliver over 600 new homes. Along with Karen Buck MP, we are pushing for a reasonable proportion of new homes to be genuinely affordable, for rent and sale – at least the 30% contained in the Council’s policy.

BT building, Marylebone Road/Bell Street/Burne Street

We have asked the Council for an update on the present unsatisfactory situation with dumped rubbish at the BT building, particularly along Burne Street.

Lisson Green football pitch

We have asked the Estate Office to replace the broken lights around the football pitch as children are playing in dark.

Fingest and Hardwick Houses

We have asked the Estate Office to replace a couple of broken panels to the entrance door of Fingest House and Hardwick House.

Aberdeen Place towpath closure

We have asked the Canal and River Trust to let us know the situation:

“The towpath at the top of Aberdeen Place has been closed for months. The official notice, attached to the railings said it was initially closed for energy company works which is understandable, but it has now been closed for two or three months longer than the notice states. Many tourists as well as local people love to pick up the towpath walk after Little Venice and the 250 yards of Aberdeen Place where there is no towpath. “

The Canal & River Trust has told us:

“There has been an oily discharge appearing on the towpath, where it is beneath the bridge that carries Lisson Grove over the canal. We continue to explore with UK Power Networks and National Grid, two companies with installations in the area, but it has proven difficult to establish the source. Our environmental scientists are keeping the situation under review to minimise the impact but until the seepage can be eradicated the towpath here is not safe for pedestrians and cyclists.”

In response, we have asked the Canal & River Trust to put up sign with this information.

Prince of Wales public house, Harrow Road

A the 3rd November Planning Committee the proposed change of use of the Prince of Wales pub on the Harrow Road to a betting shop was unanimously refused. Two separate petitions containing 768 signatures combined were collected and 80 individual objections were received by the Council. Officers recommended refusal as: “…the loss of a public house and the proposed use will harm the retail vitality and viability of the Harrow Road District Shipping Centre.”

A great victory for the local community!

Lydford Youth Club

We are working hard with residents to get a youth group reinstated following the recent decision by City West Homes to close its youth club on the Lydford and other estates in Westminster. Residents say:

“The Lydford Tenants and Residents Association started this youth group 15 years ago and are concerned that there has been no consultation and with community organisation in the area who have a strong interest in these important facilities for young people. We would like to hear from others who care about provision for young people in this area so that we plan some response to save our clubs.”

Fermoy Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The level of rubbish in Fermoy Rd appears to be getting worse – we have drink receptacles left on our fences, there is a great deal of fast food litter from local eateries and not to mention the dog mess (there was a significant fowling on the motorcycle chains at the intersection with Hormead which was disgusting to have to clean up). Fly tipping is also getting out of hand behind the bike bay at Hormead/Fermoy- it seems like every week there is a new heap of wood, a mattress, some white goods, general rubbish left there for someone else to clean up.”

Canal Tow path

We have written again to the Canal & River Trust about this long-standing issue:

“I had yet another discussion with a cyclist yesterday who was racing down the path even though there were several pedestrians on it. When I pointed out that there was a cycle path parallel to the towpath and it was prohibited to cycle on the tow path, his response was, ‘I don’t care, I just want to get home from work’, as he sped away from me. I am all for encouraging cycling, but when there is a cycle path right next to the towpath, when will pedestrian’s right to safely walk alongside the canal be acknowledged? At a minimum the signage needs to be updated and made clearer that cycling is not allowed on the canal side path (much of the footpath writing has worn off and the signs do not all face the direction of the cyclist).”

The ‘Paddington Shard’ – what do you think?

Simon Jenkins has written an article in the Standard opposing the proposed ‘Paddington shard’. And there is an article on ‘Mail Online’ where the architect explains his plans. What do you think?



Pindock Mews

We have again asked the Council to repaint the yellow lines to stop unauthorised parking.

Edgware Road and Blomfield Road junction

We have asked the Road Safety Team about this issue:

“Do you know whether the TFL cycle lane plans for the junction of Edgware Road and Blomfield Road involve the addition of any new green men on the crossings? The crossing in Blomfield Road is particularly dangerous. There are traffic lights on Edgware Road at this junction. When the lights governing Blomfield Road go red and the traffic coming along Blomfield road stops, pedestrians assume that they can cross Blomfield Road safely. Wrong. Traffic coming along Edgware Road from Marble Arch can turn into Blomfield Road and traffic coming the other way from Kilburn can also turn into Edgware Road. So pedestrians have to monitor traffic from three directions if you include the cyclists coming from Aberdeen place. I use this crossing every day and have seen many near accidents, particularly involving tourists who are very confused by this layout. We need a green man. “
“I assume you will be involved in the consideration of the proposed changes to the junction of Edgware Road, Maida Vale, Blomfield Road and Aberdeen Place. If so, could you please bring some pressure to bear on TFL to give real consideration, at last, to the problem of the pedestrian at this junction, and not just the cyclist? “

Maida Vale bus stop – update

Residents tell us:

“Residents of Maida Vale, between Abercorn Place and Hall Road are very distressed at the sudden removal of the only bus stop on their block going south, with no consultation whatsoever by Transport for London. The stop, which had been there for 40 years, was removed at the whim of one resident who didn’t like a bus stop outside his house and paid TfL £11,000 for its removal. The residents, many of whom are elderly, disabled or with small children, feel that it is not right to have no bus stop on this long block whilst having two on the previous block and now two on the block ahead. If TfL had used their common sense, they could have just moved the stop back a little and everyone would have been happy.”

Kilburn Park Road

We have asked Gustavo, the Maida Vale Inspector to investigate these issues:

“We now have metal chairs and a fly mower on the pavement by a lamp post and this has been there since last week end. Rubbish has started to come back again, and night time parking is getting even worse and we are paying more to park our cars some time even during the day.”

Gustavo tells us:

“I was monitoring Kilburn Park Road every day this week and I can confirm that no dumping has been found outside the collection times with the exception of isolated bags. Unfortunately, the services are reduced on the weekends therefore waste left on the pavement on Saturdays and Sundays will remain uncollected until Monday. If this situation does not improve I will request approval from my management for monitoring from the 24 hour team on the weekends as well. In the meantime, evidence found on Kilburn Park Road from waste disposed incorrectly might be used for enforcement measures.”

Paddington Rec

We have asked the Council to sort out this issue:

“I’m writing regarding the closing routine at Paddington Recreation ground. Weekend opening hours at this time of year only run until 4.30 pm, but when I was there this Sunday the attendants came to close the playground at 3.30 pm, a full hour before the park closes! It was packed full of children and their parents who had to leave, many of whom had only just got there. I spoke to the attendant, who was very polite, but said they have to close the whole park down and the football pitch and cafe won’t let them until 4 pm so they start with the playground as there are not enough of them to do it in time otherwise. It seems a real shame that, particularly in the winter months when there’s not much chance to be outside, so many children, who are often too young for other activities in the park, have things cut off so early. Can winter opening hours on the weekend not be extended any further?”

The Council say:

“I have looked into the issue with the site team and it was the case that the security team started closing the area from 3.35pm. It appears this was due to a misunderstanding by a relatively new Duty Manager relating to the changing park closing times but needless to say, this is completely unacceptable. It does tend to take 25-30 minutes to clear the park prior to closing and pitch and court activities are usually cleared 30 minutes before closing (after bookings have ceased) followed by the playground and other ‘informal’ areas. The General Manager has raised this matter with the operational and security staff concerned and I have made it clear we do not expect to see a repeat, particularly given the previous issues raised. “

Barrow Hill Estate

Karen Buck MP will be meeting the new Chief Executive of City West Homes to discuss residents’ concerns about the ongoing major works programme on Barrow Hill Estate. In order to better understand residents’ concerns Karen sent out a survey to all of the residents asking for their thoughts and comments on the project.

Derelict sites update

We have received the following update from the Council:
• 42 Carlton Hill: Works have re-commenced on site. A new contractor has been appointed and the Case Officer will be attending the site to establish how things are progressing.
• 34 Marlborough Place: The general condition of the front boundary wall and the untidy appearance of the land is be rectified. The owner has also confirmed their intention to fully implement the planning permission granted in 2010, which is currently part-implemented, and seek to re-instate the front boundary wall. Should works not have commenced on site to remedy the general condition of the land then legal action will be considered by the Council.
• 15 Loudoun Road: The developer has confirmed his intention to redevelop the site, and has submitted details to discharge the condition concerning the Construction Management Plan.

St John’s Wood Road buses

We have asked Transport for London to consider this suggestion:

“Instead of both 187/46 buses turning left along Maida Vale when they come out of Clifton Road, and then proceeding up Hall Road towards Circus Road, identical routes here, one of these buses from Clifton Road could go straight over the Edgware Road into St John’s Wood Road; turning left at the top into Wellington Road (opposite the Church where there’s a bus-stop) and then virtually continue their normal route.”

“When I was young the bus that is now the 139/189 ran along St John’s Wood Road to the Church roundabout but at some point it was rerouted through Lisson Grove and Rossmore Road. It would be good to have a St John’s Wood Road service perhaps by diverting the 46, 139, 187 or 189 but the frequencies of buses on the existing routes would need to be maintained.”

Wharncliffe Gardens

Karen Buck MP tells us that it has now been confirmed that the residents on the Wharncliffe Gardens estate will be having new windows fitted as part of their major works programme, following her efforts in trying to make this happen.

The Windsor Castle

The Maida Hill Forum reports:

“Following an enforcement notice, the owners have removed breeze blocks from all the windows and installed security grids on the inside. They’ve repainted and tidied up the front. A group from Westbourne Forum, Councillor Adam Hug and Jen Lindsay from North Paddington Society met with the agent and architect for the owner (who is YPP Investments, specialising in ‘student and professional residential sector’). YPP Investments intends to convert the building into flats and will make a formal application in the New Year. The local team pushed for the following:
• To retain the historic fabric of the original building, with all its decorative features. If careful ‘excavation’ of the frontage should reveal hidden features, e.g. the five pillars of the original façade then they should be restored and retained.
• To provide a space at ground level that is of social and community value.”

Elmfield Way

Residents living near Elmfield Way have been complaining all summer about a chaotic and dangerous parking situation – with vehicles triple parked on bad days. Karen Buck MP raised the issue with the road’s private owners and a new parking contractor, Euro Car Parks, has now been appointed and their impact has been remarkable, with the street now mostly clear and accessible. Karen is continuing to speak to the council and the private owners of Elmfield Way to push forward with the adoption of the road, which would provide a long-term solution and the provision of normal council services.

Aldridge Road Villas and Westbourne Park Road

We have asked the Police and Council to let us know what they doing to address the problems of continued prostitution on the corner of Aldridge Road Villas and Westbourne Park Road.

6-8 Hereford Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I have again been hearing whining noises at night and rumbling noises both at night and through the day. The latter have now been witnessed and traced to the ongoing building works at 6-8 Hereford Road. Planning permission for building works has been applied for (a roof extension and adjustments to some of the windows) but has not yet been granted. Why, therefore, is the whole building covered in scaffolding and plastic and why are loud drilling noises and vibrations coming from it?”

Leinster Square streetlight

We have reported this problem to the Council:

“I reported this issue this morning but was told it was not a priority issue. I pointed out how dark it is as I live in the basement flat. It will also be dark in the street for members of the general public and people going into and out of the building upstairs so it is a general health and safety issue.”

Residents tell us:

“Just back from dinner to find the street light working! Thank you very much.”

7-12 Leinster Square

We have reported a blocked drain at this location:

“The builders have been putting all sorts of rubbish down the drains and as a result they are blocked. When it rains there is standing water. Who takes responsibility if the basement flats get flooded? I reported this to the council in August and nothing has been done.”

Chepstow Road/Talbot Road

We have asked the Council to investigate the situation here:

“It is not the amount of heavy traffic, it is the speed they are driving, the noise they are making and the condition of the road. We have experienced so many accidents and close calls in the junction over the years. All of us had had near misses mainly busses running a light. Making it easier to speed down the road by restricting parking for the residents to one side is NOT an option. The only way to go forward is to either split the lines and have other routing or make it into a one way street. We have over the years have had cracks in the house; we have changed our windows to triple gazing with noise reduction film, had double lined curtains. We can unfortunately not do anything about the house shaking, items falling of shelves and cracked windows. This is the reality of living at the corner of Chepstow Road and Talbot Road. “

St Petersburgh Place

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I cycle it southwards frequently and it must have the worst surface of any road in the Borough. It seems strange that some roads are repeatedly resurfaced while others remain in appallingly dangerous condition.”

Buses in Bayswater update

We have received this update from the Council:

“With regards to the issue of bus noise, we have discussed this with Transport for London (TfL). We have been advised that many of the bus routes which operate through the area are older style vehicles built in 2004 and are significantly noisier than many of the newer models in operation on other bus routes across London.
However, TfL have advised that some of the existing bus contracts are being renewed shortly and the buses travelling through this area will be newer and less disruptive to local residents. Newer bus models for Route 28 and Route 328 are scheduled to be introduced from April 2016. These buses will be much newer models and therefore much quieter than existing buses. Route 7 saw the introduction of new hybrid vehicles in 2014 so these are already much quieter than other buses in use. Route 70 has 2012 single deck vehicles in use which are also relatively new. The Route 31 contract has just been extended for another two years so the existing bus models currently in use are likely to remain in operation until then.
TfL have advised that if residents feel more noise is being generated than is expected by buses, they should contact their customer services team at londonstreets@tfl.gov.uk with details that will enable the operator to identify it. This would typically be the registration number, the date, the time and the location. The vehicle will then be inspected at the earliest opportunity.”

North Paddington Food Bank Update

The Foodbank provides food for over 30 people a session and is open on Wednesday mornings from 9.30 to 12.30 at the WECH community hall, off Elgin Avenue W9. If you would like to help, Tara is the main contact: Tara@wech.org.uk. She works Wednesdays and Thursdays for the Food Bank and is contactable during those hours. For urgent queries on other days please continue to contact Gina or Phyllis on 0207 266 3347 or by email at npfoodbank@wech.org.uk.

Grand Union Health Centre

The new Elgin Practice and Harrow Road Health Centre have now merged and are located at 209 Harrow Road. The combination of practices means more appointments for patients, longer opening hours, more choice of doctors. Contact the Grand Union Health Centre, 209 Harrow Road, London W2 5EH 02072861231

Maida Hill Place – what you say

“It just doesn’t seem to be able to get rid of the street drinkers and often there is a drunk person just lying there and you worry that if they were in serious trouble, people would just walk by as it’s not a rare sight!”

Cycling on the towpath – what you say

“Cyclists regularly go very fast across the junctions at/near Caffe Laville where Edgware Road/Maida Vale/Blomfield Road have a series of hopelessly difficult traffic lights. As well as going fast, cyclists jump the lights, and have no regard for pedestrians. I am getting older and I find it more difficult to dodge cyclists on the pavement and speeding across junctions or going straight through them against the lights. This relates to the towpath because the same behaviour applies, they speed silently past, almost throwing me off balance. There is not enough space to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians safely. A cycle lane would never be enforced and cyclists ignore them at will. They behave as if they are more entitled to speed around than a pedestrian wanting to walk slowly enjoying, our lovely area.”

Regent’s Park – what you say

“In regard to the matter of the homeless guys enjoying Regents Park in the Holford House Meadow area, Nick and Pascal are very gentle, spiritual and educated people. For whatever reason, they have chosen an alternative lifestyle which they live peacefully and kindly. I have walked my dogs in the park every day for 12 years now. At first, I was a little taken aback at the sight of the men sitting in a sunny glade with their neatly wrapped belongings, but I walked past regardless and received a respectful nod and a smile. As the years have passed I have got to know a little about them. Nick and Pascal respect their surroundings. They arrive with their belongings as soon as the park opens and retreat to this little piece of heaven to restore themselves during the day. As the park closes they pack up leaving the place spotless and move on out. They cause no trouble and do a good service in looking after the area.”

Church Street antique shops – what you say

“Church Street has made a name for itself as the place to go to for antiques. These shops should be protected. I noticed new signage at the corner of Church Street and Lisson Grove; there is no point to it if the area is going to lose these shops so full of character.”

St John’s Wood High Street – what you say

“We have lost several restaurants recently – Tinos, Rotisserie, Café Rouge and I understand that Richoux will also go in a year or two. We have a surfeit of estate agents, one after the other. We also lost Timpson’s. The High Street and adjoining streets are being taken over by these characterless estate agents – can’t we limit their number somehow?”

Finchley Road/Marlborough Place/Queen’s Grove junction – what you say

“Someone has asked for a yellow box to be painted on the road at this junction which is a good suggestion and galvanised me into writing what I always think would be a good idea when I am stuck waiting for the lights to change to green at this intersection. The traffic light allows only a few cars through and then all traffic is stationery for a couple of minutes. It would be so much more efficient in keeping the traffic flowing with a green turning arrow for cars crossing Finchley Road at this junction.”

“I entirely agree with the idea of urging TfL to put a yellow box on the Finchley Road/Queen’s Grove junction”

What you say

“Thank you for another excellent WN action report. I appreciate as many others do the painstaking work that must go into recording and dealing with all these issues.”

“It seems to me there’s a constant disregard from Westminster Council for residents and visitors in the area, as many items on your action reports testify”

“Many thanks for your email and the update news of what is happening in North Westminster. I appreciate the time you have taken in compiling these reports which I read with much interest. There is a great deal of useful information in them and also very helpful web links. It helps make us a much more cohesive community.”

“Another excellent report; much appreciated”

“Many thanks for looking into the Plympton Street question. It is clear that the developers are trying to pull a fast one.”

“Thank you again for an interesting update”

“Many thanks for yet another excellent and informative update on local issues”

“Thank you for your help, it really is appreciated.”

“Thank you for your latest news report. These reports are always very interesting and demonstrate both the concerns of residents in this area of London and also the prompt and sensible responses of the Councillors.”

“Many thanks for your bulletin- as informative as always. Thank you all for the work you continue to do for the community. “

“Thanks for your October Action Report, which is as always fantastic in addressing problems and issues in this ward. Many thanks for the good work and communication thereof”

“Thank you as always for your efforts in the local community”

“Thank you again for your report and the action you take on our behalf”

“Thank you for these newsletters which I find very informative and encouraging that we can see responses and indeed often results to comments on local concerns.”

“I just want to say thank you very much for the excellent service I have been receiving from you throughout the past few years. I have found you to be very kind and helpful”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg
Labour Built Environment spokesperson
Westminster City Council



Boscobel Street

We have reported to the Council:

“Something ought to be done about parking in Boscobel Street. Weekends and evenings there is a line of cars parked on single yellow line with other side taken up by resident’s parking making a two way traffic absolutely impossible”

The Council says:

“Marshals have been informed of the concerns around this area and to take appropriate action. The single yellow line is controlled Mon-Fri 8:30am to 18:30pm. Marshals cannot enforce the single yellow line outside controlled hours. Transportation are reviewing the location as part of a larger review of the Church Street area.”

Hatton Street/Frampton Street

We have reported this problem to the Council:

“I note that large amounts of rubbish are still being dumped on an almost daily basis at the northwest end of Hatton Street by the junction with Frampton Street. There’s so much of it that I suspect that one of the businesses on Frampton St and/or maybe the building site opposite might be largely to blame. The council does a good job of removing the rubbish, but it builds up at weekends and evenings and attracts rats and urban foxes.”

Brazen Head, Lisson Street

We are investigating this issue:

“A planning application has been submitted for the conversion of the Brazen Head pub, 69 Lisson Street, into offices. As you know, the upper floors are already in the process of being converted to flats as per an earlier planning approval. I feel that it would be a terrible shame for yet another pub to be lost. Under the right ownership, it could have a very positive part to play in this ‘cultural’ corner, next to the Lisson Gallery, and at the foot of the proposed new Futures Plan “Green Spine” which will run as far as Fisherton Street, connecting the north and south parts of the ward. I should be grateful if you would look into this and do what you can to prevent it from being approved. “

Plympton Street

We have asked the Planning Department to look in to this issue:

“We have had constant trials and tribulations with planning applications, builders doing what they want after the plans have been approved and now installing plastic gas meters cupboards, which were not in the approved plans. Now after they have installed them, they are going back to apply for them. The planners did not show these cupboards on the plans. These plastic white cupboards stand out and look ghastly. No one else has these on the street and they should be removed. This continues to be a mockery of planning applications and process which favours unscrupulous developers with no regards to neighbours.”

Manor House, Marylebone Road

We have asked the Council to investigate a number of flats where residents believe there are unauthorised holiday lets.

Lodge Road update

We have asked the Road Safety Team to contact this resident who has offered to assist with the Council’s investigations:

“I am sure the traffic planning officers are more than capable, but having driven in the area for over 40 years and living in Lodge Road for many years, I might be able to give a deeper insight on the whole area and its bigger picture? The Lodge Road issue is a much bigger, wider picture than just routine traffic in one street. I would love to help my community and offer my local driver/resident experience to the Council on this issue, if they feel it might assist them.”

Maida Hill Place

Karen Buck MP has written to the police and the Council about the current unsatisfactory situation with street drinkers:

“I have just walked home via Maida Hill Place, for the first time in a few weeks at this time of night, and I was absolutely shocked by the scale of the street drinking. There were at least twenty people there, in two or three groups, and their activities are totally dominating the area. Although I don’t personally find their behaviour threatening, there is no question that it is an intimidating situation, and indeed there were several residents expressing genuine distress as they tried to pass through. Whatever happened to the attempts to control this situation? It clearly hasn’t had any effect at all so far. Please may I have an urgent update? “

In addition, we have asked the Council to deal with this ongoing issue:

“Clearly if the market continues to operate, the council needs to consider ensuring a collection of rubbish multiple times a day, and adding further commercial waste containers – currently there is only one and this is not sufficient.”

The Markets Manager told us:

“Regarding waste collections for the Harrow Road, there are currently two collections a day Monday to Sunday. These collections are for residential rubbish, commercial waste bags and market waste. The times of theses collection are 09:00 to 10:00 and 18:30 to 19:30. Waste can be placed out on street no more than 30 minutes prior to the collection times. We will monitor the location and where necessary enforcement action will be taken against any individuals placing waste onto the street outside of the prescribed collection times. I will also look into the possibility of increasing the number of market waste bins.”

The Chippenham – Update

A Planning Contravention Notice has been served on the owners of The Chippenham (who are also the people who own the Carlton Tavern) to establish the history of the site, how it has been used, how it is now being used and when the changes occurred, so that the Council can determine whether a material change of use has occurred.

Chippenham Road/Shirland Road Junction – Update

The Council has given us the following update:

“There are two open enforcement investigations on the Shisha cafes either side of the junction. Number 99 Chippenham Road has a lawful Class A3 (café / restaurant) use and it appears that it is being used unlawfully for shisha smoking. We are in the process of prosecuting the owner of the business for non-compliance of the requirements of the extant enforcement notice which requires the shisha use to cease.

At number 122-124 Chippenham Road there is currently a planning appeal regarding the use of shisha an unauthorised forecourt extension. The appellants are seeking to retain the structure and the use. I understand that it has taken the Planning Inspectorate an inordinate amount of time to validate the appeal and at this stage our enforcement action is being held in abeyance pending the outcome of the appeal.

Our food safety team has also visited AM2PM. The fruit stall outside the shop is sublet by the store. Although there was no evidence of pests at the time of our visit, we instructed the two workers on the stall that fruit must be stored during the night in a manner which prevents contamination from pests. We also made it clear that our staff patrolling during the evenings and at night would check that this was being done.”

Carlton Tavern, Carlton Vale

Carlton Tavern 1Karen Buck MP has written to the Planning Inspectorate about the forthcoming Public Inquiry:

“I write to express my deep concern about the unauthorised demolition- as a local resident and user of the adjacent Paddington recreation ground and in my capacity as a Member of Parliament. Constituents had been raising worries about the proposed development prior to the Council’s original rejection of the plans, but the overnight demolition this spring caused shock waves across the community. Many local residents want to preserve their pubs and other facilities. Others are primarily anxious to ensure that, whatever the use to which the building is put, it is well-designed and in sympathy with the immediate environment, not least in recognition of its past. Everyone is united in opposition to the behaviour of the owners, who are widely seen to not only have acted badly but to have sought to flout due process. I hope that the widespread objections of the local community will be properly reflected in the decision of the Planning Inspectorate.”

Councillor Adam Hug, Leader of the Labour Group, has also written. He says:

“Failure to support the enforcement notice would set an extremely dangerous precedent whereby unscrupulous developers could routinely ignore planning decisions and enforcement actions that they disagree with. If CLTX fails to restore the pub to its previous design and specifications using existing and similar materials it risks allowing the developer to create a scheme more to its liking than if it had followed lawful channels, again creating a dangerous precedent. The wide array of photographs provided by Historic England and the local community and the range of plans and designs captured as part of the planning process make CLTX’s claims not to be able to closely reproduce the pre-existing design ring very hollow indeed.

CLTX’s actions have galvanised the community across North Westminster and South Kilburn in opposition to their actions, restoring the Carlton Tavern to its original specifications is the clear will of the local community. I therefore urge you to reject these two linked appeals. “

In addition, Maida Vale Councillor Rita Begum has written a joint cross-party letter to the Planning Inspector alongside her two Conservative Ward colleagues.

Kilburn Park Road

We have asked the Council to take action on the following:

• more rubbish bins to encourage residents and others to dispose of their rubbish responsibly
• locate bike stands along the road. Currently there are bikes chained to lamp posts and railings and is very unsightly
• bring forward traffic calming along Kilburn Park Road so that sppeding cars can be slowed down and so that pedestrians can cross safely. Perhaps a zebra crossing?

Given the huge increase in the population in the area over the next few years because of the development on the Brent side we have asked the Council to take a joint approach with Brent Council.

Elgin Avenue and Shirland Road junction

We are continuing to press the Council to improve this junction

“There is one thing that concerns, not only me, but many fellow parents of children attending St. Peter’s, St. Saviour’s, St. Joseph’s Schools and that is the junction of Elgin Avenue and Shirland Road that is really very dangerous for pedestrians. Drivers often do indicate whilst turning left onto Shirland Road from Elgin Avenue and sped around the corner. My son and I have often almost been hit on a number of occasions and we are not alone as that junction is notorious among those who take their children to school. Indeed, it is so bad that, even though my son is ten and we live on Elgin Avenue, we are still unable to allow him to walk to school on his own because of that junction. May I suggest that a Lollipop person or a proper crossing would help hugely even if employed only between 8 and 9 am and 3 and 4 pm as it is very dangerous.”
The Council says:

“Following a Local Safety Scheme study a scheme for the provision of an all-red to vehicles pedestrian stage at the Elgin Avenue/Shirland Road junction has been agreed and is being progressed for implementation next year. Consequently the option to have a school crossing patrol at the junction is not being considered. However, in view of the fact that two schools in the area have raised concerns over the safety of school children when travelling to and from school it is proposed to undertake a study of pedestrian accessibility and movement in this area. This study will help to identify whether there are locations where measures could improve safety for pedestrians, particularly school children. In addition the schools in the area will be contacted about delivering some road safety education.”

Morshead Road

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“Yesterday, some workmen outside my block of flats were using the street to saw and cut various pieces of kitchen/bathroom units. Later I passed the black refuse bins nearby and noticed a pile of debris which very closely resembled the doors and drawers that I’d seen the men working on earlier in the day. Also on this pile of fly tipped stuff was glass and metal odds and ends. I photographed the pile as well as the van belonging to the workmen that had parked illegally all day. I contacted the council, sent them the report with the photographs. I was told, they don’t/can’t do anything about it for 12 hours. If they don’t have enforcement officers available to troubleshoot at the time, what is the point of anyone bothering to report an incident of fly tipping. They are not going to be able to prosecute people for this if, when they are given a report they don’t act on it till the next day or even later. I’d welcome your thoughts on this. It is a dreadful ongoing problem with mattresses and endless piles of builders’ debris being left outside Paddington Rec almost all the time.”

Maida Vale recycling

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I am writing to you to ask you to find out what is happening to our street recycling services. Up to now this has been an excellent service with bins emptied regularly. However it seems since the summer the frequency of emptying seems to have declined. Recently our local bins (Delaware Rd, Sutherland Avenue & Warwick Avenue) seem to be perpetually full, with excess recycling piling up on the street, the pavement and on top of the bins. This encourages dumping, litter, animals and is deeply unhygienic and unsightly. This is obviously unacceptable, so could you find out why this has developed over the last few months, and ask the council to reinstate their previously excellent service.”

Carlton Vale

We have launched an on-line petition to persuade Westminster City Council to install a Zebra Crossing at the Carlton Vale Paddington Recreation Ground Entrance, next to the Carlton Tavern pub. Many children cross at this junction, with the St Georges Secondary school around the corner. This is a high density residential area with many elderly and young people living here. Large numbers of vehicle pass on this road speeding without stopping or noticing cars parked on the street. Anyone who uses or passes here on a regular basis is aware of the near misses that occur daily at this site. It is only a matter of time before a fatality occurs and this is something nobody wants to happen. The problem with this crossing is the landscape in which it is set, poor visibility, a narrow and busy environment.
You can sign here http://petitions.westminster.gov.uk/carltoncrossing/

Paddington Rec

This concern has been raised by a resident:

“The team at Paddington Rec is becoming increasingly aggressive at pushing people out of the park 30 minutes before closing time. They start by blowing their whistles excessively from 9:00pm onwards and shouting at people to leave. This is entirely unnecessary, causing a local disturbance for 30 minutes, and I believe verging on the abuse of people using the last 30 minutes of opening hours to finish their exercise and walk their dogs. The floodlights go off at 9:00pm, which is a good signal the park is closing, and in my opinion they should not be starting the process described above until 9:20 – which would be much more civilised and cause far less disturbance.”

The Council says:

“I’ve contacted the General Manager at the site who has confirmed that the site team should be verbally reminding users at 9.20pm of the closing time and that a whistle should be only used if there is a specific need to gain someone’s attention (i.e. if they are not complying). The site team will be reminded of the arrangements.”


Karen Buck MP’s bill designed to help local planning authorities restrict the size and depth of basement development has had its first reading in the House of Commons. This Bill was introduced to Parliament on 16 September 2015 under the Ten Minute Rule. This allows an MP to make his or her case for a new bill in a speech lasting up to ten minutes. The Basement Excavation (Restriction of Permitted Development) Bill 2015-16 is expected to have its second reading debate on Friday 29 January 2016.

Finchley Road/Queen’s Grove

We have asked the Council to investigate this request:

“Can I ask you please to see if you can have a yellow box painted where one turns right from Finchley road into Queen’s Grove? Too often traffic travelling south inconsiderately blocks the inter section causing tail backs of traffic wishing to turn right and causing congestion for traffic travelling north along Finchley Road.”

St John’s Wood Road

We are taking up this issue with TfL:

“Many elderly local friends wish I would revive my campaign to have a single-decker bus along St John’s Wood Rd from Maida Vale to the Church Roundabout, possibly using the 46 or 187 with a simple ‘detour’ of one of the routes”

Northwick Close

We have reported noisy building works on Saturday afternoon and asked the Council to take action to safeguard residents’ amenity.

Regent’s Park

We have asked The Royal Parks to investigate this issue:

“I walk in Regent’s Park all the time and recently walked in that area of natural vegetation as you enter from Prince Albert Road turn left and walk as if towards the Zoo. I believe the area is called Holford House site or Leaf Yard or Chat enclosure. I came across some rough sleepers surrounded by their bags under a tree so I quickly left the area. This area was designed for greater enjoyment of the park it makes us urbanites think we are in the countryside. I am told they have been there 3 years!!!!!! The police have been told many times.”
The Royal Parks tell us:

“The rough sleepers do not stay overnight in the park. They often use the northern end of Regent’s Park during the day choosing to sit in the sun and dry clothes etc. A particular favourite area is the Holford House meadow. The Police are well aware of the individuals and do move them on from time to time. On most occasions the individuals are not breaking any Park Regulations and if they are being well behaved they are entitled to be in the park. If they are found in the park after park closing they are removed from the park. I understand that they tend to spend the night in a number of locations along the Regent’s Canal away from the park. I will talk to the Wildlife Officer to ensure that he is much clearer in how he communicates with the public. “

Leinster Square

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I am contacting you to see if there’s anything that can be done about a long-standing problem we have on Leinster Square with groups of Spanish speaking youths that seem to congregate from off-square in all weathers and cause us increasing grief. Their presence on doorsteps at numbers 3-6 (generally) and under the scaffolding at numbers 7-12 is often intimidating, and their activities have caused me and several neighbours to contact the police, to report incidents including damage to my car in the summer caused by a tile from one of the doorsteps being tossed across the street onto the bonnet. There has also been damage to a plant trough, presumably from their football. The youths generally leave a mess of empty beer cans and other rubbish, sometimes smoke cannabis, and in the past we have had suspicions that drug dealing has been going on.”

We have also asked the Council to take action on this recurring problem:

“Alchemi are preventing use of parking spaces without an in-date parking suspension. They have also closed the road without notice this afternoon so that their large lorry can block everything.”

Courtnell Street Update

We have received the following update from the Council regarding short-term letting at a property in Courtnell Street:

“I have visited the Property numerous times and have also issued the Freeholder, Leaseholder, Owner and Occupier with a Planning Contravention Notice. This Planning Contravention Notice will hopefully allow us to gain a better understanding of how long the Property has been used for short-term letting as prima facie evidence has, unfortunately, been hard to come by”

St Petersburgh Place

We have reported the following issues to the Council:
• Rubbish remains a problem in the cubby holes at the south end of St Petersburgh Place
• There was until recently a bin on the west pavement near the hotel, this has been removed, and the only bin is right at the north end of the street.
• The lovely plane tree outside hotel has raised the pavement badly, seems quite dangerous, could it be levelled?

The Council say:

“A works order to relay the slabs has been raised. This may be delayed as it looks like the tree roots will need to be altered before the job can be completed and this relies on prompt actions by Tree colleague’s contractors. I have asked my Inspector to keep on top of the issue and chase Trees for assistance.”

Chepstow Road/St Stephen’s Gardens

We have asked the Council to look in to this issue:

“In Chepstow Road at the St Stephens Gardens junction there used to be six wheely bins. Two for recycling and four general waste. Yesterday I noticed that this has been changed to three recycling and two general waste. Ok, so the Council is trying to encourage recycling but surely the total amount of general waste plus recycling will still be the same even if in different proportions. One less bin may mean that rubbish will be dumped on the pavement when the bins are full, which will happen more often with one less bin. This already happens with the recycling because those bins’ lids seem to be locked most of the time with only a small flap available for use.”

The Council tells us:

“Following investigation, it came to my attention that, one of the waste bins branding has been replaced with recycling accidentally while carrying out scheduled container maintenance, which is now scheduled to be rectified. To avoid any confusion, the total number of bins at this recycling centre is five, a combination of three refuse bins and two recycling bins.”

Notting Hill Carnival clear-up

We have asked the Council to deal with this issue:

“Crush barriers are still scattered around the Westbourne Grove/Chepstow Road/Pembridge Villas junction two weeks after the carnival. The Council would never have let this happen in South Westminster. Perhaps they need to get out from Victoria Street more often.”

Church Street Antiques shops – what you say

“It is of great concern to see antique shops closing, what is being done to protect reasonable rents? If these continue to shut and they are not able to stay, the whole character of the neighbourhood changes and affects the residents. What was the point of new signs? Meanwhile the street cameras are gone leaving us more vulnerable. Help preserve the antique end of Church Street and safety of citizens.”

Saltram Crescent traffic calming – what do you

Saltram image“I am surprised that after all this careful consideration objections by just 1% of the consulted residents are allowed to complicate matters like this. Of course it was to be expected that there will be a small minority objecting any proposal. May that as it be, I don’t understand why the one-way measures are not implemented on a test basis now, as originally planned. That would be the obvious way to judge the effect on the other roads. In my eyes there will be only marginally more traffic in the side roads heading towards Saltram Crescent, because this has to come from residents. The majority of the current traffic is through traffic, which would then stop.”

Shirland Road/Chippenham Road junction – what you say

“There are more and more Kangaroo Mopeds 24/7 parked on Shirland Road causing noise pollution, all speeding up Shirland Road. Could add a speed limit on Shirland Road and a ban on these mopeds be put in place. For too long this area which borders Brent is left behind.”

Paddington Rec dogs – what you say

“I hope dogs off leads in Paddington Rec are stopped, and the stoppage enforced, as my partner is afraid of dogs and when they run up to us and he freaks out, the owners sometimes become abusive and e.g. tell him to f— off out of the park if he doesn’t like dogs. People who have a phobia against dogs do not choose to react this way.”

“We walk our dogs regularly and never leave poo anywhere. Again, it is the responsible owners who will suffer with their well-behaved dogs also being punished unnecessarily. The dogs need to get their exercise and be off lead, which in turn makes them content and as a result well-behaved.”

“Last Sunday I came across a dog, doing his ‘business’ while his owners were deep in conversation, at least 30 metres ahead and out of sight of their dog. I called out to them and pointed out the mess needed picking up. They responded with ‘we’ll pick it up on our way back’. I said, ‘sure you will and you only know it’s here because I pointed it out’. Someone could step in it now so please pick it up.’ Their response? ‘We come here every day, we know’. That is your regular, everyday dog owners. This was also not the first time I’ve had to call out to owners who have left their dogs to roam and poo unattended while they chatted away. I am a dog lover but over 20 years of using Paddington Rec it is clear the current policy is no-longer fit for purpose. As with anything the few may spoil it for the many but it is the many who use the park we must be looking out for. Dogs should be on leads in public areas.”

“On the issue of dogs in Pad Rec – surely it’s nuts to have 3 (unused) dog areas? If dogs are going to remain off lead (and we’re going to continue walking in loads of dog-poo) then surely the 3 areas should be re-thought?”

Regent’s Canal cycling – what you say

“I do think cyclists should not be allowed to cycle there at all. The towpath is narrow and there is always the danger of the pedestrians especially those with children being startled and knocked into the canal!”

“Westminster should do much more to encourage cycling, including on the canal tow path. If you can get a broader demographic cycling speeds would be lower, and hence safer for all; not just youngish men in Lycra.”

“As a cyclist and a walker, I understand the issue from both sides. The problem is often due to the width of the pathway, which is very narrow in places. In my opinion, TFL and the Mayor missed a huge opportunity when planning the London cycle superhighway, in not considering the canal network as the best place to run this. All the canal paths desperately need upgrading. The fact that there are several points where the path ends, forcing users back onto busy, polluted roads is also a major problem. In the short term, it’s clear cyclist users and walkers need educating. Aggressive riding and failure to use their bells is commonplace. But from a cyclist’s point of view, pedestrians are often ignorant too, refusing to move out of the way, even with a gentle bell-ringing warning. One short term solution could be a clear demarcation of a cycle lane, where this is possible, and much better signage, informing users to be aware of the mixed-use nature of the canal.

In the long term, a massive upgrade to the canal paths would be of huge and lasting benefit to all of London, providing a safe, clean and fast cross-London route that would prevent accidents and also allow traffic to flow more smoothly, bringing economic and health benefits.”

Abercorn Place and Nugent’s Terrace – what you say

“I live round the corner and the traffic of school children, mums in their 4x4s and the large coaches are a nightmare. The Abercorn Place School with its many small children toing and froing make it very necessary for good road safety and signage.”

Carnival – what you say

“All the police left at the ‘planned’ end of the carnival 7-8pm, as if they didn’t know the crowds, drinking, music etc. are always continuing for hours afterwards!”

Rubbish dumping – what you say

“I am totally dismayed that most people don’t respect or care for their surroundings. I am living in Alfred Road and there is never a day without rubbish lying in the greenery or on the road. The railway crossover always has rubbish and the small children’s playground is often left in a disgusting state. The council tries to maintain things but the current generations have been brought up without any discipline or respect. I have never seen an anti-rubbish campaign and if you try to enforce individuals into being responsible they cry out loud that their human rights are being abused and that they are being made a victim.”

What you say

“I enjoy, and find very useful and readable, your regular newsletter about local issues – keep up the good work”

“Thank you for a great update thanks again”

“Thank you for taking up issues for us!”

“Thank you for the newsletter. Much appreciated.”

“We really appreciate your efforts and regular updates to make our local area safe and clean”

“Many thanks for this newsletter and all your hard work for the community”

“As usual thank you for a wonderful report. I am so glad the issue of the Aberdeen Place/Blomfield Rd/Maida Vale/EdgwareRd danger spot is being raised. It is a terrifying spot, as is the junction of St John’s Wood Road/Lisson Grove/Grove End Road.”

“Thanks your newsletter is always so informative”

“Thank you for the great updates”

“It’s extremely kind to be kept up to date and a lot of hard work goes into it.”

“To have this degree of communication with what is largely a faceless body is a lifeline for which an enormous number of people are grateful.”

“Very many thanks, as ever. This information is invaluable and quite exceptional, it would seem.”

“Thank you so much as ever for the feedback and for your immensely valuable work on behalf of residents.”

“I welcome any improvement you can bring about to the litter in St John’s Wood High Street”

“Thank you again for your newsletter and your attention to local issues”

“Our family also appreciate very much the regular newsletter about the Labour team’s hard work on behalf of constituents”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.
Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg
Labour Built Environment spokesperson
Westminster City Council



Cosway Street

The Head of Christchurch Bentinck School has asked us to investigate this issue:

“The parents at my school are constantly complaining about the traffic that comes off the very busy Marylebone Road into Cosway Street. Sadly, in July 2015 during the last academic year, there was a fatal accident at the junction between the Marylebone Road and Cosway Street. This is of great concern to us as our new school entrance will be very close to this junction when the new block opens in September 2016. Please could you kindly look into to this matter and help us to make Cosway Street a safer place for our children and community. We would appreciate the following:

  • Clear large visible school signage close to the junction between Cosway Street and the Marylebone Road
  • Humps on Cosway Street to slow the traffic
  • Some kind of controlled crossing on bell street that leads into Cosway Street ie lollipop personnel

Penfold Street traffic

We have reported this recurring issue to the Council;

“Again, temporary traffic lights in Lisson Grove, by Frampton Street, are causing congestion. Frampton Street is being use as a short cut on to Penfold Street. Penfold Street is often logged jammed, due to extra traffic and drivers not giving way. It is nearly impossible to travel along Penfold Street from Broadley Street to Frampton Street, without a long delay. If Penfold Street is ever clear, some drivers are travelling at excessive speeds. Risky if you are a pedestrian”

Penfold Street parking

We have reported this to the Council:

“Could you please have a look at parking in Penfold Street at the junction of Church Street and Penfold Street? The wardens just let the stall holders park up all day for free on the meters; some vans are parked up for a whole week on the meters “

The Perseverance pub, Shroton Street

We are making enquiries about plans for The Perseverance pub which closed suddenly recently.

Waterford Court, Stalbridge Street

We are making enquiries about this issue:

“Over many years we have had a problem with teenagers sitting on our steps in Stalbridge Street smoking, drinking taking drugs and leaving a terrible mess. Of late we have had drug dealing in the area leading to the underground car park. Some residents particularly the ladies feel vulnerable. Is there anything you can do that may help?”

Lodge Road traffic update

The Council says it “will be carrying out a study of the existing and potential traffic conditions in Lodge Road to investigate options to address the situation.”

Oakington Road/Sutherland Avenue

We have reported a number of serious incidents of rubbish dumping to the Council. As one resident told us:

“Rubbish bags have now been lying outside Oakington Road house numbers 38 and 40 since the middle of last week. The rubbish collection on Friday has ignored them, as they do with regularity of similar bags alongside trees. Everything is all over the pavement again, either thrown about by the wind or torn open by foxes in the night. And so it goes on. For almost a week we had a burned out barbecue standing outside no 40 which was eventually collected. But the complete set of bedframes leaning outside No 18 for the same time was not. Posting a letter this afternoon at the Sutherland/Harrow Road junction post box, photos at that location speak for themselves”

Saltram Crescent area

We are continuing to press the Council to introduce traffic calming measures in the Saltram Crescent area and have raised concerns at the continuing delays:

“The problem with speeding cars and motor bikes along Saltram Crescent has not abated. As well as the obvious safety risks, their en‎gine noise is incredibly loud and alarming, disturbing this quiet neighbourhood. Is there a legal decibel limit on vehicles? I’m guessing some of these racing cars and bikes are 1/4 mile away.”

There will be a public meeting to be held at 7pm on Monday 12 October 2015 at the Fernhead Road Methodist Church to discuss the proposals for traffic calming measures for Saltram Crescent.

For more details see https://labourwestminster.wordpress.com/harrow-road-ward/

Hormead/Fermoy Roads

We have again pressed the Council on the outstanding issue with the removal of the firegate at Hormead and Fermoy Roads. This encourages cyclists and scooters to use the pavement to access the other end of the street. Residents wanted bollards instead of the firegate as at least that way cyclist and scooters could weave through and not use the pavement.

We have also asked for rubbish bins to be located in Fermoy and Hormead Roads at the request of residents who reported:

“I had an encounter with a gentleman whom I challenged when I saw him clean up after his dog and leave the untied bag at the base of a tree. I asked him if he could throw it in the bin and he said there were no bins and he was not going to carry the bag home with him. While I think a responsible dog owner would take it home, it does appear that if there were rubbish bins available this would reduce the level of all kinds of litter / rubbish / dog mess.”

Chippenham/Shirland Road junction

We have asked the Council what action can be taken to deal with this long-standing issue:

“The corner of Chippenham Road and Shirland Road is such a mess with two shisha bars, disgusting chicken shop opposite Domino’s Pizza and rubbish all over the place. When are they going to upgrade that corner? The grocery shop next door to Domino’s leave all their fruit and veg out ALL night long on the street covered only by filthy covering and left for all the rats and mice to have access to it and then sold the next day. Where are the health and safety issues? How can this area be so neglected when Elgin Avenue and Little Venice are treated with more respect. It’s all Maida Vale /Hill but we’ve been left to rot?”

Pindock Mews

We are chasing up the Council on this matter:

“Still waiting for the yellow lines to be painted in the corner of Pindock Mews (Castellain Rd entrance) in Little Venice. Meanwhile, various builders- and other chancers- are parking their vehicles on this corner and restricting the access/exit to or from the mews, which is both inconvenient and annoying. And then they have the cheek to be belligerent and stroppy if their inconsiderate ways are pointed out. Help!”

Blomfield Road/Aberdeen Place/Edgware Road/Maida Vale junction – Update

The Council tells us:

“The Central London Cycle Grid Westminster Quietway Route Camden Town to Little Venice will pass through this junction. Transport for London (TfL) are designing proposals for this TfL controlled junction and officers have asked TfL to consider the feasibility of introducing a signalled controlled crossing for pedestrians across Blomfield Road.”

Trees outside Stuart Tower, Maida Vale

Following our request to the Council to prune the trees by the bus stop a resident tells us:

“Passed by today – so much better. Thank you for sorting.”

Kilburn Park Road

We have reported a number of instances of dumped rubbish along Kilburn Park Road and asked the Council to remove them.

The Clifton Pub, Clifton Hill

The Planning Committee has refused permission for change of use to residential, as recommended by the Planning Officers. One of the important issues was that the owners had submitted marketing information which showed that the pub had been marketed for a rent about twice what would be reasonable, and the owners had also removed all the internal fittings which would be needed to reopen it. There were 173 letters opposing the loss of the pub, and 14 in favour – almost all the latter were from near neighbours who said it had been badly managed when open.

St John’s Wood High Street area – cleaning

We are taking up this issue with the Council

“St John’s Wood is an affluent busy commercial and highly populated area with hoards of customers sitting on public pavements daily. At no point have street cleansing put into place a strategy to cope with this and it is not acceptable to walk over filthy pavements anymore. There is no excuse for commercial businesses along stretch of Circus Road from Cochrane Street end right through to St John’s Wood High St to be disregarded re hygiene. Let Starbucks, Gails, Richoux pay for pavements to be hosed weekly as their customer mess this pavement with coffee cigarettes foods. Commercial businesses in this area are abusing our public pavements and residents are suffering!”

Garden Waste collection

We have raised this issue with the Council:

“I would like to raise the issue of the disposal of Garden rubbish which currently has to go into the general collection. I am aware of the influence of cuts but many parts of Westminster have considerable amounts of Green Waste. Can anything be done to make better use of this?”

The Council say:

“The Garden Waste Collection Service was cancelled in 2010 – primarily due to very low levels of participation by local residents. There are no proposals to reintroduce this service and instead we encourage residents to compost their food and garden waste at home. Further details can be found at https://www.westminster.gov.uk/composting-your-food-waste”

Marylands Road

We are pressing the Council to take action against those responsible for continually dumping rubbish in Marylands Road.

Harrow Road Health Centre is merging with the New Elgin Practice on 1st October 2015

From 1 October 2015 the Harrow Road Health Centre will merge with the New Elgin Practice (formerly located in Chippenham Road, W9), to form a new GP Surgery called the “Grand Union Health Centre”. From 1 October 2015 the contact details for the new combined surgery will be:

Grand Union Health Centre
209 Harrow Road
London W2 5EH
Telephone: (020) 7286 1231
Fax: (020) 7266 1253
Email: grandunion@nhs.net (from 1st Oct 2015)
Web: http://www.grandunionhealthcentre.co.uk (from 1st Oct 2015)

All the staff at the Harrow Road Health Centre will be staying on, i.e. all the doctors, nurses and reception/Admin staff and will be joined by the doctors, nurses and other staff from the New Elgin Practice.

Westbourne Park Villas

We asked the Council about this issue:

“I am asking for your help and support in getting Westbourne Park Villas included in the WCC Carnival clean up service. Last year we were assured the omission of the Villas was an oversight and that we would be included this year – but we are still not eligible apparently. It is a puzzle to me that streets which are not near the carnival route (for example Alexander Street) and not access roads (like the Villas) would appear to be eligible for this service. We take a great deal of pedestrian traffic down the Villas with attendant litter, noise etc. It is quite unfair that we are not considered for the clean-up. I cannot register my house for the service – the street is excluded!”

The Council told us:

“The omission of Westbourne Park Villas from the clean-up area was an oversight on our part and is being rectified immediately. We will ensure that this property is on the list for cleansing and will carry out a letter drop early next week informing all other residents in the street that they are eligible for this service. “

Residents told us:

“You are a wonder! I knew you would help us. Thank you SO much! And for everything else that you do for all the residents of Bayswater. You are greatly appreciated”

“Thank you for putting us on the website for the Carnival clean-up – I have now signed up my address for it. I do sincerely hope that we will not be in this position again in 2016 and that Westbourne Park Villas will remain firmly on the list for future clean-ups. Thank you to everyone who have helped us with this.”

“Thanks to your swift intervention Westbourne Park Villas is now an eligible street for Carnival Clean up. Although my neighbours also contacted our ward councillors, who gave their support, I still regard you and your team were our champions despite the Tories (in their current newsletter) claiming the success was all down to them! However we know who helped us……THANK YOU!!”

Courtnell Street

We have asked the Planning Department to investigate this issue:

“I live in Courtnell Street and the house opposite is short term holiday letting and has been doing so for over 6 weeks. I have reported the matter to Westminster Council and have contacted the Short-term Let Team. I understand the 90 day proviso in the new law, but believe the owner will soon exceed this limit and besides the situation is becoming quite disruptive to the residents in my street. When a large coach arrived yesterday to collect nearly 20 people from the house, I thought a limit had been reached! The Westminster Council Team is investigating, but as you are aware I am sure, this new law makes it very difficult to gather evidence over a period of time. Any support or advice you can offer would be appreciated. I believe the Labour Party voted against this new legislation in Parliament, so I would appreciate your assistance with this issue.”

Artesian Road grid

We have asked the Council to investigate this suggestion from a local resident:

“With the continuing applications for basement excavations in the Artesian Road grid and therefore the continuing use by contractors using residents parking bays for months on end, residents parking should be brought into line with all surrounding areas and be allowed ONLY to residents from 8.30 am to 10.00 pm seven days a week. We already have the pub, church and restaurant visitors making full use of free residents parking bays as they are not able to park elsewhere in zone B, Saturdays and Sundays included.”

Ossington Street

Residents asked why refuse collection for this street is not managed by just one Council rather than the two Councils as present. Residents suggest that a consistent approach for both sides of the street will stop the current dumping on the Westminster side. The Council say:

“Although we have a ‘reciprocal agreement’ with RBK&C so that one sweeper from either council covers both sides of some boundary streets we don’t do the same thing for waste collections as our collection systems and waste disposal costs are very different. On Ossington Street all of the trees are on the Westminster side which unfortunately makes it more prone to dumping than the open pavement on the K&C side. I have highlighted this issue to the local City Inspector to monitor and take enforcement action against dumpers as appropriate.”

Moscow Road – Rubbish dumping

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I have lived in W2 for 40 years and I have to agree with everyone’s view on the rubbish problem. It has worsened multi-fold over the past month, with mattresses, fridges, cookers, chairs and many more items around the bins. This is particularly bad around the bins on Moscow Road, (by the electricity substation) as well as on by the bins opposite St Sophia. This is definitely a case of fly tipping by the hotels and bedsits which are scattered in our area. This is not only unsightly, but also a health hazard as it invariably the rubbish is there for some time, before being collected. “

Westbourne Grove

We are investigating this enquiry with the Council:

“Are you aware that the restaurant Fresco, on Westbourne Grove, has been told by Westminster planners that it can no longer hold its kitchen licence, because there are too many restaurants on Westbourne Grove? Is this to clear the way for more, bigger, restaurants, serving a wealthier clientele in the new Whiteley’s development, by any chance? Fresco needs its kitchen to continue to make the healthy, freshly made on the premises food that it has served, at an affordable price, to our community for, is it 20 years now? They are being told that they can only have a licence for a much simpler service, more suitable for a cafe. Can we fight for them?”

The Council Planning Officers say:

“This premise is a good example of the often fine line between some A1 (retail) and A3 (restaurant/café) uses. What can appear to be a café/restaurant, such as a sandwich bar or Starbucks, can actually fall within A1. As was noted by the Inspector in 2000 in deciding that this was an A1 use the key issue is the proportions of cold food takeaway v consumption of hot food on-site. The Inspector found that the majority of sales are from cold food takeaway (i.e. over 70%, usually from workers dropping in to take a sandwich to their office) and that whilst some hot food is consumed on-site, this is ancillary to the cold food takeaway. It does not take place to such an extent that a change of use to A3 had taken place. “

Bayswater Road

We are making enquiries about this issue:

“All in favour of cycling but it is too dangerous to cycle along Bayswater Road (I am an experienced, responsible cyclist and parent and was almost knocked off by a bus). Royal Parks should have a cycle path parallel with this busy road from Marlborough Gate or at least Lancaster Gate, west to Victoria Gate at the western edge of the park. I believe it should be segregated from pedestrians; there is already a mud track which could easily be converted with very little tree pruning. It’s unfair that the anti-cycling lobby have so much sway with Royal Parks and there are so few places to cycle in Kensington Gardens. The park should be everyone provided it adheres to the constitution “for peaceful enjoyment”.”

Blomfield Road/Aberdeen Place/Edgware Road/Maida Vale junction – what you say

“I am so pleased to see the multiple problems at the junction of Blomfield Road/Aberdeen Place/Edgware Road/Maida Vale being raised. Cyclists and motorists jump the lights, as described, making it feel very threatening for pedestrians. “

Church Street – what you say

“Thank you for taking up the one way /wrong way driving issue on Church Street. It is Gateforth Street where the camera was removed and Plympton Street corner that needs a clearer arrow on the road as well as signs at on Church Street at that junction, to make clear the last bit toward Lisson Grove is a One way. Thank you for taking the time to address this issue.”

Little Venice canal path – what you say

“I can add my voice to those who have experienced aggressive cyclists on the Little Venice canal path. I had a cyclist actually swear at me and my 3 young children to get out of the way as they passed at high speed under the bridge beside the Browning pool. I noted that there are signs on the walls that say that pedestrians have priority but I think it is necessary to actually paint them on the pavement to make it more obvious to those who might actually just be ignorant and not intentionally delinquent. “

“I don’t normally respond to your emails – but in this case I really want to underline the issue raised by one of your correspondents – the bit about cyclists on the canal towpath. A few do ring their bells when they come up behind you – but the majority think that a) they own the towpath and b) pedestrians are a nuisance. Anything that can be done – more sleeping policemen? – would be appreciated by those of us who use the towpath as a walkway”

“I would like to echo the concern expressed about cyclists on the canal path. I have seen a number of elderly people startled by a cyclist coming up behind them having to move quickly out of the way and not knowing whether to go toward the canal or into the greenery. The canal path being quite narrow at some points a fall into the canal could well happen. I am particularly concerned over the possibility that the canal path is going to be become integral to the plans to extend cycle routes in the city. If this happens then inevitably many cyclists will be attracted to the path and walkers will no longer be able to enjoy the rare pleasure of a quiet peaceful walk by the canal.”

Paddington Rec – what you say

“I would agree that it is senseless and unhygienic to allow dogs on the cricket pitch in Paddington Recreation Ground. Perhaps they could be given a much larger dog area (the entire hill to the west of the cafe?) I would suggest that the demographics of the area have changed in the 9 years I have lived here and there are far more families with small children in the park, making the dogs off leads policy dangerous. “

“The regular, local dog owners (and there are many us) who use the park are extremely responsible and in control of their dogs. We are there day in, day out, 12 months of the year. If there was an aggressive dog around, word would get around and something would be said or done. We have a strong sense of ‘community’ and consequently care about the place as we are some of its most frequent users. It is also something of a meeting place for us. As a result, not only do we pick up all our dog poo, we are also very active in chastising those who don’t. In general, when there is poo that has not been cleaned up, it is not from a local, regular user. If you were to go down to the Rec today, you would struggle to find much poo at all.”

“As the ongoing debate rages about the off lead dogs in Paddington Rec some recent issues need to be addressed. Last week another person walking through the park was bitten needing stitches. There is another issue that needs to be addressed as the park are now hiring the cricket pitch to clubs for matches charging a fee how could this possibly be viable to also allow dogs to roam throughout the pitch-this needs to be re-examined from a health and safety issue. As you know there are several special dog only areas in this park.”

Hamilton Terrace and Abercorn Place junction – what you say

“My children make the crossing every day at the junction of Hamilton Terrace and Abercorn. Pedestrians never have the right of way. There are plenty of young men in very expensive cars who seem to want to run them down. The enormous Abercorn bus is a nuisance too. There should be a pedestrian crossing there. “

“I’d like to echo the feelings of those who wrote in to you last month regarding adding a pedestrian signal at corner of Abercorn Place and Hamilton Terrace. I heartily agree with this idea!”

Notting Hill Carnival clean-up – what you say

“In regards to Westminster’s ‘event litter’ within private front gardens etc; it is useless unless one is prepared to wait for 3 or 4 days AFTER the carnival’s end to have the detritus removed and cleaned up. Many of us (especially those with basements) can’t wait that long so we have to resort to doing it ourselves. Nevertheless the clean up on the streets at the end of each day, is excellent.”

“Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to your team for the excellent job of cleaning our streets after the carnival had finished on Monday night. I know that the sweeping and washing lorries were out until the early hours and yesterday morning our wonderful road sweeper was busy clearing the final litter from Westbourne Park Villas. We all value the hard work that goes into the clean-up and that Westminster makes an enormous effort to clear our streets as soon as possible. Many thanks from us all in Westbourne Park Villas”

“I was given no information about this year’s Notting Hill Gate Carnival. Usually we at least have a leaflet pushed through the door. I found out some information from the internet although it was not entirely correct. This year at 7pm on the 30 August no police presence was seen on Chepstow Road, and only 2 police officers present at 8pm on August 31. As write now 9ish I hear bottles being broken and the air smells of weed. What do the vulnerable have to do to get some say? Disgusted, very tired and brain dead resident.”

What you say

“Thank you for another excellent Action Report.”

“Many thanks for all the work that goes into the report”

“Thanks once again, you do such a good job”

“Brilliant update. Very informative and much appreciated”

“Another great newsletter. Thank you.”

“Thanks very much for the very full & encouraging feedback. Great to know that such a lot of work & interest is shown by the Councillors”

“Thank you for the letter. It is nice to see that the concerns I have are already being considered by the councillors in the area.”

“Can I just say how nice the hanging baskets were looking this year in Randolph Avenue”

“As always, terrific updates on matters of neighbourhood concern.”

“As ever a really informative newsletter that makes me feel very connected to the communities and area in which I live. We are very grateful for all your efforts.”

“Thank you for another very efficient Report.”

“Thank you again for this round up of the latest issues in Westminster North. It really does make so much difference to the quality of life in this part of Westminster to have such active and committed councillors who really make sure that Westminster City Council plays its part too.”

“I am really impressed by the attention that you give to local issues which may seem small but which really matter to local people. Thank you.”

“Just to say thank you. I really appreciate receiving information on local issues and I think your newsletter enables residents to know what problems we share. Keep it up.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.
Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg
Labour Built Environment spokesperson
Westminster City Council



William Hill betting shop, 357 Harrow Road

We are supporting the campaign for a review of the William Hill betting shop licence and the details of how you can add your voice are below;


Church Street Market

We are supporting local antique dealers in Church Street market who are concerned about proposed rent increases by the Council. They say;

“The Antiques trade is still recovering from the 2008 recession and these increases are excessive. This will damage not just the local antiques trade but also the local economy as a whole.”


Burne Street and Burne House

We asked the Council to again investigate this continuing issue;

“I live within yards from the BT Building that stretches across from the Marylebone Flyover – Edgware Road -Bell Street and of course Burne Street. It is well know that Burne Street is a disgrace and even now although the passage way has been cleaned up the bay off the Street is full of the most disgusting mess has not been cleaned for weeks. I realise that Burne Street is a grey area as to who should do what but I write to you today about the building as a whole. It is a disgrace to BT – the walls that run along Burne Street are filthy and going round to the Marylebone Road the same and if you look up at the building from any angle or any of the Streets mentioned it looks filthy, unkempt and possibly empty. I did write to the CE months ago but of course no reply. It is bad enough living so closely to the building but to look at the filthy fire escape stairs covered in Pigeons mess is so depressing. They should be informed that they are a disgrace to the area of Westminster and to the city of London.”

The Council Inspector has told us;

“The stairs that lead people to the passageway on Burne Street and the passageway itself onto Marylebone Road is not Westminster City Council property hence the reason why it is not cleansed and maintained by Westminster or our cleansing contractor Veolia, as such the onus and responsibility is solely on BT, to cleanse and maintain. Our previous Local City Inspector has personally moved on rough sleepers from this location and sign posted them to Outreach services such as St Mungo’s. Veolia have also assisted by removing mattresses/cardboard etc., and swept and cleaned on more than one occasion, which they have done in good faith on request from Westminster Inspectors. I have been informed that former City Inspector spoke to BT at Burne House for the footpath to be cleansed. We are looking to ensure that this is not a short term fix as it does require several sweeps per week, due to the high footfall of pedestrians that use this cut through to the main transport hubs.”

Church Street

We have reported a number of cars going the wrong way down Church Street and creating problems for pedestrians. We have passed on car registration numbers to the Council. The Council tell us:

“We currently have two static CCTV cameras already situated in Church Street at the junctions with Penfold Street and Salisbury Street and we have issued 165 PCNs since the start of April for vehicles contravening the No Entry signs at these locations. We also consistently deploy Marshals to this area and although they cannot capture moving traffic contraventions they do act as a deterrent, and over the last 6 weeks they have spent over 170 hours at this location keeping an eye on vehicle parking and parking related issues. Our Customer Engagement Officers also attend the location to speak to the owners of local shop premises to remind them and their drivers of their responsibilities in complying with all traffic laws, especially when making deliveries.”

Boscobel Street

We have reported the following issues to the Council for action:

“Delta Pizza, which had been operating to sometimes 4 am, applied for a late licence which was rejected but they currently have an appeal in process. Their delivery motorbikes were obviously a nuisance.

Dar Marrakesh applied for a late licence to which I objected on the grounds of noise and nuisance from the garden as well as comings and goings. Their application was rejected but they are threatening to appeal and are currently ripping out the pub interior so they can be more of a restaurant in order to support this.

Diyabaklilar Sofrasi, in theory close at 11 but it takes them 30 mins or more to clear the place and another hour to clean it during which time they still sometimes serve takeaway. They take their own rubbish by car at 12.30 and the whole process is noisy with loud group conversations on the pavement culminating in the shutters coming noisily at 12.30 – 1.00. They, like the other traders have no respect for anyone trying to sleep despite being overlooked by Westmacott and Mole Houses.”

Edgware Road site between Paddington Green Police Station and Church Street

This long vacant site has now been bought by the Berkeley Group and we hope that this leads to the early development of the site, including affordable homes and new shops along Edgware Road. One resident has commented:

“I see today that all the old scaffolding that supported the electronic hoardings has been removed. Let’s hope there is speedy progress on what has been a scandalous waste of a prime site for far too long. Berkeley Group has a better reputation than many a developer.”

Maida Hill Market

We have asked the police to investigate this problem:

“I just want to mention that motor bikes and scooters come from Walterton Road cutting through Maida Hill market to Elgin Avenue. Most users are from the local pizza take-aways, Top Pizza, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza in Chippenham Road. All their drivers they use this short cut at high speed. One day I saw a young child nearly got knocked over. Just to add, there are two big signs saying ‘no motor bikes or cars’ next to the toilets at Maida Hill market. I really appreciate if you can help us to stop these dangerous bikes crossing through the market”

Fermoy Road

We are taking up this issue with the Council:

“There is an inordinate amount of fast food containers (mostly from the chicken shop opposite the street), food and household waste on a daily basis in Fermoy Road between Harrow Rd and the fire gate across Hormead Road, despite the local street cleaners’ best efforts. Some people even leave their rubbish directly under the sign that warns about the fines for dumping rubbish! I myself have challenged people sitting in stationary cars, who think it appropriate to throw rubbish out of their window, to be laughed and sworn at. I know this is not a priority for local law enforcement, but perhaps a rubbish bin or two on Fermoy Road might encourage people to throw their trash out?”

Kenrick’s, 518 Harrow Road

We have asked the Council to investigate these problems:

“I live across the street from the bar, and over the past year I’ve regularly contacted the noise team, but the issue is more than just loud music. There is extreme drunkenness, fighting, yelling and dancing in the street on a regular basis. The problem spills out into the street in Harrow Road, occasionally stopping traffic, and it also spreads up along Ashmore Rd. I hope the Council will be able to deal with this issue in a way that makes Harrow Road safer for the rest of the community. I hope that there is something you can do to help residents reclaim Harrow Road and scrub away some of the general impression of Maida Hill as “lawless land”.”

Lanhill Road

We are making enquiries about this issue:

“I would like to enquire what the very noisy works are on Lanhill Road. Why there was no notice about them with their very heavy drilling/demolition and when they will be finishing. Living very close on a Elgin Ave with a newborn baby, it is very stressful.”

Saltram Crescent/Fernhead Road junction

We have asked the Council to take up this issue:

“Please could someone talk with the owners of Carlton Elite car hire whose premises are at the Saltram/Fernhead junction? Numerous times I have come through this junction‎ (both directions), to find myself suddenly facing a car coming towards me on the wrong side of the road. The drivers are carrying out bizarre manoeuvres to park or drive off. These drivers sit on the yellow lines whilst they wait for a fare. I have nothing against the company, they have been here years and provide a valuable service, and presumably they need to respond quickly to booking requests, but they are not considering others.”

Lydford Estate

We have asked City West Homes to investigate the regular dumping of rubbish on the street by users of Lydford Hall. City West Homes tell us:

“The original issue related to Pinnacle People leaving their rubbish outside the back door, at the time we advised that they should use the large bins across the estate. However, they have been leaving their rubbish at the base of the tree on the street, which is unacceptable. In light of the situation we are arranging for them to have their own wheelie bin, so they are able to dispose of their rubbish responsibly within the grounds of the garden at Lydford Hall. Pinnacle People will cover the extra cost of the wheelie bin.”

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“This spring, Westminster Council installed new trees along both sides of Elgin Avenue (between Chippenham Road and Harrow Road). The design of the cages around them wasn’t the best and as a result they have now turned into litter bins. They are now full up with litter, food waste, dog faeces and a used urine sample bottle. This could be solved almost instantly if someone briefed the street sweepers to address this as part of their normal, daily routine. Instead, it really makes the local area look neglected and dirty, which is a shame as it offsets the very good work done by planting the trees in the first place. I logged an online report via the WCC website back in June but nothing happened. I reported it by phone in July and then again last week but nothing has happened”

The Council has told us:

“The waste has now been removed and we have instructed our contractor to cut an aperture in the cage in order that debris can be removed, this should be completed before the end of the week.”

A satisfied resident said:

“I’m bowled over by how quickly this has been rectified once the information gets through to the right people. Please keep up the good work and pass on my thanks.”

Shirland Road

We are continuing to press the Council to introduce measures to reduce vehicle speeds along Shirland Road.

Chippenham Hotel

We are concerned that the owners of this pub are the same company who demolished the Carlton Tavern in Carlton Vale. They have closed the pub and the fear is that they are looking to put in another betting shop or poor retail outlet with no regard for the future of this iconic building. We are monitoring the situation closely.

News just in – the owners have put the upper floors on the market – http://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-53958926.html

Hall Place

We have asked the Council to investigate the dropped kerb situation around Hall Place, Paddington Green, in and around the Church Street market. A resident tells us, “my mother along with other wheelchair users, continue to suffer and on many occasions nearly fallen out their wheelchairs.”

Little Venice canal path

We have written to the Canal and River Trust about this issue:

“I often walk to work along the Little Venice canal path between Harrow Rd and Paddington. Despite clear signage that cycling is prohibited on the canal path, cyclists are a constant presence on the path. There is a wide and clearly signed cycle path next to the canal path (on the other side of some fencing) and yet they persist in cycling along a very narrow stretch which is supposed to be prioritised for pedestrians. I agree that cycle paths are important and encourage a healthy way of life, but it seems that pedestrians are starting to be affected more by the ‘anything goes’ attitude of many bike riders.”

Blomfield Road/Edgware Road

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue which has been raised by a number of residents:

“As a resident of Clarendon Gardens for many years, I can only add to the concern expressed about pedestrian risk at the western end of Blomfield Road by saying that the eastern end, the turn off the Edgware Rd, is equally dangerous. Apart from the lack of a crossing, this very heavily used rat run is made very unsafe by drivers tuning into Blomfield Road at high speed long after the lights have turned red against them. Can the police be persuaded to arrest/install safety cameras here? They would make a lot of money in fines.”

“The crossing has several issues which we would like to highlight below and hope you will be able to assist to make this a safer place for residents and visitors, in particular pedestrians:

• Blomfield Road has no camera. There is an increasing number of drivers that run the red light to cross. We assume these to be locals, aware of the traffic light system and lack of a camera on Blomfield road. This seems to be an increasing issue.
• Blomfield Road has no pedestrian crossing. there is no safe moment for pedestrians to cross as there is always one direction of drivers having the green light to cross. pedestrians have to endure a lot of verbal abuse when trying to cross and slowing down cars trying to enter/leave the road. we have witnessed and endured this on endless occasions.
• The pedestrian crossing across Edgware Road has a very short green light, which does not give pedestrians enough time to cross safely. Especially the elderly and families.
• The kerb on the side of Aberdeen Place, where pedestrians press the green light to cross Edgware Road and wait for the green light, is not raised. A lot of cars coming from Blomfield Road run over the curb and are of great danger to pedestrians. We have witnessed this on numerous occasions.
• Edgware Road is often congested, especially during peak hours (e.g. mornings). This causes the crossing to be blocked by cars pushing in despite the congestion. This includes many London buses, which cause a dangerous barrier. During these peak hours it is near impossible to cross as the crossing is never clear with the green light. There are also many cars coming from Blomfield Road trying to push into the already congested Edgware Road and continue their journey on Edgware Road when the pedestrians have the green light, putting them into great danger.
• Cyclists coming from Aberdeen Place have their own green light. They often ignore or are not aware of pedestrians crossing at Blomfield road, which lacks a crossing. Pedestrians can’t hear the bicycles approaching and/or are not aware of the bike lane system. There have been many near misses.
The fact that the crossing is very busy with families and tourists walking along the canal makes it even more dangerous for these pedestrians as they are slower and/or unfamiliar with the dangerous light system.”

Elgin Avenue/Shirland Road Junction – Update

The Council tells us:

“A number of proposals have been made which should improve safety at the junction. These include

• Green man crossing facilities on all arms of the junction through the addition of an all-red vehicle stage in the traffic signalling.
• The pedestrian crossings will be widened and will include tactile paving and skid resistant surfacing on all approaches.
• Street lighting will be improved and Double Yellow Lines brought in around the junction to improve visibility.
• Cycle reservoirs will be added on to all approaches to improve cycle safety.

TfL also intends to commence traffic signal modernisation. Their implementation has been postponed in order to co-ordinate their upgrade with our proposal to implement pedestrian facilities at this junction. Officers are discussing the timing of implementation with TfL in order to manage these changes. “

Sutherland Avenue/Shirland Road junction – Update

The Council tells us:

“Two schools in the area have also raised concerns over the Sutherland Avenue and Shirland Road junction. Therefore, it has been suggested that a study is carried out through Westminster City Council’s School Travel Plan to review pedestrian accessibility and movement in the area. This will help to identify whether there are any locations in the area where measures could improve safety for pedestrians, particularly school children. This review should bring to our attention any other roads or junctions requiring improvements. “

Trees outside Stuart Tower, Maida Vale

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“The area is resembling a jungle with the trees now so outgrown around their trunks it’s beginning to obstruct the footpath – worth a look and a prune.”

St Edmund’s Terrace

We are supporting residents who are opposing further development proposals in St Edmund’s Terrace. They say:

“It is proposed to demolish three houses that were built about 40 years ago, are in good condition, are well constructed, attractive and enhance the area. To destroy them would be an act of vandalism. Their replacement by nine flats might not increase available properties in Westminster, primarily as they will be in the more highly priced property range which seem to be particularly attractive to overseas buyers who often only use them for occasional use”

Hamilton Terrace/Abercorn Place

We have asked the Road Safety Team to investigate this issue:

“Could you please speak to the Council regarding installing a pedestrian walk signal, and a camera at the lights on the corner of Hamilton Terrace and Abercorn Place? There are a large number of schools in the area (ASL, QK, Abercorn etc) and many children walk to school through this junction – something we should be encouraging. Hamilton Terrace is increasingly being used as a rat run especially by the enormous red buses from Abercorn School, carrying tiny children to their other location, which turn left onto Hamilton Terrace not waiting for small children crossing and thundering down the road (despite the fact that large vehicles are prohibited on Hamilton Terrace). In addition, as there is no camera installed at the junction, there are numerous cars who shoot through red lights at high speeds. It is just a matter of time before there is a child killed at this junction – can something be done before that happens, please?”

Leinster Square

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I note with little surprise that the most recent parking suspensions along the north side of Leinster Square, W2, expired over a week ago, yet the developers continue to prevent use of the spaces (and as usual they prevent the use of more than the number of spaces suspended). Would somebody like to remind the developers that they should be swelling your coffers for the privilege?”

The Council say:

“I can confirm that the parking suspensions team were already aware of this issue and that the company responsible have applied to extend their suspensions at this location. The charge that we apply will include a retrospective payment to cover all the days the bays were in use. In this particular instance the company allowed their suspensions to lapse before applying to renew them, however Parking Services had already been in contact with the site manager of the development regarding their use of these bays and the need for them to ensure they submit applications in a timely manner.”

Sutherland Place

We are supporting residents’ objection to the proposal for a deep basement development at 46 Sutherland Place. Residents say:

“This is a large scheme which will affect the whole of Sutherland Place and properties backing onto Sutherland Place in Moorhouse Road and Northumberland Place, which are already traumatises by the successions of more and more extensive permissions.”
Residents are collecting signatures for a petition and say “so far we have over 50 signatories in Sutherland Place, Moorhouse Rod, Northumberland Place, Talbot Road and Artesian Road”

Ossington Street – update

We followed up previous enquiries after receiving this further report from a resident:

“The rubbish is not a question of a bag or two . It is several black rubbish bags left daily, not just at weekends. Also, it is not a question of a transient population since the same people have been leaving this since last October. So, once again, the response of the council bears no relation to reality. As a result of the council’s failure to react, the problem is escalating and today they left a fridge “

The Council have told us:

“The local Inspector Ashik Ali is already aware of this waste issue on Ossington Street, which is shared with Kensington & Chelsea. Ashik recently put up Don’t Dump notices and has conducted several spot checks but so far no evidence has been obtained, we will continue to monitor & enforce as soon as evidence is obtained. Collection time letters have also been distributed to Westminster residents only; although we suspect K&C residents are leaving their waste on Westminster public highway.”

Sunderland Terrace

We asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Can you please advise on the status of scooters and motor bikes parked in resident car parking spaces and not in the area designated for bikes . They do take up a disproportionate amount of space and reduce much needed residents ‘car parking space for which we pay”

The Council says;

“The residents of that zone, whatever their vehicles, be they cars, motorcycles or mopeds, are entitled to park in residents bays in their own zone. The bay in Sunderland Terrace is not restricted to cars alone.”

Kensington Square Gardens

We have asked the Council to look into this issue:

“It appears so many people are either so stupid/lazy they can’t put their rubbish actually in the bin (despite half the time they’re not overflowing, although this is also often an issue) or there is not enough capacity for the hotels/guest houses etc. The latter point is also more valid in terms of larger disposals – the amount of mattresses, fridges, sofas etc which are just dumped beside the bins is frequent. Or, it’s just a dreadful case of fly tipping. “

Electoral Registration – makes sure your voice is heard

Each year the Council’s Electoral Services Office has to publish a revised Register of Electors. This involves conducting an audit of all residential properties in Westminster. In order to carry out this task Westminster City Council is recruiting enthusiastic, fit and dedicated staff to join the Electoral Canvassing Team.

If you are interested in joining the Canvassing Team then follow this link to the application form:

To make sure that you and your family are correctly registered, follow this link:

Minicabs in Sutherland Avenue and Marylands Road – what you say

“If the Council are serious about dealing with this problem they need to send our enforcement officers who are not in uniform. As soon as the drivers see an enforcement officer they drive off and come back when the officers have departed. Alternatively a CCTV camera could be installed and offenders caught on camera and fined. They soon get the message that it’s expensive to park in areas where they shouldn’t”

Paddington Rec – what you say

“The Rec attracts dog owners who are clearly not in control of their dogs (including not being able to clean up after them), and also attracts unsocial groups of aggressive people showing off their scary aggressive dogs. There needs to be a balanced consideration of what purpose Paddington Rec is serving. To me this is a community park and not a nature reserve, and from that point of view I would prioritize the interests of the non-dog-owning residents over the interest to provide a large dog exercise area.”

“Regarding the issue of dogs off leads in Paddington Rec I have never understood this policy. There is a large area of grass in the middle of the park which is the obvious place for children to play, kick a ball and have a picnic, but it is also used and defecated on by dogs off leads. This does not make sense and is not hygienic. I have seen similar situations to the one recounted. Either it is an area for families to enjoy or it’s a dog exercising area, it cannot reasonably be both on health and safety grounds alone.”

“Many owners travel to Pad Rec specifically to allow their dogs to run around. For every respectful dog owner there are plenty who allow their dogs to run wild and defecate everywhere. There are days when there are dog faeces every few meters. I rarely see anyone approach dog owners to reprimand them about any misdemeanours. However parents with young children are frequently asked to stop their kids using chalk or playing by the track, no doubt partly driven by which is the easier target. Whilst in theory I’d love to say that we should live and let live… in practice we are reaching a point where Pad Rec is a more attractive park for dogs than for children. If there are no plans to change the byelaws then we should at least accept this is the case and convert the rarely-used dog areas into children’s areas which are dog (and dog-poo) free. “

“I was disturbed at the re-emergence of a campaign to force dog owners to be put on leads in Paddington Rec. Although I do not use this park often, it is a very useful facility for dog walkers; many of the regulars are pensioners. Over the fifty years I have lived in this area, I have seen restriction after restriction put on dog users so our enjoyment of the facility has been much diminished. People who want to picnic have two cordoned off picnic areas now and a ‘wild life’ walk. It is a shame that people who are dog haters are unable to practice some tolerance and allow dog walkers, who are mostly extremely obliging, some enjoyment. Dogs need to be able to walk off the lead and dogs that are not let off the lead do not get enough exercise, which in turn leads to a frustrated and irritable dog.”

Church Street CCTV – what you say

“I absolutely agree with The Church Street Antiques Dealers Group that the CCTV cameras should be returned to Church Street and put back in the same place. It was an insane decision made by the Council to have them removed. Since their removal there has been a serious surge in antisocial behaviour. CCTV cameras are a must on this street, not only for the security of the residents, shop dealers and stall holders but also all the visitors who come to the market. “

What you say

“Thank you for your recent report – you all do such a splendid job in keeping this area under your watchful eye!”

“Thank you for another informative and valued update on the local area”

“Thanks for this useful information”

“Thank you for these updates, it is good to know of the work being ‎done behind the scenes to help improve the area.”

“I am delighted to see that replanting has taken place at last on the corner of Abbey Road/Abbey Gardens and removal of the stump. It took 18 months!”

“Thanks for this – useful. I agree a timed light or zebra would be helpful at the Blomfield and Warwick Avenue junction.”

“Thank you for your email and the update news of what is happening in North Westminster. I appreciate the time you have taken in compiling these reports which I read with much interest. There is a great deal of useful information in them and also very helpful web links. It helps make us a much more cohesive community.”

“Thanks for all your efforts”

“Thanks as always for the helpful newsletter”

“I really appreciate your tireless work on behalf of the Westminster North community and your monthly Action Reports which are very informative, and highlight true grass roots work.”

“Good news that double yellow lines are to be introduced at the Nugent Terrace/Abercorn Place junction. Thanks for all the information and for all your work.”

“Keep up the good work”

“We greatly appreciate the clear up and shrub prune in the garden area in front of Parsons House”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.
Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg
Labour Built Environment spokesperson
Westminster City Council



Church Street Market

We are supporting calls from local businesses for CCTV cameras to be returned to the Church Street Market area.

The Church Street Antiques Dealers Group have written to Councillors to express their concerns about the removal of the cameras on Church Street which were originally located there partly as a result of crime including violent street muggings of customers of antique dealers’ shops. Leon Young of the Antique Dealers Group says:

“The placement of the cameras at the junctions of Ashbridge Street, Gateforth Street and Lisson Grove gave coverage of the street encompassing over 20 galleries and Alfie’s was considered one of the safest antiques locations to visit. It is a concern for the antiques dealers on Church Street that the cameras have been withdrawn. Their removal is against the interests of safety and security for both members of our group, the customers who visit and their goodwill. The removal of the cameras has had the following effects;
• Increase in begging, particularly on Saturdays
• Criminal damage. A window was smashed in commercial premises on the junction of Gateforth Street and Church street.
• A marked increase in the frequency congregating of groups of boisterous youngsters who have been seen to drop food litter on the street, can be foul-mouthed and are intimidating to some.

The net effect is to offer visitors to the location a poor impression at the least. At worst, if they feel it is unsafe, unwelcoming or unattractive, we lose their custom. The loss of the cameras works against the ethos, investment, goodwill and revenues that our group creates.”

The Church Street Antique Dealers Group have our full support. We’ve raised the removal of CCTV cameras across Church Street with the Chief Executive when he did a Ward walk with us. There are real concerns about the impression this gives to shoppers and residents who worry about safety and the impact given the ongoing reduction in police/council officers involved in public protection.

We are still waiting for a response from the Council. They need to show that it is taking these concerns seriously and talk with us about what can be done to ensure Church Street feels and is safe.

Church Street Drop-In Centre and Nursery

Church Street residents benefit from a drop-in centre for the elderly that is very well used and much needed. The site also provides for a 30 place nursery that provides good care for local families. It is really a great site that cares for both the very young and the very old.
It had been run by Shepherds Bush Housing Association but they have decided to pull out and we are petitioning the council to be an active voice in securing these services for the local population and Westminster in general.

The drop-in centre provides nutritious meals, regular contact with the elderly, support across a number of areas and informal support too. Far too often these services can seem pushed to one side so a visible centre, right on the market street, is very important.

We have now started an online petition for others in Westminster to share their support. You can find the petition, which has been started in the name of the local neighbourhood forum, here: http://petitions.westminster.gov.uk/10-Church-St-NW8/

Boscobel Street

We have been getting reports of increased late night noise on Boscobel Street and have asked the Council if there have been an increased number of reports from the noise team and what can be done to monitor the situation.

Also, residents say that parking and traffic around Dar Marrakesh is reducing the flow through on that street in the evening and we have asked that the parking situation be investigated.

Lisson Grove/Lodge Road junction

We have again asked the Council to deal with this long-standing issue:

“The reflective Bollard at this junction has been hit yet again. This is the fourth or fifth time in 12 months. It’s only a matter time before there is a serious accident here. What is the council waiting for?

Tim Roca is Labour’s choice for the Harrow Road by-election on 23rd July

The Labour Party has chosen Tim Roca to be its candidate in the forthcoming Harrow Road by-election on Thursday 23rd July. Tim was brought up in Cheshire before moving to London 8 years ago. He was state educated and the first in his family to go to university. Tim works at King’s College London in the Institute of Pharmaceutical Science. In his spare time he acts at as a charity trustee and is a member of CAMRA. Tim, 29, studied history at Lancaster University and was president of the Student’s Union, taking a role campaigning against tuition fees. Tim said:

“I feel privileged to be selected as Labour’s candidate for the Harrow Road Ward. I want to stand up for the community and, together with the current councillors Ruth Bush and Guthrie McKie, be a powerful advocate for the area.”

Prince of Wales pub latest – Westminster Council rejects betting shop licensing application

POW demoThanks to a campaign by local residents, Labour councillors and Karen Buck MP, Westminster Council has rejected an application by BetFred to turn the Prince of Wales pub, Harrow Road into a betting shop.

Tim Roca, Labour’s candidate for the Harrow Road by-election said:

“I’m delighted Westminster Council has listened to local residents and said no to another betting shop on Harrow Road. This is a great first step, but the fight is not over. It is very likely that BetFred will appeal so we must be ready to continue our campaign through the planning appeal process.

There are already several betting shops nearby, which is an unacceptable concentration. The committee agreed with residents and ourselves that a betting shop in such a prominent place would put vulnerable residents very much at risk. It would also blight local businesses. We need a proper balance of shops and facilities along the Harrow Road in the interests of a safe and thriving local community.

The building is local landmark and an important asset. It should be developed in a way which improves the junction and the whole Maida Hill Market area.”

Saltram Crescent – traffic calming

Saltram image Following the consultation which found a majority of residents in favour of the traffic calming proposals, we are pressing the Council to go ahead. The proposals would be put in place for an initial 18 months so that their effect on all concerned can be properly assessed. We know that there are concerns from some residents in the side streets, but we believe that these concerns will be catered for within the proposals. If this turns out not to be the case we will ask the Council to review the situation so that any problems are resolved quickly.

Karen Buck MP has received the following reply from the Council on the latest situation on traffic calming proposals:

“Following the public meeting on 26 November 2014 on Saltram Crescent, we have recently completed a consultation exercise regarding the proposed traffic calming measures. The measures selected by the working party for consultation, were those that it considered would have the minimal impact on all roads in the Saltram Crescent area, including the side roads.

The Working Party considered a number of different options including road humps and road closures, but has opted for the one-way solutions at either end of Saltram Crescent. This solution would allow traffic to exit Saltram Crescent and resolve the rat running traffic issue, without pushing the through traffic onto the side roads. The Working Party have accepted that this solution may require some traffic from Saltram Crescent to use the side roads, but they considered that it would be unlikely that the through traffic would divert on to the side roads, as there would be no advantage in doing so over going the direct route. The Working Party hoped that the scheme they proposed would encourage through traffic to use the main roads as it should be using.

A number of residents from Fordingley Road and surrounding roads have sent in their concerns following the consultation exercise. Their concerns and comments have been collated and included in a Cabinet Member Report on this project, which will be submitted shortly for consideration.”

Maida Hill Market area

maida-hill-marketWe have asked the police to take action to stop the late night anti-social behavior around the market area;

“I came home just after 11pm and as I got out of the car – half the way down Elgin Avenue towards Chippenham Rd, I heard them shouting and screaming! And an hour later they are still here (after midnight)! I don’t know who else to call – no doubt they will be here tomorrow, and the day after, and every night now the weather is warm”

We have also asked for more rubbish bins after receiving this request:

“I wanted to let you know about a massive problem with rubbish dumping at the Maida Hill market area. There are not enough containers for commercial waste (despite various promises to install more containers as the market has expanded). The area looks very unpleasant, dirty and this encourages mice. While there are cleaners who clean the area, absence of large rubbish containers means that for most of the day huge piles of rubbish are dumped onto the street. I hope the council can install large rubbish bins, or perhaps organise twice-a-day rubbish collection from the area. It is madness to try to expand the market, especially if these issues are not resolved first.”

The Market Managers has told us:

“I have made arrangements for the market bin to be changed to one that can be locked with a padlock to prevent abuse from residents and businesses. The traders have all been reminded of their duty of care. As a result of this all market waste is placed into the designated market bin and all cardboard boxes are broken down. Maida Hill market waste is collected within the Harrow Road collection time bands, which are Monday to Sunday 9am and 6:30pm. The market bin is located behind the public toilets from where it is used on a daily bases by the traders. For the evening collection time, the street sweep wheels the bin to the Harrow road junction with Elgin Avenue ready for the refuse crew to collect. This location is also used by local businesses, residents and street sweepers to place bags for collection.

Waste enforcement operations (Project Red) have recently been conducted on the Harrow road. Unfortunately at the location in question there was no evidence found to show where the waste had originated from. We’ll continue to monitor this location with the intention of identifying the individuals who dump waste outside the collection time bands. The cleansing and waste management agreement for the market is currently under review in preparation for completion of the market extension.”

Lydford Estate – Update

The Deputy Estate Manager has given us an update on various issues of concern to residents on the Lydford Estate:

“I am aware of the most recent parking issues on the Lydford Estate, especially where people are parking on the ramp as you enter the estate. We are working closely with Wing Parking to increase the patrols on the estate. This has resulted in Wing Parking issuing a number of penalty charges which normally deters illegal parking however thus far in this case it has been unsuccessful. We will be writing to the block closest to where the cars are parked with the intention of identifying their owners. The details of the cars have been taken by the Police in order for them to carry out background checks on the vehicles. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

With regards to the potential drug taking, this would ultimately need to be reported to the police, however it would be useful to have some specific areas within Lydford where the drug taking is happening. Anything you would be able to provide would be useful so we are able to get to the bottom of the issue with the support of the police.”

Following further information received from residents we have reported that the alleged drug dealing is being carried out at the Harrow Road end of the estate.

Edbrooke Gardens

We have raised this issue with the Council:

“As I write, the Council is killing/eliminating one of the superb trees that makes it a joy to be living opposite them. Why is this tree destroyed? I am no botanist but it seemed pretty healthy to all of us. What consultation has taken place? I am sure that I have not been consulted in spite of my location. This is real violence being made of the only oasis of peace and greenery left in this area and a violence to all users of the park.”

The Council’s Arborcultural Officer says;

“We are carrying out maintenance to the trees in Edbrooke Road Gardens as part of our cyclical maintenance regime. The majority of the work is to remove dead, dying or damaged branches, crown lifting over footpaths and the public highway, so nothing controversial. However, there are three trees identified for crown reduction. Two lime trees that have been implicated in subsidence insurance claim. Lime trees are very tolerant of pruning and will grow back readily. The other tree is a sugar maple that has been crown reduced previously. Unfortunately this species is particularly prone to branch failure from the old pruning points and therefore this work is required for reason of public safety. I did speak to a resident this morning who was concerned at the work that was going on so I’ve said that’s I will inspect this particular tree to ensure that we are not carrying out any more pruning than is necessary.”

Rubbish dumping

CCTV should be deployed at rubbish dumping hotspots to catch those anti-social people who ruin the local environment for everyone else, following reports of continual rubbish dumping in Walterton Road, Goldney Road and elsewhere. Some residents believe that people, particularly builders and landlords, are driving to parts of the area from elsewhere to dump their building rubbish and old furniture.

Rubbish dumping is becoming one of the biggest local issues and those responsible should be caught and fined for their anti-social and irresponsible behaviour. At the same time, Westminster Council needs to improve its street refuse collection service with regular patrols to clear rubbish dumping hotspots as quickly as possible.

Hormead Road

A number of residents from Hormead Road have complained about the behaviour of some of the boaters living on the Grand Union Canal. Karen Buck MP is speaking to the Canal and River Trust, as well as Westminster City Council and Police, to see what more can be done to tackle complaints of anti-social behaviour, littering and noise. House boaters are a long standing and welcome part of the local community, but it is a shame that a minority are causing such problems for their neighbours.

Shirland Road

We are taking up this issue with the Council:

“Motor cycle delivery vehicles take up between 2 – 3 pay and display bays outside 184 – 190 Shirland Road on a daily basis. This has become very annoying, car drivers cannot park, and they have been asked to move into the motor cycle bay on Saltram Crescent which is empty every single day. When the drivers are asked to move they say ‘speak no English’. I am sure the company they work for is not aware that 8 of their drivers are sitting on Shirland Road for 4 hours, 7 days a week. Please can someone do something as this has got to stop, it’s not fair on local residents coming in from work and who cannot park.”

‘Save our Jubilee’ petition

A new petition to Save Our Jubilee Sports Centre has been launched!

The petition reads:

“We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to join with the ‘Save Our Jubilee’ campaign to develop a cost-effective plan for the Jubilee designed to refurbish and update the Centre, and offer even more facilities to local people.

With a strong team, answerable to the community, put in place to manage the Jubilee, we call on Westminster City Council to work with our community on this sensible alternative.”

Carlton Tavern Update

Carlton Tavern 1We have written to the Health and Safety Executive to ask what action has been taken by the HSE regarding the unlawful demolition of the Carlton Tavern in Carlton Vale on April 8th. Maida Vale Labour Councillor Rita Begum said:

“I strongly urge that firm action is taken by the HSE, both in terms of the harm that could have been caused by the pub owners’ irresponsible actions and to help reduce the risk that these same owners and contractors might do the same in future with other pubs and properties in our area. “

Councillor Adam Hug, Leader of the Labour Group said;

“The demolition of the Carlton Tavern posed a real risk to those in neighbouring properties as well as potentially to those on site and passing by. Can you please update me and ward Cllr Rita Begum about whether the HSE proposes taking action against those who ordered and carried out this demolition?”

Dibdin House

Dibdin victory 2Residents at Dibdin House are celebrating two big successes this summer. After a spirited local campaign, the estate’s landlord has dropped plans to turn the communal hall into a luxury flat and has instead agreed to allow residents access to their hall again for community events.

Grainger have also responded quickly to Karen Buck MP’s complaint about rent setting for Assured Tenants at Dibdin House. They acknowledged that errors had been made in implementing their rents policy and modest refunds and rent reductions have been given to all affected tenants.

Paddington Recreation Ground

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Once again we have been disturbed by dogs off lead in Paddington Recreation Ground. This time as we had a picnic on the grass so the children could kick a ball around we were bothered by two small dogs. Their owner casually kept a distance and laughed as they invaded our picnic and helped themselves to chicken drumsticks and frightened the children. The female owner then started shouting at us that we had no business eating chicken in the park and was incredibly rude. At no point was there an apology or actually picking up the dogs and removing them. Instead she picked up some of our food. Can you please explain why in a heavily used park with 3 special dog parks why it could be possibly safe to allow dogs off lead? This is unacceptable.”

The Council says;

“The ‘dogs off lead’ policy has been in place for some time at Paddington Rec in accordance with the byelaws. It is an arrangement which is extremely valued by dog owners and a petition to retain this arrangement was presented to the Council in 2006. The (then) Cabinet Member for Customer and Community Services approved a report advising that there is no intention of introducing a ‘dogs on leads’ policy at the site provided there is no significant change in the circumstances. However, I fully appreciate that the arrangement is not universally supported and acknowledge that the policy can cause issues for other users of the park. Clearly on this occasion the behaviour of the dog owner is extremely irresponsible. If you are able to provide any further details of the incident (date, time, location etc), I will ask the site team to review the CCTV system to see if we’re able to identify the customer concerned and will then ask the site manager to speak with them to reiterate their responsibilities and our reasonable expectations of dog owners.”

Warwick Avenue/ Blomfield Road

We have asked the Council to investigate road safety issues at this junction:

“Please could you advise who I would petition to get some kind of pedestrian crossing assistance on the corner of Warwick Avenue and Blomfield Road. This junction is so dangerous and is heavily used by pedestrians and road users alike, the difference being there is no way of pedestrians safely crossing this junction. I live just opposite and use it every day, it’s in the heart of Little Venice, which I’m sure you are aware is a residential area, which is also frequently visited by thousands of tourists every year.”

Boundary Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Some years ago traffic management measures were introduced between Loudoun Road and Abbey Road to slow the traffic (after a local consultation). However, the raised roadway is split and by driving between the raised areas allows vehicles to travel at whatever speed they choose, thereby making the traffic calming measures ineffective. I have noticed recently that vehicles and cars in particularly are travelling up and down Boundary Road at high speed, with estates on both the Camden and Westminster side of the road with large numbers of children living there and with parked cars on both sides restricting vision it can only be a matter of time before there is a tragic accident. I wonder if you can speak with the police to get some enforcement action, or perhaps better traffic calming measures which cannot be by-passed.”

Hamilton Terrace and St John’s Wood Road‏ junction

We are taking this issue up with Road Safety Team:

“Some time ago I raised the dangers to pedestrians wanting to cross Hamilton Terrace when walking along St John’s Wood road down the hill towards the traffic lights at the St John’s Wood Road junction with the Edgware Road. There is a pedestrian crossing over St John’s Wood Road but none over Hamilton Terrace. There is no real problem for pedestrians wanting to cross over the first part of the road coming from the direction of Lords as visibility is good and vehicles coming along Hamilton Terrace have to slow down before turning into St John’s Wood Road either towards Lords or towards the Edgware Road. The danger arises on the second or other part of the crossing nearer to Edgware Road. Vehicles coming up from Edgware Road turn into Hamilton Terrace and it is not easy for pedestrians to spot vehicles some of which fail to signal a left turn. A largish number of vehicles especially at rush hours, turn right into Hamilton Terrace coming along St John’s Wood Road from the direction of Lords using Hamilton Terrace as a ‘rat-run’. The dangers would be reduced if a zebra crossing were to be placed across the end of Hamilton Terrace at the junction with St John’s Wood Road”.

Marlborough Place

Karen Buck MP is taking up this issue with the Council:

“Marlborough Place is a very busy cut through between Hamilton Terrace, Abbey Road and Wellington Road. Unlike other similar cut through in the area, it has no traffic calming features. Consequently it has become a very popular “rat run”. Despite it being a residential road, vehicles regularly drive through at very high speeds both in and out of the rush hour. It is dangerous for pedestrians crossing the road and for drivers trying to drive in or out of their driveways. Most driveways are relatively narrow and Residents Parking spaces and single yellow lines can come right up to the edge of the driveway entrances making visibility regarding passing traffic and pedestrians very limited. The speed of passing vehicles makes coming, going and crossing very dangerous.”

Blenheim Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“Blenheim Road is one of the few residential streets in the vicinity without speed humps and everyone from school run drivers to taxis and minicabs is now taking advantage of that to speed down our street. There is a generational change underway as more families have moved in while other older residents still remain and so the risk to pedestrians is growing exponentially. Some people oppose any change to the area but the priority must now be safety, can you please help?”

The Council has told us that the Police are to commission a two week speed camera survey using a small temporary camera.

Nugent Terrace/Abercorn Place junction

The Council has agreed with residents’ suggestion that double yellow lines are needed to prevent cars coming out of Nugent Terrace at the weekend being hit due to blocked sightlines resulting from people parking on the single yellow line on Abercorn Place. We are now awaiting a date for this to be implemented.

Elmfield Way

Road safety and parking complaints continue to flood in from residents living on and around Elmfield Way. The good news is that the Council have agreed to adopt this private road and will start providing normal street services as soon as a land transfer is completed. The bad news is that this means the current private contractors have already ‘checked-out’ of their responsibilities on the road and in the short-term the situation appears to be getting worse. Karen Buck MP is raising complaints with the current private owner and pushing the Council to get the takeover moving as quickly as possible.

Chepstow Road

We are chasing up the Council on this long-standing issue:

“Would you be so kind as to follow up with Westminster council regarding the condition of Chepstow Road, it’s got worse! Trenches on road are getting larger, result large vehicles “bouncing” over causing more vibrations and noise! As for the volume of buses it’s unreal! Every day one can guarantee there will be a roadblock as buses do not give way to each other, often these buses are empty which result in constant traffic jams. Increase in noise and air pollution which is totally unacceptable for residents!”

The Council says:

“I can confirm that the street is not in this year’s programme but it is possibly going to be in next year’s. We can’t promise this at this stage as the final list is made of an algorithm based on a number of variables. I understand from my colleagues who compile the list that the letters to Ward Members are going out in the next 2-3 weeks- at which point they can respond with detail of the strength of local feeling and impact to ensure that this street is as high up the list as it can be.”

We have advised residents to start a petition so that the Council is aware of the strength of local feeling on this matter.

Water leak outside 75 Chepstow Road

We have contacted Thames Water about this issue

“We have already had two very serious leeks in this area. Thames Water have stopped by a couple of times, lifted a couple of grids, a bit of road marking, nothing else. The flood area is spreading. This is a bus route for five buses plus the transits from the garage. Any good ideas for someone I can telephone?”

Thames Water told us;

“I have raised this with the clean water network team for the area and this is being investigated as a priority case given the delay. One of our Network Service Technicians attended the site today to assess the repair work needed.”

This problem has now been sorted out and residents say:

“Many thanks for your assistance, the Murphy guys worked like Trojans. They discovered the leak was not where it was marked, worked out it was about a yard into the road. They have now finished and we said we would tell you how impressed we were with the way they dealt with a difficult situation. A great factor was the way they handled the traffic, no lights, no buses waiting for them to change, everyone was so respectful of each other.”

Westbourne Grove

We have asked the Council to investigate this issue:

“I try to remain patient, living as I do on a building site (you may know it as Bayswater), but I continue to be dismayed by the number of new pavements being installed in the area that don’t have lowered kerbs at junctions for wheelchairs and prams etc. The latest example is along the stretch of Westbourne Grove near the recently converted Westbourne House, where unsightly slopes of what looks like temporary tarmac have been laid to compensate. Presumably all of this will need to be re-done at great expense and further disruption. Why can’t developers get it right first time? It is very frustrating. “

Kensington Gardens Square

Residents of 43-45 Kensington Gardens Square have asked us to contact their landlord, Genesis, about long-delayed repairs and maintenance issues.

Crackdown against begging and ASB in Lancaster Gate and Bayswater

Local police tell us that;

“These coming weeks will see the Lancaster Gate and Bayswater SNT and cluster policing team targeting beggars and Anti-Social Behaviour in Queensway, Westbourne Grove, Royal Oak and the immediate surrounding streets. We will be working with Westminster Council and will be utilising new Anti-Social Behaviour Legislation. This means that we will be able to issue Community Protection Notices (CPNs) in the near future. In order for this to be implemented, we do need impact statements from local residents and businesses. Some individuals have come forward, but we do need more. CPNs will be used to require individuals to stop begging in the area. If the CPN is breached, they will be either arrested or summonsed to court and could be liable to a huge fine or custodial sentence.”

Royal Oak Station

Back in May 2014 Labour GLA member Murad Qureshi wrote to Transport for London to express his concern that the poor condition of the staircase at Royal Oak station posed a real health and safety threat to commuters. TfL acted on the letter and, after being closed for three weeks whilst remedial work was carried out, the station reopened in May with a new staircase.

Wells Rise – what you say

“For the last few years the residents of Wells Rise have been subject to considerable inconvenience as a result of two developments at the top of the road on St Edmund’s Terrace. Namely blocks of flats adjoining Primrose Hill and a new reservoir by Thames Water. This has meant that there has been a constant stream of lorries going up and down Wells Rise very day other than Sunday. This has caused noise, dirt, disruption to parking and a danger to children and others. On a number of occasions there have been water leaks due to the weight and volume of the lorries and parts of the road have had to have been re-surfaced a number of times. The two developments are nearing completion and we need a respite. Westminster Council should have care for the life of its citizens and I suggest there should be a moratorium on future developments in Wells Rise and its vicinity for the next few years.”

On line advice service

People living in Westminster can now receive email advice and information from Advice Westminster’s new online service. Residents can submit a query using a simple form, which will be answered by email within five working days. Applicants will receive a one-off response from a trained adviser who, wherever possible, will provide advice or information, or give details of other organisations that may be able to help. Residents can ask about a range of topics, including benefits and employment rights, as well as having access to health, debt and housing information.

You can get started http://advicewestminster.org.uk/get-advice-online/?ct=t%28One+Westminster+News+|+15+August+2014%29

Vale Court, Maida Vale bus stop relocation – what you say

“I live very near this new stop. I cannot see any good reason for re-sitting this bus stop. I have since been trying to work out what possible traffic advantage if any, its new positioning affords. My now retired brother used to work for what was then London Transport, and his actual job was to site bus stops in appropriate places in Central London, taking traffic flow, road conditions and road junctions, etc., into account. When I showed him where the new stop now was, he was very perplexed and said that he would never have sanctioned such a move, in his day, as he too, couldn’t see any gain from doing it.”

“I totally agree about the Bus Stop at Vale Court. I lived in Braemar House for about 52 years. It has always been there. Two bus stops between Carlton Vale to Elgin Ave and two stops from Hall Road to Clifton Road and none between Elgin Avenue to Hall Road”

Beatles Crossing, Abbey Road – what you say

“I still think the “Beatles” zebra-crossing needs regulation of some kind. Yesterday a foolish girl was taking photos, standing in the road; and the subsidiary zebra going north to St. John’s Wood is also hazardous. Frankly, as a driver I find it more and more difficult to stay patient whilst all the ridiculous and carefree posturing goes on?”

Elmfield Way – what you say

“I hope the adoption of Elmfield Way makes progress soon. The car and vans that are regularly double parked all day on double yellow lines are a constant hazard to passing vehicles and to disabled residents who find it difficult to find space to cross the road. “

What you say

“Thank you for being there and following up on problems”

“Really do appreciate you keeping us in the picture. Excellent work and thanks for all the effort.”

“Many thanks for all your work and emails”

“Good newsletter”

“Thank you for your hard work. Good luck!”

“Thank you for all the work you do on our behalf”

“Many thanks for the excellent work you do in highlighting and resolving important issues for the local residents!”

“Many thanks for all the good work and information you provide”

Thanks a lot for the updates “

“Thank you re Westbourne Park Road – I think they got the message. Much better lately”

“Thanks very much for the work you and your colleagues are doing, and for the regular updates – much appreciated.”

“As always, this is so informative and such a useful means of being kept up to date with both your actions and those of the Council. Very many thanks.”

“Another great action report. How do you find the time to deal with your ever increasing number of problems?”

“Thank you for your work on these email lists. They have provided a vital point of knowledge in a world where communication rarely seems forthcoming.”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.
Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg
Labour Built Environment spokesperson
Westminster City Council




Church Street Nursery and Drop-In Centre

Two local community services in Church Street are under threat of closure and we have called on Westminster Council to step in and save them. Shepherd’s Bush Housing Association has given notice that it will cease to subsidise the Church Street Nursery from 17 July 2015. The Nursery has a mix of 42 full- and part-time children registered. It occupies the ground floor of a council-owned shop at 10 Church Street. The Drop-In lunch club for elderly residents occupies the Ground Floor of the shop and has also been given notice by SBHA that it will cease to subsidise them.

Church Street Labour Councillor Barbara Grahame said:

“Church Street Nursery has an Outstanding OFSTED rating and it would be very disappointing if parents were obliged to accept less satisfactory placements elsewhere. The council should to try to enable it to continue. The Council have suggested that its 42 parents could be helped to find alternative places at other nurseries or childminders. However it is very unlikely that it would be possible to find good quality flexible placements for this number of children nearby. It has always seemed unfair that Church Street Nursery, a charity, should ever have been expected to pay a high rent to the Council for a converted shop basement.”

Penfold Street

We are pressing the Council to take action at this junction:

“The junction/crossing of Penfold Street and Broadley Street needs consideration as many drivers on Penfold Street fail to stop (Broadley Street drivers have the right of way) and occasional accidents happen but quite a few sudden stops do. This is a concern given the closeness of Broadley Street Gardens, King Solomon and the market and the residents, children, etc using these places. We are fortunate that only cars, so far, get damaged.”

Due to complaints from residents we have received about issues along the entirety of Penfold Street, we have also managed to get the Council to extend the proposed traffic flow/speed survey to cover the entire length of Penfold Street to the north of Church Street, as well as to the south of Church Street and south of Broadley Street (outside the King Solomon Academy), as planned.

Plympton Steet

We have reported instances of rubbish dumped on the street in Plympton Street and Plympton Place to the Council.

Wyatt House, Lilestone Estate

We have again contacted the Council after the refuse collectors left rubbish sprayed across the ground around Wyatt House. We contacted the Director of City Management who confirmed that the Council’s contract with Veolia requires their operatives to clear any spillage from around rubbish bins when they are undertaking their collection rounds. He will ensure that this incident is highlighted to senior managers at Veolia so that it does not happen again. He also advised sending in evidence to environmentalactionline@westminster.gov.uk or reporting it here https://www.westminster.gov.uk/report-it as the council use these reports to identify issues with the services and Veolia’s performance generally and it will mean the Council are getting a full picture of any poor service that residents are receiving.

Hatton Street

We have asked the Church Street Inspector to investigate this issue:

“I should be grateful if you could see if you can do anything about the piles of rubbish which have started appearing at the north-west end of Hatton Street. I’ve seen foxes tearing at the rubbish as well as the occasional Roma beggar. The issue is the lack of a bin store or ‘wheelie bin’ for the flats on the site of the former Lord Frampton pub.”

Maida Hill Market area

We have asked the Council and the police to investigate this continuing issue:

“There are about 20 people gathering at the Maida Hill market after 6.00pm. They bring a loud speaker, they start playing loud music until midnight, sometimes later than that. Also lots of alcohol is been consumed bottles, cans, cups. What is worst is when they urinate at the square by the trees. My kids are straggling to have a sleep and they keep waking up many times at night due to the loud music especially when they need to get up early in the morning to go to school. Something needs to be done to tackle this anti-social behaviour”

Fermoy Road

We are making enquiries about this long-standing issue:

“I wonder if there is anything that you can do to help a local situation in Fermoy Road which has been going on for a number of years. There is a firegate in place which (when the lock hasn’t been broken, prevents cars from using Fermoy Road as a rat-run between Harrow Road and Great Western Road). Unfortunately motorbikes and scooters know the area well and mount the footpath all day, every day, putting local residents at risk, including children and the residents of the sheltered accommodation which is located next to the firegate.

There has been dialogue with Westminster Council on this for many years, and we thought we had finally made progress earlier this year but this appears to have now stalled and we are yet again in a frustrating position of inactivity. Meanwhile, these motorised vehicles continue to put residents at risk. Is there anything that you can do to help us?”

Shirland Road, Chippenham Road and Walterton Road junction

We have asked the Council to let us know the latest situation on this long-standing issue:

“I just wondered if you could do something about the eyesores and the blatant flaunting of the smoking laws by the two shisha places at the junction of Shirland Road, Chippenham Road and Walterton Road”

Shirland Road/Elgin Avenue junction

We have the Council to investigate the problems at this junction after receiving this message:

“Both my son and his friend had a very lucky escape this morning on their walk into school. They were crossing at the junction of Shirland Road and Elgin Avenue between the newsagents and the interiors shop Day True. As there are no pedestrian lights there the only way of gauging whether it’s safe to cross is by guessing the traffic light sequence. The 2 older boys crossed first as we took charge of the 3 younger children. The boys were about three quarters of the way across when the lights changed and a motorbike, which must have been travelling at some speed accelerated through the amber light missing the boys by millimetres.

At the junction of Shirland Road and Chippenham Road we now have a pedestrian countdown which has greatly improved our ability to cross safely at this junction. However the two remaining junctions are still a danger and this is a major route to school for many families. I am asking and for Pedestrian lights to be installed at these junctions and all those on major routes to school before there is a serious accident and the 20MPH speed limit to be introduced. On the final day of Walk to School Week, I have had a very cold, harsh reality check, and realised the streets are not safe for myself and my family.”

The Council says they are currently considering the following options:
• Upgrade to double yellow lines around junction and loading blips
• Add cycle reservoir on Elgin Avenue arms (already on Shirland Road) and add pedestrian Green men to all arms.
• Stop lines 3m from studs
• Improve pedestrian crossing studs and widen to the min of 2.4m
• Add tactile paving
• Upgrade traffic islands in line with new stud lines
• Right turn pocket in centre of junction in line with Shirland Road
• Pedestrian phase

Lydford Estate – parking

We are following up this issue raised by residents:

“I have noticed the continuous parking of cars on the ramps entering the Lydford estate on Riverton, Portgate and Lapford Closes. These cars do not have parking permits and I understand a number of them have parking tickets and but this has not resolved the problem. The effect of this illegal parking is that residents who have paid for parking permits and also services such as rubbish collection have difficulty getting into the estate and driving into their allotted parking spaces around these closes. It is believed that the owners of these cars live in houses on Ashmore Road opposite the entrance to Portgate Close. There is also a lot of drug related activity in some closes at night.The police have been informed of these problems which have been going on for some months. It is time that some action is taken”

Bus stop outside Vale Court, Edgware Road

We are making enquiries about this issue:

“Why has this bus stop been moved 500 metres down the road opposite Stewart Towers? This is a total waste of money and man power. It now means that the walk from Elgin Avenue stop to Hall Road stop is considerable longer. The new bus stop is much nearer the Clifton Road stop. None of this makes any sense at all.”

Kilburn Park Road – parking

We are making investigations with the Council about this issue:

“Since the new flats in Brent have been built and occupied parking on the Westminster side is becoming more and more difficult mainly near the traffic light end where the houses are. The people living in the flats on Brent are managing to get parking permits to park in Westminster and this has been going on for many years as I have watched people get out of their car on our side of the road and cross with loads of shopping to go into the flat that were opposite .

If I have parked on the Brent side at night, I have move my car before 8.00am the next morning and then spend my time looking around for somewhere to park, because the spaces our side Westminster have been taken by the residents in Brent. I have landed quite a few tickets from Brent for parking just after the start time. I thought when we applied for permits we had to prove we lived on the Westminster side and this was done through the electoral role. I feel something needs to be sorted out as we have to pay for permits and not able to park near our homes.”

Kilburn Park Road – rubbish dumping

We have asked the local Inspector to investigate this recurring issue:

“I do feel strongly about the rubbish on Kilburn Park Road after a few months of nothing being dumped I returned from a week away to find rubbish back at the lamp post outside 105 and 107. And this morning when I walk passed them all the bags had be bitten into by the rats”

Essendine Nursery – Update

Local resident Helena Krawitz who led the campaign to stop the closure of the Essendine nursery reports:

“Since Westminster Council announced they wanted to close the Essendine stay and play sessions, I have been working with them to find a way to keep some kind of local service going. The BAD news was that I could not persuade them to keep it open in the centre behind Essendine School. The GOOD news, actually GREAT as far as I’m concerned, is that they will fund a smaller scale alternative. Hurrah!! From the beginning of the next school year, there will be 2 stay and play drop in sessions during term time. One will be on a Tuesday, 9.30-11am inside Essendine School. The other will be inside the Paddington Rec Bowls Club, 9.30-12.30.”

Pindock Mews

We are chasing up this issue:

“Can you give the Council a boot up the backside re the matter of painting those non-existent yellow lines in Pindock Mews? We are still waiting and now builders vans are parking there and blocking our exit/access via the Castellain Road end of the mews. “

Lodge Road

We have asked the Council to investigate this road safety issue:

“The main problem is – because Lodge Road is long and straight- people speed like lunatics along it. Their speed is curtailed at points because it also gets congested at various spots where it narrows due to parking on both sides. If the drivers are not speeding then they are engaged road rage. It’s also a busy road with lots of pedestrians crossing at the Regent’s Park end going to the hotel. At the Lisson Grove end there is the church and church hall busy with folk and, moreover, children going to clubs and lessons.

Yesterday at the church end as children were using the church hall to my absolute horror a motorbike doing about 40 miles an hour or thereabouts came roaring along the pavement to avoid the bottleneck that had formed at the Lisson Grove end. Had any child opened the door and stepped out onto the pavement at that moment there would have been a fatality. I was incandescent but powerless. Is there any cctv on this road? That idiot needs to be caught.”

41 Abbey Road

We are pleased that the planning application for the conversion of the former long-empty and derelict care home at 41 Abbey Road into 7 flats was approved by the Planning Applications Committee on 2 June 2015. We liaised closely with local residents to support this proposal.

Tesco, Circus Road

We are continuing to chase up this long-standing issue:

“Tesco’s delivery lorries at St Johns Wood have become a nightmare. I am sure that the Council are doing everything in their powers to solve this problem. Let me assure you that the lorries are there after 10 a.m. in the mornings, blocking up all the spaces. Furthermore at many times there is a second delivery lining up outside the Post Office, also waiting to deliver. This has got to stop. They must leave at 8.30 a.m. as arranged with the Council, not at 10 a.m. I am over 95 years of age, and cannot park as those valuable spaces are used by lorries still delivering at 10 a.m. Please do something.”

Westbourne Park Road

We have reported this issue to the local City Inspector:

“I head out to work-out every Tuesday and Friday at about 0550, returning at about 0700 down Westbourne Park Road. These are rubbish collection days. And every Tuesday and Friday without fail there is a black bin bag of rubbish left outside numbers 2 or 4 that has been torn apart by foxes. Rubbish is all over the pavement and on to the road. Clearly this bin bag’s owner probably shouldn’t be leaving his rubbish out in this way at all, and certainly not the night before. The street cleaners appear to be highly competent in clearing it up between 0550 and 0700 but someone does need to notify the owner. Just because we have great cleaners I think they could be spending their time doing something else! And needless to say it is disgusting. I expect the bin bag owner is completely unaware!”

The local Inspector visited both properties at 2 and 4 Westbourne Park Road. They were both had gated entrances and there was no answer. So she delivered warning letters indicating the collection times, their responsibilities and of the possible penalty for not adhering to the notice. She told us to keep her updated and if there are any further complaints she will go round again.

Elmfield Way

We are continuing to press the Council to speed up the adoption of Elmfield Way. Residents are very concerned about the current management of the road and the problems it causes particularly for disabled residents. The area of primary concern remains from the corner by Carlton Gate to Ashgrove Court that passes in front of the Eaton Plaza area. Issues are a mix of poor road maintenance and long standing and continuing problems with the myriad different private parking companies that manage each individual section. Parking enforcement is the biggest problem at the moment and the perception is that the private contractors are not up to the job of keeping traffic moving but do issue tickets for some very minor infractions.

Woodfield Road

We have raised this issue with the Council’s Arborcultural Officer:

“In March 2008 a large tree was removed from the pavement outside our flat on Woodfield Road, a second tree was scheduled for felling but I managed to save it. I was assured at the time that a replacement would be planted. I followed it up the following year and was again told that it would be. No tree has been planted. Is there any way that that tree can be planted?”

The Arborcultural Officer say the tree was removed in 2008 due to an insurance claim. He says that sites in the area are looked at regularly for potential tree planting and Woodfield Road will be inspected over the summer to identify any potential site for planting new trees in the autumn. Having taken a look at the minutes from the planning committee meeting where the redevelopment of Harrow Road Police Station was discussed, the developer will be contributing £20,000 to public realm improvements including tree planting.

Canal lighting

We have asked the Canal & River Trust for an update on this issue:

“Is there any update on the lighting on the canal path? I realise that the area I am concerned about (from Westbourne Park tube station to Sainsbury’s Ladbroke Grove) is mainly RBKC, but I would love to know if this is on the radar at all”

St Petersburgh Place

We are continuing to urge the Council to sort out this issue:

“There is still a problem with the cubby holes without gates on them filling up with rubbish on St Petersburgh Place, from the back of the Orme Square houses”

Leinster Gardens

Following an enquiry from a resident about the creation of a substandard and undersized flat in the basement of a property in Leinster Gardens without planning permission, we asked the Planning Enforcement team to inspect the property. The property has now been inspected and indeed found to be substandard and undersized and is now no longer in use.

Leinster Square – update

We have received the latest update from the Council regarding residents’ concerns over lorries leaving their engines on whilst being loaded;

“The City Council is using its traffic marshals to enforce the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002 in order to reduce polluting emissions from stationary vehicles. Vehicles idling while stationary cause unnecessary use of fuel, an increase in emissions and can also create a noisy environment, especially for residents and businesses. It is an offence under Regulation 98 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 to leave a vehicle engine idling unnecessarily whilst stationary and powers are available to authorised local authority officers to issue fixed penalty notices of £20 to drivers who allow their vehicle engines to run unnecessarily while the vehicle is stationary. The Westminster Air Quality Action Plan, adopted in 2013, made a commitment to review the options and resource and emissions implications of utilising ‘no idling’ legislation to help improve local air quality.”

Below is a link to the City Council’s website giving more information

Claremont Court

We are taking up this issue with the Council:

“Residents of Claremont Court do not put blue bags on the street. These flats have a separate marked recycling bin provided by WCC for paper/ glass etc. It is kept at the rear of the block. Residents put their blue recycling bags in this bin. General rubbish is kept separate in the usual black bins. However the blue bags are not collected by a recycling vehicle. What happens is that a Veolia operative arrives at c7.00am and dumps all the black bag rubbish into the blue bag recycling container and this is then wheeled out to the street and then into a waste lorry which crushes all the stuff together. Other blue bag recycling in this part of Queensway is treated similarly. As a result some residents are saying why bother?!”

The Council says:

“We have now looked into the issue at Claremont Court. The Operations Manager for the services involved has confirmed that the crew do, on occasion, use the recycling bin as a means to carry additional waste bags from Claremont Court to the collection vehicle. This is not acceptable practice and the crew have been instructed to stop doing it. The crew assured their manager they do not tip any recycling bags and only use the recycling bin when it is empty (waste and recycling being collected on alternate days of the week). Even so, this is not acceptable and we will ensure all Veolia crews are briefed on the matter to avoid a repeat.”

Exeter House, Hallfield

We are taking up problems with blocked drains suffered by some residents in Exeter House.

Reading, Pembroke and Tenby Houses – Hallfield

City West Homes has written to all residents within these blocks requesting that any defects with the windows fitted by Mulalley be reported to them. These will be inspected before being passed to the contractor to rectify.

The scheme to replace tenant front doors at Reading, Pembroke and Tenby Houses are expected to start late this year.

Ossington Street

We are chasing the Council on this issue:

“I am writing to you now after spending seven months trying to get some response from the Council. I have sent seven emails and had five conversations but clearly they have zero interest in engaging with this. One set of neighbours across the road have been using the pavement as their personal rubbish-dump since last October. Since they leave their rubbish there, anyone passing disposes of their rubbish there also. It is clear who is disposing of the rubbish, since everyone else in the street has their own area for disposing of rubbish. If there is anything that can be done to resolve this, I would be very grateful.”

Note My Vote

You might like to take a look at ‘Note My Vote (NMV) http://www.notemyvote.co.uk which is a website that enables the public to vote on legislation before MPs. The results are published on the website and then sent to MPs before they vote in the House of Commons. People can also vote on news items relating to Government policy, with the results also being published on the website and sent to MPs.

By replicating how MPs vote in the House of Commons and keeping the process simple for users, Note My Vote brings politics into the digital age and provides a quick and easy way for people to voice their opinion on important legislative matters and engage directly in our democratic system. As well as making MPs more accountable to their constituents, one of their aims is to get more people involved in politics.

We would be interested to know what you think.

The Chippenham – what you say

“I was glad to see in your latest Action Report for Westminster North that you are keeping a close watch on the Chippenham pub. As a “born & bred” resident for past 40 years, I’ve always felt that the Chipp is the key to the surrounding area (the Shirland crossroads and environs). Compared to surrounding areas (eg Maida Vale / Queens Park) the high street is fairly run down and the Shisha-cafes compound the downbeat look of it all. If the Chipp was finally developed and run as an establishment worthy of its history, its knock-on effect to the rest of the high street would be hugely positive.”

Maida Hill area – what you say

“I fully agree with the contributor who suggests that we need a few more up market establishments in this neighbourhood rather than more betting shops where alcoholics, drug dealers and other undesirables congregate”

Notting Hill Carnival – what you say

“I note the frustration recently expressed about Carnival which is consistent with the issues I raised with you; namely that Carnival has become more an event for outsiders at the expense – and detriment – of local residents”

“I am on the beginning of the route and the floats assemble on Woodfield Road and begin blasting their music early in the morning. The walls of my flat shake and the art work literally moves. I was reduced to tears one year when I was ill with a flu bug and needed to sleep. In the evening everyone throws their beer cans in our garden and pukes in our gateway. Someone once did a poo in our front garden! It is a horrible, horrible weekend. I dread it every year and cannot afford to go away each time. I have begged friends who live elsewhere to take my son and I for the weekend.”

Tailback of traffic on Maida Vale Edgware Road – what you say

“Buses where Maida Vale meets Edgware Road at Topps Tiles going south – there is always a massive tailback in the morning and a widening of the bus lane or stricter enforcement of the bus lane or a reduction in unnecessarily wide paving is required.”

Carlton Tavern – what you say

“Great news about the Carlton – The principle and decision reached by the Council is the right one. Let’s hope the developers deliver with the action against them, ‘brick by brick’.”

Goldney Road/Edbrooke Road – what you say

“Speed ramps on Goldney and Edbrooke would be amazing for all residents and pupils. Could we look in to moving the bins from the corner of Goldney Rd and Chippenham RD as they attract large numbers of fly tippers being a busy corner? I have already suggested to the council that maybe the yellow line by the park would be better”

What you say

“Many thanks for these updates. Greatly appreciated”

“Many thanks for adding me to the distribution of the Westminster North Action Report. It’s great to hear all the great things that the councillors are doing for residents.”

“Wow! Thank you. Great info”

“Thank you for the regular updates”

“Thanks for the updates and all the hard work”

“Thank you so much for your brilliant newsletter – as always. I know it takes a lot of work to produce and even more work to continually keep pursuing all our worries and complaints. You guys are amazing”

“Thank you for your ever-informative update on local matters. In particular, thanks for taking the lead on the Carlton Tavern and on the right for the public to speak at planning committee. The future of The Clifton continues to be of great neighbourhood interest- we’ve lost too many local community pubs over the last 20 years.”

“I enjoy receiving your emails on updates regarding issues affecting our area”

“Thanks very much – it is great to hear about everything that you are addressing”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.


Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg
Westminster City Council



Plympton Street

We are making enquiries with the Council after receiving this message:

“Help, this tiny overbuilt alley with no pavement is being seen as a street to rev and speed up from Church Street to Broadley Street. Children play on the street, our front doors open directly on to the street, with no pavement, as do our garages. This has got progressively worse as we are boxed in and used as a rat run because of traffic pattern and market, roadworks etc. There should be a 20mile speed limit, or a speed bump and a stop sign at the Broadley Street end, where pedestrians cross (and with building works hoarding cannot see or be seen). This alley is a haven for dog walkers, alcohol bottles and dangerous speeding. Please help stop this before we have a serious accident.”

Penfold Street

We have made investigations with the Council after receiving these enquiries:

“Many residents are complaining about the extra traffic, too often speeding, that is currently being directed down Penfold Street due to works in Lisson Grove. Last night an ambulance was blocked from leaving the estate with a patient onboard for an extremely long time.”

“As Lisson Grove is blocked off traffic is being diverted down Frampton Street and consequently Penfold Street. Leaving for work at approximately 7 am for work I sometimes have to wait to pull out of our entrance for sometimes over 20 cars to pass. When the building work starts this is going to create other problems.”

The problem was caused by UK Power Networks failure to complete the electricity works in Lisson Grove on time. But this work has now been completed following our enquiries.

We have also called for special attention outside King Solomon Academy where speeding traffic is a particular problem and also at the Penfold Street junction with Church Street. There is often heavy foot traffic at this junction with people attending the market and the fear is that an accident will happen there soon.

Lisson Grove

We have reported this issue to the Council:

“The restaurant at 112 Lisson Grove has just erected two identical ‘Just Eat’ signs, and also a (seemingly permanent) temporary sign hung up. These signs are unsightly, especially the ‘Just Eat’ ones which jut away from the wall at right angles.”

Edbrooke Road Gardens

Edbrooke Rd Gdns
Residents have asked if speed controls can be put in place in Edbrooke Road and Goldney Road to deter speeding cars who endanger local residents when crossing the road to get to the gardens, particularly parents with small children.

We have also asked the Council to remove rubbish dumped outside the Gardens.

Chippenham Road

We have asked the Council to remove rubbish dumped in Chippenham Road near the junction with Shirland Road.

The Chippenham

We are keeping a close watch on the future of The Chippenham pub after learning that it has been bought by the same company that bulldozed the Carlton Tavern.

Carlton Tavern Update

Carlton Demo Council
Community campaigners scored a great victory on Tuesday 5th May when they succeeded in getting Westminster Council to order the owners of the Carlton Tavern to rebuild the pub they bulldozed in April ‘brick by brick’. The campaign, led by Dibdin House resident Poly Robertson and Maida Vale Councillor Rita Begum, has forced Westminster Council to support the community demand for the pub to be rebuilt.

Councillor Rita Begum said:

“We are delighted that the Council has ordered the owners to rebuild the Carlton Tavern and we will continue to work alongside local residents until the pub has been rebuilt and is open to the community once again”.

What residents say:

“Absolutely shocking what has taken place and I do hope that WCC will be pursuing those responsible and advocating the strongest penalties possible.”

“Can the owners be made to rebuild said ‘Carlton Tavern’ like for like, after their disregard of the rejection notice?”

“I was shocked to read of the unpermitted demolition of this attractive pub, I hope that you will be pushing for action to be taken against the developer.”

“What can we do to help urge the council to get the developers to rebuild this? As so many have pointed out this is the probably the only way to ensure that they don’t make lots of money out of this site and that they pay the proper price for knocking down a building without planning permission and in such a dangerous manner. It is absolutely heart-breaking looking at it and thinking of all the people who value it as a meeting place and the poor landlady who presumably is now out of work.”

“I was horrified to discover that ‘developers’ have almost entirely demolished the Carlton Tavern just prior to it being officially listed. I hope proper action will be taken against the culprits. At the very least WCC planners should refuse planning permission for the proposed luxury flats and impose a serious fine.”

Kilburn Park Road

We have reported dumped builders’ rubbish outside 125 Kilburn Park Road.

Elgin Avenue

We have asked the Council to investigate this suggestion:

“I live in Biddulph Mansions and have been a resident of Maida Vale for the last 14 years – so know it well. Regarding the dangers of Elgin Avenue, I fundamentally feel that it is because it is such a straight road and the traffic lights are visible from a long way off, that people ‘race’ to the green light, and then may not be able to stop in time – especially at the junction of Shirland. A simple solution would be to cover the traffic lights with those ‘angular’ covers, so that the colour of the light is only visible when you are relatively close to the light, rather than 200m+ away. I would suggest this be tried out, as it is a simple, but possibly very effective solution!”

Warwick Avenue

We have asked the Council’s Tree Officer to investigate this issue:

“There was a tree knocked over in an accident about five weeks ago outside the flats at the back of St Saviour’s church. The tree root stump and the trunk of the tree are still on the pavement in Warwick Avenue. Could these please be removed?

A satisfied resident has told us;

“Thanks very much. The tree and stump has now been removed.”

Edgware Road buses

We have contacted London Buses about this issue:

“I live on Randolph Ave at the junction of Clifton Gardens and use the buses regularly. Bus routes on the Edgware Rd up to Edgware Road underground station have become a nightmare of traffic and angry passengers as the delays are daily, every day, all day and long. Some improvement in this bus route is urgent. Bus numbers 6, 414, 98, 16, 332 are all affected.”

Junction of Nugent Terrace and Abercorn Place

We have again reported this issue to the Council:

“I am particularly concerned about the situation of the junction of Nugent Terrace and Abercorn Place, about which other people have commented in your newsletter. When can we expect some double yellow lines to be placed on Abercorn Place to the left of Nugent Terrace so that, at the weekend, it is possible to pull out safely from this junction without risking a side impact collision with cars racing down Abercorn Place?”

Potholes in Hill Road

We have chased up the Council again about this long-standing problem:

“The day after your visit in January, white paint marks appeared around several of the 3 inch deep pot holes in Hill Road but nothing has been done to repair these? When can we expect some action?”

Junction of Lisson Grove and Lodge Road

Lisson Grove bollard
We have reported this issue to the Council:

“The traffic bollards at the junction of Lisson Grove and Lodge Road are destroyed, on average, once every three/four months. They are currently broken. I have hit the traffic island at night when there was no illuminated bollard (it having been destroyed by a collision) resulting in several thousands of pounds of damage to my wheels, tyres, axle, shock absorbers. Luckily I was able to maintain control of the car but it is only a matter of time before a very serious incident takes place here.”

Circus Road Tesco

We have reported this long-running issue to the Council for action:

“Tesco are still delivering late at their St John’s Wood Branch. Their lorries are still there past 9 a.m., taking up all the small number of parking spaces. I understand that they were to be clear of those valuable spaces by 8 to 8.30 a.m. Can this be taken up with Tesco?

Marlborough Place

We have advised residents to write an objection to the Council after receiving this message:

“We have been notified about a planning application in Marlborough Place. This is a house which was only built a few years ago and recently sold. The new buyers wish to convert the garage into a habitable room and excavate the basement. One wonders why they bought this house if it was too small to start with! BUT the problem with this application is that our building is next door to them and our parking lot already has flooding when it rains a lot with rising water that comes through the concrete floor and walls as it is very close to the water table level already. Digging out a basement next door certainly is not going to help this and they will disturb it even more. They will also have flooding problem themselves if they are allowed to go ahead.”

Aldridge Road Villas/Tavistock Road

We have reported dumped rubbish at this location and asked the Council to collect it.

Westbury House, Westbourne Park Road

We have asked the Council and City West Homes why there are so many empty flats in Westbury House, Westbourne Park Road.

Chepstow Road

Earlier this year residents told us;

“We are continuing to have the same problems i.e. trenches/pot holes appearing again on the road. Buses/large vehicles are literally “bouncing” over this which is causing the properties to vibrate! e.g. outside no 37, 54 and 60 Chepstow Road.”

Following our enquiries, the Council has confirmed that the site was visited and works orders have been raised for two carriageway patches and a defective carriageway trench has been referred to Thames Water for remedial works.

Leinster Square

We are making enquiries after receiving this message:

“A large lorry was being loaded with rubble from the works at 13-17 Leinster Square with its engine running, causing noise, pollution and of course greenhouse gases. Are there rules about this? I asked the driver and foreman if it was necessary to keep the engine running and I was fed some rubbish about it needing more fuel to start the engine again than would be used while it was ticking over! The driver did switch off without too much fuss, thankfully, but it’s not the first time this has happened, and I would like to be sure of my facts about any legislation that applies.”

Residents speaking at Planning Committee meetings

On 29th April we put down the following motion at the Council meeting:

“This Council agrees to allow the public to speak at the weekly Westminster Planning Committee meetings – in the same way as the public are allowed to speak at practically every other Planning Committee in London and the rest of the UK. This would be a small but significant step forward in the process of restoring public confidence in local democracy in Westminster.

Adopting this simple and straightforward change in the way in which Planning Committee meetings operate will enable those residents most directly affected by planning proposals (and those promoting them) to state their case directly to the Committee members when applications are being determined.

The Council appreciates that, given the high volume of planning applications received by the Council, introducing speaking rights for the public needs careful thought. However, we believe that this can be managed without difficulty as it is in other inner London boroughs and the Council hereby instructs Officers to report on how the detail of this can be implemented.”

Unfortunately, while all Labour Councillors voted for this motion, all the Conservative Councillors who were present at the meeting voted against the motion.

We will continue to press the Council on this fundamental issue.


We asked the Council for an update about replacing a number of lost trees after receiving this enquiry:

“I would like to ask if anyone is keeping track of the steady loss of trees in our area due to new developments. One was felled when the new building on Porchester Road (now housing the West London Buddhist Centre) was built; two were felled to build the new development on Westbourne Grove adjacent to Hatherley Grove; and now it is proposed to lose the two trees outside the Sainsbury building. Are there any plans to replace these, or are they just to be sacrificed? We need the oxygen!”

The Council told us that the trees on Porchester and Hatherley Grove will be replaced when the developments have been completed. The two trees outside the Sainsbury building will also be replaced with new trees in the vicinity as there will be insufficient space to plant on Westbourne Grove.


We have asked the Council for an update on this year’s arrangement after receiving this enquiry:

“We on the carnival route and those in the general area, who can’t escape for that bank-holiday weekend, are under siege. I have calculated that I, in my years living on Chepstow Road, have lost 36 days of holiday and that doesn’t count the Saturday before the carnival because I have to prepare for it. Then I have to clean up my front garden and basement area at the end of each day. The council offers a ‘clean-up service’ for those living on the route but it doesn’t come into effect until 3 days later; I don’t want chicken bones and beer cans and broken glass and vomit and excrement sitting in front of my house waiting to be cleared for that long!

The carnival really needs to be discussed thoroughly, in terms of noise, nuisance, disgusting behaviour, filth, smells etc. I am not against the carnival; I grew up with it (it used run just along the Portobello Rd), but, it seems that all locals hate it and dread it and that only out-of-towners and tourists flood in to enjoy it. I can’t see that it benefits the residents in the area at all and we have to give up, overall, weeks of our free time/holiday time for the benefit of the company that runs it, for the non-local food-stall holders who hand out over-priced but revolting food, littering the streets with their polystyrene containers etc. I am starting to consider leaving my birth-place, my home, my community that I used to love so much; because of the vultures swooping in to abuse and use this area for their own benefit while offering nothing in return. “

The Clifton pub – what you say

“Clearly the buyer has no intentions if renting it as a pub and wants to build a house. In fact he has not done his numbers as a pub but as a redevelopment. A building of such historic significance and local amenity should never be allowed to be converted. The pub was always full of people!!!”

Harrow Road pubs – what you say

“I strongly disagree that what Harrow Rd needs is a cheap, soul-less chain pub. I think we have enough soul-less cheap betting and grocery store options nearby as well as the inexpensive Angie’s Freehouse. I would love to see another classy establishment or gastro-pub similar to the Union Tavern on Woodfield Road and the canal. “

Prince of Wales pub – what you say

“The last thing we need is another betting shop”

Maida Hill market area – what you say

“I think the Maida Hill market is not just a market in day time it is also a drinking place for the drunks especially from 6.30pm onwards. After the market closes they all start gathering at the square playing loud music. I have been forced this evening to call the police. Please something it needs to be done to tackle this anti-social behaviour. They don’t care about anyone, especially young children who go to bed early for school.”

20mph speed limit – what you say

“I fully agree with fellow residents regarding speeding cars in the area and the selfish attitude of motorists who think nothing of driving at 30mph – 70mph in a residential, built up, urban environment. I am also appalled that the recent report on the impact of a 20mph speed limit on Elgin Avenue, in not so many words, is saying that there are not enough serious injuries or deaths to warrant imposing a restricted speed limit.”

Residents speaking at Planning Committee meetings – what you say

“I definitely believe residents should have a voice at planning meetings. We recently encountered this issue when attempting to defend our rights that are directly violated by the now approved development of the 325 Harrow Rd police station.”

What you say

“Thank you for another thorough and informative update on local issues and the actions being taken”

“Brilliant report as always”

“Thank you for your ever-useful newsletter”

“Thank you very much indeed for all these updates concerning our neighbourhood. I always find them extremely interesting.”

“Thank you very much for the reports and updates and the efforts of all concerned in making our locality a pleasant place to live.”

“Thanks for this informative report as ever”

Please let us know if we can be of help or assistance on any local issues.

Councillor Paul Dimoldenberg
Leader of the Labour Group
Westminster City Council

Printed and Published by Andy Whitley at Westminster North Labour Party at 4g Shirland Mews, London W9 3DY



Church Street

We have reported this continuing issue to the Council;

“I see the pool is still outside Tesco at the junction of Church Street and Venables Street, it smells so bad and outside a food shop it’s not very nice”

Burne Street

We have again reminded the Council and BT to clean this area on a daily basis;

“The BT building may have slipped under the radar: I was passing it about 8am yesterday and today. Rough sleepers are still on the ground (on mattresses), a great deal of rubbish, strong smell of urine – all being negotiated by schoolchildren in uniform commuting from the no.18 bus.”

Bell Street

We reported rubbish dumped at the corner of Bell Street and Daventry Street and an unsafe manhole cover at the corner of Lisson Street where a young woman tripped and was injured.

Swanbourne House

We have reported to City West Homes that the stairwells in Swanbourne House are being used as ‘drinking dens’.

Prince of Wales pub – Betfred update – Time to object

Betfred have applied for a licence to use the pub as a betting shop. Residents and local groups have until 22nd April to submit objections.

Residents who live ‘sufficiently close to be likely to be affected’ by the activities or who have business interests which might be affected are entitled to object, as are persons who represent them e.g. residents’ groups and amenity societies.

Objections need to relate to the likely impact of the application on the promotion of the ‘licensing objectives’, which are:
• prevention of public nuisance,
• prevention of crime and disorder,
• public safety and
• protection of children from harm.

Richard Brown from the Licensing Advice Project at Westminster Citizens Advice Bureau is happy to provide advice and assistance to residents in respect of this application, and to assist with drafting representations which focus on the relevant issues. Go to http://www.licensingadvice.org for further information.

Richard can be contacted on 020 7706 6029 and licensing@westminstercab.org.uk

The Betfred licensing application documents can be viewed on the Council’s website- http://idoxpa.westminster.gov.uk/online-applications/licencingApplicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=NLVB56RP0JT00

Saltram Crescent update

Residents report the following:

“Hopefully everyone has seen the letter from the council informing us of th